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Where Can I Get Help Writing My Thesis Online?

master thesis construction management

You’ve spent years preparing for your master’s degree or PhD. You’ve read, studied and spent hours of time and energy writing papers. Now you’ve arrived at the culmination of all this effort: writing your thesis. There are plenty of compelling stories about the time and energy that students have spent drafting their dissertations and theses.

The good news is that you’re not alone. While you certainly don’t want to hire someone to write your thesis for you, which goes against most institution policies and puts your academic integrity at risk, you can get plenty of help with certain aspects of your thesis online. Whether you’re looking for a little guidance or extensive assistance, various services can make writing or editing your thesis go smoothly.

Dissertation Editor

One of the greatest challenges of writing your thesis can be juggling your family or job responsibilities with your studies. The time that writing takes can add another layer of obligation to your already-packed schedule. Dissertation Editor is a company whose founder is a PhD-educated writer and professor, and it promises to help you complete your thesis or dissertation on time and in compliance with your university’s rules and regulations.

master thesis construction management

Dissertation Editor’s primary function is to guide you along in the writing process and provide a helping hand in understanding everything you need to take care of. It places you with a writer who specializes in your area of study, and this individual can help you organize and analyze your research while making sure that your thesis fits your writing style and personality. This company also specializes in helping with any statistical analysis that you use in your thesis.

Thesis Helpers

If you’re concerned about using a service to help you write your thesis because you think it’ll be obvious that you hired help, don’t worry. Thesis Helpers puts its team of experienced writers to work for you to help you craft a thesis that finishes your degree on a high note. No matter what level of help you need, from narrowing down a topic to advanced editing and proofreading, they’re available to help.

master thesis construction management

The writers have advanced degrees in their areas of expertise, and one of the best things about Thesis Helpers is that it gives you ultimate say in the final product of your thesis. This company can help you with revisions and additional research, and you can rest assured that your thesis will meet anti-plagiarism standards.

Best Dissertation

Sometimes when you’re writing a thesis or dissertation, you can get stuck on one section or chapter. You may not need assistance writing the whole thing, but getting some help with the exact portion you’re struggling with can come in handy. That’s one of the strengths of using Best Dissertation . You don’t have to rely on it for help with your entire thesis if it’s not what you need.

master thesis construction management

Like most of the top thesis-assistance services, Best Dissertation employs writers with advanced degrees who specialize in various fields of study. What truly sets this company apart is the live support that it offers any time of the day or night. It claims to take the stress and strain out of writing your dissertation or thesis.

While some companies place a premium on helping you get your thesis written, others emphasize the editing and proofreading process. If you don’t need help with writing but need a hand with proofreading and editing, Scribbr is a good option for you. Its editors can help you get a grasp on the grammar and tone that are appropriate for academic writing.

master thesis construction management

Scribbr doesn’t just provide boilerplate feedback that you can find anywhere. It offers personalized feedback aimed at helping you become a better writer in the long run. You can even see examples of how its editors work by looking at the company’s website.

My Assignment Help

Writing a thesis has its own challenges that other academic writing simply doesn’t, which is why the team at My Assignment Help offers its particular brand of expertise. If you need assistance with a dissertation or thesis at the PhD or master’s level, its writers have the level of education and experience to help you write an expertly crafted and edited thesis.

master thesis construction management

My Assignment Help prides itself on hiring subject matter experts, meaning you can pair up with a helper who already has an advanced degree in your field. They understand the nuances of academic writing that are specific to your area of study, and they can provide advice on everything from making your abstract more unique to crafting a thought-provoking conclusion.


master thesis construction management

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Theses and Dissertations - Department of Construction Management

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Recent Submissions


Implementation of energy efficiency practices into U.S. retail sector by facilities managers 


Evaluating high school electricity consumption and expenditure intensity in the Poudre School District of northern Colorado 


Effects of weather-related disasters on U.S. highway, street and bridge construction sector labor markets 


Use of reality capture technologies in the US construction industry 


Integrating BIM as a teaching tool in existing construction management curricula: a case study 


Risk profiles in integrated project delivery agreements - a comparative study 


Comparative life cycle assessment (LCA) and life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) of precast and cast-in-place buildings in United States 


Modeling post-disaster permanent housing reconstruction outcomes in the U.S. using resourcing factors 


Positioning of anchors for personal fall arrest systems for sloped roofs 


Comparative assessment of transportation sustainability rating systems 


Effective strategies to reduce the impacts of skilled worker shortages in the construction industry 


Life-cycle cost analysis of a bridge in remote mountainous terrain 


Finding a solution for the tradeoff between time, cost and sustainability/LEED credits for new construction 


Implementing digital visualization technology within AEC education: a pedagogical intervention 


Comparing claims and disputes performance between traditional project delivery method and alternate project delivery methods 


Case study of barriers inhibiting the growth of information and communication technology (ICT) in a construction firm, A 


Analysis of public university facilities cost 


Use of BIM-based energy simulations to analyze the impact of occupant behavior on energy performance of commercial buildings 


Cost of using building information modeling (BIM) in retrofit projects 


Development of a framework to determine the relative weights of contextual factors for complex highway projects 


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1. Exploring Third-Party Logistics and Partnering in Construction : A Supply Chain Management Perspective

Author : Andreas Ekeskär ; Martin Rudberg ; Per Erik Eriksson ; Linköpings universitet ; [] Keywords : ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY ; TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER ; ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY ; TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; Case study ; construction ; construction management ; construction industry ; supply chain management ; logistics ; third-party logistics ; logistics management ; partnering ;

Abstract : The construction industry is associated with problems such as low productivity and high costs. This has been highlighted in several government-funded reports in both Sweden and in the UK during the course of over two decades. READ MORE

2. External Stakeholder Analysis in Construction Project Management

Author : Stefan Olander ; Byggproduktion ; [] Keywords : TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER ; ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY ; TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER ; ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY ; Anläggningsteknik ; stakeholder management ; construction projects ; stakeholders ; project management ; Commercial and industrial economics ; property development ; Industriell ekonomi ; Construction technology ;

Abstract : The planning and construction of a facility can affect several interests. Positive effects are, for instance, better communications, better housing and a higher standard of living. However, construction projects inevitably bring varying degrees of deterioration and change at the local level, not least at the construction site. READ MORE

3. Lessons Learned in Knowledge Managment - the case of construction

Author : Mats Persson ; Byggproduktion ; [] Keywords : TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER ; ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY ; TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER ; ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY ; Construction technology ; Industriell ekonomi ; Anläggningsteknik ; Quality Management ; Project Management ; Knowledge Management ; Construction sector ; Commercial and industrial economics ;

Abstract : The construction sector has been criticised in recent years for being inefficient. The critique involved describes finished buildings as having flaws and there being a lack of interest within the construction sector in assembling knowledge and sharing experience. READ MORE

4. Management of Sustainability in Construction Works

Author : Urban Persson ; Byggproduktion ; [] Keywords : TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER ; ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY ; TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER ; ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY ; construction works ; assessment model ; sustainability ; Management ;

Abstract : The present global environmental condition is a consequence of the increasing consumption of natural resources whose depletion exceeds what is physically possible to sustain in the long term. The construction sector is a considerable contributor to this resource depletion and sustainability is adopted in the form of the theory of ecological modernization. READ MORE

5. Understanding Applications of Project Planning and Scheduling in Construction Projects

Author : Hammad Abdullah AlNasseri ; Byggproduktion ; [] Keywords : TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER ; ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY ; TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER ; ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY ; Project planning ; project scheduling ; front-end planning ; construction projects ; project stakeholder perspectives ; Oman. ;

Abstract : Construction project life-cycle processes must be managed in a more effective and predictable way to meet project stakeholders’ needs. However, there is increasing concern about whether know-how effectively improves understanding of underlying theories of project management processes for construction organizations and their project managers. READ MORE

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Construction Management

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Master of Science (M.S.) Major in Construction Management (Thesis Option)

Program overview.

The master’s degree is increasingly becoming the degree of choice among Construction Managers as the field becomes more technologically advanced and the industry more complex with governmental regulations.  The purpose of the Construction Management master's degree program is to provide advanced project management principles and practices, critical thinking and creativity, and complex problem solving and decision making in construction projects as a specialized program for working construction professionals and others seeking master’s level preparation.  Further, the program will provide students with the skills to integrate information and communication technology in Construction Management.

Application Requirements

The items listed below are required for admission consideration for applicable semesters of entry during the current academic year. Submission instructions, additional details, and changes to admission requirements for semesters other than the current academic year can be found on The Graduate College's website . International students should review the International Admission Documents webpage for additional requirements.


Applicants should refer to The Graduate College website for additional information regarding the admission process.


Non-native English speakers who do not quality for an English proficiency waiver:

This program does not offer admission if the scores above are not met.

Degree Requirements

The Master of Science (M.S.) degree with a major in Construction Management requires 30 semester credit hours, including a thesis.

Course Requirements

Comprehensive examination.

All candidates for graduate degrees must pass one or more comprehensive examinations, either written, oral, or both, covering at least the field of concentration and the thesis.

If a student elects to follow the thesis option for the degree, a committee to direct the written thesis will be established. The thesis must demonstrate the student’s capability for research and independent thought. Preparation of the thesis must be in conformity with the  Graduate College Guide to Preparing and Submitting a Thesis or Dissertation .

Thesis Proposal

The student must submit an official  Thesis Proposal Form  and proposal to his or her thesis committee. Thesis proposals vary by department and discipline. Please see your department for proposal guidelines and requirements. After signing the form and obtaining committee members’ signatures, the graduate advisor’s signature if required by the program and the department chair’s signature, the student must submit the Thesis Proposal Form with one copy of the proposal attached to the dean of The Graduate College for approval before proceeding with research on the thesis. If the thesis research involves human subjects, the student must obtain exemption or approval from the Texas State Institutional Review Board prior to submitting the proposal form to The Graduate College. The IRB approval letter should be included with the proposal form. If the thesis research involves vertebrate animals, the proposal form must include the Texas State IACUC approval code. It is recommended that the thesis proposal form be submitted to the dean of The Graduate College by the end of the student’s enrollment in 5399A. Failure to submit the thesis proposal in a timely fashion may result in delayed graduation.

Thesis Committee

The thesis committee must be composed of a minimum of three approved graduate faculty members.

Thesis Enrollment and Credit

The completion of a minimum of six hours of thesis enrollment is required. For a student's initial thesis course enrollment, the student will need to register for thesis course number 5399A.  After that, the student will enroll in thesis B courses, in each subsequent semester until the thesis is defended with the department and approved by The Graduate College. Preliminary discussions regarding the selection of a topic and assignment to a research supervisor will not require enrollment for the thesis course.

Students must be enrolled in thesis credits if they are receiving supervision and/or are using university resources related to their thesis work.  The number of thesis credit hours students enroll in must reflect the amount of work being done on the thesis that semester.  It is the responsibility of the committee chair to ensure that students are making adequate progress toward their degree throughout the thesis process.  Failure to register for the thesis course during a term in which supervision is received may result in postponement of graduation. After initial enrollment in 5399A, the student will continue to enroll in a thesis B course as long as it takes to complete the thesis. Thesis projects are by definition original and individualized projects.  As such, depending on the topic, methodology, and other factors, some projects may take longer than others to complete.  If the thesis requires work beyond the minimum number of thesis credits needed for the degree, the student may enroll in additional thesis credits at the committee chair's discretion. In the rare case when a student has not previously enrolled in thesis and plans to work on and complete the thesis in one term, the student will enroll in both 5399A and 5399B.

The only grades assigned for thesis courses are PR (progress), CR (credit), W (withdrew), and F (failing). If acceptable progress is not being made in a thesis course, the instructor may issue a grade of F. If the student is making acceptable progress, a grade of PR is assigned until the thesis is completed. The minimum number of hours of thesis credit (“CR”) will be awarded only after the thesis has been both approved by The Graduate College and released to Alkek Library.

A student who has selected the thesis option must be registered for the thesis course during the term or Summer I (during the summer, the thesis course runs ten weeks for both sessions) in which the degree will be conferred.

Thesis Deadlines and Approval Process

Thesis deadlines are posted on  The Graduate College  website under "Current Students." The completed thesis must be submitted to the chair of the thesis committee on or before the deadlines listed on The Graduate College website.

The following must be submitted to The Graduate College by the thesis deadline listed on The Graduate College website:

After the dean of The Graduate College approves the thesis, Alkek Library will harvest the document from the Vireo submission system for publishing in the Digital Collections database (according to the student's embargo selection).  NOTE: MFA Creative Writing theses will have a permanent embargo and will never be published to Digital Collections.  

While original (wet) signatures are preferred, there may be situations as determined by the chair of the committee in which obtaining original signatures is inefficient or has the potential to delay the student's progress. In those situations, the following methods of signing are acceptable:

If this process results in more than one document with signatures, all documents need to be submitted to The Graduate College together.

No copies are required to be submitted to Alkek Library. However, the library will bind copies submitted that the student wants bound for personal use. Personal copies are not required to be printed on archival quality paper. The student will take the personal copies to Alkek Library and pay the binding fee for personal copies.

Master's level courses in Engineering Technology: CSM, TECH

Courses Offered

Construction science and management (csm).

CSM 5199B. Thesis.

This course represents a student’s continuing thesis enrollment. The student continues to enroll in this course until the thesis is submitted for binding.

CSM 5299B. Thesis.

CSM 5302. Fundamentals of Construction Contracts and Liability Issues.

This course introduces students to the legal aspects of design and construction contract documents, including dispute resolution methods and professional ethics commonly used in the construction industry. This course does not earn graduate degree credit.

CSM 5304. Fundamentals of Construction Estimating.

This course provides the student with a comprehensive introduction to the principles, techniques, technologies, and basic concepts involving methodologies and strategies used in the preparation of various types of construction estimates and bids. This course does not count as degree credit.

CSM 5306. Fundamentals of Commercial Building Construction Systems.

This course is a commercial building construction systems class dealing with soils, site work, heavy foundations, steel, reinforced concrete, pre-cast structures and common assemblies. Commercial MEPs are studied along with CSI master format, as-built/shop drawings, schedule of values, AIA documents, and appropriate building codes. This course does not earn graduate degree credit.

CSM 5313. Building Information Modeling.

This course covers understanding the supervisory role of construction professionals in the design process including, directing a design team in the integration of construction documents for commercial buildings, coordination of site work, structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing plans and contemporary CAD software for 2D& 3D design including Building Information Modeling. Prerequisite: CSM 2313 with a grade of "D" or better or instructor approval.

CSM 5314. Technology Management in Construction.

This course covers the supervisory role of construction professionals in the Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) process. Topics covered include directing a VDC team in the integration of construction documents for construction (architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing plans), coordination of site work, implementation of current CAD software for 2D and 3D design, the Building Information Modeling (BIM) process, and other technologies that have an impact on the construction industry.

CSM 5360. Construction Company Financial Control.

Financial accounting and cost controls used at the company level in construction companies are studied. Topics include accounting systems, construction project profit calculations, and financial analysis.

CSM 5362. Pre-Construction Services.

The course will introduce students to designer/contractor interactions, including conceptual estimating and scheduling, the RFQ/RFP process and legal, insurance, risk allocation issues, along with procurement and selection.

CSM 5363. Construction Project Delivery and Leadership.

This course covers methods of construction project delivery in detail and focuses on analyzing data to assess its impact on project outcomes. Construction project delivery is covered along with contract strategies. An owner approach to a method selection is developed within this class.

CSM 5364. Decision Making in Construction Management.

This course focuses on the application of systems engineering and statistics used in solving construction and civil engineering problems. Topics covered include network and linear programming models, construction and evaluation of decision trees to clarify a proper course of action considering uncertainty, probability distributions, sample statistics, linear regression models, risk analysis, and sampling plans for quality assurance. Personal computer usage emphasized for problem solving.

CSM 5365. Construction Project Controls.

This course covers construction management cost and schedule concepts, cost/schedule management information systems, variance analysis, forecasting, resource management, project recovery strategies, and application of theory to practical problems.

CSM 5366. Soils in Construction.

This course provides students with an in-depth examination of geotechnical principles as they apply to soil construction activities. Topics covered include geological formations of natural soils, soil mineralogy, soil sampling, classification, soil testing, dewatering, safety and sustainability in soil construction, soil contamination and remediation, recycled content used in soil construction and innovative technologies in soil stabilization.

CSM 5367. Principles of Leadership in Construction.

This course covers individual, organizational, and process/structure styles of leadership using a transformational model.

CSM 5368. Sustainable Construction.

This course examines a breadth of sustainable construction techniques, including material production, material selection, sustainable design, the ecology model for design, life cycle cost analysis, and sustainable construction. The sustainable construction techniques are discussed relative to advanced sustainable framing, waste minimization techniques, LEED, and green roofs.

CSM 5369. Construction Dispute Resolution.

This course focuses on different mechanisms of dispute resolution in the industry. They are presented from the perspective of owner, designer, and contractor’s liability/risk assessment. The course is comprised of best practices and pitfalls of negotiation, mediation and arbitration. Finally, a perspective on litigation is discussed, along with the fast changing world of case law. The course uses a collaborative model of contemporary research and industry case studies.

CSM 5380. Construction Safety Management.

This course covers the administration and application of 29CFR 1926 OSHA Construction Industry Regulations for the construction industry along with applicable state and federal construction safety laws related to construction, alterations, or repair work at construction sites. The roles of all participants at the construction job site concerning construction safety are discussed.

CSM 5384A. Construction Failure.

This course covers a breadth of causes of construction failure, including how past failures can improve current construction practices and litigation is a likely response to failures in construction.

CSM 5399A. Thesis.

This course represents a student’s initial thesis enrollment. No thesis credit is awarded until student has completed the thesis in Construction Management.

CSM 5399B. Thesis.

CSM 5599B. Thesis.

CSM 5999B. Thesis.

Technology (TECH)

TECH 5100. Academic Instruction for Technology.

The course is seminar based and covers topics related to teaching and employment responsibilities. Completion of this course is required as a condition of employment for graduate assistants. This course does not earn graduate degree credit. Repeatable with different emphasis.

TECH 5195. Industrial Internship.

This course is a supervised experiential learning course in Technology Management. This work integrated learning course helps the student link theory with practice. Repeatable for credit. Prerequisites: Instructor approval.

TECH 5199B. Thesis.

This course represents a student’s continuing thesis enrollments. The student continues to enroll in this course until the thesis is submitted for binding.

TECH 5299B. Thesis.

TECH 5300. Academic Instruction for Graduate Instructional Assistants.

This course is designed to develop and enhance the professional and technical skills of graduate instructional assistants. Topics covered may include, but are not limited to, teaching skills, technical skills, ethical and legal issues, safety, and laboratory management. This course does not earn graduate degree credit.

TECH 5310. Product Design and Development.

This course provides an overview of the new product realization process. The focus is on the steps of systematic product design including problem identification, product planning, conceptual design, and embodiment design. Standard CAD tools are employed for product modeling. Prerequisite: TECH 2310 with a grade of "C" or better or instructor approval.

TECH 5311. Computer Aided Engineering.

Application of computer hardware and software to the design of products and systems; geometric modeling; engineering computational methods; overview of engineering analysis software which may include finite element analysis, manufacturing simulation, solidification modeling, and rapid prototyping.

TECH 5315. Engineering Economic Analysis.

This course deals with economic analytical techniques used in engineering decision making. Topics include time value of money, comparing alternatives, depreciation, replacement, and income tax considerations. Prerequisite: MATH 1315 or MATH 1319 either with a grade of "C" or better or instructor approval.

TECH 5364. Robust Product and Process Design.

Provides the student with in-depth knowledge of inferential statistics as applied to design of robust processes and products. Topics covered include probability distributions, ANOVA, fractional factorial design, response surface method, orthogonal arrays, and Taguchi method. Prior experience with introductory-level statistics is assumed. Prerequisite: TECH 5394 with a grade "C" or better.

TECH 5365. Industrial Project Management and Scheduling.

Introduce students to industrial management system concepts and applications as they relate to management operations; system design, implementation and management; case studies of practices; and application of theory to practical problems.

TECH 5382. Industrial Ecology and Sustainability Engineering.

This course covers the basic principles of life cycle analysis (LCA) of engineered products and processes. Topics covered include: industrial ecology, resource depletion, product design, process design, material selection, energy efficiency, product delivery, use, and end of life considerations.

TECH 5384. Problems in Technology.

Graduate students investigate a special topic by developing a technical problem, researching the topic, and presenting the findings. Plans will be developed on an individual basis with strict faculty supervision. May be repeated for additional credit with permission of the department chair.

TECH 5385. Readings in Technology.

A study of the ethical and moral viewpoints typically associated with American society as related to the development and introduction of new technology and engineering. Past, present, and future issues will be studied with selected readings focusing on industrial related problems and issues.

TECH 5387. Advanced Facilities Planning.

An in-depth study of technical problems encountered in designing, equipping, arranging, and specifying facility requirements for industrial and technical training facilities.

TECH 5390. Research in Technology.

Examination of scientific methods including theory formulation, deductive reasoning, hypothesis generation, observation, inductive reasoning, and theory revision. Categories of research are compared and contrasted as regards methodology. In-depth study of experimental research as it relates to significant industrial problems including considerations of design, internal and external validity, and appropriate analytical technique. Introduction to data analysis and its proper interpretation.

TECH 5391. Advanced Manufacturing Systems.

This course introduces students to various advanced tools, technologies, and strategies in modern manufacturing. An emphasis is placed on the state-of-the-art in factory automation and global and smart manufacturing enterprises. Topics include process automation and control, advanced manufacturing processes, intelligent manufacturing control, and information and communication technology (ICT) in manufacturing. Prerequisites: TECH 5307 with a grade of "C" or better or instructor approval.

TECH 5392. Fundamentals of Microelectronics Manufacturing.

An introduction to integrated circuit fabrication to include crystal growth, wafer preparation, epitaxial growth, oxidation, diffusion, ionimplantation, thin film deposition, lithography, etching, device and circuit formation, packaging and testing. Significant project includes circuit design/simulation and/or process design. Laboratory component involves actual production/testing of a functional semiconductor device.

TECH 5394. Design of Industrial Experiments.

This course deals with the study of the fundamentals and applications of industrial experiments. Prerequisite: TECH 5390 with a grade of "C" or better.

TECH 5395A. Structure and Properties of Alloys.

This course is an advanced exploration of the structure and properties of engineering alloys. Strengthening mechanisms of alloys are explored with specific applications to the alloys studied. The processing, properties, and structure of ferrous and nonferrous alloys are explored including new and emerging alloys. Prerequisite: Instructor approval.

TECH 5398. Directed Project.

This course is a formal investigation into a business or industry problem. The directed project is an applied research project that is more extensive than an independent study and less extensive than a thesis. The course culminates in a detailed project report and oral presentation. Prerequisite: TECH 5394 with a grade of "C" or better and instructor approval.

TECH 5399A. Thesis.

This course represents a student’s initial thesis enrollment. No thesis credit is awarded until student has completed the thesis in Technology 5399B.

TECH 5399B. Thesis.

TECH 5599B. Thesis.

TECH 5999B. Thesis.

2022-2023 Catalogs

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Research Opportunities

Construction Site

Some recent research projects include:

Radical Reduction in Project Cycle Time

Trade-off between project cost and schedule, optimizing construction input on front-end planning, repair, rehabilitation and renewal of underground infrastructure, infrastructure asset management.

Radical reduction in project cycle time is achievable. This research conducted by Prof. Gokhale (RR 193-1, CII) demonstrates that significant reductions, in the range of 25% to 50%, have been achieved on projects in a variety of industries. There is no simple formula, however, or tool to ensure this level of achievement. The goal of this research was to identify the common elements in the successful projects and attempt to provide an approach that would, to a greater degree, ensure the success of projects in true need of radical reduction in cycle time.

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In today's challenging business environment with many organizations facing significant financial pressure, a renewed emphasis on project cost rather than schedule has emerged. Even with this increasing cost emphasis, however, first-to-market strategies will bring schedules to the forefront. Ultimately, the owner is left to decide whether a specific project should be executed with the major emphasis on either cost or schedule. The focus of this research was to develop a method and provide tools to assist project teams in identifying and achieving the proper trade-off. In the RT214 project, Prof. Gokhale and the project team identified six major drivers governing cost/schedule trade-off and 23 techniques that were consistently identified as bringing greatest value to project teams in achieving the desired trade-off results. Of significance, the research team found that using these techniques differ at each stage of project execution. The team developed a Cost-Schedule Trade-off Tool (CSTT) that offers the following advantages:

The tool identifies and prioritizes recommended execution techniques, many of which are existing CII Best Practices. In addition, the tool demonstrates to the user the techniques that are applicable at each stage of a capital project, thus allowing for a more effective balance between the cost/schedule trade-offs that must be made for project success.

Many projects do not include adequate construction input during Front End Planning (FEP) resulting in projects falling short of their goals. Historically the primary stakeholders in a project (i.e. owners, designers and constructors) are not aligned and tend to operate in their own domains. As a result the needed collaboration is not obtained and projects do not achieve the level of success that is possible. Prof. Gokhale and the Research Team RT241 investigated the problem and determined ways in which the construction input can be optimized during the frond-end stage of projects. RT241 developed a decision aid - Construction Input Assessment Tool (CIAT). CIAT enables project stakeholders a means of determining project items and activities that require construction input during front end planning. In addition, CIAT will assist stakeholders in evaluating if they have adequate construction resources and expertise on the team, or if they need to obtain this information from other sources.

RT241 team researched, studied and evaluated the need for construction input in the Front End Planning (FEP). The data collected on successful and unsuccessful projects proves a definite link between construction input during the FEP phase and improvements in project cost, schedule, quality, and safety. RT241 recommends the use of CIAT to measure and improve the utilization of construction input during FEP and ultimately enhance the probability of project success.

Due to their low visibility, rehabilitation of underground pipelines is frequently neglected until a catastrophic failure occurs. Professor Gokhale's research focuses on the testing and assessment of minimally invasive technologies for pipeline condition assessment, repair, and rehabilitation.

Traditional rehabilitation methods for underground infrastructure often focus on initial construction cost, rather than consideration of life-cycle costs. Prof. Gokhale has also made significant contributions in the development of a framework for a multi-attribute model that addresses the various objectives in underground infrastructure management through a life-cycle cost approach. The model provides the basis for decision-making for asset managers in short-term and long-term infrastructure maintenance and rehabilitation planning within the budgetary constraints.

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    People management refers to a manager’s role in training, developing and motivating employees to perform their best. This role is distinct from other managerial roles, such as administration and decision making.

  2. Where Can I Get Help Writing My Thesis Online?

    You’ve spent years preparing for your master’s degree or PhD. You’ve read, studied and spent hours of time and energy writing papers. Now you’ve arrived at the culmination of all this effort: writing your thesis.

  3. What Is the Statistical Treatment in a Thesis?

    Statistical treatment in a thesis is a way of removing researcher bias by interpreting the data statistically rather than subjectively. Giving a thesis statistical treatment also ensures that all necessary data has been collected.

  4. Theses and Dissertations

    Author(s):Elliott, Jonathan W. Date Issued:2010. Format:masters theses. With the exception of personnel-related expenditures, utilities represent

  5. Construction Management: Thesis

    All coursework applied to the master's degree must carry graduate credit. Master's degree programs which require a thesis consist of at least 30 credit hours.

  6. Master Dissertation in Construction Management

    Master Dissertation in Construction Management. WORK STRESS AMONG PROFESSIONALS IN THE CONSTRUCTION. PROJECTS IN GAZA STRIP. ﻲﻓ نﯾﯾﻧﮭﻣﻟا ﯽﻟﻋ لﻣﻌﻟا طﻐﺿ.

  7. construction project management thesis

    Search for dissertations about: "construction project management thesis" · 1. Exploring Third-Party Logistics and Partnering in Construction : A Supply Chain

  8. Theses & Dissertations

    If your UF dissertation or thesis has not yet been digitzed, ... of thesis" option in fulfillment of the requirements for a master's degree:.

  9. Master of Science (M.S.) Major in Construction Management (Thesis

    Major in Construction Management (Thesis Option). Overview; Admissions; Requirements; Thesis; Courses. Program Overview. The master's degree is increasingly

  10. What is a good research topic for construction management thesis?

    1. Precautionary Construction Management for Sustainability, · 2. Applicability of Green Engineering Solution; · 3. Green Technology application in construction,.

  11. Research Opportunities

    Radical Reduction in Project Cycle Time · Trade-Off Between Project Cost and Schedule · Optimizing Construction Input on Front-End Planning · Repair

  12. MSc Thesis

    MSc Thesis | Construction Management and Engineering. Delft University of Technology | Tom Gaaff. Getting the most out of BVP tenders: An exploratory

  13. Project Management for Construction Projects

    This thesis is submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Engineering Management, at Faculty of.

  14. Can you help me find thesis title for my masters in construction

    1) Elements of cost overruns, delays, and risk involved in construction management · 2) Theory of Constraints in Construction Projects · 3) Precautionary