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Sparkle Laundry Services was established in 2011, and has grown from its humble beginnings to become the city’s premier commercial laundry service provider. Their services are catered to meet the needs of their customers both as an individual and as a business. With 21 locations in the city, their loyal customer base demonstrates Sparkle Laundry Services dedication to excellence. They have provided the community with over 20 years of quality service making them a household name in the city’s ever changing landscape.


Laundry firm currently uses a manual system for the management and maintenance of critical information. The current system requires numerous paper forms, with data stores spread throughout the Laundry firm management infrastructure. Often information (on forms) is incomplete, or does not follow management standards. Forms are often lost in transit between departments requiring a comprehensive auditing process to ensure that no vital information is lost. This has lead to inconsistencies in various data due to large volume of contrasting customer details leading to mix-up of clothes in the laundry firm which thus leads to delay in collecting the clothes back. The problems faced here are:

1. Poor statistics about customers: this may be as a result of lost or misplaced customer records

2. Longer Waiting Time: The record clerk wastes so much time in bringing customer records. In case the management needs the record for a particular customer, it takes the clerk time to manually organize the data and bring it to the destination where it is needed. Thereby contributing to time wastage.

3. Inaccurate customer report: Sometimes customer reports are not properly stated and reported. Due to the traditional method of storing customer records, it is difficult to track customer records especially for reporting purpose.

4. Mishandling of customer records: Customer files are often handled with little or no regard. This leads to detaching and tearing away of some of the customers important documents.

5. Additional workload: The use of the manual system also creates an additional workload for the staff to keep and obtain the customer and staff information because this information is kept in a different file

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Feasibility Study of a Laundry Business


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The Filipinos are keen when it comes to cleanliness. Almost every day households do particular routines of cleaning up in order to avoid diseases brought by dirt. Most housewives do the chores at home including washing of laundry. Due to becoming preoccupied with work and home chores, washing of clothes become a burden to many. The resort is to utilize laundry services for a fast and easy way of cleaning dirty clothes and linens. Laundry chore was first done in water courses, letting the water carry away the materials which could cause stains and smells. Laundry is still done this way in some less industrialized areas and rural regions of the world. Agitation helps remove the dirt, so the laundry is often rubbed, twisted, or slapped against flat rocks. Wooden bats or clubs could be used to help with beating the dirt out.

These were often called washing beetles or bats and could be used by the waterside on a rock (a beetling-stone), on a block (battling-block), or on a board. They were once common across Europe and were also used by settlers in North America. Similar techniques have also been identified in Japan. When no watercourses were available, laundry was done in water-tight vats or vessels. Sometimes large metal cauldrons were filled with fresh water and heated over a fire; boiling water was even more effective than cold in removing dirt.

Wooden or stone scrubbing surfaces set up near a water supply or portable washboards, including factory-made corrugated metal ones, gradually replaced rocks as a surface for loosening soil. Once clean, the clothes were wrung out — twisted to remove most of the water. Then they were hung up on poles or clotheslines to air dry, or sometimes just spread out on clean grass. With the technological advancements of laundry machines (commonly called washing machines), the laundry chores has become a convenience in every household.

The Filipinos are keen when it comes to cleanliness. Almost every day households do particular routines of cleaning up in order to avoid diseases brought by dirt. Most housewives do the chores at home including washing of laundry. Due to becoming preoccupied with work and home chores, washing of clothes become a burden to many.

The resort is to utilize laundry services for a fast and easy way of cleaning dirty clothes and linens. Particularly in Tanjay City, Negros Oriental, the “City of Professionals” as it is dubbed local folks, people used to wash clothes every weekend after a weeklong of work. Instead of using weekend as leisure and family bonding time, members of the family wash their dirty clothes as part of their routines and keenness to have a clean house. The laundry business is one of the growing trends in the retail industry today. Theoretical Background

The study involves the establishment of a laundry shop in Tanjay City. Thus, the establishment will become a viable support to the uplifting of the standard of life of the local folks. In terms of economic stability, the business establishment will be brining revenues to the government. It will also help other business entities to cut cost for laundry washing expenses.

This proposal will also employ several constituents in various areas of operations. Solution to a dirty and unclean household laundry is readily available within Tanjay City at any given time of the day. With the compelling drive of the local government to uplift every Tanjayanon’s life, the government supports business entities that will put up sustainable and innovative solutions to the necessities of the people. As time goes by, many people will fluctuate to the growing city and more dirty clothes need to be cleaned since the fluctuation is caused by high employment rate of the city, thus people becomes busy all the time. The business services industry is a new market strategy for economic development that will strengthen the local economic programs of Tanjay City. The sustainability of this project will be given prior attention and emphasis for further opening of creative markets that will also contribute to the economic development of the city.

Review of Related Literature

A. Human Services

According to Darr, “A firm’s work force is by far its most important resource.” If employees are positively and effectively motivated, if their morale is high, and if they are able and willing to personally identify with the affairs of the company in a positive manner, then accomplishment becomes unlimited. There can be no doubt that “man is a wanting animal”. Man wants and wants: his wants are insatiable. Satisfied needs do not motivate behavior’ rather, it is ungratified needs which exert a compelling influence on behavior. Wants array in a hierarchy of importance and wants on a lower level are gratified, those on the next higher level will emerge and demand gratification. The hierarchy of needs can best be arranged in a five-level pyramid from physiological needs, to safety needs, to social needs, to esteem needs and to self-realization according to Maslow’s Theory. (John W. Darr, 1999) B. Making Money by Providing Laundry Pick-up and Delivery Services a.

A Laundry Pick-up/Delivery Service Business Right at Home “Yes, you can set up the business home-based by allocating a corner or a small room as your home-office. You can even use your home’s telephone and/or fax machine and personal mobile phones to contact clients, as well as your vehicle for pick-up and delivery. A laundry pick-up/delivery service business requires you to apply for and obtain permits and licenses to lawfully operate it. License fees could start from at least $50 per vehicle, depending on the city or state where you get them. Inquire from your local government office on the exact amounts of license and permit fees and other pertinent payables to start up the business. You also need to have a driver’s license to run your pick-up/delivery vehicle. Other costs may include fuel, vehicle insurance and maintenance/depreciation, office maintenance, and salaries. To set up a laundry pick-up/delivery service business, you may actually need around $5,000 to $10,000, excluding the purchase of a vehicle.”

b. Your Laundry Pick-up/Delivery Service Business Clients and Rivals “You have the option to partner with laundry operators as a subcontractor handling the pick-up and delivery services for them. In this case, the end-clients (those who own the garments) are your indirect customers because you get paid by the laundry operators. End-clients may also pay you directly by having you pick-up their garments, deliver them to nearby washers, and then deliver the washed garments back to the end-clients. Here, end-clients give you money to pay to the washers and money to pay for you pick-up/delivery service. Some business and institutions especially the small-times like restos, clinics, prep schools, and small offices do not have their own in-house laundry station. They require having their laundries done by another party.

You may also service residents of boarding houses, dormitories, and temporary shelters. Laundry operators with their own pick-up/delivery vehicles are your strongest competitors as some customers desire streamlined service. Also watch out for those who run laundry pick-up/delivery service businesses within the area. Running a laundry business is one of the simplest transportation ventures around. You don’t need to have intermediate business knowledge and skills in order to pull off. Bank on your strong desire to engage in and grow the business, couple that with a viable market and ample source of capital/funds, and you are sure to fare well.” (http://www.startupbizhub.com/How_to_Start_a_Laundry_Pickup_and_Delivery_Service_Business.htm)

B. Franchising Laundromat / laundry business

a. Growing demand for laundry service

For Engr. Fred Lumabas of Kalinisan Laundry, the growth of the Philippine’s personal laundry services is proving to be a boon for the business. “People are becoming more aware kung ano ang tunay na laundry,” he said, “which in turn, increases the demand for the service.” Lumabas also cited the tourism boom and the difficulty of looking for laundrywomen as other factors that make laundry business feasible. b. Starting the business

It is advisable that one should start with a feasibility study because initial capital can run up to millions of pesos. “Make a study of whom you’re going to serve,” Lumabas suggested. “Consider, too, the availability of good quality water and your accessibility to target customers.” With that, he related how Kalinisan Laundry started. “You see, we have this chain of hotels in Manila. We had our laundry done by one company.

But the quality was not going up and up. So we did a study. In that study, we found out that it was then viable to start a laundry business. After that, I started buying second hand laundry equipment from the United States. With five machines, we started doing our own laundry in a small place in Makati in 1985. Each machine did 600 kilos for one-and-a-half-hours. With such capacity, we started doing the laundry of other hotels, restaurants, and fitness clubs, too. Later, we also washed export garments. Nang naging expensive ang lot sa Makati, we moved to Bagong Bayan, Quezon City two years after.”

c. Equipment

“Well, we started with second-hand washer extractors – eto ang mga machines nanaglalaba, tapos nagpipiga,” he said. “Through the years, nang lumaki na ang volume ng laundry, nagging modernized na kami. We have now the most modern laundry equipment which we call the tunnel washers. “Computer-controlled ito from loading of dirty linens hanggang sa paglabas, dried na.Ang capacity nito, one ton (1,000 kilos) per hour.” Lumabas advised against using washing machined designed for homes. “Hindi pupuwede ang mga washing machines na intended for domestic use since maliit lang ang capacity nito. Hindi pang-commercial laundry. Whereas, sa commercial laundry, limang chemicals ang ginagamit.” d. Financing and profitability

“If you’re starting with personal laundry, you will need a minimum of P5 million, covering investments in equipment, business area, and operating costs,” he said, adding that for institutional laundry, startup financing requires a much larger amount. Lumabas disclosed that an entrepreneur may opt for franchising. “Pag franchised na laundry business, mas liberal ang terms; meaning, hulugan for so many years.” Although both have proven to be profitable, personal and institutional laundry services differ in pricing, he explained. “Pag institutional, mura lang ang singil pero malaki and profitability kung malaki rin ang volume.”Unlike sa personal laundry which is high margin, pero high risk. At saka, ang mga tao merong mga needs na dapat imi-meet ng personal laundry business. “For example, kailangan mabilis, kailangan walang damit ng iba na nakahalo . . . that’s why personal laundry charges higher.”

e. Environmental impact

Before going into the business, the entrepreneur should think about being environmentally friendly. “Don’t think only about earning big profits,” Lumabas advised. “Think of your responsibility to the environment. You have to treat every liter of water you throw out.” “In Kalinisan Laundry, we were able to put up our own water treatment plant since it was viable for us. Lahat ng pinaglabahan tini-treat naming, para paglabas sa canal, tama ang temperature, tama ang acidity, wala ng amoy, walang dumi, clear ang color.

” If at the start, an entrepreneur does not have enough to invest in a water treatment plant, Lumabas suggested that it would be more feasible to have the linens of restaurants and hotels contracted outside. “Mag concentrate ka na lang sa mga damit. That way, maliit lang ang water treatment nakakailanganin mo diyan.” ( www.philippinestoday.net/ Philippine_Franchise_Business_Investment_ Franchising) Medium-Term Philippine Development Plan (MTPDP), 2004-2010

The research is about building a livelihood business in Tanjay City and the business entity deserves government support through the Medium-Term Philippine Development Plan (MTPDP), 2004- 2010. The goal of this plan “is to fight poverty by building prosperity for the greatest number of the Filipino People”. The development in this plan involves economic prosperity in a free and open market. “The country must open up economic opportunities, maintain sociopolitical stability, and promote good stewardship—all to ensure better quality of life of its citizens. The country will focus on strategic measures and activities, which will spur economic growth and create jobs. This can only be done with a common purpose to put the economic house back in working order”.

The action plan on entrepreneurship focuses on the significant roles of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME’s) in the country’s growth. It was mentioned that in 2001, MSME’s totaled for about 99.6 percent of the total business enterprise and contributed a 69.1 percent share of employment. The government plans to “provide credit, technology and marketing support for three million MSME’s and 2 empower existing SMEs to generate additional employment through increased lending and promotion of Big-Small Brother program. This development plan shall be fully applied and the strategy on credit terms and product improvement will be practiced. The plan also develops a financial leverage program to MSMEs through the SULONG PROGRAM. The government will impose the mandatory lending quota to SMEs of private financial institutions to promote and comply with the SULONG PROGRAM.

The establishment of a laundry shop becomes more in demand because of the relative support to the fashion garments (wearables) as stated in the MDTDP. “The government will encourage investments in fashion garments to accelerate development of Philippine brands, franchising networks, fashion trend products and fashion forecast centers. The vertical specialization and vertical integration of manufacturing and service facilities between existing garment manufacturer and textile milling companies will be accelerated by providing financing assistance, management services, skills training and enabling legislation. The customer base shall be expanded through leveraged selling missions and business matching facilities.”

Unemployment is being addressed in the development plan which holds, “Unemployment remained persistently high in 2001-2003, averaging 11.3 percent over this period. Despite the modest growth in GDP for the same period, growth was not enough to produce ample employment opportunities for the Filipinos as the country’s rapid increase in population during the 60s to the 90s resulted in a large increase in the working age population. The labor force also expanded by an average of 3.78 percent or about 1.752 million compared to the net jobs generation of 1.058 million. Employment opportunities are scarce for those who live in the urban areas, for the youth who are unskilled and inexperienced, and for those whose education does not match industry needs.”

The government is commits itself to find decent and productive employment in the country. In the plan, it addresses that it supports efforts on creating job, issuing of administrative guidelines, employment enhancement, propose legislative amendments to the Labor Code to recognize flexible work arrangements in business process outsourcing and cooperatives and preserve employment.

Employment in the MTPDP involves “harmonious worker-employer relationship and maintaining existing jobs with remunerative terms and conditions. Industrial peace, which significantly contribute to the preservation of employment, shall be achieved through freedom of association and free collective bargaining, continuing social dialogue, mediation and voluntary arbitration of conflict and shared decision making mechanisms at the firm, industry, sector and national levels. By developing mutual trust and confidence among the parties, the industrial relations paradigm will shift from one based on confrontation to one based on cooperation resulting to productivity and competitiveness.”

Microenterprise Development

“In a recent report from the Department of Trade and Industry, microenterprises comprise around 91.6 percent of the country’s businesses (Figure 12). The strengthening of this sector would positively affect the country’s economy. In addition, microfinance is one of the main strategies and has proven to be an effective tool in alleviating poverty. In view of this, there is a need to prioritize initiatives towards microenterprise development: diversification of products and skills, improvement of productivity, increase in value-added output, and greater access to market to bridge the very wide gap between microenterprises and SMEs” (Medium Term Philippine Development Plan 2004-2010)

Related Studies A. Innovativeness

In view of the fact that the Philippines at present is experiencing dire economic straits, “a large number of Filipinos tackle the problem by becoming deeply involved in small-scale business ventures”, Catacutan (2003:12).The Filipinos gifted with character-trait which makes them adapt naturally to any kind of situation, be it a calamitous one. “This character holds them in good stead when crisis occurs. Indeed many Filipinos’ inventiveness have made them come up with personal solutions in making both ends meet by engaging in worthwhile projects with the intention of adding a little income to hid meager earnings”. (Vidala B. Catacutan, 2003) Laundry Green House

Feasibility Study of Investment Project Laundry Green House was carried out, aimed at performing feasibility analysis of investment in Green House Laundry, 2008- 2009. The variables used were data estimate of income from the Laundry asseted the Green House. Tool analyses using the Payback Period Method, to analyses Net Present Value, Profitability Index, and Internal Rate Return. The results analyses, it was found was one Year 9 Months, and 19 Days, Net Present Value positive, at Rp. 1,786,352, Internal rate return value at24.31%, was greater than that of the required rate at 17%. Based on the Laundry examined, the study concluded that the business will be feasible and profitable to be continued, as investment analyses indicated positive result. (Indra Hermawan, 2009)

THE PROBLEM Statement of the Problem

This study was conducted to determine the feasibility of establishing a laundry shop at Poblacion, Tanjay City, Negros Oriental, Philippines. Specifically, this study seeks to answer the following questions: 1. Will the proposed project be feasible from, management aspects point of view. 2. Will the proposed project be feasible from, marketing aspects point of view. 3. Will the proposed project be feasible from, technical aspects point of view. 4. Will the proposed project be feasible from, financial aspects point of view. 5. Will the proposed project be feasible from, socio-economic aspects point of view. Significance of the study

This research will benefit directly the proponents of this research because in their course of education in college, they are trained to be critical thinkers. The research is a very tiring process and this will teach them the value of patience and perseverance. The proponents can get information from this research for their further pursuit of intellectual perfection. Many entrepreneurs wanted to try a profitable business with low-cost start-up and maintenance. This research will serve as a guide and reference for these individuals in their pursuit to success. This study will benefit the Tanjayanons (Tanhayanons) largely when it comes to ease and convenience, the employees of business firms in Tanjay, schools, lodges and pension houses, and those households in Tanjay and nearby communities.

The business will enhance the welfare of the community since it becomes an opener for other competitors to enter the world of laundry services. This business is in-demand nowadays and competition is not tight because of a large available market. Consumers will have better choices in selecting which among available laundry shops provide the standards that they desire especially with quality and quantity. Many Tanjayanons with a busy lifestyle will be provided with the easiest way of cleaning their weekly laundry at their own place, at their own time. This will empower women because housewives could prefer to utilize commercial laundry services and save their time to do other household or recreational activities. Also, since many professionals dwell in the city, they can comfortably rest after a weeklong of work because they have a good choice of using services rendered by the laundry shop.

This is also a help to the income-generating activities of the Local Government of Tanjay since the business could only be operational through permits, licenses and income taxes that will be paid by the proponents to the government. Scope and Limitations of the Study

This study will determine the feasibility and sustainability of operating a laundry business in Tanjay City. The analysis is limited to 1(one) year operations period and takes into consideration existing laundry shops and dry cleaning services in Tanjay City. Included in the study are the management, marketing, technical, financial and socio-economic aspects.

The laundry business is offering the following services: wash dry and fold, wash dry and press, hand wash, dry and folds, hand wash, dry and fold, with free delivery service. The business is serving to all clients with all the types of clothes and cloths used. The honored types of fabrics include: acrylic, calico, cotton, synthetic cotton, synthetic fiber, canvass, cashmere, wool, chintz, knit fabric, lace, linen, carpets, bed sheet, rug, quilt, satin, silk, tartan.

Research Methodology

This part of the study will include the capitalization, research design, research environment, research instruments, respondents, data gathering procedures and treatment of data.


To set up a laundry pick-up/delivery service business, PHP 150,000 TO PHP 200,000, excluding the purchase of a vehicle would be incurred which will include 2 washer extractors that will wash and dry cloths with a capacity of 500 kilos per hour. This also includes fabric conditioners and soaps for one month use excluding water and electricity.

Research Design

This study will use the feasibility study method of research in determining the feasibility and viability of establishing a laundry shop in Tanjay City, Negros Oriental. The method is ideal for the study because it deals with business start-up concerns in areas of marketing, production, management, legal, socio-economic and finance.

Research Environment

The project will be located at Tanjay City, Negros Oriental, Philippines, 31 kilometers away from the provincial capital, Dumaguete City. The total land area to be used in building the outlet is about 20 square meters. The area is accessible for transportation and consumers. The location is a former eatery owned by one of the proponents beside the public market of Tanjay City.

City Profile Tanjay City is a 4th class city in the province of Negros Oriental,

Philippines. It was created by virtue of Republic Act 9026 otherwise known as “An act converting the Municipality of Tanjay, province of Negros Oriental into a component city to be known as the City of Tanjay”. The Act was approved and signed by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo March 5, 2001. This Act, which is a consolidation of House Bill No. 8880 and Senate Bill No. 2256, was finally passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate on February 8, 2001. Tanjay was finally proclaimed a component city on April 1, 2001 after a plebiscite was conducted for the purpose.

According to the 2004 census, it has a population of 72,995 people in 14,158 households or an average household size of 5.0. It has a land area of 478.30 km². The city is part of the 2nd Congressional District of the Negros Oriental and is located 30 kilometers north of Dumaguete City. It is bounded on the north by Bais City, on the south by the Municipality of Amlan, on the east by the Tanon Straight and west by the Municipality of Pamplona.

The first map of the island, dated 1572 and chartered by Diego Lopez de Povedano identified it as Buglas , the native reference derived from the tall cane-like grass which ranged thick and persistent over the island. Here, in much earlier times, lived men whose relics and artifacts, dating back to 200-500 AD and the 12th century Sung Dynasty have turned up in recent excavations were said to have ventured perhaps in the area we now know as Tampi in Amlan. Here, in 1565, Eteban Rodriguez of the Legazpi expedition, caught by storm on his way back to Cebu from Bohol, sought refuge in the eastern shore of the island and came upon squat negroid inhabitants called ata, agta, or ati. His report upon returning to Cebu prompted Fray Andres de Urdaneta to visit the island, landing in what is now Escalante in .

In the same year, Capitan Mateo de Cadiz led a small expedition which reached an area near Tanjay. Kapitan Migeul de Loarca followed with a bigger expedition and force and proceeded to lay claim to what the Spaniards now call Negros. Both Diego Lopez de Povedano and Capitan Manuel de Loarca pointed to the Tanjay – Dumaguete area as the most densely-populated in the eastern half of the island. Tanjay, considered the more important settlement, was made the Administrative Capital of Oriental Negros. It however, remained under the jurisdiction of the province of Cebu. It was the first archdeacon of Cebu, Fray Diego Ferreira, who sent Fray Gabriel Sanchez and other Agustinian friars to the new territory. Thus on June 11, 1580, the mission of Tanjay was founded. It became the center of religious supervision for Dumaguete, Marabago,Siaton and Manalongon.

Geography and Climate

Tanjay’s land area is 27,605 hectares and is utilized for agricultural, residential, commercial, industrial, educational, forestral and other purposes. It is the only city in Negros Oriental with a very wide flat lowland, although mountainous and rolling hills are found in the hinterland barangays of Sto. Niño and Pal-ew. Rugged areas can also be found in Barangays Bahi-an and Sta. Cruz Nuevo. Tanjay City is politically subdivided into 24 barangays, 9 of which are located within the poblacion. * Azagra * Bahi-an * Luca * Manipis * Novallas * Obogon * Pal-ew * Poblacion I (Barangay 1) * Poblacion II (Barangay 2) * Poblacion III (Barangay 3) * Poblacion IV (Barangay 4)

* Poblacion V (Barangay 5) | * Poblacion VI (Barangay 6) * Poblacion VII (Barangay 7) * Poblacion VIII (Barangay 8) * Poblacion IX (Barangay 9) * Polo * San Isidro * San Jose * San Miguel * Santa Cruz Nuevo * Santa Cruz Viejo * Santo Niño * Tugas | Tanjay City is blessed with a moderate and pleasant climate. It is characterized by a relatively wet season from May to February and dry season from March to April. Rainfall occurs throughout the year with the heaviest volume during the months of July and August. The months of March and April are the hottest months and the coldest is December. January is the humid month while April is the least humid period. The months of November and December have the strongest wind velocities throughout the year.

Tanjay City is also known for its Tourism Program which started in the late 1980s. Through a recent Sangguniang Panglunsod Resolution, the city is now dubbed as the City of Festivals. The major tourist attractions are:

* Children’s Festival (January) * Festival of Hearts (February) * Sinulog de Tanjay (July) * Paaway sa Kabayo (July) * Pasko sa Tanjay (December) * Budbod Festival (December) * Park Cafe (Fridays) * Sugbaanay sa Parque (Saturdays) There are also potential tourist attractions waiting to be debuted to the public as well: * Tiongson Ancestral Home (Poblacion) * Luparan Falls and caves (Bulon, Sta. Cruz Nuevo) * Rice Terraces (Canque, Pal-ew) * Mambulong Lakes (Pal-ew) * Mainit Hot Springs (San Isidro) * Red Land Scenic Views (Bulon, Sta. Cruz Nuevo) * Casa de las Dueñas, Hacienda Santa Escolástica (San José, Tanjay) * La Residencia de Tanjay * Restaurante Don Atilano (Tanjay branch) * A.S. Pensionne House * Mejares Pensionne House * Scooby’s Supermarket and Fast Food * B.Y. the Boulevard * Jayson’s Place * Melania’s Garden Resort & Hotel * Cafe de Tanjay * My Place Bar * Cafe Antonio * My Check’s Place

Research Respondents The respondent of this study caters to the needs of the people of Tanjay City which is group as: Lower Class, Middle Class and Upper Class Income levels and business enterprises in the Commercial Area of Tanjay.

The target market and customers are those living within Tanjay City. With a population density of 152.6/km2, the laundry business maintains a promising market.

Research Instruments

The researchers will use a survey questionnaire as the primary instrument in data gathering. A random interview will supplement the data collected through the survey questionnaire. The proponents will be using questionnaires because the proposal must answer a certain need of the market who are the people in Tanjay and will be asked about their need of laundry services, what form of laundry services they want to enjoy, their preference of an existence of a laundry shop in Tanjay and their possible patronage, etc.

Included in their questionnaire is the query about their average monthly income to know if their expenses still can cover laundry services fee. They will also be asked about what form of laundry service they need in order to know the equipment needed to answer their concerns. From all their answers to the survey questions, the proponents will have a knowledge of the marketability of a laundry shop and if the shop will be feasible for a long time in Tanjay.

Statistical Treatment of Data

The statistical and financial tools to be used in data analysis are the following: 1. Frequency distribution will be used to identify profile respondents. 2. Property, plant Equipment (Fixed Assets) will be depreciated over the estimated useful life by the straight line method. 3. The following ratios will be used to determine the financial viability of the proposed business.

a. Current Ratio: Current Assets Current Liabilities This measures the ability of the firm to pay short-term debt in a given time. b. Net Income Ratio: Net Income after Tax Net Sales This measures how much is the mark-up on the services rendered by the firm and the over-all profitability of the operations. c. Return on Investment Ratio:

Net Income Equity This measures the return of owners’ investment at a given time.

Data gathered from household and business enterprises respondents and other useful information will be analyzed thoroughly with the utmost precision to secure reliable and consistent results. The researchers will use the stratified random sampling in selecting the respondents within the poblacion area. A sample size will be selected from the statistical population where each stratum has an equal chance of being represented. The formula in getting the sample size is: N

n= ————— 1+ N (e) 2

Where: n= sample size N= total number of households e= 5% margin of error

The researcher’s respondents will be taken from the households of the Brgy. Poblacion 1-9 of Tanjay City.

Definition of Terms

Laundry shop- means a washing and ironing commercial establishment in a building, where clothes and linen can be washed and ironed. Services of such include washing of dirty fabric, drying them through machine and/or ironing/folding them.Marketing Aspect- refers to the feasibility laundry business in the aspect of consumer preference and patronage.Management Aspect- refers to the managerial capacities of the owners of the business to do properly managerial functions to sustain the laundry business.Technical Aspect- refers to the technical know-how and capacities of employees in running the business particularly in manipulating washing machines.Financial Aspect- refers to the viability of the business in terms of internal funding and utilizing scarce funds for daily operations of the business and its capacity to survive with the available financial supply.Socio-economic Aspect- refers to the external factors that affect the feasibility of a laundry business like existing laws, ordinances, economic status, customs, traditions and social behavior of the chosen market. |

Organization of the Study This study is organized into three chapters:

a. Chapter I- deals with the introduction, theoretical background, review of related literature and studies, statement of problem, significance of the study, its scope, and limitations, methodology which is composed of research design, research respondents, research environment, research instruments, data gathering procedure and statistical treatment of data, and maps and definition of terms. b. Chapter 2- discusses the presentation, analysis and interpretation of gathered data. c. Chapter 3- presents the summary of findings, conclusion and recommendation derived from the results of the study.

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thesis about laundry service

Laundry Services Case Study

1. Consumer’s Income – It is considered as one of those factors that could affect the market because for Drop and Go Laundry Services, it is about the consumer’s purchasing power or capability to attain such services we offer. The higher the income, the more possibility that they will frequently avail DnG’s services. 2. Price of the Product - This factor is so important to be considered in the projection of demand because as the law of demand states: “As the price of the product increases, the demand for the product will decrease and vice versa.” Generally, people are price-conscious; they want services with low prices but with high quality or those that will surely satisfy their needs. For instance, if the prices of services increase, there …show more content…

In this essay, the author

Competition – This factor is also considered because Drop and Go Laundry Services is only new to the laundry industry and to the business world unlike to those well established businesses that as of today have already many branches. So in order to have a good fight with them, Drop and Go Laundry Services will not only compete with their existing laundry service prices but will also focus on the customer service aspect of the business. As we all know if a business can meet and satisfy customer’s expectation it can produces satisfied customers which in return will be repeated or loyal customers of the business. 4. Population - It is the number of people in a specific area at a given time. It is a factor because it is the basis in computing the demand for a product. It is an independent variable since demand is dependent on this factor. 5. Age - It is considered as one of the factors affecting our market because most of the people under the age 18 do not belong to the scope that avail laundry services because most of them have their mother or yaya that made their …show more content…

They are considered as such given that they market or render the same service as DnG does. These laundry service providers are all located within Cavite City. The current providers of laundry services same with DnG are Launderland, BLVD Laundry and Dry Cleaning, IR Buandirie Laundry Shop, Piddy Laundry Shop, Royal Clean Laundry Shop, White and Clean Laundry Shop Company, Call Me Lavada Laundry Shop and Sit and Spin. The business considers BLVD Laundry and Dry Cleaning as its major competitor because of being well-known and established. Similar with demand, the proponents looked for the annual domestic supply of laundry offered by local providers. This can be used as a starting point for DnG’s production or supply. In the absence of dependable data on historical supply variables, the proponents solicited the average annual sales of each competitor surveyed, equate their sum in terms of the total to assess the supply picture for the target market area. It is projected that 60% of potential customers’ laundry requirements are serviced. Supply is expected to grow by 3.6% every year, the average projection of the growth in the supply volume by existing competitor, BLVD Laundry and Dry Cleaning. Table

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Laundry Thesis Proposals Samples For Students

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Do you feel the need to examine some previously written Thesis Proposals on Laundry before you begin writing an own piece? In this free database of Laundry Thesis Proposal examples, you are granted a fascinating opportunity to examine meaningful topics, content structuring techniques, text flow, formatting styles, and other academically acclaimed writing practices. Implementing them while composing your own Laundry Thesis Proposal will definitely allow you to finalize the piece faster.

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Thesis Laundry Business

Laundry shop business.

Strategy of Laundry Shop Thesis - Research Papers ... www.termpaperwarehouse.com › Business and Management Mar 27, 2015 retrieve on July 18, 2016 Introduction Now a days, not only in Manila has laundry shop for workers who are so busy, they can’t wash there cloths at their own hands. Laundry shop was well known nowadays even in Cavite for those persons who are so busy and there’s no time to wash their cloths even the students are at the dormitory or boarding house. The laundry shop business has a

Words: 331 - Pages: 2

TermPaperWarehouse.com - Free Term Papers, Essays and Research Documents The Research Paper Factory Join Search Browse Saved Papers Home Page » Business and Management Thesis In: Business and Management Thesis Chapter 1 The Problem and Its Background Introduction This research aims to find the Significance of personality enhancement to the employability of hotel and restaurant graduates a four-year or a two-year concentration in Hotel and

Words: 320 - Pages: 2

A Marketing Analysis of the Household Appliances Market in Finland, a Case for the Haier Group

UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES BUSINESS SCHOOL FINAL THESIS REPORT A Marketing Analysis of Household Appliances Market in Finland A Case Study for the Haier Group Na Wang Degree Programme in International Business May 2009 Supervisor: Shaidul Kazi TA MPERE 2009 TAMPEREEN AMMATTIKORKEAKOULU University of Applied Sciences INTER NATIONAL 2 B USINESS Writer(s): Study Programme(s): Title of Thesis Na Wang International Business A Marketing Analysis of The Household

Words: 16317 - Pages: 66

Automated Record Management System Proposal for Color-Safe Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services

recording systems work traditionally, Automated Records Management System (ARMS) tended to mirror historically developed manual recording processes. Therefore, traditional record keeping systems were unable to adapt to change, to support critical business processes. Background of the study Automated Records Management System (ARMS) is one of an important component of modern information System (IS) by which records of an organization is created, captured, maintained and disposed of. This

Words: 312 - Pages: 2

Business Student

JÖNKÖPING INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SCHOOL JÖNKÖPING UNIVERSITY H o w to mo tiv a te a ss emb ly lin e wo rke r s Master Thesis within Business Administration. Subject: Management. Authors: Valdete Jusufi Maja Saitović Supervisor: Karl Erik Gustafsson Jönköping May, 2007. Master Thesis within Business Administration. Subject: Management. Title: Authors: Tutor: Date: Subject terms: How to motivate assembly line workers Valdete Jusufi & Maja Saitović Karl Erik Gustafsson 2007-05-28 assembly

Words: 36580 - Pages: 147

Now in the World

clothes and washing dishes are not the most pleasant household chores, perhaps the most dreaded chore is cleaning the bathroom.” 9. Two possible supporting sentences: “Each piece of clothing must be handled individually, so ironing a basket of laundry can take hours!” “After ironing a piece of clothing meticulously, which entails smoothing out the fabric, following the seams, and getting the creases just right, it needs to be put on a hanger as soon as possible. 10. “Because the bathroom

Words: 1746 - Pages: 7

Web Based Hotel Management System

national dishes,24hours room service, a mini mart, a gymnasium, laundry service with modern dry cleaning equipment, 3 large halls for exhibitions and conferences and a large secure cark park The Covenant University Guest house has 5 departments namely: 1. Housekeeping department 2. Laundry department 3. F&B(Food and Beverage) department 4. Accounting department 5. Front office department Front office is a business term that refers to a company's departments that come in contact

Words: 5965 - Pages: 24

Blacks in Business

Blacks in Business/ Black billionaires The Declaration on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women was adopted by the general assembly in 1967, and was a huge step towards equal rights for women. In the same time period, Martin Luther King was assassinated and the black civil rights movement placed strong roots in the streets of America. When Forbes 400 first came out in 1982, there were only 12 billionaires on the list that year, none of them neither women nor blacks. The most current list

Words: 1505 - Pages: 7

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Leadership and Entrepreneurship. Leadership is directing or inspiring people to attain organizational goals (Boone and Kurtz, 2011). An entrepreneur is a person who seeks a profitable opportunity and takes the necessary risks to set up and operate a business (Boone and Kurtz, 2011). In the past 15 years researchers have tried to merge those two concepts into one concept Entrepreneurial Leadership .The common point of those researchers is that most defined some of the main elements of what they taught

Words: 2886 - Pages: 12

Yet Unknown

Argument Essay Unit: Lesson Plan and Class Activities Global Learning Outcomes for this Unit *In the course of completing the assignment students will: • Learn to compose an argumentation-oriented thesis • Defend their thesis with academic-quality research that is properly sourced and cited as per the standard of university level writing • Anticipate and respond to counterarguments • Learn to critically engage the revision process through draft writing, instructor conferencing, and

Words: 4393 - Pages: 18

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Laundry services business proposal powerpoint presentation slides

SlideTeam presents to you Laundry Services Business Proposal Powerpoint Presentation Slides to promise your clients quality laundry services. With this laundry service business proposal, ensure that your laundry services are better than the other laundry service providers. Elaborate here the project overview, along with a set of goals and objectives that your company is going to focus on. Mention about your services in detail that you will offer, such as washing, drying, collecting, packaging, ironing, etc. Make your clients believe that your company uses safe and environmentally friendly products for their materials and clothes. Using this PPT proposal, Explain to your potential clients how choosing your services will help them save time and money with this PowerPoint presentation. Elaborate on all the quality services that your enterprise provides, which may include pick-up and delivery as well. Elaborate on every service and the cost each would fetch your customers. With the help of this business proposal PPT for laundry, mention the budget that would be required for funding high-quality laundry services, pointing out the exact amount to be used. This PowerPoint presentation for laundry services will help your clients understand the laundry service process more effectively. Using this professionally designed laundry services proposal, showcase your unique skills. Use the slides to explain about all the products you use to undertake the laundry services. Pitch your clients by making them believe that you understand their needs and are willing to provide the required services. Download this PowerPoint presentation for laundry services proposal now to gather maximum clients for your laundry services.

Laundry services business proposal powerpoint presentation slides

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thesis about laundry service

PowerPoint presentation slides

If your company needs to submit a Laundry Services Business Proposal Powerpoint Presentation Slides look no further.Our researchers have analyzed thousands of proposals on this topic for effectiveness and conversion. Just download our template, add your company data and submit to your client for a positive response.

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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Laundry services business proposal powerpoint presentation slides with all 26 slides:.

Use our Laundry Services Business Proposal Powerpoint Presentation Slides to effectively help you save your valuable time. They are readymade to fit into any presentation structure.

Laundry services business proposal powerpoint presentation slides

Ratings and Reviews

by Charley Bailey

December 30, 2021

by Chong Richardson

by William King

Google Reviews

Laundry Dream King Services: The Business Plan Report

Laundry Dream King Services will operate a laundry company. Laundry Dream King Services will include laundry, cleaning, drying, and ironing services in addition to residential pickup and delivery. Laundry Dream King Services will pick a convenient location to make client service easier. Laundry Dream King Services will not need a retail location due to the pickup and delivery services. Similarly, Laundry Dream King Services’ target market is every home and hostel student. The STP analysis will apply to all demographic groups. Laundry Dream King Services will collect money at each delivery or by monthly credit card billing and send the bill to each contracted client at the end of each month. Customers may find this service acceptable and want to test it, undoubtedly capturing their interest. The primary objective of the Laundry Dream King Services company is to provide superior client service. As a result, if they are happy with the service provided by Laundry Dream King Services, they are likely to become repeat clients. Consequently, consumers will develop a sense of loyalty and suggest other potential customers by consistently offering high-quality Laundry Dream King Services.

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Vision, Mission, Goals, and Objectives of Laundry Dream King Services

The vision of Laundry Dream King Services is to expand the laundry industry countrywide, deliver high-quality services to all British citizens, and meet every household’s requirement.

Laundry Dream King Services’ mission is to give the British people affordable laundry services. The primary objective is to maintain a high quality and service and a positive connection with its consumers.

Goals and Objectives

Laundry Dream King Services aims to increase market share by consistently offering high-quality service to customers. The objective of Laundry Dream King Services is to provide high-quality services at an affordable price. Finally, Laundry Dream King Services’ principles include being truthful to consumers, inventive in our service delivery, and honoring the customer’s demands and promises.

Relationship between Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship advancement, and entrepreneurship promotion have been prominent in the UK during the previous decade. Despite the economic downturn, the British public remains keen to start enterprises and develop company ideas (Liu et al., 2020). As part of its financial and monetary policies, the government has launched a political campaign promoting entrepreneurship. Universities of Applied Sciences provide entrepreneurship degrees with various innovative specialization possibilities (Carayannis, 2020). Entrepreneurship interest may be cultivated via education and one’s living environment. The paper will concentrate on the critical aspects of starting a company in the United Kingdom. This report explores new technological innovation, and the findings cannot be extrapolated to other sectors. Several business models will be examined, and one will be chosen to serve as the foundation for the company strategy.

Launching of the Business

The foundation and introduction of the firm will begin with the business concept, which is to deliver high-quality, fast, affordable, and efficient laundry services to all London’s busy British people. The business concept addresses what, to whom, and how. It discusses the characteristics of a product, the target markets, and the competitive environment in which the product operates (Robinson, 2021). After developing a sound business strategy, it is necessary to gather finance for the venture and choose a corporate structure (Lounsbury et al., 2020). Sole traders, general or limited partnerships, limited liability companies (public or private), and cooperatives are conceivable business structures. The company structure used by Laundry Dream King Services is the sole proprietorship. After acquiring the required finances and resources, the entrepreneur should determine if the trademark or product needs a patent and review the accounting to prevent tax penalties and complications (Robinson, 2021). Finally, the entrepreneur should take care of all business insurances and establish the bookkeeping for the firm. Insurance is essential to consider; insurance may help mitigate some hazards (Robinson, 2021). The only kind of insurance required of an entrepreneur is pension insurance. There is, for example, insurance that will cover damages incurred because of a business interruption.

Competitive and STP Analysis

Scope and demand.

The global extent and demand for laundry services are excellent, with a healthy profit margin. There are relatively few firms on the planet that have this characteristic. For example, relatively few exist in Europe and other wealthy nations; thus, it would be advantageous for working people in London, United Kingdom, to relieve their load (Jalas & Numminen, 2022). Additionally, it will benefit students who live in hostels and do not have time to wash their items. People outsource their laundry services because of the increased number of working parents, changing lifestyles, and hectic schedules. Due to the proximity of houses, it is difficult for them to wash their winter clothing. The potential for expansion of this company is very high because of the high demand for laundry services from working staff and students living in hostels and other commercial establishments such as hotels, cafes, institutions, and other establishments that need laundry services daily (Paul, J., 2020). Moreover, although there are no such direct rivals who might hurt the business’s development, some significant competitors, such as house cleaners and other conventional laundry services, similarly, vertical integration will recruit personnel who will pick up the clothes to be washed and deliver washed and ironed clothing directly to customers’ houses.

Company Operations

Company operations outline a company’s products and services, intellectual property, location, legal structure, management and personnel, accounting and legal issues, insurances, and security. A company’s operations cover the strategies and actions that the company will take on (Han & Kang, 2020). Production should be based on the design and the business idea. Insurances are essential to protect the company and its property and products (Han & Kang, 2020). The laundry Dream, King Services business, is related to laundry services; the key processes are based upon the management of clothes tagging, sorting, washing, drying, dry cleaning, steam pressing, and packing. These operations are collection services, which entails picking clothing from residences by pickup vans. Tagging is the process of labeling clothing with a unique number that allows them to be readily recognized as belonging to which consumer. Sorting occurs after tagging the garments, which entails grouping the garments by number. The firm’s primary focus is on washing and drying equipment, then steam pressing them before packaging.

Market Analysis and Planning

Market analysis and planning involve determining the market’s competitive landscape, the level of competition, the market’s size, the customers, new entrants, and sales strategies.

Market Size

The market will consist of approximately a million individuals living in the London metropolitan region.

Target Market

Every home in London, the majority of which are working-class, is our target market. They are often exhausted after work and have little time to conduct chores, so they hire services. Apart from this, the target market will be students living in hostels. In the future, we will expand to include other businesses such as hotels, restaurants, banquet halls, and hospitals—the market segmentation will focus on full- and part-time employed customers who would value our service’s convenience.


In London, competition for dry cleaning/laundry services is not intense. Most of them do not provide pickup and drop-off services. Convenient Door-to-Door Dry Cleaning is the only rival that offers door-to-door service. They provide dry cleaning and shoe repair services. Laundry Dream King Services is developing a new company with a unique concept and additional services for consumers. Laundry Dream King Services aims to establish an app ordering service to combat competition. With the option to order and obtain laundry services through an application, Laundry Dream King Services will gain consumers from the traditional drop-off rivals by increasing their peace of mind and saving them time.

Frameworks and Concepts

The supply chain system.

Laundry Dream King Services will use a fully integrated supply chain management system. A value chain is a collection of operations that we will conduct to provide our consumers with the most valuable laundry services possible (Hugos, 2018). Laundry Dream King Services’ value chain network will attract prospective consumers and ensure their purchases. It will involve ordering online either through the Laundry Dream King Services website or Laundry Dream King Services (LDKS) application. When we receive their orders, we will arrange to collect their clothing. After washing and ironing their garments, we will deliver them to their home.

Online Ordering

Laundry Dream King Services intends to establish a website and an LDKS application that will provide comprehensive information about the firm and assist customers in placing orders. Similarly, other networks such as Facebook and Instagram will assist in receiving orders. Facebook and Instagram will also help with consumer support. Additionally, they may provide feedback on the services and lodge complaints about any service that was not performed effectively or to their satisfaction (Hu & Chen, 2018). Finally, buyers may purchase over the phone or through text messaging.

Laundry Dream King Services will have a comprehensive transportation network to collect and return garments from client locations. This mode of transport will offer a free service for picking up and dropping off clothing throughout London. This new developing washing service will benefit homes overburdened with work schedules and hesitant to trust house cleaners with their valuable clothing. Additionally, it will provide value to the clients that use our services.

These business operations include collecting services such as picking up clothes from customers’ homes using pickup trucks to transport them to a laundry warehouse. The tagging technique involves identifying garments with a unique number, which enables them to quickly identify as belonging to a particular customer. Sorting takes place after the clothing has been tagged, and it consists of arranging the garments according to their number. The company’s primary emphasis is on washing and drying equipment, followed by steam pressing the products before packing.

The last operating model of Laundry Dream King Service is to deliver clean, ironed garments to the clients at their location. As previously stated, the pick-up and drop-off services are entirely free. We guarantee that our clients will be wholly delighted with our services and that they will gladly place their orders again and over again. Laundry Dream King Service laundry’s success is built on the satisfaction and loyalty of our clients.

Business and Marketing Strategies

The growth and development of any small business rely upon the profits from the services. Thus, a good sale strategy is compulsory to survive today’s contest (Quintas, 2020). Laundry Dream King Services will use 4p’s to grow and develop business and marketing strategies.

The mission of Laundry Dream King Services is to provide its customers with a valuable long-term laundry service. Today, individuals are becoming more conscientious about their appearance, and they want to be more visible due to their clean and shining attire. Services provided by Laundry Dream King Services will be devoted, and we will maintain a high level of quality to retain consumers. Laundry Dream King Services will pick up and deliver all the clothing and wash dry, steam press, and fold them.

Any business’s primary consideration is price. As a result, a reasonable price is a significant advantage for Laundry Dream King Services. Our service would be the quickest and most exemplary service available at an affordable rate, with Laundry Dream King Services serving customers directly at their door. The service will be priced on a per-machine-load basis. Similarly, bags weighing less than 6 kg constitute one load, those considering less than 12 kg include two sacks, and so on. A mixed-color suitcase weighing less than 6 kg that must be separated into two separate machines will be charged as two loads. Finally, items weighing less than 6 kg that is too large to fit in a 6 kg machine will be charged as two loads! There will be no charge for pick-up or delivery. However, each type of clothing has its own set of tasks and services. A single service will cost £15.00 plus the cost of pick-up and delivery.

A promotion directly impacts the overall performance of a company or institution. Promotion is the approach that Laundry Dream King Service will use to raise awareness of our products and establish their reputation in the market. The marketing will include the distribution of pamphlets and the use of social media to advertise the Laundry Dream King Services.

Quantitative and Qualitative Planning

Financial plan.

A financial plan outlines the money and investments required for the startup of a firm. Investment calculations calculate the quantities necessary for equipment and machinery. An essential component of the financial plan is a profitability estimate, which details the company’s goal profit and fixed expenses (McKeever, 2018). In addition, a cash flow calculation might be included in the financial plan. The firm must be solvent, implying that it must have sufficient money to cover all due payments. The preferable kind of financing is income financing, followed by personal capital and loans (McKeever, 2018). Pricing is about balancing costs, demand, and rivals’ pricing. Occasionally, the market may set the price, or the price is derived by subtracting the expenses from the total and adding a profit margin.

Analysis Technique

Delphi technique.

Delphi Technique is a sort of risk brainstorming. The critical distinction between this and conventional risk brainstorming is that the Delphi Technique utilizes expert opinion to discover, analyze, and assess risks individually and anonymously (Gaber, 2020). Each expert examines the dangers of the other experts, and a risk register is created by continual evaluation and agreement among the experts.

Probability/Consequence Matrix

The Probability/Consequence Matrix has become the de facto approach for determining the severity of risks in qualitative risk analysis. While risk matrices vary in size, they all effectively accomplish the same thing: Calculate the total seriousness of threat by multiplying the chance of the risk occurring by the effect of the risk, if it does happen. By rating risk probability versus risk consequence, one may assess not just the risk’s overall severity but also the risk’s primary driver, whether probability or consequence (Gaber, 2020). Therefore, this information is valuable in identifying appropriate risk mitigation strategies based on the risk’s significant drivers.

Decision Tree Analysis

It is most often used to assist in choosing the optimal course of action when there is ambiguity about the outcome of potential occurrences or planned plans. This is accomplished by beginning with the original suggested choice and mapping the many routes and consequences that arise from events resulting from the initial proposed decision (Gaber, 2020). The best course of action may be chosen based on a mix of the most desired outcomes, related events, and the likelihood of success once all paths and products have been identified and their relative probabilities have been analyzed.

Risk Management

The risks associated with a company’s selected strategy are intertwined. The most significant risk faced by enterprises is an economic risk: the danger of losing the funds and resources invested in the firm (de Araújo Lima et al., 2020). Accidents involving the company’s property or systems might also be considered risks, and they can be covered by insurance. Failure in business may be caused by a variety of factors, such as force majeure or poor decision-making on the part of the organization (de Araújo Lima et al., 2020). A firm may also be exposed to property hazards, which relate to the possibility that the organization’s resources will be harmed or destroyed. In terms of security concerns, they may be separated into two categories: internal and external elements of danger and criminal activity (de Araújo Lima et al., 2020). Transportation and payment traffic are the two most susceptible aspects of the business’s operations. Companies are concerned by social risks. Changes in tax regulations and a deteriorating labor market are sources of danger that are almost impossible to predict in advance. Risks may be reduced by considering the various risk situations and teaching the employees to be aware of the threat. Multiple aspects of the building’s architecture and decoration may be tailored to reduce risk (de Araújo Lima et al., 2020). Fire safety, information flow, and staff well-being are all potential concerns. When it comes to providing a high level of client satisfaction, it is sometimes preferable to outsource certain aspects of the organization.

Common Mistakes First Time Entrepreneurs Make

In today’s business environment, successful entrepreneurs begin at an early age. Silicon Valley, for instance, is teeming with entrepreneurs trying to build the next worldwide sensation (Russell, 2019). As a consequence, entrepreneurs are establishing enterprises at a younger age than ever recorded before. While this may be beneficial, it has also resulted in several unneeded failures. In other instances, the timing of the concept was off. However, in many situations, business failures are more strongly tied to founder errors (Stephens et al., 2019). The following are frequent errors that every entrepreneur should avoid while beginning a new business:

Failure to Plan

When an entrepreneur sets out to create a firm without first developing a concept, he or she will make the first fatal error. The concept must come first, followed by the resolve to turn it into a company (Baiwa et al., 2017). Pursuing a company only for the sake of establishing a reputation as a startup founder is often a certain path to failure (Baiwa et al., 2017). As a result, it is critical to plan ahead of time before launching a business to avoid unnecessary risk.

Establishing a successful company takes time, and there will almost certainly be times when failure seems imminent. Entrepreneurs that succeed have the fortitude to persevere through extended periods of stagnation and finally achieve success (Joseph et al., 2021). Successful company owners understand that it may take multiple failures before a product adjustment enables them to reach their target audience and achieve success.

Ignoring Market Risks

Ignoring or underestimating potential risks is by far the most common factor for business failure. Most entrepreneurs spend a lot of time and energy developing their businesses, but they spend very little time and energy making sure their businesses make money (Wiklund et al., 2018). Similarly, beginner entrepreneurs spend a lot of money developing a product or technology in pursuit of a solution, but being mistaken about the market, not the product, is what kills the firm (Venkataraman, 2019). A more prudent strategy would be to spend time speaking with prospective clients to ascertain their requirements and evaluate the concept to prevent risk during launch.

Financial Management

Finance is the foundation of every firm. The business objective can only be accomplished with the assistance of competent financial management (Mihajlović et al., 2020). At any point in time, we may overlook the critical nature of money. This section will assess the start-up costs associated with running the firm. Additionally, we will forecast the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement. The initial starting cost of the Laundry Dream King Services business will be 2,000,000 pounds.

Project Financing

Project cost estimation.

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prove the feasibility of this business through the evaluation and presentation of the different aspects concerned in its establishment. Through this summary, the business concept will be explained and the feasibility of the business will be proved.

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Coin Laundry Self-Service

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Executive summary

The question: Should Koperasi Ehsan Selangor Berhad open coin laundry self-service to increase their profit?

Was derived from the treasury of Koperasi Ehsan. Currently this cooperative is having problem in increasing their profit. They only depend on providing small services to Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia (SKM) which is not enough to give big return to this cooperative.(Appendix 1) Hence, the treasury decided to suggest opening new business which could improve their profitability every year. The idea to open coin-laundry service is proposed by them as it is currently on the growing state which can help this cooperative to expand their business.

The methodology of the research involved interviewing the treasury of this cooperative to gain information. A survey was conducted to know the trend or preferences of the customers in using this service. PEST analysis was used to see the external factors towards this project. Ansoff Matrix and SWOT analysis was used to know the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of this project.


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The payback period of this project was estimated 3 years 4.89 months and the average rate of return was estimated 27.9%. From findings, it was concluded that Koperasi Ehsan should continue with their plan to open coin-laundry self-service.


Koperasi Ehsan Selangor Berhad is a cooperative that provides services such as supplying stationary, foods and drinks. They also bought a building and lease it to Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia (SKM). However, the cooperative experience loss from leasing the building. This is due to the fact that they charge their rent to SKM lower than their monthly payment.

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The cooperative can’t increase the charge as SKM is financed by the government. The government allocated only RM 34,000 while they rent to SKM RM 37,000. Hence, they decided to either sell the building or to operate new business. The treasury said that they may consider to open self-service laundry which might help them to cover the lost that have been made from leasing the building. SWOT analysis is used to see the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in providing cleaning services in a new market. External factors will be used to see the opportunities and threats to their new project. The idea of providing cleaning services can be linked with Ansoff’s Matrix as they attempted to provide new product in a new market. Lewin’s force-field analysis also will be used to see the driving force and restraining force of this cooperative in opening new self-service cleaning. The cash flow of house cleaning services will be used to see the possible outcome of a new service.

Research Question

Should Koperasi Ehsan Selangor Berhad open self-service laundry to increase profit.


Various method will be used in order to gain information so the data formed are well-informed and valid. One of the method is interviewing with one of the cooperative members. From this interview, all information about this cooperative will be collected. Cooperative’s annual report that are given by them will be used to interpret the financial strengths and problems. Questionnaire will be used to see the market demand self-service laundry. This survey will be used to ask their willingness to pay for house cleaning services. The result can be useful in analysing the business tool. Secondary research will be carry out to see the potential of house cleaning service in the market. Article and journal will mostly use in this research to collect the information about the demand of self-service laundry in Malaysia.

The interview and survey will enable this report in providing recommendation. The SWOT and PEST analysis will be useful in providing a good direction for this cooperative in penetrating a new market. Lewin’s force-field analysis will show the one that is more prominent in making a changes. The cash flow will help the firms making a prediction weather this services can increase profits or not.

However, there is a limitation in using these methodology. Firstly, there will be limited information about house cleaning service and its demand in the market. Analysis used may not suitable for this survey.

External factor Political / Legal Malaysia advanced nine places to 15th spot among 190 economies worldwide in the World Bank’s Doing Business 2019 Report, which based its rankings on business regulations and ease of doing business.

Economy The self-service or do-it-yourself (DIY) laundry business is one that offers an interesting proposition in tough economic times.

It is not just about setting up a coin-operated laundry service. It is market driven. And we are seeing a change of lifestyle that helps grow this business. Laundry is becoming a family activity where people come in, load their laundry and go out for breakfast while the washers do their work, he said.

Most of the customers come from low- and middle-income families, including single mothers, students and government servants.

Basically, this business has flourished in Malaysia due to the no time and no space factors.

Technology It goes without saying that choosing a high-efficiency washing machine over a conventional model will save money on your utility bills.

Ensure that your cameras are cleaned in order to receive the best performance from your system. Other than this, CCTV systems will keep your premises secure for years.

Payback period

Since self-service laundry will receive steady and stable income, hence every year it will receive almost the same net cash flow. Thus, the manager of this cooperative decided to predict our net cash flow to be the same every year. After doing some research, we decided to predict the highest possible initial capital which is RM 380,000 and net cash flow RM 106,000.

Initial capital = RM 380,000

Year Annual net cash flows (RM) Cumulative cash flows (RM)

=additional cash inflow neededannual cash flow in year 4 12 months=44000106000 12 months=4.98 monthsPayback period = 3 year and 4.98 months

Average rate of return (ARR)

ARR(%)=annual profit (net cash flow) initial capital cost 100ARR%= 106000380000 100ARR=27.9%Analysis and Discussion

Figures 4 shows the Ansoff’s Matrix which is a model used to show the degree of risk associated with the four growth strategies of market penetration, market development, product development and diversification. This cooperative wants to try a new product in a new market. Hence, this strategy can be categorised as diversification. Diversification is the process of selling different, unrelated goods or services in new markets.10 This project is the most risky strategy as they will enter a completely different industry and it requires the member of this cooperative to give extra efforts to make sure this project is doing well. Hence, they should plan ahead in forming suitable product and market development strategies to enter this industry. Since this industry has become more sophisticated, they should focus more on creating their own unique selling point so they can penetrate this market very well and remain competitive.

Figure 5 shows PEST analysis for this cooperative when entering the self-service laundry industry. PEST analysis is used to analyse the external environmental factors affecting business objectives and strategies. 10 The first external factor is the politics or legal factors. Since Malaysia is one of the best place to set up a business, this can be an advantage for the cooperative to start it without facing many regulations and policies. They also do not have to go through many processes to set this business. From the economics perspective, this business will gain many advantages. This industry is targeting middle and lower income. As economic become tougher, people tend to choose cheaper way to reduce their daily expenses. Hence, more people will demand for this service as they know this service can reduce their monthly expenses and ease their chores. This is why many of the customers are among students.

Furthermore, the awareness of this service is spreading very fast for the past few years and it helps this business to gain more potential customer. From social perspective, the lifestyle of Malaysian is changing and most of the households are busy with their jobs. This driven them to use coin-laundry service as it will save more time. Figure 1 shows that 28% of the customers are full-time employed. This indicates that employed people is one of the regular customer to come here. Students have become more prone on using this service as most of their house do not provide washer machine and dryer.

Based on the survey, most of the students cannot afford to have one washer machine and they prefer to here as it is cheap and faster. This show that this cooperative should set up their place near university campus. From technology perspective, this business can gain advantage because many washer machines nowadays save more electric and water usage. Thus, this can reduces the utility bills which lead to higher profits. However, advanced technology is usually sells at higher price. Hence, higher investment needed to buy this type of washer machine. The advancement of security products such as CCTV also could reduce the possibility of this premise getting robbed and it prevent this business from experiencing a big loss. From this analysis, external factors does give many opportunities to this business and less threats. However, this tool is not reliable as it only show qualitative advantages and disadvantages.

The internal strengths and weaknesses of this new initiative were discussed with the manager as well as opportunities and threats. This SWOT analysis helps in deciding whether this project is worth implementing. Strength of this new product is it has WIFI and offer affordable price. According to figure 2, it shows that 72% of the respondents prefer to go to the premise which offers free WIFI while 70% of them want cheaper price. Hence, this cooperative should stick with this strategies so they can remain competitive in this market. The biggest strength of this coin-laundry service is it is located at a very high density of population.(Appendix 1) Based on figure 2, 78% respondents prefer coin-laundry which is nearer to their house. Thus, it will be an advantage for this business to attract more customers and gain more loyal customers. However, this location has its weakness as it has many competitors in this area. The weakness of this cooperative to run this new project is they lack of capital to run this new project. Hence, they need to ask for a huge amount of loan which is not recommended for a small cooperative to take it.

This project also did not receive enough support from its member as they are not confident towards this project to do well and they are afraid this new project could lead to a bigger loss. This cooperatives has many opportunities. This service is highly demanded by the market especially in Klang Valley. Hence, it is not possible for this business to expand more as many of the customers prefer less crowded premise. Based on figure 3, 42% of them prefer less crowded premise. This business also can rent extra space by renting it for vending machine or chair massage. Unfortunately, none of the respondents chose vending machine as their main attraction which indicates that this opportunity of renting vending machine does not play significant role in attracting customers. However, the manager should continue with their plan to install vending machine as it will help this business to gain more profit. Since this type of business is easy to imitate, the amount of new comer will increase tremendously. Thus, this cooperative will face many competitors. Increasing in utility bill also could reduce the profit.

Then, I used quantitative method to help us in further decision making. Investment appraisal is evaluating the profitability or desirability of an investment project. Firstly, I used payback period method to measure how long does it take for this project to get back its investment. From figure 7, it shows that payback period for this project is 3 years and 4.98 months. From this result, it indicates that the payback period for this project is quite long and this will increase interest payment. As for average rate of return, this project will generate 27.9% of annual return of its investment. This figure shows that it is good return for this medium risk investment.

Conclusion and recommendation

In conclusion, Koperasi Ehsan should continue with their planning to open coin laundry self-service as it will generate extra revenues and provides many opportunities. The payback period might be too long but this figures can be shorten as the demand for this service will keep increasing. However, further research is needed for this research as data collected might not be sufficient enough to make further decision. Most of calculation also on based on predicted values and data from questionnaire might be not reliable. Hence, further research on a larger population is needed.

Based on present data, it is recommended that this Koperasi Ehsan should consider start their own coin laundry service. They also need to set their price as competitive as possible so they can stay longer in this industry. They should set up their business near to a larger population so they can easily gain more customers


However, the results from both primary and secondary research might be not be reliable. The honesty of the respondent might affect the quality of the response which lead to misinterpretation of the data. In addition, bias analysis might affects the decision making in this project.

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Coin Laundry Self-Service

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The eco friendly laundry service business

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Mission and Vision Statement

Company description, products and services, industry analysis, target market, marketing/sales plan, competitive analysis, management team, operational plan, operational plan and expenses:, necessary capital and its corresponding costs:, price per quantity, $527,187.00, internal operational costs:, fixed cost:, variable costs:, financial projections, start-up costs estimated cost, total start-up costs $766,136.38, opening day balance sheet, current assets, total current assets $12,208.33, fixed assets, total fixed assets $656,187.00, other assets, total other assets $0, total assets $668,395.33, liabilities, current liabilities, total current liabilities $7,857.14, long-term liabilities, total long-term liabilities $542,142.86, total liabilities $550,000.00, owners’ equity (net worth) $118,395.33, total liabilities & net worth $618,695.33, income statement, for the year ending in dec.31, 2008, gross profit $55,000, cite this work.

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Laundry Services Proposal


thesis about laundry service

1. Wash & Fold

2. dry cleaning, our clients, key activities.

Key Supplies

Our Targets

thesis about laundry service

Quality Check

Terms and Conditions

1. payment terms, 2. supplies, 3. additional services, 4. cancellation and termination, 5. garment care, acceptance and signature, free laundry services proposal template, this detailed laundry services proposal will help you build your laundry service client base. we have put together all the elements that you will require for this proposal. all you have to do is just customize it as per your requirements and share it with your clients..



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What is a Laundry Services Proposal?

Laundry service providers are professionals that provide laundry solutions to their clients. A laundry service proposal helps you to offer high-quality laundry services to potential clients and win them.

What are the services provided by a laundry services company?

Laundry services providers are professionals who offer a range of services like cloth washing, deep cleaning, laundry facilities, and more. The services include:

Pickup laundry service

Commercial laundry service

Fluff and fold laundry service

Steam ironing service

Dry cleaning service

Deep cleaning service

What are the components of the laundry service proposal?


This is the first section of the laundry service proposal. You can include the following details:

Introduce your company

The services your company offers

Company milestones

Clients' pain points and how your company is right for them

Highlight your company mission, vision, expertise, and strengths. Mention how your company is a one-stop solution for customers looking for laundry services. Include the key features that make you different from the competitors. You can also add the company’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to increase the credibility of your business. 

Approach and services

In this section, mention how your laundry services work. Here’s an example of how you can give a detailed description of the process of the services: 

Item collection from the customer’s doorstep or self-supply of items

Weighing of laundry or counting pieces

Item delivery at the customer’s doorstep or self–pickup of items

Project and timeline

Outline the timeframe of your laundry services. Mention in detail the daily/weekly pickup timings, service hours, days of services, collection time, etc. You can include a table chart that clearly mentions all the necessary information with regard to the timeline.

Break down all the services in a table format. Mention every service and its items in a tabular presentation. This helps the client to easily understand the pricing structure.

This section covers all the rules and regulations between the client and the service provider. Include payment terms, garment care cancellation policy, warranties, and other important clauses based on your business requirements. 

Include a signature section for both parties to sign the agreement. This is also a chance to include a prompt action for the client to reach out to you if they have any queries. 

Tips on drafting a successful Laundry Service Proposal

An effective proposal is a powerful tool to gain clients. It demonstrates why doing business with your company is the best decision for the client. Here’s how you can create an effective proposal that impresses your potential clients:

Understand the customer’s affordability and convenience for pick-up/delivery of laundry 

Consider how your services can fulfill the customers’ needs

Explain how your company is different from the competitors

Mention the company's USP and add customer testimonials to build trust amongst the customers 

Add visuals to make the proposal aesthetically pleasing

Modernize your Laundry Services Proposal with Revv

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Real-time monitoring

Revv’s activity tracker lets you track the proposal. You get detailed information about the changes made in the proposal - who has viewed, opened, rejected, etc.

Revv’s eSignature facility speeds up the signing process. It allows both parties to sign the document quickly from anywhere.

Frequently asked questions

Why should you opt for laundry services.

Laundry service providers work with specialists who are well-trained and provide hands-on experience to deal with garments in the most hygienic manner. Professional laundry service providers pick up dirty clothes and deliver fresh and clean clothes as per the customers’ convenience.

What are the features of laundry services?

Laundry services aim to preserve the fabric quality while removing stains and dirt from the garments. They provide efficient and timely laundry services to customers. They also offer ultra-clean laundromats with special packaging to maintain freshness.

How do I choose the right laundry service company?

Choose a service provider who uses the best methods to clean different types of fabrics with professional and quality cleaning equipment. The service provider must provide pick-up/delivery services at your doorstep and has a turnaround time that fits perfectly with your schedule and clothing routine.

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thesis about laundry service

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Complete your laundry in 3 EASY steps:

Call (888) 892‑0818

Welcome to washfoundry the future laundry care.

WashFoundry is a one stop solution for all your cleaning needs. We offer on-demand laundry wash and fold services for residential customers, wet and dry cleaning as well as laundry services for small and medium size businesses. Explore the details of our services below.

Residential pick-up & delivery

Our residential customers enjoy a premium level of service, where they can arrange a pickup of their laundry at their convenient location and our professionals will process the garnments according to their instructions and deliver them back at the most convenient time.

WashFoundry for Businesses

WashFoundry offers laundry services to commercial customers. If you are a small or medium sized business and require laundry services on a regular basis, WashFoundry is the best solution for you. We will pickup, wash and fold and deliver your laundry on your scheduled date.


In addition to wet cleaning, WashFoundry offers dry cleaning services as well. You can drop-off your garments or arrange a pickup and delivery schedule and our professionals will take care of the rest. All your items will be cleaned according to your instructions with the best care possible.

Questons? (888) 892‑0818 or [email protected]

Mission Linen


Mission Linen Supply’s

New Facility Servicing the Bay Area

More Options More Products & Services More Expertise More Sustainability

thesis about laundry service

When it comes to clean linens and other essential supplies, you should be able to count on fast service, consistent quality, and responsive customer support. With more than 85 years of experience as a leading supplier for the hospitality, health care, and food and beverage industries, Mission delivers all that and MORE.

To provide even better service to the Bay Area, we have opened a state-of-the-art, LEED-certified facility in Newark, California. Spanning 100,000 square feet, this new location can process more than 70 million pounds of laundry each year.

Missionlinen Newark


Built to meet your needs.

Our new, 109,000-square-foot facility is designed to process 1,500,000 pounds of laundry each week and is equipped with:


With a silver Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, our Newark facility includes numereous environmentally friendly features.


Since 1930, Mission has specialized in the hospitality and health care industries. We understand your needs, and our new, state-of-the-art, LEED-certified facility is designed specifically to meet them.


Choose from a wide variety of products, programs and services. You can rent, buy direct or let our customer-owned goods (COG) experts process items you already own – we flawlessly launder even the most delicate linens.


We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to make sure you have the products you need when you need them. Plus, with our Newark facility in close proximity and our efficient delivery services, you’ll never need to worry about storage limitations again.


Whether you serve customers, patients, guests, patrons or someone else entirely, we provide the products, services and support you need to exceed their expectations.

thesis about laundry service


Mission is proud to offer a professional, positive work environment with numerous opportunities for growth and success.

We are currently looking for hard-working, motivated individuals to join our new Newark team. A variety positions from entry level to management are available – apply today to start your career with Mission.

thesis about laundry service

What are you looking for?

Commercial Laundries in Newark, CA

1. Redding Coin Laundry Equipment Co.

Serving the Newark Area

From Business: Redding Coin Laundry Equipment Co. is the Northern California distributor for Speed Queen Commercial Laundry Equipment.*Laundry Systems*Sales: Motels - Trailer…

2. Friendly Wash Coin Laundry

3. clean tech service solution, 4. southland laundry systems, 5. aj's quick clean.

The owner and staff are always friendly and remember my name even though I'm only an occasional customer. They work hard, and I appreciate their…

6. R & J Quick Clean Center

From Business: R & J Quick Clean Center Specializing in Drapery and Curtain Cleaning and Bedspreads. Full Service Dry Cleaners including Wash and Fold. Open 7 Days a Week, 8am…

7. Launderworld

From Business: "Bringing families together through food people love" -- this has been Papa Murphy's mission for over 30 years. We offer fresh pizza created just the way you…

8. AA Laundry

This place is very clean, Attendances are always friendly and plenty of parking. Plenty of Shinny Dexter washers and Dryers that uses Easy Card…

9. Landmarc Laundry Service

10. capital laundramat, 11. fresho laundry, 12. american service company, 13. dry cleaning outlet, 14. san carlos dry cleaners, 15. landmarc laundry services, 16. lytton cleaners, 17. launderland-the dry cleaner, 18. spotless dry cleaning, 19. menlo shirt laundry dry cleaners, 20. lux dry cleaners, 21. dry clean abc, 22. dryclean usa, 23. magic alteration, 24. miller's dry cleaning, 25. oasis laundry & dry cleaning.

From Business: * Specialized Commercial Laundry * Commercial Laundry * Service Available * Free Delivery * Same Day Service * Over 90 Machines * 60 / 35 Lb Washers

26. Service West

27. musa laundry, 28. connie gounsalves goulart, 29. hacienda cleaners.

Guess what! I finally found the Dry Cleaners that I can trust. Last week I had to go out of state and I needed suit cleaning in a day. I called…

30. Dry Clean 4 U

Great cleaners that doesn't use chemicals. Completely green.

YP - The Real Yellow Pages SM - helps you find the right local businesses to meet your specific needs. Search results are sorted by a combination of factors to give you a set of choices in response to your search criteria. These factors are similar to those you might use to determine which business to select from a local Yellow Pages directory, including proximity to where you are searching, expertise in the specific services or products you need, and comprehensive business information to help evaluate a business's suitability for you. “Preferred” listings, or those with featured website buttons, indicate YP advertisers who directly provide information about their businesses to help consumers make more informed buying decisions. YP advertisers receive higher placement in the default ordering of search results and may appear in sponsored listings on the top, side, or bottom of the search results page.


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    Laundry business is an easy and convenient business to start. It is not capital or management intensive. You can start this business right from home and grow from there. It is a very lucrative business, as not everyone that puts on clothes has the time to do the laundry.


    applied to determine whether the laundry lounge, a combination of laundry and extra services such as cafeteria, reading room and free Wi-Fi, is promising for the target group. As a result, the objective of the thesis is to measure the feasibility of the laundry lounge model in the target market. The thesis is structured with four main parts.


    Sparkle Laundry Services was established in 2011, and has grown from its humble beginnings to become the city's premier commercial laundry service provider. Their services are catered to meet the needs of their customers both as an individual and as a business.

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    The result of the t-test revealed that t = 5.790 and p = 0.000 and since p ≤ 0.05 it thus means that there is significant difference in cleaning service quality before and after outsourcing.

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    The resort is to utilize laundry services for a fast and easy way of cleaning dirty clothes and linens. Laundry chore was first done in water courses, letting the water carry away the materials which could cause stains and smells. Laundry is still done this way in some less industrialized areas and rural regions of the world.


    prices. Quality thus is a service where the consumer focuses on perceiving value (Knowles 1998, 292). vIn the cleaning industry, cleaning service quality is the ability to meet the customer's expectations and needs. If the customer's experiences of the cleaning service correspond with his assumptions, then he considers the overall quality

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    Case Study Laundry Services On average, despite of economic status or age, an ordinary individual consumes 6 kilos of laundry in a week. This is based on the assumption that an ordinary individual should at least have their laundry at the end of the week. Demand will not be stable.

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  13. Laundry Dream King Services: The Business Plan Report

    The laundry Dream, King Services business, is related to laundry services; the key processes are based upon the management of clothes tagging, sorting, washing, drying, dry cleaning, steam pressing, and packing. These operations are collection services, which entails picking clothing from residences by pickup vans.


    Thesis: Customer's Acceptability and Financial Viability of Coin-Operated Washing Machine Laundry Shop Business in Lucban, Quezon (Par, et al., 2015). The study was conducted at seven laundry shops in the municipality of f 19 WASHATERIA: WASH YOUR PROBLEM Lucban, Quezon.

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    Since self-service laundry will receive steady and stable income, hence every year it will receive almost the same net cash flow. Thus, the manager of this cooperative decided to predict our net cash flow to be the same every year. ... Related Essays. Laundry service Industry Pages: 4 (1107 words) Business Plan Template: The Laundry Room Pages ...

  16. Feasibility Study of a Laundry Business

    Our services encompass all of laundry needs including washing, drying, pressing, folding, dry cleaning and washing of special clothing and articles like bags and stuff toys. All these services are priced competitively with the company using value-based and competition-based pricing in order to come-up with a price that is affordable even for ...

  17. PDF Laundry and Linen Services in Hospitals

    For laundry management · Use water and cleaning agents economically · Stock the linen materials in 1:3 ratios - 1 set of linen -Patient room - 1 set - Duty room cupboard - 1set - In laundry · Use all faded and damaged fabrics for dusting and cleaning windows, furniture etc. Conclusion Thus, laundry and linen service plays a very important

  18. The eco friendly laundry service business

    The coin laundry service business is an approximately $2.4 billion dollar industry, growing immensely, and will continue to grow more each year, both revenue and in number of coin laundries, due to an intense increase in human population and the fact that washing clothes is considered to be a basic necessity of life, in addition to food and …

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    This detailed laundry services proposal will help you build your laundry service client base. We have put together all the elements that you will require for this proposal. All you have to do is just customize it as per your requirements and share it with your clients.

  20. Top 10 Best Wash and Fold Laundry in Santa Clara, CA

    This is a review for a laundry services business in Santa Clara, CA: "The new owners did a great job of giving this place a facelift. It's very clean and pleasant with all new appliances. It doesn't have that old, worn down "dead" energy that most laundromats have if you know what I mean. Plus they installed an ATM that dispenses $10 bills ...

  21. Welcome to WashFoundry

    Welcome to WashFoundry the future laundry care WashFoundry. WashFoundry is a one stop solution for all your cleaning needs. We offer on-demand laundry wash and fold services for residential customers, wet and dry cleaning as well as laundry services for small and medium size businesses. Explore the details of our services below.

  22. Newark Facility

    With more than 85 years of experience as a leading supplier for the hospitality, health care, and food and beverage industries, Mission delivers all that and MORE. To provide even better service to the Bay Area, we have opened a state-of-the-art, LEED-certified facility in Newark, California. Spanning 100,000 square feet, this new location can ...

  23. Best 30 Commercial Laundries in Newark, CA with Reviews

    Landmarc Laundry Service. Commercial Laundries Dry Cleaners & Laundries (650) 260-2425. 3501 Edison Way. Menlo Park, CA 94025. CLOSED NOW. 10. Capital Laundramat. Commercial Laundries Laundromats. Website. 19. YEARS IN BUSINESS (650) 988-8800. 1933 W El Camino Real. Mountain View, CA 94040. CLOSED NOW. 11. Fresho Laundry.