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Titanic movie review: acting and emotions, a critical look at aladdin the movie, the wizard of oz movie review, shrek 2: an animated movie review, sociological analysis of zootopia.

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A Movie Review of Back to The Future, a Science Fiction Film by Robert Zemeckis

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review essay example movie

Quick Guide on How to Write a Movie Review Essay

review essay example movie

All You Need to Know about How to Write a Movie Review

The internet has completely opened up the field of film criticism. A movie is worth analyzing regardless of how great or poorly it was directed. Every day, more and more individuals attempt to write about movies, yet most fail miserably. Some people don't go further than just informing the reader or viewer how much they liked or disliked the film.

Most movie reviews are written to assist the reader in deciding whether watching a movie is worthwhile. Without giving away any fundamentals, such as the narrative or any revelations, the review should include sufficient information about the film so that the audience can confidently select it. You must be eager to immerse yourself fully in the movies you watch. Though it may take more effort than it looks at first, it won't seem like labor if you are enthusiastic about movies.

Let's delve into the article as our college paper writing service put together some recommendations on how to write a movie review essay like a true critic.

What Is a Movie Review

Understanding the definition and goal of a movie review is essential to producing an excellent one. A professional movie review often falls under journalism and literary criticism. It is a detailed analysis of recently released movies, often done by a professional critic, to assist viewers in making movie selections. While writing, have the following objectives in mind:

Movie Review Purpose

The key to writing an outstanding movie review is understanding its purpose. So, keep your goals in mind while writing:

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Write a Movie Review

Writing a movie review may be easier than it first appears. This type of academic assignment is one of many complicated ones by far. However, it still has its own peculiarities – if you can get these right, you will succeed.

movie review

To get started with your paper, you need to know and understand the main characteristics of a good movie review:

Also, another important thing to be aware of to understand how to start a movie review is the proper formatting of such an assignment. The key to success in handling your movie review is decent organization. Like every academic paper, a good film review essay should follow a specific structure, style, and, most importantly, formatting. Also, it is very important to write an interesting essay title .

                                                           The vertigo effect in Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock

Movie Review Outline

Organizing your essay will affect how well your paper turns out. No matter what kind of piece you need to write, you should never undervalue the significance of a well-structured outline. Therefore, your movie review outline will help to maintain perspective and a thorough evaluation.

How Do You Start a Movie Review Essay: Introduction

The introductory paragraph is the first obvious step in crafting a movie review essay outline. Here, you want to quickly captivate the reader. Offer your viewpoint right away and make it very clear. Don't leave the audience wondering whether you enjoyed the film. Tell them right off the bat, so you have time to justify your assessment throughout the remainder of the process.

In the introduction movie review should also describe your thesis. Develop the main concept for your essay that you can support using your perceptions of the movie's various aspects. The reader should be able to tell from this statement if you thought the film was fantastic, awful, or simply alright. By including a thesis statement, you may move your analysis beyond the plot synopsis phase into the movie critique category, which is considered a separate creative process.

Crafting Your Essay Movie Review Analysis

Our research paper service says film analysis is like putting together a case. You're attempting to influence the reader to follow your recommendation to watch or disregard the film. So, you must ensure your essay movie review will be convincing. Giving instances that demonstrate the validity of your personal opinion is the only method to do this. Use quotations if you believe any dialogue in the movie best illustrates whether the work is strong or weak. This also applies to the rest of the movie's artistic decisions. But, just because a movie's narrative isn't strong or engaging doesn't indicate the rest of the film is worthless. Carefully highlight how some factors might undermine the movie in your explanation.

The movie's plot is only one component and shouldn't dominate the overall piece. The following are the important aspects to include in your movie review structure:

Cinematography - Cinematography covers much more than simply camera angles. It includes how the picture is lit, how it moves, appears, and what lenses are used. Here you can try the following analysis: 'Warm, gentle colors are used throughout the film, combined with soothing whites and grays, to simultaneously create and gradually tear away the characters' romantic sentiments for one another. There is a painting-like quality to each image.'

Editing - The editing is arguably the absolute star of what creates a good movie review example. It affects both the duration and the flow of a movie. Without effective editing, there would be uncomfortable gaps between pictures and many errors.

Costuming - The clothing the characters wear is called a costume, but there are a number of things to consider while evaluating movie costumes. You should be able to judge whether the outfits fit the characters and the movie's tone.

Casting and Acting - Finding the ideal performers to bring characters to life is the goal of casting. This sometimes entails seeing performers portray both familiar personas and figures who are entirely at odds with who they are. Casting, therefore, involves more than just finding talented performers. You can assess the acting in the following way: 'Even though he excels while on the go, his stoic behaviorism causes him to fall short of his co-star during calm scenes where he keeps a blank look on his face.'

After writing several paragraphs analyzing the acting, directing, cinematography, setting, etc., use concise, engaging wording to hold readers' attention. Don't forget to provide detailed examples to support your statements about the film.

Concluding Your Essay Movie Review

Finalize your review by coming full circle. Close the review by returning to your introductory fact or thesis. Give your readers a refresher on the movie's most intriguing aspects. It's important to remember that before choosing a movie, viewers check reviews. Finish with a statement indicating whether it is worthwhile for them to view. Be specific about who this movie will be more fascinating to and why in your suggestions. Remember that your ending is your last shot to influence your audience, so use it wisely.

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Short Movie Review Form

If you are currently working on a new or old movie review, reading our suggestions should be sufficient to help you earn an A. So what if you'll be writing many reviews in the future? In this situation, we advise you to develop a uniform movie review template, which will enable you to save time and complete your upcoming projects successfully.

So, how to write a movie review template, you may ask? Well, our essay helper prepared a simple yet great movie review template you may use as a foundation for your own writing if you need some help getting started:

movie review

Example Papers

Once you know how to review a movie and learn the most valuable tips to handle this assignment, it is time to look at some movie review examples to get you on the right track.

Check out the following pieces to see which of these movie review essay examples you might want to keep at hand when working on your own assignment:

The film, Norma Rae (1979), presents the story of a woman during an American labor movement where labor was depicted to be too intricate and prosperous to care for the underprivileged. The labor movement portrayed in the movie is perceived to be extremely powerful, powerful to the extent that its interests are always met. The movie is set in the present day (1979) rural south with the protagonist Norma Rae, a Southern mill worker with two children. The film provides a significant evaluation of the radicalism that was portrayed in the post-1960s by southern managers and how they learned to oppress the unprivileged when they were able to resist their legal rights.
The movie, Hidden Figures (2016), not only serves as an item of good entertainment, but is also admirable in depicting the scientific changes in the USA in the 1960s, the social life issues of that era, and differences that existed in the country, especially among African-Americans. The movie centers around the lives of three women: Katherine Johnson, who is recreated by movie star Taraji P. Henson; Mary Jackson, who is played by Janelle Monáe; and finally, Dorothy Vaughan, as the mathematician portrayed by Octavia Spencer. Essentially, all three women of African-American backgrounds, they play vital roles in society through their contributions while working at NASA towards the successful launch of a spaceship into orbit.

Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some common mistakes among students that we recommend you avoid.

FAQs on Writing an Essay Movie Review

Here are the most frequently asked questions on how to write a movie review. We provided extra details on movie analysis to simplify writing film reviews.

What are the 6 Important Things to Include in a Film Review?

The following six elements should be present in any film review:

How Long Should a Movie Review Be?

Although film reviews are typically between 600 and 1200 words, there is no specific format to follow. Yet, usually, a movie review format includes the following:

Before starting your movie review writing, do a lot of research. You might want to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the director's, writer's, or actor's body of work before watching the movie, which will take you longer than creating the narrative.

What are the 5 C's in Film?

One may argue that the five C's of cinematography, as described by Joseph V. Mascelli, are fundamental ideas necessary to create a movie. To guarantee the finest possible quality, every idea must be carefully taken into account when creating, filming, and editing a movie.

Final Thoughts

Composing a good movie review essay sample is easy if you follow this article's main steps and techniques. Furthermore, we strongly believe that this guide will assist you in achieving remarkable outcomes and ease your writing process. The staff at EssayPro is always available to provide a helping hand if you need a little additional push with movie review examples or even if it's simply coming up with a catchy essay title . Order an essay and await excellent results! Contact our expert writers and ask them to ' write my essay for me ' – and they will ensure your academic success!

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In a world where evil seems to lurk around every corner, social media is used to hide authenticity, and political anxiety rages, Moonlight reminds viewers that humanity can prevail through it all. A coming of age story of a black, gay, and poor boy named Chiron living in 1980s Miami, the film is a visual, dream-like poem exposing the depth of the people living in the most dangerous hood of Miami: Liberty City. The story is told in three chapters […]

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In The Great Gatsby, Luhrmann presents critique on an assortment of topics, equity, control, ravenousness, disloyalty, the American dream, and etc. The Great Gatsby is to be considered one of the greatest American movies, but it also shows you that chasing dreams only leads to misery. The manhood acts of gender and class and sexual objectifying women are also presented in this movie. The Great Gatsby is viewed as a splendid bit of social discourse, offering a clear look into […]

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 When life gives you lemons, well, you become a football star. I can relate to the film in many ways so I feel that I can connect to this movie on a personal level. The film The Blind Side touches base on the concept that despite your circumstances, success is still in your journey. It’s the matter of ‘getting there’. In the biography drama film The Blind Side, directed by John Lee Hancock, Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron), a homeless black […]

Titanic Movie Review

Back in 1912, the largest, beautiful liner Titanic set off from Great Britain to America on its first voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. The journey that became his last. The director James Cameron, who has been going to this film for many years, managed to turn this dramatic, terrible event into a film that became not only dramatic, but also romantic, which made this film a cult. Our writers can help you with any type of essay. For any subject […]

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The young and spirited Viola De Lessep (played by Gwyneth Paltrow)is but a fictional cinematic creation. Many Shakespeare scholars claim Anne Hathaway was the light, love and muse during Shakespeare’s entire adult life. There is a great scene where the Queen exclaims that a playwright has finally portrayed true love, exalting Romeo and Juliet’s as a timeless play for the ages. She wins a 50 pound bet with the Earl of Wessex. (I would have liked to see her give that money to Young […]

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Ever feel like you were just made to be “spare parts” to save your sister’s life, against your will? Can’t relate? Hopefully, that is a good thing. In My Sister’s Keeper, about a child that was genetically engineered to save her older sister who was dying from leukemia tells the story just about that. Anna Fitzgerald, who was genetically engineered to be a genetic savior for her older sister who was dying from leukemia, is finally tired of giving up […]

Fight Club Movie Review

Fight Club is a 1999 film based on a 1996 novel wrote by Chuck Palahniuk. It was directed by David Fincher. The movie starred Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, and Helena Bonham Carter. Norton plays the unnamed narrator, who is sick of his job and slightly disconnected with reality. This is because he has narcolepsy. He then forms a ‘fight club’ with a soap salesman named Tyler Durden (Pitt). Tyler is almost like the opposite personality of the main character, he […]

Dunkirk Film Review: a Great War Movie

Directed by Chrisotpher Nolan, Dunkirk (2017) is a movie about the allied forces of Britain and France evacuating from a French island, where Germans have surrounded them during World War II. It involves air and ground troops extracting British soldiers stuck in Dunkirk, right after Germany’s advancement on France. It begins with the sight of hundreds of thousands of British soldiers on a beach, all waiting to get on one ship. People are scrambling, dead bodies in some spots. Methodically, […]

Life is Beautiful Movie Review

Life Is Beautiful is a movie combined sadness of Holocaust with beauty of the life. The movie separates into two segments. First is classic comedy while other part makes us smile with sadness through the evils of genocide. Benigni plays as the lead role, Guido the waiter in the 1930s Italy. He is also the co-writer and director of the film. Watching his life, we can see the resemblance of Charlie Chaplin. He reaches the city in a jalopy with […]

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The Greatest Showman by Michael Gracey is a biography/musical of P.T Barnum’s life. The film came out December,20 2017 and made $435 million at the box office even though their budget was $84 million. The main stars in this movie are Michelle Williams (Charity Hallett), Zendaya Coleman (Anne Wheeler), Zac Efron (Phillip Carlyle) and Hugh Jackman (P.T Barnum). Two facts about this movie is that the movie was filmed in New York and the production company is TSG Entertainment (Which […]

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Today we live in a world where this generation is based on technology and creating new things we have not done before. People are so into technology it is taking over how people communicate in person and the rates that people use and be on technology has increased majorly. Scientist have created and discovered many things and three fascinating things to talk about is how in the movie Spider-Man 2 he had got bitten by a spider do so a […]

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I’m No Angel (1933) directed by Wesley Ruggles perfectly captures the ideas of sex farce before the Hays and Productions codes. Sex farce is a sub-genre of romantic comedies, mostly seen in 1928-1934, that plays with the concept of sexual tension and views seduction and adultery as funny. We began to see sex farce in America in Vaudeville, Broadway, musical reviews, and low comedy. Mae West was a well renowned writer and actress who flourished in this sub-genre. She wrote […]

The Third Man: a Film with Style

The Third Man (1949) has been said to be one of the best British films of all time (Whitington, F. P). The Third Man follows a unique story in post-World War II Vienna, focusing on the writer, Holly Martins (portrayed by Joseph Cotton), who travels to meet Henry Lime (Portrayed by Orson Wells), who unexpectedly passed away before Holly Martins arrival. The movie also stars Alida Valli as Lime’s loyal girlfriend and Holly Martin’s love interest, Anna (Macnab, G.). The […]

Bright Star a Poetic Love Story that was Written and Directed by Jane Campion

Bright Star was a depiction of a poetic love story. Bright Star was written and directed by Jane Campion, in 2009, the romance about the famous poet, John Keats, the main character. John Keats wrote the famous poem Bright Star in 1819. The poetry romance portrays John Keats life, including his next door neighbor Fanny Brawne, and their life that they lived in the early 1800’s. John Keats and his neighbor Fanny Brawne became lovers and did anything and everything […]

Rebellion in Serenity, a Science Fiction Movie

Serenity is a science fiction movie which narrates a Tells the story of the crews in ‘serenity’ spacecraft and a pair of siblings who discover the secret of the alliance’s rule and resist the alliance. Although the name of the movie is Serenity, this is the irony expressed in the plot of the movie. There is no absolute serenity and peace in a world. What a serene world needs is a ruler who can provide a free and happy land […]

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review essay example movie

Movie Review Research Paper

A movie reviewer for a newspaper has the intriguing job of previewing movies, and even the honor of determining the success of the movie. Today we will discuss more of what this job entails, and even how you could get this job for yourself. First let us start off with the job description. Movie reviewers have the job of watching movies before they even come out. Not only can they do this for free, but they get paid for this. All they need is a love for movies, a natural gift for writing, and a

Movie Review: The Help

The Help- The Movie A Critical Analysis The Help has been one of the most eminent movies released in 2011. It's been an exceptional piece of work if analyzed in the spectrum of complete entertainment. From storytelling to genre, the movie has performed reasonably in many areas. Although there have been various criticisms on the movie when it comes to basic plot, however overall the movie manages to reveal its actual meaning yet being an entertaining at the same time. The movie was nominated

Movie Review : Easy Rider

of television in order for films to compete with television, movies needed more than a new shape and new sound; they needed to present material that could not be found on the small screen. 1968 was a pivotal year in American history. The voluntary movie rating system that was introduced that year finally put to rest the motion picture production code, which had hamstrung the filmmakers throughout the sound era, and it completely changed the look and sound of American cinema, making possible more adult

candidate Robert F. Kennedy) and a dramatic turn for the worse for the us forces in the Vietnam war. To produce a new American cinema that might reflect or capture this tumultuous era, the studios turned to a coterie of young directors, later dubbed the movie brats. The film easy rider made it clear just how important the youth audience would be to a Hollywood recovery. Its free form style and evocative use of a rock and pop-music score provided a template for future gestures in the younger generations

Movie Review : ' Pirates Of The Caribbean ' On Stranger Tides '

504563970 Professor Jonathan Kuntz TA, M. M. Reinhard Research Paper 2 B-MOVIES: THE SECONDARY PRODUCTION Hollywood today spends more money on movies than ever before, with an average budget of $140 million per movie. ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’; the most expensive movie ever made; cost approximately $378.5 million and that was five years ago. This isn’t surprising since history is witness to a rising trend in money spent on movies, however, even after adjusting for inflation, their

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Uncle G’s FUN Movie Reviews Spotlight: The VVitch_A New-England Folktale (2015) By: Gary “Uncle G” Brown Twitter @GBrown0816 The odd spelling of 'The Witch' jumped out at me first; The VVitch. Followed by the subtitle; A New England Folktale. I actually passed on this movie when first seeing it offered on Netflix, and then did so a few more times after, before finally deciding to give it a go. After the third or forth time noticing the films poster, I figured what the hell. And also, Netflix's summary

Movie Review : ' Movie '

SENTIMENTAL ANALYSIS OF MOVIE REVIEWS Final Year Project Report Submitted by VARUN BHAU WALA (A003) CHIRAG BEND ALE (A007) DHRUV MEHTA (A063) Under the guidance of Prof. ANSHUL GUPTA in partial fulfillment for the award of the degree of B.Tech INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY At Department of Information Technology Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering NMIMS (Deemed –to-be university) JVPD Scheme Bhaktivedanta Swami Marg, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai-400 056 APRIL, 2015 2 CERTIFICATE This

Movie Review The story follows a precinct of the Port Authority police on what was to be a regular shift on September 11, 2001. While patrolling the Port Authority Bus Terminal, John and Will saw a plane flying low. The officers are called back to the station where they see on TV, the North Tower of the World Trade Center has been hit by a plane. Sergeant McLoughlin assigns officers to assist in the evacuation of the South Tower. The officers board a Metropolitan Transit bus. On the way to the

As soon as the movie starts, the camera is focused on the infant crying with all the mise-en- scene around him/her. Which the mise-en-scene here is all the trash bags and all the children returning home from school. In other words, the baby is left alone which rises a concern in the audience in why is infant left alone on the floor next to all these trash bags. Later, the camera starts zooming out from the infant and that establishes the theme of the movie. The theme that people would agree on for

Race Movie Review

The movie that I choose to see and write a Review on was the movie Race. This movie is based on the story of Jesse Owens the Olympic Athlete who won 4 medals during the 1936 Olympics in Berlin during the time of the Nazi movement with Hitler. The reason I chose to review this movie and see this movie was because it was a historical movie and these types of movies always seem to hold my interest more. First of the movie that this one relates to the most in my opinion is that of Pearl Harbor because

Movie Review: Clue

Movie Review Clue Rohan Kartik 25th September, 2017 Introduction Clue directed by Jonathan Lynn. Based on the game Cluedo by Hasbro. Released in 1985. Not a commercial success but a cult classic that gained popularity after its release. This was the same year that Back to the Future had come out starring Christopher Lloyd who plays an intellectual Professor Plum in the movie. Critically or commercially the movie did not make box office success, but - it has received mixed reviews from audiences

Review Of The Movie 'The Outsiders'

-Outsiders Movie Review- Captivating,thought provoking and a classic. These words can all be used to describe Francis Ford Coppola's take on S.E Hinton's “The Outsiders”. Almost right away,you feel as if you can be inside the movie. The way that everything is put together is a nice blend and seems very realistic. The movie does justice to the book,yet downplays it. I thought that the movie was a good adaptation to the text because of the elements in the book were captured and brought to life

The Outsiders Movie Review

Movie review for outsiders The Outsiders Movie is made with author Hinton and directed by Frank Capra, Hinton started to write the book when she was 15. The movie first published in 1967. Well, the movie is pretty good in my opinion. The Actor and the story are great as well. The movie is pretty close to the book, which I liked a lot. But it skipped some small parts of the book, like Ponyboy got jumped by soc at the start of the book. The story of this book is great too, It basically talked about

The Sandlot Movie Review

he Sandlot Movie Review Ah, The Sandlot. A movie full of fifth and sixth grade boys playing baseball in the Summer. If you think it sounds boring, you're wrong. This is an excellent movie. It starts with a boy, named Scotty (Tom Guiry) who needs friends. He needed friends so bad that his mom was even concerned about him being cooped up in the house for a quarter of the summer. One day, he wanders to a baseball field and his want to have friends and be a part of something comes true. He even got

Movie Review Of ' Mulan '

Tyra Banks Mrs. Shields ENGL 101-38 17 September 2017 Film Review: Mulan An animated Disney movie called "Mulan," was directed by Tony Bancroft and Barry Cook in 1998. The moral of the story is that women can be just the same as men can. I support the general meaning of the movie. I believe men that and women should be treated equally and that women should not be seen as weak or frail. Women are more than just wives or slaves and can-do jobs that have traditionally been set-aside for men. They can

Movie Review: The Crucible

Bruce Davison, Rob Campbell, Jeffrey Jones, Peter Vaughan, Karron Graves, and Charlayne Woodard Synopsis: The crucible has been the famous play of Arthur Miller in 1953. Then, Arthur Miller got the opportunity to have a screen adaptation in 1996. The movie showed about witchcraft’s significance midst of old days, betrayal, consequences of deception, significance of religion and political power. There was a group of girls caught dancing in the middle of the woods by Reverend Parris in the Puritan community

Movie Review : ' Goodfellas '

Movie Review: GoodFellas The movie that I chose to do my review on is the 1990 film GoodFellas. This movie chronicles the life of Henry Hill and his rise from being a small time assistant to the mob in his childhood, to when he grows up and is a full blown gangster involved in many different aspects of the organized crime group’s illegal activities. The reason that I chose GoodFellas is because it fits the requirements of this assignment nicely and it’s just a really well made movie with an all-star

Movie Review : ' Hamlet '

Abbegail Feasel Mrs.Martin English 11 22 February 2016 Hamlet: Movie Review It would be hard to argue the fact that William Shakespeare is one of the greatest contributors to modern English as we know it, his plays and sonnets have been turned into movies, books, and music as well as translated into virtually every language. With that being said, one of his most famous plays is Hamlet. Many movies were based off of this play and a very popular one is Hamlet directed by Franco Zeffirelli. This drama

Movie Review: Memento

Movie Review: Memento Once in a while, a movie turns up and gives extreme experience to viewers. Memento is one of these movies and calls a lot from the viewers. This is not a movie that nearly every audience will be able to grasp without difficulty. When one is passive while viewing this movie, he or she will end up not seeing significant parts of the story as the film is done in reverse to demonstrate the dilemma of the leading role, Leonard. The story line is imparted in a mixed-up manner, having

Movie Review : The Movie Trailer

The movie trailer which will be analyzed in this essay is titled “Furious 7” or otherwise known as “Fast and Furious 7”. It is part of the Fast and Furious film series. The movie is due to be released April 3rd 2015. Movies all have different characteristics that follow a certain genre. Genre can be defined as “groups of texts that share a set of conventional characteristics such as content, narrative structure and visual style are classified as textual types or genres.” (O’Shaugnessy and Stadler

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review essay example movie

Movie Review

hears some noises in the house, after a while see finds out that its a missing girl, the girl is trying to get revenge for her death. First off, I would like to say that Michelle Phieffer is great in this movie; she carries her character strongly from start to finish. And unfortunately The movie opens with Pfeiffer and Ford taking their daughter to college, thus leaving them alone in their house for the first time since they were married. The daughter is actually the product of Pfeiffer's first marriage

Movie Review: Yentl

Movie Review: Yentl Everyone at one time or another has felt out of place. Feeling unsure of one's place in society is an experience that every young adult faces but deals with differently. Some rebel while others comply with whatever has been set out for them by society or their parents, or both. The role of the woman in society is forever changing. Where women were once obligated to stay in the home and dote on their husbands, they are now working in the same types of jobs as their husbands.

scarface movie review

Scarface This film revolves around the world of an immigrant from Cuba by the name of Antonio “Tony” Montana. Along with his very close friend Manolo “Manny”, their goal is to live the American dream, which is to leave Cuba, relocate to America and become filthy rich. Tony’s mother and sister Gina are already in the States and currently residing in the state of Florida, where he plans to go and reunite with them. He eventually does and introduces Manny to the family. Right away Manny seems interested

Movie Review Of Jerry Maguire

Movie Review of Jerry Maguire If you want to take a break from the frigid air of a Montreal winter, go to see Jerry Maguire; it will be sure to warm your heart. If you're like me, you're a little tired of going to see big name stars in overly hyped, big time busts. Combine that with the fact that sports movies are rarely impressive, (Necessary Roughness?!? The Program?!?) and I have to say that my hopes were not too high for this movie. Let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised. The title character

Movie Review: Sense And Sensibility

Movie Review: Sense and Sensibility Ang Lee, who directed, and Emma Thompson, who adapted the screenplay, have done an excellent job of bringing Jane Austen's Victorian novel, Sense and Sensibility, to the movie screen. The movie's collection of actors are a joy to watch as they bring out the emotions of an otherwise polite and reserved era in time. The production work is top notch with bright, cascading photography that sets a romantic "I wish I was there" setting. The purpose of the Sense and

Movie Review: A Time To Kill

Movie Review: A Time To Kill I never read A Time To Kill by John Grisham because the book bored me. But I wonder why it did bore me because the movie was engrossing and entertaining. Maybe it is because Akiva Goldsman took out most of the boring parts. I usually love Grisham, but this book was just too slow. However, another thing that made the movie more entertaining is the actors. The movie begins with the rape scene that you have probably heard about. If you haven't, it's a quick-edited scene

finding neverland movie review

of Roger Ebert's “Finding Neverland” Film Review “Finding Neverland” is a recently released motion picture starring acclaimed actors Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet, and directed by Marc Forster ("Monsters Ball”) Personally, I loved the movie and It was hard to find a critic that gave the movie a negative review, so I stopped trying to find someone to argue with and I came across the king of all critics, Roger Ebert. I usually don't agree with his reviews, so I figured we would clash on this one,

Butterfly Effect Movie Review

Movie Review of The Butterfly Effect It’s not everyday that one may watch a film that can be categorized in all of the genres of drama, thriller, sci-fi, and love. However, in J. Mackye Gruber and Eric Bress’s movie, The Butterfly Effect, they do just that. Throughout the film, a young man, Evan Treborn, played by Ashton Kutcher, who like his institutionalized dad before him, has memory blackouts that he must deal with. After several years had passed, Evan discovers a supernatural technique to alter

Movie Review: Fight Club

I Am Jack’s Paper The movie Fight Club shakes the foundations of our democratic nation, spits on our capitalist society, and makes all who watch it look at the American way of life differently. In a country driven by consumption, one can imagine the movie Fight Club rubs certain people the wrong way. When Edward Norton was asked why he decided to take the role as the main character in Fight Club, he replied, “to piss off America.” Each American since childhood has been told repeatedly that democracy

Matrix Reloaded Movie Review

scenes come with neo kicking 100+ agents cyber punk asses and a 14 minute car chase that cost $40, 000, 000 to produce and upon seeing the movie its not hard to see why, with cars being blown up left, right and centre, death defying motorcycle stunts and a car being cut in half by an ancient samurai sword among other things. This is by far the most elaborate movie ever made and with a crew including Yuen Wo Ping, arguably the best fight choreographer in the world and the visual effects mastermind John

The Great Gatsby Movie Review

The scenery presents the idea that they have money than they need and they can do whatever they want whenever they want. Their scenery is a recreation of European historical grandeur, a fact that the film is keen to demonstrate. Symbolism in the movie was also awesome, I really appreciated how the director added a few twists of his own which I will come to shortly. Particularly memorable is the scene where Daisy weeps over Gatsby's shirts. Is she really weeping for their beauty ? This was really

Ladder 49 Movie Review

When we see movies we often expect a happy ending with the conflict of the movie to be resolved. Ladder 49, however, doesn't end with a happy ending. In my mind I wanted everything in the end to be ok. As Americans we are so used to seeing the "happily ever after" endings. So when we see bad endings, they leave us uncomfortable, replying in our minds what had just seen. My expectations before I saw the movie were that I was going to see firefighters in action with a few conflicts that they would

Movie Review: The Mirror Has Two Faces

Movie Review: The Mirror Has Two Faces The movie stares Barbara Streisand as Rose Morgan a lonely, single, low self esteemed woman who lives with her domineering mother Hannah Morgan played by Lauren Becall in New York. Jeff Bridges who plays Gregory Larkin a math instructor at Columbia University is a man in search of the perfect woman who is not interested in sex but only companship. Greg places a personal ad in a singles paper and receives enormous response. He reviews the responses to his ad

Spring, Summer, Fall Winter, and Spring? movie review

You don't have to be into religion to understand and allow yourself to get into this movie. Excellently set on a secluded lake in the mountains in Korea , director Kim Ki-duk has created a classic love story with a religious twist with the movie Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, And Spring. The movie doesn’t have a lot of talking and characters. The title is used to show the growing up of a young boy and shows a few valuable lessons on the way. The old man and his student live on a floating monastery

Stand By Me (movie Review For Small Group Com)

A Summer To Remember The movie Stand By Me is based upon a novel by Steven King. It doesn’t have the same eerie feel as some of his other books and is generally a more serious movie. It takes place in the small town of Castle Rock, Oregon. It is the middle of the summer in approximately the early 1960’s. The kids are bored and that is the setup for their adventure to go find a dead body in the woods. The main role of Gordie LaChance is played by Wil Wheaton. He is having trouble in his life at

Shakespeare Movie Reviews

you find yourself truly believing in love and in my opinion, True love is out there, and if your lucky you will meet the right person, the man or woman of your dreams. The three movies I picked are Shakespearean plays, Romeo and Juliet, the modern movie made in 1996, Othello which is also a known classic, tragic love story, where two people truly loved each other and tired to make it work, but had many obstacles to overcome, with family and race. What is true love? Love means a warm liking or affection

Himal Movie Review Of The Movie By Ishmael Bernal

was entitled to the 2 hours Filipino movie drama that soon became the highlight of Philippine cinema. The movie was directed by Ishmael Bernal who was declared the National Artist and written by Ricky Lee. Premiered in the 1982 Metro Manila Film Festival during the Martial Law Regime. The films purpose was to help the falling stability of faith of the mankind and expose poverty, order and chaos and human nature in a different point of view. The movie was all set in a small desert-like town

Review of movie Wall Street

Review of movie Wall Street In the big city of New York there always exist those who push the envelope a bit, and stretch the law. One such man played by Michael Douglas makes money buying and selling others' dreams. He is a stock speculator; but one that succeeds based on illegal inside information. As he puts it "I make nothing, I own" Released in 1987, Oliver Stone's Wall Street is a representation of bad morals and poor business ethics in the business world. It also shows the negative effects

Dead Poet Society: A Movie Review: The Dead Poets Society

watch a movie and write about it. I screamed in excitement when the assignment said I could write about the Dead Poet’s Society. One of my all-time favorite movies. I have seen that move over twenty times! Enough of the fangirling. The Dead Poet’s Society is about an English teacher who is introduced to Welton Academy which is known for its high standards and traditions. John Keating, the English teacher’s teaching actually go against the school’s beliefs. His teachings throughout the movie help the

Movie Theater Review: Sometimes the Nachos Break the Deal

A movie theatre is a transporting place, not just a box in the middle of the living room, but a big window to another world. That world can take an infinite number of forms, from the dimly real to the outright fantastical. We walk into the cinema and sit down and let that large screen take us away. A movie theatre is a place of comfort. A home away from home where we do not need to worry. There’s no need to fiddle about with home amenities. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show. A movie theatre

Most of us have written at least one movie review as a high school or college assignment, and while it seems simple enough, analysing a movie and writing about it require a great deal of thought and organization. If you’re a novice, writing a high-quality critique can seem pretty daunting. To make things easier for amateur movie critics, we’ve compiled a list of movie review essays that will give you a fair idea about how to write a good one.

If you love watching movies, you probably enjoy expressing your opinion about the ones you like or dislike. But before you put pen to paper, (or type your first sentence) it is important to learn the ins and outs of movie reviewing – how to analyse a movie from different perspectives, develop an interesting thesis and eventually, write a review that is entertaining as well informative.

For starters, each movie, whether good or bad, deserves to be critiqued. If people are watching it, it deserves to be reviewed. In fact, if the critic knows his craft, a review can be as much a work of art as the movie under scrutiny. A good movie review does not merely narrate what happens on the screen; it entertains, informs and voices the writer’s opinion of the movie, without, of course revealing too much of the plot. A great review is a balanced fusion of personal opinion and an objectively critical analysis of thematic and technical content.

Finally, what distinguishes a good movie review from the tons of opinion pieces out there is the unique perspective and personality of its writer. The following is a compilation of sample movie reviews and essays on the art and craft of moviemaking. We hope it will help you understand what it takes to write a good movie review.

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How To Write a Movie Review Essay

By: Henrique Bertulino

How To Write a Movie Review Essay

What Is a Movie Review Essay?

The film review essay format, movie reviews structure, film review outline, before you start writing, 🎓 example introduction: midsommar (2019), 🎓 example introduction: the lord of the rings: the fellowship of the ring (2001), ✍️ example review: princess mononoke (1997), what is the format of a movie review, what are the 7 steps to writing a movie review, what should i write about in a movie essay, what makes a good movie review, how to start a movie review essay.

Movie or book review writing , whether for a magazine or a school assignment, can present a unique challenge. It can be difficult to put one’s feelings about a visual form of media down in words, and more difficult still to figure out how to structure and format such a piece of work.

In this article, we’ll talk you through what exactly a film review essay is, what format and structure you should adopt while writing one, and how you can write a gripping introduction. We’ll also give you some examples of film reviews to help you generate some ideas for essays of your own.

Whether you’re wondering how to write a movie review for college or want to dazzle your high school teacher, this article will help you craft your perfect essay .

A movie review essay is a critical piece of writing that aims to give a well-rounded assessment and analysis of a film. Good assignments will consider the film from all angles, looking at everything from the writing and acting, to the direction and editing.

How are movies written in an essay ? When answering “what is a movie review,” consider that these essays should be seen as far more than a summary of the film. Reviews can be works of art in and of themselves. They should entertain, educate, and persuade, and your written thesis should be original and compelling without necessarily spoiling the movie. 

A good rule of thumb for such essays is that they should be a marriage of personal opinion and objective analysis. The most popular critics have their distinctive voice and style, and even different ideas of what makes a movie good, or even great; but they also have an understanding of film theory, and have a solid grasp of the fundamentals of cinematic technique.

So, now you understand what this kind of essay is; but how to write a movie review essay that is compelling? In the next section, we’ll consider the importance of format.

Your movie review essay format depends on the audience you are writing for. Are you a high school student working on an assignment ? A university student completing a piece of coursework ? A writer for a cultural arts magazine? A movie review format for students might look quite different from the format of a magazine article.

Generally speaking, however, all movie reviews will have a similar format. Here are a couple of ideas as to what your paper might look like:

Regardless of the intended audience, a good film review will always stick to a rough structure. If you’re unsure of how to write a movie in a paper and especially how to structure a film review, check out these pointers:

If you follow our advice on movie review structure, you’re sure to have a striking, thought-out essay. However, if you still find yourself unsure why not look up one of our movie review templates for college students?

Before you start writing the film review, it’s a good idea to put together a movie review outline. Having a strong outline means that you’ll be able to go into writing with a sense of direction. It is also useful to be able to refer back to a plan as you’re composing your essay. Doing so means that you won’t find yourself drifting off-topic, or going on meandering digressions.

Here are some tips for writing a good movie review essay outline:

If you’ve chosen a film to write on, you’ve already completed the first step of writing a film review. But there are several other things you should do before you even begin writing your essay:

Once you’ve followed these steps, you’re ready to start writing!

What to Include in a Movie Review Introduction

How to start a movie review essay? Well, as we’ve already talked about, your introduction should include some key elements. In any essay, your introduction should serve to draw in the readers. It should display your voice as a writer while showing that you have original, interesting ideas about the film you’re reviewing. Review essays should be not only informative but entertaining as well.

What to write in a movie review introduction?

If you include these central elements, you’re bound to write a memorable introduction—one that’s sure to grab the attention of your readers and stick with them long after they’ve finished reading your piece. 

Want more info on how to write an introduction for a movie review? We’ve got you covered! Just check out these movie review introduction examples below.

« Ari Aster’s latest film, Midsommar, is the director’s second feature film—and, as it happens, his second feature film about cults. Released in 2019 by independent entertainment company A24, this gore-fest was met with mixed reviews. Given the polarizing nature of its subject matter, perhaps this is not altogether surprising. Despite a cast of shallowly written characters, powered by at best flimsy psychology, the film may be worth a watch if only for its dazzling cinematography, and Bobby Krlic’s eerie soundscape. »

« The first installment of Peter Jackson’s epic Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Fellowship of the Ring makes for a promising start. The film’s release in 2001 was a smashing success, and it’s not difficult to see why. A sweeping score and fantastical setting help bring J. R. R. Tolkien’s masterwork of fantasy fiction to life, while masterful performances from actors such as Ian McKellen and Viggo Mortensen help carry the emotional weight of this epic. »

Examples of Film Reviews

One of the best ways to see how to write a review essay on a movie is to read them for yourself. Below, you can find an example of a review of Hayao Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke , a Japanese animated historical fantasy film released in 1997.

How To Write a Movie Review Essay Example

They are usually fairly short. Since you have limited space to make your argument , each paragraph in your review should carry your thesis statement forward. 

There are 7 key steps to writing a good movie review. 

In a movie essay, you should provide a thorough analysis of the film in question. Don’t just list things you did or didn’t like about the film. Rather, consider how they impact the film’s themes as a whole, and talk about why they were or were not effective.

A good movie essay is informative and educational, but also entertaining to read in its own right. It should be analytical and knowledgeable, while also retaining a personal edge. To see for yourself, look up movie review examples for college students.

Start a movie essay by giving some basic information about the film, such as its title, date of release, and the names of any important figures involved in its release. Make sure that in your introduction you also introduce your thesis statement.

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I really cannot wait to turn in my next movie review to my professor after reading through this writing. I'm sure once I apply what was said about formatting, my writing will improve. I'll be sure to keep the guidelines in this writing in my thoughts for every text I write in my next movie review.

Many things are put into the creation of a great movie, from the casting to costumes and the scenery. I guess that explains why it can be really time-consuming to make a proper evaluation. As a very tired college student, any papers that are given as assignments involving movie reviews are instantly outsourced (please do not judge me). I honestly would rather pay someone who offers a writing service than spend hours watching the movie. However, I've read this, and very nice points were made. Maybe I'll try writing my next assignment myself😉

Now I know how to relay the storyline while I compose a review. The end result of following the guidelines in this writing will be a review that is professional in nature. I believe one can adopt this style while reviewing a documentary as well. I've gained knowledge about the standard word count for this type of writing as well. My main takeaway is on how to describe in a more detailed manner.

For blog/magazine writers to make or explain their critique on paper, they need to notice the plot, theme, and character interaction for a well-rounded review.

Going by everything the writer made mention of in this writing, this is exactly how films should be reviewed. Now I know I don't have to include every single plot twist and do away with some events that unfolded. I'm aware of the details that need to be highlighted in a review and I can edit the things that need to fall out.

This was a cool step-by-step guide on how to write a film review, and I like their formatting style. Major key point: a review tells readers if some movies are worth watching or not.

Of all the writings about a motion picture that I've come across, this one takes the cake. I've gained knowledge on how to use my writing skills to create a comprehensive plot summary which will improve the quality of my final draft.

David O'Brien

Oh wow! I never really considered the technicalities and writing process behind writing a great movie review. Film criticism can be somewhat confusing, but I think this write-up strongly shows the difference between writing a professional movie review and a mediocre one. I'll happily take the pointers and include them the next time I have to write anything regarding a movie. Thanks!

review essay example movie

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Movie Review Essays

Movie reviews are a widespread occurrence when it comes to essay writing. These essays give both the reader and the writer a more profound understanding of the underlying themes in a movie, but they are also essential in developing critical thinking skills. Writing these essays lets you delve deeper into the scenes and cinematography of movies, ... the main characters’ motivations, and how the movie itself builds up to a resolution. To write a simple argumentative essays about film review, it is advised to start by reviewing all the essay topics available. From short essay examples on movie reviews for students to the much more complex research papers and thesis statements, using all the materials is a great way to form a logical introduction, main body, and conclusion that perfectly outlines your view on the movie.

Wall-e Movie Review

Plundering of all earths precious resources have gotten, to the point where all that is left over garbage. Humans can’t inhabit the earth any longer and have instead taken to space by somehow getting through the debris cloud that surrounds the orbit of the earth where they are put into chairs and never get out to do anything for themselves. They allow the robots to completely take over all tasks that are now done by humans on a day to […]

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Alfred Hitchcock movie review Alfred Hitchcock was a brilliant technician who blended sex, suspense and humor. Hitchcock directed more than fifty feature films in a career spanning six decades. He remains one of the most popular and most recognized filmmakers, and his works are still popular today. Hitchcock was able to master not only the art of the film making but also the art of the psychological thriller. Hitchcock trademark techniques that made his film classics today include “Emotion”, “The […]

A professional writer will make a clear, mistake-free paper for you!

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For this paper I chose to watch Girl, Interrupted. This film, to me, is wonderful, and I will proceed to tell you why I think so too. I will also explain why it is relevant to sociology. Girl, Interrupted is about an 18-year-old girl named Susanna Kaysen who suffers a breakdown and attempts suicide. Susanna is sent to a psychiatric hospital in the 1960s, where her story is told between flashbacks and present day. Once at the hospital, named Claymoore, […]

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Have you ever wondered why so many films portray the story of a poor, abused, homeless, colored person that is eventually rescued by a smart, rich, white person? Every few years, there is a new film made that captures this same story, but the way the viewer is affected by the representation of race changes quite often. This idea gets old to many viewers who may agree with the idea of race being addressed in film, but not in the […]

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The movie that I will reacting to is Hotel Rwanda. In this movie, the main character, Paul Rusesabagina, is a Hutu who manages the Hotel des Mille Collines and is married to a Tutsi woman with 3 children. Paul is faced with inner challenges as well as moral challenges when tensions rise between the Hutu and Tutsi people in Rwanda, leading to a civil war and later genocide. Paul’s marriage caused a lot of friction for him with Hutu extremists […]

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Forrest Gump is an interesting and elegant clever film. It is fascinating to perceive how life can amaze us as God transforms our shortcomings into qualities leaving all in stunningness. Driven by the idea that life is a case of chocolates and one never realizes which recording they will pick, a fragile, effortless and guiltless Forrest Gump comes into the scene. The enamoring film dependent on an insightful story is portrayed with all trustworthiness about a gullible yet talented Forrest […]

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The movie from the Noir Era I watched was ‘The Woman In The Window’ directed by Fritz Lang in 1944. The movie has all the characteristics of Noir film, ‘pessimism’, ‘suspicion’, ‘futility’, and ‘entrapment’. Noir films center characters were usually driven or based on an important moment of their past or the weakness of humans doomed to repeat their previous mistakes. Many movies of this era featured a ‘gangster’ ambiance, or a murder doomed to be found out. Something that […]

The Breach Movie Review: American History Depiction

The movie Breach was filmed between 2005 to 2006. It set the mood to be very suspenseful, in a wonder of what’s going to happen next. The movie is set around the Bureau and all their agents. Eric O’Neil, a low-level observation master with the FBI, accepts he is achieving his fantasy about turning into a full-fledged operator, with his sudden advancement and task to work with eminent specialist Robert Hanssen. Sooner or later he realizes what he got the […]

Black Panther Movie Review: a Game Changer from Marvel

Marvel Studios has brought to us many excellent films but, “Black Panther” has touched base on something that marvel hasn’t seemed to do before. Hollywood films have created many movies that often have similar plots and exhausted endings. This hollywood film, directed by Ryan Coogler, offers the viewer something deeper than what’s been seen in a marvel movie. Coogler offers myth. It allows the viewer to learn the traditional story of Wakanda and the early story of its people. Black […]

12 Angry Men Movie Review

Sixty-one years have passed since the debut of Twelve Angry Men and yet this black and white film still captures audience’s attention to this day. The American court system has developed around the key belief that an individual is innocent until proven guilty. It is far worse to convict an innocent person than let a guilty one go. The trial of the young man isn’t portrayed within the film; rather the details of the crime and trial are slowly revealed […]

“The Time Machine” Movie Review

The Time Machine is able to capture all audiences, as a rare type of movie, its ability to entertain children with its magical narrative and adventurous timeline. Its philosophical storyline and deeper theme are able to enchant older audiences. In adapting H.G. Wells’ original novel the film uses the new perspective of the 20th century, which depicts the Time Traveler experiencing historic milestones that occurred after H.G. Wells wrote the novel. The movie strays from the narrative depiction of the […]

“The Greatest Showman” (movie Review)

In my opinion, a movie or a show needs to have quite a few things to really make it go “WOW!” The events of the movie need to flow together but have some twists. If there is flashbacks, they need to make sense with where they are inserted. The costumes need to fit the characters personality, the plot needs to have high climatic moments and calm soothing moments, and the settings needs to diverse. The Greatest Showman ticked all of […]

The Christmas Chronicles Movie Review

This movie begins when every year the the Pierce Family would make a video of them opening presents and having a good time around christmas. This video recording stops because the Dad dies as a firefighter. After that the Pierce family doesn’t enjoy christmas as much as before. On Christmas Eve Claire, (the mom) has to go fill in for a co-worker and leaves the children home and Teddy ( the older brother) to take care of Kate. A little […]

The Good Shepard Movie Review

I am choosing to write my paper on the movie “The Good Shepard” starring the talented Matt Damon. This was the untold story about of the most powerful covert agency in the world. Of course, some things represented in this movie was the Hollywood version. I choose this movie because it was a pretty recent movie and anything with the CIA very interesting to me with my dad being a branch of the CIA. I will be first giving you […]

The Greatest Showman Movie Review: Main Themes in Film

The Greatest Showman by Michael Gracey is a biography/musical of P.T Barnum’s life. The film came out December,20 2017 and made $435 million at the box office even though their budget was $84 million. The main stars in this movie are Michelle Williams (Charity Hallett), Zendaya Coleman (Anne Wheeler), Zac Efron (Phillip Carlyle) and Hugh Jackman (P.T Barnum). Two facts about this movie is that the movie was filmed in New York and the production company is TSG Entertainment (Which […]

Hercules by Disney Movie Review

“Long ago, in the faraway land of ancient Greece, there was a golden age of powerful gods and extraordinary heroes. And the greatest and strongest of all these heroes was the mighty Hercules. But what is the measure of a true hero?” (Hercules 1997). That is where our story begins. For Hercules (1997), Disney submerged itself into the lush well of ancient mythology. The son of Greek gods, Zeus (Rip Torn) and Hera (Samantha Eggar), Hercules (Josh Keaton) is taken […]

The Enemy below Movie Review

Through the midst of World War II came the war at sea. German U-boats would sink any ship in their attempt to dominate the waters. The movie begins with an American ship on a normal day until their radar picks up what they think might be a German U-boat. Simultaneously, the U-boat picks up the American ship on their radar as well. With both captains on the boats being experts, it begins to be a game. When the U-boat moves […]

Bright Star – a Painful Movie Review

The film Bright Star was directed by Jane Campion and tells the love story between John Keats, an infamous poet played by Ben Whishaw, and Fanny Brawne, his lover played by Abbie Cornish. The movie is supposed to serve as a biographical piece that retells Keats’ life and tragic end. However, this movie is not anymore engaging than if you were to read two hours about Keats’ life. The amount of positives found in Bright Star can not even begin […]

Multiculturalism in “Beasts of the Southern Wild”: Movie Review

The movie “Beasts of the Southern Wild”, presents the creole culture in three different ways; housing, cooking and clothing, and the language. Even though Hushpuppy is only six years old, her presence in this movie is strong and contributes to the lifestyle of the deep creole swamp. The community of the “bathtub”, as it is known in the movie, has a very direct way of living. The housing presented was a multitude of different living situations. Hushpuppy, for example, was […]

Review of the Movie “Beach Party”

I choose the movie “Beach Party? for my film report. Beach Party was released August 7, 1963. The film was written by Lou Rusoff and directed by William Asher. The music for this film was composed by Les Baxter featuring Dick Dale and the Del tones, Annette Funicello, and Frankie Avalon. The film starred Frankie Avalon as Frankie and Annette Funicello as Dolores. Beach Party is a romantic comedy/ musical that was directed towards teenage audiences. The social norms presented […]

Review on Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park is a science fiction adventure film directed by Steven Spielberg, produced by Kathleen Kennedy and Gerald R. Molen, was released on June 11, 1993. The movie is based on the book Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton. Jurassic Park became the highest-grossing film in 1993 and became the 17th movie in history to exceed more than $1 billion in ticket sales. Jurassic Park won more than 20 awards, such as the Oscars in 1994, BAFTA Awards, 20/20 Awards for […]

Essay about Film ‘Freedom Writers’

Socioeconomic factors play an important role in molding the attitudes of students within a learning environment. Primarily, the students’ perceptions regarding their social context drive the plotline of the film. Evidently, their view of education in relation to their social conditions skews towards hopelessness. They are indifferent to the concept of learning because they originate from a less-advantaged social setting, which does not provide any hope for a better future. The socioeconomic hardships experienced by the students within their neighborhood […]

Lorax Movie Description

 The movie called “The Lorax” had a great significance not only on me but I fell like on most of my class members, the movie connects to a lot of things happening in this world right now, for example, the climax change, the environment, weather, carrying capacity, the bush fires not only in Australia but in New Zealand and New Caledonia. I don’t only think that the change in the environment has a great significance but the word used at […]

My Girl Film Analysis Essay

My Girl Film Analysis Essay Middle childhood is a period that ranges from age six to twelve. It is a period where children spend less time with their parents and is a period of coregulation in which children and parents jointly control behavior (Robert S. Feldman 2016). In the film My Girl by Howard Zieff it shows how family life reflects on 11-year-old Vada Sultenfuss. It also shows how the impact of her household and the economic status affected her […]

Star Wars: the Force Awakens Review

Star Wars: The Force Awakens American film director, J.J. Abrams set out to return to the roots of the first Star Wars film and be based more on emotion than explanation with a smooth transition. Abrams felt that the film “needed to take a couple of steps backwards into a very familiar terrain” and use plot elements from previous Star Wars films. In order to do this, Abram tied together and reconnected the film to the past movies. Star Wars: […]

Gone with the Wind Film Review

Academy award winning Gone With the Wind is a classic that will forever remain among some of the greatest love stories. This story follows Scarlett O’Hara as her life changes drastically before, during, and after the civil war. Scarlett faces death, famine and poverty as she attempts to maintain her home, the O’Hara plantation, and tries to find the love of Ashley Wilkes. As the story begins we learn of Scarlett’s love for Ashley as she attends a barbeque party […]

“The Wolf of Wall Street” (Movie Analysis)

There is plenty of movies that element such violations and The Wolf of Wall Street is one of the best movies that depend on the class of film. It is important that the film depends on genuine records. The film is worked around the life of a stockbroker called Jordan Belfort and it follows his life as he proceeds to have his own organization. He handles an occupation as a Wall Street stockbroker where he is brought into a universe […]

A Walk to Remember is my Favorite Movie

Watching movies is one of my favorite things to do, so when I received this assignment it was very difficult for me to chose just one movie, but I ended up going with “A Walk to Remember.” It is about a Christian girl named Jamie, and a carefree boy named Landon who gets through school on his looks and popularity. This movie is one of my favorites for many reasons such as the fact that, the main character Jamie is […]

An Analysis of 12 Angry Men by Reginald Rose

The 12 Angry Men provides examples to show 4 stages of team dynamics. First stage of Group Dynamics is forming. In this phase, members do not have clear concept as well as are unsure regarding their duty and also duties. When 12 participants of jury got in the area to vote, they were unclear about their duties. Several of them intended to elect guilty, someone wished to discuss while some were actually not troubled as well as wished to leave […]

12 Angry Men: the Defense Attorney’s Speech

Gentlemen of the court, I wish to mention to you three pieces of proof that prove this young child is innocent. I would like to evaluate the acquisition of the knife, the old man hearing a shout, and the movie theater. The future of this young child is in your hands currently, make the right choice. Locate him innocent. First of all, the blade that was acquired the evening of the murder. After battling with his father, he intended to […]

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Movie Review Essay Examples

King Arthur and his Knights of Round Table, is not just about a king from medieval period, charged on horseback wearing a shining armor and a wonderful sword in hand gathering Knights around a table fighting for the chivalric code. It is a tale of...

The West tells stories of the Indians and their harmful meetings with Europeans. The viewers hear the voices and listen to the visions of notable Indian leaders. Sitting Bull and Chief Joseph are mostly highlighted. The film does not simplify the struggles of the Indians...

In work “Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar Movie Review Essay” we will talk about about main themes and narrative of this film. Written and directed by Christopher Nolan, the 2014 film Interstellar is an exceptional film in terms of it being both scientifically accurate and having a...

In David Denby’s Notes on Teen Movies, it is clear that he believes high school is being portrayed through the movies as a cliché. David Denby begins by stereotyping the majority of modern teen movies, where the popular, blonde at high school is never liked,...

Wells-Barnett, the journalist who fought sexism and segregation. Marie Skłodowska-Curie, the first woman to win a Nobel prize in 1903 for her work in physics, Bandaranaike, the first woman to be elected head of government. All strong, intelligent, loving, capable, significant, leaders. The top hottest...

The play The Importance of Being Earnest is the main topic for this essay. Now I am going to give a reflection on the play that is written by Oscar Wilde, and the 2002 film by Oliver Parker, of the same name. Oscar Wilde has...

An analysis paper of the film Citizen Kane themes. Citizen Kane is an incredible film. Incredible in that it was created by a man who had never had any film understanding; extraordinary in light of the fact that he cast it with individuals who had...

The Titanic was a story narrated by Rose the main character and a survival of the tragedy who provided the people details of her experience on the ship. In Titanic movie summary essay the plot of the aforementioned film will be briefly discussed.  Rose, the...

This is “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” essay prompts in which the work is analysed with an accent on therapeutic intervention. Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest constructs a harmful perspective towards people living with a mental illness which cultivates a negative...

In this Enders Game essay provides a brief overview of this film. it was created in 2013 and was directed by Gavin Hood. This movie is one of those movies that Harrison Ford had begun taking up supporting roles in movies. The movie is based...

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