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good conclusion for school uniforms essay

School Uniform

School Uniform The debate of whether or not to wear a uniform to school has been going on in the United States for decades. Some support it; others do not. It is mainly the adults who support it and the rebellious children and teens that do not. It began in the 1990’s for state schools . A uniform is a set of standard clothing worn by members of a certain profession‚ rank‚ team‚ area‚ school ‚ etc. It is often mandatory‚ and without it is sort of the unthinkable. There are uniforms for almost everything

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Andrews I am writing because you chair a committee in charge of the compulsory wearing of school uniforms . I am a student at Brinsley High School ‚ a friendly and successful school where uniforms are not worn. I believe that there is good evidence that wearing school uniform is now outdated. I fully understand that uniform looks smarter than casual clothes and that this might attract parents on Open Day. However uniforms are expensive and forever need replacing as students grow. This poses a real worry

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good conclusion for school uniforms essay

School uniforms

School uniforms In 1996‚ the Unites States department of education found that only 3% of public schools required uniforms . AS a result of this president Clinton and the department of education encouraged schools to make school uniforms mandatory (Mitchell‚ 1996). Although students and even most parents do not agree to apply school uniforms ‚ many of large schools in all the world started to apply school uniforms and make it compulsory until secondary school . Students must wear school uniform

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good conclusion for school uniforms essay

School Uniforms

Rogers Middle School in California’s Long Beach County School District began discussing the idea of a school -wide uniform policy. That fall‚ Will Rogers became the first school in Long Beach County to have a mandatory uniform policy. Other schools in the district soon followed drawing national attention‚ including a personal visit from then President Clinton. Recent memories of school shootings around the nation caused President Clinton to urge other school districts to move to uniforms in his 1996

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Essay Topic: School Uniforms I. All public and private schools must wear uniforms to promote unity in all the students’ appearance. II. Introduction: Unity in having everyone dressing the same. a. Removing parent’s rights to decide what students wear to school . b. Discourage bullying c. Not taking for granted freedom of dress and dressing appropriately for school when you have “free” dress. d. Explanatory overview on school uniforms and having to wear

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School Uniforms : A Positive Learning Environment Sarah Padilla Reading Area Community College COM 141 Fall 2014 Timothy Erdman Table of Context Abstract……………………………………………………………………………………3 Introduction………………………………………………………………………………..4 Discussion……………………………………………………………………………….4-6 Positive Learning Environment…………………………………………………4-5 Decreases Violence……………………………………………………………......5 Violation of Student Rights……………………………………………………….5 Student Confidence/Esteem……………………………………………………….6 Conclusion………………………………………………………………………………

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Uniform is a standard set of clothes that is worn by a group of people. They may be members of an organization or a group of people having the same ideas. There may be thousands kinds of uniform in the world. Students‚ police officers‚ doctors‚ lawyers‚ teacher‚ security guards and many others will wear uniform when they are on duty. Boys’ uniforms often consist of dark trousers and light-colored shirt‚ maybe a jacket in cold weather. A girl’s uniform might consist of a skirt and blouse‚ and also

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Unit 6 project part 2 Annotated bibliography Boutelle‚ M. (2008). UNIFORMS : Are They a Good Fit?. Education Digest‚ 73(6)‚ 34. “The article discusses the pros and cons of schools adopting mandatory school uniforms for students. The article emphasizes the positive aspect of schools adopting a dress code that requires student uniforms ‚ including an increased focus on academics rather than clothing fashions. The author also addresses exceptions to such rules‚ including students who opt out of the

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No School Uniforms

No School Uniforms Constructive Speech "Those who would give up essential Liberty‚ to purchase a little temporary Safety‚ deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." Benjamin Franklin once said this‚ and I think It applies well to the proposed implementations of a uniform . Today‚ my worthy opponents try to persuade us to change our school dress code to involve a uniform . We must realize that this would not be a solution to our schools ’ problems in Tazewell County‚ but perhaps another problem that

School uniform

School Uniforms Imagine waking up every morning and going to school . You put on the same clothes that you were wearing yesterday and walk to school . You open the door to the school and see everyone‚ all wearing the same exact outfit as you. The dread feeling you get because you feel the same way as you did every day. That is what every day would be like if school had uniforms . I think that uniforms are a commitment‚ they don’t allow you to express yourself as freely‚ and they are boring. Parents

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good conclusion for school uniforms essay

School uniforms should be required in public schools because their use would lead to higher education‚ less violence‚ and lower cost to parents. School uniforms in public schools are becoming increasingly popular across the nation. The public school system would benefit greatly if this policy were to be adopted. Opposition is always a factor when trying to make changes. Taking all things into consideration‚ the positive effects would be far greater than the negative effects. Most teenagers‚ when

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In the past school uniforms were worn predominantly by students in private schools . Recently‚ school uniforms have begun to emerge in public schools . To defend the reasoning behind the uniforms ‚ board members of the school districts have conjured many ridiculous claims. One is that students will cut down on teasing and bullying about clothing. Another point is that uniforms will save money on clothes. One more claim is that schools will be safer from outsiders and that uniforms will improve

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School uniforms ‚ I think yes. Imagine a school with no uniforms . There’s mayhem everywhere violence‚ kids out of control. Now imagine a school with uniforms ‚ their calm‚ peaceful and no one minds going to that school . That school is safe because of the uniforms the parents spend less money and the kids save time. Wearing uniforms will help students save time in various ways. Wearing uniforms lets you know what to wear the next day instead of having to decide what you are going to wear‚ before

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Pros of School Uniforms By the term school uniform ‚ we mean the same dress every single individual student wear in the domain of school . The school uniforms are the basic need of the present day society and every school must make compulsory to wear the uniform in the domain of school . School uniforms are the symbol of equality in the domain of educational sector. Moreover‚ it is the very basic lesson of equality. Everybody in the same dress is the practical and moral lesson of equality‚ and

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good conclusion for school uniforms essay

In a way school uniforms are neat and it would make the students look professional but The United States is suppose to be a country of freedom and individuality. Everyone is unique and by making students wear school uniform is violating the first amendment. Telling students that they have to dress all the same is ridiculous. There is a lot of reasons to prove that schools should not make their students wear uniforms . People in my age often express themselves through the clothing that they

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Eureka Monette Writing I Argument Essay 19 February 2013 School Uniforms School is a place to learn‚ not to flaunt fashion‚ wealth‚ or privilege. Unfortunately as it stands now kids spend so much time being stressed out about popularity and social standing that they hardly have the energy to learn anything valuable. Personally‚ I think school uniforms should be adopted whether it’s a public school or a private school . The reason I think this is because I believe there would be less bullying since

school uniforms

Public School Uniforms Do you ever wonder why people don’t brag about what they wear? Maybe they have nothing to wear‚ have you thought about that. Or maybe they can’t afford clothes that are in style. Or maybe‚ just maybe‚ they don’t like being judged or bullied by what they wear. So don’t come to conclusion once you see someone different‚ give them a chance. My opinion on uniforms is a must. Kids and teens are being bullied and labeled daily because of what they wear. And what they look

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To many people’s surprise and dismay the idea of school uniforms ‚ which have become perceived as old fashioned‚ is being reintroduced into school systems around the country. Some say that school uniforms allow students to express themselves in other ways than their attire‚ they reduce violence among students‚ and they teach them how to dress neatly. However‚ studies have shown that school uniforms instead of allowing kids to express themselves it takes away individuality‚ and instead of reducing

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School uniforms Is school unifroms really nesessary? This essay will discuss about school uniforms . This is important because school uniforms is a big topic with a lot of opinion‚ so now i will tell my opinion about it. As an example for a pro argument is that every student would be seen as equal. And for a counter argument would be that they can’t express their own individuality. It is firmly my belief that school uniforms is not needed in school . One of the most common argument that you hear

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issue of school uniforms in today’s public schools is a silent but very controversial issue‚ Gaining momentum with school administrators and parents debating on whether or not to convert their public schools . With academics on a decline compared to the world average‚ (Wu‚ Elaine) along with school violence at its highest that it has ever been. The United States is a seeing a change towards school using school uniforms to help solve many problems associated with public schools . School uniforms in today’s

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Argumentative Essay: Wearing School Uniform Makes Learners Proud

The question of uniform has come up a lot. In Britain the students have to wear uniforms, with only the smallest schools being exempt. In America the rules are a little different, and most institutions may choose whether their students wear a uniform. I intend to prove that wearing a uniform makes a schoolchild proud to be part of the school and part of the team.

Children need to feel as if they belong to the school

It has been proven that students who see themselves as the equal of their teachers do not do as well at school. Having every child wear a uniform helps to show the children who the teacher is in a very subconscious and powerful way. It also helps to make everybody part of the school. Without uniforms the unpopular or distant children will dress radically in order to make a statement and clearly differentiate themselves from their fellow classmates. This leads to further alienation and the feeling that they do not belong. Uniforms solve this problem by making everyone of equal status.

It helps make children all equal

Children are just as likely to set up a class system as any micro culture. One method of differentiating has always been physical prowess. Another is attractiveness and a “bad” or rebellious attitude. The financial means of their parents is another, and it is far easier to spot who has wealthy parents and who does not by the types of clothing worn at school. Wearing uniforms is going to make this sort of differentiation and discrimination a lot harder.

Uniforms sap a child’s creativity

This is the argument that children are less creative if they are not allowed to express themselves, but this is not the case. People have to wear a uniform in the working world, including in the creative sector, and they are not affected by their dress style or the fact they look like the rest of the team.

Uniforms restrict the children’s free will

This is the argument that dressing all the children the same is setting them up to be robotically minded and easily manipulated in the future. However, this argument fails to take into account that giving children too much free will at a young age is a bad thing. Children are not yet mature enough to make correct and well balanced decisions. They need structure and order in their lives until they become free thinking, lateral thinking, well rounded and well adjusted adults.

Wearing a school uniform makes children proud to be part of their school because it curbs alienation, helps to form class/school unity and differentiates between the students and teachers. It helps to give children the structure they need, whilst not removing any creativity from them.

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Essay Service Examples Education School Uniform

Schools Uniform Is Beneficial Rather Than Detrimental

Uniforms are distinctive clothing worn by members of the same organization or by children attending the same school. It’s having the same form, manner, or degree. Although, school uniforms cannot stop all social issues, making school uniforms mandatory in all educational institutions have a number of tremendous effects. It breaks barriers among students, minimizes expenses for families, is less time-consuming for students, improves discipline and concentration, and is useful for identification.

It breaks the barriers between students. Even though students may attend the wealthiest of schools, there are still students who aren’t from wealthy families. Since students are wearing the same outfits there is no obvious distinction to be made between them. When students don’t wear uniforms, it is easy for them to spot children with more or less economic privileges, so visible markers between these children will be decreased with the wearing of uniforms, leading to more social mixing among economic lines. God created all of us in the likings of himself and even though some might not be able to afford nice things, they’ll be made fun of and those persons will think they are better than others because of what they can and cannot afford. Bill Clinton during his time as the president of the United States (in the ’90s) is one of the most prominent and strongest proponents of adapting school uniforms and how it may help us end many social evils done to students over mere designer jackets. Although people may argue that they won’t be able to be themselves if they are wearing the same thing but isn’t everyone unique in their own way; no two persons are the same. It might also be said that uniforms will deprive them of the privilege of expressing themselves but not all will be able to do so based on economic status.

Secondly, it minimizes expenses for families. Precisely, they would cost way less than casual clothing as you can have a set of uniforms for a week which can be repeated unconditionally, while with casual clothing students won’t want to repeat clothing occasionally. Therefore, clothing would have to be bought on the regular. Although you would still have to pay a price for a variety of uniform pieces, those uniforms would be worn all throughout the school year, so leaving casual clothing for special occasions. Spending time focusing on getting new clothes for the child every minute, can be quite stressful and strenuous as the parent would want their child to have to best so they aren’t criticized. This is rather a petty issue which is a want than a need. Although, they might not say it openly the survey of more than 500 schools conducted in 2013 revealed that more than 90% of the parents are “pro uniforms” and believe it could help them save money. They would spend less with uniforms and focus more where it matters, which is fulfilling the child’s needs and ensuring they get a good education. School should not be about what you wear, it’s, not a fashion show. The major priority should be about what you go there to do.

good conclusion for school uniforms essay

Thirdly, it’s less time-consuming for students. School uniforms will save students time when getting ready in the mornings. Getting dressed for school in the mornings will be hassle-free, as it is already known what will be worn. Since they know what they have to wear there isn’t much thought or effort that has to go into getting ready for school each day. This will help them to get ready by an adequate time in the morning, so lessening the chances of the missing school; thus, improving the punctuality of students. The time that would be spent on choosing what to wear and getting ready, will then be spent sleeping a little longer eating breakfast without rushing. No more of “what will I wear this morning or the picking choosing and refusing”.

Therefore, making school uniforms mandatory across all educational institutions will improve discipline and concentration. The Journal of Educational Research, 2003, Vol. 97. has presented data that shows a positive correlation between uniforms and achievements. With everyone wearing the same thing, there will be no focus on what each other is wearing or worrying about who is more fashionable and putting what goes on in the classroom at the center. It will then prevent distractions in the classroom. Another argument that’s often raised about uniforms is that they may increase students’ focus. The evidence for this seems to be thin, but many people of uniforms argue that when students don’t have clothing to notice, comment on or respond to, they can spend more mental energy on learning. This argument goes hand in hand with the sense of disciplined learning in schools, but some say uniforms contradict the idea of diversity that schools encourage. By looking the same as other students, some would say it discourage students from making choices, but one is less likely to be concerned with their appearances. There will be less monitoring of what students wear, as you do not have to examine if it’s inappropriate or not. Rather than students building friendships on fashion for popularity reasons it gives them the opportunity to just BE and get to know one another genuinely. So, to speak, the wearing of uniforms will prevent distractions and create uniformity within the classroom and school environment. Students will no longer have to report signs of peer pressure that would occur from the types of clothing that they wear.

In addition, they are also effective in the use of identification. This allows you to easily identify outsiders on the campus and differentiate students from teachers. It is a badge of pride that creates an identity for schools. The wearing of uniforms shows that you are a part of an organization, that you take pride in your appearance and you are dressing smartly. Imagine the concept that, you are on the street and something happens, identifying which institution you are from would be so much easier if you are in a uniform. It is also likely that schools will have field trips and events to go to, which represent in a uniform will be easy to acknowledge which group you belong to and shows a form of togetherness.

In conclusion, the concept of having uniforms as a mandatory policy in schools is beneficial rather than detrimental. In the attempt to support this, it has been concluded that it gives structure to students and allows for the restraining of alienation. School uniforms have been a controversial topic of discussion for a long, long time. There are many critics of school uniforms, but they are usually seen to be fighting a lost battle when it comes to defending what they perceive. It is time for all of us to think neutral, leaving our egos behind and deciding on what is best for our new generation and society. Spending our valuable time on petty issues concerned with uniform wearing is going to take us nowhere but will just keep the never-ending debate on fire! Believe it or not, the wearing of school uniform is only helping us to abide by policies and maintain professionalism when we go out in the working world. No more time spent on making fun of others based on what they wear, being stressed out over getting designer clothes are even to be popular based on fashion choices, but yet directing the focus on what really matters in life. In terms, it lowers spending abilities, adds discipline and proper functioning to the school environment.

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In both public and private schools, students are constantly being judged on what they wear or how they look. These types of judgments increase the amount of bullying. If schools were to make uniforms mandatory, the judgment would be eliminated and the bullying rate will more than likely decrease. We make inferences on the economic status and background of others. It’s no surprise that there are less fortunate people who can’t afford as nice clothing as wealthy people can. Students...

Outfits are unmistakable attire worn by individuals from a similar association or by kids going to a similar school. It’s having a similar structure, way, or degree. In spite of the fact that school regalia can’t stop every social issue, making school garbs obligatory in every single instructive foundation have various huge impacts. It breaks hindrances between understudies, limits costs for families, is less tedious for understudies, improves order and focus, and is valuable for ID. It breaks obstructions between...

What is one simple way we can keep our school children safe, save money on school clothing and make it easier for teachers and school staff to make sure our children are safer on and off-campus? As well as instill a sense of community and pride in our children at the same time. By a change as simple as enforcing school uniforms. With all of the violence in today’s world especially facing our children, we have to do all we...

Meet Isaiah, he is 8 years old and goes to his local public elementary school where is bullied every day. Isaiah tries to put up with it, but as time goes on, his grades drop, and his motivation to go to school every day diminishes quickly. Even though Isaiah is extremely funny, and is very talented, he isn’t even given the chance because he lacks the ability to wear the newest trendiest clothes. Meet Isaiah’s mother, she is a single...

It is debated nowadays on whether teenagers, who go to school, should be wearing a uniform. There are several advantages but also some disadvantages, such as All the students wearing the same uniform, which can take the stress off looking better than other students as they are wearing similar clothing, and also having a uniform can make a person look smart and respectable, but on the other hand, students can feel that their uniforms are too boring and don’t show...

Many students go to school and wear inappropriate clothing making their school look more unprofessional and inconvenient for many other schools worldwide. Without school dress codes and private schools, Would students behave the same? We should all respect each other, Learn how to help each other, And not bully anyone. With the school dress code, Students would be able to focus on their educational classes more than their clothing. Dress codes could have a positive impact on many schools. One...

Uniforms in school have been around for a long time. Wearing certain clothing with the school colors such as polo, certain jeans or pants, shoes, the school’s jacket, etc. There are schools that do not require to wear a uniform, meaning students can wear any type of clothing they feel comfortable with, but of course, there is a “dress code” this student must follow, such as no piercings, no mini skirts, no unnatural hair color and some more. Wearing uniforms...

Students should not wear uniforms because they take away a student’s sense of individuality. Imagine this: 30 students sit at desks in a small classroom. Each student wears tan pants and a white shirt. They sit with their school books and papers in front of them. They all look exactly alike. Does this seem right? Of course not! We are all individuals! We are unique in many different ways. Why try to make all students look alike? An article I...

School uniforms have brought out many discussions at school board meetings among staff and students. Many people might think that school uniforms are taking away students’ and people’s rights. The uniforms are less expensive than any other shirt or clothing brand and that’s why parents like uniforms. Students should be required to wear uniforms because it prevents bullying and it creates a safer school environment. First, uniforms prevent bullying in many schools. Uniforms have been proved that helps prevent students...

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Wearing School Uniforms

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Every school in the world has its own regulation about the way to wear. Some schools require students to wear the uniform, while some allow them to wear casual clothes. Besides, many people think that students should wear casual clothes to feel comfortable when studying. However, in my opinion, wearing school uniforms is better for three reasons below.

The first and most important reason is to make everyone to feel equal, and make the class less straggler. When students are allowed to wear casual clothes, they will wear what they like, and what they buy.

Many students wear expensive clothes, while the others wear the cheap ones. By the wearing way, they know that who are rich, and poor. Therefore, it will make a difference between students and create discrimination, which means there are two group that exist in a school: the wealthy and the poor. Besides, wearing many kinds of clothes can make the class look like a mess. For example, few students wear red clothes, some wear blue clothes, while some wear clothes that have many colors, and they all study in a class.

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When teachers look the whole class, they will feel that it is not so different from a big and colorful mess. Thus, I think schools should require students to wear uniforms to prevent this situation.

The second reason is that wearing uniforms can help everyone know they are students and their schools. This is very convenient in many aspects. For instance, if a student do a lot of good things such as helping old people, or returning the things that they have collected, people will think that the student are taught very well, and the school that the student are studying is very good at education.

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Thus, the school’s reputation is spread out, which is very helpful for the school. Besides that, when students do bad things, their schools will know more easily and have suitable ways to punish them.

The third reason is that wearing school uniforms is a beautiful tradition and very meaning to students. The uniform has existed for thousand years and many schools still keep it to now. Wearing uniforms is a beauty of schools’ cultural, so there is no reason to remove that tradition. In addition, the uniforms show the prettiness of every student. Male students look stronger, and female students look more beautiful while wearing uniforms. Moreover, wearing them in a long time make students to feel sympathetic with them, and to love their uniforms and schools more.

In conclusion, wearing school uniforms is better than wearing what students want. It is not only convenient, but also very important to the school and students. Besides that, it is also a beautiful cultural of a school. Therefore, although few people do not like to wear them, students should wear them, and feel proud of them because it is the symbol of their school.

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"Wearing School Uniforms." StudyMoose , 1 Oct 2016,

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Wearing School Uniforms

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good conclusion for school uniforms essay

Essay About School Uniforms

School uniforms ethos pathos logos.

This is one of those debates that happens over and over again. My judgement on school uniforms is a yes and a no. It would stop bullying over clothing but it basically tells the kids that they can’t express themselves at school. School uniforms would stop distractions but the children would feel like they can’t show their differences in clothing like some kids like colorful stuff and some have traditional clothing and some like certain things that they like to dress in. School uniforms are not a bad idea but the flaw is how the uniforms affect the students minds. It could affect how they act at home by that I mean that kids act the way they wanna be and dress how they want to dress. But if we change that their minds are saying that wanting

Dress Codes In Schools

The controversy on dress codes is a common issue throughout a majority of schools. In today’s society, ripped jeans and skin-revealing shirts are chic and stylish, but are prohibited by the restricting rules of dress code. Often students have trouble staying in dress code to fit in with the trend. In causation, most students that violate the code, interfere with the learning atmosphere and negatively affects the reputation of the school. On the other hand, Schools with new uniforms face parents and student unable to afford uniforms and the diversity of the student body. Although the dress code provides the students a sense of personal style, uniforms create social equality and reduces the time for students to get ready in the morning making

School Dress Codes May Be Harmful To Girls

Public schools should not be allowed to enforce uniforms on the students by reason of having uniforms gives students a message that their identity is not important. In the article "Why School Dress Codes May Be Harmful To Girls," by Claire Felter, gives an explanation about how school uniforms and strict dress codes are shamming students and having the students think that what they wear is not important. It also explains how some students are feeling degraded and/or diminished on the grounds that they think uniforms are a type of discipline. On page 1, Claire Felter states, "but the result is often institutions telling impressionable young people that their identity and the way they choose to present themselves is unimportant, rather than actually

Why School Uniforms Are Bad

Did you know that Americans spend over 1.3 billion dollars a year? That means the average family is expected to spend over 600 dollars on school uniforms alone. School uniforms have always been a divided topic. You either love them or hate them and most adults see them as tried-and-true ways of discipline. Many children, however, loathe them, so are they really that good? School uniforms are bad because they hinder freedom of expression, they are another way to hurt financially struggling families, and do not help end, gang violence or bullying, but simply cover it.

Reasons Why Students Should Not Wear Uniform

One reason students from all ages should not wear uniform is lack of expression. by Marian Wilde said... “when a student was sent to detention for wearing socks adorned with the image of winnie the pooh’s friend tigger, the girls family sued the school district for violated her freedom of speech.” This means that kids don 't have a say when they go to school because they have school uniform. The effect on this is that kids will either want to come to school. Another reason is because students will be nervous for school everyday. That why students should not wear uniform. In conclusion uniforms is a bad idea.

Should Students Wear School Uniforms?

If parents want their kids to be safe and schools don’t want a inadequate name, then students shouldn’t wear uniforms. Students shouldn’t wear uniforms because it will only cause the student themselves, schools, and their family problems. From uniforms violating a student’s freedom, to giving the school a inadequate name, to it not curbing crime rates or improving attendance, there are many negative effects of students wearing uniforms.

Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms In Public Schools

Lately, most kids or pre-teens are starting to dress to old for what age they really are. A solution that is by having school uniforms, they provoke that problem. School uniforms should be required for public schools. They have been increasing in public schools for the past five years. One in five public schools require school uniforms. People say uniforms make school safer for students. Others say it has no positive effect on behavior. School uniforms should be enforced in public schools throughout the world. School uniforms should be required in public schools because uniforms cost less money, cause less peer pressure to fit in, and allow students to stay more focused in school.

Why School Uniforms Should Be Required In Public Schools

Two, by wearing school uniforms it can create a positive culture and climate on campus, instead of be rude, disrespectful and all riled up. Lastly, by wearing school uniforms this can end the feud between the rich and poor, because everyone would be dressed the same. So all people should start caring about what their children are wearing to school and possibly think about a school that has a good environment and have school uniforms. This matters because school uniforms will create a great environmental future for all

Should Dress Codes Be Allowed In Schools Essay

They may seem like they help, but school uniforms aren't what we're looking for. They are both a restriction on student rights and schools don't have the power to enforce clothing on students. Making uniforms mandatory is useless and won't solve the problem.- (Forster and Geier 1.) In agreement with this statement, some may argue with this saying some kids can afford better clothes, and it's distracting, etc. People make money in order to get nice things like that, because someone doesn't like something or can't get something doesn't mean they should take it away for others. This may not be the reason or situation that created the specific dress code but students as young adults should be allowed to express themselves

Kids Should Not Go Back To School

Back to school shopping is probably the best thing about having to go back to school. You get to pick out all new outfits that you think would look good on you. We all love school shopping, but what if this privilege was taken from you? More and more public schools are switching to school uniforms. This is limiting the ways we show our individuality amongst our peers. School is a place where kids should be able to express themselves, not be put in regulated clothing. School is probably one of the only place kids can express themselves. Kids should not have to wear uniforms because uniforms take away our freedom of expression.

The Negative Impact Of Uniforms On American Society

Uniformity has developed a negative impact on the American society. Unlike nations such as China and Japan, America is a place that provides the students values like individuality and self-expression. These values are most significant among American children, especially when it comes to middle and high school students. This is one of the reasons why uniforms are frowned upon in public schools. At times, some parents and children oppose uniforms in public schools argue that uniforms would take away individuality and not allow the student to show his/her personality through clothing. But these parents and their children are missing the sole purpose of school in the

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Recently, the number of schools that require their students to wear uniforms has increased. On the NCES website, they state, “From 1999–2000 to 2013–14, the percentage of public schools reporting that they required students to wear uniforms increased from 12 to 20 percent” ( Many people agree that forcing children to all wear the same thing suppresses individuality and creativity. In an article about school uniforms, says, “We have been taught since kindergarten that everyone is different and to respect differences. I see that uniforms are a way to make everyone the same” ( However, some people believe that the academic advantages outweigh the lack of individuality. On, Chloe Spencer says, “Some people believe that a school uniform can improve learning by reducing distraction, sharpening focus on schoolwork and making the classroom a more serious environment, allowing students to perform better academically” ( In this situation, the benefit would be a lack of bullying based on clothing and less distractions from school work. However, not choosing what one wears takes away differences and individuality - something we’ve been taught to celebrate at an early

Persuasive Speech On School Uniforms

Envision waking up every morning to put on the same outfit and walk out the door, stress free. People would not have to worry about what fits, or what is fashionable at the time. Schools would not have to worry about inappropriate clothing but at the same time, that clothing may be a way for a student to express himself. Many schools view uniforms as a solution to several problems, but many schools view uniforms as a lack of self expression. School uniforms should continue, even though children may not get to express themselves, because they prohibit violence, provide cheaper lifestyles, and promote better education.

The Disadvantages Of School Uniforms

In the article of Dr. Alan Hilfer from 2009, “Disadvantages of a School Uniform Policy” stated that “We need free thinking children of to become thinkers of tomorrow, not droned who will continue making the mistakes of previous generations”(Hilfer, 2009). Feelings on school uniforms seem to differ as much as the reasons for having them, hate it, or love it. Recent studies done in the University of Alabama states that: “Student Uniform use was not significantly correlated with any of the school commitment variables. In addition, students wearing uniforms did not appear to have any significantly different academic performance” (Brunsma & Rockquemore, 1998). The problem whether schools should still be continuously implemented is a highly debatable topic. Uniforms nowadays are acting as collars to students, and schools are holding the leash. Children and adolescents in school are in that adapting period of life, they want to find out and learn about consequences on their decisions. Schools need to create an environment that encourages creativity and inspire them to break out of their shell. The tradition of uniforms is a repetitive and binding curse that needs stopping. This paper tackles how school uniforms produce more problems than it could handle.

Thesis Statement On School Uniforms

Many students that know uniforms will be beneficially, but don’t agree with school uniforms will continue to disagree with implementing them. It can be easily agreed that school uniforms may take away their self-expression in school, but what matters more in school is the way of learning. It can also be agreed that many students do not accept the self-expression of their classmates and make fun of them. Students, parents, and school administration should be able to recognize the benefits that school uniforms come with.

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Should Students Wear School Uniforms?

School uniforms and appearances are destructive.

Many students feel that school uniforms are unfair or unnecessary because you can´t show your personality through your clothing or you can´t express yourself. Most students don´t understand how much school uniforms would help. School uniforms will change multiple things in a positive way. They will keep students in a better learning environment. School uniforms should be enforced because the amount of bullying would go down and it will keep students focused on school work.

Should Schools Have Dress Codes Or Uniforms?

Uniforms will help people who want to learn and not be distracted by revealing clothing (Should Schools). Research states that uniforms promote good behavior and emphasize academic mastery (5 Benefits). According to an article from “University of

School Uniforms In Texas

First, uniforms help improve students focus on their education. It disciplines students to take their attention away from outward appearance such as clothing and places it on actual school work. Uniforms create guidelines for the student to follow which is an aspect of life that a student needs to learn. A study of a Long Beach school found that their was a 28% drop in suspensions, 51% drop in school fights, and a 34% drop in assaults after the

Do School Uniforms Improve Education?

Inappropriately dressing can be distracting and interpret useful class time. School uniforms help our school system in many ways. School uniforms eliminate these issues. It helps eliminate bullying because everyone will be wearing the same. School uniforms also help students score higher on test. It helps teachers not have as many issues from students. Students feel more comfortable when they all look the same so it helps be more welcoming. School uniforms improve students’ education.

The Importance Of School Uniforms

School uniforms help create a disciplined atmosphere that is necessary for success in academics (Brookshire 01, 02). Brookshire states that in this study it was realized that, “schools implemented uniforms in an attempt to reduce clothing costs for parents and to help curb social pressures.” (Brookshire 01) Meaning that, school uniforms bring forth more than just one advantage. As the uniforms help

Analysis: Should Students Have To Wear School Uniforms

Initially, uniforms are likely to lessen the discrimination between the social classes of students. If all students have to wear the same clothes, it would eliminate teasing other pupils through their clothes. In the article, “Should Students Have to Wear School Uniforms?” the author writes, “In a 2013 survey by the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) and uniform manufacturer Lands’ End, 86% of school leaders said uniform s make ‘a significant, positive impact in peer pressure,’ and 64% said uniforms reduce bullying.” The article also states, “Virginia B.Draa, Assistant Professor of Human Ecology at Youngstown State University, said uniforms can decrease peep pressure and blur class lines between students.” I believe uniforms help peers see each other in a different light, without judging by appearance.

Should North Central Junior High Have School Uniforms

First, school uniforms would enhance school pride, unity, and community spirit by making everyone feel like they belong and fit in with their school. Throughout the school, teachers would increase their level of caring, respect, and trust of students. Additionally students would feel important and as if they are a part of a team by wearing a uniform.

Why Students Should Wear School Uniforms

Why should students be separated into groups depending on what brand their clothes are from? School uniforms give all students an equal chance to be labeled by their character and not by the price or brand of their attire. Contrary to popular belief school uniforms do not put a hindrance to a student’s individuality but encourages them to be more creative in showing it. Uniforms should be required in public schools considering they level the playing field, reinforce a sense of community, make schools safer, and pushes students to find other ways to show individuality.

School Uniforms Conformity

School uniforms help keep students focused on their School work and not their clothes. With school uniforms students are more concentrated on their work and not their clothes. Students are working on classes rather than trying to fit in.

Why Have Athletes Wear Matching Uniforms?

Well studies show children with uniforms are more likely to affect the way they act in school with their behavior and their attendance. Academics are a whole other subject, uniforms are not proven to help grades climb, but it is proven to help behavior and pride in their school in which they attend. School pride is almost as important as schools academies.

Why Do School Uniforms Conformity

Since everyone is similar no one is better than someone else. Uniforms allow everyone to be identical making no one person more superior than their peer. Having everyone dress the same gives people the sense of equality. Seeing everyone dressed the same as you gives you the sense of similarity and allows students to focus on schoolwork. 81% of teachers said that school uniforms have improved the learning environment (Statistics Brain). This uniformity gives students a sense of community, acceptance, and allows them to focus more on higher priorities.

Opposing School Uniforms

In the first place, school uniforms help students feel ecstatic or joyful people might say. Here are those reasons to back me up. Firstly, no more judging going around. Well, maybe a little bit but, not too much. For example, Joe would feel like he fits in

Persuasive Speech On School Uniforms

As aforementioned, uniforms are very beneficial for a multitude of reasons. The first being how dress code issues are completely eliminated through uniforms. I mean, even here uniforms and dress code issues have been brought up a ton! I was in honors civics last trimester and we had to do an issue project about problems at this school, and how we could fix it. We had to present these things in front of Mr.Farley and a couple school administrators. Something that was majorly brought up was dress code, and how unfair it is between the genders. Think about that! Even here dress code is a big problem, and if it’s an issue here, then imagine how bad it must be at some other schools.

Students Should Wear Uniforms Debate Essay

Next, school uniforms will encourage the learning environment. If school does not require uniforms, it will take more time for students to decide what to wear for the next day. They will have to think so much about clothing, shoes, or hair. Therefore, they cannot use that valuable time to concentrate more on their studies and others activities. Uniforms remind them that they are still students and the biggest goal is to learn. This will motivate them to try their best to achieve the goal. When I was in Vietnam, all students were required to wear uniforms, and students were fine with it. They did not find any inconvenience or think that it prevented them from expressing themselves, because they understood that it would benefit them in different ways. In the

Essay on The Advantages of School Uniforms

Students believe that the way they are dressed is more important than the grades they make. The students with less money, that can’t buy all the newest clothes, tend to not go to school as much, because they won’t fit in. There for students in schools with uniform will have more time to focus on more important things, like school work. With uniforms students don’t have to go to the mall every week looking for new clothes to wear. Also if a school has no uniforms students will feel that they need to have a certain look to fit in, and many will be ridiculed if they don’t achieve this “look.”

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