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MyHomeworkHelp has a consumer rating of 4.95 stars from 510 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with MyHomeworkHelp most frequently mention customer service, support team and computer science.MyHomeworkHelp ranks 8th among Homework sites.

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“Great help!”

I am not giving them 5 stars because they did my work perfectly. I am giving 5 stars because of being honest and fair! I am using their services for many months and got many tasks done. Only 1 task scored low. They were courteous to apologize and gave me a refund for it. 5 Star is for being honest to customers like me. Experts can some time scoreless but unlike other websites make sure my money is safe

“Nothing got what I expected.”

We know home security. Over the past five years, more than one million people have come to us for home security information and recommendations. And we've helped thousands of those people pick the best home security system for their homes. We test, research, and compare home security companies based on the factors that matter most when looking at security systemscost, response time, installation, features, customer service, style/design, connectivity, and ease of use.

Reviews (510)

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About the business

Boost your grades in all major subjects from the best tutors. Leading homework solutions provider for 10 years. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Whether you are worried about meeting that upcoming deadline or need help with those last minute assignments, our team of experts is available round the clock and 7 days a week to help you succeed. We proudly serve a diverse clientele, including both high school and advanced degree students with superior quality articles, research papers, dissertations, and thesis. Our areas of specialization include but are not limited to advanced Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Computer-science, Management, Accounting, and Economics. Requesting Homework Help Has Never Been Easier The easy layout of this website allows you to submit a quick query, and quote your price. You will receive an immediate response from our side to discuss the specifications of your assignment. Once we understand your needs we will handpick an expert from our group of highly qualified professionals to meet your specific requirements. My Homework Help has adopted the 100% Satisfaction policy, where we guarantee you top quality and 100% plagiarism free academic content, or 100% money back guarantee. We have fully secured SSL website so whatever you give information is confidential and safe.

Business History

We Are the Gurus of Homework Solutions My Homework Help is an accredited homework help organization, recognized for delivering top quality homework solutions under tight deadlines, and within an affordable budget. We firmly believe that learning is enjoyable and effective when it is not burdened with looming deadlines. Our customers enjoy a peace of mind knowing that their assignments are being taken care of by experts, leaving them ample time to concentrate on the fundamentals of academic subjects. Moreover, with the burden of multiple assignments lifted off their shoulders students are also able to concentrate on other areas of interest, including sports and music. After all Mozart never went to school, and Tiger Woods dropped out of school; it is debatable whether they would have been able to accomplish such extracurricular wonders if they were burdened with assignments. However students do not need to quit one for the other, My Homework Help has been created with the vision of providing students the opportunity to excel at academics, while retaining the time to pursue other interests. Meet our Experts We are affiliated with 676 fulltime and 982 part-time subject-specific online experts. Each expert has been individually chosen after a series of rigorous screen tests, which involves credential checks, work history analysis, writing sample assessment, and one-on-one interviews. The series of intense tests ensures you only receive accurate and complete homework solutions. Our team of experts are highly qualified in their field of expertise, holding a combination of advanced degrees, including BS, MS, MBA, CA, CPA and PhD. Moreover each expert has at least 5 years of experience providing homework solutions and tutoring services to students. Ourexperts Our-client Meet Our Clients My Homework Help is proud to serve clients from all corners of the world, of who a vast majority are from the United States, Europe, Australia and the Middle East. We cater to the varying levels of requirements of learners from kindergarten, through high school and all the way to advanced degree university students. We also enjoy a high rate of repeat customers, in addition to student referrals from satisfied customers. Our Field of Expertise Our talented experts provide complete homework solutions in the following subject areas: Accounting, Computer Science, Finance, Civil Engineering, Economics, Mechanical Engineering, Statistics, Electrical Engineering, Management, Chemistry, Biology, Chemical Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, English, and Business Plan. “We also provide help in a large number of other subject areas not listed in this section due to space constraints, so if your subject is not listed, please do not hesitate to drop us a query. “ Services-We-Offer The Services We Offer Our dedicated team of experts guarantees 100% accurate and 100% plagiarism-free verified solutions to questions pertaining to any difficulty level, in the following categories: Assignments: Problem Solving, Equation Balancing, Deriving Formulas, Statistical Analysis, Projections, Predictions, Short Answers, Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blanks, etc. Writing: Research papers, Lab Reports, Pre-lab write-ups, Thesis, Dissertations, Comparative Essays, Articles, Paragraphs, Short stories, Poetry, Dialogue, etc. Figures: Labeled Diagrams, Drafting, Technical Design, Charts, Tables, Geometry, etc. Professional Referencing: APA, CSE, MLA, CMS, etc. In addition our qualified team of experts provides professional editing and proof reading services to advanced degree students and professional writers. Customer Service Customer service is of our most importance to the My Homework Help team, with our goal being your 100% satisfaction. We provide round the clock support to our customers, and guarantee follow-ups within half an hour. We are punctual with due dates, and deliver complete homework solutions to you within the mutually decided time frame. If you have any further questions or qualms about the service offered by My Homework Help please do not hesitate to send us a query, or write us a line at support@myhomeworkhelp.com.

Company Representative

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Help In Homework

What do people think of help in homework.

Jeremy Perez

help with homework review

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Reviews 4.7.

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Great experience!

I have been reaching out to Homeworkhelponline for help for the past year. Sometimes when I just need someone to go over my work and make minor adjustments, I come to them. They have been reliable, they charge fairly, produce high quality work and really get work done before the deadline. I am satisfied with my experience and would highly encourage anyone who needs help!

Date of experience : March 01, 2023

Our 2022 Transparency Report has landed

Highly recommend.

I have been using the service multiple times with great success. It was for my statistics course. Moreover, they explained the solutions so that I learnt way more than during the classes. Can highly recommend!

Date of experience : February 20, 2023

I love the promptness of this service…

I love the promptness of this service support. Beside of providing complete and neat clarifications at your questions, the deadline submission is very important too. This type of support is so welcomed, especially when you are under pressure, and need to finalize many tasks in a limited time. Emily is so professional and is great in any task you may ask. Congratulations for this idea and wish you an amazing future ahead !!!

Date of experience : January 28, 2023

Graduate Level Course a Breeze

So I have been searching for a while now for a reputable homework website to help aid in my Master's level Data Science courses. I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty skeptical at first, but my tutor was able to message me many times with small edits that I wanted more explanation with or even to make sure that my answers were correct when I answered them on my schools canvas website. I have now used them 4 times and am still prepping more assignments for them to help me with. I have had help so far in Python and rStudio. There are separate tutors for each coding language and they have always answered the quizzes, assignments, and tests in a timely manner. All have gotten 100% as well. Make sure to give them a few days to answer, give them ALL your material needed, and relax. These tutors are top notch, I can't say anything bad!

Date of experience : February 06, 2023

It exceeded all expectations...

We didn't know if we could trust this website, but it exceeded all expectations! We got help from Max Lucius for a python program and he was so good and met all our agreements and deadline. He was understanding and patient as we didn't have much experience with programming itself. Can definitely recommend him/them if you need advanced help, this is pure sovereignty!. Thanks again :)

Date of experience : December 26, 2022

Max is a very responsive and competent…

Max is a very responsive and competent professional. Good enough for me to ask for some lessons.

Date of experience : February 03, 2023

Top notch quality and delivery

Great website! I'm super happy with the results; everything was correct and clearly explained (complex R code assignment). Having a full-time job and taking 6 credits every two months is exhausting even for an undiscovered genius. Prices are reasonable/ give a busy professional time to study; Overall, highly recommend them 100%.

Date of experience : July 16, 2022

Honestly, I didn't expect so much. Elizabeth patiently explained the Python code until it became obvious to me. I can definitely recommend the website to others struggling on their first-in-life programming course with an ignorant instructor.

Date of experience : September 29, 2022

Pleasure to get it all done so well!

It was the end of the semester and I had some hard choices to make. It is a coincidence that I stumbled upon this website. You would not expect much from such services but I had t try them. And to my huge surprise the quality was beyond what a student can do! Just WOW! Totally recommend them.

Date of experience : June 24, 2022


The absolute best help I've ever received!!!! I was stuck on a couple of homework assignments in R and was going crazy trying to figure out what I did wrong. I reached out for help and Emily was so great. She had everything finished before the deadline I provided and with her explanations in R, I was able to understand the code and why everything was there to understand what I needed to do. The price is also SO fair!!!

Date of experience : February 20, 2022

Emily Thompson is exceptional…

Working with Emily Thompson was the best experience. She was fast in responding and caring to resolve any confusion. I was skeptical at first, but the help I received from Emily was far and beyond and exceptional. She also made my solution available way sooner than the due time when I asked her if she could do that for me. Thank you so much and will definitely come back for more purchases.

Date of experience : December 03, 2021

Skilled, reliable, and SPEEDY professionals!

Emily provided assistance on one of my R programming assignments -- I decided to look online for help at the last minute and I was able to get a response within a few hours. The solution code provided explanation commented at every line and was super easy to understand. Emily was very responsive while I looked over the solution to make sure that I was satisfied with the work. I'd recommend Homework Help Online to anyone!

Date of experience : November 15, 2021

Prompt and Efficient Service

Emily Thompson is a top-notch R coder! Not only did she provide me with impeccable solutions for my reports but she also attached her clear step-by-step R codes for me to learn R programming better. Emily's assistance truly eases my work burden, and I am always happy to have her every time when my deadline is approaching.

Date of experience : November 18, 2021

This website is very trustable

This website is very trustable. I have been working with this website for around four years. The experts are very kind and responsive. They do high-quality work, and there is no scam there. If you are not happy with a project, they refund you. So I recommend this website if you are looking for genius work.

Date of experience : November 02, 2021

Great and Reliable Help!

Emily is so great for math and statistics help! She is willing to answer questions you may have and is very reliable for deadlines. She shows her work so it is easy to understand. I would definitely recommend her service! However, I wish there were more discounts for people that keep returning.

Date of experience : November 19, 2021

Excellent work

This was my first time using this website, and I had a great experience. Without Dr. Tetyana Sopronyuk's help, I could not finish my project. She was very understanding. 100% recommend them. Loof forward to working with them on future projects. Thank you Dr. Tetyana Sopronyuk

Date of experience : February 04, 2022

The Best Online Resource for Coding HW!

I needed help with R coding homework and Emily reached out and finished the codes all within 2 hours. I was nervous I was not going to hear back or receive anything back before my same-day midnight deadline, but that was not the case at all. I now have all the R codes saved for my own reference and the knowledge and assurance that my answers are right. I'm so grateful for this resource and for the fact that I was able to pay on a one-off basis and there is no subscription involved. 11/10 would recommend if you want help with your statistical analysis homework.

Date of experience : February 11, 2022

Robert Taylor did a great job solving…

Robert Taylor did a great job solving my final project in databases courses. I was lost and his solution of a case study received me 98 points, which I am more than happy with. I would recommend this website to anybody in a similar situation. Thank you 👍

Date of experience : December 12, 2021

Great Service , But Discounts Please

The quality of work that is hand back is great. They not only go about doing the assignment to my expectation, but give me the instructions to go about solving it myself on a later date. With someone that has a lot on their platter. I appreciate the service that is provided here. Thank you to the people who work diligently on this service. My only request is if they would offer discounts to individuals who are frequent customers. Though the service is great, I would love to not have to worry about going about contemplating on whether I want to receive help on an assignment or whether I would like to eat for the current day.

Date of experience : October 31, 2021

These guys know what they’re doing!👍…

These guys know what they’re doing!👍 They’re actual experts on what they do and will help you through some rough problems you’re having difficulty with. They hold true to their word. Trust me, they won’t disappoint.

Date of experience : November 03, 2021

help with homework review

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help with homework review

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The Best Homework Help Sites

The 7 best homework help sites.

Where Can You Get the Best Homework Help Online?

Regardless of the grade level in school or area of study, we all run into difficulties while working on homework. Maybe you're a parent trying to help your child or you're a student yourself. Some topics are more difficult for us to work through and we don't all learn the same way. If you're struggling to learn from your teacher at school, it will make completing homework even more of a challenge.

Teachers and fellow classmates aren't available around the clock to answer the questions we have when they come up. If you're working on a late-night assignment and get stuck, where should you turn for assistance?

Sunday, March 12th

2023 Homework Help Site Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

24HourAnswers is based in New York and has been operating since 2005. They focus on the needs of students at colleges and universities around the world. Their two main services include homework help and live, online tutoring on their whiteboard platform. 24HourAnswers has an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau and a student satisfaction rate of 99.5%.

Get help 24/7 with any homework topic

The idea between 24HourAnswers is that you can submit questions about your homework 24 hours a day. The topics they can help with include math, organic chemistry, economics, accounting, finance, computer programming, writing, psychology, engineering, biology, physics, and more. All tutors hold degrees in their field of study, mostly with master's degrees and some doctorates degrees.

Tutoring and written solution services

To get started on 24HourAnswers' platform, you'll make a free account. Once logged in on the website, you can request tutoring or homework help or upload documents and submit questions to request a written solution. Tutors respond as fast as they can, usually within just a few minutes. If you feel like you've waited too long for a tutor to respond to your request, you can reach out to 24HourAnswers' customer support on their homepage and you will hear back right away.

Submit questions ahead of time

If you've requested a detailed written solution to a problem, you set your own due date. Tutors will complete the request by the deadline if possible. Otherwise, they'll arrange a new due date with you that's mutually acceptable. It's best to submit homework questions to 24HourAnswers as soon as you can to ensure you get it completed in a timely manner.

Best Homework Help Sites

Stick with tutors you like

When working one-on-one with a tutor, you can request the same tutor again in the future if you choose. At the end of your session, you have the opportunity to rate them based on how helpful they were. This helps 24HourAnswers make sure they have top-notch tutors on their platform. Live tutoring sessions are also recorded, so you can always go back and review what you did with your tutor.

Priced per project

Rather than paying monthly for access to 24HourAnswers, you are only charged for the work order you submit. The price will depend on the length of a tutoring session, the difficulty level of the work, the level of expertise your tutor has, and the amount of time available before your homework deadline. Prices are given upfront and there is no obligation to pay if you choose not to go forward with using 24HourAnswers' service. Tutors do their best to come up with a fair and realistic quote. If you have a specific budget, it might be helpful to provide that to your tutor in case they are able to take that into account.

Refunds are rare but possible

Refunds are extremely rare with 24HourAnswers mostly due to the fact that students hardly ever request them. Statistically there are only about 5 in 1,000 sessions that end in a student requesting a refund. However, they are available if you and your tutor agree that it is appropriate for you to get one. An unbiased evaluation may be performed to make a decision as to whether or not you received the help you paid for. If a refund is issued, it will go directly back to the form of payment you initially used.

Amazing resource

24HourAnswers receives excellent ratings from students who have used their service. We aren't surprised after seeing how professional and thorough this service is. We like that you only pay for the questions you have, so you can use their platform as much or as little as you like. Tutors are knowledgeable and timely, so this is a fantastic resource for students needing help with homework. We highly recommend going straight to 24HourAnswers to take advantage of their amazing service.

TutorMe Review

TutorMe's mission is to make learning as convenient and effective as possible. They were established in 2015 out of Los Angeles, California. Their platform provides on-demand tutoring and online courses. TutorMe has been featured by Entrepreneur, Los Angeles Times, Good Morning America, The Washington Post, Forbes, Business Insider, and other prestigious news outlets.

Free trial and demo lesson space

If you're unsure whether or not to commit to TutorMe, we recommend using their free trial. You can get 30 minutes of no-cost one-on-one tutoring in any subject. You can also demo the lesson space to see what it's like to be in the virtual classroom and use the learning tools. We were especially impressed by this since everyone's learning style is different and it's helpful to see what tools are available to you.

Well-equipped lesson space

The lesson space includes a virtual whiteboard, text editor, audio/visual chat, screen sharing, document uploads, calculators, and so much more. Regardless of the subject you're studying, TutorMe was clearly well thought out and is equipped to teach you whatever you need to know.

Top notch tutors

TutorMe only has a 4% acceptance rate for the tutors they hire. This means they go through rigorous interviews and testing to make sure they are the best of the best for students. Many of them have come from prestigious universities all around the globe. Among all of the tutors, students can get help with over 300 subjects across all grade levels.

Best Homework Help Sites

Transparent pricing

The cost for TutorMe's services can be purchased in four different packages:

Excellent reviews

Unsurprisingly, the Better Business Bureau gives TutorMe an "A" rating. What's even more impressive is their hundreds of excellent customer reviews from students who have used their platform. Truly this company goes above and beyond to give students the care and attention they need as they navigate the difficult tasks they are faced with. People rely on TutorMe for multiple subjects throughout all of their school years, claiming it helps them pass their courses and tests with ease and confidence. People say the tutors are actually available 24/7 and go out of their way to make sure students are clearly understanding all the concepts they are teaching.

High rating

There's a lot of things to love about TutorMe. They've earned one of our highest ratings.

The Princeton Review Review

7-day free trial

One-on-one tutoring

The Princeton Review has been helping students with their education for over 35 years. They primarily offer test prep materials for students taking exams such as the GRE, TOEFL, ACT, SAT, LSAT, GRE, GMAT, DAT, and others. K-12 students have opportunities to work with tutors one-on-one to get help with AP tests and review other class materials. The Princeton Review is known for being expensive, but they have highly-recommended test prep courses that guarantee you'll improve your results and private one-on-one tutoring to help with any homework questions you have.

The Princeton Review's homework help includes tutoring over 80 subjects. They don't have free resources that you can use by yourself or a library of information you can access to do your homework on your own. Tutoring is probably the most useful way to get help with homework, but with The Princeton Review, it comes at a hefty price.

To test out The Princeton Review's online tutoring service, they offer a 7-day free trial. It includes 30 minutes of free tutoring that you can use any time during the trial. This will give you a good idea of how prompt tutors are, how long it takes to get help with challenging homework questions, and if the tutors cater to your learning style. If you cancel within 7 days, you won't be charged.

Best Homework Help Sites

Pay ahead plans

If you choose to subscribe to The Princeton Review's tutoring service once your free trial is up, you can select the amount of tutoring you want access to each month. You can change or cancel your plan at any time. The options include:

The problem with paying for a certain number of hours each month ahead of time is that it's hard to predict how much tutoring you're going to need. If you need less than what you paid for, you might feel obligated to work with your tutor even when you don't need to, otherwise it feels like a waste of money.

Better grades guarantee

If you are in K-12 and work with a tutor in one subject for at least 2 hours each month for 3 consecutive months, The Princeton Review guarantees that you'll improve your grade in that subject by at least a half-step letter grade or 3 points - or you can get your money back. When you begin tutoring, you'll establish a baseline of where you're at in your class and this will be used to verify if your grades have been improving.

Effective resource

The Princeton Review has an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau and excellent reviews from students. This is definitely a resource for those who take their education seriously and are willing to invest in their learning. The Princeton Review is extremely effective and will prove useful for anyone who uses their service. The only hesitation we anticipate for some students will be the cost of tutoring and having to plan how many hours you need in advance. Otherwise, this is a great option for homework help.

Khan Academy Review

Khan Academy was founded in 2007. They are a non-profit organization dedicated to giving learners a free education through offering practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that lets students study at their own pace. Their focus is on skill mastery to help learners establish strong foundations that allow them to continue learning.

K-12 subjects and test prep

In addition to covering K-12 subjects like math, science, history, and language arts, Khan Academy assists students with test preparation for exams like the LSAT, SAT, and Praxis. The courses at Khan Academy are organized by grade and topic. You can select from a long list of high school and college math courses, economics classes, arts and humanities topics, and life skills courses. Something that is extremely helpful is that Khan offers "get ready" courses too. For 3rd-8th grade and certain math classes, you can get an overview of what you'll be learning in school and get a jumpstart on the skills. This would be a fantastic option for kids to do throughout the summer to give them a strong foundation before school starts.

Track your progress

As you go through Khan Academy's courses, you earn "master points" . You can track your progress as you complete learning videos and take practice quizzes. At the end of each unit there is a test to evaluate your knowledge of all the skills you've learned.

Free for anyone!

One of the best parts of Khan Academy is that it's free for anyone. If you're a parent wanting to understand what your child is learning in school so you can help them, Khan Academy is a fantastic resource. If you're a student struggling with a specific concept in one of your classes, it's not hard to narrow it down and watch the learning videos on Khan Academy. Many people report that they've learned more on this site than they have in a whole semester or year of their in-person classes at school.

Best Homework Help Sites

Continually growing

Khan Academy is continually adding new courses to their platform. Some of the newest units include "get ready" for AP calculus, high school statistics, high school biology, AP/college chemistry, high school and AP/college physics, and AP/college environmental science. As Khan Academy continues to receive donations, they will expand their platform and keep their information up-to-date to provide the best free online education possible.

Expanding educational opportunities

It's hard to emphasize the impact Khan Academy has had for students around the world. In addition to being a helpful resource for those in school, they've been able to reach kids in other countries who don't have access to educational opportunities. Statistically, kids do much better in their grade-level courses and end of year exams if they've used this platform's resources to prepare for the school year.

Great self-guided resource

The only potential downside of Khan Academy for homework help is that it's a self-guided resource. Although this is still extremely useful, some students might prefer access to a one-on-one tutor or need help with particularly challenging questions on their homework. Our highest-rated homework help sites offer these resources, so check them out if you need personalized guidance. Otherwise, Khan Academy has earned one of our highest ratings because of their useful courses that learners can access for free.

Chegg Review

Chegg was founded in 2002. In addition to providing homework help and tutoring, they have a textbook rental service and test prep materials. The subjects you can get help with through Chegg include accounting, algebra, biology, calculus, chemistry, economics, finance, physics, and statistics just to name a few. All of them are for high school or college level courses.

Get answers to questions 24/7

With Chegg, students have 24/7 homework help. They boast that the average time it takes for a student to submit a question and receive a solution is 46 minutes. All you have to do is take a photo or type out your question and submit it for an expert to help you with. They also have over 21 million homework solutions from different textbooks across a wide range of areas of study for you to search in their online library.

Monthly subscription

The cost to have full access to Chegg study is $14.95/month. You can cancel at any time. With the monthly subscription you can ask 20 questions per month, so you'll want to make sure you save this resource for your most difficult problems. If you absolutely need more than 20 questions answered, you can purchase extra questions, but the price for this isn't listed on their website.

No demo or free trial

If you're using Chegg's textbook solutions tool, you'll get more than just a simple answer. According to the company, you'll see a step-by-step explanation and be able to view guided video walkthroughs. Unfortunately, you have to sign up for Chegg to really see how this works. We wish there were a demo of the platform or a free trial to allow students to make sure this resource will fit their learning style and actually teach them how to solve their own problems.

Best Homework Help Sites

Who are the experts?

It's not completely clear who the "experts" are that work for Chegg. Are other students providing you answers to homework they've done in the past? Do Chegg experts have advanced degrees in the field they are helping you with? They never specify what the qualifications are for the experts who are assisting you with your assignments.

Mixed feedback

Chegg used to have an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau, but they no longer have a rating at all. Their student reviews have slowly gone up over the last few years, which is a good sign. However, most reviews are about textbook rentals - their bread and butter business. It's harder to find feedback from students about their homework help resources. For those that have left reviews about the study tools, it's not uncommon to see they felt like Chegg provided more answers than explanations during tutoring sessions, which doesn't really help you learn the material thoroughly.

Decent option

Chegg Study has the potential to be a helpful learning resource for students. We like that you can ask specific questions and get step-by-step instructions on how to solve them or you can quickly reference your textbook question and find the answer yourself. We wish there were higher ratings overall from students who have used this service, to get a better idea of how effective it is. Chegg lacks transparency on who their experts are or what their platform is really like since there aren't any screenshots or demos of their service. Overall, Chegg Study might work for people wanting fast solutions to their homework problems, but might not be the best option for fully immersing yourself in learning new concepts.

Infoplease Review

Infoplease describes themselves as a reference and learning site that combines the contents of an encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas, and several almanacs loaded with statistics, facts, and records of historical events. They apparently needed it to also have a spell check feature since there are lots of grammatical errors in their "About Us" section. Infoplease boasts that it won numerous awards after its launch and is ( we would correct that to "was" ) a go-to place for teachers, parents, and librarians to get information on an array of topics.

Bad website

We initially thought there was an issue with Infoplease loading: it was such a bad webpage that we figured there had to be a mistake. We were immediately bombarded with advertisements from every direction and the tiny, unorganized text on the page made it really unclear what this company's purpose is. It doesn't help their case that it shows the last time their homework center was updated was in February of 2017.

Random, but sometimes helpful resources

At the top of Infoplease's website there are a list of subjects to learn about including geography, history, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, writing, speaking and listening, and studying. You can search anything in their search bar and take advantage of different tools like a conversion calculator, periodic table, distance calculator, math flashcards, Roman numeral challenge, and more. These tools are all a bit random, but we imagine they come in handy in certain situations.

In-depth study topics

Each topic available for learning leads to a new page of more in-depth categories, which leads to another page of even more in-depth categories. For example, if I choose to learn about science, I'm taken to a list of subtopics about earth science, physical science, or computer science. From there I might choose to learn about Earth and then select to learn about the rock cycle on the next page. There's no question that this website is full of interesting, useful information. The biggest issue is narrowing down that information to help with a specific question you have on your homework. It would better serve curious learners who just want to study new topics for fun.

Best Homework Help Sites

Free, free, free!

It costs absolutely nothing to use Infoplease's website. If you want to learn about a specific topic, there are gold mines of information you can find here without having to pay a penny. We appreciate that they've made this resource free to the public, even if it does need a bit of updating.

Promising start

We believe that at one point Infoplease was really going places. They were trying to create a "know-it-all" platform for people to come and learn about any topic that interested them. We definitely stand behind their mission and what they aimed to be, but it seems over time they've gotten lost in the mix of new internet study tools and stopped trying to keep up.

Disappointing finish

Unfortunately, it will probably be a waste of your time to try and find help with your homework from Infoplease. We only recommend using it as a resource for learning new things in your spare time.

Top Homework Helper Review

Top Homework Helper is available round the clock to provide you customized solutions to your homework problems. The topics they can help with include geography, math, biotechnology, humanities, language arts, computer science, and everything in between that you might find in 6th through 12th grade classes, which includes essay-writing. Top Homework Helper says, "We shall always have the best solution for you to make an impression of excellence on your professor."

Three vague steps

There are three main steps you'll follow in order to use Top Homework Helper's services:

Choose your deadlines

When you submit your homework question to Top Homework Helper, you'll provide a deadline. Their experts do their best to get answers to you before the deadline and sometimes they'll be able to deliver solutions in as little as 24 hours. If you're not satisfied with the result you initially receive from Top Homework Helper's experts, they will provide a free revision. This would typically apply to writing assignments.

Best Homework Help Sites

More answers than explanations

A slight concern we have with Top Homework Helper is that it appears to be a platform where students can submit any questions and get answers without really learning the subject matter. In their FAQ section, one of the questions states, "Can I hire someone to do my homework?" The answer is, "Yes of course. You can always hire our in-house writers to do your assignments with perfection. They are available round the clock to provide you with one-stop solution to homework assignments based on a plethora of subject matters." Another question was, "Is using a homework help service cheating?" The answer: "Not really." Eek. To us this sounds like a place you pay someone else to do your work for you, rather than teach you how to do it.

Unreliable resource

Top Homework Helper is not recognized by the Better Business Bureau. We aren't surprised that students who have used Top Homework Helper complain that they received assignments back with tons of grammatical errors. Students complain that they had to pay a week in advance and it took up to a few days for an expert to reach out about assignment details. Once it was done and the student was dissatisfied, it was too late and their assignment was due. They don't give prices until you've chatted with them and given your homework details. It doesn't seem like they have a clear system for determining what costs will be.

Don't trust them

Our intuition tells us that this site is run by very smart, but possibly foreign, individuals who aren't able to provide top-notch work in a reasonable timeframe. There are one too many pages on the website with broken English, which doesn't build our trust in a company claiming they can write essays. We don't feel like this is a place that aims to teach students, but rather wants to give them the easy way out by doing their work for them in return for money. It's not a good idea to try and get homework help from Top Homework Helper.

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Luckily there are some fantastic online resources that exist to help students with their homework whenever they need it. They cover all areas of study including math, science, literature, music, art, and even specific college-level courses. No matter what you're working on, there are online platforms with experts ready to help you along the way.

Some of the services you can find through online homework assistance platforms are personalized tutors, vocabulary flashcards, textbook solutions, searchable essays, and much more. They are designed to give you step-by-step help to teach you what you need to know rather than solve all your homework problems for you. Most of them are available any time of day, so you can rest assured knowing you always have a homework lifeline when you need one.

There are quite a few homework help services to choose from out there. Before purchasing a membership with one of them, we suggest you keep the following criteria in mind:

To help you find the best homework help service, TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked a variety of options. We hope this information helps you feel confident and successful as you complete your homework each day!

The Best Homework Help Sites

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What grade levels is online homework help available for, how much does it cost to get online homework help, how often can i get help with my homework online, what subjects can i get help on, what are the qualifications of the online tutors, how do i communicate with the homework help tutor online, why should i use an online service for homework help, compare homework help sites.

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Help with homework through Elkhart libraries

Homework Help is available from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday at the Downtown Library in Elkhart. National Honor Society students are available to provide assistance on a first-come, first-served ...

  Fri, 10 Mar 2023

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China's students leap 'Great Firewall' to get homework help from ...

Chinese schoolchildren are turning to AI bot ChatGPT to slash their homework time -- vaulting the country's "Great Firewall" to write book reports and bone up on their language skills.- AI book report ...

  Tue, 07 Mar 2023

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BestReviews on MSN

Worried about your student using ChatGPT for homework? These 10 books ...

To learn more about ChatGPT and how we can inspire students, we sat down with BestReviews book expert, Ciera Pasturel.

  Fri, 03 Mar 2023

Bangkok Post

Chinese students leap 'Great Firewall' for ChatGPT homework help

BEIJING: Chinese schoolchildren are turning to AI bot ChatGPT to slash their homework time — vaulting the country's "Great Firewall" to write book reports and bone up on their language skills.

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Community service homework leads to thousands of dollars to help ...

Three Wachusett Regional High School students chose to raise $7,500 to buy animal cages for the Gardner Animal Shelter as part of a class project.

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Independent Online

China’s pupils leap ‘Great Firewall’ to get homework help from ...

ChatGPT is unavailable in China without a VPN but pupils have used it to write essays, solve science and maths problems, and generate computer code.

  Thu, 09 Mar 2023

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