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List of architecture dissertation topics

architectural dissertation topics list

The architecture dissertation takes you on a ride where you are questioning what exists, and you are the one to address and answer what you want to change or architecturally contribute to. While brainstorming the architectural topic, you need to be very composed about your interests and aspirations. In this process, being integral with ongoing living trends and contextual issues will lead you towards making your architecture dissertation relevant and impactful. Here are a few categories to help you choose your design forte and then sink into the hustle and celebrate the phase of your architecture dissertation.


As per the categories below is the list of architecture dissertation topics:  

1. Co-living Housing ( Residential Architecture )

In the age where earning a living is of more priority than living in families, co-living spaces are here to stay. Co-living housing schemes, not only encourage sharing space, but also sharing culture, social life, and philosophy even across generations. This design topic has the scope of uplifting the work from home culture and offering affordable ideas which respond to the collective lifestyle.  

List of architecture dissertation topics - Sheet1

2. Multi-functional Urban Squares ( Urban Architecture )

With the increasing population, the world faces land scarcity and a rise in concrete jungles. But some places have been solving this problem by introducing multi-functional urban squares. Thus, while accommodating urban facilities, this concept also offers recreational facilities. The topic allows fulfilling the urban requirement with shades of green in the cityscape.  

List of architecture dissertation topics - Sheet2

3. Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) Design (Transportation Architecture)

Urban cities with efficient transit systems develop quickly in terms of technology and economy. Architecture dissertation for mass transit challenges one to dictate movements of city residents through designing it to be less chaotic and more engaging. Along with technological aspects, one can instigate environment-friendly public transport proposals.

List of architecture dissertation topics - Sheet3

4. Waste Management Center ( Industrial Architecture )

An increase in urban population led to an increase in urban waste, which is not treated well in cities. An architecture dissertation in waste management could be a game-changer for rethinking urban environments to be sustainable. It grants exposure to materials that can be recycled or reused and also towards the scale, acoustics, and circulation around the machines installed for waste management.

List of architecture dissertation topics - Sheet4

5. Community Center ( Public Architecture )

Community centers often are the result of the empathetic need in society. Architecture has always amazed society with its contribution to community development. Not only in rural areas but also in the urban vicinity we live requires such centers to address the mental health of urban dwellers. It is a context-driven topic where one can showcase their sensibility towards neglected social issues of any observed region.

List of architecture dissertation topics - Sheet5

6. Redefining Hotels and Resorts (Hospitality Architecture)

Hotel Architecture has been initiated to become the face of the city and reflects nuances of the city culture, history, and style. Hospitality has always been a diverse concept, from greeting to offering meals, and architecture has magnificently contributed to constantly adapting this diversity. This kind of architecture dissertation topic confronts one to be pitch-perfect in the functional planning and circulation of spaces and at the same time create a statement design.

List of architecture dissertation topics - Sheet6

7. Temple Complex of the Future (Religious Architecture)

The temple architecture involves ample customs and traditional beliefs while considering the hierarchy of spaces. Such topics evoke a sense of narration to remodel the temples that will be as captivating in the future as they are today. Hence, to design for the religious activities performed today and fathom the design response of future cohorts is the gap to be bridged.

architectural dissertation topics list

8. Retracing the Identity of Crematorium (Public Architecture)

The death phenomenon has always been dark and desolate, and crematoriums reflect this with utmost peculiarity. Although, along with time, the idea of death has transformed quite spiritually, and there is a rising need to imprint that intangibility in the tangible space of cremations. This topic challenges to mold human perspectives towards life and death by attempting to retrace them.   

List of architecture dissertation topics - Sheet8

9.  Eco-Museum (Cultural Architecture)

Lately, museums have evolved in varied typologies from general science-art-history museums to an intervention of Virtual Reality in the museums. However, eco-museums encourage observation and learning of the social, cultural, and natural ties of the place and the people and highlight sensitivity towards the welfare of the ecosystem. This typology of architecture dissertation attempts to connect with the visitors through awareness activities expanding the community distantly.

List of architecture dissertation topics - Sheet9

10. Revitalizing Local Markets (Commercial Architecture) 

Markets are a place of constant engagement and community encounters. Analyzing markets post-pandemic, one can sense the need to organize these congestions. Thus, while designing a market, it is essential to adapt to the current needs, achieve a sustainable design, and recreate engagement. 

List of architecture dissertation topics - Sheet10

11. Animal Shelter and Veterinary Care ( Healthcare Architecture )

While we are busy designing for our needs, being thoughtful for the ecosystem is equally crucial. The architecture dissertation dedicated to natural life around us apart from fulfilling the never-ending demands of humans’ could direct towards eco-sensitive design. The animal habitats are not something they can compromise on, and when they need to be treated by veterans, they face difficulties with the environment around them.

List of architecture dissertation topics - Sheet11

12. Urban Campus (Educational Architecture)

Urban campus weaves itself into the urban fabric such that the students coming from distant places feel a part of the city. They aim to offer distinctive curricular experiences through providing spaces to learn, work, play, and integrate themselves into fun learning. This topic liberates you to plan a wide range of functional spaces like R&D labs, libraries, cultural areas, cafes, canteens, etc., and integrate themselves to create a vibrant and energetic environment.

List of architecture dissertation topics - Sheet12

13. Reinventing Villages (Residential Architecture)

Rural development scouts to create affordable and sustainable living conditions for the residents. They lead a simple life with contentment and vulnerability towards nature. In response, recreating vernacular housing and providing them with basic amenities like health and sanitation, educational and communal facilities, electricity, and gas supply with proper maintenance could fulfill Gandhiji’s ideal village initiative. 

List of architecture dissertation topics - Sheet13

14. Disaster Relief Housing (Residential Architecture)

Disaster Relief calls for emergent architecture during natural calamities or even wars or terror attacks. Such a dissertation topic requires crisp research on building materials that can be prefabricated, recyclable, easily available, and assembled at such times. This topic is not limited to modular buildings and can innovate for concentration camps to resolve the issue. 

List of architecture dissertation topics - Sheet14


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architectural dissertation topics list

Trishla Doshi is a philomath designer and an architect in Mumbai. She aspires to foster cultural resurgence among people through reaching out to them sometimes in the form of words and sometimes design. She is in the constant exploration of the space between herself and her illustrative narratives breathing history.

architectural dissertation topics list

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architectural dissertation topics list

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architectural dissertation topics list


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15 Most Intriguing Architecture Dissertation Topics For Young Architects

architectural dissertation topics list

1. Temple Complex of the Future (Religious Architecture)

Temples have always held central importance around the world and can be active sites of cultural confluence. Possible areas to explore in your architecture dissertation for this topic are the uses of sustainability in creating religious structures, materials used, analysing the cultural significance of the architectural elements in structures, and classifying their types and historical context.

Inter-faith traditions are spreading across the world, and this can and has given rise to new ideas. The Lotus Temple in Delhi is an excellent case study on the same - with a marvellous, nine-sided circular shape that embodies the central tenets of the Baha’i’ faith. It receives 20 percent of its electricity from solar panels. While the structure may look delicate, it can withstand an earthquake of up to 8 on the Richter scale. This is because each of its nine petals has been individually constructed and fortified. It is also one of the foremost examples of biomimetic architecture in the modern world.

 A design analysis of Lotus Temple, New Delhi

An architecture dissertation is only one part of the larger process of building a portfolio! Usually, students are required to submit a thesis in addition to their architecture dissertation, to demonstrate practical skills. You can also call it a rite of passage! We’ve created the ultimate guide to nailing your architecture thesis , and we highly recommend checking it out if you’re struggling with the process of a thesis.

2. Community Centre (Public Architecture)

Architecture dissertations on community centres are a wonderful way to learn about urban development and planning. Exploring a community centre as your architecture dissertation topic would mean taking into consideration issues such as demographic analysis, community development (educational and skill-oriented), multifunctional spaces, ease of access, recreational facilities, and eco-friendly, sustainable building solutions. You can also look to design spaces that foster social relations and harmony within a local community while incorporating their culture and preferences, and perform case studies on the same.

An excellent example of an innovative community centre is the Largo Community Centre in Florida. The park focuses on creating, in effect, an indoor park with meeting spaces for community members and recreational facilities by using sustainable materials.

 Largo Community Centre, Florida

A community centre is also an excellent project to showcase in your architecture portfolio , which is essential to developing your skills and practical knowledge. Read more tips to create an incredible architecture portfolio.

3. Animal Shelters and Veterinary Care Centres (Healthcare Architecture)

It is no secret that planning and designing spaces for animals are very different from designing spaces for human beings. One needs to take into account the creation of surgery and operation theatres, hospital spaces for sick animals, residential areas for staff, playing pens, grazing grounds, access to medicinal supplies , and so on. Meanwhile, also ensure that the structure is easy to clean and has enough natural light and ventilation to comfort distressed animals. Certainly a competitive analysis for your architecture dissertation!

The Veterinary Clinic Masan in Chur, Switzerland is an excellent case study for this. Designed to house 17 members of staff, along with garden spaces, surgery rooms, and laboratories, the clinic is a unique testament to the fact that spaces for animals provide tremendous design and research scope.

Veterinary Clinic Masan in Chur, Switzerland

4. Mass Rapid Transit Systems Design (Transportation Architecture)

MRTS includes the design structure of trams, buses, metros, monorails, and commuter rails. The challenges in this unique field include mapping strategic routes, conducting population demand and density analysis, interchange zones, and so on. All the while, ensuring that the MRTS design is in line with civic and environmental goals, goals, property development, population growth, and appropriate land use. This makes it a very stimulating architecture dissertation topic.

A fabulous example is the Shinkansen (tr. in Japanese: ‘new railway line’) in Japan , or the bullet train system. It connects major Japanese cities, and in the 50+ years of its operation, there has not been a single fatality, collision, or derailment. Now, that’s something!

Shinkansen train (bullet train) at Tokyo Station, Japan

5. Multi-Functional Urban Spaces (Urban Architecture)

It is estimated that by 2030, the world’s population will stand at a staggering 8.6 billion, with the 10 most populated cities seeing over 400 urban million dwellers . This makes multifunctional spaces in urban cities an increasingly important concern for developing countries. Some factors that are taken into account while planning multifunctional cities are preventing urban sprawls and overcrowding, taking care of waste management, and finding more sustainable ways to build structures. This must be done without affecting a decline in the city’s living standards, and with attention to issues such as mobility and equity . It is an exciting and highly futuristic for your architecture dissertation topic.

An interesting example of this is the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, which turned from one of the foremost cultural and economic hubs of the city to a barren land between East and West Berlin during the Cold War. Its revival after the fall of the Berlin Wall occurred when the government announced a design competition for the plaza, which turned it into one of the largest building sites in Europe, with clearly demarcated territories of commercial centres, cultural centres, and leisure zones.


Increasingly, urban designers and architects have realised that to construct the most efficient structures for urban living, they need to use technologies such as BIM. BIM helps all stakeholders in a project stay up to date with the latest developments and collaborate effectively. You can read more about the best architecture firms in India that have capitalised on BIM here.

6. Co-Living Housing (Residential Architecture)

Urban migration for work is an extremely common phenomenon in the current day and age. Co-living housing, statistically, is popular among young professionals who want to save funds and not take up the hassle of hunting for houses, flatmates, and furniture. A co-living unit usually comes pre-furnished and costs less than an apartment. An architecture dissertation that focuses on co-living spaces would need to take into account successful case studies, shared spaces between residents, affordability and energy efficiency, suitable privacy, and the changing trends within co-living structures.

An excellent case study on this topic is Roam Co-Living in Bali, which comes fully equipped with the modern amenities a young professional would need, while still offering enough privacy. This unique centre has often been described as “a model of a micro-society”.


7. Sustainable Architecture

 A view of Kohinoor Hospital, Mumbai

Sustainable architecture is an increasing zone of concern all over the world for acquiring long-term environmental, economic, and social viability. An architecture thesis that focuses on sustainability would need to include research on the various kinds of sustainable practices and their materials. For instance, solar power, wind power, biomass, materials such as bamboo, recycled plastic, among others. Sustainable architecture is a large field and, therefore, requires a narrowed-down focus on the kind of structure you are analysing, be it a hospital, a factory, or a school. It would also need to be lined up with case studies on local environmental factors and population analysis.

An excellent example of the same is Kohinoor Hospital in Mumbai. More than 40% of the resources used to construct this hospital are made of recyclable materials. In addition, the hospital places emphasis on water conservation. This is just one example. The number of structures one can explore for architecture dissertation topics on sustainability are endless. Kohinoor Hospital, too, is one of many amazing sustainable buildings.

8. Urban Campus (Educational Architecture)

Designing and researching a university campus is similar to building a small town. It needs to accommodate student housing, dining halls, libraries, classrooms, laboratories, recreational facilities, university administration offices , and several other concerns. In addition, it also needs to be representative of the university’s ethos and cultural identity. For students, it needs to promote a sense of well-being. Energy efficiency and pedestrian safety are also essential considerations, making it a very stimulating architecture dissertation topic.

Case studies on this topic need to be extensively researched and curated. An excellent case study example is the University of Washington’s campus , with its clear demarcations, easy-to-navigate routes, libraries, and recreational facilities.


9. Reinventing Villages (Residential Architecture)

Reviving villages often means rebuilding lost traditions and folklore that have been displaced or disappeared. This may occur due to changes in the economy, migration patterns, technological changes, and environmental degradation. Factors that need to be accounted for in an architecture dissertation on this topic are a regional historical analysis of the mentioned factors, in addition to demographic analysis for your case studies. Analysing building structures for technological progress, education, and employment generation, studying the architecture of existing structures, and focusing on the preservation of local historical monuments are some ways you can approach this topic for your architecture dissertation.

An excellent case study for the improvement of village structures is the revival of Kumbalangi fishing village by the government of Kerala . Focusing on eco-tourism, developing transportation routes, and improving the building structure for water access were some ways in which the government aided the Kumbalangi Integrated Tourism Village project.


10. Redefining Hotels and Resorts (Hospitality Architecture)

An architecture dissertation on hotels and resorts has several interesting offshoots to explore. Hotels and resorts, apart from being hubs for tourists and vacation venues, can also provide historical relevance and embody local traditions. An architecture dissertation on this topic can focus on the adaptive reuse of buildings, technical and cultural redevelopment, the relationship between the psychology of space and hospitality, eco-tourism, and sustainable development of hotels.

An incredible example of a re-conceptualized hotel is the Harding Boutique Hotel , designed by the firm Anarchitect. It combines the modernist style of acclaimed architect Geoffrey Bawa with traditional Sri Lankan architectural elements. It is located 30 minutes from the UNESCO heritage site Galle Fort , which makes it part of Sri Lanka’s prime cultural avenue.

A View of Harding Boutique Hotel

11. Waste Management Centre (Industrial Architecture)

Waste management is an urgent concern in the modern world. An architecture dissertation topic of this nature would need to explore aspects such as recycling waste as construction material. Within this, it would involve analysing different kinds of waste (such as electronic waste, industrial waste, sludge waste, and organic waste) and how they can be repurposed. It would also include studying public policy and by-laws for waste management , among other factors.

A great case study on waste management is the Holmene islets of Copenhagen . These are nine man-made islets, and their unique design combines fossil-free energy production. Biowaste and waste water from Copenhagen’s 1.5 million residents are turned into clean water and biogas.

An aerial view of Holmene Islets in Copenhagen

12. Eco Museum (Cultural Architecture)

An eco museum is a structure that uses a location's historical and cultural identity for tourism and heritage appreciation. Eco museums are usually run by local communities and are a way for them to participate in and preserve their heritage. Sustainable development is a major factor in eco museum construction and development. A architecture dissertation on the same would have to delve into the concept of heritage, restoring old buildings and sites, and ideating eco-friendly methods for conservation and future preservation.

A case study of a successful eco museum is the Flodden 1513 Eco Museum , which is situated on the northeastern border between Scotland and England. It was the site of a battle between English and Scottish forces in 1513 and caused the death of many noblemen and King James IV.

Flodden Eco Museum, Central Field

13. Disaster Relief Housing (Residential Architecture)

Asia and the Pacific islands are the most disaster-prone areas in the world. Over 45% of natural disasters occur in this region. This makes disaster relief architecture a very urgent concern in the area. An architecture dissertation on disaster relief housing would need to consider aspects such as the design of emergency shelter centres, sanitation access, and indexes of low-cost, weather resistant, and easily recycled materials that ca n survive diffic ult circumstances.

An excellent case study on disaster relief housing is architecture firm Designnobis’s all-inclusive emergency shelter, Tentative. It is a disaster response tent that can adapt to almost any climate.

“Tentative”, a disaster relief innovation by Designnobis.

14. Retracing the Identity of a Crematorium (Public Architecture)

Understanding funerary architecture is a unique topic for an architecture dissertation. One must understand the spatial needs of a funeral with respect to the culture and religion of the deceased person. There are many kinds of spaces to consider - cemeteries, crematoriums, tombs, towers of silence, and so on. The significance of the materials used with respect to their cultural symbolism and functional qualities is also important. Another interesting factor to explore is the environmental consequences of funerals.

An interesting case study of funerary architecture is the Parsi Tower of Silence. It is a circular, raised structure made of three concentric circles with an almost flat top. According to Zoarastrian rituals, bodies of men are left in the outermost circle, those of women in the middle circle, and those of children in the innermost circle for scavenger birds as an act of charity to nature.

The inner design of a Parsi Tower of Silence

15. Revitalising Local Markets (Commercial Architecture)

Markets have historically been a central location for shopping, trading, social gatherings, and more. In addition, they also often contain locally significant structures such as mosques and temples. When you consider revitalising local markets as part of your architecture dissertation, you have to take into account factors such as the different kinds of markets (street, enclosed, open) , their layout , spatial features , and whether they are permanent, or weekly. In addition, you must think about their function, history, local demographic and future possibilities to understand the context of revitalization in order to have a fruitful architecture dissertation on this topic.

An interesting example of a revitalised market is the Denpasar City traditional markets , where problems such as neglect in spatial planning and an increasing number of traders caused a decline in the market’s trade.

An aerial view of Denpasar City Market

Final Notes

That concludes our list of the most interesting architecture dissertation topics you can pursue! A dissertation is an important stepping stone to the professional world of architecture. The field is rapidly changing, and the emergence of processes and digital tools has allowed students to push the technological boundaries of the kind of projects they wish to go after. Definitely, being in touch with the latest developments in the AEC industry will give you an edge while crafting your architecture dissertation and thesis.

Oneistox offers courses on the two most in-demand skills in the AEC industry– BIM Professional Course and Parametric Modelling Course – both taught by industry experts with years of real-world experience working in the industry. You will also get to work on challenging projects, which will undoubtedly be good additions to your portfolio. If you want to know more about BIM and parametric modelling, our Resources page has plenty of informative reads!

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137 Architecture Dissertation Topics To Inspire Your Best Writing

137 Architecture Dissertation Topics

One of the central components of writing a crucial architectural project, such as a dissertation or thesis, is selecting the right topic. However, architecture is a vast area, so choosing the best dissertation topics can be pretty challenging. Therefore, how do you select the best dissertation topic for your architectural project?

A dissertation is the most extended (10,000-50,000 words), complex and comprehensive project that students have to do at the end of their course. It is mainly done at the undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels, and you MUST complete it correctly to get awarded with a degree. To help you get the best idea, this post provides a comprehensive list of dissertation topics in architecture . It also highlights useful tips and structure for preparing an A-rated dissertation.

Dissertation Writing Structure

To prepare a great dissertation, you need to follow the right structure. Many universities provide students with the structure to follow, but you do not have to worry if it is not availed. Here is one of the best structures that you should follow:

Topic : Consider selecting an idea that is interesting to Introduction : At this early point of the paper, you bring out the thesis, problem statement, objectives of the study, and research questions. It also includes a brief highlight of the findings. Literature review : Here, you review all the literature that is related to your topic and that you used to prepare the paper. Study method : This part explains the method that you used for the Was the study qualitative or quantitative? Results and Discussions : At this point, you bring out the results and explain them to the Conclusion : This is the last part of the dissertation and acts as a summary of the It revisits the thesis and directly answers the research questions. This is also your opportunity to identify key gaps (if any) and call for further studies. Finally , include additional parts, such as references pages

Expert Tips for Writing a Great Dissertation

After selecting architecture dissertation topics related to psychology, history, building design, facades, green technology or other areas, here are some expert tips for preparing a great paper.

Carefully follow your school department’s Create a good dissertation Pick the right resources, from recently published journals to books, for preparing the Develop a strong thesis for your Make the research study questions clear and easy to Comprehensively research your topic and work with strong points to build your Carefully structure the dissertation to strike a professional flow of Prepare the draft first and keep improving it over it during the writing Proofread and edit your dissertation several times to identify and eliminate Have a friend or professional proofread the paper further and make additional Prepare the final copy and submit it to the dissertation committee or Practice or dissertation

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Eco-Friendly Architecture Dissertation Topics

Here are some of the best dissertation topics that you should consider for top grades. You can pick and use them as they are or tweak to suit personal preference.

List of Dissertation Topics in Architecture

Interesting Architecture Dissertation Topics

Modern Architecture Dissertation Topics

Top Interior Architecture Dissertation Topics

The Best Dissertation Topics in Architecture

Unique Architecture Dissertation Topics

Architecture Dissertation Topics in Risk Management

Landscape Architecture Dissertation Topics

Special Architecture Dissertation Topics

Controversial Architecture Dissertation Topics

More Architecture Dissertation Topics Ideas

Writing Service To Make Your Life Easier

After seeing our list of the best architecture dissertation topics, are you ready to prepare this important paper? We must indicate that it is never easy. If the time is limited, preparing the dissertation is likely to be more complicated. Even when you feel somehow prepared, it might not be enough to get you an A-rated paper. The best idea is to get assignment help online from professionals.

Our writers are experts in architecture, and you can count on them for high-quality work. They are efficient, fast, and reliable to help every student get the best paper. Whether your professor or college lecturer was specific on the structure or not, there is nothing that can come between you and the top scores.

You can never go wrong with a scholar in architecture helping to handle the dissertation!

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architectural dissertation topics list

Excellent Dissertation Topics in Architecture

15 Mar 2022

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Architecture Dissertation Topics:

Picking a topic for your architecture dissertation or thesis can be a challenge because whether your final project is successful depends on it. It’s essential that you focus on your field of study to ensure that your arguments are solid and strong. If you pick a topic that you feel comfortable with, writing your final draft will be easier. Still, and if you choose to go for a theme that you’re interested in but have little or zero knowledge of, you should keep in mind that your chances of being 100% outstanding decrease. You also have to select one of the architecture dissertation topics that involve innovation and technology because in the century we’re in, people care a lot about how these two things affect our everyday lives. If you talk about what interests others, you’ll have them hooked.

With this in mind, it’s vital that you stick to your field of study and the topics that are within it. If you’re clueless as to what to talk about, you can always go online and see what other people have to say and what they’re writing about; this could give you a heads-up on what’s to come. If, for example, you study architecture, there are many things that you could address in your final document.

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The structures for buildings around the world change with the years and come from many different styles that have very different meanings because of the cultures in which they were created within. This gives you an endless list of possibilities to talk about. There really are no limits when it comes to writing about architecture.

You could discuss the never-ending debate regarding whether old buildings should be preserved or not. All you’ll have to do is provide your idea and opinion based on a series of research that you’ll need to do prior to writing your final draft. A dissertation paper isn’t something that you do in one day; this document requires months and months of hard, tedious work, where you have to read a lot and work on your citation formats and turn in various pieces of work that others will revise and provide feedback for you to adjust and have the cycle repeat itself endless times.

When you’re faced with the task of write my dissertation online for your Ph.D. or Master’s degree, there is one thing that you need to keep in mind throughout the whole process – the topic. If you still have no idea of what to talk about, you can take a look at the list below, which will provide you with a series of topics that other students have been talking about throughout the years, and they are still popular.

Eco-Friendly Architecture Dissertation Topics

These architecture dissertation topics are more than just popular, and we have a list of dissertation topics in architecture that will make any task you have on mind easier. At the same time, we will partially be focused on waste management, recycling spaces, and renewable energy, which are all related here. Let’s check the best architecture thesis topics right now.

Architecture Dissertation Topics in Risk Management

Here we have a list of dissertation topics in architecture that are mandatory to know, and you will probably see a lot of architecture dissertation topics from this group. We can add that it is an essential field of architecture and one all students need to know more about.

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Landscape Architecture Dissertation Topics

You may need to focus on one of these when it comes to proper dissertation writing. Each dissertation topic here is a bit special, and each dissertation topic is something you will need to invest a lot of research in and then make presentable. Let’s see the best topics of this type.

Architecture Dissertation Topics for Urban Planning and Transport

The field of architecture we have here is a bit special but more important than ever before. Now you can see the topics that will help you and the ones that can make any process of this kind even better and definitely easier.

Interesting Architecture Dissertation Topics

Here you can see all about housing schemes, appealing ideas, and more that are definitely going to make your writing process easier and better the lack of a better word. Each one of these ideas has been more than just popular. Focus on building design if this is what you like.

Build your thesis statement

This is AI-powered online tool that lets you create a thesis statement about any topic you need.

Research Topics in Modern Design

The contemporary architecture will cover the hot topics in the field, and a good place to start would be one of these engaging building design topics:

Sustainable Architecture Topics 

With so much focus on the environment and technology associated with it, there is a significant push to develop green tech with design. Here are some ideas:

Trending Topics in Landscape Design

Architecture is more about structures. There is the landscape which accompanies it. You must consider many elements of the environment you place your structures. Here are a few topics you can use:

Who said architecture couldn’t be exciting? With these modern architecture dissertation topics, you’re well on your way to getting your proposal approved. A dissertation is a rewarding academic achievement that is quite exhausting, which is why some students buy dissertation . With much new technology and urban requirements coming into the mix, a degree in architecture is well worth the investment. Don’t be afraid to ask for architecture dissertation help, as we at PapersOwl are here to assist 24 hours. We cover all aspects of academic writing and can work with a portion of your paper or even do the whole dissertation. So if you’re stuck, reach out to us.  

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Dr. Caroline Phd

I have always been a bit of a polymath – I loved going through encyclopedias, learning interesting facts about the world around us. Even when it was time to choose my major, I struggled a lot, as I wanted to learn everything about everything.

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architectural dissertation topics list



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Blog / 89+ Best Architecture dissertation Topics, ideas in 2023

89+ best architecture dissertation topics, ideas in 2023.

architectural dissertation topics list

Architecture dissertation topics can range from the examination of historical architectural movements to the exploration of new technologies in design.

Some potential ideas for architecture dissertation topics include the impact of urban design on community development, the use of sustainable materials in construction, the integration of smart technology in buildings, the influence of cultural and societal factors on architectural design, and the examination of the role of architects in shaping public space.

Additionally, one could focus on the work of a specific architect or architectural firm, or analyze the design of a specific building or group of buildings. The choice of topic will depend on the individual’s interests and area of expertise within the field of architecture.

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Table of Contents

Best Dissertation Topics in Architecture for college students

Architecture dissertations can cover a wide range of topics, depending on the interests of the student and the research focus of the program. Some possible dissertation topics in architecture include:

Other possible Architecture dissertation Topics could be:

The choice of topic will depend on the student’s area of interest and the resources available for their research.

Good Architecture Dissertation Topics

More Architecture Dissertation Topics

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architectural dissertation topics list

The 18 Most Interesting Dissertation Topics In Architecture

Architecture is a mix of art and science that brings us the means of comfortable living, along with inspiration and aesthetic admiration. A good architect should have both strong engineering skills and a developed sense of beauty. If you are studying architecture and have to prepare a dissertation, you have a lot of promising topics to choose from. The following list of the 18 most interesting dissertation ideas is designed in order to help you get started:

Choosing the topic that interests you and meets the requirements of your supervisor takes some time. You can modify any of the ideas mentioned earlier or brainstorm new topics with your friends. However, keep in mind that you need to find enough material to write a strong dissertation. In other words, you should do some preliminary study before starting writing the assignment.

If you have questions about the paper requirements, do not hesitate to consult your professor. It is also recommended to visit him or her to approve your research question. You can also search for the assistance of an online writing agency whose professional writers will provide you with valuable advice, write some sections for you, and proofread the dissertation carefully.

Take your time to select a company that provides a wide range of services and has a good reputation. Look at this company, ask questions, and get the necessary help online.

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The Top 20 Best Architecture Dissertation Topics

While perusing a degree in architecture you will have to submit a dissertation on the subject. If you are a student of architectural designs then you already know how harrowing the experience can be specially if you do not have the right topic to begin with. The first step towards any dissertation is selecting a topic but architecture is a vast field and finding the most suitable topic is not always an easy job. But without the right topic you will be left with a rushing deadline and no project to meet it with. So in order to get you started here are few sample topics to provide you help with phd dissertation and making up your mind. It will at least get you an idea on how to get about choosing a topic.

Twenty best dissertation topic for future architects:

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architectural dissertation topics list

Architecture Dissertation Topics (29 Examples) For Your Academic Research

Mark May 9, 2020 Jun 5, 2020 Architecture No Comments

To get a job in the field of architecture, students are required to complete a perfect dissertation. We have listed down some very interesting architecture dissertation topics. We can help you with researching, outlining, and writing a dissertation on your selected dissertation topic. The list includes project topics on architecture and research topics on architecture. […]

architecture dissertation topics

To get a job in the field of architecture, students are required to complete a perfect dissertation. We have listed down some very interesting architecture dissertation topics. We can help you with researching, outlining, and writing a dissertation on your selected dissertation topic. The list includes project topics on architecture and research topics on architecture.

All the listed architecture dissertation topics are highly interesting and manageable.

Architecture dissertation topics

The growing interest in small scale homes influencing the architects.

An analysis of the importance of inclusive architecture and first-rate designing.

A review of the digital future of the infrastructure.

Investigating the need for urban designs and resource management to create a greener city.

How the architects are recycling spaces by emphasising on the reuse of material and space.

Impact of renewable energy and environmental awareness on the role of architects.

The designing of smart homes in the world of technology.

An analysis of the concept of flexible designing in the field of architecture.

How designing for sustainability can help architects in playing their role effectively.

The smaller-scale home building projects and creative ideas.

The open concept of segmented spaces for the American families.

An analysis of the concept of accessibility in designing.

A comparison of architecture in the Middle East and Western countries.

Exploring the modern trends in the formation of adaptive architecture.

To study the recent mortgaging agreements that affect the architecture.

Exploring the nature of middle-class architecture in modern societies.

Examining how the architectural designs of ancient churches were influenced by art.

An evaluation of the social media and google trends in support of audience analytics.

Exploring the psychological impact of architectural design.

Analysing the compression in the cultural evolution of a large scale online collaborative art project.

To analyse the perspectives of architects on obstacles of sustainable architecture in metropolitan areas.

Investigating the green buildings as a solution for sustainable housing: the role of private housing schemes.

Evaluating the traditional methods in the maintenance of mud houses for environmental sustainability.

Analysing the concept of abstract expressionism by comparing architecture with artistic expression.

How digital innovation is supporting the role of architects?

An analysis of the emergence of architecture in motion: planes, trains, and automobiles.

Architects using locally sourced materials and designs.

An evolution of automation and robotic designs and its impact on the role of architects.

The growing demand for energy-efficient homes.

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architectural dissertation topics list

The Best Dissertation Topics In Architecture: 20 Questions To Look Into

In the event that you are taking a course in architecture, you will at some point be asked to deliver a strong paper, and present it to your teachers for marking. The following are some simple ideas that you can work with, in the event that you are allowed the freedom to choose your own topics:

Writing Tips

Good Topics

Common Struggles

Citing Styles

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Innovative architecture thesis topics list for B.Arch. final year dissertation ideas

Creative architecture thesis topics : As per the Indian architecture Education curricular, B.arch final year is the most important for all architecture students. Because last semester is for dissertation and everyone have to select unusual architectural thesis topics. The selection of B.Arch. final year thesis is very critical to decide for every becoming architect.

So, I decided to help those students with a selective list of dissertation topics in architecture on kadvacorp . This is the list of undergraduate architecture thesis projects guide for those, who are not able to find out modern trendy architecture thesis topic ideas. But, as I say above, this is the one place, where you find architecture thesis proposals with their related building examples.

Architecture Thesis Topic Ideas.

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Architectural thesis proposals.

B.Arch. Thesis Topics for Urban Planning and Transport:

Urban Planning Exhibition Center,

Modern architecture dissertation topics help you to score more grades in your final year architecture. Because select appropriate thesis journal topic affects your entire research and design thesis project.

So, friends try to choose interesting architecture dissertation topics that will help you to explore your creativity and give exposure to new design concepts . If you are able to select innovative architecture thesis projects for your final year design project.

That will help, not only score marks but give lifelong memory and worldwide appreciation for your creativity and exploration as students . So, don’t tie your horses to explore best architectural thesis proposal in the India.

Architecture Thesis topics list for Bridges and Communication Towers:

Bridge design,

Urban Monuments and Land Art Architecture Thesis Projects List:

Best thesis topics architecture:

Let’s get clear architectural thesis proposal titles. Because best architectural thesis topics will futuristic, innovative as well act in local context with globe vision. Here you will find architecture thesis topics 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and continue.

There are hundreds of titles around many subjects but architectural thesis topics on social issues in India or similar like that will give you a shot of creativity as well swim in current flow.

Architectural Thesis Proposal for Cultural Centers and Foundations:

Tianjin Binhai public library, public library architecture, library architecture plan, library architecture design, library architecture case study, archdaily library plans, library design concepts architecture, public library design ideas, library design plans, public library design concepts,

Best Current Trends of Architecture Examples from from Archives.

You can also able to architecture thesis projects download in pdf with sample projects around your interest. I am very much hope that architecture graduation project topics help you to enlarge your boundary of search.

Architectural thesis proposal list samples and pdf help to make your architecture final year thesis project out of box and highly appreciable around you. And don’t forget to share with us also, so we can include in our architecture thesis projects list .

Architectural design research topics for thesis and journals : This thesis topics collection is help to architecture students in India and around the world .  List of dissertation topics in architecture for   Thesis are some way call it off track. But it is important to those who actually new incomer of the world of architecture.

Cool and innovative Architecture Thesis Topics for Thesis and Journals. As per my  personal experience . This kind of information related to what is going in and around us. And it is use full for all academia and their circle. With this types of B.Arch. thesis topics are an informative subject. 

I would like to express my feeling toward those fellas. Those are use this article in selection of their architectural design thesis study . And prepare for their bright future.

I like to those are prosper in their life. Also, give their best to society and world of Architecture.

Architecture Design Research Topics for Thesis and Journals.

Here we go for – General List of Architectural Research Thesis Topics for Architecture Students in India.

Architecture thesis topics for Leisure Facilities.

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Public Buildings, Institutions, and Offices Projects List of Dissertation Topics in Architecture:

Home Designs Dissertation Topics For Architecture Students:

Select this kind of  Architectural Thesis Topics. Subject that will be useful in your architecture career path. If your target is an academic career, select best thesis topics. That you can easy change into articles or a book. And that will lend itself well to future research.

Urban Design and City/Town Planning Architectural Design Research Topics:

Master Level Architectural Design Research Topics:

Rotterdam Central Station, transport terminal architecture, transport terminal design, transport terminal, transport terminal planning, transport terminal standards, transport terminal thesis, transport terminal complex, transport terminal space requirements, transport terminal interior,

If you want to work at a teaching oriented institution. Consider thesis topics you can use in the classroom. If you are going into industry, choose architectural theses topics that will make you more memorable.

Interesting Doctorate Level Architectural Design Research Topics:

So, Friends main reasons of writing this kind of article here. that in academic era of architect students. Thesis is important and precious time of exploration. I wish to my Architects and Designers have no much trouble. Find out different Architectural Design Research Topics. and waste their time for this kind of exercise.

So, This is all about architecture thesis topics.

But actually main work in after. this selection of  Architectural Design Research Topics  is start. so, I wish this is some base provide for their starting of brainstorming. For Architectural Design Research Topics for Thesis.

These are some of the introductory. Architectural Design Research Topics as per my current knowledge. You can find some more Cool Architectural Design Research Topics. On this basis and create a new subject. Which suitable for your requirements and give a space for your exploration.

You are welcome to write us with some more and informative List Of Thesis Topics For Architecture Students . For Best Architecture thesis Topics and projects list. Hope you are enjoy the entire collection of  Thesis Topics For B. Arch Students.

REF : uncg, iyte, scetarch, edoqs.

If you have some interesting architectural design projects or proposals. And want to incorporate here, kindly share with us via e-mail.

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architectural dissertation topics list

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architectural dissertation topics list

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do u have any data on thesis of FOREST TRAINING AND RESEARCH INSTITUTE.. IF SO plzzz send me on my id.

Thanks it really helped.

Pls do u have data on apartment buildings or student hostel and mass housing. Thank

Hi, this may you will find some intresting from our archives,…

– http://www.kadvacorp.com/design/verdant-urban-oasis-singapore/ – http://www.kadvacorp.com/design/residential-living-with-urban-farming/ – http://www.kadvacorp.com/design/bold-and-beautiful-designs-student-housing/ – http://www.kadvacorp.com/design/urban-housing-and-development/ – http://www.kadvacorp.com/design/tallest-under-construction-buildings-in-europe/ – http://www.kadvacorp.com/design/eco-friendly-building-design/

Find more via some search of our design archives,….

If you have any material on- 1. Retreat house 2. Waterfront development-beach convention center 3. Aqua display & research center Kindly mail me on my id

I think, in your above mentioned query about different subjects.

I suggest- you just go through our archives and i am sure you will find much more about your query about retreat house-waterfront development-research center,….etc.

Use “Search Bar on Page” for better result.

Do you have any data on thesis of 1.forest research and training institute 2.tribal heritage mueseum. Plz send it to my id. It will be of great help

Hello Sir, How about the International Invention Center? I Need to conduct more research about this topic, i`m A Filipino, So i have a lot of reason that`s why i want to present this kind of Topic.. please if you have please thanks..

Check This – https://www.kadvacorp.com/design/innovative-convention-center/

sir how about multimedia film city ? i need to conduuct more research about this topic so plz send me

Good day sir, I just want to know more about art gallery as my study for thesis. I look forward to your generosity, thank u and God bless. Architecture Student in the Philippines

Hey if you have some data regarding… Institute and Studios for Gaming and Animation, Multimedia Film City. So plzzz share it with me..on my mail

hey if you find it ,kindly share it with me

can you suggest a good topic for b.arch thesis ?

thesis topics pdf

Easy thesis topics for architecture

Award winning Architectural Thesis topics

Architecture research topics list

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5 Dissertation Topics on Architecture

Published by Anastasia Lois at January 6th, 2023 , Revised On January 6, 2023


Architecture is one of the most historical academic subjects and can be summarized as the “study of the art, science, and business of buildings”. Architecture students have a flair for designing buildings, are aware of the latest construction trends, and possess strong engineering and business sense.

Architects are responsible for designing homes, offices, shopping malls, and religious places like temples, churches, mosques, etc. They design these places keeping in mind the purpose of the building and the sense of culture that the people want to inculcate in the building.

Preserving culture and translating the same into the building is another art that only architects possess, or else, people will be unable to relate themselves to the structure.

The subject of architecture also includes understanding people’s culture and the emotions or vibes they want their places to give out. When architects design a house, they should keep in mind the owner’s needs, what they feel they want, and the building they want to have for themselves.

For example, when building a house, some people like their homes bold with bright colours. On the other hand, some people look for a comfortable space to relax and spend comforting time with their family.

When building religious places, museums, and other historical buildings, architects study history to understand the type of building that needs to be built. Thus, all these aspects combined help translate history, culture, and emotions while designing the house.

As vast as the field is, it must be researched to understand the intricacies that the subject holds. Here are five dissertation topics on architecture that will help in exploring the subject in more detail.

Without further ado, here are the top five dissertation topic recommendations that we feel will help you achieve the top grade.

Topic 1: Sustainable Architecture: The Role of Hemp in Sustainable Architecture- A Case of Modern Architecture in Turkey

Topic 2: the role of modern architecture in smart and sustainable cities- a case of copenhagen, denmark, topic 3: how does minimalist architecture designs save spaces in congested metropolitans a comparison across megacities in developing countries.

Topic 5: The Role of Urban Forests in Sustainability of the City- An Assessment of Urban Forestry in Europe

These topics have been developed by PhD-qualified writers of our team , so you can trust to use these topics for drafting your dissertation.

You may also want to start your dissertation by requesting a brief research proposal from our writers on any of these topics, which includes an introduction to the problem, research question , aim and objectives, literature review , along with the proposed methodology of research to be conducted. Let us know if you need any help in getting started.

Check our example dissertation to get an idea of how to structure your dissertation .

You can review step by step guide on how to write your dissertation here.

5 Dissertation Topics on Architecture for 2022

Research Aim: This research aims to find the role of hemp in sustainable architecture. It will analyze the hemp manufacturing process and its possible applications in architecture development in various industries. It will show how Turkey’s architecture and construction industry utilizes hemp for sustainable architecture development in different cities. It will identify the critical sustainability issues of hemp usage in modern architecture in Turkey. Lastly, it will recommend ways to use hemp with other substances to increase the sustainability of contemporary architecture in Turkey.

Research Aim: This study intends to identify the role of modern architecture in smart and sustainable cities. It will show how modern architecture fits in the model of smart cities. It will shed light on the impact of modern architectural designs on the sustainability indicators of a smart city. Moreover, it will show how these designs help create an eco-friendly and easy town to commute to. It will use the case of Copenhagen, Denmark, to show how did they make a sustainable city by altering their architectural designs.

Research Aim: This research shows how does minimalist architecture designs save spaces in congested metropolitans? It will find the impact of minimalist architecture designs on the congestion level in major megacities in developing countries. It will show the effects of minimalist architecture designs on the city’s living standards. Moreover, it will compare various minimalist architecture designs and their influence on the population congestion across megacities in developing countries. Lastly, it will recommend improving current minimalist architecture designs to decrease population congestion.

Topic 4: Impact of Office Architecture on the Employees Engagement and Productivity- A Review of Various Office Designs in Silicon Valley

Research Aim: This study analyzes the impact of office architecture on the employees’ engagement and productivity in Silicon Valley, California, US. It will show how office architecture plays a critical role in office culture. Moreover, it will review various office designs in Silicon Valley, California, the US to show how they affect organizational culture, employee engagement, and productivity. Lastly, it will recommend improving these designs to engage employees, subsequently increasing the organizational performance further.

Research Aim: This research will shed light on the role of urban forests in the city’s sustainability. It will show an ideal level of urban foresting helps city administration achieve sustainability. Moreover, it will compare various megacities across Europe to show how they have managed urban foresting and helped make cities smart and sustainable. Lastly, after reviewing multiple urban foresting and sustainability models across Europe, it will recommend a holistic model applicable across the globe to achieve sustainability and human development.

Covid-19 Architecture Research Topics

The impacts of covid-19 on architecture.

Research Aim: This study will focus on the impacts of COVID-19 on Architecture

The role of architects during COVID-19

Research Aim: This study will focus on the role of Architects during the COVID-19

The opinions of architect deans on Coronavirus and architecture

Research Aim: This study will focus on the opinions of Architect deans on Coronavirus and the future of architecture after COVID-19

Preserving and Portraying Culture through Structures

Research Aim: This is extremely challenging for architects. Preserving and portraying culture through structures is done for public buildings, including museums, traditional hallways, etc.

Architects are handed over the job of preserving history through building structures so that people visiting the place feel the era the building aims to preserve and portray.

This research will discuss how architects perform this challenging job, i.e., building and working on structures to portray history or an incident when building a place. Different methods and concepts regarding historic preservation in building structures will be discussed to help readers understand how architects satisfy these requirements.

Can Architecture Redefine a City? An Analysis

Research Aim: Redefining a city through architecture is one of the most inspiring tasks that architects undertake. Undoubtedly, this task is daunting; however, architects are trained to take up challenging tasks.

Restructuring or redefining a city through architecture means constructing buildings according to the city’s culture and changing or restructuring buildings concerning the culture.

This research will talk about how architecture transforms cities through structures and buildings. Constructing or restructuring a few important and selected buildings helps in redefining the city. Thus, this thesis will also discuss how these buildings are chosen strategically and how they play a huge role in changing the city’s outlook and feel.

How Can Research Prospect Help?

Research Prospect writers can send several custom topic ideas to your email address. Once you have chosen a topic that suits your needs and interests, you can order for our dissertation outline service which will include a brief introduction to the topic, research questions , literature review , methodology , expected results , and conclusion . The dissertation outline will enable you to review the quality of our work before placing the order for our full dissertation writing service !

Evaluating Architecture’s Role in Building a Better and Modern Future through Building Designs

Research Aim: Architecture plays a huge role in designing buildings and creating a future for the people. This is exactly why architects are handed over to rebuild and restructure cities by designing buildings that align with the current trends and design.

While the structure is the root of any building, buildings are the main attraction of the city. Thus, they are regarded as the primary way to make a city look futuristic.

This research will be conducted to understand the relation between building designs and creating better and modern designed buildings in a city. Furthermore, the role of architecture in this whole process will be evaluated in the thesis.

Investigating the Effectiveness of Organic Structures for Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Research Aim: Designing, structuring, and building for indoor and outdoor spaces are completely different tasks. It would help if you considered many aesthetic aspects when designing something outdoor, such as the weather and other conditions.

However, on the other hand, aspects such as culture, etc., need to be looked into for indoor structures and buildings. This research will discuss how organic structures are effective for indoor and outdoor spaces and what different techniques are used for indoor and outdoor spaces to focus on common characteristics of both.

Computer-Aided Designs: How Have they Helped Architects?

Research Aim: Technology has taken over every field in the modern world, and architecture is no different. With different computer software and designing programs available at their disposal, architects can now build and design structures and buildings in much lesser time than the old times, when things were done manually.

With computer-aided designs, architects can now see how their project will look without building it. With these designs, they can instantly make changes where and when required. This helps them with getting the final structure and building designed without any flaws.

This research will discuss how computer-aided designs have helped architects reduce their work time and increase efficiency. In addition to this, the thesis will also investigate how buildings are designed and structured with perfection without any flaws.

Important Notes:

As a student of architecture looking to get good grades, it is essential to develop new ideas and experiment with existing architecture theories – i.e., to add value and interest in your research topic.

The field of architecture is vast and interrelated to many other academic disciplines like civil engineering , technology , and sustainability. That is why it is imperative to create an architecture dissertation topic that is particular, sound, and actually solves a practical problem that may be rampant in the field.

We can’t stress how important it is to develop a logical research topic; it is based on your entire research. There are several significant downfalls to getting your topic wrong; your supervisor may not be interested in working on it, the topic has no academic creditability, the research may not make logical sense, there is a possibility that the study is not viable.

This impacts your time and efforts in writing your dissertation, as you may end up in the cycle of rejection at the initial stage of the dissertation. That is why we recommend reviewing existing research to develop a topic, taking advice from your supervisor, and even asking for help in this particular stage of your dissertation.

Keeping our advice in mind while developing a research topic will allow you to pick one of the best architecture dissertation topics that fulfil your requirement of writing a research paper and add to the body of knowledge.

Therefore, it is recommended that when finalizing your dissertation topic, you read recently published literature to identify gaps in the research that you may help fill.

Remember- dissertation topics need to be unique, solve an identified problem, be logical, and be practically implemented. Please look at some of our sample architecture dissertation topics to get an idea for your own dissertation.

How to Structure your Architecture Dissertation

A well-structured dissertation can help students to achieve a high overall academic grade.

About Research Prospect Ltd

Research Prospect is a  UK based academic writing service  that provides help with  Dissertation Proposal Writing ,  Ph.D. Proposal Writing ,  Dissertation Writing ,  Dissertation Editing, and Improvement .

Our team of writers  is highly qualified. They are experts in their respective fields. They have been working for us for a long time. Thus, they are well aware of the issues and the trends of the subject they specialize in.

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Academic Subject

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