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If I had one superpower to change the world…

The topic seems quite interesting but on the same note,this topic used to be given in the fifth grade and seemingly,the child would answer that he would like to change this,like to change that..

The topic seems quite interesting but on the same note,this topic used to be given in the fifth grade and seemingly,the child would answer that he would like to change this,like to change that. But ultimately,at present,on the first case I would like to ask would it be possible? The inner me replies loudly,YES! Why not? It may be,in fact it can be possible that the world can be changed for better. In my opinion I would want eminence as my super power,so I can bring about peace and harmony. Peace and harmony not in the society,but also in the minds of people. So,that ultimately circles up to the peace and harmony in society. The society today needs proper treatment. It is ailing with problems like riots and terrorism. If peace prevails in the minds of people,they can help make the world a better place. All that the world needs now is to be a place filled with harmony. So that it can survive on its own.

Sanjna Vishwanath

Birla Vidya Niketan,Saket

If I had one superpower that could let me change the world,I would like that to be the power to make everybody happy. If they have any problem,they should be able to solve it easily. I would make the whole world stress-free. They should face every problem with a smile. Because ,if we will be happy,then our surroundings will look pleasant too. Our friends will be happy with us too. “ Happiness depends on what we can give,not what we can get”.


Doon Public School,

Paschim Vihar

I want one superpower and that should be to make the world free from crime and all the things that can disturb the Earth’s peace and calm environment. I would only use my super powers to help people who are in trouble,just like Superman. If anyone is in trouble,then I would go to that person and help him. I must also be able to fly fast to reach the place where the crime is occurring. On some occasions,I should also be able to help police investigate crimes. These are many things I would like to do to improve the lives of others.

Sushan Sahni,VII-C

I would like to bring purity into the hearts of people,enabling them to lead a prosperous life in unity and honesty. I would also like to be able to rid the world of terror,and once that is gone,remove dishonest people from the world. To change the world for the better,we do not require malls or advanced technology but honesty in each person.

Hashmita Ahuja,VII-D

If i could have one super power,I would like that to be the power to make me change the world for the better. It would be the power to make everyone speak truth.If everyone will speak the truth,then no one can indulge in corruption. Someone rightly said,“After saying the truth,it’s hard to indulge in corruption” and “After indulging in corruption,it’s hard to say the truth”. So,this superpower idea can change the wholeworld for the better.

Ritik Aggarwal,IX-A

DAV Public School,Dwarka

If I had one super power to change the world for the better,it would be good health for everybody because the foundation of all happiness is health. Health is indeed a divine gift to mankind. “Health is wealth,” they say. He,who has health,has hope and he,who has hope,has everything. Good health is one of the most precious jewels of our life. We seem to be living in a world marred by hectic schedules and busy routines with no time to spare even for ourselves. In our craze for securing happiness,we are actually moving away from it. Life has become so mechanised that it is taking its toll on our health and well-being. And the results are obvious. More and more people seem to be suffering from a host of health related problems,courtesy everyday stress,genetic disorders and acquired illnesses.

Saman Kidwai,X-J

Delhi Public School

Superhuman tracking is an ability to track an individual or object through supernatural means. It is also referred as “path finding”. The supernatural power of my choice would be path finding. This power is unconditionally strong but if used properly,humanity can acquire new heights like superheroes such as Dawnstar and Molly Walker. This ability would make me capable enough to find unknown or unidentified objects,substances and people which could aid or terminate the world. I could find illegal nuclear plants,terrorist groups that are training militants or making destructive weapons. This would help governments,United Nations,and international organisations terminate them,before they cause chaos or make more innocent civilians a part of their inhumane acts. I could find new substances and objects unknown to mankind,and help develop the Earth and shape it in a better way. Supernatural powers or not,we all have unique abilities that are waiting to be discovered by within us all.

Paushali Verma,X-F

Delhi Public School,R.K.Puram

Precognition at will. The thought enthralls me. If I had that superpower I could have averted many a disaster that mankind has had to face in the past few years. Think of a world sans 9/11,26/11 and even the World Wars! A world that is devoid of hatred,an abode for the people to live like one big family. I could have warned Japan about the Hiroshima and Nagasaki disasters,and even the latest Fukushima nuclear leak. How many innocent lives could have been saved! With this extraordinary ability,I could ward off many calamities that are yet to strike. And I could even declare the debate on the 2012 apocalypse closed. Knowing what the future has in store for them will help people realize that in front of Nature’s wrath and Man’s evil plots,they are equal victims. Wouldn’t the world be a much better place?

Katyayani Singh,IX-A

Tagore International School,Vasant Vihar

I still remember the first time I watched the movie Superman and wished I could also be as strong as him,fly in air and save people in danger like he did. I always did want to be a Super Girl! I used to think these super powers are real and Superman and Spiderman really has these powers! When I grew up,I realised how insane I was. But now,if I had one super power to make the world a better place,it would probably be that I could become psychic for a day! I could come to know about all the disasters that are to take place in the coming times — be it natural,manmade,bomb blast or hazard. Even though we won’t be able to completely avoid the disaster,we would still be able to reduce the loss,damage and impact on the people. I guess it would be great to have such kind of a super power. It would be so cool!

Muskaan Bhan,


Venkateshwar International School,Dwarka

The world we live in has two types of people— the kind who are so well-off that they can afford any luxury they want,live in posh mansions,drive the meanest vehicles and consume their favourite eatables. The second kind are the ones who live in temporary roadside shelters with barely a piece of bread to eat. I used to bear a heavy heart every time I saw the poor and the needy being exploited,beaten up and thrown away. If by God’s grace,I could possess a superpower,I would definitely change the biased and ruthless behaviour that people have against the poor. I fail to understand why there is such a big division among the inhabitants of our planet. The first thing I would do with my extra-terrestrial powers would be the demolition of poverty,racism and religious differences. Imagine a world where every person is equal,not just in the eyes of law but also in the hearts of each other. Unity makes us move forward in the escapades of life. If people would forget hatred and spread love,there’ll be no barriers in the path to success. I would like to conclude by quoting some words of wisdom by Eminem,“I don’t care if you’re Black,White,Muslim,Christian,male or female— If you’re nice to me,I’ll be nice to you.”

Sahil Rohilla,IX-D

Salwan Public School,

Delhi Live Updates

Superpower! Whoa! Every human being must have fantasized having superpowers at least once in his life. At first I thought I would want a superpower that will make me run fast,like the Flash,but then I thought of all these great men who made it big without having to run fast. So I thought of a better idea. If I could have one superpower that would help the world,I want to be able to resolve every problem in the world. The main problem of the whole world today is war. Everywhere there are wars and that too in the name of religion. I would clear people’s perceptions and make them understand that every religion is equal and hence we should respect all religions. By stopping these wars,I could end all sufferings and deaths that come with it and save even more people. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was peace everywhere? So,with my superpower I would travel the world,going to places that are constantly at war and bring about peace among them. This power is needed all over the world and I would be the messenger of it.

Kanika Sandal,X-A

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essay if i had a superpower

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essay if i had a superpower

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essay if i had a superpower

If I Had a Superpower!

essay if i had a superpower

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Lets have a series of essays on -If I Had a Superpower, real essay without any essay bot.

Now that I’m grown up enough to realise that all these superpowers that I wanted were only for my benefits, and to analyse all the sorrow, sufferings and negativity in my surroundings, I gave it a thought that if I had a superpower, it would definitely be the power to spread positivity, peace and happiness everywhere – even this sounds impossible, but it isn’t really impossible, it’s just too difficult to achieve (though this would be nearly impossible in reality unless I would’ve been living in my dream world). In today’s modern world, all of us do have some or the other kind of stress, and we often vent out our frustrations on those close to us. Our surroundings hardly allow us to live peacefully. Wouldn’t it be great if people could forget their sorrows and anger, when I would be around them? Wouldn’t it be great if I could use my superpowers to mend and entangle tangled relations and spread peace? Wouldn’t it be great if I could bring smiles on the face of people as I pass by? If I had these super powers, I would make the sorrow and depression among the people vanish forever. I would have done every possible attempt to erase the dark side and negativities from the lives of people, and would spread peace everywhere. When people would no more be depressed, they won’t completely rely on drugs or alcohol, and probably the suicide rates would decrease as well. I would heslp the people solve their problems and would make sure that every single person on this Earth would be satisfied with all they had or possessed, and would never have to be disappointed from their lives. People would no longer compare their situations or lifestyles with other people and then cry. This kind of satisfaction and contentment would reduce jealousy and enmity between people. There would have been no wars or rifts among people. If a situation that calls for another world war arises, I would be able to sort things out and restore peace and order with my powers. I would’ve made each and every person’s day filled with pleasure. Where there is joy and peace, people have immense respect for each other. How wonderful would it be – when each person respects the other person’s feelings and never hurt others. If each person would respect the other, there would be no demeaning of reputations or character assassinations of someone by someone else. I would throw off the evil thoughts inside the criminals, which would indeed turn these law-breakers into good human beings, and thus there would be no crime. If I had these superpowers, I would become a superhero – an angel of happiness (I would rather name myself ‘Angel Lady’, with a tagline – “the lady who makes the world happier”). I could reach any corner of the world to spread positivity.  An interesting thing about my superpowers would be that the positivity and joy I would spread, would pass on from one person to another, just like the Coronavirus. As and when people would greet each other, they would spread positivity, instead of their usual hatred. I would use my superpowers to make people learn to live with love, take care of each other, maintain harmony, look for their own happiness when their closed ones or known ones get happy, and to celebrate their own lives as well.

And once I succeed in my aim of making our earth a better and peaceful place to live, not only for human beings but also for each and every living being, I would fly off in search for another such planet where life exists, and would turn that planet happier and better as well. And this journey of spreading joy would continue till the last breath of my life.

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Best 101 Essays written by winners on If I had a superpower

Of course, after I truly consider it, could those powers indeed do me any good? I don’t ordinarily escape home, and I sense that flying ought to contain loads more noteworthy endeavors and gulped bugs than the utilization of the transport or going for strolls. Super energy is amazing as well, until your buddies find it. Then, at that point, you’re the essential individual everyone calls when they need to move. Also, intangibility? Indeed, it’s one component to stress that everybody’s speaking to me roughly about that humiliating issue you presumably did, but essentially they’ll with respectfulness shut up with regards to it once they comprehend you’re there. So no, I’d prefer now not to have thought about one of similar old fashioned superpowers. In addition, as any enthusiast of superheroes knows about, “With incredible power comes prominent obligation.” I’m really content to confine my obligations.

Possibly I have been given hungry in site online webpage guests, or I’d effectively thwarted one bagel-inclined plot that day. All things considered, you’d disappear saving the field as much as every one of the people who picked such things as fabulous beats and super nannying. It’s potentially better that way. Knowing me, on the off chance that I had a standard wrongdoing forestalling gig, I’d typically 5 ft into the air before I recollected that I should trade into my get dressed. What’s more, that accepts I ought to unquestionably make an extravagant dress inside the primary district. No, I guess I’ll be doubtlessly acceptable with my totally smooth, completely exhausting energy, actually I can’t have extraordinary abilities. I’d all things considered need to endeavor so I would adore every one of the individuals if it’s not too much trouble, grin ceaselessly. Who knows, we’d have an effect inside the global.

-By Akash Devneel Narayan

Essay on if i had a superpower.

The topic is quite interesting and I thought about it for a long time and I understood that I want to do so many things to make this world a better place to live in, I mean there’s a lot to do and just one superpower isn’t enough. I need a multiple of them to make this world a better place to live. I asked the same question to my brother as to what if he had a superpower what would it be? He answered spontaneously that he would love to have Iron man’s armor, because then he’d be able to fly, carry weight in space or go under the water. It would functionally help the society and also that he’ll be able to fly in the space or sky without any risk. And also that he could build huge bridges and unite countries.

In this society the thing which most of the people do is that we forget to accept ourselves as how we are. It is very important to accept ourselves just the way we are because that’ll eventually make us confident and be ourselves, and at last at the end of the day that’s what it really matters. As a teen, I know what all the teen girls and boys are facing right now. But just to be happy with our body, our figure is not very common. I, myself, had that traumatizing stage in my life. As a teen it’s really common to have those thoughts and mood swings but taking it as a shame or being depressed about it isn’t the solution, we should start accepting ourselves just as how we are or talk to someone who we feel comfortable with, because that’s when we’ll be happier and more confident.

-By Lutfiya Hannan Jaroli

Title : visit to Heaven :: I am a person who is more attached to my family. I don’t have much friends only my family members are my best friends. Unfortunately by god’s play recently my father passed away due to the global pandemic. After the incident life was really difficult for me and my family, I tried to erase my past memories but the truth is “ everything passes by but nothing forgets”. so, if I have a superpower I will definitely go to heaven and meet my dad. I don’t believe in heaven and hell, life makes us believe in all stuffs. If I get a ticket to go to heaven I will fly off and search for my dad over there. Someone says “life is actually what we make” but I believe that 50% of life is luck and 50% of life is health. Life after losing the person that we always depend is so hard. It teaches how to be independent and bold. the main thing that I learnt in my 2nd phase of life is “people have shown me faces that I ain’t ever seen in crayon box”. When I meet my dad in heaven I would like to ask one thing “how dare he would let his little princess in this selfish world?” he should have thought at least once before leaving us… anyway, I should see what he does there? is he happy without us or sad? Many questions that rises in my mind. First of all I should see what heaven looks like? To visit all the places that I want to know about. The reason why I chose this superpower is to be with my dad also I hate this selfish world. Not only selfish it’s full of jealousy, betrayal and many more that I can’t even explain. The more we love others it turns out into a big tragedy to us. Everyone says KARMA is BOOMERANG, but in my life nothing happens like that. Waiting for everything to happen good is like waiting for my teacher to leave the class and send us home. When we speak to the people by heart they think that we are pretending to be; we can fix everything in this world but not people’s minds. People say that heaven is full of goodhearted people and angels, I want to visit and see them. If I get a chance I would change into a small fairy and stay there forever rather than being in this cruel world. I also wanted to see whether people are eternal and young in heaven. The pandemic has created a great impact in many families. The same as I’m choosing such a superpower; many people also used to have such a thought but never exposed. Everyone thinks about having different superpowers for different reasons but losing a person and thinking about being with them is really a pain. Having a superpower in real life for good reason will be great but nature doesn’t cooperate. Everything is impossible in this world but why can’t this happen? I don’t understand. Anything for good doesn’t happen in this world. I’m clear that nothing is permanent in this world. Some people say your friends will be with you throughout your life, some say your parents will be with you in your tough times. Everyone is actually a thing that can break or get stolen. I will say/ motivate people by not trusting people to be with them throughout their life. We should have the mindset of working with our hope and happiness. Not to think about what society thinks about you. It’s the only one life that everyone has. The pain that you suffer will pay for you one day but losing people in life will never be regained. You have to move on with what you and I have. Many families did not light up this Diwali , it doesn’t mean that we won’t be able to light up all the time, we will come back stronger with flying colors. We might not be able to light up our soul but our life. I have changed a lot in this 2nd phase of life. I might have conveyed a sad or motivated story but this is the recent condition of many families. It doesn’t always need a solid body to be loved; also a person in our imaginary world can be loved more as far as I have experienced. Having such a superpower will be more than enough for anyone who has lost their loved one. Only once in my lifetime have I had this superpower. I will definitely fly off to heaven and return back or might stay there if possible 🙂

-By Priyanka Anbu , Age: 20 City: Chennai

Everyone will die no matter what, but even young children cannot enjoy a short life. It is pretty heartbreaking. I always had the thought that if the superiors had just found out a way to cure them then there is no need for them to suffer.

Today was a very tiring day. There was lots of work and stress. Like always I left last. Then I went to a restaurant with friends and had a heavy meal and drank cool drinks. To forget about the stress. After that I told my friends I will be leaving alone.

 Then some kind of creature along with some blue mist came from inside the lamp. I was scared and shocked. It suddenly started speaking and it told me its name was a genie. “I am a genie. You helped me get out .Now I will return the favor. I will grant your one wish anything even if you want to conquer the world .Think through and tell me” genie said.

At the hospital crying and not going to take the bandages for the severe wound. So I went and touched her wound and told her I would pray for your wound to heal quickly and buy ice-cream for you later. So go and visit the doctor and get the bandages quickly and hope for it to heal quickly and it suddenly heals without leaving a scar. We were so shocked. She asked me if I was a magician. I told her I was not and asked her to keep it a secret between us. She agreed. I left my office while it crossed my mind. It is about the wish that was granted. The power to heal.so I thought lets just test it to make sure it is the power itself.

Now after 5 years I am the world’s best doctor. Nick is named as a “miraculous healer”. Life is about discovering our superpower and using it for good benefits.

-By Fathima Zuha

Keerthana Manasswini S pens down an essay on the

A power every human wants to possess, obviously, is time travel. Everyone born in this world would have made any small or big error in their pathway patched for life which they always desire to correct once again returning to the past. Time traveling has always been under research, could we do that in this world? Can we meet our past personality and tell them about the future, could we change the ongoing pandemic?. A lot of stuff is always expected, but Time Travel is not just a fantasy, it is a research as well. Though reality states it impossible, will it end in a Science result or remain as a fantasy is the question among many. ‘Never look back at the past, keep going through the present, never think about the future, run your present perfect for it,’ are several quotes that state the level of importance we have to give to the past, but for sure, 99.99% of the population do feel they could correct their past mistakes once before they move. No human is perfect, but being perfect is always every human’s dream. Not just mistakes of life, but mistakes of career and passion as well. For example students who left their desire to become a Doctor because of their mistakes in the NEET exam. Or CAs who couldn’t clear the paper in the first or second attempt, they would always look back and want to correct their faults in their career path. Errors, faults and mistakes have no end in this world. Accidents or fate does happen as it has to. So if I had a superpower, as every human’s common desire, I want a superpower to go backwards to my past and correct the errors in my answer sheet of life and school before someone else finds it as a red mark.

-By Keerthana Manasswini S

There are different phases a human goes through throughout life. We all start with an innocent childhood filled with unconditional joy to this point in the present time. At some point in life, the mind of a human expands and changes. We see and learn to accept our version of the world with all its flaws. 

I dream and will always dream of a world where there are no conflicts and no bloodshed. I envisioned a peaceful world with joy and laughter ringing from every corner. Thus, if I was given the choice to possess a superpower, I would like to have the power to manipulate peace. Personally, I think that peace is something frail yet powerful. It is frail enough to break due to an action deemed insignificant yet somehow powerful enough to persevere through the darkest of times. The power to manipulate peace is both a tempting and dangerous one. In the right hand, peace manipulation could be used to ensure peace or in the opposite, it could be used to destroy the world.  

To conclude, if I had a superpower, it would be peace manipulation and I will attempt to use it to make a real change in this very world we’re living in. There may be a few drawbacks, however if used rightly, it will undoubtedly cause more good than harm. 

– By Vellica Filbert

“How will invisibility help me?”, one may ask. Well, the following are some ways, in which it can indeed help me:

3. Next on the list are- DRUGS! Drugs are too dangerous for a country like India, where the youth are becoming victims of drug abuse. Every now and then, we hear news about the Narcotics Control Bureau raiding drug storerooms and arresting the petty drug peddlers. Being invisible would help me sneak into the big storehouses and godowns, where the DRUG MAFFIA carry on their criminal practices. I would then bust these druggists and hand them over to the police, thus saving our nation.

6. What I am going to say now, is the most beautiful dream, I imagine.

By Tanish D. Trisal

Positivity and negativity make a difference in the following discussion:, too much positivity make you feel worse in the name of failures:, negativity is the best element sometimes to gain full-time positivity in your control:.

It makes you feel stress-free. It is the major objective. Here negativity in the sense, knowing the possible problems clearly to overcome the challenges that counter you bad. This is why over-addicted positivity will make you feel guilty. In the same way, negativity must not be like the task will be ruined. It should be like how to overcome the flaws of the task to get it completed anyhow. This is the way of thinking negatively.

Accepting failures is a strength to negative thinkers:

Deep thinking is a weakness to a negative thinker:.

Most of the ones state that being positive makes you feel stress-free. But it is wrong according to me, being too positive about the aspect might enhance your stress levels that need to be finished according to your wish. In this process, if the aspect of work which couldn’t be done as per your wish, it will be shocking news. This is why just be true for yourself. Being positive in the sense, building the nature of overconfidence sometimes. It might not only affect your work but also your real authenticity.

Negative thinking is a good motivation:

Psychological health is based on accepting negativity only:.

For example, if you are mentally depressed then being with the positive mode of coming out from emotional imbalances is quite impossible.  Even though you are busy yourselves, mingling with people, etc. like you might remember your reason for depression. So, what is the best treatment for this psychological situation? Just be negative and get rid of emotions. Confused? Here being negative means realizing the situation has no U-turn to come back and make you feel happy.

By Swaroopa Manthri

“Super” is an inequitable existence.  It presents an opportunity to be unique and distinguished but as the saying goes with great power there comes even greater responsibility. As unique as it is, the existence is even greater is the attention and expectations it receives. A “super” power or gadget will change the nature of human limits and bring around a new reality. So a superpower or a super gadget is one which could change everything as we know it, giving power to the one who wields it, the exclusive right to determine the future. So rephrasing if given the opportunity what is it that we would choose to change, control, create or protect. As humans the phase explores our expectations, morality, aspirations and imagination as individuals.

The super gadget would allow me to open a new era of scientific development. I would use it to build Space Bridge to planets and expand research across space and time. I would be able to bring plentiful mineral resources from across the universe thus there would be no shortage of materials to build new things. There would be enough natural resources for everyone and new technology could be developed. I would promote plans for colonisation of planets with potential for life. I would be able to make transportation of people and material easier. Using the gadget’s facility to travel through time, I would use it to foresee and prevent major disasters.

Superpower is an extraordinary existence but not having it doesn’t make humans any less special. To save a person trapped in fire there are firefighters. To save an ill person there are doctors. Police catch criminals, veterinarian’s save animals, engineers make aeroplanes and trains, sweepers keep the locality clean, so even without superpowers we are capable. Life is never easy and a person cannot find all the solutions. But this is not a bad thing, it just makes life a cumulative effort of every person. Every person is a main character of their own life and a side character in another person’s life. We all have to make an effort to reach a beautiful future.

Today in the 21st century when life has become both challenging and easy; challenging because there is competition everywhere ranging from one’s student life to jobs, there is stiff competition and the question of the survival of the fittest arises. And easy as there are new innovations and discoveries which are making life more easy. Today one can even earn good money without even a need to venture out of their homes, through social sites and the use of smartphones and computers. If I am asked as to what superpower I would like to possess – I would say ‘Wealth’!

If I had wealth then I would like to invest in the research activities and invention of new drugs for diseases like malaria, Covid-19,HIV, etc.

There is another alarming problem in the world which, if not checked, could be the cause of World War III. It is the water crisis which is fast spreading around the globe.

On the other hand, economic water scarcity is caused when there is not enough infrastructure or technology to draw water from rivers, lakes or other water sources. Much of Sub-Saharan Africa goes through this type of water scarcity.

I would try my best to solve the water crisis, if I have the superpower – wealth, by establishing research facilities to study climate change; as the increasing temperatures are resulting in global and regional rainfall changes which is leading to drifts in the rainfall patterns and thereby affecting agricultural outputs impacting food production.

Also money cannot purchase happiness and peace!

By Sidhartha Mishra

“The biggest superpower that you can have is the ability to change your own life. It’s in your own hands, and if you believe that you can get the power you want, you can do whatever you wish to do.”                                                               -Hrithik Roshan


To be true, Professor Shonku was not the first discoverer of the drug. It was only when his father was seriously ill by an untreatable disease that he was made aware of such a magical power of some leaves found only in a special part of Bengal, by a saint. The instant he heard of it, he realized how necessary it was for his father’s treatment and decided to go into the forest where the tree is found all by himself. Unfortunately, it was late till he discovered it. But Professor Shonku had the firm determination to help others with these special leaves. He grew those trees in his garden, with the help of the same soil and later converted the paste of the leaves into tablet form. So the actual credit of the drug could not be shared by Professor Shonku alone, and he never acts greedy to have it autonomously.

Present situation of the world

Measures to be adopted      , the fancy of superpower.

Superpowers are illusions that everyone desire to possess. The world is full of people who are greedy to be its master without realizing the fact that “Uneasy lies in the head that wears the crown”. What would be the use of those superpowers if no one was left out in this world? So, if I was given the opportunity to select a superpower, I would just ask for the power or precisely the intelligence required making ‘MIRACURAL”. Although it is not a gadget but the power to solve the problems of the entire world is actually a superpower and I desire to possess it so that I could indiscriminately hand it to the needy, not considering his caste, religion, status or to which country he belongs. We need to nip the evil in the bud and it is the zero hour for us to do it. The world needs scientists like Professor Shonku to overcome collapsing in the mere future with his wonderful inventions and kinship service. The heroes in our movie use their superpowers to save the world, similarly I would like to use the superpower of “MIRACURAL” to save the world since “Courtesy costs nothing but gains much”.

By Shreya Ghosh

With my superpower I would change the mind of politicians playing dirty politics and exploiting the country for their selfish interests. I would channel their mind’s cleverness in a positive way and prompt them to make better policies for the country, to work for the development of the country, to eradicate the sufferings of poor and the old, to curb superstitions and to do something progressive and better for the country apparently which they use only for filling money in their pockets. The ideologies of people towards modernization, liberty and equality between men and women will be changed by the use of my superpower by the masses. People would have humanity and a sense of brotherhood for other people in their hearts. They will not look down upon women who work late at nights and will respect their choice of profession. They will not fight and cause riots in the name of religion, caste, creed or colour. It would support the overall development and upliftment of our society. The culprits won’t be sent to jail as in my opinion it  does no good. Instead they would realize their mistakes internally which would lead them to feel guilty about their errors and apologize truthfully from the bottom of their hearts. In this way the crime rate will ultimately become zero and the expenditure on jails and stuff would be avoided leading to much more capital left for the development of the country. Most importantly the cruel acts of unhumanity executed by the terrorist will come to an end. And there will be no repetition of incidents like 26/11 which bring shame on the whole human population. No one would be deprived of the basic necessities of life like food, clean water and shelter. With a change in mass thinking, problems like pollution, environmental degradation, climate change, species extinction and ozone depletion could be stopped, all of which somehow are leading to the end of the world. And who knows maybe we would not even need to continue our wandering in the universe in search of an alternative planet to live. Also, the power  to read and change someone’s thoughts can actually be used for healing someone. There are many people in this world who are so badly traumatized by an event that they do not want to face the real world again. They are unable to help themselves and  they stay in the dark. Their mind is filled with some pre-made bad thoughts about themselves. The thinking of these people can be changed by the “Read and Change the Mind” Superpower. A candle of will to start again and live life hopefully can be ignited in them. Also, people who give up on life and commit suicide can be prevented from doing so as dying is not a solution of any problem and it leads to that person’s family suffer more. Another problem which is usually ignored and considered irrelevant is that people aren’t satisfied with their lives. No matter how rich they are or how comfortable their lives are, they are not satisfied. Their wishes and demands are insatiable. So, with this superpower a feeling of satisfaction can be invoked in people. And thus, the superpower to read and change people’s minds will inevitably make this world the best version of itself.

By Rishika Thakur

Back then, life was vicious, no one knew anything, forests, mountains, caves were their home, they used to prey on animals for their food or sometimes they would become food to some animals.

Isn’t this the superpower of humans! We are the only species who have languages for conversation, we actually understand the concept of “Time”, which came into existence 5000 years ago, according to the internet, but it is as ancient as “Ramayan”. And because of this concept of time, we have past, present and future.

I am sure that homo sapiens back then would not be thinking about their future because the life they had was precarious. They had to perform their best to survive through their present state/ present moment.

Every experience that you have is through your body, so why not be in the present and be aware of the things happening around us. This can also increase the witty side of our brain and increase the humor as well. Some of the causes of depression are because of overthinking and overanalyzing every situation of your past and about your future and not wanting to face them because your evil thinking has created an imaginary world, where certain things will only happen. Which is not the truth!

In conclusion, You are the smartest of all the human evolution that has evolved till now, so why not prove it by using your superpower to be in the present state of mind.

By Aanal Patel

Pain was created by God to make people understand and enjoy “happiness” . If pain is not there , happiness is of no value . But there are some excruciating pains which can never be forgotten , after which happiness can also never bring contentment in life. The pain is constant . It is a dangerous scar that fades with time but never dissipates. We even after throwing out the maximum pain , sometimes catch a glimpse of it the back of our unconscious mind. It never goes away. Therefore my motive for both me and everyone is to get rid of the feeling ‘pain’ that comes with the motive for destruction.

I have also decided to print a poem on the stimulator as a small token of relief caused to the persons from whom pain will be sucked out and remind them from where they once belonged from :-

Here is where your heart starts shrilling,

By Aishi Dasgupta

“Even if you don’t tell me what is on your mind, I can guess.”

This ‘blessing’ would transform the world into an open book for me. Everyone has stories from life to tell, some sweet, some bitter, some inspiring, and so on. Telepathy would acquaint me with those stories and thus enrich my life with the wisdom of experience that others embrace throughout their life.

Telepathy would also render me suitable for a sea of occupations. A leader is expected to be an excellent orator, deep listener, an open-minded thinker who listens to everyone and takes the best action to lead to prosperity. My unique abilities would apprise me with others’ approaches regarding situations, which, combined with my natural unprejudiced attitude, would make me an open-minded listener and speaker (the requisites of a great leader). As a teacher, I could identify the curriculum areas that the students find the most complex and thus emphasize them. As an entrepreneur, I could remember the true desires of my business’s consumers and stakeholders and thus create the most satisfactory framework to maximize satisfaction. The list goes on.

But the most heartening application would be to listen to the thoughts of my pet.  A study suggests, pets are not just capable of thinking but also capable of thinking about thinking! It would be intriguing to see what Archie (my dog) thinks of me.  Besides animal telepathy, I could also experience plant telepathy, i.e., become aware of my plant’s feelings and thoughts I would always know when my plants are thirsty, at what angle would they want to receive sunshine, ask for their opinions as I share my deepest thoughts and problems with them and also take better care of them. Cinderella’s endless musical conversations with birds and rats would now no longer be a childish fantasy. I could forge genuine friendships with plants and animals, the conversations now being two-sided.

By Aishwarya Saxena

Superpower a word which is so common in everyday conversations and people tend to use the word a lot. Not only adults but children too tend to use this word a lot in their conversations. But what actually superpower means, in terms of 

teleportation human beings have a desire to have a superpower which makes them superior and extraordinary. When talking about superpower, everyone at some point of their life has thought of having a superpower, like teleportation or being able to talk to inanimate objects we all have our desires. Usually the idea of 

It would be a white lie to say that I never dreamt of having a superpower, the question “if I had a superpower” often arises in my mind. While pondering about 

But, snapping out of unrealistic thoughts and realities we need to face the uncertainties through which we are going through and we should also adopt a positive thought process and view the world as positive and a place full of hope. I think in the world of uncertainties having a positive mindset led to a much happier life and this is the superpower that not only me but also the world should have, that is having a positive mindset.

By Ankita Dagar

As a child I also had a dream of becoming a superhero and saving the world. Sometimes I remember myself jumping from a height and trying to fly as a superhero; some people can relate, I guess.

I would also like to change the current scenario of our world. As we all know that nowadays each and every being is suffering from the fear of being a COVID patient. I would try to change this by making them understand that by not following the protocols, they are not harming anyone else but it’s they themselves and their loved ones who are being harmed.

There are so many superpowers I have heard about but the reason that I chose this power is that, there is no proof that whether those powers truly exist or not and are often considered as imaginary. But this superpower is not something which is imaginary and even not something which we are not sure about.

By Archita Thakur

What is a superpower.

Superpower is a concept or an idea. It is perhaps introduced by some set of people with some objective in their mind.


Spending your life to save trees, innocent animals and forests is another good example of a superpower that makes the Earth a beautiful place.

Coming together, getting stronger and pushing back against all such evil powers will bring peace, we are in need of. No power can beat the power of an ethical and fair group of people when they stand together.


If common people come together leaving their personal differences aside to teach lessons to these capitalists, that will be recognized as a true superpower.


Stop following celebrities on social media, go to villages and follow the footsteps of the farmers working hard there.

By Ashwini Kale

           Mental and physical stress are some of the main reasons for causing a disturbance in mental health of an individual. It can affect the relationship between two people, families, partners, children etc which results in weak bonding between them. Too much anxiety and depression is very dangerous. People with disturbed mental health try to stay away from family, peers and others, because of the stigma that is created in them. If a single person in a family is affected with disturbed mental health, then it can cause pressure on the entire family which makes them suffer every day, until unless the affected person comes to a normal state of life. In case if the affected person is the breadwinner of the family, then the entire life of the family gets disturbed.


Have you ever imagined having Doraemon in real Life? Well, As I was watching the Doraemon series, a thought popped up in my mind. ” Why is Doraemon only meant for Nobita ! Can’t I try using his super-duper device at least once ? So these were the questions that popped in my mind every time after watching the series.

7. Big Light and Small Light: Big Light makes you gigantic, and Small Light can shrink you in any size that you prefer.

Many at times, I have thought of going to a country of my own with a free of cost. As normal and middle class person, I will not be able to afford so much to visit my dream country. So if I had a Robot Like Doraemon, I would use his ” Anywhere Door ” to visit my dream countries at no cost. And you know, I will also become one among the people who travel to many countries without a penny.


We are living in this world, where each breath is precious. Do you ever think about the things you’ll do in the afterlife? I bet never. So why don’t we make each second count while we are aboard on this beautiful ship called life. Unfortunately, many people amongst us are not that lucky. Do you guys know about genetic mutations? If not then let me enlighten you upon this devil which is getting powerful day by day. I hope you have read in school about DNA i.e., our genetic material which carries all the information about what you will look like when your parents will welcome you into this world. Brown hair, blue eyes or red hair, green eyes, everything is controlled by the genes in our DNA. Just think about how fascinating it is. So, you might be wondering then where this mutation comes in if copying of DNA is so simple. Actually, it is a very complex process and each gene should be copied exactly the same to function efficiently. Let me explain to you guys with an example. As you know, our red blood cells are essential for our survival but a mutation in these results in a disease named sickle cell anemia in which their activity is reduced. And there is no permanent cure for this. Another example is that of cystic fibrosis, which affects our lungs and the person is not able to breathe properly. These are the general things that we all take for granted. Do we ever think that yeah, we need to take in oxygen now and exhale carbon dioxide? We never do that because we never cared about it. But the patients suffering from this disease know the importance of lungs and each single breath they take from their oxygen cylinder that they need to carry with them all the time. They cannot do any such activity that will put pressure on their lungs and can otherwise prove to be fatal. Like doing sky diving or running to the mountain top. I remember watching the movies such as Five Feet Apart and The fault in our stars which highlights those facts which we never thought of or we never pay heed to. A small error in copying the genetic material and boom you get a disease which might don’t have a permanent cure and you never know how long you would survive. This is truly heartbreaking. Then a bigger monster called cancer comes into play. Sometimes it rises because of the genetic mutations and sometimes due to the induced ones. Our eating habits are changing, we are more into the synthetic or artificial stuff and drifting away from the natural things. The so-called modernization is resulting in tremendous changes in the environment. The effect of radiation, drinking alcohol which is more of a show off culture nowadays just like doing smoking and drugs. Where are we heading to by indulging ourselves in these activities? The answer is that we are inviting this devil to come and harm us. Being a science student and a researcher, I have seen people, even children, fighting like a brave soul. They take all the prescribed antibiotics, regular chemotherapies, different tests and this list is never ending. They don’t even know whether they will be able to live like a normal person or not. Therefore, I want to become a superhero rather than a superwoman named “Mutation Healer”. It would be so amazing to genetically remove the wrong combination of genes and insert the new ones. Just a few minutes of twirling my hands, the magical lights coming and the person is healed. Now, no longer restrictions, no medicines, no worries about dying early and the world will just have love and happiness. One more thing I would do would be reversing climate change. I think I need to take help from some other superhero for that, just kidding. But definitely I will make the people aware about what impact our activities are having on us and deteriorating the quality of life. How the people suffering from various diseases are dying, leaving behind their families in immense pain and regret of not being able to save their loved ones. I guess being a superwoman, people will listen to me even more as they hear the motivational speakers and people trying to make them aware about these real facts. I know people usually dream of having such superpowers which can make them powerful, rich or something just related to themselves. We are actually becoming selfish. Selfless service for the betterment of mankind is decreasing and this makes me very unhappy. I try as much as I can to help the needy people on my basis but if I ever get a chance to have some superpowers, I will definitely make the best use of it. I just wish and pray to get some soon.

By Chahat Pathania

What also renders me ebullient about this superpower is the fact that people would admire me and consider me as their saviour, as a gift from God and a sparkle of hope in their life. Without an iota of doubt, I strongly wish to note the magical metamorphosis of people from their pain to that of joy and salvation. Once, I also had a mysterious dream where I was saving wounded animals in a forest. A smile emerged on my face as I saw the broken wings of a bird be cured in the blink of an eye and it was my doing! No doubt this superpower makes me feel like a fairy, whose mission is to obliterate anyone’s overbearing injuries.

By Dulall Shazia Fatimah

“Welcome to Islam Street.” 

“Home” was “the only name, a word, a strong one, stronger than [a] magician ever spoke, or spirit answered to, in strongest conjuration,” that could untie the twisted knot in my stomach during my first year of boarding school. My train ride to the Chicago O’Hare airport during summer vacation for my flight back home was marked by relief, elation, and nostalgia. A fateful ping on my iPhone alerted me to a CNN article titled, “‘Why Are They Doing This?’ Refugees’ Tough Questions.” Who were they? What was the reason?  My questions were soon answered through horrifying stories marked by moments of uncertainty, a reimagining of identity, and resilience in the face of trauma. 19.5 million seeking refuge from roads full of dead corpses through smugglers who prized money over human lives. Those who made it, struggling to cling onto their last bit of hope, were barely surviving in overcrowded refugee camps in countries that were coldly uninviting. I realized that South Korea, my home country, was just as unwelcoming of refugees as the countries I had read about. Xenophobic hysteria screamed “Job stealers!” “Women killers!” “Rapists!” at Yemeni refugees struggling to find a place of belonging outside of their war-torn country. The government settled refugee families into abandoned neighborhoods that were already planned to be bulldozed by the municipality, which stamped their identities as temporary, unimportant, and unwanted, like the empty buildings they were given to occupy. 

The doors open. A sweet and musty smell of old books, redolent of dust and worn pages, surrounds the air, welcoming me in with its embrace. Young children flip through tattered books to enter the world of fantasy. Superheroes, fairies, imaginary far-far-aways, and once-upon-a-times patiently await them. Teenagers log into laptops to step into dreams. Online school lessons about biology sprout aspirations to listen to the thumps of a human heart with a stethoscope. YouTube vlogs about “A Day in the Life of a Pilot” bloom reveries about traveling the world with the wings of a mechanical bird. Middle-aged men type on desk computers to be slapped with reality. They fill in the blanks to register for their refugee status on desk computers. Get the answer correct, and you might be granted entry in the distant future. Get the answer incorrect, and you will be denied.  

By Heewoong Kim

Superpowers seem to be blessings because they show or describe an amplified human trait or something well beyond our imagination, such as mind-reading or time traveling. To have such abilities would enable someone to hold great influence over others, whether it may be for the better or for worse. However, the process of choosing which superpower was actually very difficult because I had to knock out more superpowers than I wanted. For example, mankind has dreamed about flight for all of its history, but do we really want to swallow a fly on the way to school or possibly be shot down for being mistaken for identified aircraft? Mind reading seems so perfect as a superpower but the fact that I am invading someone’s privacy and reading their thoughts would give me my own trust issues. So personally, I would use my superpower to help mankind but in a very linear fashion. Having the power to revert back time to heal people would allow me to solve some of humanity’s biggest problems, such as cancer and other crises. 

Climate change has been a problem for the world and has come back in recent days with bigger problems such as ice caps melting. CFCs, which are used as refrigerants, leak into the atmosphere, breaking down ozone and, in the process, allowing more UVB radiation to penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere. With no alternative coolant available, CFCs are currently dissolving our atmosphere and our earth is dying as a result. With my superpower to revert back to original conditions, I can safely return the ozone layer into its healthy shape and rid the atmosphere of toxins and carbon dioxide that support global warming. These climate changes have led to so many horrible consequences such as gigantic forest fires so this would be an opportunity for me to heal Mother Nature to her original healthy roots. The global environment would become a safer place to call our home and we would be able to push forth other important agendas in our political arenas. 

By Lee jeung Han

But, have you ever considered the ability to spread happiness? Like a force of attraction, consciously that pops the concept of joy into the minds of others. 

  Worse still, there are different forms /types of depression. It ranges from major depression, persistent depression, bipolar disorder, unipolar disorder, seasonal affective disorder, postpartum depression, clinical depression, and many more.

By Miss_Elated

Had it been a question to a ten year old kid, a common reply of being an avenger and saving the world would have been there for sure. When we talk about getting superpowers, there are all sorts of replies from people of different age groups. For some people, superpower might be to fly in the sky; for some it would be to get an ‘anywhere door’ to reach places. While some might wish to get superman powers or be like robin-hood to the society others might aim for being the Richie- rich of this century.

Happiness should never be confused with a smile or laughter. Smile or laughter of a person does not always mean that a person is genuinely happy. People may fake a smile to hide their pain and show the world how good Eccedentesiasts they make. Thus, it is important to value real happiness. Moreover, it is not important for a person to have a happy face to manifest happiness. A person may also cry out of merriment when overpowered by emotions. Imagine a mother meeting her child after five years. There is no limit to such happiness accompanied by tears of joy. We also get happiness from the achievements of our loved ones ; this is exactly why parents wish for our success. Happiness may also be experienced from the success of a third person. Imagine an Indian cricket team winning against Pakistan in a world-cup. It is not less than Diwali for Indians. Even though no common man is affected as such from a cricket match, people experience an emotional attachment to India’s win or loss at a cricket match. And that is because there is no one particular source of happiness for a person, we want it and we strive for it every day, both consciously and subconsciously.

By Nehashree Verma

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If I Had a Superpower

essay if i had a superpower

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Trust Onyekwere

Feb 6, 2018

If you had superpowers, what will you do with them?

Superpowers! what comes to mind when you hear that? The ability to fly, run super fast, be invisible? perhaps Superman,Aquaman,The Flash or maybe Spiderman. If you had superpowers, what will you do with them? this question was asked to a group of people and these are some answers they gave:

“If I were a superhero, my power would be the ability to control time. With my power, I would be able to stop, reverse, slow down and speed up time whenever I pleased. Having control of time would give me control of any situation, whether it involves me or not.” “One of the first ways I would utilize my superpower would be to make my life easier.” “If I had a superpower, it would be to be able to fly and be invisible. I would want to fly because I could leave school and nobody would find me. Also, I could fly with the pretty planes.” “My superpower would be to turn invisible that way I could go through doors and not need a key. Also friends won’t find me when I play hide and seek and I’ll be really good at it.”

No doubt you have your own plans as to how you will use your superpower if gifted one. As a Software Developer, you already have superpowers! No, It isn’t the ability to fly or move objects with your hands, It is the ability to build, design, and create anything you want. It is the ability to CODE!. Superman can fly and move objects, Aquaman controls water, The Flash runs super fast, you can CODE! ooh yes!, coding is a superpower.

Superman can fly, Aquaman can control water, The Flash can run super fast, you can CODE! ooh yes!, coding is a superpower.

The ability to build, design, and create anything you want is truly unique. It’s a magical feeling that is hard to describe. You feel a sense of pride and confidence combined with an insatiable hunger to use your ability. You feel a marvelous sense of accomplishment when you do. Coding combines the left and right sides of the brain because it harnesses your visual/art skills and couples them with your logic/thinking skills. And makes you more like an artist finishing a masterpiece. There is no feeling like it.

How will you use your superpower?

Take a look at Spiderman, Superman, Wonderwoman, Aquaman, Flash, what do they have in common? they helped people, they made efforts to make life easier for those around them. As a Software Developer you have a superpower, how will you use it? create software that has a major impact on those around you and the world in general.

Having Superpowers is one thing, using them is yet another. Superman isn’t a Superhero because he sat and did nothing with his abilities, no! he is a superhero because he used his abilities for good. As a developer learn to create! It doesn’t end with the codes, it begins with making an impact with the codes.

Do not just learn to code, learn to create. It doesn’t end with the codes, it begins with making an impact with the codes.


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If I had a super power

John - lakewood, washington.

essay if i had a superpower

If I had a superpower I think it would be the power of healing. Not like wolverine he has self healing I’m talking about the ability […]

If I had a superpower I think it would be the power of healing. Not like wolverine he has self healing I’m talking about the ability to heal others, with just a simple touch, Cancer patients, people with AIDS/HIV, addicts and alcoholics, not just physical ailments but mental and neurological as well. Those with Parkinson’s, Down’s, Epilepsy, and anything else that can be diagnosed even things with no name yet I wouldn’t care. This obviously would be misconstrued by religious fanatics as the second coming but it won’t be. I will refute any notion that I am Jesus Christ. For one I will not claim to be the son of god and two for each person I heal I will develop a disease and die a little bit faster each time. You see every superhero has a weakness superman’s is kryptonite; batman’s is robin, batgirl, and Alfred. Green arrow’s is the woman he loves; Green Lantern’s is anything yellow. The fantastic four each has their own weakness the human torch has oxygen or the lack thereof. Mr. Fantastic is rubbery so what happens when you harden rubber it no longer stretches, so liquid nitrogen works best on him. Daredevil has hearing, touch, smell, and taste but these can be used against him, just as my ability would be used against me. All I have to do is heal others and slowly I would be committing suicide. You see the conditions that I heal small portions would be transferred to my body thus I would become a Petri dish of almost every ailment known to man. This ability would be a gift as well as a curse, but a curse worth having because if I can help more people than an entire hospital full of doctors nurses and machinery, then so be it. After awhile I will be the one that needs help I will need to be wheeled from place to place so people can touch me because I would be so immobilized by the conditions that affect me. So my motto would be “You only live once and might as well do what you can to change the world even if it is for only a short time.” This I beleive.

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If I Had a Super Power

essay if i had a superpower

This month’s guest writer is Kaden Kimple. Kaden submitted the following essay last fall to Power of the Pen, Ohio’s Interscholastic Creative Writing Program for Middle Schools, while her mom was on a mission trip with Back2Back Ministries.

When I think of super powers, I think of strength, speed, flight, brains, and maybe the ability to shoot spider webs from my wrists. Some people would kill for those if super powers were real. I wouldn’t. If I had a super power, I would want it to be saving people in need. My mom has inspired me. She is currently in Haiti at this very moment helping orphans. Hurricane Matthew had hit the area where she is right now. Luckily, there wasn’t that much damage. I want to be just like her and give these kids with no families, hope. My mom made a trip down to Haiti last year and told me about this little guy named Stanley. Stanley would sit in my mom’s lap with his hands full of matchbox cars. After they had left the orphanage, someone that my mother knew told her that Stanley had been very quiet and really didn’t get near anyone. Stanley had been through a lot. His mom died during childbirth and I think his dad died. His uncle took him in, but couldn’t afford to take care of him. Stanley’s uncle took him to his friend’s orphanage and asked if he could take care of Stanley. The orphanage didn’t usually take kids that were under four, but since he was good friends with Stanley’s uncle, he couldn’t turn him down. My mom made an impact on Stanley. One day I plan to meet Stanley. My church may plan a women’s retreat in June, 2017 to Haiti. I would like to accompany my wonderful, inspiring mother there next year.

I want to inspire other kids. I want to give kids like Stanley hope again. I want to shine like a flashlight in the darkness. I’ve never told my mom I want to follow in her footsteps. When she gets home on Sunday night, I’m going to stay awake and tell her when she walks in the door that I want to be like her, like giving the orphans a second chance. I believe that giving inspiration and hope to others is the best super power a person can have.

Share your stories…you never know who you will inspire. I have never viewed myself as being inspirational, her words are a gift as can your words, stories and actions.

Twelve-year old Kaden Kimple believes in the power within our stories. A fan of horseback riding and electric orange, Kaden hopes to follow in her mom’s footsteps by bringing hope to those around her, right where she is. She dreams of being a veterinarian and strives to confidently shine light into the darkness.

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If I Had Super Powers

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I asked my father what could we do if we had super powers. I for one thought it would be a good idea to be one of the Power Rangers and beat up all the bad people. He sat me down and we started talking about what else I could do……Why not put a smile on the face of every child in the world ? Sounds good enough but what use would that be….. Lets try to see what use that would be.

If for example all the children in my class had a sweet smile on our faces ,our teacher would have a nice smile too. She would look very pretty and be cheerful.

She would go into the staffroom and the other teachers would smile . Soon all the teachers would be smiling and they would smile at Father and he too would have a nice smile. During the lunch interval, the smiling children of my class would smile at our friends in other classes and they would smile too.

Sir. Ken

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Soon all the children would be smiling at each other and at the chechis and security chettan. At the end of the day, on our way home we would smile at the bus driver and other passengers on the bus. Some of us would smile at our own drivers.

All these people would also feel like smiling and they would too. When we returned home we would all smile at our parents and they would smile too. All the people we had smiled at on the way home would feel like smiling at their husbands,wives or children.

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So you see, like an infectious disease, everyone in Cochin would soon be smiling at each other. When people smile, they feel happy and feel like sharing their happiness with others. Soon you would have people calling their friends in other towns, states and maybe other countries.

People would send letters and emails to friends all over the world. The smiling in Cochin could reach the whole world in a short while. In our present day world,many people are fighting with each other over money,land ,religion etc Not so fortunate little children are made to work for a living. If these children could have a smile on their faces,their hardship might feel a little lighter. Their masters would smile and treat them well. Smiling people in offices and factories would be polite and sincere at their work.

People would enjoy their work and companies would make more profit and they might share their profits with their employees. There would be no lying,cheating and fighting. We might not have thieves and terrorists. Everyone would be happy and content with what they have. If I could do so much for our world, that is a Super Power I’d like to have. Though the truth is I cannot have super powers I’d still like to try and I would like all of you to please smile like this……. smile. Who knows ,we might make a difference in the World.

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If I Had Super Powers

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