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✅ How to Write a Comparative Paper

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🎓 compare and contrast thesis statement generator: how to use it.

This tool provides you with a reliable template that you can use to write a topic sentence by filling in the required fields:

You can generate a strong thesis statement for your essay in no time with us!

📝 What Is a Compare and Contrast Essay?

A paper of this genre aims to compare two or more things, ideas, or concepts. The comparison must be able to highlight the similarities while also pointing out the differences .

You may structure this essay using the alternating method (discussing one similar feature and then discussing the differences) or the block method (focusing on all the features of one thing and then doing the same for the other thing it is compared to).

Students have to write thesis statements for compare and contrast essays to demonstrate their critical thinking and analytical skills. You need a good hook for this type of essay to capture the reader's interest right from the start.

Step 1: Identify the Similarities and Differences

You can create a Venn diagram to be able to visualize the comparable qualities of the two subjects. This visual representation will make it easier to see where the two subjects overlap, and you can use that as an area of focus for comparing them in the essay. It is also important to pay attention to the features or aspects where they don’t overlap so you can determine their differences.

Take out the items you have listed in the diagram and form them into an outline. These ideas will serve as essay topic ideas, and you can compare that to the assignment brief.

For example, you are tasked to write a compare and contrast essay on two people.

You can focus your comparison on these questions:

Step 2: Choose Your Focus

The steps above will help you to build the foundation for your compare and contrast essay. Choose a focus for the point of comparison for your subjects.

Make sure you choose an interesting angle for these subjects or ideas to expound on in your essay. Depending on the assignment brief provided by your instructor, you can narrow down your focus based on what is required for your paper or choose the angle that delivers maximum impact for your thesis statement.

When choosing your focus for the essay, think about its relevance to the course. Think about how you can make your paper interesting and informative. Is there anything of value you can get out of the comparison of the two items?

Step 3: Write Your Thesis Statement

Creating your thesis statement is the next step in writing your academic paper. The thesis statement is more important in the compare and contrast essay type than most other essay types.

You must succinctly identify the distinction between the two objects, people, or ideas compared. Your thesis statement must not be vague; instead, it should be detailed and specific.

If you are struggling with writing a thesis statement that is also an attention grabber , you can utilize a compare and contrast thesis statement generator.

Step 4: Organize Your Ideas

You can organize your ideas in the essay using 2 methods .

The first method is known as subject-by-subject , which is to focus on each subject at a time. You will begin by discussing the features of one subject and then move to the next. When using this method, avoid providing a boring list of features.

Another method is the point-by-point one. Instead of highlighting the features of each subject, you will identify the key points and discuss them one by one.

🤓 Compare and Contrast Thesis Statement Examples

Writing a thesis statement for a compare and contrast essay can be tricky because it should create a focused argument. It should provide your readers with a roadmap of the key points discussed within the academic paper.

As you can see from the both bad examples, they are lacking when it comes to providing specific details about each fast-food chain. Your instructor might require additional details to support your thesis statement.

You can simplify the process of writing the thesis statement using an automated tool like the compare and contrast thesis statement generator.

Thank you for reading this article! If you need more instruments to prepare and polish your assignment, check the collection we prepared .

❓ Compare and Contrast Thesis Statement Generator FAQ

If you need help to write a thesis for your paper, this page will give you plenty of resources to do that. You’ll find out about the essentials of thesis statement. There are also tips on how to write the statement properly. But most importantly, this page contains reviews and links to online thesis generators.

A compare and contrast essay requires two or more topics.

Need topic ideas? Check out 49 Compare and Contrast Essay Topics to Help You Get Started

comparison essay thesis generator

Thesis Statement Generator for a Compare-and-Contrast Essay – Free Online Tool for Students

However hard it is for you to write a thesis, check out our tool!

3 hours!

Creating a worthy thesis statement might take longer than expected.

Our thesis statement generator for compare & contrast essays will make your writing routine much more effortless! You only need to provide some details about your research findings and receive a thesis in one second.

Learn how to write perfect compare-and-contrast thesis statements and use our tool's benefits.

🧮 Compare-and-Contrast Essay Guide

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☝️ why is a thesis important.

A thesis statement is the final sentence of your introductory paragraph. It is essential to your paper as it recaps all your main points and findings. Think of your thesis as a book cover as it gives the first impression to your audience. Depending on the quality of your thesis, readers decide whether your essay is worth attention. Even the strongest arguments can't save a paper with a bad thesis.

🔦 Reasons to Use Thesis Statement Generator for a Compare-and-Contrast Essay

Our thesis statement maker has multiple benefits you should know about:

In this part, we will explain the main features of a compare-and-contrast essay . Follow us!

What Is a Compare & Contrast Essay?

A compare-and-contrast essay researches the similarities and differences between two or several subjects. A compare & contrast paper in academic writing encourages students to study the characteristics of certain concepts, objects, or phenomena.

Usually, the two compared subjects are confused or placed in one category by mistake. The author aims to explain why they are different or how to distinguish between them. As an author, you must show your knowledge of the subjects and your ability to create logical connections.

Unlike most essays, comparing and contrasting pieces focus on two or more topics . Each of the examined subjects becomes a central theme. That is why compare-and-contrast essays might not describe a subject as deeply as a descriptive or analytical paper , for example.

How to Write a Compare-and-Contrast Essay?

The distinctive feature of a compare/contrast essay is two or more body parts. You will likely have to follow a 6-paragraph structure and use a block or point-by-point arrangement . Because of the two body parts, compare-and-contrast papers are longer than other essays. That is why you will need more time for writing and research.

If your instructions don't mention a particular arrangement type, you can use the one you like more. Here are the differences between these two structures:

Let's say you need to compare tax systems in the US and Australia. Use the template below to organize your paper. And start with a thesis statement.

Thesis statement: Although American and Australian taxing systems share multiple similarities, they differ in ease of calculation and responsibilities of tax authorities.

Block arrangement

Body 1: USA tax system (item 1)

Body 2: Australian tax system (item 2)

Point-by-point arrangement:

Body 1: Ease of calculation (feature 1)

Body 2: Tax authority (feature 2)

✍️ What Is a Good Compare-and-Contrast Essay Thesis?

The same rules apply to a good thesis, regardless of your essay organization . Take a look at this list:

🎊 Tips for a Compare & Contrast Essay Thesis

These tips will help you write better thesis statements:

📝 Compare-and-Contrast Essay Thesis Generator Examples

Now you should know how to spot good and bad thesis statements. Take a look at these examples to polish your thesis-making skills:

❓ Compare & Contrast Thesis Generator: FAQ

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Free Thesis Statement Generator

Looking for a free thesis statement generator for an informative essay? Our tool will easily generate a beautiful thesis for an argumentative, informative, compare and contrast, or analytical essay. All you need to do is choose your paper type, add the information, and look at the examples!

How many times has your supervisor asked you to rewrite your thesis statement because it wasn't good enough? We feel your pain. But no more suffering since our thesis statement generator is a perfect tool for this task!

It would be useful for absolutely anyone as this tool can be used both for research essay and academic writing, such as a Ph.D. thesis. So stop wasting your time and read the step-by-step instructions below!

❗ Thesis Statement Checklist

🔍 references, 📝 thesis statement generator: how to use.

A thesis statement is the core of your whole paper. Therefore, to create the ultimate thesis statement, you are asked to provide some information regarding your work. It would be lame if it just spilled out a random statement, right?

First of all, the thesis generator requests the topic of your paper . The topic is the main idea of your work, but more generalized. Try not to include too many details, or you might confuse the generator. It should be comprehensive but brief at the same time.

Then, we ask you to type in your key findings , meaning the conclusion. If you don't have it ready yet, just think about what idea you would like to convey to your readers.

Next, you should present the main argument that supports your conclusion. It is usually something that can make your readers believe in the accuracy of the conclusion. Keep in mind that it always has to be related to the topic! Also, there is a field for an additional argument to fill in.

And last but not least, your counterargument . It is something that works against your findings. Put merely, counterargument presents a different point of view, and your readers would know that your paper is unbiased.

To generate your thesis statement

If by now you already have an outline, it shouldn't be hard. If you don't have one yet, you might want to invest some time into writing it. A correctly organized outline makes the writing process much more comfortable! You can check out our guide .

All of the elements mentioned above are crucial for creating a good thesis statement. To find out some more details on thesis statements, keep reading!

What Is a Thesis Statement in Writing?

Just a central idea is not all that a thesis statement is. It can even be more than one sentence, but it always has to represent the essence of your work. The thesis statement can be the answer to the question you asked when you started writing.

What Is a Thesis in an Essay?

A type of essay would also influence your thesis. There are six or more different types of thesis statements you can write in the essay. But, it still doesn't change the fact that it should be a clear summary of your essay's main ideas.

What is a Thesis in a Speech?

The thesis in a speech is pretty much the same as in writing. It represents the core ideas and findings of your work. But in the speech, a vital and central role of the thesis is to involve your audience and make them pay attention to you.

What is a Thesis Statement in a Research Paper?

The thesis statement in a research paper combines both roles mentioned above. Remember that it needs to be as persuasive as it should be catchy. The reason is simple: the thesis statement of your research paper is the first thing your mentor and evaluation committee reads.

💪 Generating a Thesis Statement Easily

So far, you might be wondering how to make an excellent thesis statement. That is why we prepared a short guide for you. Learning from other people's mistakes is much more pleasant than receiving an awful review from your mentor, isn't it?

Here is a list of points from experts about the definition of the good thesis statements:

A good thesis statement

👀 Tips to Generate a Strong Thesis

As you may have already understood, it is not enough to just rephrase the conclusion to get a strong thesis statement. We have put all the tips for writing a persuasive and informative thesis.

Writing a thesis statement is one of the first things you do when starting to work on the paper or essay. Hence, it is fair to say that it can become a roadmap for your future writing process. It is crucial always to follow your initial point of view. While working on different parts of your writing, go back to the thesis statement to make sure you are still on track. In this case, if your thesis is weak, you can't possibly follow it in this process.

Moreover, a strong thesis statement is a sentence that should contain some evidence supporting your conclusion. It is kind of a summary of all your work. Keep in mind that only strong points can make your thesis stand out.

It brings us to the last aspect of the perfect thesis statement. You need to put all your creativity into this one sentence to create something that can interest your readers. Ideally, it works as a hook and motivates them to keep reading your paper.

Let's look through the main points now. You can consider this list as a thesis statement checker. In case you have any doubts, just go back here and double-check!

You don't want your statement to be vague and full of unnecessary details. However, you should include supportive arguments. Conjunctions might help but don't overuse them. Especially try avoiding coordinating conjunctions.

There should only be the most important idea, which makes sense because there can't be more than one main idea.

You should always use academic writing style and avoid generalizing and vague words like "good" and "bad." It should also exclude any possible misinterpretations.

Can your readers understand what point of view you support? If no, you should adjust your thesis statement so that your opinion on the topic would be included.

It is not a smart idea to use standard and general formulas to create an original thesis. It would be quite evident if you do. This one of the reasons you should use our generator that helps writing a thesis statement in only five minutes, and it is unique!

If you are writing an essay, think about where to put it. The best options would be in the first and the second paragraph.

You should aim to pursue one of these vital functions. Otherwise, your readers can doubt if your entire writing is worthy.

🎓 Thesis Statement Examples

Still not sure how a thesis statement should look like? No worries, we put together two amazing and easy examples for you. We are going through weak, stronger, and great statements to point out the mistakes you should avoid.

The first thesis statement example is related to the risks of obesity .

People should exercise more . It doesn't specify what people and how much more they should exercise. Moreover, this statement doesn't seem to be related to the topic of the risks of obesity. The arguments are also left out here.

Obese people have to exercise regularly for health benefits . It is already better since it is less vague, but some aspects still look a bit too general. For instance, "regularly" is different for all people, and the phrase "health benefits" needs clarification as well.

Exercising three and more times per week reduces the chances of complications, such as heart disease and diabetes, for patients with all classes of obesity . This thesis statement includes both argument and specifications, which is excellent! Now, checking the main objectives of your research is much more comfortable with it. Moreover, it is clear enough for your readers.

Another example is about the danger of smoking .

Smoking is bad for you . You can't disagree that this thesis statement is not even good enough for an article title. It is way too vague and doesn't catch the attention at all. The only good thing about it is that it is kind of related to the topic.

Smoking can have adverse effects on the process of conception . Here, one argument is presented: the adverse effects of smoking on fertility. However, there is no specification of what effects. The gender of the potential smokers is not mentioned either, which is vital for describing the reproductive system processes in the paper. Moreover, the single fact that a modal "can" is used undermines your whole paper. The readers might think that you haven't done enough research.

Smoking and passive smoking during the reproductive years lower the chances for natural conception by damaging women's eggs and reducing the quality of sperm for men . You can see that all the aspects of a good thesis statement are present here. Even the danger of passive smoking is included, as well. Moreover, the reason why smoking is dangerous for fertility is also stated.

We hope this article helped you out. And remember, if you're having a problem, the statement generator is here to ease your struggles. After using it, you can also go through this article again since it is an excellent thesis checker!

❓ Thesis Statement Generator FAQ

❓ how to create a thesis statement.

There is no universal formula for an ideal thesis statement, but there are tools as our generator! Also, there are specific dos and don’ts, which we described in this article. And don’t forget that creating a thesis statement for a speech follows kind of different aims.

❓ How to Turn a Question into a Thesis?

Usually, you can turn a question into a thesis if your research is based on arguments. Writing a clear outline first helps tremendously. Then, it shouldn’t be a problem to create a decent thesis statement. But make sure you check with the guidelines here!

❓ Where to Put My Thesis Statement?

The position of your thesis statement depends on the type of project you are working on. If it is an essay, then the first or second paragraph is the best place. For your dissertation, there is usually a special place for it at the beginning of the paper.

❓ Who Can Help Me with My Thesis?

Moreover, if your only thought now is "How do I check my thesis statement?" then you found the right place. Bothering your tutor can only make you more stressed. Our thesis generator is free and online, so there are no reasons you shouldn’t give it a try!

Types of Thesis Statements

Persuasive thesis statement.

A persuasive thesis statement is used when you are asked to create an essay that takes a position on a debatable subject. Your thesis must be about something that people would likely have differing opinions on and the body of your paper provides information intended to help persuade the reader regarding your position.

Example: School Uniforms are beneficial to students because differences in income are less visible, morning routines are easier, and school spirit is promoted.

Research Thesis Statement

Research papers begin with a question and you will be expected to gather information and evidence from appropriate, valid sources to inform your final thesis statement. In this case, your thesis statement answers your research question and is formed as a result of the research you have completed. As part of this type of paper, you are often expected to define your topic and evaluate some aspect of the topic. Your sources will need to be included in your paper to support your thesis.

Example: While some studies have found that freedom of choice allows students to express individuality, schools that have a school uniform policy report less incidents of theft of personal belongings and less incidents of violent behavior indicating that school uniforms may reduce bullying incidents.

Compare and Contrast

A compare and contrast essay is intended to present the similarities or differences between two people or ideas or things, etc. This type of thesis statement introduces the reader to the result of the comparison and the significance of the contrast.

Example: Although many public and private schools are  comparable in that safety of students is a high priority and anti-bullying programs are on the rise, they differ in that private schools typically have a uniform policy, and there are more reported incidents of bullying in public schools.

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comparison essay thesis generator

Free Thesis Statement Generator - Create Your Thesis Online

1. State your topic*

Your topic is the main idea of your paper. It is usually a phrase or a few words that summarize the subject of your paper.

2. State the main idea about this topic*

Explicitly state what the main point of your thesis will be early in your paper.

3. Add evidence that supports your main idea*

What evidence could you use to drive home your thesis’ point? What facts or reasons support your argument?

4. Give another evidence that supports your main point

5. Include a counterargument if possible

Every topic has alternative schools of thought. Think of someone who would disagree with your arguments and/or evidence. What would they say? The more you understand the counterargument, the better you can defend your thesis and its arguments with evidence.

Read the options and choose the one you like:

How to use thesis generator by papersowl.

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Thesis Statement Generator Review

Other platforms charge for the use of their thesis statement generator that are not always reliable or unique; you get the opposite with Papersowl’s simplistic and reliable thesis statement generator.

How Does Thesis Statement Generator Work?

Free Thesis Statement Generator is rated 4.9 /5 based on 688 user reviews.

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Advantages Of Thesis Statement Generator By PapersOwl

A thesis statement may appear the most complicated task in the process of writing an academic assignment. We’ve covered you here by developing a game-changing tool. Generating perfect thesis statements, it fills the gaps for you and provides some other tasty benefits:

Our service formulates a powerful thesis statement that informs readers about the scope, objectives, and subject of the paper. The thesis statements derived from our tool are catchy, unique, and relevant, so you don't have to worry about their intelligibility.

We understand your pains arising in the process of creating an efficient research paper and we don't want to further increase them. That's why we made our tool free for you to use.

Students may spend hours trying to come up with a relevant thesis statement they can defend in the course of the research. We offer a simple and time-saving algorithm for a great outcome.

We developed our tool with experts so that you could receive the best service. The brand-new software analyzes your inputs and produces a 100% unique statement that guides the reader and backs up your research.

Thesis Statement Generator Online

The most difficult and main part of each writing work is to form a thesis statement. The assignments of different topics are not so easy to create it perfectly at the beginning of writing. But to solve this problem and to help people all around the world who have been puzzled for hours over this issue, an online thesis statement generator was developed and that’s why you can try now to make your ideal one with filling the gaps. Sounds too complicated?

Don’t be scared of wasting lots of time or payments because it will take you less than 2 minutes to get your wish from the free thesis generator. There is nothing sophisticated, just start your research by stating your topic and then write down the main idea of the text, your position. After that you have to fill in a few more gaps, press submit and Bob’s your uncle.

By the way, our website involved lots of professionals to create such a wise thesis maker. And you may not be informed that this service is mostly chargeable on different websites. But we offer you is entirely free of payment. And if you are interested in such an experiment for your writing skills you can try a thesis for a research paper .

If You Pay For Research Paper You Get Many Advantages

Main types of thesis statement.

There are some kinds of essay papers that have ideas and purposes. Therefore, it is logical that for each particular type of essay you should use your own corresponding thesis creator. Each of them has specific skills to find an appropriate one analyzing all information you brought in and producing a well-directed idea in accordance with the essay type.  Also, each of them has its own system of calculation.

The main idea is to form no argument or expressing but a general goal of your essay. Here it is very important since this expository thesis statement provides the reader with a clear and accessible view of your paper and keeps reading curious.

This calculator works with comparison two or more things depending on your writing task. Instead of wasting lots of time to find an appropriate one to contrast it is very wise to work out the best statement. And having already all the points to work with it would be much easier to finish your work.

The problem of this writing helper is to get your opinion and to find out perfect arguments towards it. This one is based on examining your counter position, suggesting different reasons for the subject. Also, get your short summarize on exploring the issue.

Using this one you will get a variety of reasons that refer to the text main idea, which is always hard to produce much. Moreover, you will receive effects that are related to just-ready causes. After that, it is no problem to get over with the rest of the analytical writing information to have your essay one of the best.

Helping students with explaining the sense of an issue to the audience is how it works. What does it imply? Working out evidence evaluating and investigating the problem of the text you will get the very one you needed. The hardest difficulties of such kind of essay leave for its solving.

Choose the appropriate thesis statement maker to enjoy its results on research paper writing service.

The Structure Of Thesis Statement

Its structure is a strong argument you should prove through the whole text. To build it you need to a generalization in one or two sentences. It should include a comment on your position, central message, be something clear and useful for readers. Shape it to show the reader that all information and main you mean there is in your narrative work, nothing extra. Every sentence should be informative or has a reason to think about it.

Samples Of Thesis Statement Created By Our Users

People who visited our website tried to create their own samples and here is what they got:

Considering high schools and people it is a fact as that is the true and the second part of the sentence is a reason because that could be the answer to the previous part of the sentence.

Sample Of Thesis Statement On Gender Roles.

Using a thesis statement creator makes it possible to receive such a sentence:

Sample Of Statement On Advertising

How to make one? To express your opinion even on advertising it is available with thesis statement generator free. Just look at the problem from different sides. Here we have:

Thus here we have a strong one and already positive and negative sides. They are significant in developing good text and picking up all the audience. By the way, if it is difficult to continue with the writing and thesis generator for the research paper didn’t give you a strong new one, because you can always choose buy a research paper at our website.

Sample Of Statement On Fake News

To form such kind of them also needs some efforts but if you are already little experience in this area it wouldn’t be quite difficult. Everything is about practice.

This is a phrase we should work with. Having studied that we can claim that:

Exploring many reliable sources it turned out that presidential elections weren’t clear and even social media were accused of it.

Now you are acquainted much closer with statement generators of different kinds. We believe your life will become easier with its help and good grades expect for you soon. Thus, don’t give up on your writing, use smart technologies and make progress. You can much more than you are expected to do.

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comparison essay thesis generator

Professional Compare-and-Contrast Thesis Generator

Need a thesis statement for an argumentative, analytical, informative, or compare and contrast essay? Our tool will automatically generate one for you in 3 simple steps:

Children and adults are similar as they both are humans, make mistakes, learn lessons, and often envy each other.

Children and adults are different as children are under parental care, go to school, and are fragile, while adults are responsible for themselves, earn their living, have stronger bodies, and have little or no life experience

Whereas children and adults are different as children are under parental care, go to school, are fragile, and have little or no life experience while adults are responsible for themselves, earn their living, and have stronger bodies, and are more experienced, they are also similar as they both are humans, make mistakes, learn lessons, and often envy each other.

What element can make your compare and contrast essay stand out? Our answer is a strong thesis! A thesis statement is often called the focus statement because it indicates the main idea of an essay. With a good thesis, you'll get the readers' attention and make them remember your writing.

However, developing a thesis for a compare and contrast essay can be challenging and time-consuming. We developed our compare and contrast thesis generator to ensure you get the best thesis possible for your writing. You only need to provide general information on your paper and let our algorithms do the rest of the work for you .

📎 References

✨ compare-and-contrast thesis generator: the 5 benefits.

We designed our compare and contrast thesis generator keeping in mind students' needs. Consider these benefits of our tool to understand why you should give it a try:

📝 Compare-and-Contrast Essay – Easy Tutorial

Compare and contrast essay is a typical task for high school and college students. Understanding the key features of compare and contrast essay will help you gain confidence in writing and make your paper memorable.

1. What a Compare-and-Contrast Essay Is

A compare-and-contrast essay is a type of academic writing that focuses on the similarities and differences between two or more subjects. Compare and contrast essays require critical thinking because they go beyond simple descriptive writing . A compare and contrast essay aims to help the reader understand each of the compared issues by pointing out their differences and similarities.

Compare and contrast essay's characteristics include the following:

2. How to Write a Compare-and-Contrast Essay

A short compare and contrast essay might follow a typical 5-paragraph structure . However, the tricky part of this type of writing is choosing what to tell about each subject.

There are two ways of organizing your body paragraphs :

Starting your body paragraphs with a clear topic sentence is essential, no matter your chosen strategy. Let the readers know about your intentions right away!

3. Compare-and-Contrast Essay Examples

Check out these texts to get a better understanding of a compare and contrast essay:

This essay compares supermarkets and farmer's markets, their advantages and disadvantages. The study also focuses on what factors play a role in choosing one over the other.

This example of a compare and contrast text is dedicated to comparing online shopping with traditional one. The sample contributes to the ongoing discussion on what type of shopping is better and describes various pros and cons.

Even though Uber and Netflix offer different customer service, this essay highlights several similarities in their business strategies. Based on them, the author suggests what the two companies should do to maintain their competitive advantage.

✍️ How to Write a Thesis for a Compare-and-Contrast Essay?

A good compare and contrast thesis should highlight the subjects you describe in the essay . It should also summarize the similarities and differences between them and guide readers through the structure of your writing.

Follow our guide to develop a perfect thesis for your compare and contrast essay.

If you are looking for more detailed instructions, take a look at the guide on the topic .

🔎 Compare-and-Contrast Thesis Examples

If you're still not sure what a good compare and contrast thesis looks like , don't worry! We prepared these examples of weak and strong thesis statements to help you avoid the most common mistakes.

❓ Compare-and-Contrast Thesis Generator: FAQ

❓ what is a compare and contrast thesis statement.

A compare-and-contrast thesis is an essential part of an essay that points out the similarities or differences between two things, ideas, etc. Usually, a thesis takes one or two sentences in the introductory part of a paper.

❓ How to start a compare and contrast essay thesis?

You should start the thesis by naming the two subjects you've decided to compare and contrast. Then, briefly describe their similarities and differences, but don't share too much.

❓ How to write a thesis for a compare and contrast essay?

A strong compare and contrast essay thesis has two functions. Firstly, it names the two subjects you've chosen to compare and contrast. Secondly, it addresses the subjects' similarities and differences. In simple words, your thesis should reflect the structure of your essay.

❓ Which statement is the best thesis for a compare-and-contrast essay?

The best thesis for a compare and contrast essay should be bold and name the subjects you've chosen, their similarities, and their differences. For example: "The negative effects of loneliness and isolation are central themes of both Flowers for Algernon and Catcher in the Rye."


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    A thesis statement for a compare and contrast essay must identify the two subjects compared in the paper. It should also assert the similarities and differences between the two objects. The idea within the thesis statement will provide the focus of the content of the essay.

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    Thesis Statement Generator | Kibin What topics are you comparing and/or contrasting? Topic 1: Topic 2: I'm ready to state my stance A compare and contrast essay requires two or more topics. Good topics are –Interesting (Romans vs. Hans) –Not too obvious (Ghandi vs. Bin Laden) –Specific (Oprah vs. Ellen) Bad topics are

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    Thesis Generator For Writing an Argumentative Thesis Follow the steps below to formulate an argumentative thesis statement. All boxes must contain text. To learn how to write other kinds of thesis statements, please see our Writing a Thesis page. 1 State your topic Your topic is the essential idea of your paper.

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    🖥️ How to Use Our Compare and Contrast Thesis Generator Type the main subjects of your paper into the field. Choose whether the subjects are similar, different, or both. Add the arguments regarding similarities and differences. Click the button. Enjoy the result!

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    Our thesis statement generator for compare & contrast essays will make your writing routine much more effortless! You only need to provide some details about your research findings and receive a thesis in one second. Learn how to write perfect compare-and-contrast thesis statements and use our tool's benefits.

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    Our tool will easily generate a beautiful thesis for an argumentative, informative, compare and contrast, or analytical essay. All you need to do is choose your paper type, add the information, and look at the examples! Choose your essay type What is your main conclusion about this topic? The main idea of your essay is:

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    A compare and contrast essay is intended to present the similarities or differences between two people or ideas or things, etc. This type of thesis statement introduces the reader to the result of the comparison and the significance of the contrast.

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    Free Thesis Statement Generator - Create Your Thesis Online 1. State your topic* Your topic is the main idea of your paper. It is usually a phrase or a few words that summarize the subject of your paper. 2. State the main idea about this topic* Explicitly state what the main point of your thesis will be early in your paper. 3.

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    Compare-and-Contrast Thesis Generator: the 5 Benefits We designed our compare and contrast thesis generator keeping in mind students' needs. Consider these benefits of our tool to understand why you should give it a try: It is 100% free. You get unlimited attempts to experiment with a thesis for your essay until you develop a perfect one.