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50 great articles and essays about sport, we are grown men playing a child's game by gilbert rogin, shoot the moon by susan orlean, the no-stats all-star by michael lewis, jordan's moment by david halberstam, the trading desk by michael lewis, baseball for life by sara corbett, the curious case of sidd finch by george plimpton, the ballad of big mike by michael lewis, friday night lights by buzz bissinger, game brain by jeanne marie laskas, g-l-o-r-y by jeanne marie laskas, there's no crying at the pee wee super bowl by jeanne marie laskas, federer as religious experience by david foster wallace, the string theory by david foster wallace, usain bolt, mutant by luke dittrich, is the fastest human ever already alive by chuck klosterman, the fast life of oscar pistorius by michael sokolove, either/or by ariel levy, why yoga can be so irritating by sarah miller, how yoga can wreck your body by william j. broad, the istanbul derby by spencer hall, the sea of crises by brian phillips, triumph of the swoosh by donald katz, why sports are for losers by matti taibbi, documentaries, hoop dreams, people in motion, bigger, faster, stronger, dogtown and z-boys, bouncing cats, see also..., 50 great articles about travel and adventure.

best essays on sports

Adventure Sports

Why we play by eva holland, into thin air by jon krakauer, unclimbable by eva holland, the mountain of mountains by kevin fedarko, out in the great alone by brian phillips, kashmiri extremism by kevin fedarko, the fast track to dharma by michael paterniti, excuse us while we kiss the sky by matthew power, life's swell by susan orlean, the wave-maker by william langewiesche, off diamond head by william finnegan, playing doc's games by william finnegan, mavericks by alice gregory, is that even a sport, the last american hero is junior johnson. yes by tom wolfe, the most amazing bowling story ever by michael j. mooney, maximum speed by joshua foer, horse racing, the kentucky derby is decadent and depraved by hunter s. thompson, gone like the wind by buzz bissinger, four good legs between us by laura hillenbrand, bull riding, the ride of their lives by burkhard bilger, america is bull by jeanne marie laskas, what i talk about when i talk about running by haruki murakami, moneyball by michael lewis, the blind side by michael lewis, seabiscuit by laura hillenbrand, the fight by norman mailer, friday night lights by h.g. bissinger, subscribe to our email newsletter.

best essays on sports

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best essays on sports

Free Greatest Sport Essays and Papers

best essays on sports

The Most Dangerous Game

turns into a game were the hunter becomes the hunted. It turns into a chase of competition and of survival. Two sailors Rainsford and his partner Whitney sailed in to the darkness of the of sea. Their purpose was to hunt, they called it the " greatest sport". They were hunters and headed to the Amazon to hunt vicious animals such as Jaguars, and tigers. They sailed to an island called "Ship-Trap Island". Sailors feared this island and had curious dread of such a scarry place. The sky was filled with

Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame

Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame To some, including myself, baseball is the greatest sport that has ever been played. It is a game played by two opposing teams made of multiple players, but only nine players per team play at the same time. To be part of one of the thirty teams that get to play professional baseball, a player has to play the game extremely well (www.baseballhalloffame.com). When a player plays the game better than most have played he gets rewarded, usually with lots of money in a

Soccer: The World's Greatest Sport

States, it is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the world. It is a game played by millions all across the world and in many countries, such as Brazil, soccer contributes to nationalism. Every four years it brings numerous nations together. This coming together, during what is known as the World Cup, is the most viewed sporting event across the globe. Soccer is a sport that has survived many generations, and through its survival it has evolved into a sport that is easily accessible and positively

The Greatest Sports Legend Of Babe Ruth Jr.

narrowing the niche to famous sports figures, one name rises to the top; towering above all others. Babe Ruth was, and will always be, a baseball icon, known by all. His legendary exploits on the baseball field were simply unheard of during his era; moreover, his off the field exploits were sometimes nearly just as notorious. Nevertheless, Babe Ruth is often viewed as one of the greatest sports heroes in American culture and is considered by many to be the greatest baseball player of all time. George

Give me Justice or Give me Death

All the members from the Bombshell Ship are gathering to hear Captain Viviana’s speech. They have no idea what this is all about. Minutes pass and the women get more nervous and uneasy. Finally, the Captain appears on the highest point of the deck. The chattering ceases. Her lips are pursed and her eyes show signs of anger and tears. She lifts her head up swiftly, looking with determination and sparks of fire in her eyes towards the members. They now know this will be serious, probably the most serious

Babe Ruth Babe Ruth is an American hero. He transformed baseball from a sport, to a national pastime when it needed it the most. Coming off of the wake of the Black Socks scandal, baseball was headed downhill. It had a bad reputation, and interest was waning. The dead-ball era was dragging on, and there were to few baseball "purists" left to support it. Baseball was in search of a new audience, and Babe Ruth handed it to them on a silver platter. Babe Ruth started the Home run era of baseball

are athlete born or gifted

created entire channels dedicated to covering the latest updates on sports. Attention has not always been solely about games and competitions; the spotlight has recently been redirected to achievement. This is quite a change since 1983, when sports fan was always celebrating a team of sports players. Today each player has his or her fans that they support, celebrate, cheer and even imitate. There has been a significant shift. Sports fan seems to be attracted more to individual achievement as oppose

My Work Ethic

Growing up one of the first things I was introduced to was sports and from there on, they have played a huge role not only in my life, but also my success. They've helped me develop a great worth ethic, good teamworking skills and how to go after what I want. Sports have given me a way to learn what I’m capable of and what my body can achieve, even when I’m tired and ready to give up. Sports have played a huge part in teaching me the lesson, “Even though you think you can’t, you really can,” which

Masculinity and Feminily in Sports

in Sports Traditionally, sports and athletics have been limited to males. Recalling as far back as the Grecian Olympics, public sporting events have afforded men both fame and fortune while women have been either completely excluded from play or forced to play under male rules. Until recently, male athletes and the general public have viewed successful female athletes as exceptions to the widespread rule that women cannot and should not compete along side men in traditionally male sports. Females

Wages Of Sport Athletes

Wages of Sport Athletes How would you like to be paid twenty-three million dollars a year ? It is obvious to say that everyone would more than love it. This figure is only one of the many outrageous wages athletes are being paid today. True, not all twenty-three million dollars goes directly to the athlete because of Uncle Sam. Still these figures are too extreme regardless of the sport, baseball, football or basketball. The athletes here in the United States are without a doubt the greatest on earth

Sports Ethics

Sports Ethics Vince Lombardi, most likely the best coach to ever lead a team to victory or multiple ones on a football field. His ethics sometimes questionable, but never misunderstood, were always meant to lead and encourage his team to be nothing but the best, and the best was achieved in 1967. After nine incredible winning seasons with the Green Bay Packers, Lombardi decided to retire as head coach. The Packers had dominated professional football under his direction, collecting six division

Meditation In Professional Sports

without question EXPLODED into the world of sports. Professional athletes of all sports practice meditation to help them visualize themselves with perfect technique in order to replicate it over and over during games or matches. They also meditate to become more focused on the task at hand and athletes meditate to remove emotional influence from determining the players skill of play during that match. A number of the greatest athletes in professional sports meditate. Their faces are on billboards,

Casual Fans Research Paper

losses, but each level of fandom is dictated by the intensity of the reaction. Together, all of the different enthusiasts make up the vast fan base that keeps sports so popular and profitable. The casual fans, the avid fans, and the trending fans are all significant to the wide world of sports.     The casual fan base encompasses the greatest number of followers. Casual fans are people who know the game and definitely have a favorite team. They know the names of key players and know the game schematics

Kickboxing and Yoga

Kickboxing and Yoga Society views yoga as an ancient, well known therapeutic, and docile sport. Kickboxing is an intimidating, aggressive, and physically strenuous sport. Despite that these athletic activities seem odd to be put side by side, you will gain a better perspective and perhaps even an interest along the way. Both hold multiple resemblances and have a relationship where they aim towards the same target: mental, emotional, and physical improvements. The mental capacity for a human being

Social Media's Influence On Sports

Introduction: Sports are always changing right before our eyes. There are more rules added to make sports safer for the athletes, and more people are watching sports than they did in the past. One thing is for certain: The role social media has played or is playing is influencing these changes and how sports teams (collegiate and professional) are now conducting most of their marketing online. As a part of a technologies such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems, social media can help

Argumentative Essay About Team Sports

team sport? Such as football, soccer or baseball? Playing a team sport doesn’t just let you play something you like to do everyday but it also gives an incredible bond with your teammates and you guys become a family. Some people may disagree and say that team sports doesn’t help build character. In the following essay I will show you the pros and cons of why team sports is or isn’t a good thing. By the way did you know that even though some children are too shy to play team sports, team sports develops

Every kid a winner

As a kid did you receive a trophy for an organized sport that wasn’t based on overall team performance? I have received awards for every sport I’ve competed in, but the rewards weren’t as significant in high school compared to my younger years of sport participation. In sixth grade, I played Pop Warner football under my churches organization. As the youth football season progressed, our team failed to prevail in victory in eleven straight games. At the conclusion of the regular season bearing a zero

High School Sports Research Paper

Participating in high school sports has made a huge difference in my school experience and in myself as a person. School sports, specifically diving, have allowed me to connect with others and taken me away from my comfort zone. I experienced challenges and successes along with my teammates and coaches. It is very satisfying to be with others who share similar passions or a level of determination to work hard. Diving at Lee’s Summit High School has taught me several lessons that will be beneficial

Children and Sports: A Beginning to Something Great?

children participate in all kinds of activities. A sport is the biggest and the best way for children to gain the skills necessary to succeed in life as responsible citizens and adults. Skills are taught that are needed to be healthy and happy, but do these positive skills outweigh the negative effects children could suffer? Children and Sports: A Beginning to Something Great? In today’s world some parents push their children to extreme measures in sports, and some parents have absolutely no interest

Argumentative Essay: Is Golf A Sport?

video gaming. Even chess-boxing, a sport that contains a combination of chess and boxing, will make its way into many major sporting competitions. Every year new underground sports find their way into becoming a considerable part of mainstream conventional sports. Although many traditional sport fans refuse to consider unique and niche sports legitimate, sports can be defined on a wide spectrum of required physical or mental skills. The oxford dictionary defines a sport as “An activity involving physical

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Sports Essays

best essays on sports

Sports In Sports

Introduction The primary object of sports is, of course, exercise, but sports have a far greater impact on the wellbeing of many besides physical health. Introducing new opportunities for youth, sports create unbreakable bonds, build athletes’ characters, unite communities, and promote teamwork. Undoubtedly, sports can positively impact many children of all ages. As children grow older and become more athletic, parents and athletes may consider specializing in one sport to maximize the athlete’s chance

Sports influence many people to come together, it has been a crucial piece to unifying people of different religions for decades. A purpose for sports is to reconcile cultures and it’s important to communicate and understand their differences, even addressing their social issues. In a world with so much violence and hatred, sports have been that sanctuary for those to find equality, but most importantly, peace. Throughout the years, sports have been utilized to bring people together. Just because

Sports And Sports: The Importance Of Sports

Today, sports and games have assumed a great importance. Every day we are surrounded by the images of top sportsman and women taking part game and winning medals. For years it has brought people together all around the world. Basically sports refers to the diverse form of physical activities which are competitive in nature. Our life is also a game which everybody are playing from dusk to dawn with spirits of sporting strength and creating unity in society as well as in whole nation. The love of sports

The Importance Of Sports In Sports

just lifting weights or concocting protein shakes. Sports are more than an opportunity to go outside and burn off some energy. Recreation activities are more than a way to get in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Athletics are a metaphor for life that not only teaches players about the game, but also helps them discover important aspects about themselves. At a young age, I did not realize all the beneficial life lessons that the world of sports has taught me, but as I experience high school athletics

Sport Specialization In Sport

Sport Specialization At a young age, children tend to start participating in sports as a way to get active and learn both athletic as well as life skills. Their parents might start them off with one sport and then before you know it the child is juggling a handful of sports to see, which ones they like. As these young athletes get older, they tend to get stuck at a crossroad. The athletes are posed with the same decision: to specialize in one sport or to continue playing all the sports they love

Sports For Kids : Sports

Sports for Kids Sports is a major emphasis in American culture, even in sports at a young age. This occasionally leads to coaches being too intense, resulting in injuries/health problems. Combined with the issue of expense it takes for children to participate in sports, the question of whether kids should play sports or not comes up. Even though playing sports at a young age has its problems, it also teaches children life lessons, improves their health, and helps them to continue their education

Sports Injuries In Sports

in youth sports does not always have solely positive impacts regarding a child’s physical and mental health. The greatest danger sports presents are injuries. Injuries can happen during any action throughout the day, but the risk is greatly increased by playing sports. Injuries are also the number one concern for parents of athletes, “Nearly 9 out of 10 parents have concerns about risk of injury (87.9%), according to an EspnW/Aspen Institute Project Play Survey of Parents on youth sports issues in

Sports And Consumerism In Sports

grown and developed. The way we consume sports, its mechanisms, and the culture behind it, has changed outstandingly. The effects that media has had on the sporting industry and consumerism in the past two decades have been tremendous. The development of high-definition tv’s, live streamed sporting events, video games, and even social media, has globalized sport and transformed the way fans and athletes interact. This transformation from conventional sports consumerism to modern day has come as a

Sports And Sports Essay

Have you ever thought of how the media portrays sports to the general public?Well the media talks about sports a good amount of times, showing that they have an interest talking about the overall topics of sports. Sports is arguably one of the most entertaining and hyped up activities in the whole world for it creates action packed thrills, sad moments, and insane tricks that provides quality entertainment and fun times with friends and family. If there was 2 people feeling lonely and bored in

Essay On Sports And Sports

positive effects sports have on children? This question has a wide variety of answers. Some may say sports can help with intelligence, building relationships, and activity, while others see sports as overwhelming or dangerous. Sports can influence a child’s well being far greater than most can imagine. From their mental and physical development, to their bright futures, sports play an important role in a young boy or girl’s lifetime. Specifically, tennis is one of the best sports to support the development

Sports Fanaticism In Sports

Sports fans, also called sports devotees, followers, or supporters, devote themselves to a particular athlete, organization or sport. They may show their enthusiasm by often attending sporting events or watch on television, being members of a fan club, follow athletic news through newspapers, online websites, and create fanzines. They show a certain behavior towards an organization. These behaviors manifest in different ways and show in different types of sports fans. Even though sports fanaticism

Sports : Sports And Sports

Sports fans have different reasons on why they have a passion for sports. Several fans can remember memorable events in sports history that touched their lives. Fans will laugh and cry when they watch the HBO Documentary “Sport in America” because they will hear incredible stories that will make them think about why they love sports. Sports Illustrated, Endgame entertainment, and HBO asked Americans why different games and memorable moments in sports touched their lives. Thousands of fans responded

Sports In Sports Essay

all kinds of different sports have always had a lot of issues to deal with and even more in recent years with expectations for young athletes getting increasingly high. These issues need to be addressed and I am going to outline why. Young people generally have too much pressure put on them when participating in sporting activities by parents, coaches, and teammates. Teenagers have large expectations to perform at a top level by everyone around them when playing a sport and the pressure put on

Sports are a form of entertainment, whether it is playing them or watching them. Yet part of the entertainment is also the audience. The fans can have a large impact on the game itself as well as your experience. We all have that one friend who is way too competitive, whether it involves sports or just who finishes eating first. They cannot choose what things to be competitive at, for that nature is in their blood. “The Coach” is the most competitive player – out of the fans. In a game, you will

The Importance Of Women Sports In Sports

BE PAID MORE THAT FEMALE ATHLETES? Toady sports is viewed by fans all around the world rather it being basketball, football, or baseball. Sports has become more of a gender controversial topic than simply enjoying the excitement of the players doing what they love to do so well. Women athletes are generally under paid compared to the men’s salaries in various sports do to the lack of viewers. Women sports doesn’t generate enough revenue, so the leagues can’t afford to pay

The Sport Of Wrestling: A Certain Sport

A certain sport that’s my favorite is Wrestling. People got different ideas about Wrestling that it’s too dangerous. Football is a sport most people like because it takes a lot of skills to be good in. believe it or not wrestling is a very big challenge you got to have Muscle you got to be strong. I honestly think Wrestling is a Sport. And also I’m a Wrestler. I was nowhere near ready to engage in actual Wrestling, which was fine by me. The trainer just had me jump rope or do crunches

Why Sports Is A Sports Complex

Sports complex A sports complex is a group of sports facilities. For example, there are track and field stadiums, football stadiums, baseball stadiums, swimming pools, and gymnasiums. This area is a sports complex, for fitness. Olympic Park is a kind of Sports complex. Examples of a sports complex are as bellows IMPORTANCE and BENEFITS OF SPORTS Have you ever thought why people do sports? Absolutely, many people seem not to know the reasons. There are many people who do sports for nothing around

Persuasive Essay On Sports In Sports

Statement of intent: I am writing this as an online article to parents of teenagers in order to persuade them to take some of the pressure off of their children when they are competing in sports. Teenagers competing in all kinds of different sports have always had a lot of issues to deal with and even more in recent years with expectations for young athletes getting increasingly high. These issues need to be addressed and I am going to outline why. Young people generally have too much pressure

Sports : Sports And Sporting Activities

emphasis placed on sports and sporting activities. Every public school, middle and up, offers some sporting program, and most private schools do as well. The real issue at question is whether sports are affecting the education of students and young adults, who may have carried their sporting career into college. In general, people of all ages spend a lot of time both in person and on TV watching sports, not to mention those who are actively participating in the sporting event. With sports taking up most

Sports And Sports For Constructive Alternatives

This March, the Center for Constructive Alternatives series dealt with the topic of Sport and Character. In today’s age, sport and sporting events have become pinnacles of American entertainment, money, and paparazzi. One is inundated with constant updates regarding football scores, feuds between athletes, and controversy over refereeing. With sport being such a focus in media and society, it often seems that sport and character are incompatible. Too often one sees an athlete get caught using illegal

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Personal essays about athletics, games and exercise by participants and observers alike.

best essays on sports

The Tao of Gravity

All martial arts are a quest for beauty and transcendence. I found those not in doing karate but rather having karate done to me.

By Gare Joyce

best essays on sports

I Miss Northwestern Football’s Losing Tradition

My college was usually on the bottom of the Big Ten. When I think of the players’ futures, I wish it still was.

By Carmel McCoubrey

best essays on sports

I Was Never an Athlete. Then I Found Running.

The sport can be solitary. But you can also find incredible camaraderie racing with a pack.

By Lela Moore

best essays on sports

Dale Earnhardt Jr.: Bringing Concussions Out of the Darkness

I used to hide my suffering. But I’ve learned that brain injuries don’t have to be permanent.

By Dale Earnhardt Jr.

best essays on sports

Why We Can’t Stop Rooting for Tiger Woods

He’s the most talented golfer ever to play the game. But more than ever he’s showing he’s also a human being.

By Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian

best essays on sports

Why Does the Tennis Season End Before It’s Over?

In October and November, the sport exists (Laver Cup!) and doesn’t exist simultaneously. I’m both fascinated and irritated by this.

By Rowan Ricardo Phillips

best essays on sports

The New York Yankees Are a Moral Abomination

But they are our abomination — gargantuan and heedless like America itself.

By David Bentley Hart

best essays on sports

Three Viking Claps for Iceland!

On a World Cup family adventure, we rooted with old and new friends at a Reykjavik bar for our new favorite team.

By Gwendolyn Oxenham

best essays on sports

Dancing Tango With Trump Voters

When you dance, you take a stranger in your arms. There’s a lesson there for America.

By Meghan Flaherty

best essays on sports

Clay-Court Tennis, the ‘Greatest Show on Dirt’

Every year, I fall in love with the French Open and Roland Garros’s beautiful, burnt sienna courts.


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Essays About Sports: Top 5 Examples and 9 Prompts

Almost nothing compares to the thrill of sports; discover our guide with helpful tips for writing essays about sports through essay examples and prompts. 

Most people would agree on the importance of sports for a well-balanced life. Sports provides us with a multitude of benefits, both physically and mentally. But more than this, sports provide people with fun, even in the darkest times. The thrills of sports games and competitions are almost unmatched in the joy it brings others. 

It is important to keep in mind several risks of playing sports. First, the competitive mindset may consume you, and you are susceptible to various injuries, depending on the sport. However, a healthy love of sports often does not involve these risks.

5 Examples of Essays About Sports

1. importance and benefits of sports by melih sozdinler, 2. the importance of sports in empowering women by jo ousterhout, 3. the fastest growing sport in the world by sean monaghan.

9 Prompts for Essays About Sports

“We can conclude that there are several advantages and benefits of sports. First, sports are required by people to be fit, smart, and good looking. Second, sports are entertaining due to many facts. Third, sports are the huge market for countries’ economies. In my opinion, despite sports’ advantages, many people can’t believe that sports are useful and beneficial. I hope that in the future these people will tend to be more optimistically to sports since they are the necessity of our lives.”

Sozdinler writes about why people should play sports, elaborating on several benefits of sports. First, sports help improve coordination, cognition, circulation, and physique. Second, they provide us with entertainment and relief from the stresses of life. Finally, sports competitions are economically beneficial, allowing countries to expose their people and goods to foreigners. 

“Women who participate in sports are more likely to do better in school, attend college and make higher wages. In a survey of 401 female executives, 82 percent reported playing organized sports while growing up. Hillary understands the role sports can play in empowering women. As she has said, “Sports can make you stronger, tougher, more confident, more resilient, and those qualities can stay with you long after you finish the race or the final buzzer sounds.”

In this essay, Ousterhout discusses a speech by Hillary Clinton in which she stressed the importance of empowering women through sports. Clinton recognizes women’s talent in all fields, sports included, and Ousterhout, citing research, discusses how sports can help women succeed academically and otherwise. Finally, she uses this as a basis to support Clinton’s 2016 campaign for the presidency of the United States. 

“From a game played by the Navajo tribe, to a game broadcasted to millions of people each weekend. Having a sport that is fast paced and filled with incredible skill, lacrosse is bound to see even more growth in the future. The PLL, college lacrosse, and social media have all impacted lacrosse and all sports forever, proving that lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the world.”

Monaghan writes about lacrosse and how it is becoming more popular. He briefly describes its history, dating back to the Navajo tribe. It started being played as an organized sport in the 1900s and has only grown in popularity. Monaghan believes that Lacrosse is the fastest-growing sport in the world, and its popularity is much-deserved. 

4.   Extreme Sports by Archie Simmons

“Various news stories, movies, and other sources in the media help spread the impression of the risks and dangers of the sports. Although the public hears mostly about all the negative effects of extreme sports, there are a variety of ways to decrease one’s risk of injuries through proper precautions and practice. In saying that, there are also many benefits to extreme sports as seen in Bode Miller’s memoir, as well as interviews with other extreme sport athletes.”

Simmons gives a brief introduction to the world of extreme sports in his essay. Extreme sports require specialized gear and much preparation and has an increased risk of injury. Simmons writes that athletes continue to participate in extreme sports because they know the risks and prepare to avoid them. He cites a memoir by Bode Miller, explaining his methods and training to ski quickly and carefully. 

5. ​​ The Mental Health Awakening Has Reached the Sports World  — Now What? by Maggie Ryan

“Sports can provide community, boost physical and mental health, foster self-confidence, and serve as an escape. Sports can also be the opposite of all those things: isolating, physically and mentally debilitating, or something that athletes can come to dread. The dividing line between the two, Post says, lies in the tools and preventative care that athletes have at their disposal.”

Ryan writes about the effects of competitive sports on athletes’ mental health. Sometimes athletes are pressured into making sports the center of their lives, affecting their mental health and social life to their detriment. Ryan cites several athletes who have been open about their struggles, including Simone Biles and Jasmine Blocker. The industry must work on this issue and break the stigma around mental health. 

1. My Favorite Sport

Essays About Sports: My favorite sport

All sports enthusiasts follow one particular sport. Whether you play it or not, choose your favorite sport and briefly describe how it is played. Also, explain why it is your favorite; this should be based entirely on your opinion. 

2. Physical Benefits of Sports

Participating in a sport can make you stronger and healthier. In your essay, write about a few of the many physical benefits playing sports can have. This can include, muscle strengthening, cardio workout, increased stamina, and good mental health. Give examples of specific sports and the body parts they can help you strengthen, such as football increasing leg strength and increasing stamina.

3. Psychological and Mental Benefits of Sports

Playing sports can also clear your mind and make you healthier mentally. Discuss how sports can improve your cognition and mental health, such as certain skills, values, and emotions they can promote. Ensure your argument is well-supported and provide research and statistics for a convincing essay.

4. Opinions on Sports

In your essay, write about your stance on playing sports, specifically whether you like playing them or not. Discuss the pros and cons of playing sports, and include anecdotes of the different kinds of sports you have tried out. Conclude your essay by deciding whether you are a fan of playing sports or not.

5. Comparing and Contrasting Sports

This essay topic is simple and straightforward. Choose any two sports and give a short description of each. Organize your essay according to their similarities and differences in gameplay, physical activity required, and training. Be sure to choose sports that are not too different, and make sure they have some similarities. For example, you could compare and contrast American football with Rugby, discuss the similarities and differences for an exciting piece of writing.

6. An Unconventional Sport

Some sports are deemed “unconventional” due to a lack of physical activity or belittlement for their more art-centric practices. These include chess, thumb wrestling, and dance. Choose a more niche sport and write about its mechanics and popularity in the world today. 

7. An Extreme Sport

Many sports force athletes to risk their lives, such as bungee jumping and paragliding. In your essay, you can write about one of these “extreme sports” and what they entail. Focus on your chosen sport’s health risks and dangers and perhaps explain why people still participate despite the risk. 

8. Values Needed for Sports

To excel in sports, one needs to have values such as commitment, courage, and teamwork. Discuss one or more of these skills and values, giving their definition and usage in sports. Be as detailed as possible for an engaging, well-supported essay.

9. Sports In the Modern World

Like everything else in the 21st century, the sports landscape is changing drastically due to the rise of esports and other developments. Research on the state of sports and sports competitions in the modern world. To you, is this a good thing? Briefly explain your stance in the essay as well. 

For help with this topic, read our guide explaining what is persuasive writing .

If you still need help, our guide to grammar and punctuation explains more.

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best essays on sports

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best essays on sports

Best Sellers in Sports Essays

Straight Shooter: A Memoir of Second Chances and First Takes

Straight Shooter: A Memoir of Second Chances and First Takes

best essays on sports

The Best College Essays About Sports

Spoiler alert: almost none of the best college essays are about sports.  

Generally speaking, students try to make their case for writing about sports in one of two ways. Students have either spent many years playing a particular sport or have spent an inordinate amount of time learning about, watching, and/or gathering stats (read: obsessing) on a sport. Below we’ve broken down our responses:  


“My dad taught me how to catch a ball when I was two years old and I’ve been playing baseball ever since. I’ve poured my heart and soul into this sport, made the varsity team as a freshman, and hit a home run in the finals game which made me the town hero.”

First, anything that you’ve spent 15 years doing will undoubtedly be included in the activities section of your application. As we’ve said many times before, writing about anything that appears anywhere else on your application is a major no .

We know that’s a tough pill to swallow, but you have a very limited number of opportunities to add depth to your application. If you could describe yourself to your dream college in only three words, you wouldn’t use “athlete” twice . They already know you play baseball.

Second, the winning goal essay is extremely overdone. It’s florals for spring. We can hardly count the number of times we’ve heard it, so you can only imagine how many times an admission officer has read it. It’s an accomplishment, but it’s certainly not a way to stand out.

“I understand!!! But I was extremely introverted and had a hard time in social situations and playing baseball really helped me to break out of my shell and gain confidence.” 

We are really (seriously) glad this happened. Sports can be a good way to bond with others, create lasting friendships, and overcome obstacles. No one is taking that away from you, but as it relates to writing a college essay this path still won’t work.

Think of another way to write about this. In this case, you’re still using sports as a way to shine light on your development and because of that, your essay will be filed under the “sports essay” category with a thousand others. They won’t see your personal growth.  Use something else as a vehicle to show your progress.


“I don’t play football but I know everything there is to know about the sport. I know the stats, I keep detailed excel documents, and everyone comes to me for fantasy football advice. I watch football every single week with my parents, and have been since I was a child.”

This is more common than you’d think. The biggest issue with this essay is that it doesn’t say much about you. As fun as it may be, being a sports fan doesn’t speak to any of the unique qualities you have. You’re looking for a characteristic about yourself that you haven’t had space to explore yet, and a weekly football watching date with family and friends doesn’t cut it. Essays about loving a sport also tend not to have a narrative arc: remember that you’re looking for a story with a beginning, middle, and end.

Don’t worry, there will undoubtedly be something else for you to write about. Don’t sell yourself short by focusing on a sports related hobby and brainstorm other stories you can tell about yourself.  

In the history of TKG, we’ve made a few exceptions to our strict no sports rule. One example was a student who wrote about surfing . This is because teaching surfing lessons was a job and the essay was about an experience with one of his students.  

We’d love to talk about some of your ideas. Contact us here .


Top 212 Interesting Sports Essay Topics to Explore and Write About

Table of Contents

Sports Essay Topics

Do you want to write an engaging sports research paper? Are you searching for the best sports essay topics for your assignment? If yes, then check this blog post and get the necessary benefits.

Sport is a broad subject, and hence, when it comes to conducting sports research, you have wide research areas or options to choose from. But if you want to score high grades for your assignment, then you must choose one unique sports essay topic that reflects your opinion on a particular problem.

Remember, choosing the right topic for sports research is really challenging. So, in order to help you, here, in this blog post, we have shared significant tips for writing a brilliant sports research paper on a good sports topic. Also, we have listed the top sports research topics for you to consider.

Tips for Writing an Effective Sports Research Paper

A sports essay or sports research paper usually refers to a paper written on any popular sports essay topic. The topics you choose can be in any area like sports history, psychology or about any particular sport. But, on the whole, the essay or research paper you write should be outstanding with clear points and relevant evidence. So, a high level of importance should be given to writing a sports assignment.

Discussed below are a few important tips that you can keep in mind while writing your sports essay or research paper.

Sports Essay Topics

How to Choose the Right Sports Essay Topics?

Identifying a topic is necessary because an essay or research paper is nothing without an exciting topic. Most importantly, it is the topic that attracts the audience to read your work. Hence, much attention should be given to the topic selection like the way you give importance to the research paper writing process.

If you want to select the right sports research paper topic, then make sure to follow the below-mentioned tips.

Top Sports Essay Topic Ideas

Generally, schools and colleges will provide essay writing assignments to students on simple sports essay topics. Other than that, the students who are pursuing the physical education courses will be asked to conduct research and write a thesis on any interesting sports research topics.

If you are a school or college student who is seeking the best sports topics for your academic assignments, then the list of the top sports research paper topics shared below would be helpful to you.

Go through the complete list of topic ideas and pick the right sports essay topic of your desire.

Sports History Essay Topics

Sports Essay Topics on History

Argumentative Sports Essay Topics

Sports Topics on Argumentative Essay

Also, Visit – Thought-Provoking Argumentative Essay Topics for You to Explore

Persuasive Sports Essay Topics

Best Sports Essay Topics for School Students

Sports Research Paper Topics on Basketball

Sports Research Topics on Football

Sports Research Topics on Baseball

Sports Research Paper Topics on Fitness

Sports Research Paper Topics on Hockey

Essay Topics on Yoga

Sports Medicine Research Paper Topics

Also, Read – Outstanding Medical Research Topics for you to Explore & Analyze

Sports Psychology Research Paper Topics

Sports Sociology Research Topics

Top Sports Essay Topics college level

Most Trending Sports Essay Topics

Read More – Exemplary Sociology Research Topics for Every Student Type

Wrapping Up

Out of the top sports essays topic mentioned in this blog post, go with the topic that is appropriate for you. If you are still confused on what topic to select for your sports essay or research paper, then without a second thought contact us. We have a team of professional writers who are strong in the field of sports to assist you in completing the research paper on one of the best sports research paper topics as per your requirements.

best essays on sports

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College Athletes should not be Paid

Many college athletes help their school receive revenue, but that doesn’t mean these athletes should get a percentage because of their contributions. ESPN wants us to view college athletes as if they are in training for a job or working for an unpaid internship (Hadaway). If college athletes were paid, college sports would be abolished […]

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I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of passion. What does passion mean? What can It help create for your future? Why do some people enjoy this passion, but others don’t? Those questions are what people think when choosing a passion. “The stands are packed, the crowds cheering. Sweats roll onto the floor. The […]

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Basketball Positions

Introduction Bit of History In 1891 a teacher, at a YMCA in Springfield, Massechussets, named James Naismith was tasked to create an indoor sport to keep students active during the winter seasons. Once Naismith came up with his game, he divided his class into two teams with 9 students each (because his class had 18 […]

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Introduction (Show News Headlines: Injury, Athletes career over) Stanley Doughty, of the South Carolina Gamecocks, was considered one of the top defensive linemen to ever play in college football. That is, before he suffered a career ending spinal injury in his final season. After a helmet to helmet collision in a 2004 practice game, the […]

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Aerobic Training Session in a Sport

The aerobic task is also referred to as cardio exercise that necessitates pumping of the oxygenated plasma by the heart in order to ensure all the muscles that are involved in the physical activity are supplied with adequate amounts of oxygen (Shnayderman & Katz, 2013). An example of the aerobic sport that I will design […]

History of Baseball

Baseball was created 179 years ago and ever since 1839, baseball has been one of the most popular sports in America. According to the Google dictionary the definition is “”a ball game played between two teams of nine on a field with diamond-shaped circuit of four bases.”” It is chiefly played in US, Canada, Latin […]

The Rise of Baseball

Many people love baseball and what it is today, but how did it start off and how have the rules changed over the past 2 centuries? People may love this sport, but they probably don’t know about the complicated background about the game that we love today. Many people are probably hearing that a man […]

Baseball: Abner Doubleday and Alexander Cartwright

Baseball is 179 years old and was invented in the summer of 1839. It was invented by Abner Doubleday and Alexander Cartwright. The first recorded baseball game was in 1846 when Cartwright’s Knickerbockers lost to the New York Baseball Club in New Jersey. The National Association of Baseball Ball Players were the founders of the […]

Baseball Rocks

Baseball started not as a sport but as a gentleman’s game for their leisure weekend during the olden days. It is a game where you need a bat, a ball and four bases. The elements and rules of the game remained the same. There’s a lot of improvements when it comes to equipments the baseball […]

History of Equipment in Baseball

Throughout history, Baseball equipment has evolved according to the demands of the game and necessity of the players; as a result, players have been provided with strategic advantages over their predecessors and many entrepreneurs have capitalized on the business aspect of the sporting goods business. When baseball first began, equipment was an afterthought; as long […]

American Sport – Baseball

Baseball is an American sport that is known and played throughout the world today. Baseball was thought to be created by someone named Abner Doubleday in Cooperstown, New York. The sport of baseball does not really have only one person that created it many people have changed it as it came along to help make […]

Baseball: Jackie Robinson in Major League Baseball

In 1947, Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play Major League Baseball outside of the Negro League. While this past April we celebrated the 71st anniversary of breaking the color barrier, the MLB is at the lowest percentage of African American players since the civil rights era. In 2017, 75 percent of the […]

The Man who Changed Baseball

Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play on a major league baseball team, and had the huge impact on the color barrier of baseball, and for equal rights. Jackie Robinson was born on January 31, 1919 in Cairo, Georgia. He then moved to Pasadena when he was one years old. When he was […]

An Analysis of the Baseball Sport as a Hobby

A hobby is said to be an activity done regularly for enjoyment purposes during one’s free time. Hobbies include a lot of activities such as playing sports, taking part in artistic and creative pursuits, collecting themed items and objects among many other amusements. List of hobbies that one can participate in are always endless and […]

The Globalization of Baseball

Globalization is the process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale. The influences of globalization can be felt in every city around the world. Technology has enabled individuals as well as organizations the ability to immerse themselves into another culture virtually at the speed of light. […]

El Paso Baseball

El Paso baseball goes back to the 1890s, but in 2005 The Diablos baseball team was started, which was the first minor league team in El Paso. In 2014 started the new El Paso baseball team who are known as The Chihuahuas. Over the years the team has grown and exceeding tremendously. Baseball in El […]

Baseball – National Pastime

Baseball was a sport, developed in the late 1800’s, and early 1900’s. Baseball is known as the National Pastime. “”The game of baseball evolved along with the United States, for games similar to the modern sport had been played in America since colonial times. In the mid-nineteenth century, New York businessman began forming baseball clubs […]

Deaf Baseball Players

There was some deaf professional baseball player, who was successful players in the Major League Baseball (MLB), beginning in 1883. But, first thing is give credit to the first deaf player in the MLB was Ed Dundon. Even though Mr. Dundon was the first professional deaf baseball player, William Hoy is given more recognition since […]

Affordable Baseball

After a fantastic season general manager of the Oakland Athletics Billy Beane didn’t expect to lose his best two players. In 2002 the Oakland Athletics in fact did lose their two best players who were first baseman Jason Giambi and outfielder Johnny Damon. Manager Billy Beane needed to find new players to replace the two […]

Farewell to Baseball

Lou Gehrig, nicknamed “”The Iron Horse,”” was an all American first baseman for the New York Yankees. He played for the Yankees his entire career of seventeen seasons. Lou a part of six World Series champion teams, became the league’s most valuable player twice, and he was named for the all-star team seven consecutive years, […]

Negro Baseball Leagues

Negro Baseball Leagues have contributed to the history of America by integrating African Americans and Whites and having a baseball league just for African Americans. The first ever Negro League was the Negro National League created by Rube Foster. The league was composed of six teams in the beginning then eight teams towards the end, […]

Racial Integration in Major League Baseball

Baseball, America’s beloved national pastime, along with apple pie, hot dogs, and racism. Professional American sports were segregated in the first part of the 20th century preventing black athletes from competing with white athletes. In baseball, there were “”Negro”” leagues for non-white players. Racial integration that was lacking in Major League Baseball up until 1947, […]

Baseball – Gentleman’s Sport

America’s sport baseball was formed with the distinction of being a gentleman’s sport. It was a sport that allowed men to play with a bat, a ball, and to run the bases to score. There were obstacles such as striking out, fouls, and getting caught out by the opposing team player. During times of war, […]

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