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2022 NECO Biology Answers Release – See Objective & Essay Questions Here.

The Neco biology answers 2022 for objective essay questions is put. The National Examination Council (NECO) Biology SSCE will be written on Tuesday 26th July 2022.

The Neco Biology exam will comprise of Papers III & II: Objective & Essay which will commence from 10•00 am to 12•30 pm.

neco biology questions

We are posting out NECO Biology questions for candidates that will participate in the examination for practice purposes from Neco biology answers and past questions.

NECO Biology Answers 2022 SSCE.

PAPER-II [Essay] Answer any FOUR questions. Write your answers on the answer booklet provided.

1. (a) i. What is respiration? ii. In a tabular form, state four differences between gaseous exchange and aerobic respiration. (b) i. Explain the term residual air. ii. What is the importance of residual air to mammals? (c) State four characteristic features associated with respiratory structures. (d) i. What is oxygen debt? ii. Outline three activities that can result in oxygen debt.

ANS: a) b) (i) During breathing out/expiration/exhalation; not all the air is removed from the lungs; the air left inside the lungs during breathing out is residual air. (ii) a ir is left in the lungs so that the lungs do not collapse; air is always left inside the lungs so that more oxygen can be removed (diffuse) into the bloodstream. (c) (d) i. The build-up of lactic acid; during strenuous exercise is poisonous and makes the muscles ache; oxygen is needed to break down/get rid of the lactic acid; that is why athletes continue breathing heavily even after the exercise is over; the oxygen needed to get rid of the lactic acid is known as oxygen debt. ii. Running; boxing; swimming /any correct example of strenuous activities.

2. (a) (i) What is sexual reproduction? (ii) Name four organs in mammals that produce sex hormones. (iii) Name one sex hormone produced by each of the organs named in 2(a)(i). (b) In a tabular form outline three differences between reproductions in lizards and birds. (c) (i) How are identical twins forms in humans? (ii) State three characteristic features of identical twins.

3. (a) Define the term osmosis. (b) State two ways each in which osmosis is of importance to; (i) plants; (ii) animals. (c) A normal terrestrial plant was watered daily with a hypertonic solution for about seven (7) days. It was discovered that the plant was not doing well. Explain why. (d) (i)Explain briefly how marine organisms overcome the problem of high salinity in their environment? (ii) List four examples of organisms found in the benthic zone of marine habitat.

4. (a)  (i) What is conservation? (ii) State six factors responsible for the decline of the abundance and variety of wildlife. (b) Outline six ways in which the government can improve the situation in 4(a) (ii) above. (c) (i) What is Eutrophication? (ii) State two causes of eutrophication.

5. (a) What is reproduction? (b) In a tabular form, state six differences between sexual reproduction and (c) asexual reproduction. (d) State three advantages of sexual reproduction. (e) (i) Describe the female reproductive structure of a flowering plant. (ii) List two factors necessary for the germination of seeds.

6. (a) (i) What is courtship behaviour? (ii) Outline five benefits derived from the exhibition of courtship behaviour. (b) Describe briefly courtship behavior in the Agama lizard. (c) Describe briefly the mammalian placenta.

7. (a) Explain briefly the role of the skin as a sensory organ. (b) Describe briefly the vegetation of Tropical Rain Forest. (c) List five animals that inhabit the Tropical Rain Forest.

Neco Biology Objective Questions 2022.

neco biology answers 2018

13. A plant has flowers whose anthers mature and fall off before the stigma is fully developed. What will this prevent? A cross-pollination B insect-pollination C self-pollination D wind-pollination E air pollination.

14. Under which set of conditions will the transpiration rate of a well-watered plant be fastest? A a cool, dry, windless day B a cool, rainy, windy day C a hot, dry, windy day D a hot, rainy, windy day E a dry, dry, rainy day.

15. Which bones form a joint at the shoulder? A humerus and scapula B humerus and ulna C radius and ulna D radius and scapula E femur and collar bone.

16. A motor neuron transmits impulses from A muscle to the spinal cord B receptor to muscle C receptor to the spinal cord D spinal cord to muscle.

17. Where are most nitrogen compounds excreted from humans? A kidneys B liver C rectum D skin E bladder.

18. The cell wall of a plant cell is removed using an enzyme. What would happen if this cell is then placed in distilled water? A It would take longer for the cell to become turgid B Proteins in the cytoplasm would leave through the cell membrane C The cell would become smaller as water passes out D The cell would burst as water moves into it.

Note:  There is nothing like Neco Biology Expo online. Neco Ssce candidates are to desist from patronizing online fraudsters/vendors who say they can provide such services as they are not real.

Keep following, more questions and answers will be added soon.

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NECO Biology Questions and Answers For 2022/2023 (Theory and Objectives)

NECO Biology Questions and Answers For 2020 (Theory and Objectives)

Biology NECO Questions 2022. I will be showing you the NECO Biology objective and theory questions and answers for free in this post. You will also understand how NECO Biology questions are set and how to answer them.

The National Examinations Council (NECO ) is an examination body in Nigeria that conducts the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education in June/July and December/January respectively.

NECO Biology Question and Answers Essay and OBJ (Expo)

The 2022 NECO Biology expo will be posted here during the NECO Biology examination. Keep checking and reloading this page for the answers.

NECO 2022 Biology Answers Loading.. .







(i) Setting up of national park and gardens to save wildlife in their natural environment.

(ii) Poaching i.e. uncontrolled and illegal killing of game should be prevented.

(iii) Avoiding the use of pesticides that may kill off many animals

(vi) Prohibiting deforestation and encouraging afforestation

Sexual reproduction involves the fusion of two gametes – male and female gametes during fertilization to form a zygote which develops into a new organism. It involves organisms of the same species.

Sexual reproduction is the fusion or joining of male and female gametes or nuclei from different individual to form a zygote which later develops into an embryo or organism.

(i) biceps (flexor)

(ii) Triceps (extensor)

– When one touches a hot object, the sensory receptor in the skin receives the stimulus

– An impulse is transmitted from the receptor to the spinal cord, via the dorsal root/sensory neurone

– The intermediate neurone in the spinal cord passes on the impulse to the motor neurone

– The motor neurone then sends the impulses to an effector organ (muscle) via the ventral root

– All the neurones are linked by synapses across which impulses are sent

– The muscle upon receiving the impulse contracts causing the hand to be withdrawn from the hot object

(Pick Any Three)

(i) It provides water for photosynthesis

(ii) To get rid of excess water in the plant

(iii) It helps plants to continually draw water from the soil into their stem and leaves.

(iv) Some evaporation of water uses latent energy from plants and therefore keeps the plant cool

(v) It helps in the transport of mineral salts from soil to leaves and growing points of the plant

(i) Growing of cover crops like grasses, sweet potato which covers the surface of the soil

(ii) Contour ploughing: ploughing along the contours of a slope to reduce the speed of runoff water.


Metamorphosis: This is the name given to the change in form shown by insects and amphibians from the egg stage to the adult stage.

(Pick Any Four)

(i) It regulate sex drive (libido)

(ii) It helps in the production of sperm

(iii) It helps in the production of red blood cells

(iv) It is responsible for muscle mass and strength

(v) Cause an increase in bone mass

(vi) Responsible for fat distribution

(i) It deaminates excess amino acid to urea

(ii) It stores iron from broken down cells

(iii) It detoxified poisonous substances and sent to the kidney for excretions

(iv) It supplies heat to the body by its metabolic reactions

(v) It also store fats and releases it at controlled rates into the blood when the need arises

(vi) It stores and releases minerals (iron, copper and potassium and vitamins (A, D and B12)

(i) Oxygen (only in the day)

(ii) Carbon dioxide (only at night)

(iii) Water

(iv) Tannins

(v) Alkaloids

(vi) Resins

(vii) Latex

– The semi-circular canals in the inner ear are responsible for the maintenance of balance with respect to circular motion.

– There are  three semi-circular canals and each is found in one of the geometrical planes (right angle to each other)

– During spinning, the gelatinous cupula in one of the semi-circular canals is set in motion.

– This stimulates the sensory hairs, and impulses are sent through the auditory nerves to the brain for proper body posture.

– When one stops spinning, the gelatinous cupula does not stop moving instantly but continues to move for some time

– This cause the continue feeling of the sensation of spinning

(i)Buccal respiration

(ii)Lung respiration

(iii)Skin respiration



(i) The flowers are not attractive

(ii) The pollen grains are not sticky


(i) The flowers are attractive

(ii) The pollen grains are sticky

(i)Parietal placentation.

(ii) Basal placentation.

Light rays from an external object is refracted by the cornea, aqueous humour, the lens and the vitreous humour. The lens act as the fine adjustment bringing the rays to a focus on the retina. The image formed on the retina of human are inverted and diminished. The brain receives the stimulus via the optic nerves and then interprete it.

(i)Parasitic nutrition


(iii)Carnivorous nutrition

biology essay neco

(i) Internal fertilization

(ii) External fertilization

– After fertilization, the zygote divides repeatedly and develops into an embryo which consists of the plumule, radicle and one or two cotyledons.

– The primary endosperm nucleus develops into a nutritive tissue called endosperm, which stores food used by the developing embryo

– The synergids and the antipodal cells degenerate

– The ovule changes to form the seed and the interguments form the seed coat

– The micropyle remains where air and water enter the seed.

– The ovary develop into the fruit and the ovary wall forms the fruit wall called the pericarp.

– The style shrivels off, the petals, sepals and the stamens wither and fall off

(i) Red blood cells

(ii) White blood cells

(iii) Blood plasma

(iv) Platelets

(i)They are proteinous in nature

(ii) They speed up the rate of chemical reaction

(iii) They are organic catalyst

(iv) They are specific in function

Mendel’s first law also known as the law of segregation of genes states that during gamete formation, two alleles at a gene locus segregate from each other and each gamete has an equal probability of containing either allele

biology essay neco


(i)Bush burning



(i)Seasonal migration



The 2022 NECO Biology answers will soon be posted, wait patiently.

More Answers Loading…


The questions below are the NECO past questions and answers that will help you in your 2021 NECO Biology Questions.

1. Plants are classified into the following classes except


(b) Coelenterate.

(c) pteridophyta.

(d) thallophyta.

(e) Spermatophyte.

2. The cell wall of plants is rigid due to the presence of?

(a) Cambium

(b) cellulose

(d) chloroplast

3. The structure responsible for the transportation of mineral salt from the root to other parts of the plant is?


(d) sclerenchyma

4. Which of the following cell organelles traps sunlight energy in plant?


(b) Endoplasmic reticulum

(c) Mitochondrion

(d) Ribosome (e) Vacuole

5. The following conditions are necessary for photosynthesis except

(a) Carbon(iv)oxide.

(b) chlorophyll

(c) light energy

6. Which of the following organisms carries out photosynthesis?

(c) paramecium

(d) plasmodium

7. Which of these is an amphibian?

8. A flower with two or more fused carpels is called

(a) Apocarpous

(b) monocarpous

(c) polycarpous

(d) pistillate

(e) syncarpous

9. The response of plants to the stimulus of touch is called?

(a) Chemotropism

(b) geotropism

(c) hydrotropism

(d) phototropism

(e) thigmotropism

10. Which of the following is a bryophyte?

(a) Bladder wort

(b) Fly trap

(c) Liver wort

(d) Pitcher

11. Cellular respiration occurs in the

(a) Chloroplast

(b) endoplasmic reticulum

(c) food vacuole

(d) mitochondrion

(e) nucleus

12. In a moss plant, spores are produced in the

(a) Capsule

(c) rhizoid

13. Exoskeleton is a characteristic feature of

(b) earthworm

(d) millipede

(e) tapeworm

14. Which of the following influences growth in plants?

(a) Acetic acid

(c) Chlorophyll

(d) Ethylene

15. Land snail belongs to the phylum

(a) Annelida

(b) Arthropoda

(c) Echinodermata

(d) Mollusca

(e) nematode

16. The opening of the anthers and stigmas of a bisexual flower at the same time is called

(a) Cleistogamy

(b) dichogamy

(c) homogamy

(d) protandry

(e) protogyny

17. The following are the effect of auxins on plant except in

(a) Flowering

(b) fruiting without fertilization

(c) ripening of fruits

(d) root formation

(e) stem elongation

2020 neco  biology questions and answers

Use the diagram below to answer questions 18 and 19.

18. The  diagram represents the internal structure of a

19. The part labeled I is the

(b) endodermis

(c) phloem (d) root hair (e) xylem

20. Which of these is a water soluble vitamin?

(a) A 

21. The following diseases are airborne except

(a) Clolera

(b) measles

(c) meningitis

(d) pneumonia

(e) small pox.

22. The excretory organ of insects is called

(a) Contractile vacuole

(b) flame cell

(d) malphighian tubule

(e) nephridium

23. Which of these animals undergo metamorphosis

24. Villi are finger-like structures found in the

(a) Large intestine

(c) small intestine

(d) stomach

(e) tongue.

25. In mammals, sperms are formed in the

(a) Cowper’s gland

(b) scrotal sac.

(c) seminal vesicle 

(d) seminiferous tubules

(e) vas deferens

26. Which of the following is not a part of the mammalian brain?

(a) Cerebellum

(b) cerebrum

(c) Olfactory lobe

(d) spinal cord

(e) Thalamus

27. In plant, Chlorosis is caused by the deficiency of

(b) magnesium

(c) nitrogen

(d) potassium

(e) Sulphur

28. Which of the following diseases is not sexually transmitted

(b) Hepatitis

(d) influenza

(e) Syphilis

29. Which of the following is not a caste in a termitarium.

(d) soldiers

(e) workers

30. The structure responsible for excretion in tape worm is called

(a) Cell membrane

(b) contractile vacuole

(c) flame cell

(d) malphigian tubule

31. The mode of nutrition of mushroom is

(a) autotrophic

(b) epiphytic

(c) parasitic

(d) saprophytic

(e) symbiotic

32. The earthworm is an example of

(b) Coelenterata

(c) Mollusca

(d) nematoda

(e) Platyhelminthes

33. Fat and oil are also known as

(b) fatty acids

(c) glycerol

(e) carbohydrates

34. Gaseous exchange in the lungs occurs at the

(a) Alveolus



(e) trachea

35. The following are pigment except

(c) chromatophores

(d) haemoglobin

(e) melanin

neco biology questions and answers

Use the diagram  below to answer questions 36 – 38.

36. The type of placentation shown above is found in

(a) cana lily

(d) pride of Barbados

(e) sunflower

37. the part labeled x is the

(c) placenta

38. the type of placentation represented in the diagram is

(c) free central

(d) marginal

(e) parietal

39. the growth that occurs at the tip of shoot and root is called

(a) allometric

(c) isometric

(d) primary

(e) secondary

40. carnassial teeth are found in

41. Which of the following bones is not a part of axial skeleton?

(a) Backbone

(e) Sternum  

Use the diagram below to answer questions 42 and 43

2020 neco biology questions and answers

42. The part labeled ii is the

(b) hyaline cartilage

(c) ligament

(d) synovial  cavity

(e) synovial membrane

43. The function of the part labeled iii is to

(a) Soften the bones

(b) join bones together

(c) lubricate joints

(d) protect bones from wearing

(e) reduce friction at joints

44. The part that supplies food and oxygen to the eye is

(a) Choroids

45. The part of the male reproductive system that stores sperm is

(b) epididymis

(c) prostate gland

(d) seminal  vesicle

(e) vas deferens.

46. An organ in bird that grinds its food is

(c) gizzard

47. Which of the following animals exhibit basking

48. The following are functions of the sympathetic nervous system except

(a) Dilation of pupil of eye.

(b) inhibition of saliva secretion

(c) reduction of blood pressure

(d) reduction of urine output

(e) stimulation of ejaculation

49. The following homeostatic mechanisms are carried out by mammals except

(a) Excretion

(b) osmoregulation

(c) pH regulation

(d) reproduction

(e) thermoregulation

50. Part of the brain that controls blood pressure is called

(c) corpus callosum

(d) medulla oblongata

(e) pons varolii

51. Haemorrhage is caused due to the deficiency of vitamin

52. The control method of pests using predators is called

(a) Biological

(b) chemical

(c) cultural

(d) mechanical

(e) physical

53. The following are vectors except

(a) Black fly

(b) butterfly

(c) housefly

(d) mosquito

(e) tsetse fly

54. The deficiency of proteins in a developing child result in

(a) Beri beri

(b) kwashiorkor

(c) night blindness

(d) rickets

55. The theory of “use and disuse” of body parts was propounded by

(a) Carl Linneaus

(b) Charles Darwin

(c) Gregor Mendel

(d) Jean Lamarck

(e) Robert Hooke

56. The knowledge of heredity and variation are not required in

(a) Blood transfusion

(b) crime detection

(c) determination of paternity

(d) longevity

(e) marriage

57. Which of these is not a pollutant

(a) Carbon dioxide

(b) Lead oxide

(c) Nitrogen gas

(d) Nitrogen oxide

(e) sulphur dioxide

58. The topmost layer of a typical soil profile is

(b) coarse sand

(c) fine sand

59. Plants that survive in marine habitats are called

(a) Halophytes

(b) hydrophytes

(c) mesophytes

(d) saprophytes

(e) xerophytes

60. The felling of trees in a forest is called

(a) Afforestation

(b) deforestation

(c) desertification

(d) forest pruning

(e) re-afforestation        

Answer any three questions only

1a. State one role each of the following in photosynthesis

(i) Sunlight

(ii) Chlorophyll

b. List five types of bones found in the forearm of man

c. Mention three functions of a worker caste in termitarium

d. Define ecosystem

e. Draw a well labelled diagram (8-10cm long) of the nephron

2a. Define the following

(ii) Implantation

(iii) Species

(iv) Saprophytes

b (i) State four functions of the mammalian skeleton

(ii) Mention two muscles that bring about movement of a forearm

(iii) Name three digestive enzymes found in the small intestine and state one function of each

3a. (i) Mention three diseases of the liver

(ii) In a tabular form, state five differences between plant and animal cells

b. Using annotated diagrams only, illustrate the carbon cycle.

c. (i) List two types of supporting tissues in plant

(ii) Give two characteristics of a reptile

4a. Define the following terms

(i) Diffusion

(ii) Osmosis

(iii) plasmolysis

b (i) State four effects of overcrowding

(ii) mention two ways of conserving wildlife.

(iii) Give two examples of social animals

c (i) Define metamorphosis

(ii) List two examples of insects that undergo incomplete metamorphosis

(iii) Give two examples of a berry fruit

5a. (i) Draw a well labelled diagram (8-10cm long) of the human alimentary canal

(ii) Complete the table below

b. T T and t t are monohybrid plants representing tallness and shortness respectively

That’s all about NECO Biology Questions and Answers for 2022 (Theory and Objectives). If you have any questions, kindly drop your question in the comment box.

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NECO Biology 2022 Answers Objective and Essay | Get Now

NECO Biology 2022 Answers Objective and Essay | Get Now

What You'll Learn in this Post

NECO Biology 2022 Answers Objective and Essay

(5ai) Courtship behavior in Agama Lizard (i) A sexually active male lizard is large, brightly coloured/with an orange/blue head (ii) female lizard is smaller and less colourful/brown with green markings (iii) dominant male lizard defends its territory (iv) by driving away/fighting off/lashing other males with its tail (v) male displays its full colours in front of female (vi) female responds by arching her back and lifting her tail vertically (vii) male tries to catch her (viii) female usually runs a

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Neco Biology Obj Nd Essay Answers - Educational Services - Nairaland

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Welcome to Exambaba•Net | Jamb 2023 Runs How To Score 285-350+ | Jamb 2023 expo/runs | Jamb 2023 registration | Jamb 2023 answers/admission |  JAMB Form 2023: JAMB Announces Date of Sale of 2023/2024 Registration Form

Welcome to Exambaba•Net | Jamb 2023 Runs How To Score 285-350+ | Jamb 2023 expo/runs | Jamb 2023 registration | Jamb 2023 answers/admission | JAMB Form 2023: JAMB Announces Date of Sale of 2023/2024 Registration Form

We are the main exam answers suppliers since 2009, for contacts text & whatsap mr ability 07067800301  || 07067800301, neco gce 2021 biology answers.

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BIOLOGY-OBJ 1BEDDDCCDEE 11CEDDBBCDDC 21CEEBCEACDC 31ABECDAABBB 41CEABBCEBAA 51BCACDCBCEA Completed. ++++++++++++++++++++••++++++++++++++++••++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ BIOLOGY- ESSAY

_NOTE; You Are To Answer Three(3) Questions Only Out Of The Below Answers. Love You All._

(1ai) (i)their bodies are segmented with each segment separated from the other by septa. (ii)their bodies are cylindrical in shape (iii)their appendage are jointed

(1aii) (i)Turbidity; is an expression of how clear or cloudy the water is in aquatic habitats. This depends on the amounts of debris or slit suspended in the water.

(ii)Alkalinity; is used with soil having a low hydrogen ion concentration of high PH value usually greater than 7.

(iii)Topography; relate to structures of earth’s surface. It includes such features as altitude, slopes and low lands

(1aiii) (i)fever (ii)tiredness (iii)loss of taste or smell

(1b) Mr John’s blood vessels was damaged diving the cut and therefore exposed to air. However platelets in his blood stream released an enzyme called thrombokinase which produces thrombin. This thrombin converts soluble fibrinogen in plasma to insoluble fibrin in the presence of calcium ions. the thread like fibrin then forms a network on the surface of the wound and blood cells are trapped within to form a clot. ++++++++++++++++++++

(2ai) (i)Absence of a gut (ii)Presence of suckers and hooks (iii)Absence of digestive system (iv)Presence of cuticle

biology essay neco

(2bi) (i)Germination (ii)Cell Division (iii)Expansion (iv)Assimilation

(2bii) (i)Presence of chlorophyll (ii)Presence of sunlight

(2biii) (i)Proteins: Million’s reagent (ii)Fats and oil: Sudan III solution ++++++++++++++++++++

(3ai) (i) It is used for movement (ii) It is used for capturing prey


-PISCES- (i) They are entirely aquatic (ii) Respiration is mainly through gills, except lung fishes

-AVES- (i) They are not aquatic, but terrestrial (ii) Respiration is through mouth or nostrils

(3bi) (i)Bananas (ii)Sweet potato (iii)Rice (iv)Maize

biology essay neco

(4ai) (i)They possess ten pairs of cranial nerves (ii)They respire through the lungs and skin. Gills might be present externally in some adults. (iii)They are ectothermic animals, found in a warm environment

(4aii) (i)They produce food for the plant by photosynthesis. (ii)Transportation of water and food (iii)They gives protection to pant

biology essay neco

(4bi) (i)Olives (ii)Cherries (iii)Mangoes

(4bii) (i)The annual rainfall in the area is poor (ii)The wet season last 3-4 months (iii)They have extremely short grasses ++++++++++++++++++++•• +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ COMPLETED!!

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biology essay neco

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  1. NECO BIOLOGY QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 2020 ( Essay & Objective)

    biology essay neco


    biology essay neco

  3. 2019 Neco GCE Biology

    biology essay neco


    biology essay neco

  5. 003 Ap Biology Ecology Essay Questions Evolution Bio And Answers Outlin Form Chapter Neco Pdf

    biology essay neco

  6. NECO Biology Past Questions Download -Objective, Theory, Practical in PDF

    biology essay neco


  1. Explain the five lecture of the biology part2

  2. RODENTS: How to Control Vectors like Rats in the House



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  6. ජීවන චක්‍ර වතුර වගේ ලියමු ද👀 Day 04_Cycas


  1. NECO Biology Answers 2022 for Obj-Essay Questions Out

    The Neco Biology exam will comprise of Papers III & II: Objective & Essay which will commence from 10•00 am to 12•30 pm. neco biology questions.

  2. NECO Biology Questions and Answers For 2022/2023 (Theory and

    Are you searching for the NECO Biology question and answers 2022? If yes, see the NECO Biology expo here for OBJ and Essay.

  3. 2022 NECO Biology (OBJ & Essay) Answers [26th July]

    Get Free Live 2022 NECO June/July Biology (BIO) OBJ & Essay Questions and Answers Free of Charge | NECO June/July Free Biology (Objectives

  4. NECO Biology 2022 Answers Objective and Essay

    NECO Biology 2022 Answers Objective and Essay. (5ai) Courtship behavior in Agama Lizard (i) A sexually active male lizard is large

  5. Neco Biology Essay And Objectives 2022 Questions and ...

    Neco Biology Essay And Objectives 2022 Questions and AnswersClick Here:

  6. Neco Biology Obj Nd Essay Answers

    Neco Biology Obj Nd Essay Answers - Educational Services - Nairaland. Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Education / Educational Services / Neco

  7. Flashgist on Twitter: "NECO Biology 2022 Verified Essay and

    NECO Biology Theory and Objective Answers (100%legit) Biology Essay verified Free (Expo) for National Examination Council.

  8. School College

    NECO 2021/2022 EXPO Biology Objective & Essay Questions And Answers are available and has been posted for free. We have 2021/2022 NECO Questions and...

  9. NECO Biology Past Questions Download



    BIOLOGY- ESSAY. _NOTE; You Are To Answer Three(3) Questions Only Out Of The Below Answers. Love You All._. (1ai) (i)their bodies are segmented with each

  11. List of waec expo site, Waec midnight answer , 2022 Jamb cbt runz

    Get 2022 2022 NECO BIOLOGY OBJ AND ESSAY QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Runz and Expo Only On EarlyAnswer, Examorigin, Best Exam Expo Site, Waec 2022 timetable