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Dissertations for Information Technology

Abdulrab, shathi, the impact of culture on information technology adoption in yemeni universities, akoma, ahunna margaux, decision-making, information communication technology, and data analysis by school leaders about student achievement, almasri, rana, the use of mobile technology in education by international students in united states universities: perceptions regarding mobile applications for english language learning, alrushiedat, nimer khalaf, anchored asynchronous online discussions: facilitating engagement, collaboration, social learning, and self-efficacy in a blended environment, alvarez xochihua, omar, a mixed-response intelligent tutoring system based on learning from demonstration, anastasiade, jordan v., instructional strategies for developing problem-solving skills: the worked-example effect using ill-structured visual pattern recognition problems, anderson, timothy r., the viability of a software tool to assist students in the review of literature, badawood, ashraf mohammad, a systematic approach to faculty development toward improved capability in tertiary teaching in a blended learning environment, bakke, christine k., perceptions of professional and educational skills learning opportunities made available through k-12 robotics programming, ball, albert l., a comparison of users' personal information sharing awareness, habits, and practices in social networking sites and e-learning systems, barnes, brenda c., use and acceptance of information and communication technology among laboratory science students, bernacki, matthew, the influence of self-regulated learning and prior knowledge on knowledge acquisition in computer-based learning environments, bledsoe, johnny mark, a quantitative study of factors related to adult e-learner's adoption of web 2.0 technology, boileau, timothy, the effect of interactive technology on informal learning and performance in a social setting, bonner, david m., a study of the technological, instructional, and motivational factors affecting phr certification exam outcomes, bowers, kevin westmoreland, constructing the new classroom: college student perceptions of classes using second life, brennan, william vincent, school principals and virtual learning: a catalyst to personal and organizational learning, broberg, loretta l., a grounded theory approach to examining design and usability guidelines for four-year tribal college web sites, brock, martha anne, the effectiveness of distance education for computer application software instruction versus the cost of development and implementation, bush, michael h., digital course materials: a case study of the apple ipad in the academic environment, sign in or register, sign in using email & password.

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Business and Information Technology Masters Theses

Theses from 2021 2021.

Computer gamification: Addressing symptoms of inattentive ADHD in children , Shavonne Victoria Halterman

Factors affecting COVID-19 pandemic , Linrui Han

Values of trust in AI in autonomous driving vehicles , Ru Lian

A systematic analysis of eye-tracking metrics for sleepiness , Debasis Roy

A meta-analysis: Gamification in education , Yalin Wang

Theses from 2020 2020

Values of artificial intelligence in marketing , Yingrui Xi

Theses from 2019 2019

Predictive modeling of webpage aesthetics , Ang Chen

Impact of framing and base size of computer security risk information on user behavior , Xinhui Zhan

Theses from 2018 2018

Classification of EEG signals of user states in gaming using machine learning , Chandana Mallapragada

Impact of probable and guaranteed monetary value on cybersecurity behavior of users , Santhosh Kumar Ravindran

Neural correlates of flow, boredom, and anxiety in gaming: An electroencephalogram study , Tejaswini Yelamanchili

Theses from 2017 2017

Impact of framing and priming on users' behavior in cybersecurity , Kavya Sharma

Sentiment analytics: Lexicons construction and analysis , Bo Yuan

Theses from 2016 2016

Factors influencing the adoption of smart wearable devices , Apurva Adapa

Effect of cooperation on players' immersion and enjoyment , Lakshmi Sushma Daggubati

Using eye-tracking to understand user behavior in deception detection system interaction , Prashanth Kumar Lakkapragada

Understanding user experience in gaming , Sri Chaitanya Sanaboina

Effect of timing and source of online product recommendations: An eye-tracking study , Qing Zeng

Bridging the gap between supply chain and consumer experience , Cui Zou

Theses from 2015 2015

Online diagnosis of diabetes with Twitter data , Farheen Ali

Theses from 2013 2013

Assessment of an enterprise employee portal using dashboard monitoring system: a case study , Aditi Mishra

Shopping alone online vs. co-browsing: a physiological and perceptual comparison , Ceren Topaloglu

Theses from 2012 2012

Under pressure: a psychophysiological analysis of the effect of temporal constraints on information processing and decision making , Nagaratna Krishna Sneha Pochinapeddi

Theses from 2011 2011

Improving student learning outcomes through personal response systems (clickers) , Ran Cai

Comprehensive evaluation of a computer based learning system , Arun Sharma Chintalapati

Assess commercialization feasibility of algae-based bio-fuel with Dashboard and Scorecard technologies , Madhur Chopra

Eyes don't lie: understanding users' first impressions on website design using eye tracking , Sirjana Dahal

Analyzing dashboard performance in educational, non-profit sectors , Rutuja B. Honnatti

Effect of web atmospheric cues on users' emotional responses in ecommerce , Tanvi Joginapelly

Social network analysis of the video bloggers' community in YouTube , Anusha Mogallapu

Applying text timing in corporate spin-off disclosure statement analysis: understanding the main concerns and recommendation of appropriate term weights , Aravindh Sekar

Longitudinal evaluation of a learning system for teaching geographical information system within the context of a geotechnical problem , Aparna Sukhavasi

Theses from 2010 2010

Developing a model for evaluating software tools in education , Vedant Jain

A pilot study in an application of text mining to learning system evaluation , Nitsawan Katerattanakul

Impact of management status, gender, and level of project involvement on corporate governance in a role-based enterprise portal environment , Daniel Augusto Pereira Brás Sequeira

Theses from 2009 2009

The effects of technology on literacy(s) , Thomas Glen Petersen

Integration of a GIS learning system into civil engineering curricula: an evaluation , Basanta Tandon

Comparison of dashboard-based and balanced scorecard-based corporate performance management system , Lin Zhu

Theses from 2007 2007

Toward improving performance measurement in public sector organizations , Matthew Thomas Kutz

An exploratory study of the videoblogger's community , John Warmbrodt

Theses from 2006 2006

A framework of text mining approach for sentiment analysis of news articles using information agents , Balasubramanian Guruswamy

An exploration of collaborative 3D visualization processing in engineering education and supporting tools , Erik Schwartz

A usability and performance analysis of multiple monitor displays and multitasking , Jacob M. Truemper

Theses from 2005 2005

Exploring cooperative learning in an initial computer programming course using Visual Basic , Christopher Duane Brown

Mental models in airborne landmine detection , John William Brown

A conceptual framework of using collaborative filtering algorithms to enhance keyword search , Shreyas S. Deokule

Multi-user search engine (MUSE): supporting collaborative information seeking and retrieval , Rashmi Krishnappa

Social networks: role of personalization and interaction in virtual community for enhancing business , Nisha Maguluru

Collaborative information seeking: A study of a patient care team in the emergency department , Patricia Ruma Spence

Theses from 2004 2004

Iterative usability testing in the development of a learning technology system for teaching geographic information systems within a civil engineering curriculum , John McKenna Sullivan

Learning in affectively intense virtual environments , Lawrence M. Wilfred

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20 Information Technology Thesis Topics

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Technology is evolving each day and its devices are becoming smaller, smarter and faster. Information Technology has become a vast topic where research can be carried out and findings derived.

IT thesis topics

When it comes to searching for thesis topics for Information Technology, students have the option to pick from the following list of 20 different areas as per their desire and inclination:

Students can choose from any of the aforementioned topics, but, they must get approval from their professors before making the final decision. Moreover, vast content is available on the internet as well as offline resources for the same.

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information technology thesis

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information technology thesis

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130 Information Technology Research Topics And Quick Writing Prompts

Information Technology Research Topics

The field of information technology is one of the most recent developments of the 21st century. Scholars argue that we are living in a technological age. Despite this buzz, however, many students still find it challenging to compose an information technology research topic.

Nonetheless, we are here to show you the way and lead you accordingly. Let us explore professional topics in information technology together then.

Quality Information Technology Topics For Research Paper

College Research Paper Topics in Information Technology

List of Topics For Research Paper in Information Technology

Unique Information Technology Research Topics

IT Research Topics For High School Students

Hot Topics in IT

Interesting Information Technology Topics

Topics Related To Information Technology

Research Proposal Topics in Information Technology

Hot Topics in Computer Science

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it thesis topics

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As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

Project Topics

Information Technology Thesis Ideas

Published on Jan 09, 2023

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20 Information Technology Thesis Topics

technology thesis topics

If you need information technology thesis topics, you have come to the right place. Below is a list of topics you might be able to use for your writing task.

Given that this is a thesis, you must remember that the topic should be something you can address in such a way that you contribute more to the academic world. Don’t try to cover something that has already been done. Be original. Take an existing idea or something someone else has written about and use it as a platform for expounding upon a smaller or larger facet of that work. It is important to remember that while you are looking out for your topic, your overarching thesis goal is to solve a real problem in the world, contain real theoretical work, and have real empirical results. You want to connect your work to existing research and show how your work contributes in a meaningful way.

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Special Topics in Information Technology



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Degree Requirements: 30 Credit Hours (Thesis)

Admission requirements, regular admission.


A student may be granted provisional admission based upon the recommendation of the Master of Science in Information Technology Graduate Program Coordinator or Department Chair.

Non-degree students are accepted on an individual basis as space is available.

Program of Study

1  (See footnote below)

Core Requirements Credit Hours: 12

Electives Courses Credit Hours: 12

Thesis Credit Hours: 6

Total Credit Hours: 30

1 A minimum of 50% of courses for the Master of Science in Information Technology degree must be taken at or above the 6000 level.

Each candidate for the Master of Science in Information Technology Thesis Option degree must complete a thesis on a subject approved by the graduate thesis committee. The major professor supervises the research, directs the writing of the thesis, and approves the thesis in its final form. Prior to the final approval, the thesis is read by the thesis committee. One member, termed the second reader, has responsibility for an intensive and rigorous criticism of the thesis and a third member of the thesis committee has the responsibility of an “editorial reader.” Both second and third readers must report all comments to the major professor. The thesis must be defended in an oral examination before the graduate committee prior to final approval and sign-off. The style and format for the completed thesis shall follow that prescribed by the Program Director for the Master of Science in Information Technology degree. Procedural steps in the preparation of the thesis are as follows:

Accelerated Bachelors to Masters (ABM)

Degree requirements: 30 credit hours.

In accordance with SACSCOC requirements, 120 unique credit hours are required in a Bachelors degree program, and at least 30 unique credit hours are required for a Masters degree program. The MSIT -ABM program combines 124 hours from the BSIT program and 30 hours from the MSIT program , exceeding the required 150 unique hours between undergraduate and graduate degree programs by 4 hours. The Jack N. Averitt College of Graduate Studies Handbook for Program Directors and Graduate Advisors permits a maximum of 9 shared credit hours between the undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Therefore, BSIT -ABM students may share a maximum of 4 credit hours of graduate level courses (5000G) in satisfying the requirements of both degree programs.

For regular admission to the Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s of Science in Information Technology (ABM-MSIT) degree program, the applicant must have:

ABM programs do not allow provisional admission. ABM programs are designed for students who have demonstrated a high level of undergraduate academic performance that validates their ability to be successful graduate students. Students who do not meet the minimum requirements for regular admission may be granted admission to the program upon approval of an admissions committee consisting of at least the Department Chair and the Graduate Program director.

ABM Degree Requirements: 30 Credit Hours (Thesis & Non-Thesis)

General Requirements

Graduate students are advised by their program. Graduate students should reach out to their graduate program director for information regarding the structures in place to facilitate advisement. For more information visit  Graduate Academic Advisement   .

Graduate students can also contact the Jack N. Averitt College of Graduate Studies for more information about their program director. Phone: 912-478-COGS (2647) Email: [email protected]


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    thesis, Robert Morris University. View Abstract. Add to Collection. Akoma, Ahunna Margaux. Decision-making, information communication technology

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    Business and Information Technology Masters Theses ; PDF ; Computer gamification: Addressing symptoms of inattentive ADHD in children, Shavonne Victoria Halterman.

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