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5 examples of thesis statements about racism for your next paper.

By Evans Apr 28 2021

Racism is a hot topic worldwide. It is one of the topics that never lack an audience. As expected, racism is also one of the most loved topics by teachers and even students. Therefore, it is not a surprise to be told to write an essay or a  research paper  on racism. You need to come up with several things within an incredible paper on racism, the most important one being a thesis statement. The term thesis statement sends shivers down the spine of many students. Most do not understand its importance or how to come up with a good thesis statement. Lucky for you, you have come to the right place. Here, you will learn all about  thesis statement  and get to sample a few racist thesis statements.

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Tips to writing a strong racism thesis statement

Keep it short.

A thesis statement is supposed to appear in the first paragraph of your essay. However, this does not mean that it should be the entire paragraph! A strong thesis statement should be one sentence (not an annoyingly long sentence), usually placed as the last sentence in the first paragraph.

Have a stand

A thesis statement should show what you aim to do with your paper. It should show that you are aware of what you are talking about. The thesis statement prepares the reader for what he or she is about to read. A wrong thesis statement will leave the reader of your paper unsure about your topic choice and your arguments.

Answer your research question

If you have been tasked with writing a  research paper  on why the Black Lives Matter movement has successfully dealt with racism, do not write a thesis statement giving the movement's history. Your thesis statement should respond to the research question, not any story you feel like telling. Additionally, the thesis statement is the summary of your sand and answer to the question at hand.

Express the main idea

A confused thesis statement expresses too many ideas while a strong, suitable one expresses the main idea. The thesis statement should tell the reader what your paper is all about. It should not leave the reader confused about whether you are talking about one thing or the other.

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essay thesis about racism

Thesis Statements About Racism Samples

Racism in workplace thesis statement examples.

Racism is so rampant in the workplace. Thousands face discrimination daily in their workplaces. While this is definitely bad news, it gives us more data to choose from when working on an essay or research paper on racism in the workplace. Here are a few examples of thesis statements about racism in the workplace:

1.       Despite being in the The 21st century, racial discrimination is still rampant in the workplace. The efforts made by governments and world organizations have not helped to do away with this discrimination completely.

2.       Even with the unity that comes with digitalism, colour remains the one aspect of life that has continually caused a rift in this life. A lot of efforts have turned futile in the war against racism. The workplace is no exception. It is infiltrated with racial ideologies that remain within man's scope despite the professionalism within the workplace.

3.       Systemic racism is no new concept. It remains the favoured term with the tongues of many after food and rent. This is an indicator of how rooted the world is when it comes to the issue of racism. The now world has been configured to recognize racial differences and be blind to human similarity. Organizations have been established upon this social construct, and more often than it has led them into a ditch of failure. The loot that comes with racism is of great magnitude to bear.

Thesis statement about Racism in schools

Many academic institutions have been recognized for producing students who have passed with distinctions. Unfortunately, behind these overwhelming results lies a trail of many students who have suffered racism and have missed the honors board because of the color differences. Let's look at some of the examples of thesis statements on racism in schools:

1.       Merit should be the S.I unit upon which humanity is graded. Unfortunately, this is not the case, especially in schools, for the new merit score is the person's color. Many have found their way to the honour's board not because of merit but because they of the same color affiliation as the teacher.

2.       Enlightenment and civilization have found their way to the world through one important institution called schools. We owe that to it. Unfortunately, even with the height to which the world has reached civilization and enlightenment, one area has been left out and remains unaddressed- the world view of color. Despite the light and glamour, we see globally, one predominant view is called race. We continue to paint the world based on human color, even in schools.

3.       Bullying falls among the vices that have dire consequences to the victim. One of the spheres to which bullying exists is the sphere of color and race within the context of schools. Many student's confidence and esteem have been shuttered only because they are black or white. Many have receded to depression because they feel unwanted in the schools. One of the prominent times within American History is the Jim Crow Era, where racial segregation in schools within North Carolina was rampant. We saw schools have a section for white students and a separate section for black students within this era. The prevailing flag was black and white, and racism was the order of the day.

Final Thought

Coming up with a thesis statement does not have to difficult. No, not at all. Evaluate the topic or question and express yourself through the thesis statement from your stance or the answer. Mastering this one key in writing exams or assignments is one of the keys to scaling up the ladder of lucrative grades. However, practice is a discipline that will see you become a pro in writing a prolific strong, and catchy thesis statement. Henceforth, regard yourself as a pro, regard yourself as the best in thesis statement writing. If you are still having trouble with coming up with an excellent thesis statement, do not beat yourself up because of it.  Paper per hour  has the  best writers  who can help you with all your racism thesis statement needs.

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essay thesis about racism

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essay thesis about racism

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Essay on Racism

“Essay on Racism”

After reading the two articles I see that racism in America is not tolerated at all but it does still occur. Roseanne Barr got her show cancelled by ABC for making a racist tweet and even though the new season to show was a hit ABC did the hesitate to cut off the actor and end the season due to racism. This is a clear representation of how racism has to be handled because it should not be tolerated at all. Bringing more awareness to racism through technology will help racism come to an end but for that people have also help it come to an end. Many people if not all have witnessed racism and prejudice in their lives and many of them do not speak out against it. My perspective on racism after reading the articles did not change but it did further show me that people are capable of putting a stop to it and educating the people that are prejudice towards one another. After reading the articles do you believe racism will ever come to an end?  

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Racism Essay | Essay on Racism for Students and Children in English

November 4, 2020 by Prasanna

Racism Essay: Racism can be defined as the belief that individual races of people have distinctive cultural features that are determined by the hereditary factors and hence make some races inherently superior to the others. The idea that one race has natural superiority than the others created abusive behaviour towards the members of other races. Racism, like discrimination towards women, is a form of discrimination and prejudice.

You can also find more  Essay Writing  articles on events, persons, sports, technology and many more.

Long and Short Essays on Racism for Students and Kids in English

We are providing children and students with essay samples on an extended essay of 500 words and a short piece of 150 words on the topic “Racism” for reference.

Long Essay on Racism 500 Words in English

Long Essay on Racism is usually given to classes 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Racism is the illogical belief that a particular race has distinctive cultural traits endowed due to the genetic factors that make individual races inherently superior to the others and give them the right to exploit the inferior races. When we openly state the meaning of racism, we can see how inexplicable and unimaginable, such a thought is. But, racism is so deep-seated in our consciousness and subconsciousness that we have long bowed down to such infuriating ideals.

Such instances of subtle racism within a society are rampant and lead to inexcusable behaviour of people towards others. Such unjustifiable behaviour and actions are things like mental stress, social harassment, and even physical assaults. Since we have let racist comments and activities unnoticed, it is left untreated and leads to more division and anger between the two different people of different backgrounds. It is a never-ending, vicious cycle and a massive crisis in today’s world.

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We should never judge others for the way they look for the way they speak. All people are born equal, and nothing can change that. Narrow-minded thoughts like racism should have extinguished with the increase in educated people and the intermixing of various races. Still, sadly, such behaviour is the blatant reality and shows no signs of toning down.

Racism makes people feel sorry for being born a certain way, of having a particular skin colour. Racism has no scientific explanation, and the racist people are entirely ignorant about the feelings of other human beings.

No one can choose to be black, white, dark, fair, or anything in particular. God has made us, and there is nothing that should make us feel guilty for that. It is ridiculous and inhumane to make fun of people due to their cultural background or colour of skin.

We keep talking about how modern society embraces diverse cultures and diverse people. We try to accomplish gigantic things like World Peace, eradicate hunger and poverty, but we are not ready to unite to make such changes happen.

Racism is a barrier between the social advancement of our society. It is impossible to achieve something great with such narrow-minded and exclusive ideals. It is a delicate topic and requires people to have an open mind and embrace the changes.

It is possible to eradicate racism in our society if we are more open about such sensitive topics and give simple matters like this a thought. Most of us are way too self-centred to think about such obstacles. It is so commonplace a behaviour that we forget its adverse effects. It is high time we made a change.

Since racism is such a deep-seated belief, we will need some time to change. But, we can achieve anything if we put our mind to it. We do not need racism to divide us. People should acknowledge the fact that to achieve anything significant. We need to let go of narrow-minded beliefs. Only then can we advance as a society of the world.

Short Essay on Racism 150 Words in English

Short Essay on Racism is usually given to classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Racism is the prejudiced belief of people that a particular race is superior to others. The idea has resulted from years of neglection and oppression on some races for their traits and skin colour. Racism is a critical social barrier, which prevents our society from advancing.

Racism is a type of discrimination which makes the recipient feel bad about where they were born and how they look. It is an unscientific method of judging people.

Racism is so deep-seated in our culture that we think it to be the norm. The need to eradicate racism has come to highlight after a series of violent activities against people for their race.

We, as a society, need to let go of this narrow-minded thought that some people are inferior to others only because of what their skin colour is. Racism can only be removed by spreading awareness and correcting people when they make a racist comment. Together, we can fight against racism. Let us unite and eradicate racism once and for all.

10 Lines on Racism Essay in English

1. Racism is the wrong belief that some people are better and superior to others due to their genetic trait corresponding to their skin colour and race. 2. It refers to the thought that inherent physical appearance has a link with personality and intelligence. 3. Many corrupt people use racism as an excuse to justify horrific behaviour towards others. 4. The beginning of racism is somewhat unclear but might have originated when migration began. 5. People think that passing casual comments that link people’s work with their ethnicity is a joke. 6. Racism comes in several forms like symbolic, ideological, structural, interactional, etc. 7. Ideas and assumptions about racial categories dictate the behaviour of some people towards others. 8. Racism is a baseless and unscientific method of judging people. 9. Racism is a discriminatory process of thinking which is unacceptable. 10. We must correct people and not let casual racist comments pass when we hear them.

FAQ’s on Racism Essay

Question 1. What is racism?

Answer: Racism is hate towards people simply because of their differences. It is the enemy of freedom and should be washed away from society. Racism continues to grow alongside the technological advancements and education.

Question 2. Why do people pass racist comments?

Answer: Many people are unaware of their discriminatory behaviour towards their neighbours or peers due to apparent differences in their race. We have become so used to facing racism that we deem it as normal behaviour and let go of it.

Question 3. Why should we try to wipe out racism?

Answer: Racism is the barrier between the modernization of our society. There is no place for such unjustifiable behaviour in our community.

Question 4. What are the types of racism?

Answer: There are seven forms of racism. Some of them are symbolic, ideological, discursive, interactional, institutional, structural, and systemic racism.

110 Racism Essay Topics

Racism is an emotionally charged subject for many people, yet its historical and cultural impact cannot be understated. This makes racism topics one of the more challenging essays to compose. As the author, you run the risk of inflaming the reader when the goal is to connect with them in a way that generates awareness or potentially invites them to reexamine their opinion.

One of the best ways to compose an essay about a racist topic is to look for an idea that you can defend with valid arguments, research, and sound justifications. This is especially important if you are trying to persuade the reader to adopt your point of view.

Tips For Writing a Racism Topic Essay

The following tips and structural recommendations can help guide you through the process of writing a successful essay about racism. The process starts with thoroughly researching the topic at hand, which can be challenging if you already have a strong opinion about the topic. Though thoroughly research will better arm you to make a strong and well-supported argument.

Pay Attention

When writing an essay about a racist topic it is often best to use a third-person point of view. This makes it easier for you to present the argument objectively, while also reducing the risk of the reader becoming emotionally charged about the topic. If you need to offer up supporting facts in your argument, make sure to quote them directly. Be sure to include all key information including the name of the person or institution that provided the information. This makes it clear that you are not stating your own personal opinion or influence.

The structure of an essay on racism should follow the typical five-paragraph structure used by many successful essays. This includes an introduction with a strong thesis statement, as well as three supporting paragraphs in the body of the essay, and a strong conclusion. It’s important that each of the body paragraphs, each one should have its own distinct point and they should flow in a way that offers up evidence to support your opinion.


The introduction of your essay on racism should directly state the topic while also offering up a potential answer. Ideally, you want to address the reader directly to engage them in expanding their awareness of the topic or potentially reexamining their own point of view. It helps to use authoritative language without sounding inflammatory or derogatory. You want the reader to feel that you are talking to them not down at them.

The last sentence of two of your introduction needs to include a strong “Thesis Statement.” This should be a sentence or two that support the topic. It should also flow into the first point you will cover in the first body paragraph.

Body Paragraphs

The first paragraph of your racism essay needs to connect to the thesis statement while also offering supporting evidence. Ideally, you want to use a connecting phrase such as “One of the root causes of this,” or “New research indicates.” You then need to follow up this statement with an outside quote or a relevant, credible source. The end of your first body paragraph should also have a statement that leads to the second paragraph.

The second paragraph of your essay on racism should offer up a second supporting piece of evidence to clearly identify it as a separate entity. It’s best to use transition words at the start of the second paragraph such as “Next” “In addition,” or “Another cause is.” Then finish the second paragraph with a statement that helps it transition to your third point.

Your third body paragraph should also start with a transition phrase. This paragraph should also note the consequences that could arise if the racism topic is not addressed conscientiously. This paragraph should also end with a sentence or two that links to the conclusion.

The conclusion of your essay on racism needs to have an assertive tone without being aggressive. The goal is to win the reader over to your original thesis and include a “Call to action” or a “Call to Reexamine.” You want to invite the reader to consider the topic in an objective way that wins them over to your original point of view.

Choosing the right topic for your racism essay can be challenging. Such an emotionally charged genre can stir up feelings of controversy that have the potential to overwhelm the sound reasons behind it. If you are struggling to choose an essay topic, you might want to peruse the following list to see if there are one or two that you can connect with.

Historical Topics

Current Cultural Racism Topics

Sports & Athletics

Entertainment Topics

Ethical Topics on Racism

Racism in the Legal System

Social Media Topics

These are 110 rasism essay topic ideas that we have prepared for you. We hope that you find our list useful for your work.

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Essay Service Examples Social Issues Racism in America

What Causes Racism: Essay

Racism by definition is any act or belief that denies the rights and needs or that degrades a specific person of a different race or someone from different geographical origins from others. Racism does lead to someone’s dignity and life being perceived as lower than others. Historically, racism was once left out in the dark before it was fought for openly by Antonio de Montesinos in 1511 when he opposed the Spanish Government for treating the native Americans in tyranny and cruelty. Racism then continues to create a huge scene in this world such as the infamous “I Have a Dream” speech by Martin Luther King Jr. in 1963. With racism seemingly to happen to this day, especially in multicultural countries, the question that should be asked is what are the causes of racism in multiracial countries? The causes of racism in multicultural countries are education, government, and psychology.

The first cause of racism is education. Racism is being spread through segregation in formal education. According to a report called Malaysia Racial Discrimination 2018, some schools in Malaysia including SMK St. Francis had built a second canteen exclusively for Malay Students with different workers, a set of plates, and cutleries from the main canteen (KOMAS, 2018, p.24). The students involved would also be led to think that they need to live separately from other races in Malaysia. Apart from that, family influences and teachings of racism also cause racism. Unlike formal education, children learn by observing and imitating their parents’ actions. Giuseppe Carrus of Roma Tre University in Italy led a study on how parents affect their children in terms of racism. Selected parents were given a task to respond to a statement about race prejudice. Then their children were given two tasks to calculate their level of implicit and explicit bias. The result shows that parents with high levels of prejudice have a higher probability to have a child with implicit and explicit bias (A. Krish, 2018). To sum up, education plays a big role in causing racism through formal education and family influence and teachings of racism.

essay thesis about racism

The second root of racism is the government itself. Political leaders spread racial beliefs to gain support and votes. In Malaysia, politicians tend to use terms like “Bumiputera Rights” to gain support from the majority community, which is the Malays. A simple example of this could be seen through Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob who is the Rural and Regional Development Minister has shown that he is the Bumiputera upholder champion as he continued to make racist statements while hiding it under the title of protecting Bumiputera rights in this nation (KOMAS, 2017, pg.24). Other than that, governmental policies also cause racism. For instance, Professor Andrew Aeria said that the arrangement of Sarawak state seats in Parliament by the Election Commission was separated according to religion and ethnicity (Aliran Admin, 2016). This causes separation among the people of Sarawak where labels are emphasized on their ruling. When government policy is starting to emphasize and give labels to their people, subsequently, the government is encouraging racism by themselves whether they realize it or not. In other words, the government is to blame for what causes racism by spreading racial beliefs and racist governmental policies. Lastly, psychological factors cause racism. Psychological factors can affect someone when someone experiences any incident that causes trauma and involves different races.

This is exclusive only to any individual or community that blames certain races for the incident. One instance that such an event happened on such a massive scale is the infamous 9/11 event where al-Qaeda attacked the World Trade Center by crashing two planes into the World Trade Center. According to Cole Mike in his book Racism: a Critical Analysis that is published by Pluto Press in the year 2016, after 9/11 happened, Muslims were to blame for what happened to the Twin Towers. Intergroup Clearinghouse made a report that concluded more than 1,700 cases of racism occurred involving Muslim Americans, South Asian Americans, Sikh Americans, and Arab Americans (Mike, 2016, p.40). Additionally, essentialist beliefs also lead to racism. This cognitive bias known as psychological essentialism leads people to view other members of the same group (Eg: Blacks, females, Hispanics) as sharing the same traits that are immutable. A paper called Essentialism Promotes Racial Prejudice by Increasing Endorsement of Social Hierarchies, shows that essentialism does cause racism because essentialism beliefs do imply that existing social hierarchies are reflecting a naturally occurring structure that can spark racism (Mandalaywala, Amodio, and Rhodes, 2017, pp.1,7-8).

To conclude, psychological factors cause racism with trauma involving different races and essentialism beliefs being the key component. In conclusion, racism is caused by different factors. In the context of education, racism can be seen when segregation happens in schools, separating students of one race from another. Family teaching and influence also affect children when children mimic their parent’s racist behavior. Moreover, a government also gives a big impact on causing racism as political leaders spread racial beliefs and the government introduces policies that differentiate people according to ethnicity. Psychological factors are also an element that contributes to racism as people who have trauma start to blame other races. Also, essentialist beliefs are one of the bases of racism as people think that people with different skin colors are not as human as them. Therefore, a country could not have a good future if racism remains an issue as Abraham Lincoln once said that achievement has no color.

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Systematic racism in America hurts people of color worldwide, especially young black kids and teenagers. Our system is set for African Americans to fail. Standards are doubled, rules are broken, and stereotypes are made. Young African Americans have higher standards compared to young Caucasians. During school, blacks are expected to participate in learning white history and be proud of our country and patriotic. Meanwhile during black history month students not of color grace past the history without any acknowledgment of...

History and Purpose Racism has been a constant in the United States of America even before it was an internationally recognized country. Of course, the land we now call “America” was occupied by peoples different than the current residents. One could even say that this land was built on racism. Of the many things the Europeans did when they came to the New World in the 16th century was slavery, the most violent and overt form of racism (John W....

In today biased world, there is always a place for many issues making people have different opinions on a problem such as racial issue. Affirmative action has been implemented in various societies for redressing discrimination that has faced minority groups, and this policy has been a contentious issue especially it is about the equal rights of minorities. Affirmative action was designed to address racism, but the question here is whether affirmative action is an effective way of dealing with racism...

Since the birth of the United States, African Americans have been controlled through institutions such as slavery and politics which come and go in new forms that reflect the political climate of the time. Each time a new form of racial discrimination emerges, the new system is weaker than the one previous. However, this is not to be mistaken with progress. Each form of subjugation is different, not better. Race is a social construct based in politics and economy and...

The origins of racism in the United States of America was both culturalized and institutionalized all throughout history. The fundamentals racist ideas play a big role in today’s society and the general public. Racism in American history started through slavery which is a system that legally permitted the enslavement of African Americans. The way slave masters would treat their black slaves embedded societal views on blacks and how they should be treated in the early 1900s. Therefore, cultural racism preconditions...

Emmett Till was just a 14-year-old teenager who possibly whistled at a white woman. “Bryant and Milam severely beat the boy, gouging out one of his eyes. They then took him to the banks of the river, where they killed him with a single gunshot to the head. The two men tied the teen’s body to a large metal fan with a length of barbed wire before dumping the corpse into the river” (Ray, 2019). Till had an open casket...

Cornel West, in his book “Race Matters”, once said, “Many whites could look at the social position of blacks and feel that color formed an easy and reliable gauge for determining to what extent one was or was not American.” This is trying to say that many white people judge you based on your color of skin to see if you are an American or not. Blacks are the biggest race that has dealt with these types of white people....

Racism takes multiple forms and can occur in several places. It involves bias, discrimination or hatred against a person due to his or her colour, race, nationality or beliefs Racism is often related to abuse, harassment and even killing. However, vicious or intimidating behaviour does not need to be involved. This esse will go into depth about the impact of racism on communities and families of mainly African American people. On August 9, 2014, Darren Wilson, a White Police Officer,...

All my life, I hated learning about slavery. It made me feel sick and uneasy, knowing how poorly innocent people were treated. Slavery gave power to the corupt and helped influence racism and racial sterotypes that we still see today. People were abducted from their home lands and forced to be slaves, forced to do things they didn’t want to do, and forced to abandon their culture and heritage. Although many believe that slavery is a thing of the past,...

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Thesis Statement on Racism

Before you know how to come up with an ideal racism thesis statement, you’ll have created a massive amount of statements containing one or two mistakes. Here, we want to help you excel in your essay writing skills by providing fantastic guidelines on how you can avoid making such mistakes. Yes, even if you are one of those students with stellar writing skills when it comes to creating a compelling thesis, you’ll need some help!

That being said, let’s start by understanding what a thesis statement is, and the role it plays in developing a well-written racism essay. Have a look!

A Thesis Statement, What is It?

A thesis merely states what you believe or gives your point of view regarding a particular issue. A well-written statement should, therefore, create a distinctive difference between a thoughtful racism research project and simple recollection of facts. Furthermore, a good thesis will assist you to concentrate on your search for resources. So, don’t rush!

You will have to conduct a thorough background check on the subject before you state your claim. After all, it’s difficult and almost impossible for you to make a stand on a specific issue if you’ve not examined all the evidence. So, in your research racism project, start with a preliminary or working thesis, one that you’ll continue to improve until you’re sure of where your evidence leads.

Now, all thesis statements usually start towards the end of the opening paragraph – something which readers are fully aware of. So, make it clear, easy to locate and convincing enough to compel him or her to continue reading the paper.

Essential Aspects That Will Make Your Thesis Statement about Racism Stand Out

Now that you understand the basic requirements of a thesis statement, let’s consider some of the things that will help you craft a unique claim. They include:

Critical Things to Avoid When Writing a Thesis Statement for Racism Essay

We don’t want you to have any trouble when it comes to writing a thesis statement on racism. By going through the common mistakes which most students make, we know that you can safely make the right decisions.

A Broad Racism Thesis Statement

Precision and a great deal of focus are crucial when writing a racism essay. That’s why it’s quite unacceptable for you to include a lot of details in your thesis which states the main focus of your claim. While most students feel that using a broad statement will help them cover a large scope of ideas, in reality, such a claim might fail to grab the attention of your readers.

This is an example of a broad thesis on racism, “black people in America face a lot of challenges.” As you can see, this sentence does not underline the aspects of the issue you wanted to discuss in the paper.

A Thesis That Does Not Represent the Contents of the Essay Adequately

Now, this mistake bares close connection with our first error above. Broad thesis statements on racism fail to introduce the key points properly. When this happens, it confuses your readers and destroys the unity as well as the coherence of the paper.

On the other hand, specific and narrow claims will better represent the essence of the essay writing . So, when writing your thesis, remember that this is the roadmap of your paper. Hence, make sure it matches the ideas in the text.

A Claim Which Only States Facts and Does Not Trigger Any Argument

While facts make a thesis statement on racism strong, they are not debatable. For example, a sentence like “South Africans had to wait for more than 50 years to finally get rid of racial segregation and discrimination” is true but will not convince your readers to continue reading the paper as it’s something which they already know.

A Statement Which Uses Terms Like ‘I Believe’ or ‘In My Opinion’

Like we’ve previously mentioned, this is one of the things you will need to avoid if your intention is to create a powerful thesis. Sadly though, it’s one of the common mistakes which students make in academic writing.

Although terms like ‘I believe’ or ‘In my opinion’ are effective in stating the main idea to be argued throughout the essay, they understate the strength of the claim presented in the thesis. Besides, such terms only underline your subjectivity as the author and, therefore, cannot serve as credible resources for academic research.

A Thesis with the Wrong Format

After mastering a given format of a thesis statement, students think that they can use it when writing other types of racism essays. However, what they fail to realize is that a persuasive thesis statement on racism is not the same to that of a descriptive paper. That’s why we recommend that you study different types of thesis statements and see how they vary according to the academic project.

An Oversimplified Statement or Claim

In an attempt to craft a coherent and concise racism thesis statement, students sometimes make their claim quite short and end up killing the relevance of their argument. So, although it’s important to be specific, don’t make your thesis appear shallow.

Types of Racism Thesis Statements

There are three types of claims which you’ll have to be familiar with for you to craft an amazing thesis. They include:

Racism Thesis Statement Examples

Below are racism thesis statement examples on analytical, argumentative and expository topics. They should guide you in understanding the type of paper you’re writing, something which is essential if you intend to come up with an eye-catchy thesis.

Analytical Thesis Statement Example:

“A close analysis of the state of racism in the U.S.A during the slave liberation movement shows one specific challenge facing the government back then: abolishing slavery of black men and women at the expense of the economy or allowing the barbaric practice to continue for the growth of the country’s economy.”

Expository Thesis Statement Example

“Racism in South Africa ended because of the role played by foreign governments and international bodies like the United Nations.” Here, explain how the international community came to the aid of South Africa when all seemed to be lost.

Argumentative Thesis Statement Example

“To solve the challenge of racism that exists in our universities and colleges, those running these institutions should include diversity training in their school’s curriculum to increase the global awareness and maturity of students on this pressing issue.” Present your argument and provide pieces of evidence which support the claim that those in charge of institutions should include a special type of training course on diversity.

It’s quite easy to get confused when it comes to writing a thesis statement about racism. Luckily, with these guidelines and examples, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Besides, we’ve even put together a few simple racism thesis statement examples to improve your understanding. All in all, remember to keep your claim precise, clear and compelling enough for your readers.


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Synthesis Essay On Racism

essay thesis about racism

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Essay about racism.

In all of humanity, there was one thing that was always in our lives no matter how much we tried to get rid of it--racism. Racism is a giant problem in the world and it is still lurking today, as discussed in the articles “Is Everyone A Little Bit Racist?” by Nicholas Kristof and “Black Men and Public Spaces” by Brent Staples. Racism is everywhere and in everyone, as anybody can be racist, all races are stereotyped, some worse than others, and most discriminate without even knowing it. Fortunately there are solutions to the worldwide situation but some do believe in racial inequality and that it is alright to put others below them. With racism, we have taken it to the worse level, making it part of people's everyday lives, both whites and blacks.…

Racism In A Raisin In The Sun

Racism is a touchy subject that has been major issue ever since its initial startup. Racism is the hatred towards a person or population of a certain race. The United States has taken huge leaps in equality, but there is still a long ways away from completion. Racism has always existed in America. When the nation was in its younger years, people owned people. People of the African American descent were considered property under the eyes of the law. How insane is that? Progress was made since then, but racism has only evolved. In the 1950s, whites and blacks were segregated to the point where they could not go to the same schools or even use the same bathrooms. Throughout A Raisin in the Sun, Lorraine Hansberry criticizes the state Of America…

Fear of a Black President

We live in a world that revolves around racism. Every single person we encounter comes with a set of predispositions based solely on race that society has constructed. In his article “Fear of a Black President”, Ta-Nehisi Coates discusses how America conveys the false idea that racism is extinct simply because our president is Black. But how could racism be over when Americans constantly use racialization to marginalize one another? The harsh reality is that every race faces some form of discrimination and unless we acknowledge this; racism will remain inevitable in American society.…

Issue # 9: Is Racism a Permanent Feature of American Society?”

Bell, Derrick, from Faces at the Bottom of the Well: The Permanence of Racism (Basic Books, 1992), D’Souza, Denish, from The End of Racism: Principles for a Multiracial Society (Free Press, 1995) “Issue # 9: Is Racism a Permanent Feature of American Society?”…

Latent Racism Analysis

America today is many things: advanced, modern, influential - but is it racist? Since the birth of this great nation, racism existed and has continued to live through different mediums. Latent racism seeks to establish racial prejudice and discrimination through subtle forms, even at a subconscious level. Although latent racism is hard to prove, many people have made it their duty to showcase and expose forms of racism that one would not normally jump to. For example, in the article Occupy the Dream: The Mathematics of Racism, the author exposes the true nature of the American prison system, and how the “war on drugs” is just a benign term coined for contemporary racism. By using statistics to back up his claims, the author provides a logical…

The Civic Issue Of Racism

Racism is a long-lasting civic issue that bothers many people. Racism is the belief that a race is superior or inferior to another race because of their predetermined inborn biological characteristics. Racism has existed throughout history. It has influenced many significant historical events such as wars, slavery, the formation of nations and even legal codes. The majority of conflicts that occur around the world are caused by racism. Racism is not as big of a civic issue as it was decades ago but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist in our world today and something should be done about it. In modern days people fail to the seriousness of racism and its impact on people who face it.…

Argument Against Racial Profiling

Naturally, racism is embedded in society; moreover, historically as human selfishness, enslaving, and advantage in efforts to be superior to other races. Social constructs in efforts to change this view…

Racism Without Racists

Over the years, the face of racism has taken on many forms. In present day America, racism is a very taboo subject. It a common view that racism is not a big issue anymore, given the large strides that we, as a country have made towards equality. However, the inequalities that still exist between races point to a different situation. Instead of the blatantly discriminatory acts that our nation has witnessed in the past, modern racism practices are more covert and seemingly nonracial, making this kind of discrimination seem more acceptable and politically correct. The Civil Rights Movement forced society to implement a new, subtler way to perpetuate racial inequality. In Racism Without Racists, Bonilla-Silva describes the justification of this new nonracial racial ideology that he calls colorblind racism.…

The Truman Show

This reflects how the media influence us because if the government wanted to crack down on crime or exploit a celebrities fault, they would use the media through newspapers and the news to sway the public’s opinion on certain aspects of life and people.…

Agenda-setting theory

First, we will look at how Agenda-setting theory operates and how it explains the media influence on how the public assign importance on phenomena. This theory by Maxwell McCombs and Donald Shaw was summarized by Bernard Cohen (as cited in Cox, 2014) who said that the media has “…its ability to mentally order and organize our world for us. In short, the media may not be able to tell us what to think, but they are stunningly successful in telling us what to think about.”…

Defining Racism - Response

In this article by Beverly Daniel Tatum, she uses her various life experiences to show the issues that come along with attempting to define racism in America. There are several external issues that come not only from defining racism, but with separating racism from prejudice. In dispelling preconceived notions that these two words are interchangeable, Tatum makes several distinctions in the meaning and application of the two words in everyday life. Before going further into the separating factors of the two words, Tatum discusses how unintentional our prejudices can be. Throughout her article, Tatum makes an effective argument about the defining of racism and its existence both as an active player in society, and a dormant fixture intertwined in the fabric of American culture.…

Obamacare Failure

Many internal and external factors determine which media outlet takes a stance on individual news stories. However, the interpretations between media and society creates situations where reality becomes a question of need and want, depending on motive (Southwell & Thorson, 2015).…

Ready From Within By Septima Clark Analysis

In today’s society, racism and segregation still occurs in schools across the country. Studying the readings by Griffith and Clark give an idea of the roots of racism and how far it traces back. Race in America has constantly been an issue that has placed set backs in student’s education. Learning about the history of racism in American education will help find a solution to this problem by learning from past misfortunes and trying to shape American education to be more…

Walter Fisher's Narrative Paradigm

This is done in order to find ways to affect audience behavior. It is when the media uses the Media effect Paradigm to control and shape the ideals of its viewer, that these two accounts of information processing take a more sinister form. The media has done a great jobs on both ends of the spectrum. Pushing their goals, alienating their viewers from other viewers, and reporting things how they see fit. Just look at the Trump and Clinton campaigns. One side was brushing Trumps transgressions under the rug and vehemently attacking Clinton. The other was doing the exact opposite. Both sides selectively reported, and went down the rabbit hole on certain things. It is in my opinion that the media is flawed. It uses a combination of the Narrative paradigm, and the Media affect paradigm in order to control the opinions of it's viewers. Through this paper it is my goal to highlight this…

Agenda Setting: the media helps determine which political part becomes part of the public debate.…

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Good Essay About Racism

Type of paper: Essay

Topic: United States , Law , Race , White , Civil Rights , Elections , Politics , War

Published: 02/20/2023


One of the most pressing domestic problems of the United States that occurred in the distant past was racial inequality and discrimination. Particularly acute it was facing the country in the 1950-1960 years, despite the constitutionally proclaimed equality of American citizens. For example, the US Supreme Court in 1954 overturned segregation of children - aisles and white. However, when a group of black students in the city Little Rock (Arkansas) tried to attend school, where white children were studying, racists resorted to terror. The victims of the racists were not only black but also white fighters against American racism. In June 1964 at Philadelphia (Mississippi), for example, three young civil rights were brutally murdered. In March 1965 two white supremacists shot racial equality supporters of African-Americans: Viola Liuzzo - the mother of five children and a priest James Riba. In the South still political discrimination against blacks was legalized. Five southern states (Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas and Virginia) were stored in their legislation appropriate provision that a prerequisite for participation in the elections put an annual payment of poll taxes, and new voters had to pay this tax at 2-3 years ahead. All southern states (except Arkansas, Florida, Tennessee and Texas) law required that voters passed a special exam (called literacy tests). But even the typesetters recognized that these tests were scheduled so that blacks could not give them answers. Racist laws of the South were determined to preserve and consolidate the racial and ethnic strife between American workers. (Hirschfeld, 1973) As a step towards the recognition of the formal equality of the black population, the law of 1964 was piecemeal, and it was reflected in a large number of reservations and restrictions. For example, the low educational level of the black population in the South, especially among older blacks, the law gave legal grounds to dismiss thousands of blacks from participating in the elections. Moreover, the law applied only to the election of the President and members of the US Congress. The elections in the states and local ones were still held on the basis of existing laws, many of them were clearly discriminatory. In 1967 "Long hot summer" by the scale and power of black speeches surpassed all previous 120 cities covered uprisings. Most of them took place in July 1967 in Detroit, the automotive capital of the empire Ford. Recognized leader of the black movement was Martin Luther King, priest and Nobel Peace Prize winner, who spent most public work. His joining the anti-war protest increased the antiwar sentiments among the black population. 10 days later after April's anti-war demonstrations speaking in church of New York, the "Declaration of Independence from the Vietnam War" was proclaimed by King. Therefore civil rights movement was started again. (Bell, 1987) In 1966 a series of conferences dedicated to the fight against conscription into the army was held. The most significant was the conference "Students, university and recruitment" held in October in New York. The largest youth organization expressed "opposition to any form of compulsory conscription used by the United States for the oppression of people in the US and around the world". As responding to this, in 1967 during the mass anti-war demonstrations many young people publicly burned their enlistment cards or gave it back to the power. They subjected themselves to serious danger, because in August 1965 passed a law which defined guilty of such acts or inciting them imposed sentence to imprisonment up to 5 years. (Sowell, 1981) The struggle for equal rights for blacks and whites are gone: mass demonstrations against segregation ended more than half a century ago. But 50 years later, the United States is far from the elimination of racial problems. And despite the fact that in 2008 became president of the country for the first time an African-American, in 2012 police shot and killed a black Trayvon Martin. Despite numerous acts of civil disagreement, the policeman was later acquitted. In the summer of 2014 in Texas white police officer shot 18-year-old Michael Brown. A wave of protests has swept this time, all the United States. And the racial question was undoubtedly the election agenda of the candidates for the presidency. So the problem is still opened and the government needs to take numerous measurements to resolve this issue. 

Works cited

Bell, Derrick. And We Are Not Saved: The Elusive Quest for Racial Justice. New York, NY: Basic Books. 1987. Hirschfeld, Magnus. Racism. Translated by Eden and Cedar Paul. Port Washington, N.Y.: Kennikat Press, 1973. Sowell, Thomas. Ethnic America: A History. New York: Basic Books, 1981.

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Racism Sample Essay, with Outline

Published by gudwriter on January 4, 2021 January 4, 2021

Racism Essay Outline

Introduction, are your assignments troubling you.

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Thesis: Racism always has and is still one of the most prevalent social problems affecting the American population and other European countries. It is essential to evaluate how racism has transformed since the 19th century to modern-day forms.

Paragraph 1:

Racism was openly accepted in the 19th century.

Paragraph 2:

Modern day racism is hidden but very prevalent in the society.

Paragraph 3:

In the 19th century, people of no color had no rights.

White people had the right to kill people of color.

Paragraph 4:

Today, there are laws aimed at giving people of color fair treatment, but these laws are ways of justifying the end of racial discrimination.

Paragraph 5:

In the 19th century, people of color had no rights to own property.

Paragraph 6:

Brutality on people of color was acceptable in the 19th century, but there laws prohibiting the practice today.

Paragraph 7: 

Even though there are laws protecting the rights of people of color to equal employment and treatment at the workplace, such laws are hardly applied.

Racism in the past and racism today -This is another interesting topic on racism. It offers some interesting insights into how racism was perceived and manifested in various social spheres during the 19th century and how it is different today. You can explore how racism is changing its face. (3 pages)

Racism Essay –  Racism in the Past and Racism Today

Racism has always been and still is one of the most prevalent social problems in the United States and across Europe. It is a social vice that has powerful roots in society, and its elimination has almost proven impossible. Many believe that the world society has worked towards ending this vice, but there is still evidence of racial discrimination in interactions between whites and people of color. The reason that pushes people into believing that racism has ended is that it has changed over the years and taken new forms. It is thus essential to evaluate how racism has transformed since the 19th century to modern-day forms.

In the 19th century, racism was open and acceptable in the American society. During this time, the whites were treated as superiors to people of color (Jahoda, 2009). People of color were a source of labor and servants to the whites. The acceptable name for people of color in the 19th century was slaves (Jahoda, 2009). Slave trade was a multimillion-dollar business that was practiced freely in most parts of the world in the 19th century (Jahoda, 2009). Even people of color themselves knew that they were treated as being inferior to the whites. They could however not oppose this treatment as governments were in support of the situation. As such, racism was an ordinary and acceptable practice during the 19th century.

However, today racism is hidden but very prevalent in the society. After civil rights movements rose in the 19th and 20th centuries and pushed for the emancipation of people of color from slavery, governments acted and ended the practice. Laws were put in place to end it. Policies were made to ensure that people of color had equal rights as whites (Brown, 2004). However, fewer efforts if any have been made to ensure that indeed people of color enjoy the same rights as the whites. The American law still favors whites over people of color (Brown, 2004). In the past, racism was an open practice. However, today it is hidden, and one has to look deep inside social interactions to spot racial discrimination.

In the 19th century, people of color had no rights as they were considered as property of their masters. They were exposed to inhumane treatment such as being beaten overworked (Mosse, 1995). They were not allowed to own property and had no freedom to do as they pleased. During these years, the lives of people of color were dependent on the choices of their owners (Mosse, 1995). Whites had the right to kill people of color who went against their rules. People of color were aware of what would happen to them if they acted against the command of their masters.

In the modern day world, people of color have rights that warrant them equal treatment as whites, but these laws are just a way to justify the end of racial discrimination. In the past, no laws prohibited racial discrimination, and therefore people of color had no issues with the treatment they received from whites (Brown, 2004). However today, with such laws in place, people of color would expect fair treatment, but this has not happened since the 19th century. The American criminal justice system evidences this unfortunate reality. People of color are still treated more harshly by the law than their white counterparts (Brown, 2004). In case a white and black person commits murder, they will be given different sentences with the white person getting a fair one.

In the 19th century, people of color had no rights to own property as they were regarded as property of whites. However, when slavery came to an end, they were given the right to own property. However, these laws allowing for property ownership by people of color did not bring an end to racial discrimination in property ownership (Jahoda, 2009). Whites could not allow people of color to own property in areas where they (whites) resided. History shows that whites cautioned real estate dealers from allowing people of color to own homes in such areas (Jahoda, 2009). The value of land or property owned by people of color would fall, while that of property owned by whites would rise. Today, there are residential areas owned by whites only and people of color can never be allowed to own property in such areas.

Brutality on people of color was a common practice in the 19th century. However, laws were later put in place to stop such treatment (Mosse, 1995). In spite of this, brutality on people of color has continued to spread not just among ordinary white persons but also through the police force. Today, African-American men die as a result of police brutality than from attacks by average white persons, the now famous May 2020 George Floyd’s case being a good example. The American justice system exonerates all-white officers suspected of killing innocent black men (Bonilla, Dietrich & Hall, 2008). Most African-American men live in fear of the police, who are supposed to protect them than they fear white supremacists. Police brutality is one of the most common forms of modern racism.

In yet another reality, even though there are laws protecting the rights of people of color to equal employment and treatment at the workplace, such laws are hardly applied. There still exists workplace discrimination, especially in the United States. Workplace discrimination can take many forms and can take place in various settings, including office buildings in city centers as well as offices in rural villages. Both men and women can suffer from workplace discrimination based on their sex, political opinions, religion, social origin, national extraction, skin color, or race. Noteworthy, discrimination at work denies people opportunities and prevents society from benefitting from what these people could do. In this respect, elimination of workplace discrimination contributes to a better working environment.

Racism continues to be a social threat to people of color in the United States and European countries. Laws put in place to protect these people from racial discrimination are hardly implemented. The police and the justice system are the number one perpetrators of racial discrimination. The only difference between racism in the 19th century and modern-day racism is in the way that it manifests itself.

Bonilla, E., Dietrich, D. R., & Hall, R. E. (2008). Racism in the 21st Century R .

Brown, D. A. (2004). Fighting racism in the twenty-first century.  Wash. & Lee L. Rev. ,  61 , 1485.

Jahoda, G. (2009). Intra‐European racism in nineteenth‐century anthropology.  History and Anthropology ,  20 (1), 37-56.

Mosse, G. L. (1995). Racism and nationalism.  Nations and Nationalism ,  1 (2), 163-173.

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Thesis Statement on Racism Essay

Generally, university writing racism papers require a great deal of persuasion and persuading others which you not merely have a rational and an appealing point of view regarding the subject you're addressing. Of course, persuasion is an art that you're acquainted with while you practice it regularly within the length of everything. As an example, you persuade your roomie to assist you clean up the space or your parents when you need to just take the car for a ride!

Therefore, if you are composing university or college course assignments on racism, you'll frequently have to help make a compelling situation in your paper. This kind of persuasion, customarily called an academic argument, follows a particular pattern of writing. Once you have introduced the topic, mention your provided stand on the subject in at least one phrase.

This is actually the racism thesis declaration, and among many things, it functions as the perfect summary for the argument. Now, don't worry if you should be struggling to publish one. We have put a few tips made to provide you with most of the guidance you need whenever tackling such a project.

What is the significance of a Racism Thesis Statement

If your essay requires one to make a stand or develop a particular claim on a topic, then get thesis declaration for racism at the start of your draft. Your lecturer will not specify you consist of a thesis declaration as he/she currently understands that you need to consist of one. However, if you're in doubt, always ask your instructor for clarification.

Even so, in case the paper requires you to definitely interpret, analyze, or to compare, it is likely that you are being asked to create a thesis statement on racism to support your argument. Once you've your thesis already in position, your visitors can take advantage of the following key features:

They can interpret the subject under conversation

It provides the right roadmap into the paper and informs your reader all that she or he should expect from essay

It makes a claim which other people may dispute

How could you Create a robust Racism Thesis Statement?

A thesis is the results of a lengthy thought provoking and thinking process. However, picking out a thesis declaration about racism just isn't first thing that you need to do. Instead, before developing a disagreement on an interest, make certain you have actually organized and collected just as much proof as possible.

As soon as you do that, you could most likely have that which we call a 'working thesis.' This is exactly what forms the main or fundamental notion of your argument. While you proceed because of the paper, you are going to make a few modifications to it.

Our advice for you as a student and writer is to encourage you to stimulate your reasoning by making use of all types of techniques. Additionally, simply take the maximum amount of time as possible to know the wider significance of the subject, and you'll formulate an acceptable thesis statement.

How could you inform when you have a powerful Thesis Statement About Racism?

It's constantly good to review your racism thesis statement before handing in your last paper for marking. You can run it by a specialist journalist and even consult your lecturer. Even although you do not have time and energy to get advice somewhere else, you are able to nevertheless assess your thesis on your own. You need to think about the following questions:

Have we replied the question? Going right through the prompt after constructing your working thesis will assist you to correct any argument which misses the key focus of this essay concern.

Have actually we settled on a stand which other people may oppose or challenge? In the event your thesis only states obvious facts, then you definitely'll simply be supplying a summary instead of stating your claim. For instance, a thesis statement which checks out like this is incorrect, 'racism kills the ethical values and opinions of a society.' You can see that is a statement which states facts in the place of providing an argument.

As an alternative, a well-written thesis paper should look like this, 'racism has destroyed the moral values and beliefs of the society inside the past 5 years in comparison with other subsequent years.'

Is my racism thesis declaration specific enough? Arguments being too obscure don't offer any strong arguments. Should your thesis uses terms like 'successful' or 'good,' then try to ensure it is more specific. For instance, find out what makes one thing 'good' or 'successful'?

Does my thesis statement pass the 'so exactly what' concern? If the audience's very first response is, 'what exactly?' then chances are you need to be better within argument, or be clear in your argument or hook up to a broader problem.

Does my paper support my thesis statement seamlessly? In case the thesis statement and human body are not appearing to mix, then chances are you should consider changing one. Please feel free to alter your working thesis such that it reflects in the items that you've identified within the length of your writing. Remember constantly to revise and reassess your writing as frequently as you can.

Does my thesis respond to the 'how and why' question? Now, in case the visitors start by wondering 'why?' or 'how?' then it could lack guidance or be too open-ended for your reader. To prevent this, give your visitors your very best perspective straight away.

Just how to Come Up With a fantastic Racism Thesis Statement If the Topic is Assigned

Virtually all racism essays, no matter their level of complexity can be simplified into a single concern. First, you will need to distill the piece into one particular question. As an example, if you should be required to write a paper on prospective ramifications of racism in children therefore the growing generation, twist the demand to seem more like this, 'what potential threats does racism pose on the life of kiddies additionally the growing generation of teenagers?'

Once you've come up with a question which your essay will answer, you will find it rather easy to write two complete sentences answering your question. In our instance here, you can say that the potential perils of racism within the growing generation of young adults and children are things including the increased concern with discussion and lack of a proper education because of discrimination.

How to Craft a Thesis Statement When You're perhaps not Given a certain Topic

Sometimes your lecturers or tutors wont assign you any topic; as an alternative, they would like to test your imagination and creativity. It will, therefore, depend on you to pick a question that may help you to create an engaging thesis declaration. To ensure that you have got an easy time doing so, we advise that you very carefully follow these three attributes:

Select the topic which reasonable and educated people can disagree and debate on

Select subject which links aided by the emotions of the audience

Your topic should also show one main concept

Strong Racism Thesis Statement Examples

Usually, a thesis statement on racism can come from many places. Suitable for example the closing statements in a lawyer's argument if not an advertisement. As a writer, you need to, therefore, understand where you should draw your inspiration. For people who may be struggling, here are some helpful racism thesis declaration examples that will offer you a perfect begin into writing:

The increasing interracial and intercultural collaboration and interaction within our globalized globe increases the end of racism on earth.

Extensive institutional and societal changes ushered in the usa through the 1960s resulting in the election of this first black President did quite little inside battle over racial discrimination.

The growing price of hate crimes up against the cultural minorities in European countries shows the collapse of multiculturalism as an institutional practice.

The South's resistance to your Anti-Slavery campaign by President Abraham Lincoln had been just an economic move supposed to establish the availability of low priced labor in their cotton plantations but a question of ideologies.

Using affirmative action as a form of institutional policy to resolve the situation of racial discrimination only eventually ends up encouraging racial differences as opposed to eliminating such discrimination.

Racism on the job results in aggressive behavior, constant mood changes, and a general terrible feeling specially inside minds of affected individuals. Subsequently, this is certainly harmful to both society therefore the employer.

The righteous and truthful citizens on the planet will never be going to remain silent watching as a certain race is ruthlessly discriminated based on competition. This is an analysis of the success of those businesses fighting the rate of discrimination in America.

The rise in crime predicated on battle in Australian Universities are fixed through diversity training.

Underneath Line

Along with these recommendations, crafting a thesis statement for racism won't be a massive challenge. Our some ideas will assist you to educate your visitors regarding the presence of racism and its own harmful impact in the world. Naturally, in the event that you get tired or confused as you go along, our racism thesis statement examples would be your absolute best supply of motivation. All the best!

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essay thesis about racism

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How to Write Racism Thesis Statement + [Best Rasicm Essay Outline]

Posted on August 19, 2022 |

Racism is a very real problem in the world, and it can be difficult to write about without coming across as insensitive or biased. However, with the help of a well-crafted thesis statement, you can present your arguments in a sophisticated and unbiased way.

In this article, we’ll show you How to Write Racism Thesis Statement that will help you write a persuasive paper on the topic.

What is a Racism Thesis Statement?

A racism thesis statement is a brief, provocative statement that initiates critical thinking about racism and its effects. It can be used to develop arguments for or against a particular perspective on race.

In order to write a racism thesis statement, you first need to understand what racism is.

Racism can be defined as the belief that one race is superior to another. It can manifest itself in thoughts, attitudes, and actions that are harmful to individuals of minority races.

There are a number of ways to approach writing a racism thesis statement. You could explore the history of racism in your own country or community and see how it has influenced current attitudes and behavior.

You could also look at specific incidents or cases of racism and analyze how they have affected the victims and perpetrators.

Whatever approach you choose, make sure that your statement is well-argued and worthy of further discussion.

You can also check out 170 + Best Gender Essay Topics

Difference between a Topic Statement and a Thesis Statement

A topic is a subject or good idea you would like to explore further while a thesis statement is a specific argumentative stance you will be taking on the given subject.

For example, Racism is a topic, while a thesis statement about racism could be:

“While racism remains a problem in America, it can be reduced or potentially eliminated through the effective implementation of diversity training programs in schools and corporate institutions.”

Types of Racism Thesis Statements

Expository racism essay.

Merely explains a certain topic of concern to your audience.

Argumentative Racism Essay

Here, you will have to make your claim and then justify it using credible evidence. You could base your claim around a policy proposal, evaluation, opinion, an interpretation, or even a cause-and-effect statement.

The main objective of such a paper is to convince the readers that your claim is true based on the evidence you provide.

Analytical Racism Essay

It breaks down an idea or issue into its different component parts, evaluates the problem, and then presents the entire document to your audience.

You can also check out Cause And Effect Essay Topics

How to Write Racism Thesis Statement

There is no one way to write a racism thesis statement. However, some tips on how to write one include examining the issue from different perspectives, identifying the root of the problem, and outlining your proposed solutions. Additionally, it is important to be clear and precise when discussing racism, as any ambiguity could lead to misinterpretation or even dismissal of your argument.

1.      Your Racism Thesis Statement Should Appear At The Beginning of The Paper.

The racism thesis statement is crucial to the way the rest of your essay will read. As a result, including it in the first paragraph of your paper is a good idea.

This is because it gives the reader an idea of how the entire document will look. It would only confuse your audience if it appeared elsewhere in the essay than at the beginning.

2.     Your Racism Thesis Statement Should Guide the Rest of Your Paper

All thesis statements explain your topic’s ideas , but a good thesis statement about racism directs your reader.

If you want to achieve this, your statement should explain several reasons that support your specific claim.

For example, the thesis ‘Racism does not exist,’ while still an argument, is insufficient because it lacks structure.

If, on the other hand, your thesis was something like, “Racism does not exist because of the growth of anti-racist ideas and movements,” then you have two huge potential reasons to back up your claim.

This gives the rest of your paper the necessary shape. Once you’ve included the appropriate number of claims in your paper, you can spend as much time as you want discussing and explaining your evidence on the subject.

3.     Make sure you have a debatable argument.

Although it is healthy to question some of what you learn with healthy skepticism, there are some things that the general public already knows. Racism, for example, is widely recognized as a social and moral vice.

As a result, such a topic is irrelevant and would not be of interest to the audience. Furthermore, it is not something you can argue for or against because it is self-evident that racism is harmful to society.

When you add an argument to your fact, it becomes an actual racism thesis statement.

For example, you could say, ‘racism is one of the world’s most harmful moral and social vices, and it must be eradicated or we will lose our unique identities and multicultural features.’

4.    Keep Your Racism Thesis Statement Brief!

If you keep your argument brief, you can easily make your racism essay interesting. If you use a broad argument, you will most likely meander with a lack of sense and direction.

If you choose a broad topic, the amount of information you’ll have to cover in the limited time you have will almost certainly cause you problems.

As a result, we advise you to keep your argument focused and concise.

‘White police brutality on black people, among other things, demonstrates that racism still exists in the United States.’ – example.

Once you have a thesis statement, it will be much easier to provide evidence to support your argument.

5.     Ascertain that your racism thesis statement responds to your research question.

There may be times when you are so preoccupied with research that you forget to check if your thesis statement for racism paper is ‘blending’ in with the paper.

For example, your lecturer or tutor may assign you to write a paper on the role of the black man in society as depicted in Harper Lee’s novel “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Instead, you decide to present evidence as to why the accused black man, Tom Robinson, was not guilty.

Even if your thesis statement is compelling, your paper will not address the issue that you were required to investigate.

As a result, always include an answer to your teacher’s question in your thesis statement.

6.    Your writing process produces a good thesis statement (Mostly Revisions)

Many students and novice writers believe that a thesis statement should appear fully formed as soon as they begin writing.

However, what usually happens is that you start with a shaky argument, and then as you write, the idea becomes clearer than before. When you’re deep into the writing process, your thesis will eventually take shape.

The more paragraphs you trim, revise, rearrange, and add, the clearer the thesis statement becomes.

The most important thing to remember here is that your thesis should be a concise summary of your racism essay .

As you continue has the top and most qualified writers to help with any of your assignments. All you need to do is  place an order  with us.(How to Write Racism Thesis Statement)

How to Write Racism Thesis Statement

7.     Some uncertainty is permitted.

In any racism paper, the goal is not to reveal earth-shattering revelations, but rather to approach the question in a novel way.

For example, instead of writing a thesis about the global effects of racism, write one about the impact of racism in your own country or local community.

Yes, you are not required to solve all of the world’s problems in your essay . In fact, a good argument does not solve many problems but rather casts light on them.

Furthermore, rather than making large pronouncements, proper research is conducted in small increments and by carefully scrutinizing things.

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Racism Essay Outline


Thesis : Racism always has and is still one of the most prevalent social problems affecting the American population and other European countries. It is essential to evaluate how racism has transformed since the 19th century to modern-day forms.

Paragraph 1:

Racism was openly accepted in the 19th century:

Paragraph 2:

Modern day racism is hidden but very prevalent in the society:

Paragraph 3:

In the 19th century, people of no color had no rights:

Paragraph 4:

Today, there are laws aimed at giving people of color fair treatment, but these laws are ways of justifying the end of racial discrimination.

The American criminal justice system treats the whites more reasonably than the people of color.

Paragraph 5:

In the 19th century, people of color had no rights to own property:

Paragraph 6:

Brutality on people of color was acceptable in the 19th century, but there laws prohibiting the practice today.

The police have continued to subject people of color to brutal treatment without facing the wrath of the law.

Police brutality is an act of modern racism.

Paragraph 7:

Even though there are laws protecting the rights of people of color to equal employment and treatment at the workplace, such laws are hardly applied.

There still exists workplace discrimination, especially in the United States.

Workplace discrimination can take many forms and can take place in various settings.

Racism in the past and racism today -This is another interesting topic on racism. It offers some interesting insights into how racism was perceived and manifested in various social spheres during the 19th century and how it is different today.

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Related FAQs

1. what is an example of a racism thesis.

A good example is ‘White police brutality on black people among many other things shows that Racism still exists in the United States.’ Once you have such a thesis statement, it will be easier for you to provide evidence that support the argument. Make Sure That Your Racism Thesis Statement Answers Your Research Question

2. How long should a racism thesis statement be?

When it comes to racism papers, the thesis statement is like the tagline to the front cover of a magazine. Yes, the story might be of hundreds or even thousands of words long, but the racism thesis statement should be of few, compelling and succinct words.

3. What are the characteristics of a good thesis?

1. Concise. A good thesis statement is short and sweet—don’t use more words than necessary.

2. Contentious . Your thesis shouldn’t be a simple statement of fact that everyone already knows.

3. Coherent. Your thesis statement might mention several aspects of your topic, but they should all add up to a coherent whole, expressing one main idea.

4. How do you write a thesis statement for an essay?

A thesis statement is supposed to appear in the first paragraph of your essay . However, this does not mean that it should be the entire paragraph! A strong thesis statement should be one sentence (not an annoyingly long sentence), usually placed as the last sentence in the first paragraph.

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150 + fascinating computer science research paper topics + [selection tips & outline].

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25+ Argumentative Essay Topics on Racism for College Level

antony w

by  Antony W

April 7, 2022

Argumentative Essay Topics on Racism

The first step to write an argumentative essay on racism is to select the right topic to explore.

You then have to take a stance based on your research and use evidence to defend your position.

Even in a sensitive issue of racial discrimination, you have to consider the counterarguments highly likely to arise and address them with rebuttals . 

The goal of this list post is to give you some topic ideas that you can consider and explore.   We’ve put together 30+ topic ideas, so it should be easy to find an interesting issue to explore.

Before we get to the list, let’s first make sure you understand what racism is and why it’s such a crucial argumentative essay topic to explore.

What is Racism?  

Racism is the conviction that we can credit capacities and qualities to individuals based on their race, color, ethnicity, or national origin. It can take the form of prejudice, hatred, and discrimination, and it can happen in any place and at any time.

Racism goes beyond the act of harassment and abuse. It stretches further to violence, intimidation, and exclusion from important group activities.

This act of judgment, prejudice, and discrimination easily reveal itself in the way we interact with people and our attitude towards them.

Some forms of racism , like looking at a person’s place of origin through a list of job applications, may not be obvious, but they play a part in preventing people or particular group from enjoying the dignity and equality of the benefits of life simply because they are different.

Is it Easy to Write an Argumentative Essay on Racism?

Racism is traumatic and a bad idea, and there must never be an excuse for it.

As controversial as the issue is, you can write an essay that explores this aspect and bring out a clear picture on why racism is such a bad idea altogether.

With that said, here’s a list of some argumentative essay topics on racism that you might want to consider for your next essay assignment.

Argumentative Essay Topics on Racism  

How to Make Your Argumentative Essay on Racism Great 

The following are some useful writing tips that you can use to make your argumentative essay on racism stand out:

Examine the Historical Causes of Racism 

Try to dig deeper into the topic of racism by looking at historical causes of racial discrimination and prejudices.

Look at a number of credible sources to explore the connection between racism and salve trade, social developments, and politics.

Include these highlights in your essay to demonstrate that you researched widely on the topic before making your conclusion.

Demonstrate Critical Thinking 

Go the extra mile and talk about the things you believe people often leave out when writing argumentative essays on racism.

Consider why racial discrimination and prejudices are common in the society, their negative effects, and who benefits the most from racial policies.

Adding such information not only shows your instructor that you did your research but also understand the topic better.

Show the Relationship between Racism and Social Issues 

There’s no denying that racism has a strong connection with many types of social issues, including homophobia, slavery, and sexism.

Including these links, where necessary, and explaining them in details can make your essay more comprehensive and therefore worth reading.

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Racism In Hockey Quotes

Indian horse summary.

Indian horse by Richard Wagamese allowed me to open my eyes on the issues of Aboriginal people dealing with all the horrible pains and abusive trauma from the residential school. Before reading this book, I felt like I was educated well enough to understand how much aboriginal people suffered through generations and how much they have lost compared to what they had before. However, after reading this book I was able to see through First nation’s perspective and realized it's not just knowing about what aboriginal people have been through throughout the history. In this novel, the author allowed me to see Saul’s life transitioning ,where in the beginning saul was living the indigenous way of life with his family, but eventually forced to be

Analysis Of The Poem ' Indian Horse '

Saul,taken forcibly from his family when he 's sent to st.jerome 's residential school,Salvation comes for a while through him as a hockey player.In the 1960’s he battles racism and displacement and almost ends up dying.

The Hockey Sweater Essay

The French speaking people of Quebec lived under heavy oppression in the 1950s and 60s. Many francophone people looking for work in Quebec cities were refused because of their French background. In areas such as Montreal, the francophone people were earning up to 50 percent less than their English speaking peers. There was a clear distinction between the quality of life for the English and the quality of life for the French. It was because of this distinction that the people of Quebec often resented the English and their ways of life. And it is from this resentment, the story The Hockey Sweater was written. The Hockey Sweater is a story told from the perspective of a young boy living in a small town in Quebec. He,

Indian Horse : An Illustration Of The Trauma Natives

As Native’s live throughout their lives they face inherent obstacles requiring drastic measures to overcome. Indian Horse provides first person narrative into the exciting life of Saul Indian Horse as he makes his way to the top echelon of hockey excellence. This elite status comes a price however. Natives such as Saul, and Fred Sasakamoose have endured horrid pasts filled with mental, physical and sexual abuse. This abuse necessitates some a means to escape this reality and hockey is used throughout this novel to illustrate how it can be used as a means to mentally and physically escape. Sadly, once Saul’s career is over it becomes evident that a need for escape is inevitable and alcohol quickly becomes the vise that provides it.

Racism in Hockey

The next example of racism in minor hockey involves parent’s involvement in the problem. “Parents yelled racial slurs and insults, including "Go home, Mohammed," at a referee on the ice” (CBC, 2015). This is a particularly disturbing incident which speaks volumes to the root of the problem. It is explained that parents have a very passionate belief and concern attached to preserving the segregation of the sport. Even the diversity of referees is a sensitive area to the existing culture. Furthermore, this incident speaks volumes to the acceptance and magnitude of racist behaviour demonstrated even by parents. In other words, parents are so outraged by the inclusion of visible minorities in the game that they cannot contain their racist thoughts to

Identity In Richard Wagamese's Indian Horse

Identities can be ripped away from people, but love can help people to regain it and realise who they truly are. In Richard Wagamese’s Indian Horse the native children’s identities are taken from them, and not all of them find it again. Saul’s own identity as an Ojibway is taken by the residential school and the impact of unfavourable circumstances; but with the love and support of his family and friends, he finds it again. The residential school and other negative influences cause Saul to lose his identity, which is the offset for his quest to regain it with help from his friends and family.

Racism In Indian Horse By Richard Wagamese

“At St. Jerome’s we work to remove the Indian in our children so that the blessings of the Lord may be evidenced upon them” (Wagamese 46). These words provide the exact mindset the white people had toward the Indians. In the novel Indian Horse written by Richard Wagamese, the protagonist Saul grows up and is accustomed to the period of time where there is a pro - white bias. A bias so strong that the racism becomes institutionalized. This bias in all its forms and degrees crushes Saul’s spirit and turns what could have been a terrific athletic career to years of fighting, searching and drinking. Through the definite racism of his taking, the sexual and verbal abuse he receives from high religious figures, as well as the hierarchy created within the National Hockey League it is clear Saul believes his people are inferior to the whites which, in tail, develops the racism and prejudice central theme in the novel.

Essay about Indian Horse

Aside from the horrible experiences while attending the Residential School, Saul was forced to overcome many adversities while engaging in his passion for hockey. In the beginning Saul discovers that his love for hockey serves as a mean of escape. “I kept my discoveries to myself and I always made sure that I left the surface of the rink pristine. For the rest of the day, I’d walk through the dim hallways of school warmed by my secret. I no longer felt hopeless, chill air around me because I had Father Leboutilier, the ice, the mornings and the

Indian Horse Richard Wagamese Quotes

Saul finds hockey to give him strength as he recalls, “I no longer felt the hopeless, chill air around me because I had Father Leboutilier, the ice, the mornings and the promise of a game” (66) … The passion Saul has for hockey in the quote exemplifies how he has made this his freedom from reality. However, things never stay the same, as Saul indulges in playing hockey he slowly realizes what the colour of his skin, his background, and his family had really meant to others. Despising the fact himself Saul learns, “[T]here were moments when you’d catch another boy’s eye and know that you were both thinking about it. Everything was contained in that glance. All the hurt. All the shame. All the rage. The white people thought it was their game. They thought it was there world” (136). This quote refers to the internal pain Saul suffers through racism during his spree for hockey and the worst part is his joy in it is being shattered so quickly, by the ravishing white people ending it all. Regardless the fact he is internally hurt; Saul develops enough knowledge that he recognizes the change in him after facing these adversities. After facing unimaginable problems to a child at such a young age Saul learns, “When your innocence is stripped from you, when your people are denigrated, when the family you came from is denounced and your tribal ways and rituals are pronounced

Indian Horse Character Analysis

Despite Saul's efforts at using the newly introduced sport of hockey to drive away his loneliness, he is victimized within the sport and is left traumatized. While playing the game, Saul remarks that “I knew that loneliness would be dispelled by the sheen of the rink in the sunlight, the

Faulkner Rhetorical Analysis

Faulkner, in his sports essay, describes the actions of hockey in order to convey the excitement derived from playing the sport. He successfully achieves this portrayal of action and excitement by his deliberate use of syntax and imagery.

Outliers Hockey Quotes

During the reading,I began to think of sports, soccer in particular. This is because when the author was referring to hockey, it made me think of the sport that I play and how I can improve.When the author writes“ if your are to work to develop that ability, the system will reward you” ( Outliers pg.17). I made a connection to what my parents and been instilling in me not just in sports but also in life.I really like how the author takes examples from different circumstances to prove his point. This allows readers to connect to the reading, and in turn makes the book more enjoyable to read.

Rhetorical Analysis Of James Deacon's 'Rink Rage'

“The bad behaviour is so common in hockey that it even has its own name – rink rage.” Rink Rage has come to an all time high in the past couple years from both fans and coaches. Their bad behaviour in games has became so drastic that laws have been put in place to stop this behaviour. James Deacon, in his essay “Rink Rage”, discusses this issue in the minor hockey league. Deacon speaks about incidents that bad behaviour has resulted in, numerous amounts of injuries and casualties have been reported. Not only should this not be happening; but especially not in a minor hockey league, kids are their to have fun and get exercise. With more and more pressure on kids, the game itself is becoming destroyed. This essay brings awareness to the issue of rink rage and shine light on the severity of the point. Rink Rage, by James Deacon is an essay, however the author uses a variety of techniques expository and persuasive writing anecdotes, statistics, and cause & effect. These techniques provides the underground structure, that brings the essay to life and provides the main topic; that Rink Rage is a serious situation and should not be happening.

Hockey's Influence on Canada- A 5-page essay on the impact the game of hockey has on Canadian culture...

Sometimes it is easy to forget the game played on frozen ponds and backyard rinks, and get lost in the overwhelming professional sport known as hockey. However, we strive to remember that hockey became Canada's game because it made our never-ending winter months more bearable . The game gradually became a sport, then an entertainment industry. It seems like the lockout was one of the biggest news stories of the year. Part of the amazing nature of the game is that it's origins are fairly vague. However, we always remember that hockey is our game. It may not be our official sport, like lacrosse is, but hockey is what Canada seems to be most well-known for, and it continues to have immense influence on our free society, with its unique style

Analysis Of Indian Horse By Richard Wagamese

All Canadian's need to know of Canada's dark past. For many years aboriginal children were put through boarding school ran by religious institutions, these schools were called residential schools. The novel "Indian Horse", by Richard Wagamese inculpates perfectly what the kids went through before, during and after residential schools. The book also gives insight on current issues that the survivors of the school face after they are dropped into the real world. It is also important that older generations read this novel as older people have not learned about residential schools while they were in school. Canadians need to read "Indian horse" by Richard Wagamese in order to discover why reconciliation is needed for the Aboriginal people of Canada.

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339 Racism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Racism Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

🥇 most interesting racism topics to write about, 🎓 simple & easy racism essay titles, ⚡ shocking essay topics on racism, 👍 good essay topics on racism, 💡 interesting topics to write about racism, ❓ racism questions for essay, 💯 free racism essay topic generator, 🔖 secrets of a powerful racism essay.

Writing an essay on racism may seem easy at first. However, because racism is such a popular subject in social sciences, politics, and history, your piece needs to be truly powerful to receive a high mark. Here are the best tips to help make your racism essay stand out:

These points will help you to ensure that your work on racism is truly influential and receives a great mark! Be sure to visit our website for example papers, essay titles, and other useful materials.

IvyPanda. (2023, February 2). 339 Racism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples.

IvyPanda. (2023, February 2). 339 Racism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples. Retrieved from

"339 Racism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." IvyPanda , 2 Feb. 2023,

1. IvyPanda . "339 Racism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." February 2, 2023.


IvyPanda . "339 Racism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." February 2, 2023.

IvyPanda . 2023. "339 Racism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." February 2, 2023.

IvyPanda . (2023) '339 Racism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples'. 2 February.


essay thesis about racism

Bennet Barrow Thesis

Women in kindred.

It’s globally known that the relationship between slaves and owners were abusive and unbalanced. Both male and female slaves endured horrible conditions and punishments brought on by their masters, but a woman’s slave-experience proves to be very different than a man’s. While women had to experience the abuse that came with their race, they also had to experience the oppression that came along with their gender. Regardless of viewing and treating them as animals, many male slave owners still had a sexual attraction and sense of protection over the female slave- sometimes even developing feelings for them. This creates a dangerous situation where not only the men have control over how the women work, but they have control over their body and emotions. While the masters may truly have these feelings for these women, being raised to believe they are superior to them leads the men to express their romantic emotions in ways that are degrading, controlling, and inhumane. Whether a female wants to engage in sexual or romantic acts with a slave owner, she is left in a situation where she has no choice but to obey despite her own feelings. Through the novels Kindred and the slave narrative of Mary Prince, we can see the consequences that come from these sexual and emotional relationships between a slave and her master.

How Did Frederick Douglass Separate In Their Work Enviroment

Many colored individuals were forced into slavery and each and everyone of the slaves had a different experience with their master. The slaves were treated as if they were nothing, a piece of property that the white people owned. They were not allowed to learn how to read or write; only needed to know how to do their chores and understand what their master was saying. They were just an extra hand in the house that had no say or existed in the white people world. The slaves’ job was to obey their master or mistress at all times, do their chores and take the beating if given one. In many occasions, the woman house slaves were treated more cruelty than any other slaves the master owned. Reading four different stories from four different people

Racism In The Middle Ages

In his book Inhuman Bondage, Davis explores the story of a slave named Madanu-bel-usur who was unlike the slaves that existed throughout the Middle Ages and after. Madanu-bel-usur was a slave who had property, negotiated business, and even had a family (Davis, 27). The idea that Davis brings up here is the way slavery has changed throughout time, seeing as slaves were once considered humans, and it wasn’t until the Middle Ages that they became dehumanized or better yet, they were considered animalistic. It was assumed during the Middle Ages that a slave was property of the master, meaning each part of the slave could be used by the master in any way they deemed acceptable. Needless to say, such a notion could only be accepted if both parties agree to formalities of their roles, slave and master. Many of the slaves themselves allowed themselves to be tortured and dehumanized by the majority because their faith believed that they and brought it upon themselves. The Curse of Harm, was used as justification of slavery and it was what identified the physical characteristics such as skin and body type to identify the Other. Through their own justification and the justification of the minorities through the majority rule, created a stigma that allowed racism to be born. Had the idea of blood and physical characteristics not become a widely recognized excuse for demonizing the Other during the Middle Ages, racism would have not been

What Is The Purpose Of Bennet Barrow's Slave Rules For Highland Plantation

Like most slave owners, Bennet Barrow subjected his slaves to a harsh life on his plantation. A crucial piece of evidence that proves this fact is his own diary, where he basically detailed the way he treated his slaves. For example, the “Record of Punishment” excerpt lists multiple instances where he whipped them whenever they disobeyed him or failed to meet his goals, and the “Rules for Highland Plantation” excerpt contains regulations that restrict both their freedom and their ability to take care of themselves. These specific excerpts reveal Barrow’s two main motives for treating his slaves so poorly: to demonstrate his superiority over them and to increase the plantation’s productivity. His slave rules indicate both motives, mainly because they both strongly correlate with each other.

Benjamin Banneker Research Paper

Benjamin Banneker was the son of a freed slave from Guinea named Robert and of Mary banneky, daughter of a formerly indentured English servant named Molly Welsh and her husband, Bannka, a slave whom she freed and who claimed to be the son of a Gold Coast tribal chief. Banneker’s early years were spent with his family. This includes his three sisters, growing tobacco on his parents’ 100-acre farm near the banks of the Patapsco River. At a young age, he had been trained to read and write by his grandmother by means of a bible she bought from England. Benjamin Banneker’s only formal schooling was attendance for a

Frederick Douglass Hypocrisy Essay

Using telling details, Douglass describes the dehumanizing effects of the slave system which condones the treatment of human beings as property. For example, when one landowner would pass his belongings to another, “men

Frederick Douglass Use And Abuse Of Power Essay

The Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass shows the imbalance of power between slaves and their masters. In his book, Douglass proves that slavery is a destructive force not only to the slaves, but also for the slaveholders. “Poison of the irresponsible power” that masters have upon their slaves that are dehumanizing and shameless, have changed the masters themselves and their morality(Douglass 39). This amount of power and control in contact with one man breaks the kindest heart and the purest thoughts turning the person evil and corrupt. Douglass uses flashbacks that illustrate the emotions that declare the negative effects of slavery.

Race And Social Class In William Faulkner's A Rose For Emily

The racial division in this story between black and white people which stemmed from the master-slave relationship

Narrative Of Life: Frederick Douglas's Message To Women

Frederick Douglass gives many examples of the treatment of women like the following passage: “this is done too obviously to administer to their own lusts, and made a gratification of their wicked desires profitable as well as pleasurable; for by this cunning arrangement, the slaveholder, in cases not a few, sustains to his slaves the double relation of master and father.” (Douglass 1183) Through this passage, Douglass brings to light that enslaved women are raped by their masters because of the master’s lust and the master’s desire to produce more slaves. By looking at the passage in the context of the rest of Narrative of Life, Douglass makes it clear that women who are raped by their masters and birth a child from the rape have it worse than others because of the excess brutality they receive from the master’s wife. Douglass’s word choices like “lust” and “wicked” shows that Douglass finds the practice of raping slaves for lust and reproduction to be very displeasing because both of those words are

Benjamin Banneker Rhetorical Analysis

Benjamin Banneker, the son of former slaves, wrote a letter to Thomas Jefferson to argue against slavery. Banneker was an educated man, he was an astronomer, mathematician, surveyor, author, and farmer, yet, Jefferson had not known this information. Banneker makes his argument through the use of allusion, diction, and repetition, which causes Banneker to seem reliable and have intelligence.

You Say This But Do That Benjamin Banneker Analysis

Benjamin Banneker employs techniques of imagery and irony, as well as tools of diction to enhance his idea of slavery needing to be stopped by pointing out Thomas Jefferson’s hypocrisy without attacking.

What Are Frederick Douglass Central Ideas

The first central idea is slavery can have a horrific effect on both slaves and slave owners. Douglass gives two reasons behind this idea in the text. The first reason is under the influence of slavery slave masters hearts can turn to stone. Meaning they can turn very stern or cruel. This specifically is what happens to the majority of slave owners and why slavery can hurt them too. The second reason is when Douglass describes the ownership of slaves as the “fatal poison of irresponsible power”

What Is The Life Of Frederick Douglass Dehumanized

The slave and slaveholder are making actions based upon false truth. Living on false ideas about life, and how it should be lived. Life is being damaged for others’ lives on both parties. The slaveholder, being born into a world thinking he is superior and has higher power over others. The slave was brought into a dark world starting from a slave’s birth, this cruel process leads to a repeated cycle of abuse, neglect, and barbaric treatment. All of his life, he has to fight through the hardships like Douglass did and be brought down to a

Gender Race And Rank In A Revolutionary Age Sparknotes

Christian masters and mistresses believed they were ultimately accountable for both the substantial and spiritual wellbeing of their slaves and servants. Servants and slaves were believed to docile and obedient. For women who aspired to become “ladies” their quest for gentility led to certain ideologies. “Ladies” were to possess matriarchy and maternalism. In Lowcountry some of the prevalent slaveholders were women. Less often than men, women did not free enslaved women from slavery. The men would release enslaved women sometimes based on services rendered. Although it may not have been a leading service, but sexual behaviors played a part in defining the relationships built between white women and enslaved black women. While relations existed between white men and enslaved African American women those relationships may have influenced why the enslaved women were not released from slavery after their mistress or master died. It may be symptomatic as a intentional form of punishment for the enslaved African American women. Enslaved women depending on their work could utilize varying quantities of time with their mistresses and female owners. Although not recorded my mistresses some “plantation mistresses” begrudged their maternal duties. Enslaved women were lashed out at by their mistresses perhaps from the frustration of having their maternal duties. For ladies the ideal of gentility necessitated a

Contro Tocqueville's 'Virginian Luxuries'

The “Virginian Luxuries” painting illustrates two types of power relationships. On the right side of the painting, a well-dressed man, a white master or the slave owner has his arm raised with a whip and is about to whip the black male slave on his bare back. The relationship of a master and his slave is portrayed as one of physical violence. On the left, the white master appears to put his arms around the black female, about to kiss the woman while looking into her eyes. This relationship is portrayed as one of sexual violence, because during that time, miscegenation was prohibited. Therefore relationships like these could only be reinforced by the master. However the female does not show any resistance to the man’s actions. This could be because her desired the white man or wanted acceptance from him. Both slaves appear docile and powerless. In both portrayals, the white man or master exerts

More about Bennet Barrow Thesis

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    Here are a few examples of thesis statements about racism in the workplace: 1. Despite being in the The 21st century, racial discrimination is still rampant in the workplace. The efforts made by governments and world organizations have not helped to do away with this discrimination completely. 2.

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    The phenomenon or racism is still present. As it can be seen, slavery and racism played a huge role in the history of the United States, which will be proven or rejected in the thesis. Thesis contains the most important facts and events, which had influence on the history of racism. It raises the issue of the…show more content…

  3. Essay About Racism

    Miriam-Webster defines racism as "poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race; the belief that some races of people are better than others." In more colloquial language, racism is discriminating anyone because of their race and or ethnic background. Racism is all around us, and racism will be prevalent until the end of time.…

  4. Essay On Racism

    Racism in America has progressed significantly during the last decades to the point where is it not extreme but still occurs. It is embedded in old fashioned traditions throughout the country making it hard for it to end. A lot of it has ended due to integration, education, and technology.

  5. Essay About Racism

    Racism has been an issue that has caused controversial debates for years. It is a topic that stirs up lots of emotions within people and continues to be an argument for all. When there has been a shooting between a white and a colored or a cop and a colored person, people blame it on racism.

  6. Free Sample Essay On Racism

    Racism has occurred throughout history and has been remaining an important problem from now and always. It has a negative impact on selected groups of people, discriminates their rights, and gives rise to social distract and disrespect.

  7. Racism Essay

    Racism is the prejudiced belief of people that a particular race is superior to others. The idea has resulted from years of neglection and oppression on some races for their traits and skin colour. Racism is a critical social barrier, which prevents our society from advancing.

  8. Essay On Race And Racism

    Essay On Race And Racism. 1489 Words6 Pages. The relationship between race and racism is due to the fact that there are racial categories created, in order for particular social groups to be on top of the hierarchy. For example, the white group, which is on top of this racial hierarchy, established the notion of race in order to benefit ...

  9. 110 Racism Essay Topics

    The first paragraph of your racism essay needs to connect to the thesis statement while also offering supporting evidence. Ideally, you want to use a connecting phrase such as "One of the root causes of this," or "New research indicates." You then need to follow up this statement with an outside quote or a relevant, credible source.

  10. What Causes Racism: Essay

    Download. Racism by definition is any act or belief that denies the rights and needs or that degrades a specific person of a different race or someone from different geographical origins from others. Racism does lead to someone's dignity and life being perceived as lower than others. Historically, racism was once left out in the dark before ...

  11. Racism Argumentative Essay Examples

    Example Of Argumentative Essay On Racism. Type of paper: Argumentative Essay. Topic: Segregation, Unity, Hatred, Human Race, Background, Inferior, Appreciate, Black People. Pages: 3. Words: 900. Published: 01/14/2020. ORDER PAPER LIKE THIS. Racism has been in existence since time in memorial. It refers to the division between people of ...

  12. Guide to Writing a Thesis Statement on Racism

    "A close analysis of the state of racism in the U.S.A during the slave liberation movement shows one specific challenge facing the government back then: abolishing slavery of black men and women at the expense of the economy or allowing the barbaric practice to continue for the growth of the country's economy." Expository Thesis Statement Example

  13. Synthesis Essay On Racism

    Thesis: Racism continues to be a prevailing negative theme (despite some radical claims of extinction ) that has evolved to be nurtured by America's society through media, parents and schools, and technology. On a trip to the north in 1947 Mary Sive learned the meaning of segregation and racism when she realized that the point of it all was ...

  14. Sample Essays On Racism

    One of the most pressing domestic problems of the United States that occurred in the distant past was racial inequality and discrimination. Particularly acute it was facing the country in the 1950-1960 years, despite the constitutionally proclaimed equality of American citizens.

  15. Racism Sample Essay, with Outline

    Thesis: Racism always has and is still one of the most prevalent social problems affecting the American population and other European countries. It is essential to evaluate how racism has transformed since the 19th century to modern-day forms. Body Paragraph 1: Racism was openly accepted in the 19th century.

  16. 里 Thesis Statement on Racism Essay Example *️⃣ EssayHug

    For instance, a thesis statement which checks out like this is incorrect, 'racism kills the ethical values and opinions of a society.'. You can see that is a statement which states facts in the place of providing an argument. As an alternative, a well-written thesis paper should look like this, 'racism has destroyed the moral values and beliefs ...

  17. How to Write Racism Thesis Statement + [Best Rasicm Essay Outline]

    1. Your Racism Thesis Statement Should Appear At The Beginning of The Paper. The racism thesis statement is crucial to the way the rest of your essay will read. As a result, including it in the first paragraph of your paper is a good idea. This is because it gives the reader an idea of how the entire document will look.

  18. Argumentative Essay Topics on Racism

    Racism goes beyond the act of harassment and abuse. It stretches further to violence, intimidation, and exclusion from important group activities. This act of judgment, prejudice, and discrimination easily reveal itself in the way we interact with people and our attitude towards them.

  19. Thesis Outline On Racism

    thesis: 1) proper education can inspire a positive attitude to racism 2) education helps racial students to move from intolerance to acceptance and understanding of cultural difference 3) education provides cognitive skills, which increases people's captivity people's capacity to detect prejudice and to reject it.

  20. Racism In Hockey Quotes

    All the rage. The white people thought it was their game. They thought it was there world" (136). This quote refers to the internal pain Saul suffers through racism during his spree for hockey and the worst part is his joy in it is being shattered so quickly, by the ravishing white people ending it all.

  21. 339 Racism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

    Write a racism essay outline first to determine the sequence of key points. A typical essay should have an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. Each paragraph of the main body should start with a topic sentence. You can browse sample papers on the subject online to see how other people structure their work.

  22. Essay On Racism In Education

    Essay On Racism In Education. 1390 Words6 Pages. thesis: 1) proper education can inspire a positive attitude to racism 2) education helps racial students to move from intolerance to acceptance and understanding of cultural difference 3) education provides cognitive skills, which increases people's captivity people's capacity to detect ...

  23. History Essay: Essays on racism in america

    Hire A Writer Now Special offer! Categories: Free Essays and Research Papers. Tags: Racism in America Essay. Related Posts Free Essays and Research Papers Synthesis Essay Example — With Outline The goal of a synthesis paper is to show that you can handle in-depth research, dissect complex ideas, and present the arguments.

  24. Bennet Barrow Thesis

    Bennet Barrow Thesis. 1296 Words6 Pages. Bennet Barrow was a white man who owned a large portion of a plantation. He writes his experiences with his slaves down in a diary. A plantation owner named Benjamin J. Harris's violations of slaves is also documented by a man named William Poe, who was a former slaveholder.