To structure your argument, you must first determine who your audience is.   Who is it that you are arguing against?   You must determine what claims this audience makes, what warrants underlie those claims and what data they offer to back up those claims.   You have to understand the warrant because that is what you must refute.   For a pro-choice paper, you might begin thinking along these lines:

Issue: Should abortion remain a legal option for pregnant women?

Audience: Pro-life people who believe abortion should be made illegal.

Their claims : Abortion is murder.   Other claims follow from this main claim, i.e., that the government does have the right to interfere, that more lives will be saved than lost, that morality is legislated in other areas.   Also that many unwanted pregnancies turn into wanted pregnancies or wanted children.

Underlying warrant: A fetus is a human being and so killing one is tantamount to murder.  

For the paper then, an outline might look like this:

Introduction: introduce the issue

Thesis: Abortion should remain a legal option for women because the government has no right to interfere with a woman’s body, illegal abortions result in far more fatalities, many unwanted pregnancies result in economic deprivation and an on-going cycle of poverty and despair, but most importantly, there is no conclusive evidence or argument that a fetus is equal to a human being and therefore, has equal rights.

Evidence for argument #1

Evidence for argument #2

Evidence for argument #3

Evidence for argument #4—this argument will have the most written on it since this is the one that refutes the warrant of pro-life.

Opposition Refuted : Identify and respond to opposing arguments.   You may concede points here as long as you are able to overcome with a strong argument.   For example, you might say that many unwanted pregnancies do have happy endings—no rise in child abuse and parents accept the new child, but that this is by no means a certainty.   Just because a woman is forced to carry to term and ends up loving her child does not mean the government has the right to make that decision.

Conclusion: By this time, your conclusion should seem inevitable given your arguments.   Sum it up, leaving your reader with a strong impression, something to think about.   Ending with a question is not the best option—all the questions should have been answered by now.

For a pro-life paper, you might begin thinking along these lines:  

Audience: Pro-choice people who believe abortion should remain legal.

Their claims : A woman has a right to decide what happens to her body; the government should not interfere; women will die in large numbers if the option is not available; abortion laws are discriminatory; unwanted children are a problem for families and society; the poverty cycle remains unbroken; abortion is good for women’s health.

Underlying warrant: It’s a woman’s choice; not anyone else’s.  

Such a paper might look very different since the argument rests on one main issue.   In this case, an outline might look like this:

Thesis: Abortion should be illegal because whatever arguments the pro-choice side can make, it does not matter when we are discussing the life of a human being.   Abortion is murder.

Opposing Arguments: go through what the opposition’s major arguments are.   You may concede points here—yes, more children might be abused; yes, women will lose the right to choose; yes, some women will die trying to have an illegal abortion, BUT what we’re really dealing with is allowing the murder of children because they are inconvenient or unwanted.

Evidence for fetus as human argument

Evidence : for any other argument

Addressing Opposing problems : to make your case stronger, you could give solutions for the problems you outlined in the opposing arguments section.   For example, if child abuse and unwanted children are a problem, perhaps we could work on changing the adoption system.   This shows you are aware of the problems illegal abortion creates and are willing to acknowledge those problems, i.e., makes you seem more reasonable, not fanatical as many pro-life people are depicted.

Conclusion: By this time, your conclusion should seem inevitable given your arguments.   Sum it up, leaving your reader with a strong impression, something to think about.  

Other options are available.   You may find for your topic that going point by point would work best.   For example, give the opposing side’s strongest argument, then refute it.   Give their second strongest; refute, and so on.   This works well if you can go point-by-point.

            You also need to consider how to arrange the arguments you have.   You can go strongest to least strongest or start with the second strongest, go down the line, finishing with the strongest.   You may find that one point leads logically into another.   Whatever you decide, make sure you put some thought into it.   Your reader should feel like she has been led to a logical conclusion, not hop-scotched across one point to another without a clear organizational pattern.


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abortion paper thesis

Thesis Statement On Abortion

Arguments against abortion research paper.

English Should Abortion Remain legal in the U.S.? Abortion is one of the most controversial topics in our time. Many people believe that abortion is immoral and it should be considered as murder. On the other hand, some support the idea that it is the women's right to choose to have an abortion. Although both sides have valid arguments, it is a subject that continues to divide the country.

Pro Life Abortion

Introduction After decades, the abortion debate remains a controversial issue, continuing to divide the American populace, while eroding the moral fabric of the country. Contention over national abortion policy continually unfurls in media headlines, and is rapidly becoming a central issue in the political arena. Tragically, pertinent discussion typically disintegrates, with proponents on both sides feeling deeply offended by the discourse. In order to make progress on this issue, it may be helpful to understand the commonalities between advocates on both sides.

Roe V. Wade Argumentative Essay

Before Roe v. wade the number of deaths from illegal abortions was around 5000 and in the 50s and 60s the number of illegal abortions ranged from 200,000 to 1.2 million per year. These illegal abortions pose major health risks to the life of the woman including damage to the bladder, intestines as well as rupturing of the uterus. The choice to become a mother must be given to the woman most importantly because it’s her body, her health, and she will be taking on a great responsibility. A woman’s choice to choose abortion should not be restricted by anyone; there are multiple reasons why abortion will be the more sensible decision for the female.

Annotated Bibliography On Abortion

Annotated Bibliography "Abortion" ProConorg Headlines. N.p., n.d. Web. 20 Apr. 2016.

Persuasive Essay On Unsafe Abortion

Worldwide, 42 million abortions occur every year, 20 million of which happen on unsafe terms (Haddad and Nour 122). As of late, abortion incidence has begun to decrease due to the creation and distribution of contraceptive medications, as this resulted in fewer unintended pregnancies. However, the overall number of unsafe abortions has remained the same, making the proportion of unsafe to safe terminations greater as time goes on (Sedgh et al. 629). This trend is especially evident in the United States, and does not appear to be ending soon; the epidemic of unsafe abortion in America will only continue to increase under current conditions. In this essay, I will use research conducted on the United States’ legislations to examine how the lack

Pro Choice Vs. Pro-Life: The Abortion Debate

has been about 42 years since the Roe vs. Wade decision was established, and yet the abortion controversy is still raging. Abortion is often classified as the “termination of pregnancy”, so that it doesn 't lead to the birth of a child (British Pregnancy Advisory Services, 2015). Taking a step back into history, the Roe vs. Wade decision of 1973, legislated that a pregnant woman is entitled to have an abortion until the end of the first trimester of pregnancy without any interference by the state. Since the validation of abortion there have been many debates, uproars, and opinions. Two common positions of abortion is “Pro-choice” and “Pro-life”.

Frum's Argument Against Abortion Is Wrong

In current news and for the past few years the topic of abortion has been a very prevalent and heated argument. Both sides to this topic argue over who is right and who is wrong, the liberal side believing that abortion should be legal while the conservative side believes that abortion is wrong and should be banned. There lies middle ground where certain people agree recklessness should not be cared for, but those who are victims of rape and sexual violence should be. Overall the topic is discussed often and is the center of many politicians campaign, by either abolishing it as a thing or by making it more affordable and available to everyone.

Ethical Issues Of Abortion

Introduction: Medically abortion is defined as a pregnancy loss that occurs at least than 20 weeks of gestation. Abortion is calcified into: spontaneous abortion and induced abortion. - Spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) is occurs in the absence of any medical or surgical intervention, which is not our focus in this paper. - On the other hand induced abortion is the medical or surgical termination of pregnancy typically before the time of fetal viability. (1) Ethically the induced abortion is an ancient issue that has an old debate about being morally right or wrong.

Abortion: A Huge Argument In The World Today

Abortion is a huge argument in the world today. “In 1973 the U.S. Supreme Court held in Roe V.Wade that the right of privacy protects women’s decisions to end unwanted pregnancy before the fetus develops.” By 2013, 70 restrictions to curb the practice of abortion from 22 states. (Funk & Wagnalls pg.1). In 2014, five health votes were examined by the House of Representatives regarding the matter of abortion. Everyone has a side to abortion from politics to democrats, people in religions to people with no religions, the people having the baby to someone who never had a baby before; everyone sees a different side to it. My believe on abortion is it should be Illegal because it kills innocent lives.

Human Nature Of Abortion

As of late, there has been much controversy surrounding the topic of abortion and just how significant of an issue it has grown into within the United States, a country where the right to life is one that is unalienable and an inheritance granted to all under the protection of the Declaration of Independence. This controversy has been brought to light recently as the topic of abortion has emerged as a top issue in regards to the 2016

Sociological Theory Of Abortion Essay

Abortion is a huge problem, not just in the United States but also all over the world. Abortion is a termination of a pregnancy, usually within the first 28 weeks. Some people believe abortion is murder, while others believe it is not. Abortion is a social problem. In order to be a social problem, the issue must affect a group of people. People who are pro-life, believe abortion should not be legal, while some people believe that the fetus is not a living person therefore it should be legal. There are also people who are in the middle, they are neutral, they are neither for or against abortions. If abortion is illegal then it will still happen. Women would still find a way to still have abortions but, they will be taking a greater risk in having them done. Abortion affects many people. Some women disagree with the idea, while others agree. Some religions believe it is a sin to have an abortion. Abortion

Why Abortion Is Wrong Research Paper

Abortion, Why Not to Abort If you are asking if abortion is the right thing to do, then ask yourself this. Is committing murder the right thing to do? The answer is no. You should never abort a child because of these reasons. First of all you are committing a murder, it may not be considered murder under the law but in my point of view it is.

Abortion Is Wrong Research Paper

Life used to be a miracle; a high-esteemed gift that was respected. Today, life is nothing more than an inconvenience; a discomfort; a nuisance. Over one million lives are stolen from innocent human beings in the United States each year (“U.S. Abortion Statistics.”). This is not caused by car accidents or suicides. This mortality rate is the result of the murdering of innocent children. Abortion can be proven wrong by the scientific evidence, the emotional evidence, and personal beliefs.

Synthesis Essay On Abortion

Woman and sexual active teenagers can also invest in numerous types of birth control to avoid pregnancy. Adoption is also another option to consider if an unwanted pregnancy occurs. If these measures are taken countless lives would be saved. Many lives are lost to abortion and it is not just occurring to the unborn, there have been newly found evidence that some of the medication utilized in abortion is also wreaking havoc on the lives of the women obtaining the abortions. The FDA has gone through several hearings against the drug RU-486, reporting that there were nine life-threatening incidents, and numerous hospitalizations requiring blood transfusions due to hemorrhaging. Wendy Wright argues that, “abortion providers, or those who seek

Society's Influence On Abortion And Human Rights

The debate on abortion remains intense and most disputed all over the world throughout time. While affected by various issues, the abortion debate is highly influenced by society and the respective cultures, religions and politics which play a significant role in its making up. Abortion has been discoursed in different perspectives but the emergence of the human rights debate in view of abortion has been and continues to be prevalent. Resultantly, human rights have been central to the developments and changes in abortion law worldwide as influenced by international bodies. Despite such developments and changes in view of legalising abortion, or where already legal, extending the circumstances in which it could be resorted to, certain countries

More about Thesis Statement On Abortion


Thesis Statement On Abortion

The history of abortion.

This paper will explore the many facets of abortion. For organizational purposes, it will first provide

The Abortion Of The United States

Abortion is a common debated topic in the United States. It is becoming commonplace in our society. Terminating an unwanted pregnancy is a difficult choice that many women have faced throughout the years. Through out this paper, reasons for abortion, women, underage girls, parental laws, emotions, and the procedures of terminating a pregnancy will be discussed. While there is still more research being done, it is said that abortion can have both negative and positive effects.

The Psychological Effects Of Abortion On Mental Health

Many women choosing to have an abortion are unaware of the psychological effects it will have on them. Many are affected for years or maybe even lifetime after the procedure. Abortion can affect each woman differently, some claim that abortion has negative effects on women’s mental health. Women have abortions for different reasons within different personal, social, economic, and cultural contexts. All of these may lead to variability in women’s psychological reactions following the abortion. This paper will focus on answering the following questions:

Essay on Women Have the Right to Abortion

The practice of abortions throughout the United States are safe. Abortions have become safer since the procedure was reluctantly legalized in the United States-by the Supreme Court-in 1973. According to The American Medical Association’s Council on Scientific Affairs the number of deaths associated with abortion drastically dropped from roughly four out of every one hundred thousand women in 1973 to .6 per every one hundred thousand women in 1997 (Abortion is Safe). These statistics show that procedure in how an abortion is performed has become safer since legalization. Legalization of abortion permitted the procedure to be performed in a sterile setting- such as a hospital operating room. The medical risk associated with an abortion procedure is highly overestimated. An abortion performed exactly as medically advised carries half the risk of a tonsillectomy (Abortion is Safe). (A tonsillectomy is a simple procedure that is performed on many children in their childhood.) On the other hand, anti-abortion advocates point to emotional problems that could harm the pregnant woman after an abortion. These advocates attempt to show there is a link to mental disorders in post abortion women. A New Zealand study looked to verify this claim. The analysis showed that there was a credible link between depression, suicide attempts and substance abuse in post abortion women (Cords). Researchers also aimed to connect having an abortion with post-traumatic stress disorder

Persuasive Essay About Abortion

As a woman who has experienced the horrific tragedy of rape and all of the trauma that comes with it, I personally find a woman’s right to have a say in her own reproductive rights to be of the utmost importance. Ever since the landmark Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade was decided in January of 1973, abortion has been deemed a fundamental right for women. Additionally, a woman’s right to access legal, safe, and professionally-performed abortions severely reduces the risk of death and bodily harm associated with less safe, unlawful abortions. Lastly, studies performed via peer review in 2013 found that women who denied abortions were more likely to suffer from mental health problems when compared to women who carried out the procedure. Furthermore, only 1 in 20 women who received abortions felt that they did not make the right choice in doing so. In other words, in order to ensure the health of women, both physical and mental, in the United States, it is vital that safe avenues for abortion remain available to the general public.

Should Abortion Remain Legal? The United States?

Nearly 81% of women who receive abortions experience subsequent mental health problems according to a recently published study by The Royal College of Psychiatrists. The study demonstrates that the aftermath of an abortion can result in higher rates of anxiety, depression, various forms of substance abuse, and suicidal behavior. As a result of the study, it shows that women who have an abortion face almost double the risk of mental health problems as women who have their baby. This outcome is due to the fact that most women who are terminating pregnancies “may feel a greater sense of loss, anxiety and distress due to lack of support”, as summarized in the Guttmacher Institute, a non-profit reproductive health organization. In fact, a five-year study shows that 25% of

Exemplification Essay: The Stereotypes Of Abortion

Abortion is the practice of termination of a human fetus within the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. Abortion has been around since at least “ancient times”. Women have been receiving medically-induced abortions since the 1800s. Before then, women were given abortions by ingesting mixtures of herbs, being impaled by a sharp object, or by having pressure applied to the abdominal area. It was not until the mid-1800’s that abortion was deemed illegal. After abortion was outlawed, women resulted to receiving illegal abortions, also known as “back-alley” abortions. “Back-alley” abortions were also a great resource for women who did not want to bear the stigma of abortion and did not want to be stereotyped. The abortion stigma and stereotypes weighs too heavily with negative connotation. The abortion stereotypes and stigma manifestations must be reduced and stopped because it is indispensable to women’s reproductive health.

Repercussions of Mental Health After Terminating Pregnancy Essay example

In the overarching state of humanity, few topics are as important to the long term societal standpoint as abortion. Even more important and contested is the controversial subject of whether or not a woman will endure long term psychological effects or disorders after said abortion. This subject has been highly debated, with valid points made by both sides. It is important that we all look into these repercussions, especially since approximately 33% of women will undergo an abortion by the time they reach forty-five years old. This often challenged subject has many aspects. The main ideas that I researched where whether or not having an abortion leads to a higher risk for mental health issues, whether or not “post-abortion syndrome” is a

The Case Of Roe V. Wade

The definition of abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. Inasmuch as it is true, in our society abortion is an extremely controversial subject, however, it is also safe to say that it is a very opinionated matter between those who do and do not believe in it. Abortion has been legal in the United States since the case of Roe v. Wade in the winter of 1973 labeling it as a “fundamental right”, it has since been a moral issue within our society. The decision to terminate ones own pregnancy is in their own hands and the effects of termination mentally and physically are their own to contract with.

Throughout The United States There Has Always Been A Big

Throughout the United States there has always been a big debate on whether or not abortion is ethically acceptable or not. Though many individuals see it as killing a child, many others can overlook that burden and see the consequences of having a child at that point in time. Individuals who are put in a pregnancy situation and have to look into all aspects of an abortion and the reasons for this procedure, while also realizing the biological development of the fetus, and the process of an abortion.

APA Task Force

Since abortions legalization in 1973, it has become a topic ensnared by controversies as groups debate abortions moral and ethical consequences. Most often the controversy over abortion comes down to a person’s moral stand point on the subject, however, most people are not apprised of the possible long and short term psychological effects of receiving an abortion. Multiple studies preformed over the years have endeavored to determine the extent abortion has on women’s mental health with vastly varying results. Articles written by Coleman and Fergusson surmise women who undergo an abortion operation are highly prone to experience some variety of psychological harm. Other researchers like the American Psychological Association (APA) task force

Should Abortion Be Legal?

Abortion is a deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. There are series of legal, moral and ethical issues which may arise about abortion. Most arguments about abortion are often focused on political insinuations and the legal aspect of such actions. Some frequently asked questions’ regarding the issue is if the practice should be outlawed and regarded as murder or should women have the right to practice it. For example, prior to becoming pregnant, some women feel that they would be able to choose the abortion option without trouble. However, even with reasons why having an abortion would be the best option, some women feel that this decision would not be right for them. On the other hand, some women have a strong belief that abortion is unethical prior to becoming pregnant.

The Ethical Issues Of Abortion Essay

Abortion is a highly-debated topic of whether it is ethical for a woman to decide to have one. Abortion is any of various surgical methods for deliberately terminating a pregnancy. When we speak of abortion today, we mean induced abortion performed by trained doctors, not including miscarriage (MacKinnon & Fiala, 2015). Some current methods of abortion are morning-after pill, mifepristone, uterine or vacuum aspiration, dilation and curettage, saline solution, prostaglandin drugs, hysterotomy, and partial birth abortion. Abortion involves questions about rights, happiness, and well-being, as well as the status and value of human life. The people who think it is ethical to have an abortion stand on the Pro-choice side and the people who think it is unethical stand on the Pro-life side. The liberal view of abortion supports abortions and the conservative view opposes abortion. There are many legal, religious, and medical conflicts that are included in the debate over abortion. The arguments made from both sides help us better understand whether a woman should have an abortion.

The Effects of Abortion That You Don't Know About Essay

Many women that choose to have an abortion do not realize that it is a dangerous surgery with serious side effects. These side effects are both physical and psychological. Having an abortion is unnatural and interrupts this function of the human body. “The women’s body naturally resists the abortion, causing physical and emotional problems” (“Who does Abortion Affect?”). Almost all of the women who had abortions feel that they have made the wrong decision. The women are not informed about the side effects of abortion. Many women that had abortions said their doctors gave “little or no information about the potential health risks

Essay on Abortion

Women may have an abortion for a variety of reasons, but in general they choose abortion because a pregnancy at that time is in some way wrong for them. “Abortion is the removal of a fetus from the uterus before it is mature enough to live on its own” (Kuechler 1996). When this happens spontaneously we call it a miscarriage. Induced abortion is brought about deliberately by a medical procedure that ends pregnancy. Legal abortion, carried out by trained medical practitioners, is one of the most common and safest surgical procedures. “About 1.5 million American women choose to have induced abortions each year. Less than 1% of all abortion patients experience a major complication associated with the procedure” (Kuechler 1996).

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Abortion Thesis Statement with Examples

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Abortion has been a complicated issue for many individuals, debating whether it should be illegal or not. Various medical and health situations have consequently supported the inhumane procedures used so that the act can be successful. This has therefore made it crucial for students to find out more about the practice despite the multiple opinions that people have towards it. In light of this, the guidelines below will be of great assistance as you write a thesis statement on abortion.

General Things to Consider When Writing an Abortion Thesis Statement

One should write their paper after collecting satisfying information and, understanding the topic. Always remember to:

Adhere to the instructions one is given

Give quality work

Avoid any spelling and grammatical mistakes

Follow the format specified by the teacher

Follow the word limits

At all costs avoid plagiarism

Examiners look at many things apart from the content that you give in your paper. To avoid any unnecessary penalties, you should follow the points given above strictly in the coming up of an abortion thesis statement.

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Writing an Excellent Abortion Thesis Statement

Your essay above should be divided into three key aspects that are: introduction, body and finally the conclusion.


The introduction must be well written in such a way that keeps the reader glued to one’s essay. You can start the piece by phrasing a quote, a question or even a fact. Define the topic in the introduction in such a way that the reader can have an idea of what it is they are reading. You can get numerous definitions online, and an example can be the Merriam-Webstar Dictionary; which defines abortion as pregnancy termination, closely followed by the fetus’ death. A case such as this can occur during:

The removal of an induced fetus.

The removal of a human fetus within the first three months of the gestation period.

In the introduction, a person should inform the reader what their essay is constituted of. In such a case, you can state what the article may cover or in other words what it contains (your thesis statement`s general take on abortion). Therefore, it is essential to have a thesis statement about abortion as the introduction and make sure that it is not too long. It should either cover half a page or less unless otherwise stated.

When it comes to the body of your academic paper on abortion, there are some three tips that you should consider to come up with a masterpiece. They are as follows;

How to avoid plagiarism

How you can come up with arguments for your abortion thesis statement

Examples of the best abortion thesis statements

Always use the online WYSIWYG HTML Editor to compose the content for your website easily. This is a website that is worth using.

Tip 1: Avoidance of Plagiarism by Quoting Source Text and Page of Reference

The body which mostly contains the content that you have researched should have topics and subtopics that explain more of your content. Ensure that you can handle different issues in different paragraphs, for example, the reasons that pro abortion should be placed in separate articles from the sections used in giving more information about the procedure.

Always remember that there are personal reasons for abortions and some of these reasons may be financial woes, relationship issues, unwillingness to take up the responsibility of being a mother and health issues on the mother or the child. Ensure that you tell the difference between the two reasons so that the reader may be able to understand that some medical situations can convince a mother to abort.

Explain what the procedure entails; before, during and after the abortion. Elaborate more about pre-abortion procedures and what they are comprised of. Some of them include counseling, decision making about giving birth or aborting the child, staying with the child or giving it out for adoption.

One should not give the explicit details of the abortion procedure they should offer two options and explain them. Such options include medical abortion and surgical abortion. Post-abortion methods include; counseling and medical attention. Just in case the individual is faced with issues during the procedure, you can explain the risks associated with aborting right here.

In a paragraph, it is essential to state the document where the information used to come up with the thesis statement`s content was derived from. The references used will often come from published sources including books, electronic sources such as websites, e-books, articles and research papers, audio or video media.

Below is an example of your thesis statement`s reference paragraph

Sedgh, G., Finer, L. B., Bankole, A., Eilers, M. A., Singh, S. (2015). Adolescent pregnancy, birth, and abortion rates across countries: levels and recent trends. Journal of Adolescent Health , 56 (2), 223-230.

Cornell, D. (2016). The imaginary domain: abortion, pornography, and sexual harassment . Routledge.

Tip 2: How to Come Up With Arguments for Your Abortion Thesis Statement

In a thesis statement for abortion, one needs to highlight the causes and effects of abortion. As the writer, you will need first to introduce the causes then describe implications that are possible. To start with, you should aim to be thorough on precisely what should be the result. If the termination of a pregnancy is the cause, then you will have to describe the possible outcome of the procedure.

One can also use advice concerning medicine to come up with pro abortion arguments. Below are some of the best examples of pro-life types of arguments that can apply for abortion thesis statements.

There are risks which occur numerously in the procedure. These include; infertility, damage of the cervix or that of the womb, and even excessive bleeding.

Abortion can easily result in depression since it is a stressful ordeal for a woman’s body and conscience. Many end up regretting as to why they did not give birth and more so, there`s a high chance of contracting breast cancer in a woman when the baby has been aborted.

Most families that are faced with the challenge of conceiving children still desire to have children of their own. A woman can get the chance of not aborting the child but giving it up for adoption.

The irresponsibility of some women who do not use contraceptives is a deplorable act, and in numerous cases, women tend to abort babies as a result of them not using modalities that shield them from getting pregnant.

The baby is a living being inside the womb of the mother, and therefore it has rights. Killing a baby or better yet hurting a woman who is pregnant is wrong, why then should it be okay to end the life of a child that is springing up with the help of its mother?

The baby experiences pain when it is aborted. There is no regular opinion as to when the baby experiences pain, and no doctor can give you the correct answer, but when it is aborted late, the baby certainly does experience pain.

Aborting babies can be a living proof that a human’s life does not mean and that is when one can turn to the inner person and think about this, but one should try and stay relevant to the topic at hand.

In most religions, abortion is a huge sin but this argument is weak when used on an atheist, but in significant cases, the evidence is pretty much effective.

The best approach to coming up with a thesis statement is by using the argument of your essay. For a perfect thesis statement, you need to tailor in a manner that will give the reader a feel of what to expect in the rest of your essay.

Here are other examples based on anti abortion arguments that can aid a person writing a thesis statement:

Abortion damages women

It violates feminist principles

It does not liberate women but enslaves them to guilt.

To some people, it is a plot by males as a way of dodging responsibilities.

Tip 3: Abortion Thesis Statement Examples

The psychological and physiological medical agencies dangers of unwanted pregnancies bring about legalization and the availability of abortion facilities.

Psychological and medical exigencies necessitate with the abortion associated with the consent of a parent, guardian before a minor can undergo the abortion.

The lack of harmony in understanding has convoluted the debate over the ethical and legal activity of abortion understanding if an embryo can be equalized.

Analysis of the actual debate about abortion without the including of religious objections to the practice is needed if we are to come to a concord over the ethical and legal existence majority of the people will view therapeutic abortions are relevant since they are pro-life.

Conclusion/Closing Sentence in an Essay for Abortion

The conclusion here is intended for the summary of the entire project. This is where you are supposed to revise your hook sentence, thesis, and significant ideas. There is a wide range of topics concerning abortion to choose from and here are some of the abortion thesis statement samples:

Should women be forced to resort to this procedure by law in some cases?

Should women have a restricted number of possible abortions throughout their lives?

Should grandparents discourage in the decision on termination of pregnancy?

As a person concludes, they should remember to express their stand and provide recommendations. Conclusions of the research paper should have a brief description of abortion, the reasons why it is practiced, the risks involved and the recommendations.

Writing of an essay can be made easier once the guidelines have been adhered to. Always remember that writing demands that one should express their stand to the readers hence making it crystal clear and brief. If you are well conversant with how to write an abortion thesis statement, feel free to share some additional tips that have worked for you.

Racism Thesis Statement With Examples

Abortion Research Paper: Example, Outline, & Topics

The long-standing debate surrounding abortion has many opponents and advocates. Groups known as Pro-Choice and Pro-Life argue which approach is better, with no easy solution in sight. This ethical complexity is what makes abortion a popular topic for argumentative writing. As a student, you need to tackle it appropriately.

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The picture shows statistics regarding the legal status of abortion.

If this task sounds daunting, read this guide by our custom-writing experts to get excellent writing tips on handling this assignment. You will also find here:

📋 Abortion Research Paper Example

🔍 references, 🤔 why is abortion a good research topic.

Abortion studies are a vast area of research and analysis. It touches upon numerous domains of life, such as politics, medicine, religion, ethics, and human rights perspectives.

Like gun control or euthanasia, the abortion debate offers no evident answers to what kind of regulation is preferable. According to a recent survey, 61% of US adults are in favor of abortion , while 37% think it should be illegal. The arguments from both sides make sense, and there is no “yes-no” solution.

All this makes investigating the abortion debate a valuable exercise to hone your critical analysis skills. It will teach you to back up your claims with sound evidence while giving credit to counterarguments. Besides, expanding the body of abortion research is beneficial for the American community and women’s rights.

☑️ Abortion Research Paper Prompts

The first step to writing a successful paper is choosing an appropriate topic. Abortion is surrounded by numerous legal, medical, ethical, and social debates. That’s why the choice of ideas is virtually endless.

Don’t know where to start? Check out the prompts and creative titles below.

Should Abortion Be Legal: Research Paper Prompt 

You can approach this question from several perspectives. For example, propose a new legal framework for regulating eligibility for abortion. Some states allow the procedure under certain circumstances, such as a threat to a woman’s health. Should it be made legal in less extreme situations, too?

Anti-Abortion Research Paper Prompt

The legal status of abortions is still disputed in many countries. The procedure’s most ardent opponents are Catholic religious groups. In an anti-abortion paper, you may list ethical or faith-based claims. Focus on the right-to-life arguments and give scientific evidence regarding embryo’s rights.

Abortion and Embryonic Stem Cell Research Prompt   

Stem cell research is a dubious issue that faces strong opposition from ethical and religious activists. Here are some great ideas for an essay on this topic:

Abortion Law Research Paper Prompt

If you get an abortion-related assignment in your Legal Studies class, it’s better to take a legislative approach to this issue. Here’s what you can do:

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Abortion Breast Cancer Research Prompt

Increasing research evidence shows the link between abortion and breast cancer development . Find scholarly articles proving or refuting this idea and formulate a strong argument on this subject. Argue it with credible external evidence.

Abortion Ethics Research Paper Prompt 

Here, you can focus on the significance of the discussion’s ethical dimension. People who are against abortion often cite the ethics of killing an embryo. You can discuss this issue by quoting famous thinkers and the latest medical research. Be sure to support your argument with sound evidence.

👨‍⚕️ Questions about Abortion for Research Paper

📚 Abortion Topics for Research Paper

🔬 Research Papers on Abortions: Before You Start

Before discussing how to write an abortion paper, let’s focus on the pre-writing steps necessary for a stellar work. Here are the main points to consider.

The picture explains the difference between qualitative and quantitative research design.

Abortion Research Design 

Before you start exploring your topic, you need to choose between a qualitative and quantitative research design:

💬 Qualitative studies focus on words and present the attitudes and subjective meanings assigned to the concept of abortion by respondents.

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🧪 Quantitative studies , in turn, focus on numbers and statistics. They analyze objective evidence and avoid subjective interpretations.  

Pick a research design based on your research skills and the data you’re planning to analyze:

Abortion Research Paper Outline Format

Next, it’s time to choose the format of your paper’s outline. As a rule, students use one of the 3 approaches:

You can learn more about these formats from our article on how to write an outline .

Choosing Headings & Subheadings

A strong title can save your paper, while a poor one can immediately kill the readers’ interest. That’s why we recommend you not to underestimate the importance of formulating an attention-grabbing, exciting heading for your text.

Here are our best tips to make your title and subheadings effective:

Components of an Effective Outline

According to academic writing conventions, a good outline should follow 4 essential principles:

Use this list of principles as a cheat sheet while creating your outline, and you’re sure to end up with well-organized and structured research!

Abortion Research Paper Outline Example

To recap and illustrate everything we’ve just discussed, let’s have a look at this sample abortion outline. We’ve made it in the decimal format following all effective outlining principles—check it out!

✍️ Abortion Research Paper: How to Write

Now, let’s proceed to write the paper itself. We will cover all the steps, starting with introduction writing rules and ending with the body and conclusion essentials.

Abortion Introduction: Research Paper Tips  

When you begin writing an abortion paper, it’s vital to introduce the reader to the debate and key terminology. Start by describing a broader issue and steadily narrow the argument to the scope of your paper. The intro typically contains the key figures or facts that would show your topic’s significance.

For example, suppose you plan to discuss the ethical side of abortion. In this case, it’s better to structure the paper like this:

The picture shows parts of an introduction in an abortion research paper.

Thesis on Abortion for a Research Paper

The final part of your introduction is a thesis—a single claim that formulates your paper’s main idea. Experienced readers and college professors often focus on the thesis statement’s quality to decide whether the text is worth reading further. So, make sure you dedicate enough effort to formulate the abortion research paper thesis well!

Don’t know how to do it? These pro tips will surely help you write a great thesis:

Abortion Research Paper Body

Now, it’s time to proceed to the main body of your paper. It should expand on the main idea in more detail, explaining the details and weighing the evidence for and against your argument.

The secret of effective writing is to go paragraph by paragraph . Your essay’s body will have around 2-5 of them, and the quality of each one determines the value of the whole text.

Here are the 4 easy steps that can help you excel in writing the main part of your essay:

Research Papers on Abortions: Conclusion

The conclusion of an abortion paper also plays a major role in the overall impression that your paper will produce. So, how do you make it interesting?

Instead of simply restating the thesis and enumerating your points, it’s better to do the following:

Abortion Articles for Research Paper & Other Sources

Every research paper ends with “works cited” or a reference page enumerating the sources used for the assignment. A rule of thumb is to cite credible, authoritative publications from governmental organizations and NGOs and academic articles from peer-reviewed journals. These sources will make your research more competent and professional, supporting your viewpoint with objective scientific information.

Here are some databases that can supply top-quality data to back the abortion-related claims in a research paper:

Feel free to check these databases for studies related to your subject. It’s best to conduct preliminary research to see whether your topic has enough supporting evidence. Also, make sure there are plenty of new studies to back your arguments! Abortion is a fast-changing field of research, so it’s best only to use publications no more than 5 years old.

To learn more about credible research sources, check out our guide on choosing reliable websites .

We’ve taught you all you need to write a well-researched and thoughtful abortion paper. Finally, we want to give you an example of an essay on the topic “ Should Abortion Rights Be Preserved? ” Check it out to gain inspiration.

Now you know all the details of abortion paper writing. Use our tips to choose a topic, develop sound arguments, and impress your professor with a stellar piece on this debatable subject!

❓ Abortion Research Paper FAQs

To compose a strong opening for your abortion essay, make sure to provide some background and context for further discussion. Explain why the debate about abortions is so acute and what the roots of the problem are.

There are many interesting topics related to abortion, spanning the areas of sociology, ethics, and medicine. You can focus on the progression of the abortion debate along with civil rights or discuss abortion from a feminist perspective.

You can choose between qualitative and quantitative approaches for your abortion research. Hold a survey among women and report the findings of your qualitative study in a short report. Or, you can measure factual information in numbers and conduct quantitative research.

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Thesis Outline For Abortion

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Show More Abortion. Outline: I. Introduction: Abortion is one of the major issues we had in our contry. It is a process, a desicion or a procedure used to end a pregnancy and to cause a death of a new human being. It is againts the law and at the same time by the church. Nowadays, lot of couples come up to abort the child because of the responsibility and because they are not yet ready. II. Thesis Statement: Abortion an unjust practiced which is considered to be murder for it arrest the development, resulting the imperfection of fetus . III. Body: Main point of view: A.). Lack of financial stability. a.) Both parties are not financialy stable. b.) Both of them can't support the child. B.) Afraid to to critized by people around them. a.) Being ashamed …show more content… Where in you are taking a risk of taking away the chance for a new life form to lived and be loved. It is a misdeed of aborting a child where in it is still inside the womb. It is not even proper to runaway on your responsiblities, you should face that situation in a right way. You made that you should face its consequensces. Why you would risk a life, a life that you made, the fact that you knewyourself you are not yet capable and does'nt want to take that bis responsibilities. You should even used protection. It is not a proper way to escape from your burden, abortion is a big deal and a life risking. Argumentative Essay Today abortion is a big issue concerning many women because for years abortion should not be legal. But then, many people is still aborting a child or killing it for unknown reasons. Many people don't understand what abortion is because for some reasons people wouldn't still choose to do it. Although it's the woman's body is her own to do with whatever she wants. First of all, before a person wants a decision he/she should know how abortion is and what exactly it is. Abortion simply means including birth to kill the fetus before it is carried to full term. It may be conducted into several ways either you will go to the doctor or just take a pill and by doing that, pregnancy will be …show more content… Some logical reason why don't teenagers get involves in this state is lack of financial stability. Most teenagers spend their time in school with the tuition on hand ,miscellaneous and other expenses, the needs of a new born child would be highly at stake. Diapers and milk and vitamins for years would be taken as burden of the young parent. Another reason may be on behavioral aspects. The teenagers are afraid on what parenting would bring into their life. They will have the attitude of question and 'hows'. It may be also ruin their family involvement due to their early pregnancy and later on abortion. The might be the cause of secrecy being pregnant by the woman or being involved in the

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Conception And Abortion Debate

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Outline For Abortion Research Paper

They believe that anytime they get pregnant and do not want a child that they can go get an abortion, like it is nothing. They use abortion as an easy way out of their problem. Pregnancy is not something that you should just be able to get rid of, because you are not ready to be a mother. There are many people having sex at a young age and getting pregnant. They are scared and do not know what to do.…

Pro Life Vs Pro Choice Abortion Research Paper

Abortion, also referred to the withdrawal of the fetus and or embryo from the womb of a woman, for the sake of ending the pregnancy. Inside of one of the most controversial topics to date lie two sides, those Pro-Life, and those Pro-Choice. Many believe that abortion is an unforgivable act, one in which is the “…direct killing of the innocent child, ‘Murder’, by the mother herself…” (Mother Theresa), while others believe that abortion is that of a complete choice given to the mother who is carrying the child. Abortion has been an issue all around the world since the 18th century, however, not until the late 1800’s did much controversy began to appear when many states banned the act. Since then, many people from both sides of the abortion spectrum…

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How Does Abortion Break Someone's Life

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