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Explore List of Biology Research Topics for College Students

Updated Aug 2021 ​ Humans have been researching life around us for the entire history; and each year new natural conditions appear, species develop, and scientific discoveries arise. Biology research papers are some of the most complex writing assignments since this particular subject encompasses all living organisms. You have nearly endless subjects to choose from, but it’s vital to pick the right topic. Selecting an engaging biology research topic will help you entice the reader, encourage discussions in the scientific community, and perhaps even inspire future studies. There are surely some that have scientific potential and are interesting for you at the same time.

What Is Biology? What Topics Might Biologists Study?

Biology research paper topics

Biology is the study of living organisms that covers their origin, anatomy, physiology, development, evolution, and behavior. A biologist could study a wide array of options, such as animal and plant cell structure, human DNA, neurobiology, stem cell treatments, immunology, hormones, and much more.

If you’re feeling stuck and can’t think of an exciting topic to write about, check out our comprehensive list of research paper topics ideas to get some inspiration.

How to Choose Biology Research Topics?

To choose a good biology research topic, we recommend following these general tips:

What Is a Good Biology Research Paper Topic?

A good biology research paper topic is one that reveals something interesting that can offer a whole new perspective on life. It should be thought-provoking, attention-grabbing, and relevant to the community.

It doesn’t matter what it’s about - humans, animals, plants, ecology, etc. - as long as it addresses something from a new perspective, makes a new discovery, shows a link between two organisms or phenomena, or potential to lead to a scientific breakthrough.

It’s all about tackling an area or topic that holds great potential and can help us understand life and living organisms better.

Biology Research Paper Topics

Do you need good ideas for your future papers? Biological research can be fascinating as long as you master the art of choosing the right topic. Not only that you have to focus on current studies by reputable biologists, but your topic must be easily researchable so you can make strong arguments. This our list of the most interesting topics for an excellent college paper.

Biology Research Topics for College Students

Undergraduates struggle the most with finding the right topics for their papers, so they hire a research paper writing service for popular and easy topics. To get started, check our list of ideas below.

Biology Research Topics for High School Students

High-school biology can be very interesting if you focus on topics that interest you. Choose from our examples a topic that fascinates you.

Cell Biology Research Topics

Developments in cell biology can cure diseases and eliminate viruses. Writing a paper in this field can be very rewarding for a biology student.

Zoology Research Topics

Struggling with your zoology paper? You can pay for research paper . Our list of ideas can also help you.

Animal Research Topics

Botany Research Topics

Are you interested in writing a paper about plants? Here are some of the latest developments in botany to get inspiration.

Developmental Biology Research Topics

Marine Biology Research Topics

Are you a marine biology student? Find your next topic below.

Molecular Biology Research Topics

Molecular biology can save the world. If this is your area of interest in college, you can write about one of the following research topics.

Ecology Topics for Research Paper

A paper on ecology can contribute to a better relationship between human communities and their environment. Look below for an engaging topic.

Environmental Topics for Research Papers

Environmental concerns are high among biology students. If you want to craft a fascinating paper, write about something that matters to you.

Human Biology Research Topics

Stem cells or cloning? There’s hardly anything as engaging in science today as the research on human biology.

Genetics Research Topics

Recent Research Topics in Biotechnology

Can someone write a research paper for me on biotechnology? Yes, but first choose a topic.

Evolutionary Biology Research Paper Topics

Neurobiology Research Topics

The human brain is intriguing, and there are always things to learn about it. Have you considered these new topics?

DNA Research Topics

The DNA makes us who we are. For scientists, this gives way to experimentation and great study potential.

Easy Biology Research Topics

Easy biology research topics are quite popular among both high school and college students. They deal with common yet fascinating ideas that are highly relevant and add value to the community. These are some of the most interesting to consider.

History of Biology Topics

If you want to tackle the history of biology, you have a whole world of topics to pick from. These might spark your creativity and help you develop a topic to write about from a fresh angle.

We hope these biology research paper topics have sparked your creativity and nudged you in the right direction for writing a high-quality paper. If you need any assistance with research, writing an outline, editing, or writing a summary of a research paper , StudyClerk can help.

Our vast team of qualified and experienced writers can provide you with well-researched, relevant, reliable, unique, and plagiarism-free content.

Just pick the best writer for your needs based on their qualifications, experience, reviews, and ratings, and share details about your topic and main idea. Contact us today to place your order and get an original paper with a free outline, free formatting, and unlimited free revisions.

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biology thesis ideas

The 10 Most Interesting Biology Research Topics

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If you ask any biology expert whether their research subject is interesting, of course they'll say yes. Even moss can be fascinating when you look at it under a magnifying glass. Some biology topics are easier for non-biologists to get more excited about than others, though.

Whether you're looking for a research topic for a college paper or an area to specialize in if you're majoring in biology , here are some of the most interesting things going on in the biology world right now. is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

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1. crispr and genetic engineering.

Normally, we think of our DNA as being set in stone. But what if it isn't? What if you could literally change your DNA?

Scientists have only recently figured out how to use CRISPR to edit DNA sequences.

That's what CRISPR promises. Short for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeat, CRISPR is essentially a search and cut/paste function all rolled into one, but for DNA. This organizational pattern appears naturally in bacteria, and scientists have only recently figured out how to use it to edit DNA sequences in other organisms — including humans.

CRISPR is taking off in a big way due to its staggering potential. Imagine if you could cure genetic diseases, change your eye color, or make people permanently resistant to tricky viruses like HIV. It's easy to see the potential for life-changing benefits and great harm at the same time, and that's why there's currently so much excitement about CRISPR.

2. Epidemiology and Coronavirus

Epidemiology is the study of how diseases spread in populations. Now that we're in one of the largest pandemics in recent memory , it's easy to see why this is such an interesting topic. Finding a vaccine and ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 has become the single greatest all-hands-on-deck effort of our time.

Even before the coronavirus outbreak, epidemiology intrigued scientists. Epidemiologists are often thought of as a modern-day Indiana Jones because they work in remote jungles and chase dangerous and terrifying diseases like Ebola all around the world.

If you haven't heard of prions, make sure you're sitting down. These infectious-disease-causing agents are responsible for things like mad cow disease, chronic wasting disease, and (possibly) Alzheimer's disease .

They work by essentially turning brains into Swiss cheese. Prions aren't fully living organisms like bacteria or parasites; rather, they're bits of misshapen proteins that cause other proteins to become deformed in a chain reaction until the brain is literally full of holes.

Because prions aren't truly alive, there's no real way to "kill" them. As a result, they can persist in the environment and stay contagious for years, even surviving normal sterilization techniques at hospitals and labs. Scientists are trying to understand how prions work on a basic level, and how to prevent them from accumulating in the environment and causing disease.

4. Climate Change

Despite what some governments might think, climate change has emerged as one of the most pressing issues of our time. Scientists have measured the chemical signal from greenhouse gases and determined that it's a direct result of human industrial activity .

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time.

The battle against climate change seems daunting. First, scientists must convince the general public — especially legislators — that the phenomenon exists. Then, there's the huge task of identifying possible solutions.

With global consequences, climate change scientist is a job that's not likely to end within our lifetimes, meaning there's plenty of room for new environmental specialists.

5. Cancer Biology

About 2 out of every 5 people in the U.S. will develop cancer in their lifetimes, according to the National Cancer Institute .

What scientists are learning now is that "cancer" is more of an umbrella term for many different diseases that all have the same outcome: uncontrolled cell growth and, eventually, death. It's not as simple as finding the solution to one disease because cancer is actually many diseases, each with its own cause, progression, outcome, and treatment.

Now that scientists know more about cancer, the path forward is clear: More research on each type of cancer is needed before we can understand and ultimately eradicate it.

6. Behavioral Economics

You know you should pay off your debt and save more money , but most of us don't do that. Why not? And what are scientifically backed ways that we can learn how to do these things?

Behavioral economics is about how your biology affects both your finances and happiness.

This is what the captivating new field of behavioral economics aims to answer. The multidisciplinary approach combines two vastly different areas — economics and behavior — in an effort to understand how humans can live happier lives.

One major paper on the topic linked peak happiness levels to an income of around $75,000. Yet in 2018, the median household income fell short of that mark by almost $15,000 . In other words, behavioral economics is the study of how your biology affects your finances and happiness.

7. Endangered Species Recovery

It's estimated that up to 8,700 species go extinct every year. At this rate, we're due for the biggest mass extinction since the time of the dinosaurs.

And it's not just pandas, caribou, and other cuddly things that are dying out — many of the smaller organisms that keep the ecosystem running smoothly are disappearing, as are "ugly" animals that are still very important to the environment.

Even though the public is generally supportive of recovery efforts, the government conservationists responsible for this work almost always face budget shortfalls. If you're willing to deal with the challenges of working as a wildlife biologist , it can be a highly rewarding career.

8. Astrobiology

We haven't discovered life outside of Earth — yet. Astronomers have crunched the numbers and found overwhelming support for the idea that somewhere out in the cosmos, there's a good chance life exists. Astrobiologists study what those life forms might look like, such as how they reproduce and survive.

Even before we find extraterrestrial life, though, there's plenty of work for astrobiologists to do now with preparing current Earth-dwellers for when we'll eventually jet off this planet. Astrobiologists study things like how gravity affects astronauts' bones, how plants grow in space, and what happens to circadian rhythms on planets with a different day/night cycle.

9. Synthetic Biology

Evolution hasn't created the perfect version of everything yet, but it's come pretty close in a lot of areas. There are lessons we can learn about all kinds of things from the natural world, such as how to design the quietest aircraft by studying owl feathers .

Other synthetic biologists focus on how to redesign organisms to perform useful tasks. For example, you could specialize in engineering microorganisms to produce medical-grade insulin or help with bioremediation efforts in polluted areas.

10. Epigenetics

What if I told you that the stresses your grandparents endured, such as famines, wars, and inequality, could still be affecting you today through your genes ? It's not such a far-fetched idea when you consider the field of epigenetics.

Epigenetics is the study of how genes are inherited and whether they're active or inactive.

Epigenetics is the study of how genes are inherited in either a switched-on or switched-off state. Even though you inherit certain genes from your ancestors, some might not actually be "turned on" despite being present in your DNA. Just like a light switch, genes that have been "turned off" are technically inactive.

Epigenetics is a relatively new field of biology that adds a whole new layer of complexity to the already exciting realm of genetic research.

A scientist gazes at a screen displaying color-coded genetic patterns, the images reflecting off his glasses.

Andrew Brookes/Getty Images

Never Stop Learning

These 10 biology topics are some of the hottest areas in scientific research today, but don't limit yourself — there's more than enough knowledge to satisfy a curious mind in any field. You might just have to look a little closer under the microscope to find an entirely new world.

Feature Image: sanjeri / Getty Images

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Top 10 environmental science research topics.

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10 Most Interesting Technology Research Topics

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biology thesis ideas

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170+ Fascinating Biology Research Topics for Students in 2023

Updated 31 Jan 2023

Biology Research Topics

Finding a great topic for a study can be challenging. Interesting biology topics need to be appealing, attention-grabbing and academically relevant. They need to deal with the recent findings and debatable questions. A great topic is a base of a scientific argument that has a valuable idea for the science. It also should provoke further discussion and lead to further coming studies.

College students have a hard time choosing the fascinating subject for their paper. That’s why these 130 biology research paper topics can give you inspiration. You can pick one for your research or use them as the base for building your own idea.

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A List of Researchable Topics for Biology 

A list of researchable topics for biology students starts with several interesting biological topics concerning sociological perspective and ethical issues. The most debatable subjects are abortion, human cloning, genetic researches and the new ethics that should be created to resolve these issues.

What are some good biology research topics?

One could also find good research topics related to traditional biology subfields like plant and animal biology, ecology (current global problems warrant a number of hot topics), or topics related to humans: neurobiology (and determinants of human behavior), recent discoveries on diseases and the immune system, etc.

What are the major biological issues today?

They include pollution challenges, overpopulation, an increase in infectious diseases, and the lack of transparency in DNA and synthetic biology studies. We also have biological issues like global warming, endangered species, stem cell research, and the acidification of the ocean.

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Biology Research Topics for College Students

When you choose a competitive Biology subject, you must focus on ideas that inspire you and talk about morphology, physiology, cell studies, origins, distribution, and innovations related to living organisms. You can also talk about the plants, the animals, or even famous personalities in the field.

Essay Examples Relevant to Biology

Abortion, Human cloning, Genetic Researches Biology Topics

Essay Examples Relevant to Abortion, Human cloning, Genetic Researches

DNA Research Topics

Essay Examples Relevant to DNA

Need more writing assistance?

Connect with our top writers and receive a paper sample on biology crafted to your needs.

Behaviour and Hormones Biology Research Topics

Another huge part of biology research essay topics deals with the question of behavior and hormones. Students can share ideas on how our hormones influence mood and well-being. They can also be related to some disorders.

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Immune System Biology Research Topics

Biology topics to write about cannot be full without at least several ones dealing with the immune system. It is our main defense against different diseases, that’s why it is important to know more about it.

Essay Examples Relevant to Immune System

Cell Biology Research Topics

It is a complex branch of biology that studies the smallest units and the living organisms. The focus is on the parts of the cell and the interaction of the cytoplasm and the membrane as the topic ideas below show:

Essay Examples Relevant to Cell Biology

Molecular Biology Research Topics

The branch of Molecular Biology focuses on the analysis of composition, structure, and complex interactions related to processes taking place in the cells. Unlike basic microbiology, it studies biological processes like alteration, recreation, and maintenance.

Save your time with free essay samples on Eugenics

Plant pathology biology research topics.

Here are several interesting biology research topics concerning plant pathology:

Save your time with free essay samples on Photosynthesis

Ecology-concerning subjects biology research topics.

Undergraduates can do a proposal on Ecology-concerning subjects. First, it is one of the most relevant scientific fields as we deal with the results of human behavior all the time. Any new cool paper can shed some light of new ideas that will contribute to making the world a better place.

Neurobiology Research Topics

Neurobiology Research Topics

Essay Examples Relevant to Neurobiology

Evolutionary Biology Research Topics

As the title implies, evolutionary biology focuses on the processes that explore the history of life forms that we encounter. Starting with the study of the natural habitats to the analysis of the biodiversity and related behaviors, it's one of the most fascinating and varied branches of Biology.

Save your time with free essay samples on Evolution

Animals biology research topics.

Here are fascinating biology research topics related to animals. They are quite popular among students. You can submit several papers dwelling on deep analysis of one phenomenon or species.

Essay Examples Relevant to Animals

Read also: Your personal  lab report writing service -!

Marine Biology Research Topics

Marine biology relates to a mixture of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics as one studies marine organisms and their behavior patterns. As marine biologists study how they interact with the environment, they use oceanography and relevant skills based on Chemistry, Physics, and Geology.

Topics on the History of Biology

There also easy issues related to the history of Biology. You can dwell on the capstone of modern science or dwell on an understanding of one crucial academic term.

Essay Examples Relevant to History of Biology

This list ends with several other fascinating research proposal topics , such as:

Save your time with free essay samples on Metabolism

What are some topics in science?

Some of the hottest topics in science nowadays are: the perspectives of genetic engineering of humans using CRISPRs, the importance of the human microbiome in preventing many diseases (including autoimmune diseases), solutions for multi-drug resistance in bacteria, immunotherapy in cancer research (especially with genetically engineered cells), etc.

Read also: If you are paying someone to write a research paper , let professionals write it for you. 

How do you choose a research topic?

When choosing a research topic, you should be considering your interests, the interests of the readers/ audience, the impact of the topic, the current state of knowledge in the field, recent advances related to the topic (e.g. perspective-changing publications), etc.

Start to Write Well-Grounded Biology Research

These Biology research paper topics were compiled for anyone from high-school and undergraduate students to anyone who has to deal with Biology for any reason. It all depends on the size and depths of your project, that is why you may need a proper  research papers help . The topics concern the most relevant and appealing part of biological science. Start working on your thesis with reading academic literature and don't forget to ask for thesis writing help at EduBirdie. A proper review of recent publications will help you build up an argument. Always remember that the key to any of your projects is having fun. So choose the topic that you are passionate about, and go for it!

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David is one of those experienced content creators from the United Kingdom who has a high interest in social issues, culture, and entrepreneurship. He always says that reading, blogging, and staying aware of what happens in the world is what makes a person responsible. He likes to learn and share what he knows by making things inspiring and creative enough even for those students who dislike reading.

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biology thesis ideas


170 Excellent Biology Research Topics for Every Student to Consider

Table of Contents

What are Biology Research Topics?

Currently, reading this page? Perhaps, you might have your biology assignments due in a few days or weeks. So, let’s now understand and explore the significance of biology research topics in biology assignments. To illustrate, biology research topics might have objectives to offer beneficial information on specific research topics. Besides, such research topics also provide facts and figures that make your assignment an outstanding one.

Simultaneously, biology is an unending discipline and there is a continuous need to manage recent findings and arguable questions. Moreover, an outstanding topic might serve as a base of a debate that might hold significance for the scientific community.

Biology Research Topics

How to use Biology Research Topics?

Additionally, after selecting an appropriate topic, ensure to analyze it, if it is too narrow or too broad. Perhaps, choosing a broad topic might not provide you any specific information, hence you might face problems writing your paper. However, if you choose a narrow topic, you might find everything to include in your paper. Also, general topic selection is not permissible, which you might avoid through research. Hence, ensure to conduct research and look for sufficient sources from where you might obtain data for your paper.

How to write Biology Research Topics?

Simultaneously, you might find biology dissertation writing a cumbersome process because you don’t know where to begin. However, a proper plan and a strategic reflection might improve your work quality as well as save your writing time.

Biology Research Topics

Basic biology research topics.

Easy Biology Research Topics

Good Quality Biology Research Topics

Unique Biology Research Topics

Read more: Excellent Biology Topics to Help you Get Great Score

Top-Notch Biology Research Topics

Captivating Biology Research Topics

High- Scoring Biology Research Topics for Exam

High- Scoring Biology Research Topics

Most Influential Biology Research Topics

Trending Biology Research Topics

Complex biology research topic

 Biology research topics:

So, now you have a clear idea of interesting biology research topics and the art of making them exemplary. Yet, if you have any doubts, you might contact our Biology assignment help experts, who will offer you their best service. Also, follow strict attention given by your professor and write your assignments accordingly.

biology thesis ideas

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Different types of essay formats- mla, apa, and chicago, apa vs. mla: learn the major differences between the citation styles, top 130 bioethics topics to consider for writing a research paper, 150 excellent business essay topics and ideas to focus on, 150 intriguing cultural research topics for you to consider, 162 intriguing science research paper topics for you to explore, 136 best geology research topics for academic writing, an understanding of the language features and structural features, 150+ fabulous criminology dissertation ideas for you to consider, get help instantly.

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110 Excellent Biology Research Topics to Write About

Students often face difficult academic assignment, which must be completed in a few weeks or even days. The biology research topics are aimed at providing useful information on certain biology research essay topics, together with statistics and figures. Writing a research paper in biology requires time and knowledge. Moreover, once dealing with a bunch of topics for biology students, it is highly important to choose the one you can deal with submitting an excellent paper in the end.

A List of Biology Research Topics

Genetic researches biology topics, neurobiology topics, molecular biology topics, easy biology topics to research, bioremediation topics, behaviour and hormones topics, human cloning biology topics, immune system biology research topics, antibiotic resistance biology topics, topics on the history of biology, bonus: 10 newest biology research topics.

Biology research is a complex analytical work that is presented in clear findings and numerous biological occurrences’ explanations. This type of research paper requires an attention-grabbing, appealing, and essential topic. It is important to choose a proper theme among interesting biology topics. We have analyzed a wide variety of topics for a biology research paper and got a list of the 110 biology research paper topics every student can use.

How to choose a good research topic from the list above?

How to choose a good research topic in biology?

When choosing among various Researchable Topics for Biology, choose the one you can write about, and can provide strong arguments, supporting evidence, and clear findings. This type of research paper requires a scientific approach and a detailed explanation of every analyzed phenomenon and event. Select your topic once using the provided list of 110 biology research paper topics or come up with your own theme for a biology research paper. The biology students can choose any topic, if it was not assigned by a college or university tutor.

If you need to deal with a biology research paper, finding good biology research topics can be a challenge. At the same time, you can make your life much easier by paying for an essay on the EssayPay professional website. The professional online writing Essaypay platform can offer an excellent biology research paper ordered in a few clicks. The company assures a perfect biology research paper’s completion and round-the-clock online support.

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biology thesis ideas

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240 Interesting Biology Topics for Essays & Research Papers

Biology is often called the science of life . From bacteria to whales, biologists study all kinds of organisms. Have you ever wondered why bees dance? Or how can chickens be the closest modern relatives to dinosaurs? The buzzing world is full of complex wonders like these. That’s why it’s so easy to find a biology research topic of your liking.

Our specialists will write a custom essay on any topic for $13.00 $10.40/page

If you need to craft a biology essay, this article is for you. Here you can learn about research areas and fields in biology. Besides, you will find 220 interesting biology topics to write about. Read on to refresh your knowledge of microbiology, epidemiology, and more.

Tight deadlines are demanding for all students. Luckily, our custom writing service is there for you! With our help, your biology project will be done in no time.

🔝 Top 10 Biology Research Topics

📚 areas of research in biology, ⭐ top 10 interesting biology topics for essays, 🍎 biological topics for high school.

🔍 References

Biologists operate on a vast scale. Naturally, there are plenty of research areas. Let’s sort them out:

Paul Watson quote.

With this overview in mind, you’re ready to choose an interesting biological topic.

From peas to platypuses: high school biology covers a wide range of topics. In your biology essay, you’ll have the chance to familiarize yourself with any of them. Your options are almost endless! Consult our list of 20 popular ideas to get your research started:

🦠 Microbiology Research Topics for Students

The world of microbiology consists of tiny organisms. Researchers study microbes and other simple life forms such as bacteria and fungi. This way, they aim to solve environmental as well as medical issues.

Natural selection.

💀 Anatomy & Human Biology Topics

Human biology studies people as single organisms and in the context of populations. Two of its essential parts are anatomy and anthropology. The latter studies the evolution of humankind. The former is more concerned with body structure. Combine all three subjects to gain a 360° view of humanity!

🔬 Cell & Molecular Biology Research Topics

Your body’s fundamental structure is made up of cells. Their properties are in the center of interest for cell biologists. They investigate a cell’s life cycle and its vital functions. On a molecular level, this includes the role of chemical processes in cell activity.

Living organisms.

♻️ Environmental Biology Topics to Research

Environmental biologists ensure our harmonic coexistence with nature. They are also in charge of monitoring wastewater disposal and pollution levels. This branch is closely related to ecology.

🐬 Marine Biology Topics for a Paper

Fun fact: the vast majority of our oceans are still unobserved. Research in marine biology encompasses all organisms living close to or under water. Do you want to participate in uncovering the mysteries of the deep sea? This section is for you!

Receive a plagiarism-free paper tailored to your instructions.

🌻 Plant Biology Research Topics

Plant biology, you guessed it, investigates plants. These green organisms are incredibly versatile. From redwood trees to algae, plants come in all sizes and shapes. Scientists use botanical knowledge to improve our food and medicine supplies. They also help to conserve forests, parks, and wilderness areas.

Rainforest plants.

🧬 Hot Topics in Evolutionary Biology to Write About

Evolutionary biologists observe change in all living organisms. If you want to know why life on Earth is so versatile, evolutionary biology has the answer. Research areas cover ecology and genetics, as well as paleontology.

👶🧑 Developmental Biology Research Topics

When animals and plants grow, their features change. It’s no surprise: every living being starts as a single cell. It’s a long way from there to a fully formed organism! Developmental biologists track this process at different levels.

😷 Epidemiology & Population Topics in Biology

Investigating health-related events is a part of epidemiologic research. The goal is to find out what causes diseases in a specific population. Epidemiology analyzes other health issues such as natural disasters and injuries. Population biology focuses on the interaction between populations and their environment.

Cell in the human body.

📜 History of Biology Topics to Write About

Even before the emergence of scientific studies, humans had basic biological understanding. They were able to spot edible plants and domesticate animals. Assyrians and Babylonians were the first to implement biological knowledge. If you’re looking for a theoretical research project, this is the right research area for you.

Just $13.00 $10.40/page , and you can get an custom-written academic paper according to your instructions

We hope our article gave you some useful ideas for your biology paper. Good luck with your assignment!

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185 Health Topics to Write about

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149+ Most Interesting Biology Research Topics In 2023

Writing a biology research paper is one of the most complicated assignments during college study. The reason behind this is that it requires deep analysis of a scientific topic that becomes time-consuming.

If you are also assigned to write a biology research paper, three questions you should ask yourself.

But one question you can’t ignore to ask yourself is what topic I should choose for my research paper.

In this blog, we will discuss top biology research topics that will definitely help you to get good scores.

What Is Biology?

Table of Contents

Do you know what is biology? It is the science of life or the study of living organisms. That wraps their development, physiology, origin, anatomy, behavior, evolution, etc.

Furthermore, biological disciplines can cover a wide range of topics such as plant cell structure, human DNA, animal neurobiology, immunology, hormones, stem cell treatments, and beyond.

If you can’t think of an exciting topic and are feeling stuck writing about them, just figure out a complete list of biology research paper topics and ideas to get some motivation.

What Are Good Biology Research Topics?

A good biology research paper should challenge readers to think differently and inspire meaningful conversations. Moreover, it must be relevant and have the potential to make an impact on the community.

It doesn’t matter what it’s about – animals, humans, plants, ecology, etc. – as long as it addresses something from a new perspective, makes a new discovery, shows a link between two organisms or phenomena, or potential leads to a scientific breakthrough.

There is great potential to be explored in order to gain a better understanding of life and living organisms. Here are the following good biology research topics.

149+ Most Interesting Biology Research Topics

Here are the following best biology research topics that given below.

biology thesis ideas

If you are asked to write a biology research paper, covid-19 is the current issue you can consider. Covid-19 affected almost all the nation in the last two years and led to various problems such as losses of lives, economic problems, unemployment, etc. You can write on-

Cell Biology Research Topics

Cell biology developments can prevent disease and eradicate viruses. For biology students, it can be rewarding to write a paper in this area. Here a student can consider different topics under a cell. For example, students can write on-

Biology Research Topics For High School

Here are the following easy biology research topics for high school students.

Biology Research Topics For College Students

Let’s know some of the best topics of biology for college students, it’s given below?

Genetics Research Topics

These are the following genetics research topics given below.

Botany Research Topics

If you are interested in plants and their studies, you can write on botany topics. Here you can talk about the current developments in botany to score well. Your botany research paper topics may be-

Neurobiological Research Paper Topics

The human brain has many things to learn, and understanding the brain is quite interesting. If you are curious to learn about the human brain and want to know about it, you can consider the below topics.

Zoology Research Topics

There are the following most interesting biology research topics for presentation.

Behaviour and Hormones Biology Research Topics

Behavior and hormones are a huge part of biology. Students can write about the influence of hormones on our mood and physical growth. They can also consider some disorders. Below are few topics that a student should write on-

History of Biology Research Topics

Students can consider topics related to the history of biology. They can write on the different concepts of biology such as-

Obesity In House Pets

Obesity in Pets means they are overweight, and due to the excess weight, your pet can face different health issues. Did you know, maybe your love for your pet is killing your pet literally? That’s right, because of the extra treats that you give to your pet may result in extra weight. And due to this excess weight, your pet is getting pain. And this pain is because of the damages to the internal organs, joints, and bones. Here a student can take the below topics into consideration.

Ethology Research Paper Topics

Ethology term indicates the study of birds. It is one of the main biology research topics for the students. Bird behavior mainly defines or refers to the response of the bird’s action to the environmental circumstances. Some of the birds have normal behavior, and some of the bird’s behavior is learned. 

Understanding the bird’s behavior is not so difficult; it requires your time and patience. For learning the bird’s behavior, you need to start noticing the bird’s behavior. You’ll find yourself why, and how, and what they do.

Have a look at the given topics below to choose one from the different biology research topics.

Camouflage Mechanism In Sea Animals

The underwater camouflage mechanism in sea animals is the set of methods of achieving crypsis. It means that sea animals remain unnoticed by the other animals in the sea, and this is observation avoidance. In water, camouflage is different from the camouflage that is on land. From all sides, the environment in the sea is the same. From the above, always light falls and trees and bushes variable backgrounds are generally not there. 

If you want to write a biology research paper, you can go for the topics from this field.

Immunity And Stress biology research topics

Most people don’t know that the immunity of any person is also affected by stress. In our body, the cells travel through the bloodstream, and the collection of billions of these cells is called the immune system. And these cells defend our body against the antigens, such as bacteria, viruses, etc.

Some immunity and stress-related topics are-

Asthma And Allergic Reactions

In Asthma, people face difficulties in breathing. The same allergens that cause sneezing and tearing in some people can cause Asthma in others. Normally the most common type of Asthma is allergic Asthma. About 90% of children with Asthma in children’s childhood are allergic, compared to about 50% of adults with Asthma. Check below topics for your research paper.

Marine Biology Research Topics 

Do you want to know marine biology research topics for high school students or college students? If yes, you can use the following topics.

Animal Biology Research Topics

Follow the below given current biology research topics for animals. 

Developmental Biology Research Topics

Follow the below given most popular biology research topics.

Evolutionary Biology Research Paper Topics

There are the following evolutionary biology research paper topics for students.

Molecular Biology Research Topics

Here are the following most interesting molecular research topics for the students.

Human Biology Research Topics

If you want to know the best human research topic for biology, just follow these topics.

Biology Research Paper Topics

Follow the below-given information to know the best biology research paper topics.\

Ecology Topics for Research Paper

Know the best biology topics for research topics from below.

Recent Research Topics in Biotechnology

These are the well-researched topics in biotechnology.

DNA Research Topics

These are the following DNA research topics.

5 Tips To Pick Biology Research Topics

To choose a good biology research topic, we recommend following these general tips:

biology thesis ideas

Tip 1:- Conduct Complete Research

First of all, you will conduct complete research. After this, collect all the topics that you would like to choose, and just choose the best topic from all of them. But the biology research topics must be based on challenging scientific proof like chemistry research paper topics. So, once you have picked an idea, then, you should conduct primary biology research to see if there are enough relevant and reliable references or sources you could use, along with tough data, to support all your claims.

Tip 2:- Avoid General Biology Research Topics

Secondly, you should avoid general biology research topics. It is the main tip for picking a biology research paper topic. That’s ensuring it doesn’t have to do with something available. Moreover, in case, your topic is too general, you may not be capable to go into depth, which is vital for showcasing your mastering biology. The thin amount of data on a general topic might also overcome both you and your reader.

Tip 3:- Avoid Too-Narrow Research Topics Of Biology

Furthermore, you can avoid the too-narrow research topics of biology. When the research topic is too narrow, you can’t find sufficient references to write a paper. Also, your reader may become not interested as well if there’s no space for overarching queries.

Tip 4:- Research Different Biology Ideas

Moreover, you can find several topics that interest you before sifting through recent biology research papers. That’s how you’ll get a better idea of the current trends and narrow down your focus to a single topic and idea. There are tons of scholarly articles online that are available to the public.

Tip 5:- Make Sure Your Biology Research Will Derive New Discoveries

In the end, you can make sure your biology research will derive new discoveries or findings. The biology topic you pick and how you like to go about it should add value to the scientific community. So, avoid topics that can’t add anything new to the table.

Quick Links

Now you have seen some of the main biology research topics. These biology research topics help the students a lot in the future. I hope now you are able to choose the best topic for your research paper from the above areas.

Also, if you need homework help in biology , we have a team of biology experts, you can discuss your queries with them and get the best Biology Homework Help to get A+ Grade.

What are the other biology research topics for students?

What factors need to be considered while choosing a biology research paper topic?

How to research our topic?

You can use different sources to get information about your topic. Mainly two ways are there to collect information.

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Biology Research Paper Topics

120 biology research paper topics.

When you are required to create a research paper on biology, it’s quite important to select an interesting and researchable topic. If you feel it’s difficult for you to select a good subject for your future work, we offer our 120 successful topics on biology. Go ahead and read them all to get fresh ideas for your own document!

3 Tips on How to Select the Best Biology Research Paper Topic?

If you feel it’s difficult for you to create a biology research paper, follow these useful hints:

List of Biology Research Paper Topics

20 Biology Research Paper Topics For College Students

20 Human Biology Topics for Research Paper

20 Cell Biology Topics for Research Paper

20 Molecular Biology Research Paper Topics

20 Great Biology Research Paper Ideas

Need Help w/ Research Paper Topics About Biology?

What to do if you cannot even start writing the biology research paper because it all seems too complicated for you, or because it’s hard to organize data in the correct order, or just because writing something has always been your worst nightmare? Do not worry and make an order online to get a successful paper within a deadline.

High-qualified professionals are ready to help you with creating an interesting document without problems! Leave the hardest job to the research paper writer who knows everything about writing good biology research. Save your time and money to receive a wonderful manuscript and get the highest grade!

College Cliffs

The 10 Best Biology Research Paper and Presentation Topic Ideas in 2023

Find the best college. is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Like most scientific studies, writing biology research papers and presentations is one of the challenging tasks for undergraduates and graduates.

Even high school students find it complicated to write a good biology paper. The main reason is that writing a biology research paper or presentation requires in-depth study and involves significant time and resources.

While most students strive to write a perfect biology paper, many often disregard the importance of finding the appropriate biology research paper topics first.

Narrowing down the best biology research paper and presentation topic ideas is essential since it makes your research paper high-quality and helps you save time and effort.

After all, choosing a biology topic that doesn’t spark interest will only de-motivate students quickly in the long run.

Best Biology Research Paper and Presentation Topic Ideas - fact

Choosing the Best Biology Topic for Research Papers and Presentations

Students should take their time and think thoroughly when choosing their preferred biology topics. Apart from motivating students, it is crucial to find an interesting biology topic since it forces them to develop their writing, analytical, and research capabilities.

Choosing a boring biology topic or a topic often used by many biology students can be challenging to come up with an outstanding research paper.

Here are some tips on how to find the best topic for your Biology research:

Whether you’re finding a topic for a research paper or a presentation, here are ten interesting biology research topics to write about.

Best Biology Research Topics



Do you find it fascinating how the human brain works? Neurobiology research topics are some of the most preferred in Biology. It is a biological field that studies tissues and cells that make up the nervous system.

Unlike neuroscience, neurobiology explores the different biological components of human perception, memory, and thought. It is an interdisciplinary study involving a deeper understanding of biology and the nervous system.

Since neurobiology highlights the physiology of the nervous system, biology students pursuing this topic discover more about the physical components of the nervous system and its interactions with the biological systems.

Given that it is an interdisciplinary field, students will also discover the vital role of neurobiology in psychology, especially in psychotherapy. If you also love psychology, pursuing this topic is an excellent option.

Apart from diseases related to the nervous system, students will also have an in-depth understanding of the role of biology in a person’s mental health.

Sample Neurobiology Topics:

Genetic Biology

Genetic Biology

Do studying genes, cell cycles, and genomes pique your interest? Writing genetic research biology topics is one of the most interesting options to consider.

This biology topic helps students understand the inheritance of traits from parents to their children, handed down from one generation to another. If you often wonder why some parents have offspring who don’t look like them, a Genetic Biology research paper is ideal for you.

Dealing with topics related to chromosomes is also dominant in this field of biology. Hinged on molecular biology research, Genetic Biology also deals with the comprehensive study of human DNA.

The distribution, variation, and structure of genes are researched within the context of population, organism, and cellular levels.

Understanding genetic factors will help students answer some of the most interesting questions about hereditary diseases. Given that, they’ll discover the genetic characteristics of why some disorders are passed down from one generation to the other.

If you want to venture into Genetic Engineering and its benefits in curing genetic diseases, pursuing this research topic makes it easy for students to succeed in their biology studies.

Sample Genetic Biology Topics:



From food science and agriculture to the pharmaceutical industry to nursing, Microbiology is one of the most diverse fields of biology. It is the best biology research topic to pursue if you love anything that can only be seen through a microscope.

Biology students pursuing microbiology research topics study a diverse range of microorganisms, including viruses, archaea, microscopic algae, and bacteria. The application of microbiology in almost all aspects of life makes it easier for students to have an innate passion for writing about this topic.

The study of microbiology helps students understand the genetics, reproduction, physiology, and structure of microorganisms. In healthcare, biology students learn more about mycology, parasitology, and virology.

One of the breakthroughs in microbiology in medical science is fluorescent fusion, a vital process in the rapid detection of pathogens in tissue samples.

The food industry also benefits from students pursuing microbiology, where their expertise is highly needed in the different ways of making food safe and preventing food spoilage.

With pandemics and emerging diseases becoming more rampant, microbiologists can have breakthrough research on finding cures, medications, and other preventive measures for certain diseases.

Sample Microbiology Topics:

Evolutionary Biology

Evolutionary Biology

If you want to explore the histories of different life forms, Evolutionary Biology is the best biology research topic. The study highlights the concepts and theories of how microorganisms and life evolve, the reasons for evolvement, and other related factors. Since evolution is an important aspect of life, delving into Evolutionary Biology topics can benefit us in several ways.

Through Evolutionary Biology, students find proof that all living organisms on the planet have a common origin and assess the biological evolution of individual organisms to populations over different generations. Apart from that, they also understand the various misconceptions about evolution.

One of the most notable discoveries in this field is Charles Darwin’s concept of natural selection. Students research the role of reproduction and survival as some of the crucial aspects of evolution. Like genetics and molecular biology, Evolutionary Biology also involves genes and DNA as part of the study.

Mutation, for instance, occurs when heritable cells of living organisms make a wrong replication of DNAs. Biology students will delve deeper into these topics and make their stand.

Sample Evolutionary Biology Topics:

Ecology-Concerning Biology

Ecology-concerning Biology

Nowadays, extreme weather and climate change have become more relevant than ever. Ecology-concerning Biology is one of the most crucial scientific ventures as the environment deals with human behavior results.

As a result, new findings can contribute to creating a safer and greener natural world. This field can also be used as a predecessor to med school.

Pursuing ecology-concerning or conservation biology topics, or often environmental biology research topics as a whole, is a stepping stone in a career dedicated to addressing and understanding different threats to the environment.

Both conservation biologists and students discover how humans affect the planet’s biodiversity and ways to prevent species extinction.

Given the environmental diversity, the branch of Ecology offers several sub-topics, including Landscape Ecology , Ecosystem Ecology , Population Ecology , and Community Ecology .

As wildlife or nature advocates, students wanting to become wildlife and ocean conservationists, climate change analysts, hydrogeologists, and environmental protection specialists can benefit from pursuing Ecology-concerning Biology or Conservation Biology topics.

Sample Ecology-concerning Biology Topics:

Animal Biology

Animal Biology

Do you love studying biology and have a passion for animals? Animal Biology is undoubtedly one of the most interesting biology topics! It is a biological field focusing on the environments, behaviors, and origins of non-plant living organisms. Apart from that, students explore the physical and chemical composition of animals. 

Although the field primarily focuses on biology, it specializes in other areas that make interesting topics as well, including such as animal behavior, veterinary medicine, zoology, animal cellular, and molecular biology research topics, 

Pursuing research topics in Animal Biology will help students become more knowledgeable in animal genetics, physiology, molecular biology, and animal evolution. They also learn the different principles of biology that are essential in resolving issues involving domestic, wild, urban, and farm animals.

Some relevant topics include animal nutrition and genetics, livestock management, and farm animal protection. As students explore different learning resources, they identify the crucial roles of animals in the cultural, societal, and economic aspects.

While many career opportunities exist, most professional settings in the field of Animal Biology involve working in a laboratory, working hands-on with animals, researching and teaching, or a hybrid of these options.

Sample Animal Biology Topics:

Cell Biology

Cell Biology

As its name implies, Cell Biology deals with the smallest living organisms and cellular units of all living things. It is one of the most complex biology research topics, examining the relationship between cellular parts, membranes, and cytoplasm.

From a molecular and microscopic perspective, cell biology studies the interactions, life cycles, and structures of cells. Given the dynamics of cells, it is one of the most progressive areas in the biological field.

Cell Biology doesn’t only involve the overall composition and essence of cells. Students pursuing this topic also discover the different types of cells by function and organism, the biological activity of cells, and other complex cell biology concepts.

Writing about Cell Biology provides students with a detailed understanding of organisms, organ systems, organs, and tissues, involving cell composition. It is a diverse topic that can be interconnected with other specializations, including immunology, microbiology, genetics, and molecular biology.

Thanks to progressive and thorough research in the field, many advancements and breakthroughs have been discovered to improve ways to diagnose, treat, and cure various autoimmune diseases.

Sample Cell Biology Topics:

Human Behavior and Hormones Biology

Human Behavior and Hormones Biology

Like neurobiology, pursuing Human Behavior and Hormones Biology is a fascinating research topic to write about, dealing with the complexities and diversities of the human mind. 

As biology majors, students discover how evolution significantly affects the human brain. The topics explain how the brain is influenced by early experiences, controlled by hormones, freed and constrained by genes, and developed through time.

These topics also help students understand genetic abnormalities and how they can be passed down from generation to generation.

Through an in-depth study of biology and human behavior, students examine how a single neuron operates and how millions of neurons work in a specific brain area. Depending on the specialization, some students focus more on the comprehensive study of the brain and its regions involving specific behavior and emotions.

This field of biology also discusses genes and how they influence behaviors from specific genders. Students identify how genes facilitate a series of reactions to their current environment.

The study can interconnect with the field of psychology, discovering advanced treatments for some of the most common psychological disorders.

Sample Human Behavior and Hormones Biology Topics:

Immune System Biology (Immunology)

Immune System Biology (Immunology)

With several infectious diseases emerging, any breakthrough in Immune System Biology is highly desired. As part of students’ research works and presentations, writing about this biology topic helps them identify several factors affecting the immune system.

They learn how the immune system protects the body from pathogens, including toxins, fungi, viruses, and bacteria. Like cell biology, Immune System Biology explores the different proteins, cells, and organs that help the body fight against autoimmune diseases and other disorders.

Biology majors in this field understand the fundamentals of immunology and certain diseases. The topic discusses how certain diseases manifest due to weakened immune systems.

Students also learn how immunodeficiency conditions increase the risk of cancers and infections caused by gene mutation, malnutrition, and viruses like SARS-COV-1 and HIV.

Thanks to the field of immunology, several disciplines have benefitted, especially with diagnoses and treatment plans to cure certain physical and mental disorders. The field has interconnections with several disciplines, including dermatology, psychology, virology, and oncology.

Sample Immune System Biology Research Topics:

Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology

A list of the best biology research topics wouldn’t be complete without Molecular Biology on the list. The study highlights the complex interactions, structures, and compositions of cells in the body.

Unlike cell biology, Molecular Biology is a specialized branch of biochemistry and biology that deals with maintenance, replication, modification, and mutation at the molecular level.

Pursuing this topic for presentations and research papers helps students understand the different lipids, carbohydrates, proteins, DNAs and RNAs, and nucleic and amino acids in the human body. It establishes a concrete foundation on the importance of macromolecular functions, including DNA mutations, transcriptions, and cell division.

One of the most notable topics covered under Molecular Biology is nucleic acids, such as protein synthesis, RNAs, and DNAs. With climate change and pandemics, viruses that have been dormant for years can reactivate.

To discover state-of-the-art treatments and solutions to address health and environmental issues, Molecular Biology motivates students to have breakthroughs in the field.

Sample Molecular Biology Topics:

Parts of a Biology Research Paper

Choosing a biology research paper topic is equally important as the writing process. While there are different research paper formats available, the outline ultimately depends on the research requirements set by the school or academic program in which students are currently enrolled. 

Ask your instructor to confirm the required formatting style and adhere to it until the end of your research work. Students can also visit their school’s website, seek guidance in their writing center, or get ideas by hiring writers from a writing service organization.

 As an overview, most biology research papers have the following outline:

There are NO Easy Biology Research Topics!

Biology is one of the most diverse fields in the world of sciences, with various branches and sub-branches. Given the variety of good biology research topics, it is a minefield out there for students looking to ace their papers by featuring the most interesting and fitting topics on biological processes.

This article highlights some of the best biology topics for high school and college students and post-graduate majors.

Apart from these topics, the importance of choosing a biology topic and its standard research paper outline were also discussed to bring students confidence and enthusiasm to create a good biology research paper.

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Top 210 Biology Research Topics for Academic Writing

Table of Contents

Biology Research Topics

Do you want to complete your Biology assignment? Are you searching for excellent biology research topics for your assignment? To help you in picking the best topic for your research paper, here, in this blog post, we have shared a list containing 100+ interesting biology research topics.

Biology is one of the vast disciplines of science that deals with living organisms and their evolution, functions, growth and structure. Apart from the study of living things, the subject also specifically focuses on the concepts of ecosystems, environment, food quality, development in the health sector, diseases and other specializations that revolve around the human body.

Biology Research Topics

As the subject covers a wide set of topics, it is tough to choose one great topic for research. When you are asked to write a biology research paper on any topic, then before you choose the right topic for research, be sure to keep the following tips in mind.

Generally, choosing a great biology essay topic is always a challenging task when compared to writing the whole assignment. Remember, with an interesting research topic, you can easily grab the attention of your target audience and may earn a good chance to score high grades. So, give utmost importance while you choose a research essay topic.

Listed below are some interesting biology research topics that you may consider.

Biology Research Topics

Topics on the history of Biology

Biology Research Topics on Genetics and Abortion

Research Topics on Molecular Biology

Biology Research Topics on Neurobiology

Read more: Best Medical Research Topics To Analyze and Write About

Research Topics on Ecology

Read more: Key concepts on ecology research topics that will ensure Your shining

Biology Research Topics on Bioremediation

Research Topics on Animal Biology

Biology Research Topics on Plant Pathology

Biology Research Topics on Human Cloning

Research Topics on Behavior and Hormones

Read more: Psychology Research Topics with Research Guideline

Research Topics on Immune System

Research Topics Antibiotic Resistance

Other Popular Biology Research Topics

Some other Popular Biology Research Topics

Conclusion- Biology Research Topics

From the list of interesting biology research topics mentioned in this blog post, you can pick any topic that matches your interest. If you choose a great topic, then it will be easy-peasy for you to win the race. After choosing a research topic, then go ahead and analyze the topic, conduct research and prepare an outline on the topic covering all the important points. Once you prepare an outline, you can easily craft a research paper with supporting pieces of evidence.

If you still find it difficult to complete your biology assignment, then you can contact us for Biology assignment help . Our top-notch biology experts will help you in completing your essay or research paper on time without any errors.

biology thesis ideas

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