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how to write introduction message on whatsapp

WhatsApp Group Introduction Messages: The 50 Best Ones to Use

Table of Contents

Whatsapp group introduction message

whatsapp group introduction message

Whatsapp group introduction message: If you’re new to online communication, joining a new group chat can be daunting. Here are 5 simple tips to help you get started:

Before joining a WhatsApp group make sure to find that interests you.

Instructions for a whatsapp group introduction message

greeting message

Now Introducing yourself to a new group chat can be nerve-wracking, but it’s also a great way to make friends. Here are a few tips on how to do it:

Best examples of whatsapp group introduction message

When you join a new group chat, it’s important to introduce yourself so that everyone knows who you are. Here’s few example of a self introduction messages because starting a conversation with a new group can be intimidating. Few examples on how to introduce yourself:

whatsapp messages

Top 50 Best examples of whatsapp group introduction message

whatsapp group introduction message

what is a whatsapp group introduction message?

When you join a new WhatsApp group, the first thing you’ll likely want to do is introduce yourself. This is your chance to let everyone know a little bit about yourself, such as your name, where you’re from, what you do, and any other interests you have. You may also want to include a photo of yourself so people can put a face to the name.

The best way to introduce yourself in a WhatsApp group is to send a message that briefly tells everyone a little about yourself. You can start with your name and then add some other details. For example: “Hi! My name is Jane and I’m from the UK. I work as an accountant.”

It’s also always a good idea to be friendly and welcoming when joining a new group. Say hello to everyone and let them know that you’re happy to be part of the group.

Is whatsapp group introduction message important?

WhatsApp group introduction message is an important part of a group. It sets the tone for the group and helps members to get to know each other. The introduction message should be friendly and welcoming. It is a good idea to include some basic information about yourself, such as your name and occupation. You can also mention any interests you have or things you would like to discuss in the group.

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how to write introduction message on whatsapp

How to write a perfect business introduction message for WhatsApp (with templates)

How to send a great WhatsApp message

WhatsApp is a perfect messaging and communicating tool for B2C businesses looking to connect with their clients from the comfort of their smartphones. It’s not just easy but a really popular tool.  

Although WhatsApp makes it incredibly effortless for you to contact and manage your leads and clients anytime you want, improving your sales and customer relationships still depends on what kind of message you approach your clients with. A message is effective when it’s sent at the right time and with the right combination of words. 

Speaking of effective messages, the introduction message is the most crucial of them all. It determines if your leads will open your message and respond to it or ignore it. 

So, the question is, what’s the best way to write an introduction message on WhatsApp that maximises the chances of getting a response? 

In this article, we’ll guide you through the best practices for effective WhatsApp introduction messages, so you´ll be able to create more effective introduction messages with a higher possibility of getting a reply.  

Table of Contents: Messaging a cold lead vs warm lead Things to consider while sending great intro messages on WhatsApp 3 examples/templates of great business introduction messages on WhatsApp Conclusion

Messaging a cold lead vs warm lead

If you’re using WhatsApp as the tool to connect with your leads, you’ll often be sending your first introduction messages to two different types of leads: cold and warm. A lead is cold or warm depending on how much knowledge you have about them. If you’re shooting your promotional messages to random numbers without even knowing they’re your potential customers, they are cold leads. On the other hand, if you’re responding to people who have shown interest in your product or service through website forms or lead ads, they are your warm leads. 

How to write a great introduction message to Cold leads

Cold leads are the random people that receive your promotional messages about your products or services without knowing who you are. The leads haven’t shown interest in your products or service and have no idea about you. They just see your message on their WhatsApp all of a sudden.

While more people tend to ignore promotional messages, well-crafted introduction messages still have a chance of being opened and getting a response. You just need to be super sharp and upfront about the problem you’re solving or the promotion you’re doing. You have to mention your offer directly so the recipient knows exactly what they can get. Your message should be truly transactional and to the point.   

Let’s say you’re a real estate agent specialising in selling houses and want to let more people who want to sell their houses know about your service. Now, you have a list of 200 random numbers of people you have no idea about. In this case, instead of trying to look more creative, your message should be crafted to the point. For instance, it should look like ¨Looking to sell your house? We help people sell their house above the market rate within 2 months.” 

How to write a great introduction message to warm leads

Warm leads are your potential customers whose information you’ve received through different targeted marketing activities, such as lead ads and contact forms. You know who your warm leads are and how they’ve come in contact with you. They’ve specifically expressed interest in your product or service, and have let you know what they want.  

Sending messages to warm leads is a totally different scenario than sending messages to random numbers. Therefore, your approach should be more personalised and friendly, especially when you’re messaging them for the first time. Don’t treat them like cold leads. Your first message shouldn’t be transactional and neither look promotional. 

This article will focus more on warm leads because most of your online activities will target warm leads. 

Things to consider while sending great intro messages on WhatsApp 

Intro messages play a crucial role in driving your conversations with clients in the right direction. That’s why they should be crafted in a way that people want to react to. It opens doors to future communications and ultimately increases your chances of improving sales. 

When you message your leads for the first time, oftentimes you don’t get a reply. While there are many reasons behind this, such as the customers having a busy schedule or being away (from their phones or for vacation), the greatest reason behind a message not getting a response is terrible writing. People often ignore badly timed and promotional-looking messages. So, how to make sure you don’t send a bad intro message? Here are a few things you want to consider while sending a business intro message to your leads or clients.   

Make it personal

Personalisation plays an excellent role in making the recipient feel that the message is purely intended for them. According to a recent study, a large number of customers prefer engaging with personalised messages over generic ones. 

If you’re collecting leads online, you should know that people submit their details on your forms because they are genuinely interested to know more about your business and the offer. 

However, being unable to approach your leads with a personalised message can confuse them. As a result, they’ll think your message is another generic promotional text. Adding a few personal elements, such as the client’s name and interest, can help make a message personalised. The more specific you are, the better your message will sound to the client as it focuses on addressing their requirements. 

Add a question (to get a response) 

The primary purpose of sending your first message isn’t just writing or introducing yourself, it’s to get a response. If your message doesn’t include something specific to respond to (e.g. a question), your leads will more likely wait for another message than reply. 

Giving your clients a reason to respond helps open up a conversation. It’s best if you craft a question that resonates with them so they are curious to know more about your offers. However, it’s equally important to make it as easy as possible to respond. For instance, people will more likely respond to a yes/no question than a short answer question. 

Mention the product/service your leads are interested in 

People are less likely to answer a message that doesn’t explain the purpose well. If you give them a bit more detail on your intro message than they previously saw online (on Facebook lead ads or landing pages), it’ll remind them what they were interested in. As a result, they’ll open a conversation if they haven’t moved on. 

For best practices, include phrases such as ‘Thanks for showing interest in our (X) product’. Also, list 3 to 5 points specific to the product to remind them of their interest. 

3 examples/templates of great business introduction messages on WhatsApp  

Different industries have different sets of potential customers with different requirements. You’ll want to send your very first message to a client depending on their requirements. Here are 3 industry-specific templates of ideal business introduction messages that you can send on WhatsApp. 

Scenario 1. Insurance agent selling life insurance 

You’re an insurance agent that sells life insurance. You run your business website and collect interested clients’ information through its landing pages that you optimise regularly with new offers. You have just run a new offer for fresh graduates and started receiving leads. Here’s how you’ll want to write your first WhatsApp message to a lead named Joshua who has just filled in and submitted his details on your contact form.

Dear Joshua, thanks for showing interest in our life insurance policy for fresh graduates. I’m Ben from Prodigee insurance company and am happy to share that we have several promotions for young professionals’ life insurance during this festive season. Would you like us to send you the latest packages and policies? 

Scenario 2. Real estate agent selling houses

You´re a real estate agent from Manhattan specialising in selling houses. One of your marketing strategies includes running Facebook lead ads and collecting leads. Here’s how you should compose your introduction message for a potential client who has just submitted her details on your Facebook Lead Form.  

Dear Claire, thanks for your interest in selling your house. I’m Tim from Thrive Real Estate, and I specialise in selling houses above market price in Manhattan. In the past year alone, I have helped more than 30 individuals from New York sell their houses above the market rate. I´m looking forward to doing the same for you. It would be my great pleasure to do an assessment of your property and give you an analysis. Would you like a free analysis of your current property valuation? 

Scenario 3. Wedding planner

You’re a wedding planner from Hawaii. You collect your leads online through lead ads on TikTok and Instagram. Here’s an ideal introduction message for new leads you’ve just received. 

Hi Sara, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I’m Jennifer from Divine Wedding Planners. I have been planning weddings in Hawaii for the past 15 years, and my team has done over 100 weddings across all themes and locations. Would you like to know more about our latest packages? 

If you´re looking to convert more customers and increase sales, it’s utterly important that your new leads respond to your first message on WhatsApp. It ultimately increases sales probability. Therefore, create your very first message with proper consideration of all the right elements that urge users to open the message and respond to it. 

Privyr is a mobile-first CRM that helps you automatically import your leads on your smartphone and contact them on WhatsApp quickly. Plus, it allows you to manage data and conversations with clients so you follow up on each of your leads effectively without missing a single one of them. Privyr also assists you to create personalised messages for your clients.  Create a great WhatsApp business introduction message to your clients and improve the response rate. Try Privyr for free today.

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Michael is a content writer at Privyr, a mobile CRM that helps consumer-facing sales professionals convert leads into clients from their phones. A writer from the heart and marketer from the mind, he has been helping businesses from around the world create and execute successful content marketing strategies for their brands since 2018.

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how to write introduction message on whatsapp

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how to introduce yourself in whatsapp?

Hey there! My name is _ and I’m a _ . I’m really excited to get to know you all!

how to introduce yourself in whatsapp

Self Introduction कैसे दे | How To Introduce Yourself In English | Tell Me something About Yourself

Hi! My name is _ and I work as a _ . Nice to meet you!

There’s no one formula for introducing yourself, but a good approach is to be concise and to the point. You might say something like, “Hello, my name is . It’s nice to meet you.” or “Hi, I’m . Thanks for having me.

It can be difficult to know how to introduce yourself to a new example. You want to make a good first impression, but you also don’t want to seem too eager. One strategy is to find something in common between you and the other person and talk about that. For example, you could mention that you both went to the same school or that you both like the same sports team. This will help you break the ice and start a conversation.

When introducing yourself, it is common to use the phrase “I am” followed by your name. For example, “I am Sarah.” You can also say “This is” followed by your name. For example, “This is Sarah.

Hi, my name is _ and I am years old. I am from _ and currently live in . I am a student at and my hobbies include . I am interested in and hope to pursue a career in __ .

A self introduction is an opportunity to introduce yourself to a group of people. It is a chance for you to share your name, occupation, and interests.

My name is _ and I am years old. I am from _ and I currently live in . I am a _ .

Yes, you can introduce yourself using “myself.” When you use “myself,” it emphasizes that you are talking about yourself. For example, “I am excited to meet myself” would mean that the person is excited to meet themselves.

There’s no one formula for introducing yourself to someone. However, a good introduction should be polite, concise, and informative. You may want to mention your name, occupation, and/or where you’re from.

Hey there! I’m [insert your name here]. I’m new to this app/site and just wanted to say hi.

There are a few different ways to introduce yourself quickly. You can say your name, your job, or your hobby. You can also say something about yourself that is unique. For example, “I’m the youngest person in my company” or “I’m a marathon runner.

Hi, my name is _ and I am years old. I am from and I currently reside in . I am a student at and my major is . Some of my hobbies include , , and __ . I am looking forward to meeting new people and learning more about different cultures.

Introspective, compassionate, and curious.

There are many ways to describe oneself, but some of the most important things to mention are one’s personality traits, interests, and accomplishments. It can also be helpful to think about what others might say about you. For example, if someone were to ask your friends what they think your best qualities are, what would they say? Try to sum up who you are in a few sentences, and then share that with others.

Hi, everyone! My name is _ and I will be your teacher for the next _ months. In this class, we will be learning about __ . I am looking forward to working with all of you and hope that you have a great year!

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How To Introduce Yourself On WhatsApp [With Examples]

One short and sweet way how to introduce yourself on WhatsApp can be, “Hey there, I’m [Your Name] and I’m excited to connect with you on WhatsApp! Looking forward to chatting and getting to know you better”. But you can take this to another level with some cool tricks.

Introducing yourself on WhatsApp is important to establish a friendly and professional relationship with the person you are chatting with. It helps to create a positive impression and sets the tone for the conversation. Indeed you don’t wanna mess that up, don’t you?

Introducing yourself on WhatsApp might seem like a small detail, but it can make a big difference in how your conversations unfold. A friendly and engaging introduction helps to establish a positive connection with the person you are chatting with and can lead to more meaningful and productive conversations.

So, let’s dive in and explore some tips and examples for introducing yourself on WhatsApp.

What is self-introduction

Self-introduction means, telling about yourself, like your name, age, hobbies, career, place, etc.

There are many ways to introduce yourself in simple words that look natural like

Hi there! My name’s . What’s your name? Have we met? I’m . I think I have seen you around, I’m __ _ .

This is all about when we meet people face to face so we can start to talk like that.

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Introduce yourself on Whatsapp [Scenarios with examples]

When it comes to introducing yourself on WhatsApp, there are many different scenarios that you may encounter, each requiring a slightly different approach. Whether you are reaching out to a new business contact, reconnecting with an old friend, or joining a group chat, it’s important to consider the context and tailor your introduction accordingly. In this guide, we’ll explore some common scenarios and provide you with tips and examples for introducing yourself on WhatsApp in an engaging and effective way.

1. Introducing Yourself to a New Business Contact on Whatsapp

If you’re using WhatsApp for professional purposes, such as networking or business communication, you’ll need to introduce yourself in a clear and professional manner. Here are some tips and examples for introducing yourself to a new business contact:

Hi Sarah, my name is Lisa, and I’m the CEO of ABC Consulting. I came across your profile on LinkedIn and was impressed by your expertise in digital marketing. I’m interested in learning more about your work and potentially collaborating on a project in the future. Would you be open to scheduling a call to discuss further?

2. Reconnecting with an Old Friend on Whatsapp

If you’re reconnecting with an old friend on WhatsApp, you’ll want to strike a more personal and friendly tone. Here are some tips and examples for introducing yourself to an old friend:

Hey there! It’s been ages since we last spoke. This is Mark, we went to college together. I came across your profile on Facebook and thought I’d reach out to see how you’re doing. How’s life been treating you? What have you been up to since we last caught up?

3. Introducing Yourself in a Whatsapp Group Chat

When joining a group chat on WhatsApp, it’s important to introduce yourself to the other members so that everyone knows who you are. Here are some tips and examples for introducing yourself in a group chat:

Hi everyone! My name is Sarah, and I’m excited to be joining this group. I’m originally from New York, but I’m currently living in California. I work in marketing and love trying out new restaurants in my free time. I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone and learning more about what brings us all together. Does anyone have any fun plans for the weekend?

4. Introducing Yourself to a Romantic Interest

If you’re introducing yourself to a romantic interest on WhatsApp, you’ll want to strike a balance between being flirty and respectful. Here are some tips and examples for introducing yourself to a romantic interest:

Hey there, I’m Rachel, and I couldn’t help but notice your adorable dog in your profile picture. I’m a huge dog lover myself and have a rescue pup named Luna. I saw that we both love trying out new restaurants. Have you been to any great spots lately? I would love to get to know you better and maybe even plan a dinner date if you’re interested.

Tips to Introduce yourself on WhatsApp

Here are some tips for introducing yourself on WhatsApp:

There is no formula for introducing yourself, but a good approach is to be concise. Don’t forget to say Nice to meet you at last whether you’re talking personally or on WhatsApp.

You may also like:

Introducing yourself on WhatsApp is an important aspect of establishing positive and productive relationships. A friendly and engaging introduction can set the tone for the conversation and leave a positive impression on the person you are chatting with.

You can introduce yourself in many different ways depending on the context, such as when reaching out to a new business contact, reconnecting with an old friend, joining a group chat, or introducing yourself to a romantic interest. Regardless of the scenario, it’s essential to consider the context and tailor your introduction accordingly.

With the tips and examples provided in this article, you’ll be equipped with the necessary tools to introduce yourself effectively on WhatsApp and create meaningful connections.

So go ahead, try out different approaches, and get to know some exciting people on WhatsApp!

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How to Write a Brilliant Introduction Text Message

Introducing yourself or your business by text message is fairly tricky. You only have a tiny amount of space in which to craft your message (160 characters, to be precise – which equates to very few words!).

There's a definite skill to writing a short yet memorable introduction while also laying the foundations for a two-way conversation. This article shares some valuable tips and best practices for introducing yourself via text messaging.

What is an introduction text?

An introduction text is simply the very first text message you send to someone you want to get acquainted with, such as a customer, colleague, supplier or networking connection.

No matter who you're contacting for the first time, it's essential to make a positive and memorable introduction – doing so helps pave the way for great business opportunities and professional relationships.

If you want to increase your chances of a response, it makes sense to use SMS to introduce yourself compared to email. Text response rates are as high as 45% , whereas email response rates can be as low as 6%.

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The basic structure of an introduction text

So what exactly should you include, and what's ok to leave out when introducing yourself via text? Here's how to structure your message...

Start with a greeting – just like you would when you introduce yourself in person, say 'Hello'. Or, more specifically, say 'Hi' to reduce character count!

Explain who you are – include your name and business. You can do this via a signature at the end of your text or weave it into the content at the beginning.

Say what you want – whether you're after referrals, wish to schedule a meeting or want to help a customer with an enquiry, get straight to the point and explain the reason for your text as succinctly as possible.

Include a call-to-action – tell the recipient what you want them to do (for example, book a slot in your calendar or reply with an answer to your question). Make it easy for them by including a URL to visit or a phone number to call.

Here are a few examples of a well structured introductory text:

Hi Sue, nice to meet you at the networking group yesterday. Can we discuss swapping referrals? Here’s my calendar: [URL] Tim Watson, Greenfields Accountants.

Hi Tomas, Alison from Marketing Whizz here. We're looking for a freelance copywriter. If available, please phone me on [NUMBER] for details.

Hi Peter, further to your email, I'm pleased to help you upgrade. Before we begin, click here to enter your support PIN for security. [URL] Ali, SmartTechCo.

Introduction text example

Tips and tricks for introductory text messaging

There are a few clever techniques to use when crafting your text message to ensure you provide a great introduction.

Use friendly language – even though this is business texting, there's no need to be overly formal in your language. You don't want it to sound too stuffy. Text communication is generally informal – we mostly text with friends and family, right? So keep the tone conversational .

Personalise your message – address the recipient by name to add impact and familiarity.

Consider Verified SMS – if you're text messaging existing or prospective customers, use Verified SMS (branded messages) to help you build trust and enhance your content.

Use automation to save time and resources – in the case of SMS marketing , you may be able to automate introductory (welcome) texts so that they're triggered and sent whenever a new subscriber opts in to receive them.

Note: with marketing text messages, recipients must first subscribe and give permission for you to send them. Additionally, you must always provide details of how to opt out of future marketing messages within your message content.

Introduction text templates

Let's look at some specific scenarios where you might want to send an introduction text. Feel free to tweak these templates and use them for your business.

SMS marketing

For marketing text messages , your first one should acknowledge that the recipient has subscribed and act as a reminder that they can unsubscribe at any time. You may also want to collect a double opt-in via this introduction text.

Hi [Name], thanks for opting in to text marketing from [Business Name]. Please reply Y to confirm. You can unsubscribe at any time by texting STOP to [Shortcode].

Sending a follow-up text after making a new networking connection helps open the door for new business opportunities.

Hi [Name], great to meet you at [Event] on [Date]. Let's talk about ways to help our respective businesses. Let me know a good time to call? [Your Name], [Business Name].

Welcome new customers

Whenever you get a new customer, you can use an introduction text to confirm the product purchased and communicate further information.

Welcome to [Company]. We're delighted to have you on board. Here are all your documents: [URL]. If you need assistance at any time, call [Number].

Converting sales leads

Whether you're selling a product or service, you can use a data capture form on your website to collect interested leads and follow up with an introduction that helps convert them into customers.

Hi [Name] thanks for your website enquiry. Please call us on [Number] so we can arrange for you to speak to one of our advisors. [Your Name], [Business Name].

New employee onboarding

Show new employees you value them by texting an onboarding text with helpful information, e.g. link to the firm's newsletter or the intranet.

Welcome [Name]! Hope you're settling in well. Browse the intranet for the latest company news and upcoming internal events. [URL]. [Your Name], HR Department.

Onboarding introduction message example

In conclusion...

For a great introduction by text message, include the following elements: a greeting, a clear and concise reason for texting, a call-to-action, and of course, your contact details.

Veer towards a friendly and conversational tone rather than official and formal. Don't forget to personalise your text message with the recipient's name to make an impression and add familiarity. And if you're sending SMS marketing welcome messages, consider using Verified SMS to communicate brand awareness and increase trust.

To get started, use our text message templates to introduce yourself or your business. Why not try Messente's intuitive SMS platform to test your introduction message and see how it looks from a recipient's perspective. Sign up for a free Messente account today.

10 Unique Welcome Messages for WhatsApp Group

Table of contents.

If you’re starting out your own WhatsApp group, you will need more than just introductions to succeed. You’ll need a welcome message tailored to the group to make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed. A welcome message for WhatsApp group helps you create a relaxing atmosphere for group members.

A wonderful welcome message that uses positive language will make new members feel secure. Let’s look at some inspiring welcome messages for WhatsApp groups.

Welcome Message for WhatsApp Group

Your welcome message is the first impression you’ll make to the group members. It’s an opportunity to appeal to your audience and introduce what your group is about. Ensure your message is courteous, open-minded, and informative.

Your welcome message can make group members decide whether to stay or not. A welcome message can come in either of two forms. A brief one with a general purpose or a long one that gives the group more depth and meaning. Whatever the case, the message should be tailored to make the group members feel welcomed.

Tips for Crafting the Perfect Welcome Message for WhatsApp Group

An excellent welcome message will make a positive first impression , which can help your group grow. Here are some tips you should follow when writing a welcome message for your WhatsApp group.

1. Address individuals by their name

The message text should be addressed to specific individuals. If there are multiple members in your group, you should call each one by their name. This makes them feel recognized and unique in the group.

2. Lead with a compliment

People must feel adequately welcomed before they show interest in what’s being offered. First impressions count, so make the best of it by starting your message with a compliment.

3. Share a personal reason for starting a WhatsApp group

Include a personal reason for starting your WhatsApp group; stories are more captivating and appealing so use them. The reasons you provide will make the group members eager for what you have in stock for them.

The Best 10 Welcome Messages for WhatsApp Group

Here are the best 10 welcome messages for WhatsApp Groups to inspire your creativity.

1. We’re like a family here, and we’re glad to have you become a part of us. We welcome you to this fantastic group. Thank you for considering our group worthy of your presence.

2. It’s an honor for us to have you join our group. We hope you enjoy your time here and share your knowledge with us.

3. Welcome to our group! We hope for a successful journey with you.

4. Knowledge grows from sharing, which is why this group was formed. We believe you’d share your knowledge with us as you learn from others. Welcome to this knowledge group.

5. Life is not complete without a best friend; if there is more than one friend, life becomes a paradise. Now that you have joined our group, I am glad that our family is growing, and we have succeeded in creating a better environment.

6. Welcome to this entertainment group! I hope you like the fantastic atmosphere here. Let’s have lots of fun together.

7. Thank you for joining our group. We hope to work together with the best ideas and techniques to achieve great things.

8. A new group member means another addition to our family. Welcome to the group of entertainment and excitement. Get ready to have lots of meaningful conversations and eliminate work fatigue.

9. Welcome to our newspaper group! I hope you find the kind of content you want here. We wish you unforgettable and happy moments.

10. Congratulation for being a part of our group. We welcome you to the best team and are happy to have you as one of us.

welcome message on wooden carved heart turquoise painted background

A welcome message for WhatsApp groups can make a difference in how you engage with everyone in your group.

The welcome message is a nice gesture that expresses your appreciation to the group members for their time and commitment. It can also get the ball rolling for the work to be done. Your welcome message can also be a motivational piece for the group, the cheerleader needed to keep everyone working on the same page.

10 Unique Welcome Messages for WhatsApp Group

Abir Ghenaiet

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

Abir Ghenaiet LinkedIn

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how to write introduction message on whatsapp

10 Best WhatsApp Business Greeting Message Examples in 2022

Imagine two scenarios: You sign up for the WhatsApp newsletter or notifications from two similar brands. One of them sends you a warm welcome message telling you to contact them if you need help, invites you to follow them on Instagram and even offers a welcome discount. 

And another brand doesn't reach out instantly but sends a promotional message shouting about their new launch a few weeks after you signed up. 

Which brand will you connect with more or remember when it's time to make a purchase? And which one will you mark spam because you don't remember signing up for any messages?

I bet it's going to be brand #2. That's the power of a welcome message. And we are here to uncover more about the power called welcome messages. 

We'll explore what are welcome messages anyway? Why are they essential for your business?

Here are 10 examples to inspire & how you can setup up your welcome messages (without invoking any gods or involving techies to sort things for you!).

What is a WhatsApp Greeting Message? 

Also called WhatsApp Welcome Message, it is a customizable, automated message that’s sent to your leads or customers when they first message you or whenever they message you after 14 days of inactivity in their chat with you. 

Here's an example of a welcome message sent by an ecommerce brand.

how to write introduction message on whatsapp

It warmly welcomes you & re-iterates why you chose their brand (to stay fit & healthy). There's a link to their Instagram page for further engagement on social media. The use of emojis lends it an informal & casual feel. 

Why Are WhatsApp Welcome Messages Important? 

Build a connection with your customers .

Greeting messages can establish a good first impression. They let the customers know your personality & if done well, they can be enough to help you convert leads into customers.

A welcome message on WhatsApp is the same as a “Can I help you?” that you hear when you enter your favourite store or restaurant. Even if no help is needed, you feel valued and taken care of. 

If we take an idea from the 

Acknowledge the receipt of a message

A welcome message helps people know that their message has been received, and they can expect further help. It opens up a channel of communication with the customer & they are not left hanging on thinking whether you are available on WhatsApp or not. 

In the example below, we can see that the message confirms the opt-in and informs how to stop receiving messages from the brand. This builds trust that the brand will not force you to receive messages. It also helps reduce spam complaints. 

how to write introduction message on whatsapp

Inform customers about next steps

Like the one shown in the image below, WhatsApp welcome messages can help guide first-time website visitors on what steps they should take next. It has clear CTAs that prompt you to tap and engage in further conversation. 

how to write introduction message on whatsapp

Automate connecting with new subscribers

You can create your WhatsApp greeting message once & setup it up to trigger instantly whenever a new contact messages your business.

This allows you to connect with your customers (or potential customers) even when you are not online & might be surfing in Sri Lanka or taking care of the strategic needs of your business.  

To create such automations, you will need to use WhatsApp Business App. Alternatively, you can use WhatsApp Business API and a compatible platform that can converse with the API.

DelightChat is one such platform that lets you send WhatsApp welcome messages using the official API.

We'll explore how to send welcome messages using both options. 

Before we go onto execution, let's see some examples that can help you get ideas for your welcome message. 

10 Examples of Greeting Messages for WhatsApp 

General greeting message.

When you need to send a subtle message just to say hello, sound friendly and build a connection, here's a template you can use: 

Welcome to <Brand Name>. We are glad you chose us to <What your brand does>.

If you need to order <what you sell>, here's our website: <website link>.

Let's connect on Instagram for some fun: <Instagram link> 

Team <Brand Name>  

'Educate about your brand' Welcome Message 

WhatsApp messages have a high open rate since subscribers expect to receive a message when they connect with a new business or are curious to know more. Here's a template you can use to talk about your brand in a welcome message. 

I'm Greta from <Brand Name>. Welcome to <Brand Name> where we <what your brand does>. 

Here's why our customers love us:

- We promote sustainable fashion.

- Our designs don't go out of trend & can be worn for years. 

- Our friendly support will make sure you have a great buying experience. 

We have 850 brands on our website to choose from. I am sure you'll find something that suits you.

Ready to order? Visit our website: <website link>

Customer Support Welcome Messages 

If you have a WhatsApp account dedicated to customer support, you can create a message tailored for people waiting to resolve a query. 

We've received your query. One of our team members will get back to you within the next 24 hours.

Meanwhile, you can go through our FAQ section here - <insert a link to FAQs> to find a quick resolution. 

Support Team at <Brand Name> 

'There's an Outage' Auto Message

If there's an outage in services and you expect many new people to contact the support team during that time, you can create a message to inform the same and take it out when services are back again. 

Thank you for contacting us. Currently, we are facing technical issues with our customer support system. Our engineers are working hard to resolve it & we'll get back to you once things are resolved. 

Meanwhile, you can go through our FAQ section here - <insert a link to FAQs> to find a quick resolution. Thank you for your patience.

Kind Regards, 

'Away' Welcome Messages

Welcome to <brand name>. We’d love to respond to your query right away, but our team of shopping experts are currently away.

Our working hours are Monday to Friday, 9 am to 7 pm IST. Rest assured, one of our team members will be in touch with you soon. 

Did you know we have a help section that answers questions that we get asked very often? Check it out here - <link>

Meanwhile, here's a collection of our bestsellers to help you find the perfect outfit for any occasion - <link> 

Kind regards,

Team <brand name> 

This template was inspired by the actual message we received from 91Springboard when we contacted them over the weekend. See it in action: 

how to write introduction message on whatsapp

'Order Confirmation' Welcome Message

You can ask customers to opt-in for your WhatsApp messages during the checkout process. If they agree to receive notifications on WhatsApp, here's a message you can use: 

We've received your order. Your Order ID is <insert order ID> 

Once your package ships, we will send you a message with a tracking number and link to track it. 

If you have any questions, drop us a note. We are here to help!

Returns: If you would like to return your product(s), please see the return policy here <link> 

P.S. You may love these too: <link to other products> 

Team <Brand Name>

'Deliver welcome discount' Message

When you promise a discount for signing up for your WhatsApp messages, you should deliver that in your welcome message & not wait to send a separate message for that. 

Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter on WhatsApp.

As promised, here's your 10% discount code to shop any item on the website -- HAPPYFACE10. No minimum purchase is required. This discount code is valid for the next 6 months. 

CTA Button: Order Now 

'Collect more information' Welcome Message 

Sorry, we are currently not able to respond to your message. Please leave your name and email address, and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

~Team <Brand Name>

'Engage a lead' Welcome Message 

If you've received a lead on your website and you want to see if they are a potential customer or not quickly, offer a free sample and ask for the confirmation in the welcome message itself. 

Welcome to <brand name>. 

Want a free sample of <product name>? Tap on the yes button to confirm. Tap No if you don't want it. No hard feelings. 

Quick Reply Button 1: Yes, please!

Quick Reply Button 2: No, thanks!

'Next Steps'  Welcome Message

As mentioned before, a welcome message is more than just a 'hello.' It should further the conversation with the leads. To do that, you can include multiple CTAs or an automated chatbot with a welcome message as part of that. 

How can we help you today?

Tap on the buttons below according to your query. It will help us assign the right people to help you out. 

<Quick Reply Button 1>

<Quick Reply Button 2>

<Quick Reply Button 3>

Here's are examples of messages with next steps as CTAs & next steps through chatbot: 

how to write introduction message on whatsapp

Now that you have some ideas to craft your welcome message, let's see how to put that to action using WhatsApp Business App & API.

Read more:  Examples of Promotional WhatsApp Messages to help grow your brand and increase sales.

How to Send a Welcome Message Using WhatsApp Business App 

The welcome message setup with the Business app is straightforward. 

1. Open the WhatsApp Business app & click the three dots on the top right of the app screen.

2. Go to Business tools > Greeting message.

3. Enable the 'Send greeting message.'

4. Tap 'Greeting message', edit your message tap 'OK'  to save the message

5. Tap 'Recipients' and select from the options available: 

How to Send a Greeting Message with WhatsApp Business API

When using WhatsApp API instead of WhatsApp Business app , you need a compatible software that can interface with the API and allow you to create automations, such as a custom greeting message.

DelightChat is a software that helps you connects to WhatsApp API. If you don't have it, the team can help you get it quickly. 

Sign up for DelightChat and apply for WhatsApp API. Our team will take you through the entire process till you are ready to go.

Go to Settings > Automation Rules to set up your custom greeting message for WhatsApp.

how to write introduction message on whatsapp

The specific steps to configure the automation rule are explained in our help article - How to automatically reply to a WhatsApp message - which will help you get set up in 2 minutes.

The end result will look exactly like the message that you type here.

how to write introduction message on whatsapp

Here's the greeting message when someone messages our WhatsApp API phone number. 

how to write introduction message on whatsapp

Manage WhatsApp Support + Marketing with DelightChat

The engagement on WhatsApp is off the charts compared to most other channels. Users are active because they know who they receive messages from and can decide who to connect with or block out. So if you are on the contact list for a user, expect great open rates and a lot of engagement.

But as the number of customer messages increases, you have to add multiple team members to support your WhatsApp customers. And if you’ve grown beyond the 2-3 member team size it’s recommended you opt for a shared WhatsApp business inbox .

There are multiple benefits of using the shared inbox:

DelightChat is an omnichannel shared inbox that combines all your support channels like WhatsApp, Instagram, FB, Emails & Live Chat from a single screen.

We also offer a full WhatsApp Marketing suite, through which you can send WhatsApp Broadcasts to your customer lists the using Official API and grow your revenues.

We will also help you get access to WhatsApp API and even make a free Green Tick application to Meta for your brand.

Try DelightChat free for 14-days and find out if it's the right tool for your business.

Continue reading

Using customer support to build loyalty and a competitive advantage, 9 effective ways to improve ecommerce customer service, whatsapp business cloud api: everything you need to know.

how to write introduction message on whatsapp

Trengo and Meta organize the first edition of WhatsApp Commerce

10 WhatsApp Business greeting messages to make a great first impression

how to write introduction message on whatsapp

Have you ever heard of the saying ‘never judge a book by its cover?’ You probably have. 

The reason why this saying is used so much is that – you guessed it – people judge books by their cover all of the time. And trust me, your business is one of those books.

If you are using WhatsApp Business, your greeting message is the cover of your book. Greeting messages allow you to make a strong first impression, even if you are being contacted outside of business hours. 

In this blog, I will tell you everything you need to know about greetings messages for WhatsApp Business and how to use them to your advantage:

What is a WhatsApp Business greeting message?

When somebody sends you a message on WhatsApp Business for the first time, you can automatically send them a so-called WhatsApp Business greeting message. It’s simply a welcome message for customers on WhatsApp Business. You can make multiple greetings for different types of situations. 

With Trengo, you can create one greeting message for all of your communication channels. Think of email, live chat, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp Business. 

Why would you use a greeting message for WhatsApp Business?

Using the right type of greeting message at the right time can help you achieve the following:

Learn how a retail company manages to receive more than 500 orders via WhatsApp Business per day.

Note: you can only use WhatsApp Business greeting messages when using the WhatsApp Business app or the WhatsApp Business API . In the video below, you get a 3-minute explanation of what the exact differences are between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business:

What does an effective WhatsApp Business greeting look like?

Even though there are countless variations of greetings, an effective greeting via WhatsApp Business should follow the following best practices:

1. Set clear expectations

Your primary goal should be to set a realistic expectation of when your customer can expect a message. It simply feels better for a customer to know for certain when they will be responded to.

Be very specific in setting these expectations. To illustrate why let’s look at two quick examples.

“We’ll get back to you ASAP.”

“We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.”

The first example is a bit of a vague promise and doesn’t set a specific expectation. ‘As soon as possible’ could mean anything between one minute and 10 hours.

The second example, on the other hand, sets a clear expectation and gives your team the opportunity to overdeliver.

2. Be as transparent as possible

The second best practice is to simply be honest and transparent.

Nobody likes lame excuses for slow response times. If your team just so happens to be a little in over their head that day, there is no shame in simply saying that you are busy. 

3. Give it a human touch

In a lot of greetings, whether it is via email, live chat, or WhatsApp, I have noticed how the tone is often quite formal. 

But just because the message is automated, doesn’t mean you have to come off as a robot.

I would advise you to always sound as human as possible. Keep it professional, sure, but avoid sounding like a lawyer. Well, unless you are a lawyer, of course. You get the point.

Top 10 WhatsApp Business greeting message examples

In all honesty, there is no such thing as ‘the best greeting message for WhatsApp Business’. It really comes down to your situation and what it is you are trying to achieve. That’s why I have put together a list of WhatsApp Business greetings for different situations. 

Let’s dive in, shall we?

General WhatsApp Business greeting messages

1. “ Thank you for your message! We will get back to you within 24 hours. Kind regards, the [your business] Team. “

2. “Hiya! Welcome to [your business]. We will get back to you within 3 hours. In the meantime, you can check out our help center . We have put a lot of effort into it, so the answer to your question may already be in there!”

3. “Hello! Good to see you. Did you already know we currently offer a 50% discount on all of our products? The code is XXXX. Don’t tell anybody 😉 Let me know if you have any other questions and I will get back to you shortly!”

Now, that wasn’t exactly rocket science, was it?

The key to using any type of messaging app is that you don’t overdo it. WhatsApp offers a quick and informal way of getting in contact with a person or organization. Keep your company’s tone of voice and overall brand in mind, but always keep it short and sweet.

At Trengo, we use the first message during business hours.

Customer support greeting examples

4. “Hi, thanks for your message! Our support agents will check your message and make sure it is forwarded to the best-fit person. We will respond to you within 24 hours.”

5. “In the meantime, you can check out our help center full of answers to frequently asked questions here: [add your own link].”

An important trend in customer support is that a growing number of customers want to be able to use self-service. With Trengo, you can easily create your own help center . This way, customers can always have access to information, even outside of business hours.

Event-based greeting messages

Sometimes, your company may be in the middle of dealing with seasonal activities or special occasions. Whether it is busy because of Christmas time, or at the other extreme because of the covid-19 outbreak, you need to inform your customers. I’ll give you two examples for both cases.

6. “Ho ho ho! Please let me know if you have any questions. Our elves are very busy packing all the gifts, so we may not reply as fast as you are used to from us.”

7. “Hey there, how can I help you? Please be aware that we may answer a little less fast than usual in these unprecedented times.”

Greeting messages for out-of-office usage

When business hours are over and there is nobody in the office to answer incoming WhatsApp messages, your customers may have to bridge some time before getting a reply. There are multiple ways to tackle this.

Send to homepage

8. “Thank you for your message! We are currently out of the office, but we will get back to you first thing in the morning.”

For more information, please head over to our website: .

Reply with your business hours

At Trengo, we use the following out of office greeting:

9. “ Thanks for contacting Trengo!

We’d love to help, but we’re *currently closed* 🕦 (See our schedule at We’ll come back to you the next working day ⏰.

In the meantime, did you know we have a Help Center at that answers our most frequently asked questions? Perhaps you’ll find your answer without the help of our agents 😱.

The Trengo team”

As you can see, we also incorporate our help center and give customers a clear reason why we are not able to respond right away.

Collect a lead

10. “Hey there! Sorry, we are currently not able to respond to your message. Please leave your name and email address, and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Team Trengo.”

Using WhatsApp is a valuable way to get leads, even when you are out of office. Ask the potential customer to leave their contact information and you can get back to them the next day.

WhatsApp Business message templates

As I already mentioned earlier, WhatsApp Business welcome messages are the messages that you can automatically send once a person messages you on WhatsApp Business. If you would like to proactively get in contact with your customers, you should look into using WhatsApp Business message templates.

My colleague Luuk wrote an insightful blog about WhatsApp Business message templates, which you can read here .

Provide the best customer experience via WhatsApp Business

With Trengo, our next-generation inbox for customer communication, you can provide the best possible customer experience via WhatsApp Business. It allows you to receive WhatsApp messages together with all your other channels in one inbox (such as email, voice, and live chat), use WhatsApp Business with multiple users , create your own WhatsApp chatbot , and more.

Try Trengo for free!🚀

A shared inbox for teams.

More than 20.000 companies preceded you.

PS: get 30 WhatsApp marketing templates for free

We put together a Google sheet with 30 free-to-use templates for Whatsapp marketing efforts. Just leave your email address here , and we’ll send you the templates. No strings attached.

how to write introduction message on whatsapp

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