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    how to make debate introduction pdf

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    how to make debate introduction pdf

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    how to make debate introduction pdf

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    how to make debate introduction pdf

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    how to make debate introduction pdf

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    how to make debate introduction pdf


  1. Debate Introduction

  2. Debate Introduction

  3. Debate Essay Samples

  4. How to Start a Speech: The Best (and Worst) Speech Openers

  5. Debate Part 1: Introduction

  6. How to Win a Political Debate in 5 Easy Steps



    NATIONAL SPEECH & DEBATE ASSOCIATION • • WRITING INTRODUCTIONS | 2 LESSON: WRITING INTRODUCTIONS After the students have picked a topic, it’s time to start considering the structure of an intro. A good intro includes four crucial parts: 1. Attention Getting Device (AGD) 2. Issue Statement 3. Thesis 4. Roadmap

  2. DEBATE 101

    NATIONAL SPEECH DEBATE ASSOCIATION DEBATE 101: Ever 07 nents’ arguments. Since every ARGUMENT consists of a CLAIM, WARRANT and PROOF, the best debaters understand that responsive argumentative CLASH involves making a CLAIM about your opponents’ ar-gument, providing reasons or WARRANTS to support the CLAIM you are making, and

  3. Debating: A Brief Introduction for Beginners

    There are a number of things that you can do in preparation for a debate. Below are some suggestions. • Assign speaker roles to your members • Meet with your team members as often as you can • Practice your debate, and record it so you can see what you look like • Talk to other people, ask for their help


    This book is intended as an introduction to major concepts in argumentation, logic, and public advocacy. It is built around the framework of academic debate, an activity that is practiced in schools around the world. While this book focuses on academic debate for simplicity, it will also


    First Speaker (Affirmative): The first affirmative must introduce the debate as a whole, not just their team’s side. This means that they need to provide a DEFINITION (that is, defining the key terms and the topic as a whole in the MOST REASONABLE way). Secondly, they must introduce your TEAM LINE, which is

  6. (PDF) An Introduction to Academic Debate

    Debating can be an effective and practical learning tool. Debating allows several different qualities to emerge, including: collecting and organizing ideas, evaluating ideas, seeing logical ...