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How to Track U.S. News Using Social Media

Digital technology is overtaking traditional sources of information like newspapers, radio and television, and social media is now growing as a popular news source. It’s accessible through computers and smartphones for quick access to the latest news. Many users share the latest news and updates, further extending audience exposure.

Facebook leads social network in terms of users and as a news source. Facebook posts can link to a specific article and provide website referrals. The online articles and stories can be shared through Facebook, and comments can be made. Conversations ensue, and some stories go viral, reaching broad audiences. Many news sources have their own Facebook business accounts to post their stories to the public.

YouTube is a way to get news through videos, and the video links can be shared on other social media platforms. It’s a valuable news pathway, with nearly half the population using this social media platform. It’s also used for entertainment, such as music videos, exercise videos and demonstration videos for DIY projects.

Twitter and Instagram

Twitter is another social media news source. The following on Twitter isn’t as large as on Facebook and YouTube, but social media is an evolving industry. Tweets give snippets of news information to Twitter followers, and links can be included to redirect the user to a more lengthy news story. Tweets can also be shared. Instagram is a picture-sharing social media platform that can be used to share news as well.

Smartphone Apps

Smartphone apps for social media and news sources are another way to get news when it first becomes available. The user clicks on an icon to be directed to the desired platform. Researchers have discovered that about half of the people in the U.S. obtain news on their smartphones. Smartphones can also be set up to receive breaking news alerts.

Types of News

The types of news articles shared on social media vary. Entertainment, sports and community news rank high on the list, while government, politics, international news and crime stories are also popular news items. Weather, traffic and business news are also read and shared regularly. In recent times, readership has changed to the extent that many news sources are posting links to their articles directly on social media themselves.


good thesis statement on social media

Thesis Statement About Social Media

good thesis statement on social media

Show More Is social media the most modern way of communication? Social media is the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into an interactive dialogue. Social media gives the users an opportunity to socialize and communicate with each other mutually as compared to other regular media that offers one-way communication such as newspaper and television. This use of technology has enabled social media become efficient than any other form of communication. Therefore, can we out rightly say that social media has enhanced and improved our interpersonal relationship among one another? Thesis statement: Social media is the most reliable and available way of communication today which promotes interpersonal relationships in the society. …show more content… It is a way for many to see what their friends are doing on the weekends and works as a gateway to an interpersonal relationship, breaking the barrier of online friends to personal friends. Almost every social media user has a significant social network of friends and relatives whom they contact through the same social media in time of need. Facebook for example also allows new friends to be made by making it easy to connect with new people. It allows others to find common interests and …show more content… In this time of the century, face to face communication with others is something that many of us don 't have or practice in our normal day to day activities. This is prevalent especially for those people who spend their regular days in a computer. People spend so much of their time on their relationships on social media networks that it has become difficult to distinguish between our real-life relationships. In doing so, our more important relationships with our loved ones suffer because we put more time and effort into social media (Krakowsky, 2014). But then, the argument depicting that the social media undermines interpersonal relationship holds no water. If there is no face to face communication between people, it does not mean that communication will not take place. The platform that the social media provides is so wide to the extent people can even send video messages and even hold video conversations through social networks like Skype. It is important for individuals to always try to communicate with all devices available, and thus social media gives people the opportunity to remain in contact at all times (Jackson,

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Are children more social.

I have personally made many friends because of social media. Social media has opened doors for me I never would have found without it. It’s created some opportunities for me and overall had a good effect on me. Social media has had a pretty good impact on society also. It makes it easier for companies to get they’re name out and to get publicity.…

The Positive And Negative Impact Of Social Media

In conclution, social media give us facility to interact and get information easily. So, we have to be a smart user in social…

Common Interest Through Social Media

Social media is a platform to tie each independent person closer. It allows us to share our personal life and fun event trough software on the website. People can talk to one another who lives in more than hundred miles away, via social media. Social media let people post the picture, talk with other online, and upload the video, and all their friends get to know more about their life through social media. Sharing your interesting and your personal life story help you to let more strangers get to know you and have a chance to become one of your close friends.…

Technology Is The Ultimate Edge Of The 21st Century Essay

13). As talked about before, technology has no geographic barriers which makes it easy to communicate with different people. Technology in general but specifically social media have directly increased connectivity in society because people can find friends or significant others at the touch of a button. The internet has many online dating websites to aid in finding the ideal significant other, results are based on personality, age, gender, and interests. The idea that an individual can find friends and possible spouses through the internet is revolutionary.…

Social Media Impact

Social media is increasingly popular in people’s lives, making it easier for companies to utilize social media as a substitute for traditional media in running their business. So, use social media positively so that we get many benefits instead of losing money. Because social media has many benefits if used as well as…

Challenges Of Social Media Essay

Challenges that society face because of social media Social media are websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. In this generation, social media can have both a positive and negative impact on society. I believe that there are more aspects of social media that outweigh the benefits of social media. Aspects such as cyberbullying and permanent publications. The one positive impact that social media has is that when something of importance happens in another country, within a very short space of time the rest of the world knows about it and as a result we broaden your general knowledge about current affairs.…

Social Media Is A Valuable Part Of Society

As a college student myself, staying close with friends and family back home is very important. Thanks to Facebook, twitter, Instagram and many other sites, staying in the loop and caught up on all the latest gossip is made easy. You can send messages on Facebook or Twitter, and get a response quickly from wherever you are. A perfect example would include having a friend traveling abroad. Text messages can get costly overseas, so in the blink of an eye, a chat can be started on a social media site rather than waiting for that special someone to come home from their travels.…

Positive And Negative Impact Of Social Media Impact

Because social media is so important in this generation and has a lot influence for our life. The example of positive impact social media is give many information, speedy communication, make us creative or innovative person, we can think more critical. Why I don’t agree social media is give negative impact? Because social media give positive impact to on our life its like we can have a big connectivity. People from anywhere can connect with anyone, so connectivity its like everything in social media.…

Social Media's Negative Effects On Businesses

“Turning potentially negative situations into positive ones was one of the biggest opportunities social media offered” (Kaylene Moore). Everyone uses social media in their everyday lives, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or something as simple as email. What would businesses do without social media? The use of social media has made a big impact on businesses. Social media has made a positive impact on businesses because it has saved time and money.…

Facebook: The Dangers And Disadvantages Of Facebook Privacy

Communication was improved a lot in our days which made our life much easier and faster. Humanity will no longer face difficulties in communicating with people from all over the world since with the new communication tools, a person can easily communicates with another that lives in the other side of the world in a seconds by being connected to the internet. One of the modern communication tools is Facebook. Facebook is one of the social media applications that connects the people around the world together, and allows them to know everything about each other by just clicking on the person name. Worldwide, there are over 1.55 billion monthly active Facebook, so Facebook built another world on the internet on its website with the same people,…

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Thesis Statements about Social Media: 21 Examples and Tips

Writing Thesis Statements Based On Social Media

A thesis statement is a sentence in the introduction paragraph of an essay that captures the purpose of the essay. Using thesis statements about social media as an example, I will guide you on how to write them well.

A thesis statement can be more than one sentence only when the essay is on complex topics and there is a need to break the statement into two. This means, a good thesis statement structures an essay and tells the reader what an essay is all about.

How to Write a Thesis Statement?

Start with a question and develop an answer.

If the question is not provided, come up with your own. Start by deciding the topic and what you would like to find out about it.

Be Specific

Similarly, specific and narrow thesis statements help concentrate your focus on evidence that supports your essay. In like manner, a specific thesis statement tells the reader directly what to expect in the essay.

Make the Argument Clear

If you proofread your essay and notice that the thesis statement is contrary to the points you have focused on, then revise it and make sure that it incorporates the main idea of the essay. Alternatively, when the thesis statement is okay, you will have to rewrite the body of your essay.

Question your Assumptions

Alongside, revise the arguments that may not hold up with the people who do not subscribe to your viewpoint.

Take a Strong Stand

Make your thesis statement seen.

The thesis statement should be what the reader reads at the end of the first paragraph before proceeding to the body of the essay. understanding how to write a thesis statement, leaves your objective summarized.

A reader may easily get confused about what the essay is all about if it focuses on a lot of ideas. When your ideas are related, the relation should come out more clearly.

21 Examples of Thesis Statements about Social Media

How to Write a Thesis Statement About Social Media

writing thesis statement about social media

Writing a thesis statement requires good research and creating a concise yet very informative point. Writing one about social media is no different. Due to the scope of the study, the information to gather and discuss is even more expansive.

Social Media Essay Outline

Social media essay titles, thesis on social media, argumentative essay on social media, social networking thesis statement, summing up the thesis statement.

Social media uses mobile technologies that are Internet-based to run communication across different parts of the world. It gives  people  worldwide the opportunity to communicate and socialize, unlike past means of communication which were only one-way.

The evolution of technology has made social media more efficient and prevalent than any other form of communication today. With technology’s continued evolution, social media will continue to evolve, and so will topics and thesis statements about it. A good  thesis statement about social media  must meet some requirements, and we will look through most of them.

What is a Social Media Thesis Statement Supposed to Look Like?

Before understanding how a  thesis statement on social media  should look like, we should familiarize ourselves with what thesis statements properly entail. A thesis statement is typically written in the introductory portion of a paper.

It provides an apt and rapid summary of the main point or aim of the research paper or thesis. As the name implies, it is a statement, mainly written in just one sentence.

A thesis statement briefly combines the topic and the main ideas of the paper. Usually, there are two types of thesis statements: indirect and direct. The indirect thesis statements do not mention the core areas or reason of the thesis like the direct statement does.

A direct statement mentions the main topic and discusses the reasons for the paper, while an indirect statement mentions the statement and points out three reasons for it.

For instance, an indirect  social media thesis  statement could go like this; “Effects of social media on youth and the reasons for its abuse.” Here the topic is clearly stated, along with the central claim of the thesis paper.

Thesis statements are created, backed up, and expatiated in the remaining parts of the paper by citing examples and bringing up other related topics that support their claim. Through this, the thesis statement then goes to help structure and develop the entire body of the writing piece.

A  thesis about social media  should contain a good thesis statement that would  impact  and organize the body of the thesis work. Thesis statements do not necessarily control the entire essay but complement it in numerous aspects.

In writing a social media essay, there is a wide variety of topics to talk about. The points are nearly endless, from information collection to technology, its impacts, and adverse effects to its evolution. Nevertheless, there is always a basic outline for an essay, and it will be structured to follow the same format.

Here is an outline for a social media essay;

Here, you begin with the topic, state its objective, provide reasons to support its claims and finalize with a precise and accurate thesis statement.

This statement should support and complement your main topic of discussion. It should provide a concise and cut-out message of the essay.

This section systematically lays out the arguments to support your topic while splitting them into paragraphs. This will gradually develop your points in a structured manner.

Each paragraph in this section must start with the topic sentence which relates directly to the thesis statement. Naturally, a paragraph should focus on one idea and be connected to the essay’s central argument.

Students must also conduct research and provide evidence to support the claims presented in the topic sentence. They can achieve this by using proper explanation methods to merge all their findings carefully.

In the conclusion  of the social media essay ,   you restate your statement in a way that completely complements and brings all your previous arguments together. It must have a concluding paragraph that reiterates the main point discussed in the body of the content. It should also add a call to action to bring the essay into a logical closure that effortlessly lays bare all the ideas previously presented.

The social media field is continuously expanding, and there are various variations to how it can be operated and observed. Choosing a topic is easy, but choosing the right one may not be as unchallenging.

Before you begin writing an essay, the correct approach will be to review as many samples as you can. This way, you can easily understand the general concept and the adequate writing flow required to outline or develop your arguments carefully.

Picking the wrong titles can go on to make your  thesis for a social media essay  unnecessarily tricky to write. This can occur when you pick a topic too complex or choose one too vaguely and undervalued. This could make you get stuck when writing, so you should always pick titles that are easy to research, analyze and expand upon.

With all these in view, here are some social media essay titles;

A thesis on social media should easily resemble other academic papers and concentrate on various topics in various subjects. Papers like this should take social media as their primary focus.

Keeping that in mind, a compelling social media thesis should contain specific parts like an introduction, thesis statement, body, and conclusion. Each part is essential and has its contribution and functions to the entire content of the thesis. Some students may find writing a thesis statement about social media difficult, so you can always ask our professional writers to “ write my thesis ” and we will be happy to help you.

The introduction usually contains a hook, a summary of the core points, and a concise thesis statement. The body section must carefully develop each argument and idea in a paragraph, while the conclusion should completely close all the arguments.

The tone, style, and approach to each argument should be precise and well laid out to quickly understand the general idea the thesis is trying to build upon. Depending on the level of education you are writing your thesis, you may need to conduct specific direct research on some points and be required to portray them in an encompassing manner.

Generally, thesis writing on any topic requires hard work, extensive research periods, and a good understanding of writing methods. Hence it should be approached with determination and passion. As a student in higher education, you should learn how to improve your writing skills.

An argumentative essay on social media is typically more engaging with active points of discussion and analysis. Communication is an integral aspect of human life when connecting and moving society as a whole forward. Now technology has upgraded communication to a social media age, which has become an advantage and disadvantage in many aspects of life.

An argumentative social media essay generally possesses a strong argument. The essay’s topic must be designed to prompt a person to pick a side or a discussion and provide the necessary support to back up their decision. This type of essay also requires one to research accurate facts for proper argumentative purposes.

Social media   argumentative essays  target the harmful effects of this brilliant innovation in communication and its uses worldwide. It is only natural as negative discussions might elicit a sense of debate and argumentation. Some examples of argumentative essay topics on social media include;

Social networking is an integral aspect of social media. It uses Internet-based social media sites to create connections and stay connected with friends, customers, family, and even business partners.

Social networking usually performs a primary purpose in communication with actual avenues like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. These sites and applications enable people to connect to develop relationships and share messages, ideas, and information.

Most social networking forms entail developing and maintaining relationships using communication technology, whether it is the relationship between clients, business partners, or even students.

For example, with the development of the Internet, most students can easily find services to help write dissertations on media space, or social media marketing. All you have to do is invite me to write my dissertation and they will immediately find the best service to solve their problem.

Writing is  a social networking thesis statement  similar to that of a social media thesis statement. They essentially involve rational discussion, and they can be approached in the same manner. The only slight difference will be the particular attention to social media relationships. How they are developed, what it takes to maintain them, and the various merits they could provide. These would typically form the structure of a  social networking thesis statement.

Writing a good thesis statement on social media involves a good understanding of the topic chosen and an accurate idea of the reasons, factors, and discussions that impact the main idea of the thesis. With all these discussed, you should be well on your way to writing good thesis statements on social media.

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Developing a Thesis Statement

Importance: ★★★.

The successful production of academic writing depends on achieving a certain level of clarity; the thesis statement is a device for enhancing clarity. It is helpful to think about the thesis statement in terms of what it is used to accomplish. To enhance clarity, a thesis statement should

Typically, the thesis statement occurs early in a text—usually in the introduction—and it should be

The thesis statement should guide your readers into your paper and give them a clear idea of how to relate to it. Are they to expect a persuasive, argumentative text, for example, or is it a primarily descriptive text? In your thesis statement, you help shape your readers’ expectations.

As an example, imagine that you are writing a discussion essay. Your essay will discuss social media from various perspectives. Here is a very simple thesis statement:

A) Social media are a complex phenomenon with both positive and negative aspects.

This tells us something about what your paper will deal with, but not very much. In fact, it does little more than restate the topic. Contrast A) with the following alternative:

B) Social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are proliferating, and this essay will discuss how they take up more and more of our time and what they give us in return.

This is a stronger thesis statement, since it tells us something concrete that the essay will accomplish. Rather than simply reiterating the topic, it provides concrete examples and gives the reader a better idea of what aspects of the topic it will deal with.

Now compare example B) to example C):

C) While providing entertainment, information and an opportunity for us to keep track of old friends, social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are also becoming tools for various organizations that want to keep track of us.

This example points to the positive and negative aspects of social media by means of examples. It also indicates that there is reason to be skeptical of social media. By rephrasing the sentence slightly, it can be made to indicate a much more positive attitude to social media:

D) While social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are certainly tools for organizations that want to track our interests on the web, they also provide entertainment, information and an opportunity for us to keep track of old friends.

Both C) and D) are strong thesis statements, which indicate effectively what your essay will be about and what your perspective will be. Compared with A), they are also much more effective in arousing your reader’s interest.

While you are writing, you should be prepared to change your thesis statement if necessary. Perhaps your emphasis will change as you write, or maybe a certain perspective will emerge as more important than the others. Remember to revise your thesis statement during the writing and editing processes to make sure that it is representative of the finished essay.

The thesis statement makes clear for the reader the topic, perspective, and objective of your text.

Further Discussion

You may wonder why the thesis statement is placed at the beginning of the text, rather than at the end. It might seem like a good idea to build up to it, or that the text will seem anti-climactic, if you “give away the secret too soon”. The problem with this reasoning is that academic writing, above all in the English-speaking world, is not about mystery, but rather about clarity. Readers are busy people with a great many things competing for their attention. You should therefore make an attempt to interest your reader in your topic and then give her an idea of what to expect. This will not only increase the likelihood that she will want to continue reading, but will also help her to make sense of the text, since each of the topics that follow will be be construed in light of the thesis that you have presented. In other words, a good thesis statement will help you to win the reader over and make your text more convincing.

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Further resources, how are topics structured.

To learn more about the different parts of the topics in the Reference Guide, see The Structure of a Reference Topic .

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good thesis statement on social media

How to Write a Good Social Media Essay

We live in an age where information is just a click away. We want to read, understand, and speak our minds about the things that we learn. And what better way to do this than via social media! Each day, social Media gains more popularity since it provides services that relate to fundamental human behavior such as socializing, communicating, and sharing information. As a result, it has captured the interest of millions of users, not only those of the younger generations but all people with access to computers, mobiles, and tablets. Therefore, it is crucial to do research on social media and have an opinion about it.

There are numerous approaches to writing an essay on social media. One can write a persuasive essay or a social media argumentative essay. However, writing a social media essay can be a daunting task. Regardless of the vast information about social media, many scholars find a rough time when writing an essay about about social media or coming up with social media essay topics. However, this does not have to be the case.

Here are a few tips on how to write a social media essay. Follow them to come up with a good essay on social media.

Create an Outline

Before writing a social media essay, it is essential to create an essay outline to guide you. It is a skeleton that you will later flesh it out as you write the article. It allows the writer to sort out the main ideas, organize them in order, and ensure that each of them can be fully developed.

A well-constructed essay outline will contain the essay topic, thesis statement, main points, and evidence supporting the points. The following is an example of an essay outline:

Social Media Essay Topic: The Impact of Social Media on Society

Thesis statement: Even though social media has revolutionized how people socialize and communicate with each other online, it has both positive and negative impacts on society.

Point 1: positive impacts

Point 2: negative impacts


Restate the thesis statement

Support points

Write a call to action

Writing an Introduction to a Social Media Essay

An introduction provides a roadmap and sets the tone for the entire essay. An exceptional introduction grabs the attention of the readers and keeps them engaged right from the beginning. It also introduces the readers to the subject matter and brings them to the question the essay is dedicated to. The introduction should also provide background information on the issue or problem that the article is addressing.

When writing the introductory paragraph, you should start with general information as you narrow down to the specific points. That is, introduce the topic of the essay in a broad sense with context then narrow down to your line of argument.

The introduction of social media has radically changed society and how we view ourselves and others. It has various uses such as communication, socialization, marketing, networking, and many others. Even though social media has revolutionized how people socialize and communicate with each other online, it has both positive and negative effects on society.

The positive impacts of social media include improved communication and interaction with friends and families, better access to information and educative materials, and new business strategies such as online marketing.

Despite it being valuable, it can have grave effects on society. Social media has led to the deterioration of mental health by decreasing the attention span and the self-esteem of many of its users. It has also affected how people manage their time since most of it is spent online. And lastly, it has created a platform for cyberbullying and propagation of false information.

Writing the Body Paragraphs on an Essay about Social Media

The body of the essay contains an explanation of the main points. Each point in the outline is written in a paragraph of its own. There is no upper limit to the number of sections an essay should have. The longer the article is the more paragraphs it will have. Since the body presents essential facts about the composition, having well-written sections is crucial in writing a successful essay.

The paragraphs will have the same basic structure. The following are some of the essential aspects contained in a paragraph.

Positive Impacts

Impact of Social Media on Communication

Social Media provides an effortless way to link up with people and communicate with them. This has allowed even the socially isolated and shy people to open up more and communicate with others. More than 25% of teenagers report that social Media will enable them to feel less shy and make friends. Regardless of religion or location, social Media helps create and preserve meaningful relationships.

Impact on Education

In our modern age, platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube are mostly utilized by professors, teachers, and students to access, share, and advance their knowledge. Social media platforms contain a goldmine of information with a lot of images, videos, teaching aids, and tools that students can access and cultivate their knowledge. Studies show that 59% of students use social media to discuss school assignments.

Also, tutors can provide off-hours support and solve questions that students have even after class hours. This practice helps teachers monitor the progress of their students more closely.

Social media also allows students to develop communication skills through online interaction. Students can also join online communities and be exposed to many ideas, points, and views. It also improves their social confidence, thus making them comfortable in new situations.

Impact of Social Media on Business

Social platforms are essential for any marketing strategy. They help connect the business to its customers, amplify brand awareness, and boost sales.

If people have no idea about your business, they cannot become your clients. Social media will enhance your visibility among prospective customers allowing you to reach an extensive audience. Creating a website for your business will allow you to interact with your clients and build a good rapport with them. Replying to them will help you enhance customer satisfaction and increase traffic to your site.

Negative Impacts

Impact on Mental Health

If you spend a lot of time on social media, you are likely to suffer from mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, and personality disorders. These disorders include the inability to have face-to-face conversations, attention deficit disorder, addiction, selfishness, and the need for instant gratification. Social media use is also associated with loneliness, depression, anxiety, and a negative body image.

Social Media is also associated with irregular sleep. Being online at night keeps the brain active by engaging the emotional and cognitive brain centers, which makes it difficult to fall asleep. It also displaces sleep time since people are glued to their screens at their bedtime. The light from technological devices delays the onset of sleep, thus leading to irregular sleep patterns.

Social media also affects how we view and perceive ourselves. In the online world, everyone is concerned about how they look. Celebrities wear expensive attire and set high standards of living that are sometimes unattainable. Seeing all their gorgeous pictures online might create a negative image in the minds of its users. They may look down upon themselves since they cannot afford to look as pretty as the celebrities. These negative feelings can result in depression and anxiety disorders.

Impact on Time Management

Being online is time-consuming and addictive. Most people have the habit of checking their accounts while at work or in school. They waste their time scrolling through random pictures and posts instead of working or learning. This reduces their concentration and productivity.

Dissemination of False information

Social media has become one of the primary sources of information. However, it has also become the number one platform where people share misinformation and fake news. False or misleading information can significantly harm your reputation and that of your business. It can upset loyal clients and dissuade them from buying your product and services.

Writing the Conclusion

The conclusion is meant to help the reader understand why your essay should matter to them even after they are done reading the paper. It is a section where you can demonstrate your understanding of the subject matter and present your final thoughts on the issue. You can also summarize your ideas and the implication of your essay.

When writing a conclusion for an essay about social media, redefine the critical terms for the composition, and conclude with a quotation from a credible source that amplifies your main points. Also, ensure that you use clear and concise language. Avoid phrases like, 'to conclude, or 'in conclusion' since the reader can tell when the essay is about to end.

Social media has completely changed how people interact with one another. And like everything else, it can impact society positively and negatively. The sites are continually improving and fixing their flaws. However, despite their efforts to make everything perfect, the adverse effects outweigh the benefits. Social Media stunts interpersonal growth if it is not used wisely or regulated. Therefore, people need to amend the destructive patterns of social media before it cripples society.

Additional Tips on How to Write Social Media Essay

Writing a social media essay is not the most exciting thing to do for most people. It is engaging and requires a level of determination to complete it. The ability to write an excellent essay is not a skill you are born with. It is developed through consistency, hard work, and practice.

Essay writing involves presenting a coherent set of thoughts into an argument. Therefore, the writer should understand the topic he or she is writing about and the points he is going to use. The first step is constructing an essay outline to guide the writer throughout the writing process. After that, the writer can then argue out his or her points in the essay and later conclude the essay by giving his thoughts on the subject matter.

Have you found these tips useful? What points exactly? If not, what don't you understand about writing a good social media essay? We'd like to hear from you; any comments, questions or suggestions are welcome!

Thesis Statement on Social Media

Thesis Statement on Social Media

Social Media Problem Thesis

Who does not know social networks on the internet? At present, it is very difficult find someone who is not aware of the existence of these, even if people who do not use them, most of them are in context of what they are and for what they serve these networks. Sometimes the concept we have may be wrong or a little away from the true one, so it would be appropriate to take into account the following question:


Page Contents

What are social networks in the Internet? Thesis statement about social media

At first, it seemed like a whole new strange world that some people decided to explore.

Today, for many, it is part of everyday life to inform about places that you visit, thoughts or acts through a simple click on the computer, but:

Do we know where social networks originate?

Social networks are experiencing a boom moment. This modern invention of the web has laid roots among netizens and in recent years has experienced an incredible amazing increase in the whole world. There are several causes that have caused this increase of users among social networks, so we will raise the following question mark:

Although these networks have many benefits since intervening in a social network begins by finding there others with whom to share our interests, concerns or necessities and although it did not happen more than that, that same thing is already a lot because it breaks the isolation that usually afflicts the vast majority of people. These networks give you the possibility of feeling integrated into a group and the best part of all is that you do not have to get too involved. They also have their disadvantages; many of the young people add

Excessive and very valuable information in their spaces, they place information without any restriction and that is precisely the problem, this information is used by some delinquents, who are also already involved in these new technologies.

Thesis statement for social media: advantages and disadvantages of social networks on the internet?

At present, it is absolutely necessary to adapt to new technologies and to use of these, but as everything is important to know how to find the benefits and give a good use to give us something positive. However, those people or companies that know how to make good use of these networks have a powerful tool for communication with which to share ideas, make themselves known, expand a brand etc …

Online advertising continues to grow noticeably in recent years, advertising ceases to be conventional and the media creates new strategies that impact users, which are applied mostly in networks social. From this advertising reality we can pose the following question:

How do the media influence the use of social networks?

Social networks on the internet

In order to define what a social network is within the internet, it would be convenient break down the terms that compose it and thus be able to reach a clearer concept of what does it mean. Next we will analyze these terms one by one and link them in such a way that we can arrive at an appropriate definition.

According to the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (DRAE), we understand as a network a: Set of elements organized for a specific purpose. With the concept above we can give the idea that a network does not only involve a set of people or of certain objects, but can be composed of several different elements that united they fulfill an end that is entrusted to them, for which they must organize themselves convenient way.

There are several types of networks depending on the context within which we find, but for now we will only focus on its definition in general, since it does not we want to get away from the subject and this will be enough to be able to elaborate our own definition later.

It is that belonging to or relating to society. Remember that it is understood by society to the set of individuals who share the same culture and who interact among themselves to form a community.

In this sense, the social can grant a sense of belonging and at the same time relationship with others, since it implies something that is shared at the community level. By example, we have the notion that “social coexistence” refers to the way of living together they have the members of a society. We must bear in mind that man is a being society, is immersed in society from birth until it dies, and must govern a social structure, which is no more than the order or organization by which members of a society occupy in it a special and proper place in which they act with a view to an end common.

Social media thesis

The Internet is a network of networks of millions of computers around the world. But contrary to what is commonly thought in some cases, the Internet is not only World Wide Web (WWW). The Web is just a part of the Internet; it is just one of the many services offered by the Internet.

The Internet, the network of networks, provides a communication forum in which they participate millions of people from all countries of the world, to a greater or lesser extent. Internet contributes and incorporates a series of instruments for people to disseminate and access documents and information: WWW, FTP, etc …

Actually, the Internet is not a means of communication, but many means, a network which comprises different types and different communication systems. People use Internet for very different purposes. Many of them are related to different and varied categories of communication, information and interaction. Some are new and others very old. Users can participate on the Internet through a combination of these categories at the same time, while the different media are intermingled in the same channel.

Developing a concept

Starting from the above definitions we can develop our own concept of what are social networks on the internet, it is important to do it in a simple and understandable so that anyone outside the subject has a clear idea of what they are and so that they are used, obviously without complicating themselves so much and becoming more entangled in the subject.

A social network is the virtual place that allows individuals to interact social, the constant exchange of information, interests, ideas and opinions. Is a community in constant construction and remodeling in order to be increasingly competent facing the needs of Internet users (Internet users), who are looking for a site appropriate to coexist with other people who, as already said, share their same tastes and hobbies, but at the same time interact with people.

Thesis on social media: how social networks work

Social Networks are composed of a series of individuals or members and the relationships they have between them. Currently on the Internet there are multiple sites that implement a structure of social networks for its members, in this way we We can find websites where users are related to each other through some common element. These elements can cover several modalities, either articles, images, videos, common interests, friendship relations …

The procedure in all of them is usually the same; member invites or adds to your preferences to other members or publishes and shares some element of interest. This form although between two members of a social network there is no direct relationship between them, if they can become indirectly connected through other members.

For example, imagine that we have some link in common with others ten members, and these in turn with ten different members each and so on successively. Theoretically following this procedure we are all connected from somehow or other even though we do not know how and we never get to have a contact I meet directly with these other members. We all have something in common: a book favorite, a movie, music, etc …

What social networks do on the Internet is precisely materialize those links direct between members, finally creating a large network in which each of their members is in some way linked to the totality of the other participants.

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good thesis statement on social media

Media Thesis Statement

The negative effects of media bias.

In fact, according to an analysis done by Buzzfeed News, found that false news stories were actually getting more Facebook engagement by about 100 000 engagements than the real news stories (Silverman). While one may not see this is as an immediate problem, it can have far reaching consequences when considering the function of the media. One of the media’s roles is to inform citizens of items that concern them (McNair 19). However, once the public’s trust in the fourth estate falters, this function of the media is severely impeded. This can have a great impact on society as vital information that they may need in their daily lives becomes mistrusted and ultimately

Progression Of Technology Essay

Any kind of information, whether it's politics, crimes, or trending ideas are through social media. The television was created to so that people can see what is being broadcasted not just listen like the radio. Winn says “The early articles about television were almost invariably accompanied by

The Benefits Of Social Media

I know this from experience. When I was in 6th grade, we used the network to help us with our science project. It increased our knowledge about our atmosphere and helped us pass our class. Many people learn about their surroundings on the internet. On a Youtube video by Erick Qualman," Socialnomics 2018" states, "two in three people get their news from social media"(Erick Qualman).

Boston Marathon Bombing

When tragedies occur people go to social media sites specifically Facebook and Twitter in order to get up to the minute information about the event. The objective of this research project is to figure out why more people go to social media sites instead of television for up to the minute news about events. The places where people get their news about tragedies when they occur is usually go to social media networks because social media sites give you more up to the minute information about what has happened. Stats show when it comes to social media news people choose Facebook approximately 50.66% of the time and Twitter about 9% of the time. Based on several news sources such as the (washingtonpost) and (NYtimes) studies have shown that Facebook

The Lonliness Of The Interconnected Analysis

(Seife, 299). News websites like, monitors, what kind of things people look at and then when they visit the website next time, website shows, what they want to see. This cause to limit people from learning new things

The Pros And Cons Of Fake News

As a result, people have created a vicious cycle in which they search, read, believe, and share what they have read, without considering the reliability of the information and news. Technology has influenced communication and journalism; as a result, the media has adopted a business model based on clicks and advertising. The combination of people 's need for information and the greed of news corporations have allowed for the proliferation of “fake news,” a term that has gained importance in the last two years. Fake news is “completely made up, manipulated to resemble credible journalism and attract maximum attention and, with it, advertising revenue” (Hunt, 2016). News has the power to alter people’s perceptions which can impact their decisions related to economy, democratic process, and their lives and jobs.

Andrea Lunsford's Our Semi-Literate Youth? Not So Fast

One hundred years ago nobody heard about the news or current events from Facebook or the newest tweet. Until fairly recently the most up to date news had to be heard through the grapevine or read in a newspaper. Since the creation of the internet and the mass media that comes with it, information can now be spread all the way across the world in the time it takes to hit the enter button on a computer or phone and upload it to the internet. Some people think that this is a bad thing because so many things that are uploaded can be either false information or simply information that is misleading and could teach individuals the wrong thing. However, if mass media is used in the right way it can be beneficial to the accessibility of valuable information,

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Citizen Journalism

But with major influx of technology, the fact is changing. Social media like Twitter facilitate the instant, online dissemination of short fragments of information from a variety of official and unofficial sources, namely citizen journalists. Hermida suggests that synchronous and always-on system availability of news are enabling citizens to maintain critical awareness of their surroundings, hence giving rise to ambivalent journalism. The emergence of ambivalent journalism, followed by growing social media, is a sort of question to verifying duty of journalists. The author suggests that to get to the ideal scenario, it is important to regulate and negotiate the flow of awareness information, facilitating the outreach of right information to right

Malcolm Gladwell Small Change

Although social media can be powerful for voicing opinions and thoughts to a wide variety of people within minutes, it does not involve strong-tie connections and therefore results with less participates interested in the commitment and high risks necessary to catalyze a

Frederick Douglass Abolitionism

These people do not realize the prevalence of an even greater form of literature. That form of literature is social media. In recent years, social media has quickly become one of the most powerful platforms on the planet for marketing, networking and social connection. In his Anchor article, author Jack Wolff describes the impact of social media on politics when he states, “It is indeed one of the best ways to get ideas out to a large amount of people in an incredibly short period of time. As a result some people in the government have become incredibly proficient, and even proliferous in their use of social media” (Wolff).

Thesis Statement On Media Violence

Thesis Requirement for English 27 NB Title: Media and Violent Behavior Thesis Statement: Media violence encourages real violence I. Overview of Violence in the Media Definition of Violence When we hear the word violence what comes into our mind? For me I always associate violence from movies with fight scenes that show a lot of blood and gore. Although my definition is closely related to the general definition of violence, it’s a bit too specific.

Persuasive Essay On Social Media

Children’s lives have quickly shifted onto the Internet in the twenty-first century. Even the President of the United States has nearly forty thousand Twitter and Instagram posts. Social networks are websites that allow users to interact over the Internet. There are 600 million Facebook users across the globe (Rosenwald 2). 300 million visit Twitter every month (Maney 3).

Positive And Negative Aspects Of Media

Abstract This review study shed light on the debate over positive and negative aspects of media. In this study positive side of media is highlighted as well as negative effects. Previously researchers have found that all types of electronic media whether its TV or computer or internet or social media have negative impact on children but now researchers are focusing on educational aspect of media and how educational programs can help in developing cognitive thinking among children. Finally to increase learning among children researchers suggests that co-viewing of Parent and children should be promoted in families in Pakistan.

Disadvantages Of Social Media Essay

Social media is an online service, platform or site that focuses on building and reflecting of social networks or social relations among people who share interest or activities. Some famous sites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. The generalization of the internet makes us live conveniently and fast. We live in time where communication is possible without having to exert so much effort. We live in the time where social media is the main medium of communication.

Essay On Digital Media

Digital Media is any media that is enclosed in a machine and is a readable format. Anybody can create digital media, it can be viewed, shared changed and preserved by anyone on computers. Examples of digital media include; mobile phones, compact discs, digital video, digital television, e-book, internet, minidisc, video games, the World Wide Web, e-Commerce and many interactive media.

More about Media Thesis Statement


Effects of Social Networking Addiction: Thesis Statement and Outline

What’s wrong with social networking by juno parrenos.

Many people have different opinions about social network sites. Some think that social networking is fun and a great way socialize, however, no one really take the time to realize how bad it could be and/or get. Social network sites can negatively impact lives because it can be the cause of missing important life moments, the reason of students getting bad grades, and be very extremely dangerous for anyone.

Social Networking and the Untimely Death of Intelligence Essay

"Because people have no thoughts to occupy theor minds, they occupy their minds with Facebook and social media. We have a nickname of these people, we call them idiots." -- Daniel Albright -- Professor Of Literature, Harvard

What Is A Sociological Imagination?

Firstly, social networking is to be blamed for poor grades and lack of concentration during class time. The tremendous

Do Social Networking Sites Such as Facebook and Twitter Cause More Harm Than Good

As time changes almost everyone around the world spends time using internet instead watching television these days. They seek help from internet, communicate through internet, and play games online and many more. People starting from minor to adult, they all love to be in the very popular social networking sites such as “Facebook” and “Twitter”. Actually, these sites are very helpful to us only if we know how to use it in a proper way like medicine becomes drug if we don’t know how to eat. But, as we all say “Too much of anything is not good” people waste a

Thesis: The Effects Of Social Media On Students

Social networking is the connection of friends or family together which allow people to communicate easily. With social networking sites people can have a long chain of friends they can chat or share information with. Mostly students devote more attention to social media than they do to their studies. Students’ addictiveness to social network, students’ frequency of exposure to social network, social media network that the students are more exposed to and the influence of social media as a medium of interaction between students has been part of discussion in recent times and which have imparted on their academic performance. This synopsis thesis addresses the effects of using social networking on students. Thus, the goal of this research is to analyze the positive and negative effects of students’ use of social networking for

Negatives And Disadvantages Of Facebook

Spending countless hours on the social sites can sidetrack the focus and attention from a particular task you are doing. It lowers the motivational level of the people, especially of the teenagers and students. They mainly rely on technology and the internet instead of learning the practical knowledge and expertise of the everyday life. The people who get addicted to FB nowadays are young kids. What happens is they neglect their studies and prioritize Facebook more and that’s why they’re tired or sleepy when they go to school because they stay up late chatting and talking with their friends. They forget to do their assignments and they forget to study for examinations, which results with failing in many subjects. Some expert researchers estimate that many people spend now at least 50% of their waking time online. A large part of this time is spent on social networking sites like Facebook for many people now

Media Improve Communication

The creation of social media is important technology that has positive effects on individual’s life. Also, It can help to people have a great communication with each other that is very useful. On the other hand, some people argue that social media provide a negative effect in our lives. In additional, they believe, some people might use these tools in the wrong way. For example, some people use this tool for a long time that waste their time. However, I believe networking sites is a very important innovation for having a better communication with other people. In my opinion,there are several ways that prove social media improves the way that we communicate with each other, including possibility of voice and video calls, improve business with build relationship between people and ability share information to each other.

The Pros And Disadvantages Of Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites are wide area of research. Rapid growth in Technology and Human Resources provides us new platform to build social networks. Today it has become highest point of concern to be aware of social networking sites and built networks. Since few years Social networking site has become very popular. There are different social networking sites for different purpose fulfillment.

The Negative Impacts Of Social Media

First of all, one of the negative impacts of social media is addiction. Addiction is the state of being enslaved to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming. In fact, many teenagers are addicting to social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, … . Sometimes, teenagers are struggling to control their impulses and need help in managing their time of being active on social medias. Based on researched, “Teens turn to, and obsessed with whichever environment allows them to connect to friends.” When youth people get bored, they will use technology to operate the Internet that comforts their

Social Media Addiction

Social networking has turned the world into a small but global village. Now it’s easy to connect with people from all over the world, people from Far East like China can interact with others from the United States in real time virtually. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many more are the mean of social networking; however social media developed an addiction and overuse that caused unwanted distraction from reality and social life with people. Once it was a healthy escape from life’s problem. Now it’s a problem to life itself, at least people life relationships. Social networking once was a great tool to establish and maintain relationships with friends, family and even strangers sharing similar interests. But unfortunately it can backfire

Social Networking And Its Impact On Society

The users of social networking, increase the amount of social networking being used each and every day. From January 2008 to January 2014 “the use of online social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest went up from twenty six percent to seventy four percent” (“Social Networking”). Spending too much time on social networking, causes some of the people to become distracted from their school, work, and their everyday lives. Social networking is a distraction, and it puts one’s life in danger. Social networking has negatively impacted society.

Social Networking : The Vast Expansion Of Social Networks

In recent years the social networking is has increased by the use of smart phones and laptops. Many school students are attracted to this and spend most of their time on this social networking sites. A study by researchers at University of Minnesota "found that, of the students observed, 94% used the internet, 82% go online at home and 77% had a profile on a social networking site."(University of Minnesota, 2008). According to a survey that was conducted by Whitmore School of Business and Economics and by the University of New Hampshire, they interviewed 1,127 college students. Among these students, “96%” of them use “Facebook”, 8.4 out of 10 use “YouTube”, “20 %” use “blog”, 1.4 out of 10 of them use “Twitter”, “12 %” use “MySpace”, and 1 out of 10 of them use “LinkedIn”. Also, “81%” of college students “use social sites”.(

Social Networking: Is It Really What We Need?

Social Networking has become a daily part of the lives of teens and adults everywhere. Now, it seems there is no one who cannot be found on Facebook, or followed on Twitter. Social Networking does contain positive aspects, such as being a way to connect with far away friends and family, as well as well as negative, like cyberbullying. However overall, Social Networking has become a dangerous, manipulative, negative influence in the lives of the people today.

Social Networking : The Most Popular Tool Of Communication Essay

The use of social networking is currently the most popular tool of communication. People use it to connect to their loved ones, circle of friends, and maintain a professional relationship with their colleagues. Students use social networking to connect and collaborate with their peers. It is also a way to spread information faster than the word of mouth. Anything posted online will forever be public. However, many students misuse social networking as a way to compare themselves to their peers and as an escape from reality. This results in having problems with school achievement, self-esteem, and the lack of real-life support. The excessive use of social networking does more harm than good among students if not used properly.

Factors Affecting Social Networking Site

The purpose of this study was to gain a personal understanding of what are the reasons of why most of teens are getting “addicted” to social networking sites, and how students are affected of this. This study is to put clearer understanding of the reasons why students spend most of their time on social networking sites and what are the benefits of this site for them.

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Thesis Statement On Social Media

good thesis statement on social media

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Do the benefits of social networking outweigh the risks.

More than 350 million people log into social networking sites each day. While this might be just another fact to support the theory that many people are addicted to social media, one might be tempted to wonder if social media sites have any benefits. The risks and dangers commonly associated with social media certainly seem to disregard these. However, upon closer examination of social media and the possible uses of such sites, a more suitable and reasonable statement is that social media do indeed have benefits that outweigh these risks and dangers.…

Argumentative essay on social media

First of all, social media, especially facebook, are very addicted. People would say drug or alcohol is more addicted than social media or social media addiction is not big problems, but it is not true. There is a report of the social media addiction by University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.…

Negative Affects of Social Media

Social media is like a game. Once you learn and get along with how to use these websites you get addicted to it. For example, now I am addicted to social media. Before I was introduced to social media I did all of my homework and was one of the top students in the class. From that moment I became engage to websites such as facebook, tweeter, ooVoo and instagram. It affected my life pessimistically. For instance, these days I can’t stop checking my facebook and instagram. Furthermore, theses days I am missing lot homework on most of my classes do to the escalating expose of social media. So due to these entire dilemma, I believe social media has many negative effect on teens life.…

Life Expectancy Of Americans

“Americans aged 18-64 who use social networks say they spend an average of 3.2 hours per day doing so, according to new research released by Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange (OTX).” 3.2 hours is more than one may think. Social media does nothing but help people become “social”. Sure, any person can catch up on the latest drama, find out who just announced their pregnant, or wish their great great great grandma happy birthday, but in reality social media is a waste of time to everyone in the world. And the addiction is hard to overcome once a person has started. Almost 1,200 hours on a social networking website is a lot of time someone could be using more wisely yet no one seems to try to change this hair-raising…

Social Networking

People 's addiction to social networking sites is fast on the rise, according to a study which said an increasing number of Facebook and Twitter users check their accounts first thing in the morning while some look at their social media messages even while having sex.…

Dangers of Social Networking

When was the last time you checked Facebook? Have you tweeted anything today? Research has found that 72% of online adults use social networking sites. Think about it. That's almost three-fourths of all Internet users. Social networking can range from posting photos on Facebook to tweeting a little daily thought on Twitter. Social networks were originally created to stay in touch with people not often seen or to reconnect with old friends. Despite the fact that some people still use social networks for its original purposes, others have developed problems because of them. Moreover, social networks are distractions to people's everyday lives and allows them to get into the habit of not having real-life conversations.…

Social Media and Human Development

Technology has become a significant part of our society. The world is connected from the time they wake up to the time they put their devices down. A substantial aspect of technology is social media and social networking. To get an understanding; social media is any “websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking”. Considering the time spent on technology and social media, the focus was to observe if social media had any effects on humans. As the study went on, there were discoveries of several effects. Although the article will go through some of the effects, the main focus will be on productivity and distractions.…

Pros And Cons Of Apps Essay

Apps can be addicting. Social media like Twitter or Facebook, can have a news feed that goes on forever. It is a never ending process of scrolling and liking posts that are usually not very relative. In doing so, you're taking the time to do such a thing. Some people spend hours just sitting and staring at their phones. The little screens entrance them and keep them entertained for…

techie teens

They found college students at campuses across the globe admitted being “addicted” to modern technology such as mobile phones, laptops and television as well as social networking such as Facebook and Twitter.…

Narrative Essay On Media Fast

“I know exactly what I’m going to post as my status when I go on facebook,” was the main thought racing through my head during my media fast. When being asked to observe this fast, I seriously thought that my opinion wouldn’t change about the time I spend on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter. Yes, I did know that I spent a good chunk of my time on these various website, but this media fast truly opened my hazel eyes and taught me precisely how a big of a chunk it was. I always hear my mother state that she isn’t addicted to smoking and smoking “two or three cigarettes a day doesn’t mean I’m a smoker.” Before this project, I thought that going on Facebook just a couple of times a day was not an addiction, but now, I realize it was an addiction, and I am a recovering from Facebooker.…

Social Networking Sites Are Harmful

The popularity of the social networking sites increased rapidly in the last decade. This is probably due to the reason that college and university students as well as teens used it extensively to get global access. These social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook have become a raging craze for everyone nowadays.…

The Effects of Facebook to Study Habits

As many as you know, social networks have been famous since 2001 with Friendster, MySpace, and Multiply. It is no surprise how people remember your birthday. Now teenagers are using social networking sites more frequently than the years 2001 - 2005; most likely due to the rise of broadband internet. In these social networking sites, people add other people as their friends regardless whether they know them or not. Also, when it comes to the male users, 80% of men adds women more than women adds men. Social networking sites are different than each other because they all try different ways to attract potential users. Facebook has “Relatioship status”, Twitter and Tumblr has a “follow” button and Friendster renovated. You can see the differences when you try each one yourself. Social networking sites according to the study in the internet, are addicting because you can stalk someone and see the photos of your friends from different locations, add a lot of friends as a competition against your friends, play games with your friends on some social networking sites and the excitement of putting a “status” is indeed exciting. As many of the 4th year high school students use these social networking sites as a way to increase their friendship with others, some have become addicted to it.…

Being Connecting Research Paper

In the past few years, the increase in the use of social media has skyrocketed. A countless number of people of all ages have continuously been using technology in their everyday lives. The problem with this is that some overuse it and cannot detach themselves from it. This causes a distraction to allowing people to live their everyday lives and hurts their social relationships by involving less communication. The younger generation is also affected by catching on to these bad habits. Between addiction, distraction, and bad influences social media has not only made it’s way into many lives but has affected…

Virtual Friendship A New Narcissism Analysis

In all honesty, our society has become addicted to facebook, texting on cell phones or twittering. It is a type of relationship they crave, one they can control, one that they have the power to start and end, yet they don’t realize that this social networking is detrimental to one’s health.…

Social Media And Mental Health Issues

People who use social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for hours on end are most likely to have mental health issues. Over the years social media is the main cause in the way people communicate and interact, these changes will affect the aspects of human behavior and cause disorders (psychiatric). Studies show, the time on social media such as facebook, may cause signs of depression. Some scientist have shown that many social media activities are connected with low self…

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How to Write a Social Media Essay With Tips and Examples

Social media essays resemble other academic papers and focus on a wide range of topics in various subjects. Basically, a unique trait is that such papers focus on social media, which shows their primary focus. In this case, a compelling social media essay should contain specific sections, like an introduction, body, and conclusion. Firstly, the Introduction entails a hook, summary of the main ideas, and a strong thesis statement. Then, the body section must have several paragraphs that relate to a thesis statement. Besides, writers should split a thesis into several justifiable points to form body paragraphs. In turn, a conclusion of a social media essay should bring a paper into a logical closure. Hence, students need to learn how to write a social media essay to meet its basic requirements and get a response from an audience.

General Guidelines of Writing a Good Social Media Essay

Social media is a useful tool that continues to gain popularity today due to its features. For example, the most famous social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, among others, allow users to be connected with each other, and their distance does not matter. Also, young individuals are dominant users of such technology. Basically, these defining features make social media an exciting area of study. In this case, many scholars write essays and research papers that focus on negative and positive issues related to the continued application of social media. Moreover, such papers focus on all matters about social media and its influence on all human characteristics. Hence, because online-based communication platforms are a popular means of communication, scholars write essays and research papers concerning their relationships with human lives. 

how to write a social media essay

Free Examples of Topics for Social Media Essays

Selecting a suitable topic is the first and most important step toward writing a good social media essay. Basically, it can be an overwhelming task for college students to develop new themes for their essays and research papers. In turn, free example of social media essay topics in various disciplines are:

1. Sociology

2. Psychology

3. Education

4. Business

6. Technology

Identifying Social Media Essay Topics

Students can learn that they need to write social media essays and research papers quickly. For instance, all the topics have the words “social media.” Basically, this feature distinguishes these essays from other essay topics . Moreover, social media papers follow a unique essay structure that enables students to express their thoughts effectively. Besides, one can identify different types of social media essays based on the kind of argument presented in a topic. Hence, basic guidelines on how one may identify various types of social media essays are:

1. Argumentative Social Media Essays

An argumentative social media essay should have a strong argument. Basically, this essay’s topic should prompt a person to pick one side of a discussion and provide the necessary support. Besides, argumentative prompts require one to use facts and analysis from credible sources . In turn, one may identify these argumentative essay topics quickly since they encourage writers to give an opinion.

2. Persuasive Social Media Essays

A persuasive social media essay focuses on urging readers to accept a particular belief or idea. For example, persuasive social media essay topics require students to use logical concepts to support the main argument. Besides, such themes focus on promoting critical thinking skills when dealing with a specific idea. In turn, one may identify such persuasive essay topics easily because such themes contain keywords, like “effects,” “impacts,” “causes,” and “pros and cons,” among others.

3. Satirical Social Media Essays

A satirical writing style requires learners to use sarcasm when criticizing a subject. In this case, satirical social media essay topics compel writers to use irony and hyperbole elements to communicate their points. Also, students may identify such issues easily since such assignments require them to use creativity with a good sense of humor. In most cases, such topics relate to “addiction” or “isolation.”

Structure of Social Media Essays

Social media essays require a proper structure, just like other academic papers. In this case, the first step in writing a successful social media paper is to develop a correct essay outline , which shows all the necessary sections. In turn, students may use the following structure:

I. Introduction

Outstanding social media essays should have an introduction that captures the reader’s attention. For example, one should begin a paper by using a theme that makes the audience interested to read other sections of a paper. Hence, a hook sentence makes people interested in reading an essay.

B. Keywords and Summary

Writing a good introduction for a social media essay includes keywords and an overview of the main ideas. In particular, students should include keywords that relate to a topic in question. Moreover, opening paragraphs should consist of catchy words that allow readers to have a clear picture of an intended message. In turn, a clear summary of the main ideas allows the targeted audience to develop a clear understanding of a topic. Besides, such brief details reveal the social media essay’s scope.

Outstanding social media essays should have a clear thesis statement that reveals the main message. Basically, a good thesis statement should show the writer’s unique thoughts and perception of a topic. Besides, one should create a debatable thesis statement that seeks to prove something about a subject in question.

The body of social media essays provides ides required to support a central claim. In this case, writers have a mandate to provide adequate evidence to support a thesis statement. Basically, the social media essay’s body should contain different sections related to a thesis statement. Hence, writers must follow a specific structure of body paragraphs.

A. Topic Sentence

Each body paragraph must begin with a topic sentence that relates to a thesis statement. In practice, a body paragraph in a social media essay must focus on one idea. Moreover, a topic sentence should relate to a single idea connected to a central argument. In turn, this strategy enables one to communicate intended ideas to the audience clearly. 

B. Evidence

Students must provide the necessary evidence to support an idea presented in a topic sentence. As a rule, one should use real-life examples or evidence from reliable sources to support a topic sentence. Basically, this approach makes a social media essay to appear compelling and relevant to issues that affect readers. In turn, one should provide credible citations for evidence be using appropriate referencing formats, such as APA 7, MLA 8, Harvard, or Chicago/Turabian, among others.

C. Explanation

Writers must provide a clear and relevant description of evidence cited from academic sources to avoid plagiarism. Moreover, readers need to understand connections between an example given, a topic sentence, and a thesis statement. In this case, one should provide one or two sentences that explain how the evidence supports an idea presented in a paragraph. Besides, a prudent writer uses transitional words in a paragraph to enhance the flow of ideas and separate sentences for a friendly reading. In turn, readers should have a seamless flow of concepts as they go through a text.

D. Concluding and Transitioning Sentences

Each body paragraph must end a concluding and transitioning statement. For instance, all the body paragraphs should have a unique relationship between ideas presented in these sections. Also, readers should not experience unnecessary disruptions and obstructions as they move from one paragraph to another. In this case, the last sentence of each body paragraph must provide a clear summary of the main ideas presented in a section. Besides, this sentence should be linked to a topic sentence of the next paragraph. Hence, students must ensure that all body paragraphs are connected with each other to keep the audience glued until the end of an essay.

4. The Number of Body Paragraphs

The ideas presented in a thesis statement determine the number of body paragraphs that one should use when writing a social media essay. As a rule, one should focus on communicating the main message effectively. Moreover, one must evaluate a thesis statement and split it into different ideas to convey the central idea effectively. For persuasive social media essay topics, one must use several paragraphs that show facts effectively. Hence, a social media essay should have several sections that enhance a logical representation of ideas.

III. Conclusion

A social media essay must have a concluding paragraph that brings a paper to a logical closure. Basically, students not only focus on being creative when writing the conclusion part but also reiterate the main points discussed in a body section with a thesis statement by using different wording. Unfortunately, some writers make a mistake of introducing new information and evidence in the conclusion section. Besides, such flaws undermine the social media essay’s quality and lower the ability to communicate the intended message. As a rule, one should restate a thesis statement and summarize the ideas presented in all topic sentences. Besides, the closing paragraph should include any appropriate call to action. Hence, the conclusion should bring a social media essay into a logical closure that reveals the ideas presented.

Example of a Social Media Essay

Topic: Is Social Media a Problem or a Solution?

I. Introduction Sample

Social media is a primary cause of the major problems today. Basically, the emergence of social media has enabled people to maintain close interaction with friends from all over the world. Also, such applications make social a suitable solution to societal issues and interests. However, it results in many social ills. Although some people argue that social media solves societal problems, the continued wide use leads to long-lasting hatred problems.

II. Examples of Body Paragraphs

A. argument: hatred.

Social media leads to hatred among teenagers. For instance, most teenagers rely on social media to establish relationships with their peers. In this case, they tend to spread hatred in their social circles. Moreover, social media bullying and victimization is the primary cause of teenage suicide. In turn, hatred caused by social media can lead to terminal consequences. Hence, social media can be a significant cause of hatred among teenagers despite having some benefits.

B. Counterargument: Benefits

On the other hand, social media communication provides a unique way of establishing unique solutions. For instance, teenagers create friends through social media platforms. In turn, this strategy allows them to share ideas and issues that affect their lives. Eventually, they manage to address many challenges that affect their lives. Hence, social media supports the establishment of unique societal solutions.

C. Weaknesses of a Counterargument: Proper Use

The counterclaim is weaker than the main argument since it ignores that only a small number of people use social media constructively. For example, new social media users may face bullying and other mistreatments that lead to anger and resentment. Besides, addiction to social media usage leads to psychological problems like stress.

III. Conclusion Sample

In summary, some people argue that social media solves societal problems. However, such arguments tend to disregard the impact of the continued widespread application of internet-based communication methods, which causes long-lasting problems of hatred. Unfortunately, the significance of such disgust may include suicide among teenagers.

Another Social Media Essay Sample

Topic: Describe Two Undesirable Effects of Social Media

I. Example of an Introduction

Online-based communication methods form an indispensable fragment of human life. Basically, many individuals rely on social media for communicating and maintaining close contact with friends and family members. Despite the presence of such benefits, the wide use of social media leads to adverse effects. Because social media is a popular mode of communication, it continues to cause negative impacts, like cyberbullying and suicidal thoughts.

II. Body Sample

A. effect 1: cyberbullying.

The wide use of social media platforms leads to cyberbullying among teenagers. For example, the majority of teenagers who use social media platforms have experienced cyberbullying in the form of name-calling and rumor-spreading. Basically, these abusive online behaviors lead to damaging resentments and unmatched hatred among teenagers. In turn, this problem leads to chronic stress among victims. Hence, social media platforms expose youths to cyberbullying, including suicidal thoughts.

B. Effect 2: Suicidal Thoughts

Social media use has a direct contribution to a suicidal way of thinking. For example, many scientists show in their study reports how the Internet and social media platforms influence suicidal thoughts. In this case, damaging resentments from cyberbullying and intimidation in social media motivate youths to think about suicide as a way to get out of problems they face. Moreover, online interactions expose teenagers to enter cults and groups that consider suicide as an easier way of escaping social challenges. Hence, interactions through social media is a source of motivation for teenagers to develop suicidal thoughts.

III. Example of a Conclusion

In summary, social media is a popular mode of communication today. In particular, the development of online platforms as a suitable tool of interaction exposes teenagers to adverse effects like cyberbullying. Moreover, many youths develop anger and resentments that may lead to suicidal thoughts. Thus, scientists need to develop new methods of how to overcome such outcomes of media use.

Social media platforms are popular methods of communication in the twenty-first century. In this case, many students write essays and research papers on connections between the use of online-based communication methods and human lives. Moreover, social media essays are unique academic papers that focus on a wide range of topics. Hence, easy steps that learners should consider when writing social media essays are:

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