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How to Begin a Persuasive Essay

Last Updated: January 31, 2023 References

This article was co-authored by Christopher Taylor, PhD . Christopher Taylor is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of English at Austin Community College in Texas. He received his PhD in English Literature and Medieval Studies from the University of Texas at Austin in 2014. There are 9 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 331,199 times.

The goal of a persuasive essay is to convince your readers of a certain perspective on a topic. To do this, you'll have to get them hooked with a well-crafted, engaging introductory section that leads into a developed thesis statement. The best opening, however, will depend on the issue at hand, the argument you are trying to make about it, and the audience you are trying to persuade. Before you can write an amazing introduction, you need to do some initial research so that you can tailor your introduction to the needs of the essay, your argument, and your audience.

Brainstorming and Outlining Introduction Ideas

Image titled Woman thinking about the topic for her persuasive essay.

Image titled Begin a Persuasive Essay Step 2

Image titled Begin a Persuasive Essay Step 3

Image titled Begin a Persuasive Essay Step 4

Image titled Begin a Persuasive Essay Step 5

Image titled Begin a Persuasive Essay Step 6

Crafting Your Hook

Image titled Begin a Persuasive Essay Step 7

Image titled Begin a Persuasive Essay Step 8

Image titled Begin a Persuasive Essay Step 9

Image titled Begin a Persuasive Essay Step 10

Image titled Begin a Persuasive Essay Step 11

Introducing Your Topic and Thesis

Image titled Begin a Persuasive Essay Step 12

Image titled Begin a Persuasive Essay Step 13

Image titled Begin a Persuasive Essay Step 14

Image titled Begin a Persuasive Essay Step 15

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Image titled Begin a Persuasive Essay Step 16

Image titled Begin a Persuasive Essay Step 17

Image titled Begin a Persuasive Essay Step 18

Image titled Begin a Persuasive Essay Step 19

Writing Help

how to start a persuasive essay hook

Community Q&A

Community Answer

how to start a persuasive essay hook

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About This Article

Christopher Taylor, PhD

To begin a persuasive essay, start with a hook to catch the reader’s attention, such as a startling statistic, a question, or an intriguing anecdote. Next, briefly explain why they should care about the topic and provide some background information to help them feel comfortable with it. Then, present your thesis statement, which is a short, concise explanation of your perspective and why it’s the right one. Lastly, hint at your opening pieces of evidence before going on to your first paragraph! For tips on how to organize your essay and avoid common errors, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No

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How to Start a Persuasive Essay: Best Tips and Tricks


Table of contents

Here’s a dilemma: you work so hard on your persuasive essay, do in-depth research, develop strong arguments, but in the end, you get a low grade. And all this happens because your introduction isn’t convincing enough. As you can see, understanding how to start a persuasive essay in an effective manner is crucial. Fortunately, you are in the right place. Keep reading our guide to find useful tips on beginning a persuasive essay. From crafting an irresistible hook to formulating your main statement, you will find plenty of helpful suggestions. By the way, we’ve got some good examples to share. So let’s get started.  

Importance of Knowing How to Start a Persuasive Essay

Before discussing how to start off a persuasive essay, you should keep in mind that you must hook your audience from the very beginning. Your reader should understand what you are going to say and why it is important. Still, you shouldn’t lay all your cards on the table and reveal your arguments. Your main thesis statement should be presented after some context. An introduction is used to convince the reader not just of your opinion, but of the entire paper being worth reading. Therefore, one should take an especially reasonable approach. Further, we will share some helpful tips on drawing up a good introduction and give real examples.  But first, be sure to prepare a persuasive essay outline template .

How to Start a Good Persuasive Essay: Main Elements

Before starting a persuasive essay, you should think about its structure in detail. An introduction will be effective if you compile it based on our scheme. When drawing up an introductory part, you should include such elements:

This structure makes it possible to convey any idea in a concise way. Remember: An opening paragraph should be short while writing a persuasive essay . All you need is to present a clear idea which will potentially hook the reader. Giving some hint on the gist of writing will be enough.

Starting a Persuasive Essay with a Hook

One idea that always works is starting a persuasive essay with a hook. You should make it clear about your topic in advance. Thus, you will attract reader’s attention. You should choose a strong sentence that will hook your addressee and may give them a particular idea. You can start persuasive essays with any question related to your topic or with an interesting fact. Quite often students use statistical data or quotes of some experts in their field of knowledge. This is the first step towards persuasion. It demonstrates that the subsequent text won’t be inferior. But just having an effective hook won’t be sufficient, so you should gradually prepare your reader. And we will learn more about this in the next section. In the meantime, have you already considered hiring a persuasive essay writer ? Our writers are academic-savvy and can create a great persuasive essay quickly and efficiently. 

Background Information in Persuasive Essay

In an introductory paragraph of a persuasive essay after the hook, we recommend outlining some topic’s context. Focus reader’s attention on background information. Here’s what you can include to develop your topic further:

This section should not only familiarize your readers with some background facts that you have researched. You also should smoothly lead to a thesis statement.

How to Write a Persuasive Essay Thesis

Your writing should begin with a strong persuasive essay thesis statement. Your thesis should introduce the topic and offer your viewpoint on some matter. Besides, it should list several arguments you are going to discuss in the main body. This statement will complete an introduction. Then, you will proceed to presenting the gist of an essay. Keep in mind several things that make a persuasive essay thesis stronger. First of all, a claim that you make should be debatable. This means that other people may have an opposing viewpoint. Secondly, your thesis statement should have a reasonable scope. Don’t make it too narrow, and, yet, this statement should be focused. Now that you know what elements should be included in your persuasive essay introduction, let’s discuss some writing tips.  

How to Start a Strong Persuasive Essay: Main Tips

While working on your text, you will surely need tips on how to start a persuasive essay. By following our hacks, you will be able to convey important information to readers. Based on our experience in preparing academic texts, we have developed some recommendations. Our writing tips will make your persuasive essay introduction as informative and attractive as possible. Meanwhile, some of these suggestions may be applied to other types of academic writing.  

Tip 1: Brainstorm Your Topic Before Starting a Persuasive Essay

Don’t rush to start writing right away – you should think about some good persuasive essay topics to begin your essay. The most effective way is to work on any topic in line with the purpose that you have set for yourself. Focus on any subject that you are genuinely interested in and do preliminary research. Make sure you have enough supporting facts that prove your opinion. Follow these steps to make your persuasive essay topic irresistible:  

This way, you will know whether you should conduct any additional research. Besides, you will know if there is enough information that can convince readers of your point of view.

Tip 2: Provide a Hook for Your Persuasive Essay Introduction

An introduction of persuasive essay won’t be complete without a hook. If you fail to include it, such paper will unlikely captivate reader’s attention. A catchy hook helps to break the ice between your writing and readers. In turn, an increased attention ensures that your audience understands your topic well. Here are several things you may include in your hook to make it more effective:  

These recommendations may help you create a good hook that will attract readers, so use them wisely.

Tip 3: Create a Context for Your Persuasive Essay

When working on your persuasive essay introduction, be sure that you provide some background on the topic. Put readers in some context. You are more than welcome to use any statistical facts, numbers or in-depth definition. Historical or biographical details will work as well. Your task is to set an exact direction of thoughts. But don’t reveal any arguments and proofs in this section – you will do that later. Mention why this problem should be investigated, with more precise explanations being provided in body paragraphs. With the clear context, it will be much easier to perceive any idea. On top of that, given the proper background, there should be no doubts about your argument. Consider our best college essay writing services to speed the process up.

Tip 4: Write a Thesis Statement for Your Persuasive Essay Intro

How to start a persuasive essay thesis? It is easy: just write 1-2 sentences that clearly describe your main claim. Remember that your whole essay will be based on this statement. So, when crafting the thesis statement, make sure that you will be able to prove it. Make it sound logical – your statement shouldn’t be based on some blind guesses. Readers should understand your point and what they will find in the following paragraphs. Feel free to list your arguments, but don’t overdo it with extra details. Save more room for in-depth thoughts that will be covered in body paragraphs.  

Tip 5: Start Persuasive Essay Briefly

Start a persuasive essay with some brief information on what one will learn from the text. Choose the main theses, provide them in a concise way, so as not to overload the reader’s mind. Mention the importance of your topic – your reader should be convinced that this essay is worth reading. Although your opinion should be arguable, this doesn’t mean that you can write vague sentences. Refer to those facts that resonate with your central statement. Long story short, be concise and stay on point. Buy essay online  that may be of help to you if anything seems too vague right now.  

Tip 6: Be Convincing in Your Persuasive Essay Introduction

When you try to start a persuasive essay, chances are that you will come across advice to use credible references. While this is all good and well, we suggest focusing more on the convincing arguments – your personal opinion. Indicate that your paper has been written based on personal experience and resulted from your own research. With this approach, the fact that it includes your thoughts won’t surprise anyone. You shouldn’t write about the truths known to everyone interested in this topic. You should better provide your ideas on why your thesis is correct. Explain why you have decided on this position. This is a polemical style that will trigger a number of debates.  

Persuasive Essay Introduction Examples

If you don’t know how to start a persuasive essay, examples will surely be useful for you. After all, this is a good opportunity to get acquainted with successful patterns and include the best of them in your text. For instance, you can see ways of structuring arguments in an actual example and use it as the basis for your own essay. Still, you should choose your own arguments related to the topic. It all may sound complicated. For this reason, we will introduce an example of what a convincing introduction structure may be like.  

How to Start a Persuasive Essay About a Book: Example

Before finding out how to start a persuasive essay about a book, decide on the literature. However, regardless of any genre and author, your topic will be dedicated to providing your opinion. Focus on your position and provide 3 arguments that you will discuss further. Our example will help you make it clear.

how to start a persuasive essay hook

Persuasive Essay Introduction on Gun Control: Example

Your opinion on such an important topic as gun control should sound convincing. Before deciding on how to start a persuasive essay on gun control, make readers believe you have chosen some weighty thesis to develop further. Let’s look at an example.  

how to start a persuasive essay hook

How to Start Off a Persuasive Essay About Debates: Example

It is not difficult to work out the topic of debates. But before you find out how to start off a persuasive essay about debates, highlight the thesis that you support. You should specify the purpose of an essay in an introduction and avoid unsupported value judgments.  

how to start a persuasive essay hook

Starting a Persuasive Essay on Too Much Homework: Example

Before deciding on how to  write a persuasive essay  on too much homework, you should keep in mind that this topic is quite unusual. To define your position, you should prepare strong arguments; statistics will make an especially good hook.  

how to start a persuasive essay hook

Writing a Persuasive Essay on Starting a Colony: Template

To write an introduction of a persuasive essay on starting a colony, you should take on a strong stance on this matter. Be clear and convey the need for this action. Give general arguments, referring to historical practice – this will convince an audience to accept your point.

how to start a persuasive essay hook

Final Thoughts

An introduction of a persuasive essay should be effective. After all, it’s the first thing that the readers will see. So, to make a persuasive essay introduction informative and convincing, you should make arguments clear and prepare your arguments. Include such elements in your introduction:

By using the above-listed recommendations, you will create a really high-quality introduction for an essay, where you will specify your position and convince readers of the topic's importance. BTW, a free essay maker might help you generate a persuasive essay. Use it to simplify the process.

If you are struggling with your persuasive essay, entrust this task to our academic writers. Share your requirements and our experts will work miracles in a timely manner.

FAQ About Persuasive Essay Introductions

1. what comes first in a persuasive essay.

When writing a persuasive essay introduction, you should indicate the problem you are going to cover. Specify some types and characters that are important to readers. Don’t forget about presenting your personal achievements and opinions. But make sure that you don’t dilute your first paragraph. An introduction should be to the point, just like the rest of writing.

2. How to start a persuasive essay about littering?

Before deciding on how to start a persuasive essay about littering, you should  outline  the issue. In our case, this is litter that pollutes our planet, with its influence having already been proven by hundreds of studies. Highlight the fact that litter doesn’t only harm our planet in general, but also does affect us directly. Prove it by an argument that it accumulates in the environment. These can be the places we work, live and have fun in, which is harmful to our health.  

3. How can I create a hook for an essay about refugees?

Many people ask how to start a persuasive essay with a hook when it comes to writing a paper about refugees. We recommend describing some feelings and loneliness that this category of people experiences. Make an emotional hook to evoke the readers’ moral side. This will work, and you will get readers interested. After all, this is the most important aspect of any type of writing.


Daniel Howard is an Essay Writing guru. He helps students create essays that will strike a chord with the readers.

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TCK Publishing

if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'tckpublishing_com-box-2','ezslot_2',141,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-tckpublishing_com-box-2-0'); How to Write a Hook: 10 Ways to Capture Your Readers’ Attention

by Yen Cabag | 4 comments

how to write a hook header image

The first line of anything you write needs to grabs your reader’s attention. If you are reading a news article or a magazine feature, the first few lines typically determine whether you will keep reading or not. 

Whether you’re writing a novel, a short story, or an essay, mastering the skill of writing a strong hook is essential. This is one of the first things that differentiates an amateur writer from one with outstanding communication skills. 

What Is a Hook?

In rhetoric, a “hook” refers to the catchy first line of any written or orally delivered piece. Because it’s not strictly limited to writing, this includes spoken pieces like speeches, movies, plays, and even songs. 

When it comes to songs or movies, the hook is not dependent only on your words. For songwriting, an effective hook usually depends more on the melody line that you use to open your song. 

For movies, the visuals play an important role; screenwriters pay careful attention to the visual cues at the start of their screenplays. 

You can think of it as a fisherman’s hook, used to catch fish. Just as a fisherman uses a shiny hook with the right bait to lure and catch fish, you must have an effective first line to grab your reader’s attention. 

How to Write a Hook: The 10 Types

Writing a compelling hook takes skill. But you can use any of the following ways of writing a hook to get you started: 

1. The Surprising Statistic Hook 

Presenting a surprising fact or statistic is a great way to grab the attention of your audience. For example, an essay on the orphan crisis may begin with: 

Did you know that worldwide, there are roughly 153 million orphans? And every single day, about 5,700 more children become orphans. 

2. The Interesting Question Hook

A question at the very start of your piece challenges your readers to start thinking about the topic. It can be a simple yes or no question, but it can also be a more complicated question that will require them to think deeper. 

For example, when writing an essay about the need for good nutrition, you might ask: 

Why is it that we all say we believe in good nutrition, but very few of us actually consume enough fruits and vegetables or exercise regularly? 

This kind of question helps readers to start analyzing the cause of something: it may trigger them to look into their own reasons for not eating healthy or exercising regularly. When you do that, it increases the chances of them sticking around for whatever else you have to say. 

3. The Famous Quote Hook

An essay on good citizenship may begin with the famous John F. Kennedy quote: 

“Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” 

4. The Strong Statement Hook 

The Strong Statement Hook makes an assertive claim right on the get-go. For example: 

Sugar is the absolute anti-nutrient: every healthy thing that your body consumes, sugar would automatically negate. 

5. The Why Hook 

The Why Hook is when you start off your essay explaining why your topic is important. For example: 

Global warming is causing problems in every country around the world today. That’s why we need to look seriously into the issue by finding ways to be more ecologically responsible. 

6. The Joke Hook

A joke or an anecdote is a great way to break the ice, particularly in spoken pieces. For an essay, it may still work if the anecdote or joke helps to introduce the subject. However, we recommend you use this sparingly, as an appropriate joke weakens your essay. 

For example, if you’re writing an essay about the importance of punctuation, you may want to start with this condensed version of a joke: 

A panda walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a glass of brandy. After downing it in one go, he takes out his gun, shoots the bartender, and walks out the door.  Why did he do that?  Because a panda eats, shoots, and leaves. 

7. The Story Hook 

Sharing a story can effectively lure in your audience. You may use a personal story, or a story about someone else. 

Take note, though, that for a formal academic paper, it may not be appropriate to use personal pronouns. Make sure you check with your teacher before you opt for this technique. But for less formal writing assignments or for writing opinion pieces, this is a great option. 

Here’s an example for an essay on the importance of mothers reading to their children: 

When I was a child, my mother would read to me every night. We would cuddle up in bed, and I would wait excitedly for her to open the book in her hand. But she didn’t read me stories or fairy tales. Instead, she would read from a joke book, or the jokes section of Reader’s Digest, or from a religious daily devotional book. I find it odd that even so, I grew up loving to read. 

8. The Description Hook 

Giving your readers an idea of a desirable future is a great way of catching their attention. Use strong words to create a scene in your readers’ minds. For example, when writing about the things you love to do in the summer, you may start by painting a picture: 

Standing in the warm sand, watching the cool waves lap around my feet, and feeling the breeze ripple through my hair is an experience that I always associate with the summertime. 

9. The Misconception Hook 

A misconception or commonly-believed myth is another good way to hook your readers. You might choose an old wives’ tale, or something commonly held in your culture that does not have any scientific bearing. 

Were you always told to stretch before you exercise to prevent injuries? In truth, stretching a muscle that has not been warmed up yet can actually cause injuries .

10. The Metaphor/Simile Hook 

Using literary devices such as similes or metaphors is another way to start your essay with a bang. You can make a direct comparison to your topic to make it more understandable. 

For example, when writing about the importance of children reading excellent literature, you might start with: 

Children’s minds are like their bodies: just as children’s bodies need healthy food to thrive and grow, their minds also need nutritious food, in the form of rich ideas in books, to grow strong and healthy. 

What Is a Hook for an Essay?

In an essay, the hook falls in the introduction paragraph. To review, the parts of an essay include: 

One important thing to remember is that the hook does not replace your introduction. You still need to build on your hook to form an introduction that effectively lays the foundation for your piece. 

Marketing Hooks

Hooks aren’t just for essays: they’re also important to marketing, and can make or break your campaign.

When it comes to marketing, you might use creative hooks in your blog post headlines, ad copy, company slogan, or even in your book’s subtitle. These hooks are usually short, as modern consumers have short attention spans, and most advertisers have limited time or space to capture that attention.

To come up with a clever hook for your business, product, or service, think about the message you want to convey to consumers. What do you want to inspire them to do? What’s your big picture? What makes you and your business unique?

Here are a few examples of different types of hooks that have worked for different platforms:

Hook Your Readers

Try these different types of hooks and see which one works best for your essay.

To develop your writing skills further, challenge yourself to use different types each time you sit down and write, instead of always reaching for your favorite type. 

Which type of hook is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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Yen Cabag

Yen Cabag is the Blog Writer of TCK Publishing. She is also a homeschooling mom, family coach, and speaker for the Charlotte Mason method, an educational philosophy that places great emphasis on classic literature and the masterpieces in art and music. She has also written several books, both fiction and nonfiction. Her passion is to see the next generation of children become lovers of reading and learning in the midst of short attention spans.

Obaida Alansari

It was very helpful and I become much more understanding

Kaelyn Barron

We’re so glad the post was helpful to you! :)


Thank you for your helping me to become a better writer and enjoy writing.

You’re very welcome, Abbas! We’re glad you found the post helpful! :)

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Persuasive essays are a bit like argument essays and persuasive speeches , but they tend to be a little kinder and gentler. Argument essays require you to discuss and to attack an alternate view, while persuasive essays are attempts to convince the reader that you have a believable argument. In other words, you are an advocate, not an adversary.

A Persuasive Essay Has 3 Components

Learning how to write a persuasive essay is an essential skill that people use every day in fields from business to law to media and entertainment. English students can begin writing a persuasive essay at any skill level. You're sure to find a sample topic or two from the list of 100 persuasive essays below, sorted by degree of difficulty.

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how to start a persuasive essay hook

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What Is an Effective Hook?

Steps before choosing a type of hook, great essay hooks strategies, start with an interesting fact, place your favorite literary quotation, quote a famous personality, use a great story as an opening, anecdotal hook, strike with numbers and statistics, reveal a common misconception, involve a contradiction, create a metaphor or a comparison, pose a rhetorical question, ask a question - give an answer.

Being proficient at writing essay hooks is a vital skill to master for students in academic writing. It will be harder to make your readers get excited to read your essays without it. Suppose that you have produced some reliable content to present. Still, if you miss using a strong attention grabber, your audience will unlikely want to read the rest.

But don't worry, with our tips, you will learn how to write a hook that will keep your readers' attention until the end. Let this article be a shiny pearl you just found in a deep blue sea. Or you can always request help from an  essay writer  at our professinal academic service.

A hook in any piece of writing is a catchy sentence or paragraph in the introduction. Its primary purpose is to draw your reader's attention to your report.

If someone is searching for a book or article to read, they will decide from the very beginning whether this work is worth attention. For example, a book can be incredible in terms of content. But if the opening lines are dull, a reader will unlikely keep reading the rest.

The ability to motivate people to review the entire text defines the effectiveness of the hook. A hook sentence is the best way to start an academic paper of any type.  This attention grabber gives a hint of what the topic is and what kind of questions will be observed. A good hook can keep the reader intrigued until the end.

An excellent hook is a perfect method to start an argumentative or a persuasive essay. But don't forget that apart from the hook itself, the rest of the paper should be captivating. That's why it's essential to define the target audience , thesis, and supporting arguments not to fall off the point.

Remember that you shouldn't use more than one hook in the essay introduction. A higher number of catchy phrases might make the reader lose the main point. In one or two sentences , express a single exciting hook to grab your reader's attention like these essay introduction examples do.

There are many types of hooks you can use while writing an essay. It is sometimes difficult to choose the most suitable one. But any attention grabber will work if done the right way. Our writing gurus gathered the most effective strategies for your perusal.

Do you want to make the audience read your full text? Get them hooked with the help of a fact they have never heard of and keep them interested throughout the entire work. Such hook sentences do not necessarily need specific figures.

For example:

It would be a great essay opening: a writer can choose to focus on the value of time, review " The Fellowship of the Ring " storyline, or describe Gandalf's character. A right hook has many different applications in one text. 

The wisdom of this man has no doubts. People tend to believe Steve Jobs as he has achieved remarkable results, a wealthy being, and a new technology age. Such people are worth your attention. You can start an essay on business, management, leadership, marketing, or I.T. with these words.

It is a great hook for an essay. Stories are always compelling, but stories about famous people are on top. Do the research, read their biographies, and find correlations with your writing theme. Give readers a nice story, and they will like it.

Every day we learn different jokes from our colleagues, family, or friends. You can use these funny stories as attention grabbers, but only if they are directly related to your main topic. Humor is an excellent way to smooth out stressful situations and put a smile on your face. It can also be a perfect tool to use in an essay about yourself .

For example :

In our case, such a hook may start a serious topic like the problems people with colorblindness experience. The tale can serve as an introduction to the research on stereotypes about Chukcha, especially their intellect. The same hook may open an essay on different types of humor.

You can write a hook that starts with numbers and interesting statistics. Demonstrate that you did extensive research and created a reasonable basis for your discussion.

For instance:

What can be more intriguing than finding out that an idea you have had in mind for years is wrong? It is a perfect trigger that will make a great impact on your readers in a second.

Essay hooks may also include contradictions. A good essay starter can show opposite ideas or situations in a single excerpt. The main feature of such a hook is leaving some food for thought for your reader.

For instance :

Obviously, this isn't a recipe or a story about eggs. The writer starts with a straightforward, everyday image and then adds a drop of unpredictability - 'oppressed' ones to break the eggs. We call such a sentence a fantastic starter and a strong hook.

Not all questions may have answers. Yes, we are referring to rhetorical ones. Rhetorical questions have obvious interpretation and do not require further explanation. You can use them as your reader's attention grabber. It is one way to let them ponder and guess about the content of your writing before actually reading it.

So it's called a rhetorical question hook . It is an exciting way to start essays on hate crime, life, existence, sense of life, moral or ethical values, etc. However, this method mostly works for narrative or descriptive writing . We would not recommend using it for other academic papers.

What a lovely question! We want to know the answer now, and we keep reading and realize that we have finished the entire essay. Nothing is more hooking than a question that interests lots of people. Don't be afraid to use this trick if you want your audience to get sincerely interested in your writing.

Hooks are a handy tool that can help to succeed in writing. It doesn't matter whether it's a hook for an essay or another type of written content. It should do its job every time. But hooks alone will not grant you a perfect score on your paper. Students should also remember to be precise with describing the topic of their assignment. Here's one of the essay tips : keep it simple but exciting and worth your readers' time.

If you are unsure which hook to choose for your essay, you can always trust our writers . Our experts will suggest the best solution or complete the entire paper for you. They know precisely how to start an essay with an attention grabber. Just give it a shot, and you won't regret it!

Draw people into reading your essay (for example informative essay or 500 word essay) by making your introduction interesting and intriguing with the first sentence it starts with. The best way to do that is by using attention-catching hooks. These are to engage your audience, spark curiosity in the...

“Book titled “Neverending Story” is the best literary piece I’ve ever read!”“Shopping at Walmart Makes My Day.”“How Comes Some People Don’t Fear Death?”Students break their heads against the wall trying to understand how to title an essay. These phrases seem extractions from some stories. Some colle...

Writing an excellent five-paragraph essay is a choice. Some students may choose to exert their efforts and time to meet all requirements. But others may opt for the easy path and submit a poorly-crafted paper which ultimately will lead them nowhere. To ensure that your next five-paragraph essay will...

Persuasive Essay Guide

Persuasive Essay Examples

Caleb S.

32 Persuasive Essay Examples to Help You Get Started

Published on: Jul 25, 2018

Last updated on: Feb 22, 2023

persuasive essay examples

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Are you seeking to improve your persuasive writing skills? 

Reading essay examples is a great way to help you become a better writer. Reading sample essays can provide valuable insight into how to effectively construct your argument.

But searching for good examples to read is not easy. However, you need not worry, as we have gathered the most helpful persuasive essays right here!

So, if you are looking for some good persuasive essay examples to write your essay, look no further. Continue reading this blog and explore various examples to help you get started.

Persuasive Essay Writing Examples

A persuasive essay aims to convince the reader of the author’s point of view. 

It is always beneficial to go through different examples to get the proper direction of your essay. Similarly, good essay examples also help to avoid any potential pitfalls and offer clear information to the readers to adopt.

Here are some easy persuasive writing essay examples for you to master the art of persuasion. These are divided into several categories according to the grade levels and subjects.

3rd-grade Persuasive Essay Example

Persuasive Essay Example for 3rd-grade

4th-grade Persuasive Essay Example

Persuasive Essay Example for 4th-grade

Persuasive Essay Example 5th-grade pdf

Persuasive Essay Example for 5th-grade

Persuasive Essay Examples for 6th Grade pdf

7th-grade Persuasive Essay Example

Persuasive Essay Example for 7th-grade

8th-grade Persuasive Essay Example

Persuasive Essay Example for 8th-grade

10th-grade Persuasive Essay Example

Persuasive Essay Example for 10th-grade

11th-grade Persuasive Essay Example

Persuasive Essay Example for 11th-grade

Persuasive Writing Example for Kids

Persuasive Essay Examples for High School

The following are good persuasive essay examples for high school. Having a look at them will help you understand better.

Persuasive Essay Example for High-school

Examples of Persuasive Essay in Everyday Life

Persuasive Essay Examples for Middle School

Check out these persuasive essay examples for middle school to get a comprehensive idea of the format structure.

Middle School Persuasive Essay Example

Short Persuasive Essay Example

Persuasive Essay Examples for College

Essay writing at the college level becomes more difficult and complicated. We have provided you with top-notch college persuasive and argumentative essay examples here. Read them to understand the essay writing process easily.

Persuasive Essay Example for College

English Persuasive Essay Example

Persuasive Essay About Smoking

Argumentative and Persuasive Example

Persuasive Essay Examples for University

It becomes even more challenging to draft a perfect essay at the university level. Have a look at the below examples of a persuasive essay to get an idea of writing one.

Persuasive Essay Example for University

5 Paragraph Persuasive Essay Example

how to start a persuasive essay hook

Paper Due? Why Suffer? That's our Job!

Persuasive Essay Examples for Different Formats 

A persuasive essay can be written in several formats. For instance, you can write the usual 5-paragraph essay, or even something longer or shorter. Below are a few sample essays in various common formats.

These examples tell you how to remain convincing and persuasive regardless of the essay format you use.

Persuasive Essay Examples 5 Paragraph

Persuasive Essay Examples 3 Paragraph

Short Persuasive Essay Examples

Persuasive Essay Outline Examples

Creating an impressive outline is the most important step for writing a persuasive essay. It helps to organize thoughts and make the writing process easier.

A standard outline consists of the following sections.

Have a look at the following  persuasive essay outline  template examples.

Persuasive Essay Outline

Persuasive Essay Template

Writing a Persuasive Essay - A Detailed Example

Writing a persuasive essay requires good research and writing skills. Similarly, it also demands a good understanding of both sides of an issue. Only then, a writer will be able to justify why his opinion is correct, and the opposing view is incorrect.

Below is an example that will help you to write a persuasive essay in no time.

Writing A Persuasive Essay - A Detailed Example

How to Start a Persuasive Essay Examples

The introduction is the first paragraph of any essay. It also serves as a first chance to impress the audience. Thus, it should have a clear purpose and structure.

Remember, if you do not know how to start an essay, you will never be able to get an A grade. 

A compelling persuasive essay introduction must have the following elements.

Check out the below document to explore some sample persuasion essay introductions.

A Good Start for a Persuasive Essay - Short Example

Introduction Persuasive Essay Example

Persuasive Essay Thesis Statement Examples

Persuasive Essay Hook Examples

How to End a Persuasive Essay Examples

Just like the introduction, the conclusion of the persuasive essay is equally important. It is considered as the last impression of your writing piece to the audience.

A good conclusion paragraph must include the following aspects.

Have a look at the document to explore the sample conclusions of a persuasive essay.

Conclusion Persuasive Essay Example

Catchy Persuasive Essay Topics 

Now that you have read some good examples, it's time to write your own persuasive essay.

But what should you write about? Here is a list of ten persuasive essay topics that you can use to grab your reader's attention and make them think:

Check out two examples on similar topics:

Political Persuasive Essay Examples

Persuasive Essay Example About Life

You can also check our blog about persuasive essay topics for more interesting topics.

Summing up,

Essay examples and samples are indeed the best way to learn to write any type of essay. They help students to write a well-organized and perfect piece of writing. 

However, there are cases when people require further help in the essay writing process. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to choose a  persuasive essay writing service .

MyPerfectWords.com offers professional  writing services  to help with your academic assignments. Our team of  persuasive essay writers  is highly qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced to produce well-written essays. 

Place your order now to hire our  essay writer !

Caleb S. (Literature, Marketing)

Caleb S. has been providing writing services for over five years and has a Masters degree from Oxford University. He is an expert in his craft and takes great pride in helping students achieve their academic goals. Caleb is a dedicated professional who always puts his clients first.

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persuasive essay examples

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Essay Writing Guide

Hook Examples

Last updated on: Feb 8, 2023

Hook Examples: How to Start Your Essay Effectively

By: Nova A.

Reviewed By: Jacklyn H.

Published on: Feb 19, 2019

Hook Examples

Tired of getting poor grades on your high school or college essays?

Not sure how to make your writing interesting enough for the professor?

Students are always busy with essays, assignments, and projects on a regular basis. Whether they're in school or college, students are always looking for new ways to get their point across.

One way that's becoming increasingly popular is using hooks. Hooks are attention grabbing phrases that prompt the reader into further reading.

They intrigue them enough to stay interested in what you have to say next. Essay writing  is based on how well you explain your main points and engage the readers.

They can be placed anywhere in your essay. But typically they come at the beginning of sentences or paragraphs.

Check out the essay hook examples discussed in this blog to solve all your concerns.

Hook Examples

On this Page

What is an Essay Hook?

Imagine this; you are at a bookstore looking for interesting books to buy. How will you decide which one to go for?

You skim through the introduction if it catches your attention, you decide to buy it. Even if the book was well-written, if the introduction was dull, you wouldn’t want to continue reading it.

Similarly, when your professor is reading your essay, they judge it based on the introduction. If the introduction fails to impress them, they are less likely to keep reading it further. Even if they do decide to give it a quick read, they wouldn't find it too interesting.

To combat this issue, writers make use of a term called a “hook.” A hook sentence is the opening sentence of your essay. And it is written with the intention of grabbing the reader's attention.

An effective essay hook has the ability to keep the reader interested and motivate them to finish reading the entire essay.

It is better to start your essay with a hook. It provides an idea about your overall topic and the questions that are addressed.

It is important to have an interesting opening statement. And it is important for the rest of the text to be engaging as well. Here is a complete guide to describe  how to start an essay  to keep your audience engaged.

In this article, we are going to address the basics of writing a hook and the different types of hooks.

How to Write a Hook?

The opening lines of an essay is your hook, which acts as an attention grabber. Remember that the hook statement is part of your essay introduction. It isn’t written to replace the introduction itself.

An introduction consists of a hook followed by a thesis statement. A hook is written to attract the reader. The purpose of a thesis statement is to explain the main points of the essay. To learn more about it, head on to this detailed blog of writing a  thesis statement .

In order to write a good hook, you must be aware of the following aspects:

Remember, that the hook should be related to the main topic or idea of the piece of writing.

When you write essays, research papers, or other academic papers you can use different types of hooks relevant to your requirements. Some of the different attention grabbing hooks are:

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Tough Essay Due? Hire Tough Writers!

Hook Sentence Examples

To give you a better understanding of the different types of essay hooks, we will be discussing essay hook examples.

Question Hook

Starting your essay by asking a thought-provoking question can be a good way to engage the reader. Ask your reader a question that they can visualize. However, make sure to keep your questions relevant to the reader's interest. Avoid generalized, and yes or no questions.

Rhetorical questions make up good hooks.

“How are successful college students different from unsuccessful college students?”

“What is the purpose of our existence?”

“Have you ever wondered whether Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters would have been still together if he didn't die of cancer?”

Quotation Hook

A quotation from a famous person is used to open an essay to attract the reader's attention. However, the quote needs to be relevant to your topic and must come from a credible source. To remove any confusion that the reader might have it is best to explain the meaning of the quote later.

When writing about Education, you can use the quote by Nelson Mandela:

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”

If your topic is related to hard work and making your own destiny, you can start by quoting Michael Jordan.

“Some people want it to happen; some wish it would happen; others make it happen.”

And further, explain how he talks about people who dream for a certain thing. But they never achieve it because they don’t put in the efforts. Simply wishing, dreaming and praying isn’t enough. It is only those dreamers who take it upon themselves to work hard to make it as a professional basketball player.

Statistic Hook

Here you use statistical data such as numbers and figures, percentages, etc. to hook the reader. This is mostly used in informative writing to provide the reader with new and interesting facts. It is important to mention the source.

Here is an argumentative essay hook example, if you're writing about gun laws. You can use the following statistics:

“Reports have shown that almost two-thirds of adults in the United States of America have lived in a place with at least one gun, at some point of their life.”

Another persuasive essay hook example about people's psychology and lying is mentioned below:

“It is noted by Allison Komet from the Psychology Today magazine that people lie in every one out of five conversations that last for at least 10 minutes.”

Anecdotal Hook

An anecdote is a short story relevant to the essay topic, illustrated to gain the reader’s attention. This story can be derived from a personal experience or your imagination. Mostly, an anecdote is humorous; it makes the reader laugh and leaves them wanting to read more.

It is mostly used when writing narrative or descriptive essays.

If you are a non-English speaker and call the support department or the helpline and hear:

“If you want instructions in English, press 1. If you don't understand English, press 2.”

“ An elderly person came to buy a TV, asked the shopkeeper if they had colored TVs. When told that they are available, he asked to purchase a purple one.” 

Personal Story

Starting with a personal story is the right way to go when writing a personal narrative or admissions essay for College.

There is no such rule that the story has to be yours. You can share your friends' story or someone you know of.

Remember that such hooks aren't suitable when writing a more formal or argumentative piece of writing.

“My father was in the Navy; I basically grew up on a cruise. As a young boy, I saw things beyond anyone's imagination. On April 15, 2001…”

In the next section we will be discussing hook examples for different kinds of essays.

Argumentative Essay Hook Examples

The opening paragraph of an argumentative essay should be similar to the opening statement of a trial. Just as a lawyer presents his point with a logical system, you must do the same in your essay.

For example, you are writing about the adverse effects of smoking, and arguing that all public places should be turned into no smoking zones. For such essays, good hook examples will be statistical such as:

“According to the World Health Organization consumption of tobacco kills about five million people every year, which makes it more than the death rate from HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria altogether.”

Paper Due? Why Suffer? That's our Job!

Persuasive Essay Hook Examples

The main idea or aim for writing a persuasive essay is to convince and persuade the reader to do something. It is also written to change their beliefs and agree with your point of view.

Hook sentences for such essays are a shocking revelation that the reader is curious to learn more about.

“On average each year, humans release 38.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide approximately. Due to this, the level of carbon dioxide has increased significantly, more than it has been in centuries. If you think climate change is nothing to worry about then you are highly mistaken.”

Narrative Essay Hook Examples

Simply put, a narrative essay is just like a story. In other types of essays you need to pick a side, argue and prove your point with the help of evidence. A narrative essay gives you a freehand to tell your story however you may please.

It can be a story inspired by your life, something you may have experienced. If you feel like it isn’t exciting enough you can always transform it using your imagination.

Examples of a hook sentence for a narrative essay can be something like:

“I was riding the bus to school; the other kids were making fun of me thinking I couldn’t understand them. “Why are his eyes like that?” “His face is funny.” A Chinese kid in America is probably like a zoo animal.”

These were some catchy hook examples just to give you an idea. You can make use of any one of these types according to your paper and its requirements. The key to making your essay stand out from the rest is to have a strong introduction.

While it is the major part, there’s more that goes into writing a good essay. Continue reading and you can find the basics guidelines of essay writing.

If you are still unable to come up with an exciting hook, you can always ask our professional essay writer online for help. The expert essay writers at 5StarEssays.com  are just a click away. Reach out to them today and have an engaging opening for your essay.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a visual hook.

The visual hook is a scene that captures the audience's interest by encapsulating something about the movie. It usually occurs around 15 minutes into it, and can be found in marketing or reviews of movies.

Nova A.

As a Digital Content Strategist, Nova Allison has eight years of experience in writing both technical and scientific content. With a focus on developing online content plans that engage audiences, Nova strives to write pieces that are not only informative but captivating as well.

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Hook Examples

Hook Examples

Hook Examples

Hook Examples

Hook Examples

Hook Examples

Hook Examples

Hook Examples

Hook Examples

Hook Examples

Hook Examples

Hook Examples

Hook Examples

Hook Examples

Hook Examples

Hook Examples

Hook Examples

Hook Examples

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Catchy Hooks for Essays: Examples of Hooks, Guidelines, Ideas

Now here’s the clue.

If you want to wow your teacher, polish the introduction. Add something interesting, funny, shocking, or intriguing. Good essay hooks help you build an emotional connection right from the start. Think of an essay hook as bait for your readers.

Our expert team has prepared numerous examples of hooks for essays. You’ll find hook examples for an argumentative essay, personal story, history essay, and other types of papers.

For 100% clarity, we provided examples using each hook tactic. And a short part about how to write a good hook.

Teacher: "I won't forgive you for this essay."  Student: "But you gave me an A. What's wrong with it?"  Teacher: "I couldn't stop reading it, and I burned my dinner."

We highly recommend reading all the methods and examples, so you don’t have any questions:

We highly recommend reading all the methods and examples, so you don’t have any questions.

💎 How to Write a Hook That Will Work for Your Essay?

The hook of your essay usually appears in the very first sentence.

The average length of an essay hook should be 3-7 sentences, depending on the topic.

But first, let’s quickly go through the key questions.

What Is an Essay Hook?

An essay hook (or narrative hook) is a literary technique that writers use to keep their readers engaged. It shows that the content below is worth reading.

The hook can have different lengths. Some writers make it last for several pages. Though, it better be a short paragraph or even a sentence.

WWhy Do You Need a Good Essay Hook?

Writing the right hook is essential for a few reasons:

How to Write a Good Hook?

It can be hard to come up with a right hook at first.

Moreover, not all hooks are universal. It depends on the type of writing and target audience. For example, using cliche sentences may disengage your readers. However, if your essay is scientific, you can try putting an interesting little-known fact at the beginning.

Personal experience or a funny joke can be good hooks as well. On the other hand, they have some limitations as well. Such type of attention grabbers is more suitable for essays on personal topics.

However, there is one trick that works well for any kind of writing. An intriguing question that you will answer later in the text is an excellent hook as it spikes the interest. It makes the readers more eager to read till the end to find out the answer. It will work correctly for your essay, too!

💬 The Famous Quote Hook

Use a famous quote as a hook for your essay on history, literature, or even social sciences. It will present you as an established writer. It shows how knowledgeable you are and motivates the readers to engage in the text.

⬇ ️ Check out examples below ⬇ ️

Political Science

Hilary Clinton once said that "there cannot be true democracy unless women's voices are heard." Which creates a discussion about how perfect democracy should look like. If it is a form of government that considers all opinions, why are women silenced so often even nowadays? The truth is that we need to ensure completely equal opportunities for women in politics before we talk about establishing the correct version of democracy. And even the most developed and progressive countries are still struggling to get to that level of equality. It can be achieved by various methods, even though they might only work in certain countries.

And even the most developed and progressive countries are still struggling to get to that level of equality. It can be achieved by various methods, even though they might only work in certain countries.

Social Sciences

"Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country." These words of wisdom from John Kennedy reflect the perspective we need to teach the younger generations. For some reason, it has become popular to blame the government for any problem arising in society. Is it their fault that we don't think about waste and keep trashing our home? Social responsibility is a real thing. The well-being of our countries starts with the actions of every separate individual. It is not entirely right to wait until the government fixes all the issues for us. The best strategy is to start thinking about what we can do as a community to make our home even a better place.

And excellent sources of quotes for you:

❓ Rhetorical Question Essay Hooks

It doesn’t have to be rhetorical – any type of question addressed to your audience will do its job. Such a universal kind of hook can spike the interest of your readers immediately.

Some useful patterns of rhetorical questions:

And more in examples:

Wouldn't free access to education for everyone be wonderful? The answer would most likely be positive. However, it is not as simple as it seems. As much as the governments try to achieve this goal, there are still many uneducated people. On the bright side, in the era of technology, learning has never been so easy. Of course, some young adults just prefer the shortcut option of taking a student loan. Other ways are much more challenging and require a lot of responsibility and patience. Finding free educational resources online and gaining experience with the help of video tutorials might sound unprofessional. Still, you will be surprised how many experts hired in different fields only received this type of education.

Is there anything that can help you lose weight fast? You have probably heard of this magical keto diet that is getting more and more popular worldwide. People claim that it helps them shred those excess pounds in unbelievably short terms. But how healthy is it, and does it suit anyone? The truth is that no diet is universal, and thanks to our differences, some weight-loss methods can even be harmful. Keto diet, for example, leads your body into the state of ketosis. What happens is that you don't receive carbohydrates, and in this state, fat is used as the primary source of energy instead them. However, it carries potential threats.

😂 Anecdotal Essay Hooks. What Can Be Better?

This type would usually be more suitable for literary pieces or personal stories. So, don’t use it for formal topics, such as business and economics. Note that this hook type can be much longer than one sentence. It usually appears as the whole first paragraph itself.

It wouldn't be Kate if she didn't do something weird, so she took a stranger for her best friend this time. There is nothing wrong with it; mistakes like that happen all the time. However, during only five minutes that Kate spent with the stranger, she blabbed too much. Thinking that she sat down at the table that her friend took, Kate was so busy starting on her phone that she didn't notice that it wasn't her friend at all. Sure enough, the naive girl started talking about every little detail of her last night that she spent with her date. It was too much for the ears of an old lady. Kate realized she took the wrong table only when it was too late.

Literature (personal story)

Do not ever underestimate the power of raccoons! Those little furry animals that may look overly cute are too smart and evil. It only takes one box of pizza left outside your house by the delivery person for the disaster to begin. When they smell that delicious pizza, no doors can stop them. They will join the forces to find a hole in your house to squeeze into. Even if it's a window crack four feet above the ground, they know how to get to it. Using their fellow raccoons as the ladder, they get inside the house. They sneak into the kitchen and steal your pizza in front of your eyes and your scared-to-death dog. Not the best first day in the new home, is it? 

📈 Striking Stats Essay Hooks

Looking deeper into your essay topic, you might find some numbers that are quite amusing or shocking. They can serve as perfect hooks for economics- and business-oriented writings. Also, it is better if they are less known.

Business/social sciences

The UAE workforce is culturally diverse since around 20% of employees (usually called expatriates) come from different countries. Ex-pats tend to take managerial positions, which makes communication within companies quite tricky. The training focused on raising cultural awareness is getting more common, but such educational strategies as games (or gamification) are still rarely applied in the UAE companies. Yet, gamification was a useful tool in other places, making it an attractive UAE team building method. It can significantly help integrate ex-pats and create a more culturally aware environment.

The full version of this paper is here: Gamification and Cross-Cultural Communication in Dubai

The United Arab Emirate's debt has been rising drastically in past years, from about US$17 billion in 2003, which is almost 19 percent of GDP, to US$184 billion in 2009. Only a small proportion of the debt can be tracked directly to the public sector. A report by UBS bank shows that most of the debt comes from the corporate sector. Most of the companies that hold the main section of the debt are financial institutions. The public sector partly owns them. Banks in the UAE have been accumulating their debt amounts in the years mentioned above and could now account for 75 percent of the total foreign debt. The discussion is about the reasons why the UAE debt has been rising at an alarming rate.

Check the whole essay Debts in the United Arab Emirates .

Some good sources for statistics

🤯 Shocking Facts are Very Good Hooks for Essays

Very similar to a statistical hook, a fact can serve as a perfect engaging introduction. Search your field for some shocking phenomenon and gently insert it in the beginning.

Don’t forget to include a reliable source reinforcing your words!

Nowadays, much attention is paid to the problem of shark finning around the world. Millions of sharks are killed annually for their fins, and many of them are dropped back to the ocean finless, where they die because of suffocation. In many countries, the idea of shark finning remains illegal and unethical, but the possibility of earning huge money cannot be ignored (Dell'Apa et al. 151). Regarding available technologies, market economies, trade relations, and cheap employment, it does not take much time to organize special trips for shark hunting. The Trade of shark fins is alive and well developed in countries like the United States and China. However, the number of people who are eager to try shark fin soup has considerably decreased during the last several years because of the popularity of anti-shark fin soup campaigns and laws supported worldwide (Mosbergen). The situation continues to change in China.

Read the full paper about China Southern Airlines being against shark finning .

Daniel Stacey and Ross Kelly observed that long lines and a new gray market trend for bigger screen phones marked Apple's new iPhones debut. As expected, new phone models drew Apple fans outside retail stores (Stacey and Kelly). Global critics, however, noted that this year's lines were generally longer relative to previous periods mainly because of the developing gray market for Apple products. The new Apple's iPhones have larger screens than the previous models. Also, they boast of improved battery life, faster processors, and an enhanced camera. Tim Cook called them "mother of all upgrades" (Stacey and Kelly).

For the whole text, go to Apple’s New iPhones Start Selling in Stores” by Stacey and Kelly

Sources to look for reliable facts:

🗣 ️ Dialogue as a Catchy Hook for Essays

Dialogue is another type of hooks that goes perfectly with pieces of literature and stories. It can even make your short essay stand out if you include it at the beginning. But don’t forget that it only concerns specific topics such as literature and history.

Here it is:

– Why did you do it? – I don't know anymore… That's why I'm leaving for a little bit right now. I need time to think.

With these words, Anna stepped back into the train car and waved goodbye to Trevor. She couldn’t even find the right words to explain why she ran away on her wedding day. It wasn’t that she didn’t love Trevor, but there was this deep, natural, and unexplored feeling that told her it wasn’t time yet. But the only thing Anna realized was that the city made her sick. That day, she took off her wedding dress, bought a ticket on the next flight leaving that afternoon, and hopped on the train taking her to the airport. She couldn’t even remember the country’s name she was going to so blurry everything was from her tears.

– If we still had inquisition, we could probably set him on fire. – Some dark magic, indeed, my friend! It would have probably been a real dialogue if we knew who was the first automobile inventor for sure. People were undoubtedly shocked to see the cars moving by themselves without horses. However, since they started appearing around the globe around the same time, it is almost impossible to identify who was the original creator of the idea and the first automobile itself. The credit was usually given to Karl Benz from Germany, who created a gasoline car in 1885-1886. But there are also much earlier records of a gentleman named Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot, who built the first vehicle powered by steam in France in 1769.

🔮 A Story Looks Like an Extremely Good Essay Hook

A universal essay hook is a story. You can use this trick pretty much anywhere. The main challenge is to be as authentic as possible, try to tell something fresh and engaging. The more specific and narrow the story, the more chances for a successful introduction.

Dell started fast and strong. The original company was founded in 1984 when the founder was only a 19-year-old student at the University of Texas. Four years after the inception of the company, Michael Dell became the Entrepreneur of the Year. Eight years after he started the company from his dorm room's comfort, Dell was chosen as the Man of the Year by PC Magazine. […] The company was acknowledged as the world's leading direct marketer of personal computers. At the same time, Dell was known as one of the top five PC vendors on the planet (Hunger 9). […] However, the company's journey encountered a major hurdle down the road. Even after recovering from an economic recession in 2010, the company continued to experience declining sales.

Continue reading Dell Technologies Mission, Vision, and Values .

🦚 Contradictory Statement – Queen of Good Hooks

Everybody loves to start an argument by contradicting some facts. Therefore, you simply need to add a controversial statement at the beginning of your essay. People of all ages and beliefs will not be able to stop reading it!

Challenging your readers works well for social sciences, business, and psychology topics.

Examples of contradictory statements essay hooks:

If you think being a manager is a calm and relatively easy task, try surviving on five cups of coffee, a sandwich, and two packs of cigarettes a day. You would rather believe that managers only walk around the office and give their staff orders, wouldn't you? Unfortunately, the reality is much harsher than such rainbowy dreams. The use of the internet in academic contexts is on the rise, and its role in learning is hotly debated. For many teachers who did not grow up with this technology, its effects seem alarming and potentially harmful. A whole set of personal qualities and professional skills must keep up with the successful strategic planning, assessment, and development. All the tasks the managers need to attend to are nerve-wracking and sometimes almost impossible to do. The stress from the demanding managerial position is often overlooked or underestimated.

Social sciences

Video games have been ruining our kids' lives and leading to an increase in crime. Since the gaming industry's development in recent years, the fear of its adverse effects on the younger generations' brains has become a significant concern. There is such a wide variety of games, ranging from educational to violent shooters and horrors. Almost immediately, caring parents jumped on the latter category, claiming that its impact is too significant and children become more aggressive and uncontrollable. Some supporters of this theory went even further. They decided to link real-life crimes to the effects of violent video games on child and adult behavior. However, as we will see later in this article, there is no or little scientific evidence supporting those ideas.

🔁 Vivid Comparison Essay Hook

Introducing your topic with an engaging, vivid comparison is a universal strategy. It is suitable for any kind of writing. The main idea is to grab your readers’ attention by showing them your unique perspective on the topic. Try to make the comparison amusing and exciting.

Comparison Essay Hook Options:

Check out examples:


For many people, flying feels like a dream come true. More and more people take their first-ever flight thanks to the rapidly developing aviation technologies. Aircraft and airports are advancing, and air traveling is getting cheaper. However, except for transporting eager travel addicted and business people, planes are used in other ways. It appears that the whole economies across the world depend on the effectiveness and efficiency of airlines. Import and export demand this kind of transportation to work at all times. Aviation development seems like a great thing. However, just like any other technological breakthrough, it comes with a price. Environmental issues did not wait too long to show up.

Social sciences/psychology

Leaving home for the first time as a freshman can only be compared to the level of stress you had in childhood when your mother left you in the line at the checkout for too long. Indeed, becoming a student and moving out of the parent's house comes with a great deal of stress. All the unknown that lies ahead makes youngsters too anxious. Then, the difficulties of financial planning and increased academic pressure come as additional sources of worries. However, it does not have to be such a negative experience. Particular techniques can help students overcome their stress related to the separation from their parents.

📄 Definitions = Easy & Good Hooks for Essays

Another versatile essay hook option is introducing a qualitative definition. Try to make it capacious, and don’t fall into verbal jungles. This narrative hook is perfect for short scientific papers where there is only one focus subject.

Business Ethics

White-collar crime refers to the peaceful offense committed with the intention of gaining unlawful monetary benefits. There are several white-collar crimes that can be executed. They include extortion, insider trading, money laundering, racketeering, securities fraud, and tax evasion. Enron Company was an American based energy company. It was the largest supplier of natural gas in America in the early 1990s. The company had a stunning performance in the 1990s. Despite the excellent performance, stakeholders of the company were concerned about the complexity of the financial statements. The company's management used the complex nature of the financial statements and the accounting standards' weaknesses to manipulate the financial records. The white-collar crime was characterized by inflating the asset values, overstating the reported cash flow, and failure to disclose the financial records' liabilities. This paper carries out an analysis of the Enron scandal as an example of white-collar crime as discussed in the video, The Smartest Guys in the Room.

Go to see the full text here: Enron Company’s Business Ethics .

Motivation is the act of influencing someone to take any action to achieve a particular goal (Montana& Chanov, 2008). Employees' motivation depends on the job's nature, the company's organizational culture, and personal characteristics. In this case study, various theories influence and show how employees can be motivated in the workplace.

Continue reading this paper about Motivation Role in Management .

📚 A Metaphor Is Another Great Choice for Essay Hooks

Naturally, using a metaphor as a hook for your essay comes with some limitations. You should only use this type in literature and sometimes in psychology. However, it serves as a great attention grabber if it’s engaging enough.

Let’s see how you can use a metaphor:

When life gives you dirt, don't try to squeeze the juice out of it. It's better to leave it alone and let it dry out a bit. Kate decided to follow this philosophy since nothing else seemed to work. After the painful divorce process, last week's ridiculous work assignments and managing two kids alone almost drove her crazy. No polite discussions, arguing, or bribing helped take care of seemingly a million tasks these little women had to deal with. Even letting out the anger just like her phycologist recommended did not help much. Instead, Kate referred to the last remedy. She put all the issues aside with the hope that it would get better later.

The recipe is relatively easy – take a cup of self-respect, two cups of unconditional love, half a cup of good health, a pinch of new positive experiences, and mix it all for a perfect state of happiness! We all wish it would be possible, right? However, the mystery of this state of being happy is still unsolved. The concept and its perception considerably change depending on time and values. Happiness is so complicated that there is even no universal definition of it. Besides, humans are social creatures, so associating your level of success with others is not unusual. Therefore, being happy means achieving a certain level of several aspects.

🧩 Puzzle? Yes! Amazing Hook for Your Essay

Doesn’t a good riddle grab your attention? Sometimes you just want to find out the answer. The other times, you want to figure out how it is related to the topic. Such a hook would be great for writings on psychology and even economics or business.

Here are the examples:

How many Google office employees you need to destroy a box of fresh donuts? Google is indeed famous for some of the most accommodating and unique working places around the whole world. However, the success of the company does not only appear from treats for employees. It seems that the organizational culture has many effects on business decisions and overall performance. All the staff working in Google share the same visions and values, helping them cooperate and lead the company to success. However, there is one aspect to consider. The organizational culture needs to be adapted to the ever-changing business environment.

Who survives on dirt-like substance, is never joyful, and only returns to the cave to sleep? It sounds horrible, but the correct answer is human. Nowadays, the demands for any kind of workers are rising, which brings tremendous effects on people. As the number of duties increases, it is getting harder for employees not to chug on coffee and come back home in time for a family dinner. The work-life balance is disturbed, leading to anxiety, relationship issues, and even health problems. Social life appears to be as important as making money. Therefore, the correct distribution of time between personal life and work duties is necessary for happiness.

📢 Announcement Is Also a Good Essay Hook Option

Announcements could be suitable for literary pieces and historical essays.

Such a hook doesn’t have to be too long. It should be significant enough to persuade your readers to stick to your writing. Make sure it aligns with your topic as well.

Ways to use announcements as essay hooks:

It was a revolution! The Beatle's first song came out in 1962, and almost immediately, hordes of fans pledged their loyalty to this new band. Nearly all youngsters became obsessed with their music. No one can deny that the Beatles are still considered the creators of some of the best songs in history. However, the arrival of the British band influences culture as well. Many photos depict girls going crazy on live concerts and guys shaping their haircuts after the Beatles' members. The revolution that the band brought left an impact, evidence that we can still trace in modern British culture and music.

I will never go to Starbucks again! Oh, no, mind me. I love their coffee. At some point in my life, I even thought I had an addiction and had to ask my friends to watch my consumption of Pumpkin Spice Latte. Then, the wind of change turned everything upside down. On my usual Starbucks morning run, I noticed a homeless man holding a paper cup begging for money. At first, I didn't pay much attention since it's a usual occurrence in our area. However, one day, I recognized my old neighbor in him. The only cash I had on me, I usually spent on my cup of coffee, but I decided it was not much of a sacrifice. From that moment, I only showed up on that street to shove a few bucks into that poor guy's cup. One day, to my surprise, he talked to me.

ℹ ️ Background Information Essay Hook

Last but not least, give background information on your subject to make a good intro. Such an essay hook is effortless and suitable for practically any paper. Try to find the most unobvious angle to the background information. At the same time, keep it short and substantive.

Here are the ways to use background information essay hooks:

Air Arabia is among the leading low-cost carriers in the global airline industry. The airline is mainly based at the Sharjah International Airport in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) (Air Arabia, 2012). The airline came into inception in 2003 after His Highness Dr. Sheik Mohammed Al Qassimi, the Ruler of Sharjah, issued an Emiri Decree. Later, Air Arabia was transformed into a limited liability company. For nearly a decade, Air Arabia has witnessed tremendous growth, resulting in increased fleet size and improved sales revenues. At the same time, Air Arabia has created a renowned brand that offers reliable and safe services (Dubai Media Incorporated, 2012). Air Arabia identifies itself as a low-cost carrier by providing low fares in the industry. Some of the key strengths of the airline include punctuality and safety. This aims to ensure that the airline serves its customers most efficiently by observing its safety requirements and adhering to the landing and takeoff schedules (De Kluyver, 2010).

Read the full text here: Air Arabia Company Analysis.

Walmart was founded by Sam Walton in the Arkansas United States in 1962 as a grocery store. The company, which operates a chain of over 8,000 stores in fifteen countries, is estimated to employ over two million employees from diverse backgrounds. Wal-Mart was incorporated in 1969 and started trading in the New York Stock Exchange in 1972. […] Although the company can leave its consumers with a saving due to its low-price policy, it has faced some sharp criticisms over how it treats its employees and other stakeholders. Wal-Mart boasts of its ability to save its customers' money, an average of $950 per year. This, however, has been criticized as harming the community. Also, the feminists' activists have focused on Walmart's misconduct in offering low prices. (Fraedrich, Ferrell & Ferrell 440)

👣 Final Steps to Using Essay Hooks

Now we won’t keep you for long. Let’s just go through simple points of essay hook writing.

Someone may think that you have to write your hook first. It comes first in the paper, right?

In reality, though, you can wait until your entire essay is nearly finished. Then go back and rewrite the very first paragraph. This way, you can have a fresh look at what you’ve written in the beginning.

Here’s a simple plan you can follow.

Add this essay hook to the beginning of your introduction. Make sure that your ideas still flow naturally into your thesis statement.

⚠ ️ Pro tip: choose various hooks and play around, adding each hook to your introduction paragraph. Like this, you can determine which one makes the most impressive beginning to your paper.

Some of your choices may sound interesting but may not lead to your essay’s main point. Don’t panic! Paper writing always involves trial and error. Just keep trying your essay hook ideas until one fits perfectly.

That’s it 😊

Good luck with your work!

🔗 References

DemoEssays Review: Free Political Science Essay Samples

Psychologywriting review: free essay samples for students of all levels.

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How to Write an Essay Introduction | 4 Steps & Examples

Published on February 4, 2019 by Shona McCombes . Revised on September 14, 2022.

A good introduction paragraph is an essential part of any academic essay . It sets up your argument and tells the reader what to expect.

The main goals of an introduction are to:

This introduction example is taken from our interactive essay example on the history of Braille.

The invention of Braille was a major turning point in the history of disability. The writing system of raised dots used by visually impaired people was developed by Louis Braille in nineteenth-century France. In a society that did not value disabled people in general, blindness was particularly stigmatized, and lack of access to reading and writing was a significant barrier to social participation. The idea of tactile reading was not entirely new, but existing methods based on sighted systems were difficult to learn and use. As the first writing system designed for blind people’s needs, Braille was a groundbreaking new accessibility tool. It not only provided practical benefits, but also helped change the cultural status of blindness. This essay begins by discussing the situation of blind people in nineteenth-century Europe. It then describes the invention of Braille and the gradual process of its acceptance within blind education. Subsequently, it explores the wide-ranging effects of this invention on blind people’s social and cultural lives.

Table of contents

Step 1: hook your reader, step 2: give background information, step 3: present your thesis statement, step 4: map your essay’s structure, step 5: check and revise, more examples of essay introductions, frequently asked questions about the essay introduction.

Your first sentence sets the tone for the whole essay, so spend some time on writing an effective hook.

Avoid long, dense sentences—start with something clear, concise and catchy that will spark your reader’s curiosity.

The hook should lead the reader into your essay, giving a sense of the topic you’re writing about and why it’s interesting. Avoid overly broad claims or plain statements of fact.

Examples: Writing a good hook

Take a look at these examples of weak hooks and learn how to improve them.

The first sentence is a dry fact; the second sentence is more interesting, making a bold claim about exactly  why the topic is important.

Avoid using a dictionary definition as your hook, especially if it’s an obvious term that everyone knows. The improved example here is still broad, but it gives us a much clearer sense of what the essay will be about.

Instead of just stating a fact that the reader already knows, the improved hook here tells us about the mainstream interpretation of the book, implying that this essay will offer a different interpretation.

Next, give your reader the context they need to understand your topic and argument. Depending on the subject of your essay, this might include:

The information here should be broad but clearly focused and relevant to your argument. Don’t give too much detail—you can mention points that you will return to later, but save your evidence and interpretation for the main body of the essay.

How much space you need for background depends on your topic and the scope of your essay. In our Braille example, we take a few sentences to introduce the topic and sketch the social context that the essay will address:

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Now it’s time to narrow your focus and show exactly what you want to say about the topic. This is your thesis statement —a sentence or two that sums up your overall argument.

This is the most important part of your introduction. A  good thesis isn’t just a statement of fact, but a claim that requires evidence and explanation.

The goal is to clearly convey your own position in a debate or your central point about a topic.

Particularly in longer essays, it’s helpful to end the introduction by signposting what will be covered in each part. Keep it concise and give your reader a clear sense of the direction your argument will take.

As you research and write, your argument might change focus or direction as you learn more.

For this reason, it’s often a good idea to wait until later in the writing process before you write the introduction paragraph—it can even be the very last thing you write.

When you’ve finished writing the essay body and conclusion , you should return to the introduction and check that it matches the content of the essay.

It’s especially important to make sure your thesis statement accurately represents what you do in the essay. If your argument has gone in a different direction than planned, tweak your thesis statement to match what you actually say.

You can use the checklist below to make sure your introduction does everything it’s supposed to.

Checklist: Essay introduction

My first sentence is engaging and relevant.

I have introduced the topic with necessary background information.

I have defined any important terms.

My thesis statement clearly presents my main point or argument.

Everything in the introduction is relevant to the main body of the essay.

You have a strong introduction - now make sure the rest of your essay is just as good.

This introduction to an argumentative essay sets up the debate about the internet and education, and then clearly states the position the essay will argue for.

The spread of the internet has had a world-changing effect, not least on the world of education. The use of the internet in academic contexts is on the rise, and its role in learning is hotly debated. For many teachers who did not grow up with this technology, its effects seem alarming and potentially harmful. This concern, while understandable, is misguided. The negatives of internet use are outweighed by its critical benefits for students and educators—as a uniquely comprehensive and accessible information source; a means of exposure to and engagement with different perspectives; and a highly flexible learning environment.

This introduction to a short expository essay leads into the topic (the invention of the printing press) and states the main point the essay will explain (the effect of this invention on European society).

In many ways, the invention of the printing press marked the end of the Middle Ages. The medieval period in Europe is often remembered as a time of intellectual and political stagnation. Prior to the Renaissance, the average person had very limited access to books and was unlikely to be literate. The invention of the printing press in the 15th century allowed for much less restricted circulation of information in Europe, paving the way for the Reformation.

This introduction to a literary analysis essay , about Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein , starts by describing a simplistic popular view of the story, and then states how the author will give a more complex analysis of the text’s literary devices.

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is often read as a crude cautionary tale. Arguably the first science fiction novel, its plot can be read as a warning about the dangers of scientific advancement unrestrained by ethical considerations. In this reading, and in popular culture representations of the character as a “mad scientist”, Victor Frankenstein represents the callous, arrogant ambition of modern science. However, far from providing a stable image of the character, Shelley uses shifting narrative perspectives to gradually transform our impression of Frankenstein, portraying him in an increasingly negative light as the novel goes on. While he initially appears to be a naive but sympathetic idealist, after the creature’s narrative Frankenstein begins to resemble—even in his own telling—the thoughtlessly cruel figure the creature represents him as.

Your essay introduction should include three main things, in this order:

The length of each part depends on the length and complexity of your essay .

The “hook” is the first sentence of your essay introduction . It should lead the reader into your essay, giving a sense of why it’s interesting.

To write a good hook, avoid overly broad statements or long, dense sentences. Try to start with something clear, concise and catchy that will spark your reader’s curiosity.

A thesis statement is a sentence that sums up the central point of your paper or essay . Everything else you write should relate to this key idea.

The thesis statement is essential in any academic essay or research paper for two main reasons:

Without a clear thesis statement, an essay can end up rambling and unfocused, leaving your reader unsure of exactly what you want to say.

The structure of an essay is divided into an introduction that presents your topic and thesis statement , a body containing your in-depth analysis and arguments, and a conclusion wrapping up your ideas.

The structure of the body is flexible, but you should always spend some time thinking about how you can organize your essay to best serve your ideas.

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McCombes, S. (2022, September 14). How to Write an Essay Introduction | 4 Steps & Examples. Scribbr. Retrieved February 28, 2023, from https://www.scribbr.com/academic-essay/introduction/

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Shona McCombes

Shona McCombes

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How to Start an Essay: 7 Tips for a Knockout Essay Introduction

Lindsay Kramer

Sometimes, the most difficult part of writing an essay is getting started. You might have an outline already and know what you want to write, but struggle to find the right words to get it going. Don’t worry; you aren’t the first person to grapple with starting an essay, and you certainly won’t be the last. 

Writing an essay isn’t the same as writing a book. Or writing a poem. Or writing a scientific research paper. Essay writing is a unique process that involves clear sequencing, backing up your positions with quality sources, and engaging language. But it’s also got one important thing in common with every other type of writing: You need to hook your reader’s attention within the first few sentences. 

Give your essays extra polish Grammarly helps you write with confidence Write with Grammarly

Intriguing ways to start an essay

There are many different ways to write an essay introduction. Each has its benefits and potential drawbacks, and each is best suited for certain kinds of essays . Although these essay introductions use different rhetorical devices and prime the reader in different ways, they all achieve the same goal: hooking the reader and enticing them to keep reading.

To “hook” a reader simply means to capture their attention and make them want to continue reading your work. An essay introduction that successfully hooks readers in one essay won’t necessarily hook readers in another essay, which is why it’s so important for you to understand why different types of essay openings are effective. 

Take a look at these common ways to start an essay:

Share a shocking or amusing fact

One way to start your essay is with a shocking, unexpected, or amusing fact about the topic you’re covering. This grabs the reader’s attention and makes them want to read further, expecting explanation, context, and/or elaboration on the fact you presented. 

Check out these essay introduction examples that use relevant, engaging facts to capture the reader’s attention:

“More than half of Iceland’s population believe that elves exist or that they possibly can exist. Although this might sound strange to foreigners, many of us have similar beliefs that would sound just as strange to those outside our cultures.”

“Undergraduate students involved in federal work-study programs earn an average of just $1,794 per year. That’s just slightly more than the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in our city.”

Relevance is key here. Make sure the fact you choose directly relates to the topic you’re covering in your essay. Otherwise, it will feel random, confusing, or at best, shoehorned into the essay. In any case, it will undermine your essay as a whole by making it seem like you don’t have a full grasp on your topic. 

If you’re writing an expository or persuasive essay , including a shocking or amusing fact in your introduction can be a great way to pique your reader’s curiosity. The fact you present can be one that supports the position you argue in the essay or it can be part of the body of data your expository essay explains. 

Ask a question

By asking a question in your essay opening, you’re directly inviting the reader to interact with your work. They don’t get to be a passive consumer; they’re now part of the conversation. This can be a very engaging way to start an essay. 

Take a look at these examples of essay openings that use questions to hook readers:

“How many times have you been late to class because you couldn’t find parking? You’re not alone—our campus is in desperate need of a new parking deck.”

“How frequently do you shop at fast fashion retailers? These retailers include H&M, Zara, Uniqlo and other brands that specialize in inexpensive clothing meant for short-term use.” 

Asking a question is an effective choice for a persuasive essay because it asks the reader to insert themselves into the topic or even pick a side. While it can also work in other kinds of essays, it really shines in any essay that directly addresses the reader and puts them in a position to reflect on what you’re asking. 

Dramatize a scene

Another effective way to write an essay introduction is to dramatize a scene related to your essay. Generally, this approach is best used with creative essays, like personal statements and literary essays. Here are a few examples of essay introductions that immerse readers in the action through dramatized scenes:

“The rain pounded against the roof, loudly drowning out any conversations we attempted to have. I’d promised them I’d play the latest song I wrote for guitar, but Mother Earth prevented any concert from happening that night.”

“Imagine you’ve just gotten off an airplane. You’re hot, you’re tired, you’re uncomfortable, and suddenly, you’re under arrest.”

Beyond creative essays, this kind of opening can work when you’re using emotional appeal to underscore your position in a persuasive essay. It’s also a great tool for a dramatic essay, and could be just the first of multiple dramatized scenes throughout the piece. 

Kick it off with a quote

When you’re wondering how to write an essay introduction, remember that you can always borrow wisdom from other writers. This is a powerful way to kick off any kind of essay. Take a look at these examples:

“‘The past is never dead. It’s not even past.’ —William Faulkner. In his novel Requiem for a Nun , our changing perspective of the past is a primary theme.”

“‘It always seems impossible until it’s done.’ —Nelson Mandela. Before I joined the military, boot camp seemed impossible. But now, it’s done.”

Just as in choosing a fact or statistic to open your essay, any quote you choose needs to be relevant to your essay’s topic . If your reader has to perform a web search for your quote to figure out how it relates to the rest of your essay, it’s not relevant enough to use. Go with another quote that your text can easily explain. 

State your thesis directly

The most straightforward kind of essay introduction is one where you simply state your thesis. Take a look at these examples:

“Fraternity culture is dangerous and contrary to campus values. Banning it is in the campus community’s best interest.”

“We can’t afford to ignore the evidence any longer; we need climate action now.”

By starting your essay like this, you’re cutting right to the chase. Think of it like diving into the deep end of a pool—instead of wading to that deep end, slowly getting acclimated to the water’s temperature along the way, you’re dropping your whole body right into the cold water. An introduction that directly states your thesis can be a great choice for an analytical essay. 

How to write an essay introduction

Pick the right tone for your essay.

You probably shouldn’t use a funny quote to start a persuasive essay on a serious subject. Similarly, a statistic that can evoke strong emotions in the reader might not be the right choice for an expository essay because it could potentially be construed as your attempt to argue for a certain viewpoint, rather than state facts. 

Read your essay’s first paragraph aloud and listen to your writing’s tone. Does the opening line’s tone match the rest of the paragraph, or is there a noticeable tone shift from the first line or two to the rest? In many cases, you can hear whether your tone is appropriate for your essay. Beyond listening for the right tone, use Grammarly’s tone detector to ensure that your essay introduction—as well as the rest of your essay—maintains the right tone for the subject you’re covering.   

When you’re stuck, work backwards

Starting an essay can be difficult. If you find yourself so caught up on how to write an essay introduction that you’re staring at a blank screen as the clock ticks closer to your deadline, skip the introduction and move onto your essay’s body paragraphs . Once you have some text on the page, it can be easier to go back and write an introduction that leads into that content. 

You may even want to start from the very end of your essay. If you know where your essay is going, but not necessarily how it will get there, write your conclusion first. Then, write the paragraph that comes right before your conclusion. Next, write the paragraph before that, working your way backwards until you’re in your introduction paragraph. By then, writing an effective essay introduction should be easy because you already have the content you need to introduce. 

Polish your essays until they shine

Got a draft of a great essay? Awesome! But don’t hit “submit” just yet—you’re only halfway to the finish line. Make sure you’re always submitting your best work by using Grammarly to catch misspelled words, grammar mistakes, and places where you can swap in different words to improve your writing’s clarity. 

how to start a persuasive essay hook

Bright Writers

How to Write A Hook for an argumentative essay

Here's What We'll Cover

In this article, we will explore how to write an effective hook for an argumentative essay in the introduction paragraph of your paper. We will also explore various argumentative essay hook examples and what makes them effective and compelling hooks.

What is the purpose of a hook in an argumentative essay?

When writing an argumentative essay for an assignment, it is important to include a hook in an essay introduction to capture the reader’s attention and encourage them to continue reading. The hook should be related to the topic of the essay and should aim to pique the interest of the reader, especially since the essay will be submitted to an instructor for grading.

The purpose of a hook in an argumentative essay is to make the reader interested in the topic being discussed and invested in the writer’s argument. This is especially important when the essay is being submitted for an academic paper, as the writer’s goal is to persuade the instructor to accept their position on a controversial issue. A strong hook sentence can also help establish the writer’s credibility and expertise on the topic, which is important for making a persuasive argument.

Types of Hooks for an Argumentative Essay

Here are some types of essay hooks for argumentative essays

Rhetorical Question

This type of hook poses a question to the reader that does not necessarily require an answer but is intended to spark their interest in the topic being discussed. It is an effective way to engage the reader and encourage them to think more deeply about the issue.

Example: “Did you know that more than 60% of teenagers report feeling stressed out by their daily lives? What if there was a way to reduce that stress and help them succeed in school?”

Strong Statement Hook

This hook makes a bold statement or assertion that captures the reader’s attention and draws them into the essay. It is often used to make a clear and direct argument that sets the tone for the rest of the essay.

Example: “The death penalty is a barbaric practice that has no place in modern society. It is an affront to human rights and a stain on the justice system.”

Common Misconception

This hook challenges a common assumption or belief that many people have about the topic being discussed. By highlighting this misconception, the writer can make the reader more interested in the topic and more receptive to the writer’s argument.

Example: “Many people believe that video games are a waste of time and have no educational value, but recent studies have shown that playing video games can actually improve cognitive function and problem-solving skills.”

Statistics-Related Hooks

This argumentative essay hook uses statistics or data to capture the reader’s attention and support the writer’s argument. Statistics can be a powerful tool for making an argument, as they can provide evidence to back up the writer’s claims.

Example: “Did you know that in the United States, more than 75% of people who are arrested for drug offences are black or Latino, despite the fact that these groups make up only a small percentage of the population?”

Question Hook

This hook asks a question that is intended to get the reader thinking about the topic and considering the writer’s argument. It can be an effective way to engage the reader and encourage them to keep reading.

Example: “What would happen if we stopped treating mental illness as a taboo subject and started talking about it openly and honestly?”

Quote or Anecdote Hook

This hook uses a quote or anecdote to capture the reader’s attention and provide context for the writer’s argument. It can be an effective way to create an emotional connection with the reader and make them more invested in the topic being discussed.

Example: “As Mahatma Gandhi once said, ‘The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.’ It is time for us to start treating animals with the respect and compassion they deserve.”

types of hooks for an argumentative essay

How to brainstorm and draft potential hooks for an argumentative essay

As a student with an argumentative essay assignment , it’s important to brainstorm and draft potential hooks for your essay in order to engage your reader and make a strong impression. Here are some steps you can take to brainstorm and draft potential hooks:

How to write a hook for an argumentative essay

We have looked at how to brainstorm and draft potential hooks. Now let’s dive into writing the actual hook. 

Your hook should be relevant to the topic at hand and your thesis statement

Your hook should be relevant to the topic at hand and your thesis statement: The hook should be related to the topic of the essay and should lead into the thesis statement of the essay. It should be a clear and direct statement that sets the tone for the essay and gives the reader an idea of what to expect. The relevance of the hook to the thesis statement helps to make a strong and effective argument.

Use Simple and direct language

The language in the hook should be clear and easy to understand, using simple words and avoiding jargon or technical terms that the reader may not be familiar with. The aim is to make the hook accessible and interesting to a wide range of readers, not just those who are already knowledgeable about the topic.

Your hook should arouse interest and curiosity

The hook should capture the reader’s attention and make them curious about the topic. It should be attention-grabbing, memorable and thought-provoking, so the reader is intrigued and motivated to continue reading. Arousal of interest and curiosity makes the reader invested in the topic and more receptive to the writer’s argument.

how to start a persuasive essay hook

Refining your hook for an argumentative essay

Refining your hook is an important step in the writing process, as it ensures that your hook is engaging and effective. To refine your hook, you should read it over several times, making any necessary changes or revisions to make it more attention-grabbing and interesting. Consider how your hook relates to your thesis statement and whether it is a clear and direct statement that sets the tone for the essay. Get feedback from others and make any necessary changes to refine your hook and make it more compelling.

Examples of effective hooks for an argumentative essay

Here are some essay hook examples in different argumentative essay topics and what makes them effective

Hook: “In the age of misinformation and ‘fake news,’ can we really trust the media to give us an accurate picture of political events?”

This hook is effective because it challenges a common assumption about the role of the media in politics and encourages the reader to think more deeply about the issue.

Hook: “What would you do if you discovered that your favorite clothing brand was using child labor to make their products?”

This hook is effective because it appeals to the reader’s sense of morality and encourages them to consider a real-world issue that is relevant to their lives.

Society & culture

Hook: “In a world that is becoming increasingly diverse and multicultural, how can we promote understanding and respect for different cultures?”

This hook is effective because it addresses a current and important issue and encourages the reader to consider how they can make a positive difference in their own community.

Hook: “The saying goes, ‘History is written by the victors.’ But what about the voices and experiences of those who were oppressed or marginalized?”

This hook is effective because it challenges a common assumption about the nature of history and encourages the reader to consider the importance of including diverse perspectives in the study of history.

Social Media

Hook: “Is social media really bringing us closer together, or is it driving us further apart?”

This hook is effective because it addresses a current and relevant issue and encourages the reader to consider the impact of social media on their own lives and relationships.

Hook: “As technology continues to advance at an unprecedented rate, are we losing touch with our humanity?”

This hook is effective because it challenges the reader to consider the potential negative consequences of technological progress and encourages them to think critically about the role of technology in our lives.

Hook: “In a society that values thinness and ‘perfect’ bodies, how can we promote body positivity and acceptance for all?”

This hook is effective because it addresses an important issue that affects many people and encourages the reader to consider how they can make a positive difference in their own lives and communities.

Hook: “In a world where technology is changing the way we learn, do traditional classrooms still have a place in education?”

This hook is effective because it addresses a current and relevant issue and encourages the reader to consider the potential impact of technology on the future of education.

Hook: “Is winning really everything in sports, or is there more to the game than just the final score?”

This hook is effective because it challenges a common assumption about the purpose of sports and encourages the reader to consider the role of sports in our lives beyond just competition and winning.

Crafting an effective hook for your argumentative essay is crucial for engaging your reader and making a strong impression. The hook should be relevant to the topic at hand and your thesis statement, use simple and direct language and arouse interest and curiosity. It’s important to spend time brainstorming and drafting potential hooks that will capture the target audience’s attention and set the tone for your argument.

Consider your audience, the topic you are discussing, and the purpose of your argument, and choose a hook that is both relevant and engaging. Refine your hook to ensure that it is clear, concise, and effective and that it leads smoothly into the rest of your argument. By taking the time to craft a strong and effective hook, you can set the stage for a persuasive and well-supported argument in your essay.

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Astonishing Persuasive Essay Examples to Use in Your College Essay For Easy A

Hey students, are you worried about that persuasive essay assignment? Do you have a deadline to meet and still need to decide what to write? Or where to start? Or don’t even know how to even use persuasive language? Writing strong persuasive essays is a challenging job. But before you go on searching the internet to “ write my essay ” read these splendid persuasive essay examples that can land you an easy “A.”

Students, have you ever written a persuasive essay? Or are you still browsing the internet for good persuasive essay examples? Well, even if you are, don’t feel ashamed. Perfect essay writing brings a series of blogs surrounding effective persuasive essay writing.

We discuss essay writing in great detail for your ease. We have covered the use of first person pronouns in your essay writing process. Not only that, we’ve also talked about the  purpose of persuasive writing  and even the persuasive essay topics. Now in this blog we bring you persuasive essay samples. 

So what is persuasive essay writing? Through persuasive writing, the author tries to convince readers of their point of view. Look closely, you’ll realize there are tons of persuasive writing examples around you. From TV commercials, novels, copywriting, and to college essay writing.

There are many persuasive essay writing examples on the internet, but not all are up to the mark. A perfect persuasive argument should impact its audience on three levels.

This is often known as the trinity of persuasion. Before you write a persuasive essay make sure to read some persuasive paper examples. A good writing process starts with solid research. As you begin writing the basic structure your persuasive essay format must have the following elements.

However, we understand that young students usually have a lot on their plates. This is why we bring you top-notch persuasive essay examples for your straight A’s.

Trendy Persuasive Essay Examples to Ace that Assignment

We know you have a deadline coming soon and you want to impress your professor. So here are some persuasive essay examples from the most debated and hot topics. But if you have your heart set on a specific topic and can’t find it here, reach out for a custom  college essay writing service .

Imagine walking down to your local Walmart to grab some cereal and milk. You’re not paying any particular attention to your surroundings. You feel safe within the familiar setting. So, you’re making a list of things you should get along with the milk; some cigarettes, eggs, maybe? Or better yet, imagine you’re dropping your kids off at school, thinking you’ll see them at dinner. But never once did the thought of a sick person committing mass murder in these settings cross your mind.

Well, that’s what happened to the victims of the 2022 Chesapeake Shooting. When a store manager opened fire at a local Walmart, killing six and injuring four people. Or at Virginia Tech Shooting where a student committed mass murder-suicide killing 32 people. This is why gun control is necessary to ensure public safety.

Argument 1 : The havoc

Gun Violence is a deeply political issue that seems to have America torn into two groups. In recent times there’s been a steady rise in gun violence cases. In the past three years, there have been over 600 mass shootings in the US alone. Besides, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), US, reports that more than half of gun-related deaths are suicides. At the same time, half of the homicide cases in America go cold due to a lack of appropriate evidence.

💡Insider tip. Students can add; statistics, graphs, or pie charts in these persuasive essay examples for that animation .

Argument 2 : Screened ownership

The USA stands highest among the top 10 civilian gun-owning countries (FBI). According to recent findings, the number of people who own guns has grown over the past few years. Experts claim that 11 million US citizens have firearms in their homes, of which 5 million children have easy access to these arms.

Hence, appropriate documents and pertinent background information about the buyers should be mandatory. A yearly notification by the owner can also help authorities trace stolen arms.

Argument 3 : fewer the guns, safer you are (anti-second amendment)

It seems logical that there would be less crime if fewer guns were around. It can proof helpful against nonsensical mass murders, suicides & crimes like petty robberies. With concise data, it would be easier for the authorities to track down the perpetrator.

Conclusion :

It is okay to have different viewpoints about things. Still, when it comes to public safety, preventive measures are important, even if it means giving up certain liberty. With the growing anxieties of social life and failing economies, many people are willing to take dramatic stances for a better future. This is where public safety necessitates introducing gun control. To add more to your mind, contact us for custom  assignment writing service  and bag straight A’s.

If being busy was the key to intellectual success, some creepers or animals would have been the most intelligent. Henry Thoreau says, “It is not enough to be busy; so are the ants. The question is, “what are you busy about?”.

Many students complain about the homework they’re assigned almost daily. But why?. We need to take a step back and analyze whether these assigned tasks contribute to their learning or intellectual growth.

It’s not that students avoid hard work outside school. Studies show that even students who like academic work prefer not having extra home assignments.

The psychological effects

A Stanford University research from 2013 found that pupils who spend too much time on homework develop clinical stress, physical health issues, and social alienation.

As per the survey results, around 44% of students deem academic pressure to get good grades as the primary source of stress. Yet, 56% of pupils view homework as a key factor behind their anxieties.

Not all students have folks at home to help them with their homework. This leads to students comparing their success with their peers. Which in turn creates a breeding ground for social isolation and lower self-esteem. Schools/ colleges, in general, take a lot of your energy.

On top of that, many students work part-time shifts to manage their expenses. Adding academic assignments to this equation can annoy anyone. Psychologists believe that a healthy social life and support can add to learning and increase intelligence.

Physiological effects of extra homework

High school students can benefit more from hobbies, socializing, and extracurricular activities. Especially the ones including physical activity. Long hours of sitting in the same spot without intervals can have harmful physical effects. Many high schoolers develop stomach issues, postural issues, migraines, and eating disorders.

Students are not under pressure to meet deadlines and want to compete for better grades. On top of such pressures, they are not encouraged to ask for help. Students can expand their knowledge of a subject with the help of an assignment writing service. These help them save time and provide great guidelines for various topics.

Many students are guilt-tripped into thinking they cheated when they’re only working smart. Home assignments are helpful if assigned considering a student’s mental and physical well-being. Many professors must realize that assigning homework in bulk has the opposite effect of their goal.

Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy before the fetus can have an independent life. The history of abortion is complex and dates back to ancient times. With evidence of induced abortion in civilizations such as ancient Greece and Rome. The legality and availability of abortion have varied throughout history, cultures and societies. Today several methods of abortion exist, including medical and surgical.

The modern debate over the legality and morality of abortion began in the 19th century. As part of a larger conversation about women’s rights and reproductive health. In the United States, the landmark case of Roe v. Wade in 1973 established a constitutional right to abortion. Yet, the issue has remained highly controversial and politically divisive. It is important to note that access to safe and legal abortion is critical to reproductive health and rights. It continues to be an ongoing debate and concern in many countries worldwide.

There are loads and loads of persuasive essay examples on abortion. But we are providing the argument from both sides of the coin. Read below and learn whichever resonates with your ideas. With tons of medical literature available, all of you can do a thorough background study to back your argument properly.

The “pro-life” approach to abortion is a political and moral stance. The idea is that human life begins at conception and that every human has inherent value and dignity. (Regardless of age, ability, or circumstances.) Pro-life advocates believe abortion is morally wrong and should be illegal, except in cases where the mother’s life is in danger.

Pro-life supporters argue that every abortion terminates a human life. And that the procedure is equivalent to taking an innocent person’s life. They believe that the right to life is a fundamental human right. And that the government has a responsibility to protect the lives of its citizens. (including the lives of unborn children)

Pro-life believers want to restrict access to abortion through legislation and advocacy. They also aim to provide support and resources to women facing unintended pregnancies. Not only that, they also promote alternatives such as adoption or parenting.

It is important to note that the pro-life approach to abortion is a highly divisive and controversial issue. There are many valid and passionately held opposing views on this topic. The debate over the legality and morality of abortion is ongoing and will likely continue for many years.


The “pro-choice” stance on abortion states that a woman has the right to make decisions about her own body. These include the right to access safe and legal abortion services. Pro-choice advocates, access to abortion is a fundamental aspect of reproductive freedom. And that the government shouldn’t restrict or interfere with a woman’s right to make decisions about her health and well-being. The pro-choice movement seeks to protect and expand access to abortion services. And to ensure all women have access to reproductive health care, and family planning services.

Throughout history, women have been treated as the second sex. (Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex. 49). Scarce was when women felt in control of their bodies. Decisions were usually made for them. After 200 years of protestations and gaining some control over their bodies, women are losing that control again.

Many people are debating whether women rob newborns of their lives or are just trying to survive with dignity. Imagine telling a rape victim that she is not allowed to go through an abortion just because a bunch of men took this decision for her. A woman should have the right to her own body. And have access to all necessary medical care to feel safe in their skin.

Many women today pose questions for “pro-life” activists which go unanswered. Why don’t these people ask men to take precautionary measures? Why adoption or parenting the alternatives for abortion? Why not male birth control or vasectomies? Pro-choicers voice other valid concerns too. Like the possibility that the “saved” life might get wasted in the system.

UNICEF estimates that there are over 100 million orphans around the globe as of now. Adding further to this number is different than a crime. If the pro-lifers win this war there would be more lives neglected at adoption agencies. Which adds to the possibility of producing more criminals each day.

Pro-life is only a campaign against women’s economic opportunities. It is important to note that the pro-choice stance on abortion is a highly divisive and controversial issue. And that there are many valid and passionately held opposing views on this topic. The debate over the legality and morality of abortion is ongoing and will likely continue for many years. However, it is our duty to not just protect a life but to make sure it stays protected.

Vaccines are often known as the first medical marvel. Can you imagine living in a time when an average human lived only up to 35-40 years? That’s three years short of the average age of a man reaching emotional maturity. Vaccines have become integral to modern medicine as they’ve saved us from major diseases. Recently, there has been a new stigma against vaccines and what they represent.

In 1796, an English physician Dr. Edward Jenner invented the first vaccine to fight the smallpox outbreak among children. The treatment stimulates the individual’s immune system enough to develop immunity against viruses. (Vaccination, 2017, 1). Nowadays, vaccines are crucial for a child to have a normal life. These vaccines are vital for protection against deadly diseases.

Before vaccines, there were low chances of surviving even the slightest viruses like the common cold and flu. However, after vaccination, the survival rate increased drastically. Today, average life expectancy has almost doubled thanks to these vaccines.

There are many evident benefits of vaccines. For one, vaccination decreases the number of disease cases. Secondly, they lessen the intensity of the disease so that lesser patients end up in hospitals. We can observe this in the most recent outbreaks of COVID-19. Among the ages of 65 and above, the vaccination reduced about 54-62% of cases. Non-ICU hospitalization declined by 63.5%, ICU hospitalization by 65.6%, and the death toll decreased by 69.3%.

Vaccines have been doing this for so many other diseases throughout the years. However, many people need clarification about why these vaccines have become so important. Why are governments forcing them to get vaccinated? Is it some scam? The answer to that is No! It’s not a scam; the vaccines are here to protect us from ailments, disabilities, and, worse, untimely deaths.

So, why are governments still forcing them upon us? Well, it’s because vaccines are a cheaper treatment. Besides, they are safe and usually covered by the individual’s insurance companies.

Vaccination is important to enjoy optimal health and active life. With new outbreaks and pandemics, ensure you stay at the smarter end of things. Our amazing writer produces other persuasive essay examples for guaranteed As in your assignments.

💡Insider Tip. Students! To increase to the credibility of your persuasive essay, add authentic research information from papers like:  The impact of vaccination on COVID-19 outbreaks in the United States

Speaking of persuasive writing skills, have you wondered why social media is often compared to a drug? Well, much of it has to do with our idea of achievement and reality. Man is a social being and enjoys being among people who value him. (Peterson, 12 rules for life). Yet, it has become hard for people to connect with others in real life.

Much of the socialization has been shifted to virtual platforms. People are more worried about their image online than in real life. Among other persuasive essay examples, this is the most talked about among young folks. So let’s explore it!

In recent times, the term “Social Media” has had a constant negative connotation to it. Here is how there’s a growing stigma against social media.

Social Media has made us very anti-social. It’s ironic how the platforms that were supposed to connect us, create a rift between everyday human relationships. A few years prior, people might have stopped by someone they know in the street to inquire after them. But this is not the case anymore. People are sucked into their cell phones, even when on the go. We constantly choose our socials over the possibility of a potential real-life connection.

According to a study, most people are skipping real-life experiences to gain more virtual experiences. This can include the constant need for approval from their online followers. Or the fear of missing out on different trends. Usually, the phenomenon of “Missing Out” causes anxiety and depression in many people.

People get hooked on the idea of “reach” and followers. For most people, social media becomes synonymous with the number of likes they get on their posts. Such goals and ideals affect their Self-esteem, and most people usually face a decline in it.

Due to the spread of shorter videos, like TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram Reels, people need help focusing for longer periods. This may or may not lead to serious psychological issues like ADHD.

There has been a lot of research on the  social media use on psychological well-being . One of the most problematic outcomes of the spread of social media is the constant increase in mental health issues. Information overload, cyberbullying, and stalking are an increasing cause of mental health issues.

Though social media has many benefits and has changed how we communicate. It is important to be aware of its potential negative effects on mental health and use these platforms mindfully and in moderation. This can involve setting limits on the amount of time spent on social media, seeking out positive and supportive online communities, and seeking help if you experience any symptoms of anxiety, depression, or other mental health problems.

The death penalty, or capital punishment, is a state-authorized practice of putting people to death for their crimes. The use of the death penalty as a form of punishment has a long history. Civilizations like Babylon, Egypt, and Greek saw capital punishment fit for crimes like murder or conspiracy. Historians believe the Code of Hammurabi, an ancient Babylonian law code, is the origin of judicial execution. With time, this punishment found its way into other societies to serve justice.

In modern times, the use of capital punishment varies among different countries. Yet, recently, state execution has been debated and scrutinized. So much so that some states have completely abolished the death penalty. But, some states continue to practice this punishment for major felonies. These may include murder, espionage, and treason.

Capital punishment in America predates the colonial era. Now though, it’s been a subject of legal and political debate for years, with many of the states completely abolishing it and some maintaining it. The Supreme Court has also issued several rulings, shaping its use in the country.

Our Writers  understand that not all students would appreciate writing the same essay. So, following persuasive essay examples, we provide arguments for and against the death penalty.

Pro-Death Penalty

Many people today would prefer their abusers to get life in prison over death row. People who are against the death penalty argue that the same law must apply to the state. It should not have the power that civilians don’t have. If killing another person is murder for civilians, it should be so for the state.

However, this argument lacks logical reasoning because they are arguing against prison too. If the same laws applied to the state, it would be impossible for the state to hold anyone hostage in a cell, no matter their crime.

As a proponent of the death penalty, I believe that whoever commits major offenses like rape, child molestation, or murder must get capital punishment. Their death ensures public safety, and there are no chances of the offender ever getting parole or breaking prison. Capital punishment has a deterrent effect. Many “would-be” criminals can realize what’s in store for them; therefore, they’ll be hesitant to commit a crime.

Many advocates for capital punishment would agree that the state should not waste resources on sex offenders or child molesters. Many people think a state execution can provide closure to the victims.

Against Death-Penalty 

Please think of how children do exactly what you tell them not to do. They know the result might be a punishment. But it doesn’t stop them from doing the wrong thing. The death penalty doesn’t necessarily stop anyone from committing crimes. If humans were such rational beings, a crime of passion wouldn’t exist.

As an opponent of the death penalty, I have two issues with judicial murder. Firstly, ending a life under any circumstance is not the solution. Serving time in prison might give the offender enough time to reflect on their actions. And it just might help them become better human beings.

My second and far greater concern about the death penalty is that most of our legal system operates on bias. Racially speaking, there is a vast disproportion. In the US alone, around 34% of capital punishment servers were Black Americans. However, African Americans comprise only 13% of the US population. Opponents also debate that death penalty sentences cost far more than any other sentence.

There is no clear explanation for why more black people are executed than any other race. The only plausible answer is that more innocent people are dying on death row than we’d like to know. Studies suggest that after Jimmy Carter’s presidency, the current count of innocent people on capital punishment is almost over one hundred.

Lastly, judicial murder being a source of closure is baseless because another life taken can never bring a loved one back.

Conclusion : 

Whether you are a proponent or an opponent of death row, dying at the hand of the state is for sure not the best way to go. For more persuasive essay examples, drop a message to our creative writers and get phenomenal essays composed according to your requirements.

“Oh, to die for someone!” The amount of passion this one line reflects is immaculate and grand. The idea of classical romance where dying for each other is one true statement of undying loyalty started from the classic play Romeo and Juliet.

Many persuasive essay examples are written on Romeo and Juliet, scrutinizing all the major and minor characters. However, in this essay, we will discuss how “passion” is the real villain of the play.

Many people argue that there is not a single character that can be considered the villain of the play.Instead, the tragic end of the naive lovers is a result of a combination of actions and emotions of different characters. One emotion in particular that shapes the entire play is “Passion.”

The play not only deals with passionate love but also with passionate hatred. And it is around this intensity of emotions the entire drama revolves. The generational feud between the Capulet and Montague families and the naive and impulsive behavior of both Romeo and Juliet unfold chaotically.

The play opens with an already unstable environment. The atmosphere is packed with prejudice, hatred, and violence. Both families are after each other’s blood, and stepping into each other’s territory is suicidal. Shakespeare tries to balance the intense situation with the passionate love of Romeo and Juliet. However, the writer deliberately creates an ebb and flow of strong, passionate love and hatred rather than just creating balance.

This passion can be seen throughout the story, as when Romeo and Juliet meet, they are aw-struck by each other’s presence. Unaware of the fact that both of them belong to rival families, they confess their “passionate” emotions to each other. After this revelation, their hasty decisions taint the play with such nativity and idiocracy that you can’t but adore it.

The young couple gets married secretly and promises not to be swayed by the generation of hatred among their families. However, this soon ends as Romeo’s arrogant decision to kill Tybalt causes him to lose everything he holds dear. In Act III, scene I. Tybalt calls Romeo a “villain,” which is significant to the story. It is almost an example of double irony. Though Romeo is the story’s hero, his intense emotions make him the hero, and the same passion makes him the story’s villain. Not only does Romeo get banished, but due to his naive emotions, he gets killed, taking Juliet with him.

All the characters but especially the younger lovers, are naive. They not only make hasty and immature decisions but are practically brain fogged by their passion. Writing a literary, persuasive essay is challenging. If you are hitting rock bottom, don’t lose hope. Just send us your requirements and ideas and wait for your perfect essay to be written within hours.

These are the most trendy persuasive essay examples that we could get our hands on for you. If you like these, make sure you reach out to us to compose your custom essays. Leave your deadlines to us and enjoy your student life a little. Order your persuasive essay for that A+ now.

There are different forms of persuasive writings that have stood the test of time.

The top persuasive topics for 2023 include:

A good writing process starts with solid research. As you begin writing the basic structure your persuasive essay format must have the following elements.

Table of Contents

Perfect essay writing is the top platform for writing customized research papers, thesis, and academic essays

how to start a persuasive essay hook

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How to Write a Good Hook for Your Essay

Last updated: July 2019

“You have to make choices even when there is nothing to choose from.” ― Péter Zilahy

And you have to find a perfect hook for your essay even when you don’t know what to write.

Strategies for writing an essay hook:

The #1 prejudice most students have on essay writing: it’s time-consuming, difficult, and bo-o-oring .

When teachers ask you to write an essay, they don’t want to ban your creativity. An essay shouldn’t be boring or too formal but make readers want to check its every word. And your task is grabbing and keeping their attention throughout your writing.

An essay hook is that particular instrument you need to meet this challenge.


image: Gratisography

What is an Essay Hook?

“An essay hook is 1-2 opening sentences of your paper. They serve to capture readers’ attention and help them decide if they want to continue reading your text.

We call it a “hook” because it reminds a shiny lure that fishermen use to catch a fish. And, depending on the fish they want to catch, they will use different hooks.

Do not confuse hooks with introductions ! An essay hook opens your introduction rather than substitutes it. Once you’ve hooked readers, be sure to introduce your essay topic and thesis.


Essays and college papers are not alone in hooks. Fiction writers, copywriters, bloggers, screenwriters, and other men of letters use this instrument to gain our interest and influence our decisions. Did you hear about David Ogilvy and his timeless lessons to writing and standing out? He’s a true genius of hooks and persuasion!

Essay hooks can be difficult to generate, especially if you are still in the process of thesis clarification . The first step toward writing an eye-catching opening for your essay would be answers to these questions:

A PRO TIP: Write a hook and introduction after you’ve finished the whole essay. It will help to clarify a thesis and understand what type of hooks would fit your work better.

To get a better idea of what a terrific introduction looks like, watch the video tutorial from James , who defines essay hooks as grabbers.

Essay Hooks Ideas

So, what types of opening lines can you use as a good hook for an essay?

1) Literary Quotes

This type of hooks works for essays about writers , literature phenomena , books , and essay makers . Start your essay with a quote from books you review , and it will establish your authority as a writer .


2) Quotes From Famous People

To support your argument and create a lip-smacking hook for your essay, start it with a quote from famous people. But make sure it’s relevant to your topic and thesis.


That’s all well and fine but…

Some teachers consider this type of essay hooks too general and overused. They discourage college papers started or finished with words of influencers, not students themselves. So, if you decide to use such a hook, find a rare yet relevant quote. Don’t copy-paste the first available saying from top quotations websites.

3) Common Misconception

You may start your introduction with a statement about a commonly accepted truth being false. That will intrigue your audience and encourage them to keep on reading.

4) Anecdotes

“An anecdote is a little story designed to illustrate a point you are trying to make.

This hook is appropriate to use if you write narrative or descriptive essays. Don’t be afraid of writing funny openings, as it doesn’t mean your essay has to be humorous too. A little humor helps to grab readers’ attention and spark their interest in the topic.

Your anecdote should be short and to the point. Make sure it relates to the main idea of your essay.


Remember that most essay assignments don’t allow to write from the first person. Be sure to check the requirements before using “I” in your writing.

5) Personal Stories

This hook is perfect for personal narratives or college application essays, though you would hardly use it for argumentative or too formal persuasive papers. Ask your professor if you can use personal pronouns in your writing, and hook readers with a personal story which not necessarily should be yours.

You can tell the story of your friend, relative, or president. Why not, after all?


But please, don’t start your essay with a hook like “I was thinking about what to write for this essay and came up with this.”

Teachers hate it! Sure, this hook is better than no hook at all, but it will never distinguish your work from the crowd.

6) Statistics

Use statistical data to hook readers with new facts they might not have been known. Be sure to include the source.

Do research to find data on your topic. Refer to sources your teacher would consider reliable.

7) Questions

This type of hooks can help you create a reader’s personal interest in your essay and wish to continue reading it. But don’t make your question too general.

Let’s say you write an essay about smartphones. Asking a question a la “Do you have a smartphone?” will hardly grab readers’ attention because it doesn’t engage them in critical thinking.

So, try to avoid questions expecting simple Yes or No answers.


Rhetorical questions could be a good idea for essay hooks.

As well as quotes from famous people, they are easy to create and, therefore, overused too. You’ll need to wind up your brain to impress a reader and make that question catchy.

8) Fact/Definition

This hook can surprise a reader with something they might not have known. Interesting facts about what you are going to discuss in your essay will intrigue your audience and make them want to learn more.

Be careful with definitions! Your professor will hardly like your essay opening if you copy it from a dictionary. So, if you decide to start an essay with a definition related to your topic, avoid something like this:

A bold pronouncement, outrageous statement, or exaggeration will help you hook readers, too.

People are visually-oriented. Depending on the type and length of your essay, “draw” a scene in your hook to help readers “see” a clear picture in mind.

Decide on a scene that would appeal to senses and set the mood for your essay.


10) Thesis Statement

There is no harm in getting right to the point. Start with your argument and support your point of view throughout the essay. If you have an interesting take on a subject, readers will want to see where you came up with your idea.

So many hooks, so many essays. The logical question appears: how do you know what type of openings in the introduction would fit your paper best?

Well, you might ask our writers to help you or continue reading this post to get more tips on writing hooks for your essay.

How to Choose a Good Hook for Your Essay

With so many types of essay hooks, you wonder how to choose the right one for your particular paper. The problem is, there’s no single formula here. To know what hook to consider, keep in mind the following:

Depending on who reads your essay, one and the same message will speak in different ways to them.

It’s clear that a hook you use to attract a college girl would hardly help you spark the interest of a college admission counselor. So, the first question to answer before going on the writing road is:

Then, try to figure out what matters to your readers and what they expect to get from the essay .

Once you’ve nailed it down, you’ll know what types of hooks will work for this particular writing.

Source: Giphy

The type of hooks that would fit your paper best depends on the essay type, either.

For example, anecdotes don’t work for writing a critical précis , but they would catch readers of dialectic essays. Quotes and questions are perfect hooks for novel critiques or persuasive essays , while facts or statistics fit argumentative essays best.

Don’t start your essay with a great hook simply because it’s great. It should be relevant to your topic, thesis, and purpose of your paper.

Questions to answer before choosing an essay hook:

Depending on feelings you want to evoke, an essay hook may be some shocking statistics, a romantic personal story, a funny anecdote, a motivational quote, etc.

Depending on the purpose of your writing, make an essay hook reflect it. Common misconceptions or outrageous statements may encourage readers to learn something new, while catchy questions would engage in critical thinking or motivate.

Essays are many. Narrative, persuasive, argumentative, or descriptive – they all need hooks, aka grabbers to attract readers to your writing. These grabbers are many, either. To choose the best one for your paper, consider a type of your essay, its audience, and their needs.

And remember:

No matter how strong they are, hooks alone can’t guarantee A+ grades for your writing assignments. State a thesis, organize research on the topic, and outline your essay before choosing a grabber for it. Opening lines lead the way of your papers and make them worth reading.

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ya this helped me too. im just burned out since i basically write a essay every week since school started over online.

A good hook doesn’t use you. You need to stay in 3rd person instead of trying to tell a reader what to do and yes or no questions are to easy for readers. They can easy shy away from your essay. Just a few up to date tips 😉

Now that depends on the type of essay you write. I’m currently writing one and “you” and “I” are big factors and elements in this. To hook a reader, personally, I think that facts won’t do the trick. You need to show them what you think and thats what the supporting paragraphs are for.

Don’t say i think, i believe, or anything that basically begins with i. saying that makes you sound not decided on your topic.

I think your website is ok but you didn’t really explain how to create a good hook step by step.

You are wrong

It is perfect.

helped a lot espaicially for descibtive essays as the example of facts or deffiniton

I don’t start my essays with a question because some teachers think it is a childish way of beginning an essay, but definitions often make a great hook. Just make sure to cite where you got the definition.

This was extremely helpful, not only for my current essay but also for future references

Thanks this helps me a lot for my English final!

This was actually really helpful for my essay at school.

So I found this as good information but I am going in to Honors 9 English this following year and I have certain requirements for this essay. I am not allowed to use a question or quote for my introduction. I think that maybe you could go more in depth with the steps. I think that these were some really good ideas and techniques. Thank you for the information.

IT IS VERY USEFUL TO ALL THE STUDENTS who are going to sit for sp or tp3 exams ..Tq …

Part of the question hook was wrong. You can not ask the reader a question directly, for they can not answer it. This weakens an otherwise strong hook. For example, if you state “have you ever wondered, whether Anna Karenina still loved Alexei if she hadn’t decided to commit a suicide” you should say “would Anna Karenina still love Alexei if she hadn’t decided to commit a suicide” instead.

?s like that are rhetorical

I disagree with the Grammar Soldier that one cannot ask the reader a direct question in a hook. A rhetorical question is one way to get the reader’s attention if it is posed well. It works because it draws the reader into becoming an interactive participant. Rhetorical questions are recognized as being useful, especially in the art of persuasive speaking and writing.

My teacher told me to write a hook with an anecdote but I have no idea on what to write. The topic is What makes an individual powerful?

Well summarised article on hooks, but cheated by using a drawing as a hook. Just felt the need to put it out there. No offence intended

This is a fantastic article! Even though I do not agree with some of the ways to start an essay, this made me think of some great hooks!

You didn’t really explain how to write a hook step by step, you only gave examples. But it’s still helped me a lot, so it’s ok.

This has been a great help! I was stuck on what were writing hooks because our teachers never really mentioned it yet until now! I could have made better essays if i had known earlier. 😉

this really helped to write a good hook for my essay thank you for the examples

This Helped A Lot, Thanks!

it would be super helpful if you made a post similar to this for CONCLUSIONS! I’m always stuck on conclusion hooks since in our essays we aren’t allowed to use 1st person

This will help a lot for my scholarship application.!!!!!!!!!

Hey there! Would you mind if I share your blog with my facebook group? There’s a lot of people that I think would really appreciate your content. Please let me know. Many thanks

Ɗo you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as ⅼong as I provide credit and sоurces back to your webpɑge? My blog site is in the exact same niche as yours and my νisitors would truly benefit from a lot of the information you proᴠide here. Please let me know іf this alright with you.

Appreciate it!

I have also stuck in this kind of situation but thanks to your service it became much easier!

Thank you so much! It really helped for my essay!

Thank you so much!!! I sat on my couch for 3 days trying to think of a hook.

THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!! I was so stuck thanks to this website… I had best essay in class, and I don’t know what I would of done without this website.

It was helpful…thanks for what you wrote.

This helped a lot I was thinking of a hook for 2 hours

I have to write about two pages for creative writing. Do you have any ideas that I could use, or a topic for by paper? Thank you!.

It’s really important to grab attention of the reader and it can be achieved only first few sentences. If first sentences didn’t interest the reader, he won’t read the essay till the end.

What if I’m writing about medicine, IT or engineering paper? Will these essay tricks also apply?

This really answered my problem, thank you!

Hello, I read your blog on a regular basis. Your story-telling style is witty, keep doing what you’re doing!

First of all I would like to say terrific blog!I had a quick question which I’d like to ask if you don’t mind. I was interested to know how you center yourself and clear your head prior to writing.

I have had difficulty clearing my thoughts in getting my thoughts ouut there. I truly do enjoy writing but it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are usually lost just trying to figure out how to begin. Any recommendations or hints? Many thanks!

Thanks for publishing this awesome article. I’m a long time reader but I’ve never been compelled to leave a comment. I subscribed to your blog and shared this on my Facebook. Thanks again for a great article!

This helped a lot, I spent a very long time thinking on how to start my essay before I saw this! Like some others, my teachers do not approve of using a question to start writing pieces because it seems too childish. Other than that, I think this article was great!

I am not sure where you are getting your info, but great topic.

I needs to spend some time learning more or understanding more. Thanks for fantastic info I was looking for.

You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be really something that I think I would never understand. It seems too complicated and very broad for me. I’m looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to get the hang of it!

This site was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something which helped me. Kudos!

When someone writes an article he/she maintains the thought of a user in his/her brain that how a user can understand it. Thus that’s why this piece of writing is amazing. Thanks!

thanks for sharing this information..have shared this link with others keep posting!

Does a hook have to be one or two sentences or can it be like three or four.

I’d recommend keeping it short. Three or four sentences – it’s a kinda half of your essay introduction already 🙂

Thank you so much for sharing a great information. I appreciate your time and effort in your work. Keep posting.

I just like the helpful information you provide for your articles. I will bookmark your blog and check once more here frequently. I’m somewhat certain I will be informed many new stuff proper here! Good luck for the following!

Hey! I’m at work browsing your blog!Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the fantastic work!

Is it right for a writer to use second person in a hook?

I was told by my high school teacher that I was wrong because I used a hook in my essay that had “you” and “your”. I am skeptical of this because I had previously learned otherwise.

Hi Cat, and thanks for the question!

So many teachers, so many rules 🙂 Seriously though, there are some guidelines on the web saying you can’t use ‘you’ and ‘your’ in essays, because it’s not okay to address a reader in formal writing to avoid confusion. However, it all depends on what type of essay you write:

– a personal essay: sure, you can you ‘you’ and ‘I’ – persuasive or narrative essay: ‘you’ is still okay, though you can try to avoid it, if necessary – reviews, research, precis, and other TOO FORMAL academic writings: you better don’t use the second person.

How to omit ‘you’? Just don’t write it or use ‘one’ instead. Examples:

– “Don’t text while you drive,” vs. “Don’t text and drive.” – “You shouldn’t disrespect the rules,” vs. “One shouldn’t disrespect the rules.”

thank you for the information it was a huge help

I really think this was some good hook ideas, but you didn’t go in-depth on how to think of one. I believe if you included some advice on how to start one, it would’ve increased the article’s ‘ego’ drastically. Thank you for the info anyway!

This article really helped me to better understand the purpose of a hook and what to do when in distress. I sat for an entire class period trying to find my hook. Thanks so much!

I like this a lot! It helps me as a student. I do suggest this to others!

I’ve searched so many sites to find how to write a hook, and non of them gave real legit examples. Thank you!

Thank you for this! I can use these tips to my blog content. Great stuff!

Good post, Thanks for sharing the information with us.

Thanks for such an interesting blog! The content is extremely good and useful for me. Please keep posting, I’ll definitely share with my friends. 🙂

Any plans to update this with new examples or any additional hooks? The post is super but I’d like to see more recent examples

Thanks for your comment! We’re working on the guide to writing hooks for informative essays right now. There will be tons of examples and practical tips. It will go live this month.

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how to start a persuasive essay hook

How To Write Good Hook To Start Your Essay

27 Jul 2021

Quick Navigation

❓What is a hook?

🗒Elements of a Good Hook

Intriguing opening statement

Rhetorical question, personal connect.

🎓Types of Essay Hooks and Examples

📝Best Tips On How To Write A Good Essay Hook

💡Ideas Of How To Write A Good Hook For An Essay

If you are a college student, you will agree on how difficult it is to write an essay. It takes a lot of effort and time to generate new ideas, research and collect information, organize the article's structure, put it together, and proofread and finalize the essay. However, the most important thing is how to write a catchy and strong hook for an essay. Writing an essay becomes easy when you know how to make it catchy yet informational. If you want to write great hooks like a pro, read more to learn tips and ideas.

What is a hook?

A hook is an essay that keeps your audience engaged and inspires them to read your complete paper until the end. It can be a single sentence, statement, or paragraph that can attract readers to your essay. How can one sentence do this magic? Read further to know the answer!

A theory presumes a reader evaluates the worth of writing within the first 20 seconds of reading. It is known as the 20-second rule. Although it is nearly impossible to highlight all the key points and get a clear picture of a paper within 20 seconds, it's time anyone takes to read and decide whether the piece is worth reading. Your viewer gets the first impression of your piece within those 20 seconds. Your paper must have a perfect hook that retains and encourages your readers to go through your writing to the end.

Are you wondering how this applies to your academic papers and assignments? Let's see how. When your teacher gives you an essay to write in your assignment, he has to read the whole article whether he wants to or not. The proven 20-second theory is applicable in this scenario too. If your assignment has an appropriate hook that describes the topic appropriately, your teacher will see that at first glance and decide your grade. Here the hook of an essay plays a decisive role. So, make your intro worth grabbing the attention that will make your assignment memorable and catchy. Let's learn how to write hook for an essay:

Elements of a Good Hook

Crafting assignments, essays, and research papers need hard work. While some take the help of professional online essay writing services , others create on their own from scratch. For students who struggle to curate a captivating hook, here are a few elements that can help elevate their paper.

Your piece's introductory sentences or first sentences should be so good that readers would want to go through the whole thing at once. The first element of a great hook is an opening line. The introduction part should be catchy, complaining, memorable, and engaging. 

The best way or the most tricky element you can place in your writing is a rhetorical question. It is a type of question that creates a dramatic effect. It gives a point of view to readers rather than having an answer. Its answer can be obvious or can be provided by the writer immediately, but it does leave an impact on the reader to read your passage till the end.

Another creative element that you can add is a statement that works as a bridge between readers and the writer's mind - a personal story. They should concert with the piece personally to develop that non-attachable bond that encourages them to stick to your personal story.

More than just a spell check

Editors on PapersOwl can edit your paper and give recommendations on how to improve your writing:

Types of Essay Hooks and Examples

There are seven types of essay hooks that includes the following:

Question hook

Declaration or strong statement hook, statistic or fact hook.

Quotation hook

Description hook.

If you want to learn how to grab readers attention from the very beginning of your article, you should know about the types of essay hooks. There are several hooks examples to consider. Each type has the tendency to captivate the reader’s attention if used correctly. For a better understanding of the types of essay hooks, let’s learn about each of them.

A question hook is a statement that you start with a question regarding your article. It leaves readers curious, and they have to read the whole piece to find the answer. To hook readers, you can use a question hook in your first sentence, introduction statement, first line or opening sentence.

Make sure you mention something that is not a mere yes or no question. Your reader must have something to ignite the urge to explore further or chew their nails in curiosity. Generally, people are naturally curious. The perfect way to grab the attention of your audience is to leave them craving more information. Let's understand this below:

Did you know you can lose 30 pounds monthly without quitting your favorite food?

Writing good essay hooks in this context aims to make readers curious about losing weight without compromising on their favorite food items.

A declaration hook is an introduction hook that makes a bold claim on a subject. You can use it in either the first sentence or add it in the introductory paragraph. Whether the reader agrees with you or not, they will read your complete piece to find out how you will support your argument.

Online learning is more affordable than the traditional form of education.

The context of this strong statement is argumentative. Whether readers support it or not, they will be glued to your article until the end to find out how you support your opinion.

A static hook is a factual statement. You will mention interesting facts or accurate information about a matter. The main idea is to capture readers interest with your knowledge. Therefore, the information should be correct and from a credible source. You should not mention a statistic or interesting fact from a non-reliable source.

The human body has more than 10 times bacteria than cells in it.

This statement is a fact hook that captivates readers' interest to grasp more knowledge about the essay topic. If you are writing a science or medical assignment, you can start with an exciting fact hook. It will hook your readers to the end.

A story hook is a compelling statement for readers that love reading personal stories. The best way to use it is to start your essay with a personally connected or relatable short story. A story hook is lengthier than other writing hooks and only fits some scenarios. Therefore, evaluate your audience or ask your instructor if you could use a story hook.

A trip to England – I got off the taxi with my luggage behind me. It was as if everything in the city was welcoming me back. A nostalgic feeling that only reminded me of one place --- home.

Every reader staying away from home can relate to this story and want to read the whole essay.

Metaphor or simile hook

A metaphor hook is such a hook that leaves your audience wondering about your statement and compels them to think differently. A metaphor and simile are figures of speech that compare unrelated things about a topic, but a metaphor is a stronger statement than a simile.

She is an open book.
My life is like a roller coaster.

These two statements are a metaphor hook as there is a comparison between two things. It creates an interest in the reader to learn about the topic further.

A quotation hook is another intriguing statement that a writer uses to grab readers' attention with a quotation. It can be anything from quotes from a famous person, movies, songs, poems, and TV shows related to your topic. Make sure to quote the exact words from the source without tweaking any phrase.

Nelson Mandela said, "The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling but getting up every time you fall."

Choose a relatable, familiar, and memorable quote to make it more effective. So more people can connect to it.

A description hook is one or two sentences in an essay that describes a feeling or experience that readers can relate to personally. It can be a vivid description of an iconic movie scene or passage from a novel. These types of hooks are common in a narrative essay especially. However, they are not restricted to narrative essays only. You can extend its use in other writings too.

First, a flash, then a bang - A loud noise filled the room, and a bullet punched its way through his side. It left a gaping hole that was quickly filled with blood. He fell to the ground, a pool of blood forming around him.

Powerful and effective hooks grab attention and persuade readers to read the whole thing out of fascination.

Best Tips On How To Write A Good Essay Hook

Once you understand how essential essay hooks are for your article's success, the next thing to focus on is how to write that catches readers' interest. Here are a few tips that can help you catch your reader’s attention and get a high grade.

You should know the goals and purpose of your essays.

It shows in their writings when writers have a clear purpose and goal. Readers would love a piece supported by a defined purpose and approach. Decide your writing style, tone, and purpose. Choose whether you want to write in a formal or informal style. You can also decide what feeling tour you want your readers to take to be nostalgic or intriguing. When you decide on these things, it will help you decide on a great hook that will go along with your writing objective.

You should be aware of what type of work you are writing.

Argumentative, descriptive, narrative and persuasive essays are the four most popular forms of essays. Each calls for a distinct approach. You must be aware of them to create a spectacular hook for a college essay and make your entire work appear coherent and well-organized. So you can stick to your style or tone throughout the writing process,

Always begin with creating an outline or structure for your writing.

Even though this assignment is not the most important or challenging a student might receive in college or school, that does not imply you cannot make a flawless text without any planning. Writing an outline is crucial as it allows you to structure your text better and define what is missing or must be removed.

Evaluate your audience.

The success of selecting the essay topics , style, essay type, and tone and making a good essay hook depends on your in depth knowledge of your audience. The better you understand your viewers, the more persuasive essay you can pen down. Every group of people and generations speak its language, and your main thing as a writer is to use the correct language to keep your target audience intrigued.

Ideas Of How To Write A Good Hook For An Essay

Now that you know hook types and how to write a hook, you may have mastered the art. However, knowing the types will not inspire you to write a great hook. Therefore, we have come up with some good hook sentences that will inspire and evoke new ideas to generate your introduction hook. Let’s find out more ideas on how to write a hook.

Use literary quotes

A literary quote is best for literature and books. You can show that you are an expert in the writing field by quoting a statement from a famous book related to your topic. You can also mention quotes from famous people, movies, songs, and shows.

J.K. Rowling once said, “it matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.”

Start with a common misconception

To make the essay more interesting for your readers, you can start with a common misconception that people think is true but is false.

Some people believe that youths are self-centered, misguided, irresponsible, and have little to offer compared to the elderly population.

Definition hook

You can refrain from stating a copied definition when writing an assignment, as many instructors don't like it. Therefore, you can stop making it evident that you have copied the entire definition. Just tweak it in your writing style.

avoid "The Oxford dictionary defines truth as…"

Instead, exaggerate a bit and use bold pronouncements to define your subject.

Give advice

If you are writing a narrative essay, giving your readers guidance or recommendations at the beginning of your text can be a good idea.

Never reply when you are angry, never make a promise when you are happy, and never make a decision when you are sad.

If you are writing in an informal tone, the best way to grab your reader's attention is by mentioning a funny joke.

"They say marriages are made in Heaven, but so is thunder and lightning" ― Clint Eastwood.

Adding a surprising or mystery element

Mentioning a surprising question or a fact lesser known also helps gain public interest. You can start your essays with unexpected or controversial statements as it will anticipate readers to finish the whole piece. It can be a thematic statement like the thesis statement student add to their research paper.

There is a pile of clothing on the side of the train tracks—a shirt, perhaps – shuffled up with something dirty white.

This is a classic instance from a novel and an opening statement that left the readers curious. When you add a mysterious element to your writing, the audience will stick to your piece until they reveal what it is all about.

Try to create an emotional connection

When your audience can connect with your writing emotionally, they will remain till the end. You only have to find the proper emotional connection to start your essay. When the story empathizes, the reader will be glued to it and find it more intriguing.

She is buried underneath a silver birch tree, towards the old train tracks, her grave marked with a cairn.

This is an epic from The Girl on the Train. It has everything: emotions, drama, and suspense. People connect emotionally with these kinds of writings.

Mention statistics

If you want to write a compelling hook, mentioning statistical data can help gain visitors' attention. People are impressed by numbers and figures. Generally, persuasive essays have these kinds of statistic hooks. You can make the user immediately interested in your writing if you mention a striking statistic hook.

There are more than 2 billion people on Instagram.

After going through a long list of perfect hooks with few examples, you can now create your own. However, don't get disheartened if you are still struggling. There is no doubt that writing research papers is a daunting task that is not everyone's cup of tea, but that doesn't mean there is nothing you can do about it. Even if you don't know how to create a simple hook, you can pay professionals to compose essays for you.

Don't let plagiarism ruin your grade

Check the originality of a paper with just a couple of clicks.

Was this article helpful?

Thanks for your feedback.

Article author picture

Dr. Karlyna PhD

I am a proficient writer from the United States with over five years of experience in academic writing. I comfortably complete given assignments within stipulated deadlines and at the same time deliver high-quality work, which follows the guidelines provided.

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how to start a persuasive essay hook

I’m a writer blog

Guidelines for writing Poems, Stories and Tales

Writing FAQ

How do you write a good attention grabber for a style analysis essay.

March 29, 2022

Here are 7 writing hooks that make readers want to find out what you will say in the rest of your essay.

How do you write an attention getter for an analysis essay?

5 Best Attention-Getters for Your Essay

How do you start an attention grabber in an essay?

Try these creative hook ideas for essays:

What is a good attention getter for an essay?

Some common attention getters are quotations, statistics, questions, and stories . Using a strong attention getter is important in an academic essay because it gives the reader context and gets him/her interested in the essay.

What is a good example of an attention getter?

Attention-getters can include references to the audience, quotations, references to current events, historical references, anecdotes, startling statements, questions, humor, personal references, and references to the occasion .

What words get people’s attention?

Use this list to understand the meanings and connotations of these attention-grabbing words:

What are some good hooks for a persuasive essay?

What are the 4 types of attention-getters.

Types of Attention-Getters for Public Speaking

Which attention getter is the best?

Here’s a list of attention getters that you can use at the beginning of a speech to generate your audience’s interest:

What are the 5 attention grabbers?

So, we went over anecdotes, questions, quotations, humor, and shocking statistics . Those are all the 5 types of attention getters. those are what will make a boring essay, or public speaking, into a fun and entertaining speech.

Related posts

Starting an Essay: How to Write a Hook

how to start a persuasive essay hook

Have you ever found yourself just coming to the end of reading an article or post, having not planned to, but you wound up anyway — followed by the natural curiosity of how it absorbed you? That’s it! You were hooked! Your attention was captured by that first sentence and it made you so curious that you read the whole text.

Do you want to learn some little tricks about how to catch the attention of your readers? If so, please continue reading this guide from our paper writing service and we will tell you all that we know.

What Is a Hook in Writing?

A hook is a short piece of information provided at the very beginning of an essay and is aimed to attract and hold readers’ attention. Usually, it is no longer than 1-2 sentences, but it should be so intriguing, interesting, or impressive that readers naturally end up wanting to know more and read further.

You may use a hook in most essay types, with no limitations. Everything depends on the hook itself. For example, a line from a poem isn’t an appropriate hook for an expository essay, whereas a joke has little chances of becoming a good hook for a persuasive essay for a serious topic.

Order an Essay Now & Get These Features For Free :

It is important to understand that a hook is not an alternative to an introduction. It does not replace it, but rather enhances it. Actually, it is simply an optional way to start the introductory part of your essay. An introduction with a hook would have the following structure:

A Hook + Short Description of your Topic + Thesis.

hook for essay

Here is an example:

A Hook: Do you know that 0.3% of solar energy from the Sahara is enough to power the entirety of Europe?
Short Description of a Topic: Yes, the possibilities granted by such natural energy sources are impressive. So why don’t we still use them to their full potential, and when will it begin to happen?
Thesis: It seems that the problem, as it often happens, is inside the minds of people and their inability to take action.

If, by this moment, you have a strong feeling that writing a good hook is quite simple, don’t jump to conclusions. The price of making a mistake is too high. A bad hook will have the opposite effect on readers - they won’t read any further than a few sentences.

Let’s say your essay topic is about climate change, here are two hooks. We will examine which of these is properly written:

Which one would you choose? – Right, the second one. This example shows us an example of a “bad” and a “good” hook. A good hook will match the essay type, will be appropriate to the writer’s style, and will lead readers to the main topic gently. While a bad hook will result in readers having lower expectations for the essay that the essay itself might not necessarily match.

Need a Perfect Article?

Hire a professional to write a top-notch essay or paper for you! Click the button below to get custom essay help.

How to Write a Good Hook for Your Essay

If you want to learn how to write the best essay hook you possibly can, here are some rules you need to follow:


If You Fell Like You Need a little help With Your Essay

Head to EssayPro — professional dissertation writers . Our gurus of writing help every student.

Strategies for Writing an Essay Hook

Now, let’s move directly to hook types that exist, and their features:

essay hooks

Literary Quotes

Obviously, a book review is the best occasion in which you can use a literary quote as a hook. Though its use is not limited only to that and depends mostly of the quotes meaning and style. Despite that, it can be one of the easiest types to find and use. We suggest being really careful with them. Remember, literary quotes will not be appropriate for expository or persuasive essays.

Example: You may use the following lines to start your compare-and-contrast essay on William Shakespeare’s works from different periods: “A little more than kin and less than kind” (Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 2)

Quotes from Famous People

This is another commonly used type of hook—and maybe even overused a little bit. If you want to use this one, but don’t want to be dull, pick a modern figure with great achievements, so that your readers will be interested and motivated to continue reading on.

Example Hook: “There have to be reasons that you get up in the morning and you want to live”.

Elon Musk’s quotes are, generally, great hook ideas for persuasive essays on how to achieve the best results of your life in business and how to have an impact on the world.

Common Misconception

Show the readers that something they believe in isn’t true. Then, connect it with the thesis of your work. The idea of this method is to intensify disagreement within your topic, and even create a sort of disturbance that will force the readers to read further.

Example Hook: “The Buddha was not fat”, “Fortune cookies are not Chinese”.

You may start with these phrases if you want to show how often things are different from how we are used to seeing them. This approach is typically appropriate for an explanation or reflection essay.

Anecdotes and Jokes

These can be a good option if the topic is not too serious. Though, using a joke at the beginning of your paper doesn’t necessarily mean that your essay should also be humorous. Moreover, remember to be brief. The joke should be short and well-aimed to achieve the best results.

Example Hook: “I stop fighting my inner demons, because we are on the same side.”

This is the best way to open an explanatory essay about the role of bad habits in our lives and how to understand them, not fight them.

Personal Stories

Use this type of hook only if you are able to put your story into 2-3 sentences. In any other cases, look for another hook. Additionally, don’t tell too much of a personal story, and evaluate if it will be appropriate to the style. Narrative essays are a good occasion to tell an interesting story to your readers.

This type of hook is really effective and can be used when other types of hooks are not appropriate. Use statistics for serious topics and persuasive essays. Providing figures is practically as effective as seeing something with your own eyes. Showing exact figures, instead of using the words “many” or “a lot”, usually impresses people.

Example Hook: There are 4.2 billion Instagram Likes per day.

The secret to this trick relates to the principles of how the human brain works. Your brain starts to process a question once you have heard it, even if nobody asks you to answer it—and even if it is a rhetorical question. Your readers will start to think about your question, despite the fact that they have their own answers, or they will become curious about your point of view. Another more important point – such questions should be unusual, and maybe even unexpected. You can even ask something usual from a different point of view. Don’t ask ordinary or dull questions.

Example Hook: “Have you ever thought about how much plastic waste you produce every year?”

This question will likely make your readers interested, make them stop reading, and start to think about it. Right after that, they will be glad to listen to your thoughts about the plastic pollution problem. Use this hook for an argumentative, or cause-and-effect essay.

Fact or Definition

You may open your essay with an interesting fact, or by providing a definition connected to your topic. The same rule applies here, as for most of the types above: it should be interesting, unexpected, and/or shocking.

Example Hook: “The population of the USA is 319 million people and the number of firearms owned by US citizens is 371 million [resource link] — in fact, there are more guns than people.”

This is a great option to start your gun control essay.

For most people, it is easier to remember and process visual information. Another insight into the human brain is that we like to transform words into images inside our heads. So, if I tell you: do not imagine a big shaggy dog. You will do exactly the opposite! In making people imagine the things you write about, you involve them more. Try to use it for narrative or descriptive essay format .

Example Hook: “Imagine yourself sitting in front of the fire, with a cup of tasty tea and your dearest people with you.”

Thesis Statement

Another trick is not to use any tricks. Just start directly from your main statement. You won’t be able to put a lot into a couple of sentences, and you don’t need to. Though, you may outline what you are going to say in your essay and why it is so important.

Example Hook: “I strongly believe that the most important thing in preventing nature’s pollution are our personal contributions, and I would like to share my experience with you.”

Despite this guide not being short, we really believe it will help you write short and effective hooks for your essays. You can also read our term paper example to learn more. Try, and shortly you will be able to appreciate this technique. Use our service and buy an essay if you need.

Did you run out of time to learn new tricks? Get your essay helper quickly. Just send us your request and get professional help for any essay type and topic.

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Persuasive Essay Writing

Cathy A.

How to Write a Persuasive Essay: A Step-by-Step Guide

13 min read

Published on: Jan 3, 2023

Last updated on: Jan 30, 2023

persuasive essay

On This Page On This Page

It's the night before the essay is due, and you haven't even started. Your mind is blank, and you have no idea what words will persuade your teacher. 

The good news is that some tips and tricks can make the process of writing a persuasive essay much easier.

In this blog, we'll break down the components of a persuasive essay and provide helpful tips and examples along the way. By the end, you should have all the guidelines to create a winning essay that will persuade your readers to see things your way.

Let's take a closer look at all these steps.

What is a Persuasive Essay?

A persuasive essay presents logical arguments with emotional appeal.

Typically, persuasive essays begin with a question that the writer spends the essay arguing in favor of or opposition to. 

For example: should kids be allowed to play video games on weekdays? 

The writer would then spend the rest of the essay backing up their claim with reasons and evidence. 

Persuasive essays often include counterarguments. These arguments oppose the writer's position. 

By including counterarguments, persuasive essays become more interesting. They also force the writer to think critically about their position.

For example, an opponent of the previous argument might say that playing video games leads to poor grades. 

The original writer could deny this claim by pointing to studies that show no correlation between bad grades and playing video games.

The best persuasive essays are well-researched and use data to support their claims. 

However, persuasive essays are not just about logic. They also need to include emotional appeal. 

After all, people are more likely to be persuaded by an argument that speaks to their feelings. 

Elements of a Persuasive Essay 

When a persuasive essay is a task, you must keep these three greek terms in mind. They are:

A good essay will use all of these elements to convince the reader that the argument presented is valid. 

Let's take a closer look at each one.

Ethos - the Credibility Element 

The persuasive power of ethos lies in the character or credibility of the person making the argument. 

For an argument to be persuasive, the person presenting it must be someone that the audience trusts. 

This could be because they are an expert on the subject or because they have first-hand experience with it. Either way, ethos establishes the speaker's credibility and makes the audience more likely to trust what they have to say.

Pathos -the Emotional Element 

While ethos deals with the character of the person making the argument, pathos has to do with the audience's emotions. A persuasive argument will tap into the audience's emotions and use them to sway their opinion.

This could be done through stories or anecdotes that evoke an emotional response or by using language that stirs certain feelings.

Logos - the Logical Element 

The final element of persuasion is logos, which appeals to logic. A persuasive argument will use sound reasoning and evidence to convince the audience that it is valid. This could be done through data or using persuasive techniques like cause and effect.

Using all these elements of a persuasive essay can make your argument much more effective. 

How To Write a Persuasive Essay

Writing persuasive essays can be challenging, but they don't have to be.

With the following simple steps, you can quickly turn an ordinary essay into one that will make a lasting impression. 

Your first order with us is FREE!

Your first order with us is FREE!

How To Start a Persuasive Essay 

Here is a complete guide on how to start a persuasive essay. Follow them to compose a perfect essay every time. 

Brainstorm All Possible Angles 

The first step in writing a persuasive essay is brainstorming. You need to develop an angle for your essay that will make it unique and interesting. 

For example, let's say you're writing about the death penalty. A lot has been said on this topic, so it might be hard to find an angle that hasn't been covered already. 

But if you think about it, there are many different ways to approach the issue. 

Maybe you could write about the personal experiences of someone affected by the death penalty. Or maybe you could write about the economic costs of the death penalty. 

There are many possibilities here - it's all about thinking creatively.

Select Your Topic

Once you've brainstormed a few ideas, it's time to choose your topic. Pick the angle you think will most effectively persuade your reader. 

Once you've chosen your topic, it's time to research. Use statistics, expert opinions, and real-life examples to support your position. 

Choose Your Side

Now that you've researched, it's time to take a side in the debate. Remember, you must take a strong stance on one side of the issue. 

After deciding your stance, research and support it with evidence.

Appeal to Human Emotions 

One of the most effective ways to persuade someone is by appealing to their emotions. 

After all, we're not robots - we're human beings and always make decisions based on our feelings. 

Make your reader feel something, whether it's anger, sadness, empathy, or even amusement. You'll be well on convincing them of your point of view. 

Anticipate Possible Objections.

Of course, not everyone will agree, and that's okay! 

The important thing is that you anticipate some of those objections and address them head-on in your essay. 

This shows that you take your reader's objections seriously and are confident in your position. 

Organize Your Evidence 

Once you have all of your evidence collected, it's time to start organizing it into an outline for your essay.  

Organizing your essay is a key step in the writing process. It helps you keep track of all the evidence you've gathered and structure your argument in an organized way.

What Are The Steps To Write Your Persuasive Essay?

Now that you have your topic essay outline, it's time to move on to the actual writing.

Here are the steps you need to take:

Step 1: Create a Compelling Introduction

You want to hook your readers with a great opening for your persuasive essay, so they'll want to keep reading.

Here are 3 tips for writing an attention-grabbing introduction for your next essay.

Your hook statement should immediately draw the reader in and make them want to learn more. 

A good hook statement will vary depending on whether you're writing for an academic or more casual audience. 

Still, some good options include a quote, an interesting statistic, or a rhetorical question.

Your thesis statement is the main argument of your essay, so it needs to be stated clearly and concisely in your introduction.

 A good thesis statement will be specific and limit the scope of your argument so that it can be fully addressed in the body of your paper.

Transitions are important in writing for academic and non-academic audiences because they help guide the reader through your argument. 

A good transition will introduce the main point of your next paragraph while still maintaining the connection to the previous one.

Step 2: Write The Body Paragraphs

Here is a formula for structuring your body paragraphs in a persuasive essay. 

This formula will ensure that each body paragraph is packed with evidence and examples while still being concise and easy to read.

Every body paragraph should start with a topic sentence. A topic sentence is a key sentence that sums up the paragraph's main point. 

It should be clear, concise, and direct. 

For example, if you were writing a paragraph about the importance of exercise, your topic sentence might be this:

"Regular exercise is essential for good physical and mental health."

See how that sentence gives a clear overview of what the rest of the paragraph will be about.

Once your topic sentence is down, it's time to fill the rest of the paragraph with relevant supporting sentences. 

These sentences should provide evidence to support the claims made in the topic sentence. 

For the exercise example, we might use sentences like this:

"Exercise has been shown to improve heart health, reduce stress levels, and boost brain power."

"A sedentary lifestyle has been linked to an increased risk of obesity, heart disease, and type II diabetes."

See how each sentence ties back to the paragraph's main point. That's what you want your supporting sentences to do.

Last but not least, every body paragraph should end with a closing (or transition) sentence. This sentence should briefly summarize the main points of the paragraph and introduce the next point that will be discussed in the following paragraph. 

For the exercise example, the closing sentence might look like this:

"So, as you can see, there are many compelling reasons to make exercise a regular part of your routine."

How to End a Persuasive Essay

The end of your essay is just as important as the introduction. You must leave your readers with a lasting impression and ensure your argument convinces them. 

To do this, you'll want to craft a persuasive conclusion that ties together all the points you have made in the essay.

Here is a video explaining the body paragraphs in a persuasive essay. Check it out for more information. 

Step 1: Write a Persuasive Conclusion

Here are a few tips to help make sure your persuasive essay conclusion is as effective and persuasive as possible. 

Begin your essay conclusion by restating the thesis statement you began within your introduction. Doing so will remind readers of what you set out to prove and provide a sense of closure.

 You can also use your conclusion to summarize the main points of your argument. This will help readers recall the evidence you presented and reinforce why it supports your thesis. 

Lastly, don't forget to include a call to action in your essay conclusion. This can be anything from a persuasive plea to a persuasive suggestion. 

Step 2:  Polish Up Your Essay

After you’re done with the essay, take a few minutes to read through it. Ensure that your persuasive points and evidence are clear, concise, and persuasive. 

Also, double-check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Ensure that all of your persuasive points are properly explained and make sense to the reader. 

If you’re not confident in your persuasive writing skills, you can enlist a friend or family member to read through it and provide feedback.

You can follow a proofreading checklist after completing your essay to ensure you are on track.

By following these steps, you’ll end up with a persuasive essay that will impress anyone who reads it!

Format Of A Persuasive Essay 

Once you have your persuasive essay topic, it's time to craft an essay structure. Crafting the perfect persuasive essay format is essential for ensuring your paper has maximum persuasive power.

Here are some tips for formatting an effective persuasive essay.

Ensure that you have adhered to all the paragraphing requirements of your instructor. 

Double-check that your margins are set properly. A margin of 1 inch (2.5 cm) on all sides is the standard for most written documents.

This makes it easier for readers to focus and extract important information quickly.

Choose a font that is easy to read and professional. Stay away from script fonts or anything too fancy or difficult to read. Stick with basic fonts like Times New Roman, Arial, and Calibri.

Align your persuasive essay to the left margin. This makes it easier for readers to follow along with your argument without having to do too much extra scrolling. 

By following these simple tips, you'll be able to craft the perfect persuasive essay format.

Persuasive Essay Examples

Here are some examples of persuasive essays that can help you get the gist of essay writing.

Persuasive essay on the preservation of nature

Persuasive essay examples pdf

Example of a persuasive essay about covid-19

Check out some more persuasive essay examples here for more inspiration. 

Good Persuasive Essay Topics

The right persuasive essay topics can make or break your essay. Here are a few examples of persuasive essay topics that can help you. 

If you’re stuck with choosing topics, these are great persuasive essay topics to get you started! 

Pick one of these and craft an essay that will leave your readers thinking. 

Tips to Write a Compelling Persuasive Essay

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you make a lasting impression on your reader:

Pick A Topic You're Passionate About

First, you need to choose a topic you're passionate about. It will be easier to write about the topic if you care about the essay. 

This will make it easier to develop persuasive arguments, and you'll be more motivated to do research.

Research Your Topic Thoroughly

After picking a persuasive essay topic, you need thorough research. This will help you gain a better understanding of the issue, which in turn will make your essay stronger. This will also ensure that you fully grasp all counterarguments on your topic.

Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience before writing is important. Are you writing to your classmates? Your teacher? The general public? Once you know your audience, you can tailor your argument to them. 

Knowing your audience will help determine the tone and approach of your essay.

Hook The Reader's Attention

The first few sentences of your essay are crucial - they must grab the reader's attention and make them want to keep reading. 

One way to do this is by starting with a shocking statistic or an interesting story. The reader will be instantly hooked and will be enticed to read more.

Research Both Sides 

A good persuasive essay will consider both sides of an issue and present a well-rounded view. This means researching both sides of the argument before taking a stance. 

Make sure to consider all the evidence before making up your mind - otherwise, your argument won't be as strong as it could be.

Ask Rhetorical Questions

Rhetorical questions are not meant to be answered but rather to make the reader think about the issue. 

For example, "How can we expect our children to succeed in school if they don't have enough resources?" 

Questions like this can help engage readers and get them thinking about solutions rather than just complaining about problems.

Emphasize Your Point

It's important to reiterate your main points throughout the essay so that readers don't forget what they are supposed to argue for or against by the time they reach the end of the paper.

Persuasive essays can be difficult to write, but following simple tips can help make the process easier. 

In this blog, we’ve outlined the components of a persuasive essay and provided some tips on how to write one. We also shared examples of persuasive essays that scored high marks on standardized tests. 

If you are looking for a persuasive essay writing service, look no further than CollegeEssay.org! Our experienced essay writer can provide the assistance you need to produce an essay that meets the highest standards.

Let our persuasive essay writer handle the hard work and get you started on your path to success.

Contact our essay writing service today for a free consultation!

Frequently Asked Questions About Persuasive Essays

How long should a persuasive essay be.

Generally speaking, persuasive essays should be between 500-750 words. However, the length of your essay will depend on the instructions given by your teacher or professor.

What Techniques Are Used In Persuasive Essays?

Persuasive techniques include facts and statistics, emotion and logic, personal stories, analogies and metaphors, pathos, ethos, and logos.

How Do I Make My Persuasive Essay More Convincing?

To make your essay more convincing, cite reliable sources, use persuasive language, and provide strong evidence and arguments.

How Is Persuasive Writing Different From Argumentative Writing?

The main difference between persuasive and argumentative writing is that persuasive writing seeks to convince or persuade the reader. On the other hand, argumentative writing seeks to debate an issue.

Cathy A. (Literature, Marketing)

For more than five years now, Cathy has been one of our most hardworking authors on the platform. With a Masters degree in mass communication, she knows the ins and outs of professional writing. Clients often leave her glowing reviews for being an amazing writer who takes her work very seriously.

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Persuasive Essay Writing

Persuasive Essay Examples

Nathan D.

Persuasive Essay Examples for All Academic Levels

Published on: Feb 7, 2023

Last updated on: Feb 6, 2023

Persuasive Essay Examples

On This Page On This Page

Writing an effective persuasive essay can be difficult for many students, especially if you don't have any good examples at hand.

Don't worry!

To help solve this problem, we have created this guide featuring persuasive essay examples for all academic levels. These amazing examples will help you understand the basic structure and format of essays.

With our help, writing a great persuasive essay will become easier than ever before! 

So let's dive in.

Learn Writing Persuasive Essay with Examples

While searching online, you’ll get several essay examples that might confuse you. To make your life easier, we have categorized the persuasive essay examples based on your academic level.

In just a five min read time, you can get an excellent understanding through our example PDFs.

Jump in to get inspiration!

Persuasive Essay Examples for Middle School

Persuasive Essay Example 4th Grade

Persuasive Essay Example 5th Grade

Persuasive Essay Example for Grade 6

If you're stuck on starting your persuasive essay for high school, the following examples can be a great source.

Persuasive Essay Example for Grade 7

Persuasive Essay Example 8th Grade

Persuasive Essay Example for Grade 10

Persuasive Essay Examples for High School

Order Essay

Paper Due? Why Suffer? That's our Job!

When writing an essay for the college level, consider these persuasive essay samples.

Persuasive Essay Examples for College

Higher English Persuasive Essay Example

Get creative and motivated with our engaging selection of university-level persuasive essays.

Additionally, see the sample argumentative essay in PDF format below.

Persuasive Essay Examples for University

Argumentative Persuasive Essay Examples

Gun Control Persuasive Essay Examples

Persuasive Essay Example About Covid

To gain insight into how to compose an effective persuasive essay, take a look at the following pdfs.

How to Start Persuasive Essay Examples

Persuasive Essay Outline Example

Persuasive Essay Hook Example

Persuasive Essay Thesis Statement Example

Persuasive Essay Introduction Example

How to End a Persuasive Essay Example

Still, seeking inspiration to start your writing? See the step-by-step guide on writing a persuasive essay .

Persuasive Essay Examples for Different Formats

Writing a persuasive essay needs considerable effort, research, and experience. However, some students are still struggling with it.   Here is some different format to help you make professional writing.

Short Persuasive Essay Examples

3 Paragraph Persuasive Essay Example

5 Paragraph Persuasive Essay Examples

Persuasive Essay Examples pdf

Need help with a persuasive essay outline ? We've got you covered! Be sure to check this link. Also, browse through our "People Also Read" section for more pertinent topics.

Tough Essay Due? Hire Tough Writer!

Persuasive Essay Writing Tips

A persuasive essay is a piece of writing that aims to convince the readers to adopt your point of view. This type of essay is most commonly assigned in high school and college.

Below are some tips to help you in the professional essay-writing process.

By following these tips, you'll be able to write a persuasive essay that will stand out from the rest.

Check out this video to make effective counterarguments and refutations for your essay.

Persuasive Essay Topics

The best topics are those that you can relate to and have an opinion on.

Here are some persuasive essay topics that you can use for your next essay:

Let’s take a look at some examples:

Political Persuasive Essay Examples

Persuasive Essay Example About Life

No matter what persuasive essay topic you choose, make sure it is relevant to your audience.

Summing up,

Looking through persuasive essay examples can be incredibly beneficial for students. Seeing what others have written successfully in the past can help spark creativity.

Take the examples above and use them as a starting point to craft an excellent persuasive essay. It will help you achieve the grades you deserve.

If you're feeling overwhelmed or don't know where to start. Don’t worry, it may take some time before you start writing more fluidly.

FreeEssayWriter.net provides top-notch writing help to students worldwide. 

Our essay writer works on your assignment from scratch to make it 100% original and unique. 

So, why wait?

Hire us and get the first two pages free of cost!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i start off a persuasive essay.

Start your persuasive essay with a hook sentence to grab the reader’s attention. Provide some background information in the introduction and develop a thesis statement that covers your main arguments.

What makes a good persuasive essay?

A good persuasive essay has an engaging introduction, strong evidence, logical reasoning, and a convincing conclusion. Make sure to filter out any unnecessary details and include only important points.

What are the three 3 parts of persuasive essay?

The three parts of a persuasive essay are Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.  The introduction needs to grab the reader’s attention with a hook statement. The body -must provide evidence that supports the topic and thesis statement. In conclusion, ask the reader to perform a specific action by providing a call to action.

Nathan D. (Literature)

Nathan is a highly experienced writer and author. With a Ph.D. degree in journalism, he has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share with the world. Nathan is passionate about writing, and his work has been featured in some of the most respected publications. His clients and colleagues respect him deeply for his knowledge and insight into the writing process.

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Persuasive Essay Outline - Detailed Guide with Examples

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Persuasive Essay Examples

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    The main idea or aim for writing a persuasive essay is to convince and persuade the reader to do something. It is also written to change their beliefs and agree with your point of view. Hook sentences for such essays are a shocking revelation that the reader is curious to learn more about.

  13. 15 Essay Hooks to Grab Everyone's Attention 📢 & Examples of Hooks for

    A right hook presents you as an expert in your field. It attracts target audience. Only the readers you want will keep reading. It keeps the tension on the right level. Use an intriguing question, and a reader dies to find out the answer. It makes a good introduction. Starting your essay off a boring fact is simply not a good idea.

  14. How to Write an Essay Introduction

    Step 1: Hook your reader Step 2: Give background information Step 3: Present your thesis statement Step 4: Map your essay's structure Step 5: Check and revise More examples of essay introductions Frequently asked questions about the essay introduction Step 1: Hook your reader

  15. How to Start a Persuasive Essay

    How to Start a Persuasive Essay July 4, 2019 Uncategorized Mike Hanski Here's your strategy, step by step: Brainstorm your topic. Choose a hook. Provide the context. Narrow it to the main point. Write a thesis statement. Be brief. Avoid clichés. Stay persuasive. Feel free to write an introduction after the essay body is ready. Just imagine:

  16. How to Start an Essay: 7 Tips for a Knockout Essay Introduction

    Share a shocking or amusing fact. One way to start your essay is with a shocking, unexpected, or amusing fact about the topic you're covering. This grabs the reader's attention and makes them want to read further, expecting explanation, context, and/or elaboration on the fact you presented. Check out these essay introduction examples that ...

  17. How to Write A Hook for an argumentative essay

    Based on your evaluation, choose the hook that is most effective in introducing your argument and engaging your reader. Remember that a strong hook can make the difference between a reader continuing to read or losing interest, so choose carefully. Draft your hook. Write your chosen hook as the opening sentence or sentences of your essay.

  18. 7 Best Persuasive Essay Examples To Top Your Class

    Students can add; statistics, graphs, or pie charts in these persuasive essay examples for that animation . Argument 2: Screened ownership. The USA stands highest among the top 10 civilian gun-owning countries (FBI). According to recent findings, the number of people who own guns has grown over the past few years.

  19. How to Nail a Persuasive Essay: Outline, Examples

    How to start a persuasive essay: first and foremost, to write an effective paper, you have to understand the basic principles of persuasive writing. Your main goal is to make readers accept your opinion and agree with it. The only way to do it is by supporting your ideas with credible, reasonable, and verifiable arguments.

  20. The Best Formula To Write A Hook In An Essay

    It is a crucial aspect of any essay and is a part of the introduction section written as an opening sentence to attract the reader. One can think of a hook as "bait" that catches the reader's interest. Usually, a hook can be one or two sentences long, but not too long. Put simply; it is a short or concise sentence (s) that is intriguing ...

  21. How to Write a Good Hook for Your Essay

    Tell a personal story. Use statistical data. Ask a question. Share a fact or a definition. "Draw" a scene. Start with a thesis statement. The #1 prejudice most students have on essay writing: it's time-consuming, difficult, and bo-o-oring. False. When teachers ask you to write an essay, they don't want to ban your creativity.

  22. Best Tips on How to Write a Good Hook for an Essay

    To hook readers, you can use a question hook in your first sentence, introduction statement, first line or opening sentence. Make sure you mention something that is not a mere yes or no question. Your reader must have something to ignite the urge to explore further or chew their nails in curiosity. Generally, people are naturally curious.

  23. How do you write a good attention grabber for a style analysis essay

    Here are 7 writing hooks that make readers want to find out what you will say in the rest of your essay. ... Here are 7 writing hooks that make readers want to find out what you will say in the rest of your essay. Interesting Question Hook. Strong Statement/Declaration Hook. Fact/Statistic Hook. Metaphor/ Simile Hook.

  24. Starting an Essay: How to Write a Hook

    The joke should be short and well-aimed to achieve the best results. Example Hook: "I stop fighting my inner demons, because we are on the same side.". This is the best way to open an explanatory essay about the role of bad habits in our lives and how to understand them, not fight them.

  25. How To Write Effective Essays Teaching Resources

    Rockin Resources. 4.9. (163) $6.99. PDF. This weekly writing resource is perfect for giving students the tools necessary for writing essays independently. It not only includes the assignments and prompts, but the reference notes needed to complete an essay from the prewriting stage to a final copy.

  26. Make It Perfect: The Definitive Guide to a Persuasive Essay

    Here is a complete guide on how to start a persuasive essay. Follow them to compose a perfect essay every time. Brainstorm All Possible Angles . ... Here are 3 tips for writing an attention-grabbing introduction for your next essay. Use a strong hook statement;

  27. 22 Good Persuasive Essay Examples for Students

    If you're stuck on starting your persuasive essay for high school, the following examples can be a great source. Persuasive Essay Example for Grade 7. Persuasive Essay Example 8th Grade. ... Start your persuasive essay with a hook sentence to grab the reader's attention. Provide some background information in the introduction and develop a ...