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Related research topics

張鶯瓊. "互聯網金融的法律監管研究 :以第三方支付為例 = Research on legal regulation of internet finance : taking the third-party payment as an example." Thesis, University of Macau, 2018. http://umaclib3.umac.mo/record=b3951570.

Eriksson, M., and C. Schuster. "Customer loyalty in Internet banking." Thesis, Kristianstad University College, School of Health and Society, 2008. http://urn.kb.se/resolve?urn=urn:nbn:se:hkr:diva-4808.

In the recent years the way to do banking has changed. Internet banking has grown and a lot of niche banks working mainly with the Internet as a medium has entered the Swedish bank market. How to keep the customer loyal online in a very competitive environment has become a main question for the banks.

The aim of this dissertation is to test what factors impact bank customer loyalty in an online environment. A positivistic research philosophy, a deductive research approach, an explanatory purpose and a quantitative research method are adopted for the research.

It was found that customer satisfaction, corporate image and brand reputation and generation are factors that impact bank customer loyalty online. Switching costs, perceived service value and commitment show tendencies to impact bank customer loyalty online.

Since little research has been done on the topic bank customer loyalty, this dissertation may be of interest for researchers on customer loyalty and also for research on online loyalty for service companies. Moreover, the findings can be used as guidance for banks that want to develop their online banking and want to make sure they do everything possible to have loyal customers.

Ital, Eric Guy. "Copyright law and the Internet : in modern South African law." Thesis, Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University, 2000. http://hdl.handle.net/10019.1/51666.

Amoraal, Lezel. "Internet-regulering in Suid-Afrika : staat of internasionaal?" Thesis, Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University, 2003. http://hdl.handle.net/10019.1/53471.

Ruhl, Mary Louise. "The case for a second look at Canadian bank insolvency legislation." Thesis, University of British Columbia, 1985. http://hdl.handle.net/2429/26146.

Helmholz, Niels. "Contract formation and the Internet : an analysis of contract formation in English, South African and German law with special regard to the Internet." Thesis, Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University, 2002. http://hdl.handle.net/10019.1/52746.

Mortensen, Melanie J. ""A civilization of the mind" : sovereignty, Internet jurisdiction, and ethical governance." Thesis, McGill University, 2007. http://digitool.Library.McGill.CA:80/R/?func=dbin-jump-full&object_id=101822.

O'Brien, N. D. "The liability of Internet service providers for unlawful content posted by third parties." Thesis, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, 2010. http://hdl.handle.net/10948/1149.

Nyachowe, Pasno N. "The regulation of domain name disputes in South Africa." Thesis, University of Port Elizabeth, 2003. http://hdl.handle.net/10948/351.

Van, der Westhuizen Lize. "The child's right against exploitation in the form of pornography on the Internet : a South African perspective." Thesis, Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University, 2001. http://hdl.handle.net/10019.1/52493.

Funk, Antje Elisabeth Margarete. "Criminal liability of Internet providers in Germany and other jurisdictions." Thesis, Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University, 2004. http://hdl.handle.net/10019.1/70134.

Selander, Caroline. "The redefinition of private import of alcohol : With focus on products purchased on the Internet and the Swedish legislation." Thesis, Jönköping University, JIBS, Information Centre for Foreign Law, 2006. http://urn.kb.se/resolve?urn=urn:nbn:se:hj:diva-528.

The free movement of goods constitutes one of the fundamental principles of the European Union and entitles goods entrance to the internal market. Sweden had before 1995 few monopolies concerning the import, export, manufacturing, distribution and retail on alcohol, and had to as a result of entering EU abolish four of these. The monopoly on retail, Systembolaget, was retained, and is still today strictly controlled by limited number of stores as well as restricted openly-hours. Systembolaget contributes an important part of the Swedish Alcohol Policy, which main purpose is to limit the accessibility of alcohol in Sweden. Another essential purpose is to prevent alcohol to reach people under the age of twenty, and this is upheld by strict age-controls when purchasing alcohol from Systembolaget.

Lately it has been argued that the Swedish prohibition of private import of alcohol con-stitutes a restriction of the free movement of goods and in breach of Article 28 EC. The exception of such restriction is presented in Article 30 EC and allows Member States to obtain national trade barriers if a justification based on the protection of the public health could be made. The Commission is of the opinion that the Swedish prohibition constitute such a restriction referred to in Article 28 and is not willing to accept the justification to protection of the public health. The Swedish government however, is reluc-tant to remove the prohibition and argues that consumers that require a certain product can import alcohol through Systembolaget. An elimination of the ban would undermine the core purpose with Systembolaget which is to protect the public health and prevent alcohol to be distributed to people under the age of twenty.

According to the Alcohol Act a person who has turned twenty can legally import alco-hol to Sweden when he is travelling with the goods if those products are for his personal use. A proposal has been presented to a redefinition of private import, which would in-clude situation where the buyer is not personally travelling with the goods, yet the transportation is carried out on the buyer’s behalf. Such purchases are often referred to distance purchase, and in those situations should the excise duty be laid down in the coun-try where the good was released for consumption. In distance sales the seller is respon-sible for the transportation of the goods but also to pay excise duty on the products in the country of destination.

A redefinition of private import to include transportation made on the buyer’s behalf could create problems since there is no actual contract between the seller and the transporting-company. Problems can then arise since the seller has no possibility to control that the buyer is of the legal age or guaranteeing that the alcohol is for that person’s use

Den fria rörligheten av varor utgör en grundstomme inom den Europeiska Unionen, vilken erkänner varor från medlemsstaterna tillträde till den gemensamma marknaden. Sverige hade fram till 1995 fem olika monopol som reglerade importen, exporten, tillverkningen, distributionen och försäljningen av alkohol, men var tvungen som ett led i inträdet till EU att avveckla fyra av dessa. Kvar återstod försäljningsmonopolet, Systembolaget, vilket än idag är strikt reglerat genom begränsat antal butiker och öppet-tider. Systembolaget utgör in viktigt beståndsdel i den svenska alkoholpolitiken, vilken har till syfte att begränsa alkoholen och dess skadeverkningar i Sverige. Ett viktigt mål är också att motverka att alkoholen når ut till ungdomar under 20år, varvid strikta kon-troller av ålder sker vid köp på Systembolaget.

På senare tid har det diskuterat huruvida det svenska förbudet mot privat införsel av alkohol skall anses vara förenligt med den fria rörligheten av varor och den uppställda artikel 28 i EG-fördraget. Där stadgas det att inga importrestriktioner skall hindra varor tillträde till den gemensamma marknaden. Det uppställda undantaget i artikel 30 berättigar medlemsstaterna att behålla en sådan restriktion om det kan anses nödvändigt till skyddet för den allmänna hälsan. Kommission har i ett motiverat yttrande upplyst Sve-rige att förevarande förbud utgör en sådan restriktion som avses i artikel 28 och att förutsättningarna att behålla ett sådant förbud inte kan anses uppfyllda. Den svenska regeringen anser att förbudet fyller en viktig funktion genom att begränsa tillgängligheten av alkoholen på den svenska marknaden, samt upplyser att en konsument som önskar importera särskilda produkter kan göra detta genom Systembolaget. Att tillåta konsumenter att importera fritt skulle försvaga det ursprungliga syftet med Systembolaget, vilket är att skydda den allmänna hälsan och minska risken för att alkohol blir tillgänglig för ungdomar.

Enligt Alkohollagen kan en person som har fyllt 20 fritt importera alkohol till Sverige under förutsättning att denne reser in med varorna till Sverige och att dessa varor är för hans personliga nyttjande. En föreslagen utvidgning av definitionen privat import kan komma att inkludera varutransporter vilka sker för köparens räkning, ofta kallade distans köp. Detta skiljer sig då nämnvärt från distansförsäljning där säljare står för transporten, och är skyldig att betala punktskatt i destinationslandet för dessa varor. Vid distans köp skall ingen beskattning ske i destinationslandet, under förutsättning att dessa avgifter har betalts i varans ursprungsland.

En utvidgning av definition av privat import till att innefatta varutransporter organiserade av köparen kan skapa problem då inget riktigt kontrakt föreligger mellan säljaren och transportbolaget. Svårigheter kan då uppstå för säljarens då denne saknar möjlighet att kontrollera att köparen är av påstådd ålder och att alkoholen är avsedd för dennes personliga konsumtion.

Maunganidze, Tendai. "An evaluation of the regulation and enforcement of trade mark and domain name rights in South Africa." Thesis, Rhodes University, 2007. http://hdl.handle.net/10962/d1007571.

Hu, Ling, and 胡凌. "Shaping the virtual state: internet content regulation in China (1994-2009)." Thesis, The University of Hong Kong (Pokfulam, Hong Kong), 2011. http://hub.hku.hk/bib/B46421701.

Onagoruwa, Gabriel Adeoluwa. "Cross-border bank resolution : legal and institutional underpinnings for a regional approach within Africa." Thesis, University of Cambridge, 2013. http://ethos.bl.uk/OrderDetails.do?uin=uk.bl.ethos.608026.

Mkiwa, Halfan. "The anticipated impact of GATS on the financial service industry in Africa." Thesis, University of the Western Cape, 2007. http://etd.uwc.ac.za/index.php?module=etd&action=viewtitle&id=gen8Srv25Nme4_6956_1219304028.

This study was on the anticipated impact of GATS on the financial services industry in Africa. The paper examined the possible positive and negative impact of the GATS agreement on the financial services industry in the African countries. The research focused on the banking sector and the insurance sector as the main financial sectors under investigation.

Van, Wyk J. W. "A critical legal and economic analysis of the potential threats and opportunities associated with the outsourcing of e-commerce services in developing countries with specific emphasis on India and selective SADC countries." Thesis, University of the Western Cape, 2005. http://etd.uwc.ac.za/index.php?module=etd&amp.

Wesson, Nicolene. "Die invloed van Internet op die toepaslikheid van die bronreels in terme van die Inkomstebelastingwet, No. 58 van 1962." Thesis, Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University, 1999. http://hdl.handle.net/10019.1/51219.

Sundstrom, Linda-Marie. "Internet radio: Identifying administrative and regulatory gaps in a cyberspace world without borders." CSUSB ScholarWorks, 2002. https://scholarworks.lib.csusb.edu/etd-project/2137.

Upton, Oren K. "Asserting national sovereignty in cyberspace : the case for Internet border inspection." Thesis, Monterey, Calif. : Springfield, Va. : Naval Postgraduate School ; Available from National Technical Information Service, 2003. http://library.nps.navy.mil/uhtbin/hyperion-image/03Jun%5FUpton.pdf.

Latter, Gareth Paul. "Copyright law in the digital environment: DRM systems, anti-circumvention, legislation and user rights." Thesis, Rhodes University, 2012. http://hdl.handle.net/10962/d1003196.

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Men, Jing 1971. "Is it a castle in the air? : assessing the Sino-US WTO agreement : from the perspective of telecommunications and banking liberalization." Thesis, McGill University, 2000. http://digitool.Library.McGill.CA:80/R/?func=dbin-jump-full&object_id=33363.

Zoubi, Marwan M. Sharif (Marwan Mohd Sharif). "The Wealth Effect of the Risk-Based Capital Regulation on the Commercial Banking Industry." Thesis, University of North Texas, 1994. https://digital.library.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metadc278264/.

Asubiaro, Omowumi Modupe. "www.crimesagainstchildren.com : addressing child pornography via the Internet in Africa." Thesis, University of the Western Cape, 2004. http://etd.uwc.ac.za/index.php?module=etd&amp.

Terblanche, Janet Rene. "The legal risks associated with trading in derivatives in a merchant bank." Thesis, Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch, 2006. http://hdl.handle.net/10019.1/2693.

Chan, Lai-sha, and 陳麗莎. "A study of the copyright protection in the digital environment in HongKong." Thesis, The University of Hong Kong (Pokfulam, Hong Kong), 2011. http://hub.hku.hk/bib/B46779632.

Suleman, Yasser. "The legislative challenges of Islamic banks in South Africa." Thesis, Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University, 2011. http://hdl.handle.net/10019.1/21644.

Kigerl, Alex Conrad. "An Empirical Assessment of the CAN SPAM Act." PDXScholar, 2010. https://pdxscholar.library.pdx.edu/open_access_etds/704.

Silveiras, Raphael de Souza 1988. "Consultas públicas para o Marco Civil da Internet e Reforma da Lei de Direito Autoral : a relação entre direito, Internet e Estado na contemporaneidade." [s.n.], 2014. http://repositorio.unicamp.br/jspui/handle/REPOSIP/279624.

Ahmad, Rubi 1962. "Bank capital, risk and performance : Malaysia evidence." Monash University, Dept. of Accounting and Finance, 2005. http://arrow.monash.edu.au/hdl/1959.1/5121.

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Juzapavicus, Erin A. "A comparative legal study of free society and control when dealing with the Internet and beyond." Honors in the Major Thesis, University of Central Florida, 2003. http://digital.library.ucf.edu/cdm/ref/collection/ETH/id/319.

Karimipour, Lisa L. "The first amendment and internet access restrictions in public university libraries." Honors in the Major Thesis, University of Central Florida, 2001. http://digital.library.ucf.edu/cdm/ref/collection/ETH/id/228.

Kam, Ka Man. "Reproduction rights in digital environment and copyrights protection : legal issues and challenges." Thesis, University of Macau, 2011. http://umaclib3.umac.mo/record=b2580191.

Balan, Júnior Osvaldo. "O estabelecimento virtual na sociedade técnica : a necessária busca de segurança jurídica nas transações comerciais /." Franca : [s.n.], 2011. http://hdl.handle.net/11449/98930.

Chou, Sophie S. "The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act: The Solution or the Problem?" Scholarship @ Claremont, 2016. http://scholarship.claremont.edu/cmc_theses/1247.

Breindl, Yana. "Hacking the law: an analysis of internet-based campaigning on digital rights in the European Union." Doctoral thesis, Universite Libre de Bruxelles, 2011. http://hdl.handle.net/2013/ULB-DIPOT:oai:dipot.ulb.ac.be:2013/209836.

Hannigan, Kerry. "Protection and security in a technologically advanced society : children and young people's perspectives." Thesis, University of Stirling, 2014. http://hdl.handle.net/1893/21562.

Lundström, Justus, Jonas Widriksson, and Viktor Zaunders. "Changes in media consumption and file sharing : The impact of legislation and new digital media services." Thesis, Jönköping University, JIBS, Business Informatics, 2010. http://urn.kb.se/resolve?urn=urn:nbn:se:hj:diva-12534.

In this study we investigate how the attitude and behaviour concerning illegal file shar-ing have changed among the young population in Sweden. The study will analyze the impact of the IPRED law that was introduced in April 2008 and new digital media ser-vices that have emerged in the last couple of years. It is also evaluated which of these have had the most impact on the attitude and behaviour of the selected population.

The main part of our research consists of a quantitative survey handed out to a sample population among high school students (ages 16-20) in Jönköping, Sweden. This pri-mary data is later compared to secondary data from a similar study that was done on the same demographics two years prior to this research in order to measure the change in behaviour and attitude. The previous study was conducted prior to the IPRED law im-plementation by one of the authors. We also used prior research within this subject and related fields to further understand and interpret our data.

What we have discovered through our research is that there has been a decrease in ille-gal file sharing, especially when considering music, however this decrease is much more an effect of the adopting of new media services then it can be attributed to the IPRED law. Furthermore, the attitudes towards file sharing have remained unchanged and a large number of young adults do not feel that file sharing should be illegal.

It is also concluded that good legal alternatives to file sharing have a large market po-tential if these services can fulfil consumers demand on availability and price. Addition-ally we have found that good legal alternatives are important if the public is to refrain from returning to their old file sharing habits once the initial scare from new legislation has worn off.

孫陸陽. "暗網絡犯罪的刑法問題研究 =Research on criminal law of dark network crime." Thesis, University of Macau, 2018. http://umaclib3.umac.mo/record=b3950654.

Grosshans, Joshua D. "Legislation, litigation, and lunacy : an analysis of Ashcroft V. free speech coalition and the child pornography prevention act of 1996." Honors in the Major Thesis, University of Central Florida, 2003. http://digital.library.ucf.edu/cdm/ref/collection/ETH/id/317.

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Souza, Ricardo Vieira de. "O ciberespaço e a jurisdição transnacional: necessidade de regulação." Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, 2018. https://tede2.pucsp.br/handle/handle/21438.

Davids, Marlon. "Financial regulation in South Africa : a case study on the implementation of the national credit act by the four big banks." Thesis, Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University, 2008. http://hdl.handle.net/10019.1/5539.



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Blog / 43 Banking Dissertation Topics and Ideas

43 banking dissertation topics and ideas.

banking law thesis topics

Table of Contents

Super banker to the rescue with great Banking Dissertation Topics!

As days are passing, technology is getting its peak. Similarly; as technology is getting more advanced day by day the challenges in the banking sector are also taking place. Hence, the research in this field is also getting advanced, As a student, people face many difficulties in making dissertations for banking sectors.

If you are having trouble with your banking dissertation topics then this article is the best choice for you to get help in your banking dissertation research topics. For this purpose, it is also getting too tough to pick out a topic that is instantly going to make your banking dissertation a winner and a classic.

If so stop worrying right now. This article is going to be a one-stop solution to your entire topic’s problem for a banking dissertation. This article includes some internet banking dissertation topics, Islamic banking topics, and some of the banking dissertation topics to help you in a better way.

No more searching the net or asking around for your topic ideas. All you have to do is read this article and after implementing the tools and strategies which are defined in this article, you will have a banking dissertation topic in no time at all.


If you are looking  What are the research topics in banking?  then you are in right place, there are some dissertation topics in banking that are presented as an example; you can take help from these topics to make your banking dissertation topics efficient and effective.

Check out our related posts for banking and finance , corporate finance , retail management , international finance , and Islamic finance .


There are some banking dissertation topics that are presented as an example; you can take help from these topics to make your internet banking dissertation topics.


There are some banking dissertation topics that are presented related to Islamic banking services as an example; you can take help from these topics to make your Islamic banking dissertation topics.

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You will get the topics first as per the given requirements, and then the brief which includes:

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banking law thesis topics

Banking and Finance Dissertation Topics (28 Examples) For Research

Mark May 26, 2020 Jun 5, 2020 Banking and Finance , Finance No Comments

Are you searching for banking and finance dissertation topics? We understand that selecting a dissertation topic is one of the biggest challenges. So, we offer a wide range of banking and finance dissertation topics and project topics on banking and finance. You can also visit our site for corporate finance dissertation topics and other business […]

banking and finance dissertation topics

Are you searching for banking and finance dissertation topics? We understand that selecting a dissertation topic is one of the biggest challenges. So, we offer a wide range of project topics on banking and finance.

Our team of writers can provide quality work on your selected banking and finance research topics. Once you select from the research topics on banking and finance, we will provide an outline, which can provide guidance on how the study should be carried out .

If you have come to this post after searching for corporate finance or finance topics, following are the seperate posts made on these topics.

Banking and finance dissertation topics

Role of micro-loans in the modern financial industry.

Online currencies like Bitcoin brought changes in the concept of fiat currencies.

Identifying the forces causing American retail banking centres to change.

Analysing the treatment of off-balance sheet activities.

Examining the role of internet banking in society.

Evaluating how the modern economy prevents a run on the banks from happening.

To find out whether the technology can replace the role of retail banking centre.

Relationship between housing loans and the 2008 recession.

Impact of foreign direct investment on the emerging economies.

Identifying the best capital structure for a retail bank.

To study the effect of mergers and acquisition on employee’s morale and performance in the case of banks.

Evaluating the credit management and issues of bad debts in commercial banks in the UAE.

To what extent the electronic banking has affected customer satisfaction.

Portfolio management and its impact on the profitability level of banks.

Impact of interest rate on loan repayment in microfinance banks.

An appraisal of operational problems facing micro-finance banks in delta state.

Studying the impact of risk management on the profitability of banks.

Evaluation of bank lending and credit management.

Role of automated teller machine on customer satisfaction and retention.

Examining the impact of bank consolidation on operational efficiency.

Competitive strategies and changes in the banking industry.

Development of rural banking in the case of developed countries.

The effect of electronic payment systems on the behaviour and satisfaction level of customers.

How does the organisational structure affect the commercial banks and their performance?

How can banks use ratio analysis as a bank lending tool?

Evaluating the relationship between e-banking and cybercrime.

Studying the importance of credit management in the banking industry.

Problems related to loan granting and recovery.

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banking law thesis topics

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banking law thesis topics

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banking law thesis topics

Dissertation Topic in Finance

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Dissertation Topics in Finance- MBA, Banking, Accounting Projects-04 (1)

Also known as the study of investments, Finance is a combination of two interrelated subjects – how money is handled and the process of obtaining money. One of the reasons why postgraduate students struggle with their Finance dissertation topics is that they do not spend enough time planning it. It is important for students to be extremely careful while writing a finance dissertation as it contributes a lot to their respective degrees. This blog provides you with the best topics, a dissertation structure, and more. 

This Blog Includes:

What is a finance dissertation, why finance dissertation topics are important, tips to find excellent dissertation topics on finance, writing tips for finance dissertation, how to plan your work on a finance dissertation, how to structure a finance dissertation, finance dissertation general topics , topics related to india, mba dissertation topics, banking dissertation topics , accounting dissertation topics, research project example, final consideration and conclusion.

Finance dissertations, as the name implies, are pieces of writing that study a certain finance topic chosen by the student. The subjects covered include anything from the stock market to banking and risk management to healthcare finance. This dissertation gives the student academic self-assurance and personal happiness in the subject of finance. Finance writing necessitates substantial research in order to produce a compelling report.

The majority of students have no idea why finance dissertation themes are so crucial. However, put yourself in the shoes of your lecturer. You’ve already read hundreds of theses. The majority of them covered the same ground — issues that you’re already tired of hearing about. Then there’s a topic with a distinct, intriguing theme. Something that piques your interest and entices you to read more. Wouldn’t you give those pupils some extra credit? You’d do it! This is why there are so many fantastic finance dissertation topics. You can get extra points for your efforts. The topic of your paper might mean the difference between a good and a terrific grade.

It’s difficult to come up with anything unique and interesting. There are, nevertheless, ways to come up with interesting ideas. Here are a few pointers on how to locate them:

Dissertation submission is very important to obtain a PG Degree. You are supposed to submit the work by the end of your study course, so by the last year of your degree, you may have got enough ideas and problems dealing with finance. While starting with a finance dissertation topic you should always remember that the purpose of a Finance Dissertation is to demonstrate your research ability, how you analyze specific data and come up with a conclusion. Mentioned below is a step to step guide for you to start working with:

Step 1 : Choose a relevant and interesting topic for your research

Step 2 : Discuss and receive feedback from your supervisor

Step 3 : Finalise the research methods to prove the significance of the selected topic

Step 4 : Gather the required data from relevant sources

Step 5 : Conduct the research and analyse the acquired results

Step 6 : Work on the outline of your dissertation

Step 7 : Make a draft and proofread it. Discuss with your advisors if any changes are to be made

Step 8 : Make the required corrections. 

Step 9 : Draft the final dissertation

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There are so many different ways you can structure your dissertation. But the most common and universally accepted way is as follows:

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Finance Dissertation Topics

Finance is an extensive field, you can explore a lot of areas related to finance to choose a dissertation topic. Here we’ve mentioned the best finance dissertation topics to make it easier for you:

Mentioned below are some of the topics related to the recent issues in the world:

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Best MBA Dissertation Topics

Be careful while choosing an MBA Dissertation Topic as it involves more intense study. Make sure the topic you’ve chosen remains within your field of study. We’ve listed some of the best topics you can choose for an MBA Dissertation:

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We’ve included a Finance Dissertation Research Example with reference to a Finance Dissertation Structure:

           3.1 Background (background of the study) 

           3.2 Problem Statement (significance of the problem in context)

           3.3 Purpose/Research Questions (What caused the Crisis, how was the crisis revived etc.)

*Please note that the above-mentioned structure is only for your reference to get an idea of writing a Finance Dissertation.

Choosing the right topic for your Finance dissertation to plan the work, all the above-mentioned aspects must be given equal importance. This blog has included the best dissertation topic in finance in MBA, accounting, and banking you can choose while writing a dissertation.

Finance research papers and dissertations should be prepared in a way that answers the core question while also being relevant to the remainder of the study. For example, if the dissertation’s major question is “what is the link between foreign exchange rates and the interest rates of a specific country,” the dissertation should provide suitable illustrations to help illustrate the topic. It should also go through the major and minor concerns that are relevant to this topic. Furthermore, utilise proper language to ensure that the article is readily understood by readers. The overall purpose of the project is to produce a well-written, well-researched, and well-supported dissertation.

It takes around 2 years to complete an MBA in India while 1 year to complete a full-time MBA in other countries.

A finance dissertation must be 100-300 pages long.

It takes around 5 years to obtain a Doctorate in Finance.

Hopefully, this blog assisted you in finding out your finance dissertation topics and structure for your course. If you require any assistance regarding your application process while enrolling for your further studies, our experts at Leverage Edu are just one click away. Call us anytime at 1800 572 000 for a free counselling session!

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banking law thesis topics

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159 Banking Essay Topics

🏆 best essay topics on banking, 👍 good banking research topics & essay examples, 🌶️ hot banking ideas to write about, 🎓 most interesting banking research titles, ❓ banking essay questions.

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LL.M Dissertation International Finance & Banking Law.docx

Profile image of Rebekah Angel  Peachey

This paper explores the global overhaul in financial regulation post the financial crisis, providing an analysis of the current micro and macro prudential reforms with a view to exploring whether the shortfalls have indeed been addressed or whether further areas require further attention. With a focus on both international regulator agencies and domestic national reconstructions, the document keenly argues that the enforcement of accountability remains an issue still with capitalism still governing above ethics, admist a plethora of new legislation and regulation there is no one clear international regulator facilitating harmonious impartial regulation and supervision of all global stakeholders. With the financial crisis of 2007 having far reaching effects such as financial hardship hitting a significant amount of nations, both developed and developing world, it is vital to ensure that the financial system is protected more efficiently in line with the fundamentally interconnected and fast developing species it is today in the modern world. Despite some of the legislation and reform appearing to be a step in the right direction, there is merit in the argument that an overseeing regulator is required and that current governance standards in place are in danger of taking an approach that is akin to “box ticking” rather than embedding values of corporate social responsibility, socially responsible investments and above all, ethical banking.

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Daniel Herman

banking law thesis topics

David Lewis.baker

Our analysis aligns with the extensive ‘regulatory capture’ tradition of writings on policy making and governance. But we do not accept neoliberal public choice based assumption linked to regulatory capture implying that governmental regulatory intervention is inevitably doomed to succumb to such capture, in turn insisting that regulatory agencies should be abolished and the market allowed to function unhindered in order that it can return to a natural and equitable equilibrium. Rather it is closer to the ‘deep capture’ models of Hanson and his co-authors, who suggest that regulatory capture phenomenon extends to business organisations incentive to manipulate any element that exercises potential or actual power over their sphere of operation, including the media, scholarship and the ‘soft power’ of the institutions of popular culture.

Stefano Pagliari

Samuel McPhilemy

Pranjal Mehta , Sonam Jambhulkar

The paper seeks to analyse the legal and the financial aspect of Financial Portfolio Investment in the European countries of, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Slovakia. The paper deals with the investment scenario of the countries and helps us to understand the effects of Foreign Portfolio Investment in the respective countries, if further tries to explain the manner in which the financial risks arise in the said countries and hoaaw the countries tackle with the risks. The legal framework of the Financial Portfolio Investment of the countries help us understand the various law and procedures to be followed in the process of investing in portfolio investment. Finally the paper compares the Financial Portfolio Investment schemes of all the said countries and provides a conclusion on the basis of analysis and the charts prepared to determine the best country out of Spain, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Slovakia to make Foreign Portfolio Investment.

Bryane Michael

Objectives-based legislation – or laws which focus on achieving particular and concrete outcomes – has become a new and important tool that financial sector regulators use to tackle large and varied financial system risks. Yet, objectives-based legislation – and the frequent principles-based regulation underpinned by such legislation – represents a stark departure from traditional ways of legislating. In this paper, we describe the problems and prospects of implementing objectives-based financial regulation in Hong Kong – in the form of a Twin Peaks regulatory structure. A focus on the objectives of achieving financial market stability and proper market conduct would require a different approach to legislating and regulating in Hong Kong (and most other countries). By describing the way Hong Kong’s legislators would adopt such objectives-based legislation putting a Twin Peaks regulatory structure in place, we hope to shed light on the broader trend in academic and practitioner circles toward thinking about how to use objectives-based legislation to tackle complex social risks. Such an approach may also reduce the use of patchworks of complex inter-agency agreements and rulemaking between traditional regulators as they try to solve large and difficult regulatory problems.

Irina Trohman , Irina Trohman

This thesis deals with the strategic decisions of the banks of the European Union related to the internationalization of their business through mergers and acquisitions with banks located in Eastern Europe, particularly in Romania, and effects of these decisions on local economy and banking system.

Anca Chirita

Vivienne Eggers

Marco Lo Bue

The purpose of this essay is to describe synthetically the main economic policy choices made by the European Union in order to curb the effects of the financial crisis that in 2008, after manifesting itself in the United States of America, spread to the old continent.

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ravi kant jangid

Thomas Rixen

OECD Journal: Financial Market Trends

Gert Wehinger

Daniel Detzer

Giuseppe Montalbano

European Parliamentary Research Service, European Parliament

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Paul Ramskogler

Alessio M Pacces


saddam hussain

Philippe Rudaz

Ramon della Torre

Domenico Siclari

Yael S Simon

Journal des Économistes et des Études Humaines

I.H-Y Chiu & I. MacNeil (eds.), Research Handbook on Shadow Banking: Legal and Regulatory Aspects, Edward Elgar

Alessio M Pacces , Hossein Nabilou

Ebele O Oputa

Popescul Lorena , Jitaru Loredana

Competition & Change

Manolis Kalaitzake

Narman Kuzucu

miranda xafa

J. Mendes e I. Venzke (ed.s), Allocating Authority: Who Should do What in European and International Law, Hart Publishing

Maurizia De Bellis


Benjamin Wilhelm

UNEP Inquiry into a Sustainable Financial System

Margaret Wachenfeld

Edoardo Chiti



280 Impactful Financial Dissertation Topics for you to Explore and Write

Table of Contents

What are Financial Dissertation Topics?

If finance is your subject, perhaps you understand the complexities of writing financial dissertations. Besides, if you choose good financial dissertation topics, certainly you will reduce half of your burdens and deliver exemplary dissertations. However, before you set to choose any topics, let’s understand what a financial dissertation is and work accordingly.

Simply, a financial dissertation is a type of writing that examines specific financial topics selected by the students. To illustrate, the topics might range from banking, stock market, risk management, and healthcare finance topics. Besides, writing a financial dissertation might provide students with self-confidence and personal satisfaction in the subject area. Perhaps, you will conduct comprehensive research, as you might want to write a persuasive paper.

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How to Use Financial Dissertation Topics?

Generally, the students experience the toughest time while selecting their financial dissertation topics as they ought to write exemplary papers. Mostly, the students examine both online and offline sources as they might want to choose credible topics. Also, if they look for easy topics, it gets more difficult, because students have already used it several times. Yet, you may read the below-mentioned conditions and identify unique financial dissertation topics to score good grades.

How to Write Financial Dissertation Topics?

Once, you have selected your financial dissertation topics, perhaps you will decide how to write on your topics. Let’s explore few conditions that might help you write outstanding financial dissertation topics.

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List Of Financial Dissertation Topics

Easy financial dissertation topics.

Basic Financial Dissertation Topics

Good Quality Financial Dissertation Topics

Unique Financial Dissertation Topics

Financial Dissertation Topics for Exam

Good Scoring Financial Dissertation Topics

High-Quality Financial Dissertation Topics

Intriguing Financial Dissertation Topics for Study

High-Scoring Financial Dissertation Topics

Miscellaneous Financial Dissertation Topics

Financial Dissertation Topics for Assignments

Top-Notch Financial Dissertation Topics

Credible Financial Dissertation Topics

Captivating Financial Dissertation Topics

Attention-Seeking Financial Dissertation Topics

Financial Dissertation Topics for Project Report

Impressive Financial Dissertation Topics

Top most Impactful Financial Dissertation Topics for college students

Few Trending Financial Dissertation Topics

Action Needed

If you have reached here, perhaps you have found something interesting in this blog. Mostly, you will find your financial dissertation topics by the time you finish reading this blog. However, if you still didn’t find your topics, possibly, you may contact our Finance Assignment Help expert who might help you find topics. Also, you may request our experts to modify the topics for you as your area of interest. Moreover, you may seek the help of your professor, who might explain the subject and allocate you topics as per your potential.

You can also get help with – Extensive Financial Economics Assignment Helpers For Comprehending The Subject

banking law thesis topics

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A List of the Most Interesting Dissertation Topics About the Banking Industry

When you’re pursuing a Master’s degree or a PhD in any subject, you’ll be required to do a dissertation, also known as a thesis, before you can complete the program and receive your degree. A dissertation is an extended paper that draws on your own original results or analysis. You’ll have to conduct extensive research over a long period of time, then put together a paper that presents your findings. Finally, you’ll present your dissertation to a committee of experts, who will judge the merit of your work and decide whether you should receive your degree. This intensive, long-term project is probably the most important thing you’ll ever do in your educational career. Since it requires so much time and effort, it’s important to pick a thesis topic that you’re genuinely interested in and passionate about. Ideally, it should also be relevant to the career path that you’re choosing for yourself, which is a primary concern for many students who are seeking education beyond a Bachelor’s degree.

If you’re pursuing a degree in finance, accounting, business, economics, or a related subject area, the banking industry can be a very interesting source of ideas for a great dissertation. Modern baning began in Renaissance Italy, and has since become an incredibly important force in the global economy. Here are a few general ideas to help you brainstorm for the perfect subject for your research:

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