512 HumSS Topics: Humanities & Social Science Research

There is a big difference between research conducted in science and humanities. Scholars in humanities and social sciences (HumSS strand) are more interested in questions rather than answers.

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Interpreting the known facts and looking at them from a new perspective is also a part of research in HumSS. There are no restrictive rules, like in natural sciences, so it can even be created in the form of art!

The research outcomes of humanities topics do not necessarily solve a world crisis. Usually, the results are intellectual. Still, in the long-term perspective, they aim to change the academic field and even society as a whole. It is quite easy to understand by looking through any social science research topics or even the topics on English literature.

We hope you got excited! The main point of this collection of humanities and social science research questions that Custom-writing.org experts have prepared is to get you inspired to write a paper! It starts with the examples of most interesting and controversial sociology topics. Then you’ll find titles and ideas for essays on anthropology, culture, literature, philosophy, and political science. We hope that this article will be useful not only for college students, but also for everyone interested in the field of humanities and social science.

📜 HumSS (Humanities and Social Sciences)

📝 181 sociology research topics, 💡 47 anthropology research topics & ideas, ✏️ 82 research topics in literature, 🎓 30 philosophy research topics & questions, 🌍 173 political science research topics.

🔎 References

What is HumSS? Who even needs these studies? If you think about the nature of humans, you realize that we are all social creatures. Yes, even introverts are!

Humanities and social sciences are essential for our development. Let’s also see why practical research topics for HumSS students are so important.

HumSS studies our behavior in all contexts possible. It creates a complex overview of our nature on both individual and intercultural scales. Our identities, heritage, and culture are what make us conscious human beings. Also, religion is included as a prominent social science research title.

HumSS Strand Includes.

However, humanities and social sciences go beyond the topic of self-exploration and philosophy. They overview global political and economic issues. Therefore, political science research questions are also included. Together with sociology, it helps create the fullest picture of how the world works.

Moreover, the best thing about humanities is that it combines knowledge about the present and the past to create the model of our future development. Learning on our own mistakes and reinventing the best ideas from the past is the most effective strategy!

Students who chose HumSS as their major acquire many valuable skills. They develop critical thinking, effective communication, quick situation analysis, and objective decision making. With such a set of abilities, students are ready to take the leadership positions!

👪 Social Science Research Topics

Sociology is all about our behavior as individuals and society. You can see that from the social studies research questions here. Relationships always matter. In fact, they might be the only thing important in our lives!

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Social science research paper topics on marriage might be among the most relevant nowadays. More and more people realize that focusing on the family is vital for their self-development. So check out the best 130 sociology research topics below!

Hopefully, you can find the one sociology research paper topic that you fall in love with. And it’s not an over-exaggeration because passion is everything!

Professional society isometric.

Michelle Obama quote.

🗿 Anthropology & Culture Research Topics

Let’s talk about anthropology research topics. It studies our ancestors under the influence of different environments in the past. Quantitative research topics about the HumSS strand of anthropology may include studying cultural, physical, evolutional, and biological issues.

Cultural anthropology research topics are especially popular. Therefore, we included the best research topics for HumSS students possible!

However, it is not a typical list of anthropology research paper topics because we also added up some ethnographic research topics too!

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Anthropology focuses on the study of human behavior.

📚 Humanities Topics on Literature

When there are too many quantitative research titles for HumSS students, it’s time for good literary research paper topics!

Literary research topics are mainly about reinventing the known ideas, but it requires as much effort as other researches. You would need to use all your creativity to write a quality paper on research topics for literature.

Actually, there are no bad or good literature research paper topics for college students. It would be better, though, if you choose from the latest research topics in English literature.

That’s why we provided you with 50 such research paper topics in literature! And don’t miss Hamlet research paper topics since it’s classic!

Henry Miller quote.

Light bulb doodle drawing paper.

📃 Humanities Topics on Philosophy

Research in philosophy has no limits! It may seem like you can write a paper on pretty much anything your mind comes up with. Turning it into a philosophical question is not a way to create a good research title for HumSS students. Philosophy is all about analyzing the source and the development of knowledge.

We know that coming up with a qualitative research topic about the HumSS strand is never easy. But we have already taken care of everything! Just look through our list of 30 best philosophy research topics here.

Philosophy Research Topics.

✊ Political Science Research Topics

Political issues are not among easy research topics for HumSS students. The thing is, it is not only about the government. Political science research paper topics include everything to do with power, and often it works with history and geography as well.

Moreover, social and cultural issues can also be considered while writing about political science research topics. On the other hand, it gives you a chance to choose what you like!

Check out our collection of 120 politics and international relations research topics!

Concept protest revolution conflict.

Political Science.

🌍 Conclusion

Let’s sum up! Altogether, this article is a treasure for HumSS students that are struggling with starting their research. Finding a relevant and interesting topic is the first and one of the essential writing steps. That is why the ideas above should be a great help for you!

We have covered various areas so that any HumSS student can benefit from it. There are precious topics on sociology and social studies. They’ll allow you to work on multiple issues in the social behavior of humans.

There is also a section on anthropology and ethnography. It would help you to dive deep into the history and culture of humans. Topics related to politics give you an overview of the most relevant international and national cases that need to be analyzed. There is no need to describe philosophy topics. You can find there some topics about karma, the afterlife, and other questions that humanity is always concerned about.

All in all, these lists are an excellent source of inspiration for you! Just choose one topic you find interesting, adjust or paraphrase it, and start writing. So your next step should be checking out our article about how to write a research paper !

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175 Unique Humanities Research Topics for Students to Consider

Table of Contents

Humanities research topics are interesting and challenging to deal with. In general, humanity is an academic discipline that focuses on the various aspects of culture and human society. Majorly, it includes the study of languages, philosophy, literature, religion, art, history, law, archaeology, and anthropology. On the whole, the subject explains in detail how humans process and record different experiences.

If you are a student who is pursuing a degree in humanities and social sciences, then to complete your course, you must submit a humanities research paper for your final year project or work on any humanities research topics for your assignments. For writing an outstanding humanities research paper, a good topic is necessary. As humanity is a wide discipline, finding one perfect human resource research topics from it is tedious.

Currently, would you have to submit a humanities research paper? Are you looking for the best humanities research topics? Don’t worry! To make your topic selection easier, here, we have compiled a list of unique humanities research topics that will help you earn an A+ grade.

Just explore this blog post and get exclusive research topic ideas for humanities paper. Also, from here, learn how to select a good topic for a humanities research paper.

Humanities Research Topics

Tips for Choosing a Good Humanities Research Topic

In the research paper writing process, selecting a topic is the first and the most important step. Usually, your professors will provide a set of research paper writing prompts for you to select from, or they will give you the liberty to come up with any humanities dissertation topic of your choice. Basically, no confusion arises when you are already given some research topic ideas. But the topic selection will become harder when you have the privilege to select the topic on your own.

If you are asked to choose a good humanities research topic of your choice, then during the topic selection make sure to consider the following.

Additionally, along with the above-mentioned tips for selecting a good humanities research topic, before finalizing the topic, remember to check whether your topic satisfies your professor’s writing guidelines, if there are any.

After you have selected a topic, perform in-depth research on that topic and use your writing skills to prepare a top-notch humanities research paper.

Humanities Research Topics

List of Humanities Research Topics and Ideas

Right now, are you confused about what topic to choose for your humanities research paper? Cool! Humanities is a broad discipline with plenty of research topics to explore and write about. For writing a humanities research paper, you can very well choose a topic from research areas such as religion, philosophy, arts, medicine, etc.

Especially to help you out, here we have listed some interesting humanities research topics and ideas on various categories. Feel free to go through the below-mentioned list and pick a humanities topic that is convenient for you to research and write.

Simple and Easy Humanities Research Topics

Excellent Humanities Research Paper Topics

Top-quality Humanities Research Paper Topics

Interesting Humanities Project Ideas for Exam

Interesting Humanities Project Ideas

Humanities and Arts Research Topics

Humanities Research Topics in Philosophy

Digital Humanities Research Paper Topics

Humanities Research Topics Based on Religion

Medical Humanities Research Topics

Outstanding Humanities Dissertation Topics

Captivating Humanities Research Topics

Get Professional Writing Help

If you want to prepare a top-quality humanities research paper, then you can very well use the list of humanities research topics and ideas suggested in this blog post and find the best topic for you. The success of your research paper mainly depends on what topic you choose and how you present your ideas in that paper. So, remember to concentrate more on the topic selection and research paper writing steps.

Have you still not yet identified a good humanities research topic? Do you need humanities research paper writing help ? Call us now! We have professional writers who are experts in the field of humanities to assist you in selecting a good humanities research topic. Also, our professional writers will help you in writing a plagiarism-free humanities research paper as per your requirements on time at an affordable price.

examples of quantitative research topics for humss students

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2021 Research Topics For Humss

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examples of quantitative research topics for humss students

examples of quantitative research topics for humss students

50+ Ideas about Quantitative Research Proposal Topics

Catch the wave with the best quantitative research proposal topics from our experts!

examples of quantitative research topics for humss students

Quantitative Research Proposal

If you’ve always had a thing for statistics and figures, you’d be wise to consider a number of quantitative research proposal topics when it comes to your dissertation. The whole point of quantitative research is to explain particular events according to mathematical analysis of data points. Also one of the most related research results you can use is PhD research proposal in computer science ideas. There have to be numbers involved in some format for it to be considered quantitative research.

quantitative research topics

Topics for Quantitative Research

It’s not so easy to put together a research proposal quantitative that relies on numbers alone to demonstrate a point one way or another. When it comes to writing a quantitative research proposal, you need expert advice if you are to achieve the grades you deserve. If you need help writing a research proposal , use this extensive list to give yourself a few ideas about what you might want to study.

Obtaining Data for Quantitative Research

One of the first things you’ll be wondering when you embark upon a quantitative research project is how it is possible to turn seemingly qualitative data into numerical format. One of the most widely used methods is the Likert scale which asks participants to rate their opinions on a 5-point scale. Conducting surveys in this manner can help you get to the bottom of all sorts of social and psychological questions.

The analysis of quantitative data as part of your research project is not necessarily easy and it requires a significant amount of statistical knowledge. Particularly if you’re trying to identify a relationship between two variables without a particular hypothesis in mind, you’re going to have to rely on numbers. There’s plenty of expert advice around if you need help with your history research proposal or research project.

PDF img

Make Sure Your Question Fits Your Methods

You have to be certain that you can answer your question by means of quantitative methods before you embark on what could be a very lengthy research project. You can’t use open ended queries and have to be specific about topics that may not have a simple answer. You’ll need to be able to replicate your inquiries many times with many different subjects. This is particularly important as you will need a certain predefined number of participants in any study you conduct in order for it to meet standards of statistical significance.

Check out  engineering research proposal topics for more inspiration!

As you will be generating reams of data and determining the difference between qualitative and quantitative analysis , you need to make sure that it’s all as relevant to your question as possible. They may also generate data over many years and actually continue doing so for long after you’ve finished your PhD. Use expert advice to make sure you get the most of out of this data and apply it to your research appropriately. Quantitative research proposal topics vary in their usefulness to the furthermost of science and human knowledge, whether these are economics topics for research or others. Use this extensive list to help you choose a topic that suits your unique academic strengths. Combine your research proposal quantitative with expert advice on your chosen topic and you’ll be moving onwards and upwards with ease.

Select your subject of interest from this jam-packed list of quantitative research proposal topics. Conducting unique research will help you forge a path to great success.


Quantitative Research Topics & Ideas 2023

Published 1 May 2019

Quantitative Research Paper Ideas

Before Discussing About list of Quantitative Research Ideas, First Of All, We need to know about Quantitative Research.

Quantitative research refers to the systematic experimental study of the conspicuous phenomenon. Quantitative research can be either of these three types : Mathematical Statistical Computational technique

Looking For Custom Research Topics & Ideas

The quantitative research paper aims at collecting data from a particular group of data. The next step is to generalize the collected data to a wide range of people to describe the process. Quantitative research is necessary to attain a particular objective.

Organizing a survey is the best approach to attain quantitative research. Opting to write a quantitative research paper is easy but going for the right topic selection for research is difficult. So here we are giving you the list of essential quantitative research topic ideas prepared by our essay helpers for the nursing, stem, ABM, gas, hums & senior high school students that need to be focused on.

Quantitative Research Topic List

Here, we are providing a list of Quantitative Research Topics.

Read Also: Qualitative Research Topics Ideas 2023

Ideas for Quantitative Research Project

Good Quantitative Research Topics

Quantitative Project Ideas

Quantitative Research Topics for Nursing Students

Read Also: Nursing Research Ideas For College Students

Other Topics Ideas

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If you are facing a struggle with choosing the right topic or how to write an effective quantitative research paper, the experts of My Research Topics can guide you.

Our team consists of a group of professional and specialist assignment writers to provide the top-class assignment paper. There is no need to worry about the quality of the research paper when you are with us.

We are well known among the students of the United States of America (USA), Canada, UAE Etc. and have served a lot of customers until now. The quality of service that we deliver is matchless and always tends to complete before the time.

The features that you get when you buy our services are:

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Our top dissertation writing experts are waiting 24/7 to assist you with your university project,from critical literature reviews to a complete PhD dissertation.

examples of quantitative research topics for humss students

Other Related Topics

Interesting Research Ideas For College Students 2023

Interesting presentation ideas 2023.

examples of quantitative research topics for humss students

Recent Research Topic Idea for 2023

Interesting Research Ideas For College Students

Research Topic Ideas for Kids 2023 – Elementary , 5th Grader

Experimental Research Paper Topics & Ideas

Experimental Research Paper Topics & Ideas 2023

Environmental Research Paper Topics & Ideas

Environmental Research Paper Topics & Ideas 2023

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My Research Topics is provides assistance since 2004 to Research Students Globally. We help PhD, Psyd, MD, Mphil, Undergrad, High school, College, Masters students to compete their research paper & Dissertations. Our Step by step mentorship helps students to understand the research paper making process.

Research Topics & Ideas

Research Guide

Disclaimer: The Reference papers provided by the Myresearchtopics.com serve as model and sample papers for students and are not to be submitted as it is. These papers are intended to be used for reference and research purposes only.

Science & research news | Frontiers

Top 10 Research Topics from 2021

Posted on January 17, 2022 by Frontiers Communications in Research topics , Sustainability , Top News // 0 Comments

examples of quantitative research topics for humss students

Find the answers to your biggest research questions from 2021. With collective views of over 3.7 million, researchers explored topics spanning from nutritional immunology and political misinformation to sustainable agriculture and the human-dog bond .

Research Topics:

examples of quantitative research topics for humss students

1. Infectious disease

29 articles | 1,643,000 views

Uncovering the many ethical, legal, and social issues that have arisen during the pandemic

examples of quantitative research topics for humss students

2. Nutritional immunology

29 articles | 768,000 views

How specific foods and nutrients affect COVID-19 severity and outcomes

examples of quantitative research topics for humss students

3. Music therapy

44 articles | 268,000 views

Examining the ability of music to create and maintain social bonds during the pandemic

examples of quantitative research topics for humss students

4. Political misinformation

11 articles | 219,000 views

Understanding how to halt the spread of false news while increasing the circulation of information from credible sources during the pandemic

examples of quantitative research topics for humss students

5. Plant science

15 articles | 198,000 views

The enormous potential of plants to contribute effectively to fighting pandemics

examples of quantitative research topics for humss students

6. Sustainable agriculture

49 articles | 168,000 views

Demonstrating the potential of various microbes to enhance plant productivity and yield in cropping systems

examples of quantitative research topics for humss students

7. Mental health

22 articles | 136,000 views

Discovering insights from altered states of consciousness through psychedelic therapies

examples of quantitative research topics for humss students

8. Aging brains

18 articles | 134,000 views

Evaluating factors that predispose aging Covid patients to more severe complications

examples of quantitative research topics for humss students

9. Canine connection

13 articles | 118,000 views

Exploring the human-dog bond and how interactions between the two benefits us medically, psychologically, and through service as working dogs

examples of quantitative research topics for humss students

10. Mood disorders

12 articles | 102,000 views

New insights into the mechanisms underlying mood disorders at the genetic and neurobiological level

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    examples of quantitative research topics for humss students

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    examples of quantitative research topics for humss students


    examples of quantitative research topics for humss students


    examples of quantitative research topics for humss students

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    examples of quantitative research topics for humss students

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