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Agronomy Masters Theses Collection

Theses from 1963 1963.

Effects of nitrogen supply on the cation exchange capacity of cereal roots and its relation to Ca adsorption from Ca-H bentonite clay systems by excised roots. , Ronald Paul White, Agronomy

Theses from 1962 1962

The effects of some environmental factors on growth and control of northern nutgrass. , Eugene Raymond Hill, Agronomy

Theses from 1961 1961

The use of fish by-product materials as fertilizers - alone and in mixtures or formulations. , Roy Augustus Barrett, Agronomy

Theses from 1959 1959

Interaction between height of cut and various nutrient levels on the development of turfgrass roots and tops. , Evangel John Bredakis, Agronomy

Theses from 1958 1958

A comparison of liquid and solid fertilizer for turf. , Norman Henry MacLeod, Agronomy

Theses from 1957 1957

Relationship of root cation exchange capacity to calcium uptake. , John M. White, Agronomy

Theses from 1956 1956

The role of nitrogen on the increased availability of fertilizer phosphorus. , William Makepeace Atwood, Agronomy

An investigation into the relation of soil compaction and soil fertility as affecting root development in soils. , Philip R. Pearson, Agronomy

Theses from 1955 1955

Effect of degree of saturation and nature of clay colloid upon the availability of calcium to tomatoes and the effect of type of colloid upon the migration of cations from plant root to clay colloids. , Paul Eck, Agronomy

A study of the physical properties of eolian influenced soils in the central lowland of Connecticut and Massachusetts. , A. Ritchie, Agronomy

Theses from 1953 1953

The effect of several organic salts with hydrogen ion in solubilizing rock phosphate. , Joseph Angelini, Agronomy

Studies on cation exchange capacity of plant roots with reference to their ecological phenomena. , Eliot Epstein, Agronomy

The curing of cigar tobacco with the use of kerosene as a source of heat, in comparison with the use of liquified petroleum gas for the purpose. , Claus Hans Tameling, Agronomy

The effect of soil fertility, rate of planting and variety on the value of corn for silage. , Hrant M. Yegian, Agronomy

Theses from 1952 1952

Potassium competition in grass-legume associations as a function of root cation exchange capacity. , Bryce Carroll Gray, Agronomy

Theses from 1951 1951

The precipitation of phosphorus by iron and aluminum as influenced by pH and pure organic substances. , Donald Bigelow Bradley, Agronomy

Solubilization effect of citric acid on some insoluble phosphate salts. , Jean Joseph Lucien Leclerc, Agronomy

Theses from 1950 1950

The chemical composition of the foliage of different plant species as affected by soils derived from different rocks. , Jean-Marie Lapensee, Agronomy

Effects of rates and ratios of calcium, magnesium, and potassium on composition and yield of Ladino clover. , Philip Beaumont Turner, Agronomy

Theses from 1949 1949

Up-take of selenium by carnations, loss of selenium from treated soils by leaching, and occurrence of selenium in Massachusetts soils. , Robert John Allen, Agronomy

The elimination of white clover (Trifolium repens) from turf with particular reference to nitrogen levels. , Geoffrey S. Cornish, Agronomy

Spent hops for construction of turf areas. , Moyle E. Harward, Agronomy

The influence of parent material on the base exchange of soils. , Michael Neznayko, Agronomy

The availability to plants of applied phosphorus as influenced by the presence of organic materials and fluoride. , Glenn C. Russell, Agronomy

Color as a soil amendment. , Roy Edward Sigafus, Agronomy

The influence of organic anions on the replacement of fixed phosphates at various pH levels. , Paul Herbert Struthers, Agronomy

The toxicity of the copper ion in the growth of soy beans and the influence of the copper ion on the transfer of magnesium in soy bean seedlings from seed and growing medium to the aerial parts of the plant. , Gordon Franklin Thomas, Agronomy

Theses from 1948 1948

The fixation of phosphorus by iron and its replacement by organic and inorganic ions. , Richard Merrill Swenson, Agronomy

Theses from 1947 1947

The relative effect on the nitrogen content of buckwheat plants grown in a medium treated by varied concentrations and combinations of boron, manganese, and copper ions. , Garland Booker Bass, Agronomy

The relative effect of various types of vegetative tissues on the total base exchange capacity, exchangeable bases and pH value of a laminated clay. , Ivan Hope Tomlinson, Agronomy

Theses from 1942 1942

The influence of family relationships upon the uptake of nitrogen in the soil by plants. , A. Boy Pack, Agronomy

Theses from 1941 1941

A study of absorption and excretion of potassium and calcium by the roots of barley in different solution media and changes in hydrogen-ion concentration. , George Wenzel, Agronomy

Theses from 1940 1940

The effect of certain organic compounds on the flocculation of clay suspension. , Edward Theodore Clapp, Agronomy

The relative toxicity of certain ions and the function of the calcium ion as an antagonist, as indicated by soybean roots. , Plese Corbett, Agronomy

The lignin and methoxyl content of some common crops. , John Wendell Hurdis, Agronomy

The effect of the calcium ion on the development of soy bean seedling and the antagonism of this ion to arsenic, boron, and selenium ions. , Elvin Ted Miles, Agronomy

The effect of certain plant residues upon the buffer capacity of two Massachusetts soils. , Moody Francis Trevett, Agronomy

Theses from 1939 1939

A study of the percentage and total intake of certain elements by calciphilic and calciphobic plants grown on soils varying in pH. , William H. Bender, Agronomy

Some factors influencing the activity of Aspergillus niger. , Charles H. Moran, Agronomy

The relative rate of nitrification of nitrogen materials on certain tobacco soils from Canada. , Julien Richard, Agronomy

Theses from 1938 1938

Nitrification in soils of Massachusetts as influenced by soil type and source of nitrogen. , Raymond B. Farnsworth, Agronomy

Rates of decomposition of various bedding materials. , John M. Zak, Agronomy

Theses from 1937 1937

Increasing the iron content of hay grown on soils producing nutritional anemia in Massachusetts livestock , Karol Joseph Kucinski, Agronomy

Theses from 1936 1936

The effect of additions of calcium hydroxide upon the solubility of phosphorus in certain Massachusetts soils , John Nelson Everson, Agronomy

Theses from 1934 1934

Oxidation-reduction potentials and their application to soils , Matthew Cotton Darnell, Agronomy

Theses from 1932 1932

Studies of methods for determination of magnesium deficiency in soils , Jay L. Haddock, Agronomy

Theses from 1931 1931

Some factors affecting the flora of pastures , Richard Carol Foley, Agronomy

The effect of some forms of nitrogen on the growth and nitrogen content of wheat and rice plants , Guy. Thelin, Agronomy

Theses from 1930 1930

The Ammonification and nitrification of cottonseed meal and the nitrification of ammonium sulphate , Harold R. Knudsen, Agronomy

A study of varietal and cultural factors affecting stand and yield of soybeans , Rhea E. Stitt, Agronomy

Theses from 1928 1928

The salt requirement of Havana tobacco with nitric and ammonic nitrogen , Oliver W. Kelly, Agronomy

Nitrate nitrogen accumulation in soils as affected by soil reaction and certain treatments , George J. Larsinos, Agronomy

The effect of boron and manganese on the growth of tobacco plants , T. Robert Swanback, Agronomy

Theses from 1927 1927

On the nitrate accumulation as affected by soil type, soil management and cropping system , Alwyn C. Sessions, Agronomy

Theses from 1924 1924

Physical properties of fertilizer materials , Raymond Alson Mooney, Agronomy

Theses from 1920 1920

Factors affecting the pop-ability of pop corn , James A. Purington, Agronomy

Theses from 1917 1917

The decomposition of organic matter in soils , Fred G. Merkle, Agronomy

Effect of one crop upon another and upon the fertility of the soil , S. G. Mutkekar, Agronomy

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