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Since 2000, we have helped thousands of graduate students finish their doctoral dissertations and master’s theses once and for all. We offer personalized dissertation and thesis coaching and consulting services to graduate students in a wide range of fields in the United States and around the world. Contact us for a free consultation to learn how we can help you earn your degree.

Our Commitment

We are highly committed to helping graduate students finish their dissertations or master’s theses and making graduate school as positive a learning experience as possible. We promise to focus on your individual needs and provide honest, straightforward, confidential, and high quality services that will help you successfully earn your degree. Each professional who works at The Dissertation Coach is an expert dissertation and thesis coach, consultant, statistician and/or editor carefully selected to work on our team. No matter how long it has been since you started graduate school, how much you have struggled, or how pessimistic you are about making it to the finish line, we are committed to helping you.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that conducting a dissertation or master’s thesis is both a great challenge and a great opportunity. Your dissertation or thesis experience can be a time in your life when you learn to love and appreciate challenges for the growth in competence they foster, the life experiences they grant, and the wisdom they impart. We seek to foster learning and growth among all of our clients. We believe you can rise to the occasion of completing a dissertation or master’s thesis and earn the graduate degree you seek.

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Finish Your Dissertation Once and For All - How to overcome psychological barriers, get results, and move on with your life

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Finish Your Dissertation Once and For All - How to overcome psychological barriers, get results, and move on with your life

Dissertation Coaching

Dissertation coaching is a service we designed to help you successfully structure the dissertation or thesis process, create realistic work plans, increase accountability and effectively help you overcome internal and external barriers that students experience on the path to earning a doctoral or master’s degree. Common barriers are negative thinking, anxiety, stress, procrastination, writer’s block, perfectionism, lack of faculty support, committee issues, managing multiple roles and responsibilities, and difficulty managing time effectively. We have developed a sound coaching model specifically designed to help graduate students succeed and develop skills they can use in their future careers. Read more information about this service on our Coaching page.

Dissertation Consulting

Dissertation consulting is a service we designed to offer technical assistance to graduate students as they carry out their thesis or doctoral research. We can help you develop a sound study, support you to competently execute the study, and successfully complete and defend the final product. Our dissertation consultants are experts in developing a dissertation or thesis topic, developing literature reviews, research design, methodology, developmental editing, statistical analysis, qualitative analysis and writing up research findings. As consultants we provide clear, direct guidance and mentoring that will help you succeed while you remain the author of your own work. Read more about dissertation consulting on our Consulting and Statistics pages.

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Whether you’re at undergrad, masters or PhD, our free coaching can help you discover how to have more impact with your research and identify further resources.

Learn more about our coaching service

Are you writing a thesis or thinking about your PhD topic? If you’ve already explored our recommended research directions  and found at least one direction you’re interested in, the next step is to apply for our coaching.

Considering or pursuing a PhD?

Coaching can help wherever you are in your PhD journey.

Wondering whether a PhD is right for you?

We'll help you think through the options you're considering.

Want help refining a great question?

If your coach thinks it's a good fit for you, they will connect you with experienced researchers who can help you refine your research question.

Searching for programmes, supervision or funding sources?

Find out about options you may not have considered that would be a good fit for you.

Applying to PhD programmes or funding?

Get advice on how to write a great application.

Looking for peer support and community?

Your coach can connect you with other aspiring researchers and invite you to our online student platform.

Writing an undergrad or master's thesis?

Coaching can help you discover how to have more impact with your research and connect you with further resources to help you get the most our of writing your thesis.

Looking for a topic to work on?

What topics would be a good fit for you? Should you aim to do impactful research now or later? Coaching can help you decide.

Want to build your research skills?

Find out about further resources that will help you write a great thesis.

Frequently asked questions

Our coaches can help in a number of ways. They can help you think through open questions you have about your studies and future career, suggest tools and resources that would be a good fit for you, connect you with researchers to support your further, and offer you advice on things like finding a PhD supervisor and applying for funding .

After you’ve written your thesis or dissertation, we can also help you get your research noticed, including by publishing it on our site.

We generally work with students who will be writing a thesis or dissertation (at undergraduate, masters or PhD level) or submitting PhD applications in the next six months, however if you don’t quite fit this criteria we still encourage you to reach out.

We are accepting applications on a rolling basis. We typically reach out to accepted applicants within 1 to 2 weeks of their applications. If you have a deadline that means you need to hear back sooner, please make a note of this in your application.

If you want your research to do as much good as possible – either directly by contributing to solving a pressing problem or by building skills so you can have a bigger impact later – we encourage you to apply for coaching. 

We primarily coach students who are considering research careers, but if you plan to pursue a different career we still encourage you to apply.

We’ll assess your application on the basis of your interest in having a positive impact and our belief that we can offer you support. If for any reason we can’t offer you coaching, we will still offer you helpful resources.

A coaching session lasts 30 minutes. Your coach will start by understanding your goals and any open questions you have. They may then help you consider how you could increase the likely impact of your research, offer you further resources, connect you with other researchers or organisations, or advise you on topics such as applying for funding, finding a supervisor or choosing a research question that is a good fit for you. 

After the first coaching session you’re likely to have  lots of ideas and ways to get further support. However, many students appreciate meeting their coach for more sessions. Our coaches also stay in touch to provide ongoing guidance via email.

Yes – we still encourage you to apply. We recognise that your skills, qualifications and interests may mean that a different direction is a better fit for you, and the list of directions we feature on our site is not intended to be exhaustive.

However, we might not be able to help you as much as we could if you chose a research direction we recommend, as for these directions we have already found mentors, potential supervisors, research agendas and other useful resources to get you started.

We’re a nonprofit aiming to help students begin research careers that address pressing global problems. This means we particularly appreciate feedback about how we have helped you, to help inform our future applications for funding.

You can see all the services we offer on the homepage. As well as  individual coaching, we provide  help with finding supervisors and PhD funding , recommendations of research directions that are particularly likely to have a big positive impact, a newsletter of curated opportunities for early career researchers , and advice for beginning a successful research career .

Students we've advised

Our coaches.

Apply for our coaching and the coach who is the best fit for you will support you in your journey towards an impactful research career.

master thesis coaching

Marie Zedler

Head of coaching.

Marie is the Head of Coaching at Effective Thesis and is responsible for managing the coaching services and our expert network. She holds a BSc in Neuroscience from UCL and is currently working towards an integrated MRes+PhD in Sensor Technology at the University of Cambridge. Her most recent research focused on developing low-cost sensors for the early detection of plant stress. Marie’s interests include alternative proteins and the food system, biosecurity, as well as community building. In her free time, Marie loves rock climbing, ice skating and cold water swimming, and she needs ideas for a new sport to try out!

master thesis coaching

Conor Spence

Conor is a Coach at Effective Thesis. He enjoys helping talented students have a high positive impact through their thesis and study decisions. He enjoys discussing interesting impactful topics and encouraging and motivating people. He has a masters in neuroscience and a background as an educator, researcher, and coach within universities and the non-profit sector. He also enjoys throwing ultimate frisbees when he has time.

Our Expert Network

Our coaches can connect you to researchers from our network of over 100 experts, who can help you find the most important open questions in your field.

master thesis coaching

Philip Trammel

Philip Trammel is a research affiliate at the Global Priorities Institute at Oxford University. He advises students on applications of economic theory to global priorities research.

master thesis coaching

Cassidy Nelson

Cassidy Nelson is Co-Lead of the Biosecurity Research Group at the Future of Humanity Institute. She advises students on health security, biosecurity and pandemic prevention.

master thesis coaching

Vanessa Kosoy

Vanessa is a research associate at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute. She advises students in mathematics, computer science and other quantitative degrees interested in human aligned artificial intelligence research.

master thesis coaching

David Denkenberger

David Denkenberger co-founded and directs the Alliance to Feed the Earth in Disasters (ALLFED). He has 65 peer-reviewed publications and is the third most prolific author in the field of existential and global catastrophic risk.

master thesis coaching

Maxime Stauffer

Maxime is a co-founder and chief executive officer of the Simon Institute for Longterm Governance. Max advises students in political science, behavioural sciences, mathematics and physics interested in improving political decision making.

master thesis coaching

Parendi Birdie

Parendi Birdie is the Head of Brand Strategy at Mission Barns. She advises students who are interested in both technical and non-technical areas of the field of cellular agriculture.

master thesis coaching

David is the Principal Research Manager at Rethink Priorities and a research fellow at Canterbury Christ Church University. David advises students interested in moral psychology and empirical social science.

master thesis coaching

There are many other researchers and collaborators for whose support we are very grateful.

Effective Thesis

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Finish Your Thesis

Finish Your Thesis

Get a PhD and Finish Your Thesis 12 Months Sooner

Personal Thesis Coaching for Graduate Student

Are you overwhelmed by your responsibilities in graduate school? Are you struggling to complete your thesis while struggling to pay the bills or take care of your family?

I have helped thousands of graduate students to complete their dissertations and receive job offers.

During our work together I will help you to:

-Get more clarity in the direction of your thesis and career path

-Develop a personalized plan to help you achieve your goals such as: writing your thesis proposal, passing your qualifying exams, completing your research, finishing your thesis or finding a job

-Overcome obstacles that get in the way of completing your dissertation or finding a job

– Achieve more work-life balance, especially for students with work on the side or have families


“I highly recommend Dora Farkas as a thesis and career coach. She is passionate and fully committed to supporting her clients to reach the level of success they desire. Through her coaching techniques, Dora helps her clients to first identify the hurdles they are facing and second, outline strategies for systematically overcoming each hurdle.  If you would like finish your thesis or secure a competitive job offer, Dora is highly qualified to give you the support you need to reach your goals.”

N. Jain, Tenure-track professor

“Dora is an excellent coach, with a style that is compassionate as well as no-nonsense. She helped me set concrete goals that were achievable and meaningful, and held me accountable, making the last semester of my graduate school more productive and less stressful. In the short term, I’ve already had one exciting success, winning my university’s prize for best thesis. In the long term, I expect to continue benefiting from our work developing my big picture career strategies.”

Jessamine Price,

“Dora Farkas has been instrumental in guiding me through the tenuous process of writing my Ed.D. thesis. Her coaching style epitomizes both patience and respect, in a non-judgmental collaborative manner, that allows you create without fear and embrace strategies that work, by providing the positive push to help you attain your goal. Her ability to listen for understanding, helps her in offering an individualized approach to this academic journey with the most salient and constructive feedback. Dora is a consummate professional and compassionate coach that will bring out the very best in your scholarly endeavors and academic aspirations.”

–Colleen Fritze, Northeastern University

Based on my experience with her, I would like to enthusiastically recommend Dora Farkas as a career coach. Navigating the non-academic job market as a PhD graduate has its own specific set of challenges, and it is crucially important to approach it with the right goal-oriented mindset. Dora was first of all a very good listener, who made me feel comfortable at verbalizing the achievements and challenges I was facing at any given time. Her feedback provided valuable perspective on recognizing the importance of my successes, and turning my challenges into opportunities and calls for action. There is also a good focus on providing a structure behind what may initially seem like a disorganized set of ideas and tasks to be completed, and turning them into goals and action plans, which are then reviewed and revised week after week. She has the skills and the experience to support you through critical periods of your professional life, and to help you come out feeling confident and empowered at the other end.

-A. Copete, Ph.D. 

Click on the link below to schedule a free consultation session

Disclaimer: Coaching is not to be used as a substitute for therapy for individuals suffering from anxiety, depression or other psychological disorders. Coaching is intended to help healthy individuals achieve personal goals such as increased productivity, happiness and improved work-life balance.

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The Thesis Coach

The Dale Method

1. Manage your time effectively 2. Making sacrifices and creating contracts 3. Learn to master the art of planning 4. Implementation and control (Motivation, discipline and routine) 5. Overcome psychological barriers 6. Make a realistic PACT with yourself: get clear direction and a commitment to act

master thesis coaching

My competitive edge

About Caroline

I enjoyed a successful 20-year career in stockbroking, entirely in IT project management. During preparation for my thesis, for which I achieved distinction, I noticed the significant failure rate plus high stress related to deadline extensions, experienced by peers.

In pursuit of a long-term teaching vocation, I formed a start-up business for academic performance coaching. I offer a unique methodology plus individual mentoring, coaching and support for interested, ambitious students.

I developed THE DALE METHOD from proven management techniques; several tertiary qualifications in psychology and evidenced based coaching theory. Many successful post graduate students have written to me to confirm the effectiveness of my program in helping them to graduate.

MPhil Management Coaching (USB), PGDip Addiction Care (Stellenbosch), BA Hons Psychology (Unisa), BA Psychology (cum laude) (Unisa)

master thesis coaching

Implementing TheThesis Coach workshops into our programme was of great value to the Career division of our business school. Our students benefitted from 1:1 sessions that were specific to their context and were able to clear their path of any distractions and re-align their effort to complete their research assignments on time. It’s also an added benefit that Caroline knows about completing tertiary studies while being a full-time professional, a very daunting test in itself. As the workshop coordinator, I was grateful that Caroline was so willing to accommodate our participants’ academic schedules. I 100% recommend a consultation with her to anyone struggling with their academic-work-life balance.

Senior Career Officer , July 2021 - LinkedIn

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Thesis Helpers

Have your paper done by someone who has a degree in your area of study. The top academic talent is here for you.

Use Us As Your Dissertation Writing Coach

You’ve spent all this time, money and mind power working toward a doctorate. So why would you take an option off the table if it can legitimately help you through the final process: the dissertation? We at offer dissertation consulting services  at an affordable price. We also have several discounts that make  our services even more  attractive. Let us elaborate on why you should ask us " write my dissertation ".

A Personal Dissertation Writing Coach

There are 4 things that make a tutor useful to a student:

With  the above said, becomes a much more attractive option to consider. One of the best perks of using our custom dissertation services , the likes of which you won’t find anywhere on the internet, is   getting to choose  a professional  to work with.  Browse through a list of  writers , pick one out, and you’ll be in e-mail communication with them from the day you contract our dissertation assistance until your project is completed.

What Can You Expect From The Paper Itself?

What is the best paper you can imagine? That’s  exactly what we  will create for you. Our dissertation consulting service allows you to be  part of the process:   watch as your piece is crafted  from start to finish. You also get instant updates on progress to approve decisions we make. By the way, it’s nice to know that all our dissertation writers are native English speakers, so you won’t have to fret about  grammatical mistakes getting through. And they create authentic copy. 100% original work based on unique ideas goes a long way in academia to guarantee your success. Our dissertation coaching fees are cheap for the value you get in return.

Making The Choice To Contract Us

There are a lot of discounts on our website that help lower our dissertation coach cost if that’s what’s holding you back. But if you’re like many of our clients, you’re probably new to the online homework assistance market.  However, many students like you, including your peers, have successfully  engaged the services of a company like ours and benefited from it greatly.  It’s not your fault that university is so demanding. Sometimes it’s just busy work. So hire one of our dissertation coaches, and see for yourself that you will have more time to spare. What’s more is you will enjoy thesis writing help at a budget-friendly cost.

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As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.


Coaching for Master thesis Bachelor thesis – Diploma thesis –Dissertation

master thesis coaching



I personally support you in writing your Master’s thesis/Bachelor’s thesis/Diploma thesis/Dissertation. I use my professional experience for you: as a lecturer and as a coach of doctoral candidates and students since 2001 – with many very positive feedbacks. 

Every exchange of documents and all our telephone calls and emails remain confidential. From our initial contact to the submission of your thesis, I outsource nothing. I do everything for you personally, full-time.

I coach you within the legal framework so that you can sign the Declaration of Independence with a clear conscience and hand in your Master thesis/Bachelor thesis/Dissertation with pride.

Sincerely, Dr. Simon Reitze

master thesis coaching

Graduates have trusted Dr. Simon Reitze for over 20 years

The initial meeting with you was great. Based on that I was able to write the whole paper. Thank you for your valuable feedback and corrections.

Master thesis - Executive MBA

Accompaniment and proofreading

Thank you for being there when things are burning. Even when you were abroad you supported me tremendously on my deadline and found reassuring words

Adult education area

Accompaniment, master thesis & further work

master thesis coaching

You gave me a simple 'recipe' for the master thesis, thank you very much! ... I never thought I would get such a good grade! 🙂

Supervision, CAS and Master thesis

master thesis coaching

You have a super voice. Listening to you on the video call, my husband said, 'Not only do you get coaching, but you get free therapy.' You drive down all my nervousness." - "You always come across as calm, unagitated, and that helps me think calmly.

Long term customer - Economy

Monitoring of several complete study programs

master thesis coaching

It is always amazing how easily you explain difficult things

Master thesis - Special education

master thesis coaching

You are my mental coach. Without your mental support, I would never-never have been able to do this.

Revision of diploma thesis - social pedagogy

master thesis coaching

Dear Simon, the work is bound and I very relieved!!! I would like to thank you again very much for your competent guidance!!! Especially your encouragement and support in relation to the pursuit of my theme and heart's desire is priceless and I am very grateful to you!!!

Bachelor Thesis - Social Work

They have helped me enormously. Now I really know how to write. What you told me, no one has ever told me before. I have looked at many books on the subject of 'scientific writing'. I am very satisfied with the coaching.

Secondary Education

Coaching 'How to write?'

master thesis coaching

Dear Mr. Reitze, thank you for your high quality corrections. I am absolutely satisfied with them.  I have studied your corrections and comments carefully and have accepted or implemented them almost 100%.

Master thesis law

A thousand thanks for your competent and supportive help! I felt so really "framed" and taken care of....I can only recommend you.

Master thesis social work

Thank you very much! That was almost unbelievable how you pulled that out of your sleeve.

Master thesis MAS Corporate Finance

Coaching 'Start

master thesis coaching

Thank you very much. I could never have done it without you. I just received confirmation that the work has been accepted. That is a great relief. May I ask for your help again with the next work? A little earlier, of course.

Writing a Matura paper in 36 hours

Intensive accompaniment

I learned a lot in these 2.5 hours. I appreciate it very much. Can we make a next appointment?

Bachelor thesis - University of Education

Thank you very much for your support. It has helped me a lot. I also felt taken very seriously by you as a person. That was a very positive experience.

Master thesis - course of studies in the field of coaching

master thesis coaching

I completed the master with a 6.0 and received great feedback. I am very relieved and the effort has also paid off for me professionally. I am very happy about that. It was definitely the best decision to contact you. Many, many thanks!

master thesis coaching

Note: I do not offer Ghostwriting, but support you in the writing process with my scientific expertise!

Price Calculator

Book online, 6 offers for your success, start-coaching.

In a one-to-one coaching session, we jointly develop the concept of your Master thesis/Bachelor thesis/dissertation: 1. your topic, 2. research objective, 3. research question, 4. methodological approach, 5. outline, 6. milestone plan, 7. a research guide, 8. a writing guide. Result: draft of your disposition / exposé. This forms the basis for your academic paper and initiates the copywriting process. 2.5-hour personal one-to-one coaching online

CHF 437.50 (incl. VAT)

HOW TO WRITE? - This is how! (personal instruction)

2. HOW TO WRITE? - This is how! (personal instruction) You already have your topic and a rough outline and want to get started? In a one-to-one coaching session, I will work out with you how to proceed with your topic. I explain to you what scientific writing is really about, what makes a good writing style and how to research successfully. Anyone can write scientifically, but it takes a little practice! Result : Revised outline, personal guidance on writing and researching, milestone plan. 2-hour personal one-to-one coaching online

CHF 350.00 (incl. VAT)

Intermediate coaching / -Feedback

You have already started your Master thesis/Bachelor thesis/dissertation and would like support when you need it? I would be happy to accompany you on call, e.g. by a phone call of 5 minutes, a video call of 20 minutes, or a meeting to give you interim feedback or guidance for the next step. Just contact me. I keep a timesheet for ongoing support. I charge per 5 minutes. You pay exactly for the time you use.

CHF 175.00 per hour for individual coaching (online/by e-mail/by phone/in the coaching room in Solothurn) (incl. VAT)

Editing per chapter

You have already started writing and would like corrections and suggestions for improvement? I would be happy to do an intermediate proofreading for you. - A) Efficient option: I give you general feedback and show you how you can improve your text using exemplary passages. - B) Comprehensive option: I correct your text in detail (citation, spelling, grammar) and make comprehensive detailed comments and suggestions on all aspects of your work (incl. structure, line of argument, style). CHF 159.60 per hour (incl. VAT)

CHF 159.60 per hour (incl. VAT)

FINAL CHECK - Quality check before submission

You are about to finish your Master thesis/Bachelor thesis/dissertation and would like to get feedback on the quality? I will support you with a professional assessment. In addition, I will provide you with important information so that you can put the finishing touches to your academic work. Feel free to contact me by email, phone or online!

1 hour preparation (analysis) + 2-hour personal one-to-one coaching online: CHF 509.60 incl. VAT.

proofreading & editing

Before submitting your Master thesis/Bachelor thesis/Diploma thesis/Dissertation, I will proofread and edit your academic work if required. I optimise the writing style used and check the citation, the bibliography and other components of your work.

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Get a price estimate now with the price calculator for ✓ Coaching ✓ Accompaniment ✓ Editing ✓ Proofreading.

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master thesis coaching

Happy faces of happy students

Take a look at my references and find out what I have been able to help numerous students with.

master thesis coaching

Executive Leadership


Military Benefits

MS in Sport Mgt. – Coaching and Ath. Admin. Non-Thesis

Transfer credits, next start date, learn how to train your team with a master’s in sports management – coaching and athletic administration.

An online master’s in coaching and athletic administration degree can help equip you with the foundational training you need to be a successful coach at the high school, college, or professional level. To be an effective coach, you’ll need training in athletic development, psychology, leadership, nutrition, and exercise science so that you can fulfill the roles of mentor, teacher, and motivator.

Liberty University’s 100% online master’s degree in sports management with a coaching and athletic administration specialization will provide this training so that you are fully equipped to coach the students or professionals in your care.  The non-thesis track of our Master of Science in Sport Management – Coaching and Athletic Administration degree online includes an internship requirement so you can earn college credit and field experience that can be completed at an approved location in your area. Internships are one of the best ways to get your foot in the door with a future employer.

Why Choose Liberty’s Master’s in Sports Management – Coaching and Athletic Administration (Non-Thesis)?

If you have a love for sports that goes beyond the game to sports management and administration, then our online master’s in sports management with a specialization in coaching and athletic administration may be for you.

Our online program can build your professional skill set and résumé while giving you a perspective on how to impact those in your community through sports. Additionally, Liberty University is accredited by the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges ( SACSCOC ), so you can be confident that you are receiving a world-class education. 

We incorporate a Christian worldview and biblical principles into our Master of Science in Sports Management – Coaching and Athletic Administration online degree to blend academic excellence with personal integrity to prepare you to lead by example. Our mission is to help you become a successful professional and individual in the field of sports administration.

Benefits of Earning Our Master’s in Sports Management Degree

What Will You Learn in Our Master’s in Sports Management — Coaching and Athletic Administration (Non-Thesis) Degree Online?

Liberty University’s M.S. in Sport Management with a specialization in coaching and athletic administration can help provide you with the opportunity to delve deeper into the complexities of high school, college, and university coaching and athletic administration. With courses taught by industry leaders in the field of sports management, you can gain the tools and skills needed to effectively communicate as a leader and administrator.

Featured Courses

Master’s in Sports Management – Coaching and Athletic Administration (Non-Thesis) Program Highlights

Here are a few more reasons why our online Master of Science in Sports Management – Coaching and Athletic Administration will be a good fit for you:

Online Master’s in Sports Management — Coaching and Athletic Administration (Non-Thesis) Information

Apply Now     Request Info

Liberty University is dedicated to providing world-class educational experiences to military students across the globe. Whether you are a current service member, discharged or retired from service, or the spouse of a service member or veteran, we are here to support you every step of the journey.

As a thank-you for your dedication and service to our country, Liberty is honored to serve and support you in your pursuit of online education by offering the following benefits:

Potential Career Options with a Degree in Athletic Administration

The online master’s in sports management degree can open the door to these potential careers:

Admission Requirements for the Master of Science in Sports Management – Coaching and Athletic Administration

A regionally or nationally accredited bachelor’s degree with a 3.0 or above GPA is required for admission in good standing. Please visit our   admission requirements page  for more detailed admissions-related information.

All applicants must submit the following:

*There is no upfront application fee; however, a deferred $50 application fee will be assessed during Financial Check-In. This fee is waived for qualifying service members, veterans, and military spouses – documentation verifying military status is required.

**An official transcript is needed within 60 days of acceptance or before non-attendance drops for the first set of matriculated classes, whichever comes first.

*Some restrictions may occur for this promotion to apply. This promotion also excludes active faculty and staff, military, Non-Degree Seeking, DGIA, Continuing Education, WSB, and Certificates.

Apply FREE This Week*

Other programs you may be interested in

Master of Arts (MA)

Next Start Date: Mar 20, 2023

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Business Administration: Nonprofit Leadership and Management

Master of Arts (MPA)

Public Administration: Public and Nonprofit Management

Master of Science (MS)

Sports Management: General (Non-Thesis)

Sports management: outdoor adventure sports (non-thesis), looking for a different program, estimate your cost.

Cost Per Credit Hour Per Semester for 7 to 15 Credits* Per Semester for 9 to 15 Credits* i Visit the Tuition and Financing page for more information.

Additional program fees may apply. See program page for details.

Disclaimer: This calculator is a tool that provides a rough estimate of the total cost of tuition, and should not be relied upon to determine overall costs, as pricing may vary by program and tuition/fees are subject to change. Estimates are not final or binding, and do not include potential financial aid eligibility.

Your Cost Estimate:

View All Tuition & Fees Go Back

For eligibility requirements for military discounts at the doctoral level, please review the online benefits page .

Request Information

Learn More About Liberty University Online

By submitting contact information through this form, I agree that Liberty University and its affiliates may call and/or text me about its offerings by any phone number I have provided and may provide in the future, including any wireless number, using automated technology.

Message and data rates may apply. For additional information, text HELP to 49595 or 49596. You may opt-out at any time by sending STOP to 49595 or 49596. Visit for Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy .

You have to have a lot of self-motivation and self-discipline when you are going to school online, but the amazing thing is at Liberty you do not need to do it by yourself. You really do have resources like someone who is going to school on campus.

– Janae Fleming ’15, B.S. in Education

Masters of Applied Positive Psychology: The MAPP Program

Masters of applied positive psychology

On this page, we’ve listed MAPP (or relevant related) opportunities from a wide range of institutions across the world. For those who can’t find something locally in this list, we’ve also included excellent Distant learning options.

And, to reflect the manifold applications of Positive Psychology—in education, social work, therapy, counseling, and more—we’ve included how the different Positive Psychology MAPPs aim to cover specific subfields.

Before you read on, we thought you might like to download our 3 Positive Psychology Exercises for free . These science-based exercises will explore fundamental aspects of positive psychology including strengths, values, and self-compassion, and will give you the tools to enhance the wellbeing of your clients, students, or employees.

This Article Contains:

How to acquire certification or a degree, master of applied positive psychology (mapp), applied positive psychology at upenn, applied positive psychology and coaching psychology at uel, anglia ruskin university: applied positive psychology msc, buckinghamshire new university: msc in applied positive psychology, master’s degree in applied positive psychology (mappa) – universitat jaume i, master of applied positive psychology at melbourne university, institute for applied positive psychology, life university, the north-west university master of applied positive psychology, distant learning options, master of applied positive psychology – cq university australia, jobs and careers.

Different Certificates, Diplomas, and qualifications are available for all kinds of graduates and professionals who want to study Positive Psychology. Besides the more general ‘Positive Psychology Diplomas’ and similar, there are certificates and qualifications around the world that focus on what we just referred to as ‘subfields’.

More strictly speaking, there is a range of disciplines in which PP approaches and tools provide value, such as teaching ( Positive Education ), sports ( Positive Coaching ), and more.

It is possible to apply online for most of the Positive Psychology study options we have encountered; on this site, we also have a list of Positive Psychology courses that are being updated all the time.

What’s right for you will depend on your level of interest, prior experience, and available time to commit, but the Masters of Applied Positive Psychology is one option that is growing in popularity.

Master’s of Applied Positive Psychology

As with most other Master’s programs, universities offering a MAPP will often accept applicants who have either relevant professional experience or a Bachelor’s degree. Some will require that this undergraduate degree is from a related field, while others don’t have this prerequisite.

Is a Degree or Work Experience Essential?

If you would prefer not to apply on the basis of your Bachelor’s degree or work experience, you may want to try out a less demanding postgraduate pathway first. Of course, that isn’t to say the content will be vastly different, but there are postgraduate study options which aren’t as time-intensive as a Master’s.

Several of the MAPP opportunities listed here are offered by institutions that also run postgraduate diplomas or certificates; Angela Ruskin University and New Buckinghamshire University are two examples. The credits earned from successfully completing one of these qualifications may well be transferrable over to a MAPP if you wish to continue on later down the line.

As opposed to a Masters of Positive Psychology, a Masters of Applied Psychology (MAPP) program is designed to impart more of the practical skills, tools, and knowledge that can be applied straight away. An MSc in Positive Psychology, on the other hand, will often be more theory-focused; it will often be structured so that students learn about the key thinking that has shaped—and continues to shape—the field.

Both, of course, consider evidence, interventions, and theories of key PP topics: wellbeing , mindfulness , happiness , strengths , flourishing, and more. A MAPP, however, is more about applying theoretical and research-based insights in your professional practice. As an example, the University of Pennsylvania has the longest running, and one of the most famous, MAPP programs worldwide.

Upenn positive psychology center

The University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) is home to the world’s very first MAPP program and it has no defined course prerequisites. Martin Seligman , one of the field’s founding fathers, helped to establish this course and sits on the faculty team.

The Applied focus of this degree means that course covers the tools and techniques for Positive Psychology interventions , potentially for a whole range of interdisciplinary applications.

The eight modules are:

New applicants can join during the Fall semester, which starts in September and runs for five weeks. The course boasts a hybrid structure, which means that one week of on-site learning each month is followed by distance learning modules until the next month’s on-site.

After completing the core modules, students complete a capstone project, an opportunity to apply the knowledge learned in their research or professional settings.

Find out more about UPenn’s MAPP at the official website .

Study Options in the UK and Europe

If you are based in the UK and looking for a MAPP opportunity near you, here are some great options from accredited institutions. These include the University of East London’s MAPPCP, Angela Ruskin University, and Buckinghamshire New University.

This course also goes by the acronym MAPPCP—Master of Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. The UEL is the first institution in the world to offer this unique combination of specializations, having combined elements from two of its other Master’s programs.

In this respect, the course offers an original approach which synthesizes theory and research for applied, modern training on wellbeing.

There are 8 core modules covering both research-based aspects and practical coaching elements:

Three are coaching modules, two are research methods-based, and a further three are focused on Positive Psychology. Students will learn not only about key topics such as motivation, goal-setting, and cognition but also about how these overlap with one another and with the coaching aspects taught.

Access more details on the Masters program here .

Anglia Ruskin’s MAPP is for applicants who want to use positive psychology in a wide range of fields. That includes training, civil service, life coaching, industrial/organizational settings, education, healthcare, NGO, or social work fields.

Counselors and therapists interested in applying the relevant theory or approaches in their practices can also pursue this Masters, which is assessed entirely by completing coursework. Like the UEL MSc just covered, the Anglia Ruskin MAPP takes place partly through on-site, face-to-face classes and partly online.

All three tracks teach an:

The elective modules, offered in the UK Cambridge Campus, are:

The Paris options include:

For more information visit the official  website .

The Buckinghamshire New University (Bucks) MAPP looks at topics such as wellbeing, strength, happiness, and purpose. Theory, techniques, and practices are taught in this two-year course, which culminates in a dissertation.

As well as this, the course covers research methods and the history and evolution of Positive Psychology as a field. It is designed to provide students with the practical and thinking skills required in careers such as Positive Education, training, coaching, and similar.

Modules include:

There is a dissertation for students to complete at the end of this; students not wanting to undertake the Masters can also consider the University’s Postgraduate Diploma or Certificate in Positive Psychology.

Here is the official site for this program.

Jaume Universitat

Endorsed by the Spanish Society of Positive Psychology (SEPP), blends theory and practical applications to explore the field and its science in-depth.

This MAPPA features a mentoring program so that students receive guidance through their studies and final project, and professional development is emphasized through both mentorship and academic training. There are also opportunities for students to pursue an internship and undertake a creativity and entrepreneurship seminar.

The modules include:

Find out more about the course on their site .

Study Options in Australia

Australia, in particular, has seen a large growth in public attention on Positive Psychology. Fields such as Positive Education, Positive Psychotherapy have grown considerably, alongside the now much broader applications of Positive Psychology Interventions in myriad fields (Vella-Broderick, 2011).

The most well-known MAPP in Australia is run by the University of Melbourne, and Associate Professor Vella-Broderick is one of the Centre for Positive Psychology members behind its development.

university of melbourne mapp program positive psychology program

Melbourne University’s Applied Positive Psychology Masters explores the concepts and theories of the field, as well as various key frameworks for wellbeing, positive interventions, and ethics involved.

There is a strong emphasis on the use of Positive Psychology practices in leadership.

Strengths-based skills, for example, are taught as an important part of students’ professional development.

Run by the Melbourne Graduate School’s Centre for Positive Psychology, the team behind the course include Professor Lea Waters, Associate Professors Dianne Vella-Brodrick and Lindsay Oades, and Dr. Peggy Kern.

It’s designed for those who wish to apply positive change and leadership approaches in health, law, business, education, psychology, and economics, and takes place over either one or two years.

The three core for this MAPP include:

During the second year (part-time) or second semester (full-time), students undertake a capstone MAPP project to complete their degree.

Visit the Melbourne University website for more information about this Masters course.

Institute for Applied Positive Psychology

However, it does provide a selection of Master Classes, Intensive Applied Positive Psychology courses, and retreats. That is, the IAPP is a Positive Psychology training provider.

The IAPP is based in Australia’s Norfolk Island and was established in 2014 to integrate academic theory with hands-on practical applications of Positive Psychology. IAPP courses are thus focused on the ‘how’ rather than the ‘what’ or ‘why’ of the field and their courses are suited, on the whole, for all kinds of practitioners.

This includes professionals wishing to learn how to apply Positive Psychology approaches and tools in teaching, healthcare, organizational settings, and in communities more broadly.

The IAPP also aims to develop a network of like-minded professionals driven by action toward personal wellbeing and development. You can learn more about the IAPP here .

Study Options in the US

If you are keen to study in the States, there are other Masters programs in Positive Psychology besides the MAPP.

life university positive psychology program

This private, Atlanta-based University offers a Master of Science in Positive Psychology (MSPP), with two separate tracks that students can pursue.

Students’ final assessments will vary depending on the track that they’ve chosen.

Learn more  about whether the Life University MSPP might suit you.

Other Study Options

Students in the African continent who wish to study an on-campus Masters can consider The North-West University’s MAPP program.

North West University

The learnings will equip graduates with Positive Psychology expertise to apply in fields such as social work, charity, education, business, health, and public service, amongst others. It is a good foundation for those looking to pursue a Ph.D. in the field.

This program involves several sessions at the University’s Potchefstroom Campus during the first year of the Master’s. After this, students undertake assignments; in the second year, they do a mini-dissertation.

Modules featured in this MAPP are:

Find out more about this MAPP here .

A host of distant learning options are now available for all kinds of subjects in general. This includes Positive Psychology, and distance learning is opening up the field to students on a worldwide scale. Online Master’s programs offer professionals the flexibility to cover the course material at a time that works best for the individual, as they don’t require physical on-site attendance at lectures and similar.

A Few Notes on Distance Learning

One of the key advantages of a Distance Learning Masters is that there are no geographical limits on attendance.

Course content in distance learning courses is generally a combination of online lectures and interactive tutorials, delivered through the University’s Learning Management System (LMS). Students can usually ask questions and receive feedback through emails with tutors, and lectures themselves tend to be made available for download to maximize the convenience of e-learning.

Assessments are often submitted online as Word Documents or similar, using platforms such as TurnItIn.

Distance learning, in general, is often more economical than attending on-campus classes, however, they offer limited—if any—opportunities for face-to-face interaction.

Here is one of the better-known online MAPPs available.

cq university

While Central Queensland University is based in Australia, the CQU Master of Applied Positive Psychology is an online course. Students will consider the goals and applications of PP tools in different fields, with the course content integrating aspects from coaching, health psychology, counseling, community development, social innovation, and more.

The overall aim is to equip (post)graduates with tools and skills for increasing wellbeing in others, both at a community and individual level. The applications of PP interventions and tools are considered at a broader, societal level, too, as this MAPP takes a holistic approach.

Ten core units make up this MAPP:

Find the official information for this program here at this page .

A good description of Positive Psychology comes from Seligman himself, and he describes it as:

“The scientific study of what makes life most worth living.”

To that end, the applications of Positive Psychology are extensive, whether you’re a dedicated practitioner or using the principles in another line of work. Having a Master of Applied Psychology can increase your employability in fields where human growth, development, wellbeing, and flourishing are important. This is especially true if your MAPP is specialized in a specific area.

Common examples of such fields, or the fastest-growing fields where Positive Psychology plays a role, include:

Social Work

A quick glance at any of the Positive Psychology conference symposia will reveal a huge uptick in the use of PP approaches. Examples can be seen in voluntary or charity-based sectors, where resilience techniques and frameworks are applied in community or social wellbeing initiatives (e.g. Van Breda, 2018).

Counseling, of course, often involves applying Positive Psychology tools to help individuals and groups facing adversity, or in crisis management.

Positive Education

Positive Education combines traditional education with the study of Positive Psychology concepts, such as wellbeing and happiness .

Curricula are now expanding beyond what are sometimes called ‘hard skills’, or core subjects such as Maths. More and more schools are encompassing PP-related aspects both into classroom management and teaching practice.

As well as this, the concept of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is fast becoming part of curricula, with emotional intelligence at the fore of the movement. With Columbia University researchers finding a remarkably high ROI for investments on SEL at schools, demand for Positive Psychology skills can likely be expected to rise (Brotto, 2018).

On the sports coaching side of things, Positive Coaching involves using science-based PP techniques and approaches to coach and develop athletes (Pidgeon, 2019). For most coaches, a MAPP can thus be a means of enhancing their existing practices, while expanding their professional toolkits.

Off the playing field, Positive Psychology can play a huge role in coaching individuals, teams, and employees in organizations. Seligman has written on the subject of coaching more broadly, saying:

“One need not be a licensed psychologist, or even a psychologist, to practice positive psychology or to practice coaching.”

Nonetheless, there are now various MAPP pathways that can lead to accreditation, and help aspiring coaches to practice independently with a license. Some are included above, and we will update this page as more MAPP programs are introduced.

If you know of a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology that hasn’t been included in this article, please let us know. Or, if you are looking for a different academic pathway to grow your PP skill set, have a look at our page on Positive Psychology Courses .

ED: Updated December 2022

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Don’t forget to download our 3 Positive Psychology Exercises for free .

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Does anyone know of an entirely online PP degree program? I haven’t seen any and would like to pursue that option.

Nicole Celestine, Ph.D.

You might consider the online programs through Central Queensland University and the University of Melbourne for some online options:

I hope this helps!

– Nicole | Community Manager

Ruth Pate

Indiana Wesleyan University I’m in this program right now and very pleased. My professors have been wonderful – very supportive environment. You will work but it’s not impossible and you’ll learn through use, as each class is tied to the others leading you to the capstone. Very well designed. It’s 100% online and the apps are easy. (and I’m not getting paid to say any of this!)


Hi, I am very interested in applying for the MAPP CP program at UEL and was wondering if any of the students here have actually graduated from the program recently and can comment on the admin issues still being an issue 7 years later? Separately, what are your thoughts on the program and post graduation opportunities/recognition, how has your experience been so far?

Please be so kind to respond as I am considering to do this on top of a very demanding day job so time and funds are limited. Thank you!

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If you download the free template it is the literature review template 🙁

Derek Jansen

Hi Emmanuel

Thanks for letting us know. This is resolved now.


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Students who enroll in an online Master's in Coaching degree are generally passionate about coaching, sports science, and physical fitness. With many schools and organizations around the country seeking these individuals in droves, it makes sense that they would want to enhance their career with an online program. And while traditional programs are high-quality, so too are online programs, which are beginning to surpass their traditional counterparts in terms of affordability and program choice.

Online programs enable professionals to continue in their career with minimal interruption while pursuing an online degree in a field that they love. With asynchronous and synchronous courses available, a variety of term schedule formats, and the ability to choose between non-thesis and thesis options, it's no wonder that students are flocking to online programs.

This ranking, which was inspired by the fact that coaching professionals are demanding affordable online programs, was created with the help of the National Center for Education Statistics. An initial pool of 50 schools was created by looking for online programs in the field. The final 10 schools were chosen based on in-state graduate tuition rate and are listed in descending order.

Most Affordable Master’s in Coaching Online

Explore these promoted online degree programs..

These top, accredited schools offer a variety of online graduate degree programs. Figuring out where to apply? Consider one of these online Master’s or PhD programs.

Ranking Low-cost Coaching Master's

San Angelo, TX

Angelo State University confers an online Master's in Coaching that was created for professionals who are already working in the field or who wish to gain entry into the field. This 100 percent online degree has two concentrations: Coaching and Sports and Recreation and Fitness. Courses are delivered through the school's virtual portal as both asynchronous and synchronous classes; term length ranges between eight to 16 weeks. Electives make up a large part of the curriculum, enabling students to tailor their program to their interests. Students can expect to complete 36 credit hours of coursework, a final project, and a comprehensive exam. Sample courses include Administration of Athletic Academic Units, Prevention and Care of Athletic Injury, and Sports Publications and Graphic Design.

Alamosa, CO

Students can earn an online Master's of Arts in Coaching from Adams State University that was designed for professionals who already hold a degree in sports science or an allied field. This is a 100 percent online cohort program and applications are accepted every two years, including 2018. Courses are delivered synchronously so that students can work together on team projects and are taught on a traditional academic schedule. A field research project is required for this degree and can be completed in a student's community with the supervision of a preceptor. Students will also find that they must complete 20 credit hours of coursework, a thesis or final project, and a comprehensive written exam. Sample courses include Social Aspects of Sport and Physical Education, Strategic Management and Leadership in Sports, and Sports Psychology.

Greenville, NC

Students at East Carolina University will be offered the chance to earn the Master of Arts in Education in Physical Education, a degree that was built for physical education teachers who are ready to advance their knowledge of the field. The curriculum focuses on leadership and trends in education, providing educators with new skills and theories that could be useful in the classroom. This degree requires that applicants hold a valid teaching license in their home state. Courses are taught asynchronously and in the traditional 16-week format. Students will find that practicums are required but can be completed in their community upon approval of the department. Other requirements include 36 credit hours of coursework, a research project or a portfolio, and a comprehensive written exam. Sample courses include Clinical Supervision in Physical Education, Curriculum and Instruction in Physical Education, and Advanced Measurement and Evaluation in Exercise and Sport Science.

Kearney, NE

Students at the University of Nebraska at Kearney will enjoy an online Master's in Coaching that will give working teachers the knowledge necessary to become effective coaches in K-12 schools. Students can choose between two tracks: Pedagogy and Special Population. Both concentrations focus on physical education in schools; therefore, a teaching license in good standing is required to enter into this graduate program. Practicums are required for this degree and are often completed in the summer term in a student's community. All other courses are delivered asynchronously and in an eight-week format, making it great for working educators. Students can expect to complete 36 credit hours of coursework, a practicum, and a comprehensive written exam. Sample courses include Curriculum Design in Physical Education, Physical Education for Students with Disabilities, and Analysis of Physical Education Teaching.

Chicago, IL

Chicago State University offers a cheap coaching master's degree that is accredited by the National Association of Sports and Physical Education. This is a 100 percent online degree that requires no residencies at any time. This program requires students to possess a teaching license in their state; note that this degree does not lead to licensure alone but stand-alone certificates may be used to meet the requirements in the state of Illinois. Courses are delivered both asynchronously and synchronously and with 16-week terms. Full-time students can complete the requirements within 18 months while part-time students can complete the degree in just over two years. Students can expect to complete 34 credit hours of coursework, a final project, and a comprehensive exam. Sample courses include Advanced Exercise Physiology, Sports Science and Performance, and Optimal Sports Performance.

Pittsburg, KS

The online Master's in Coaching available at Pittsburg State University is the perfect degree for professionals already working in the field. This degree was created specifically for students who have a degree in Health, Human Performance and Recreation, or an allied field. Students who do not meet this requirement may be accepted on a conditional basis that will require prerequisite coursework prior to their entrance in the program. Courses are delivered asynchronously and in an eight-week term format; full-time students can complete all the requirements in about a year. There are two concentrations available in this degree: Human Performance and Wellness and Sport and Leisure Service Management. Students can expect to complete 30 credit hours of coursework, a research paper, a final project, and a comprehensive written exam. Sample courses include Social-Psychology of Sport and Recreation, Advanced Exercise Physiology, and Technology and Instrumentation in Human Performance.

Charles Town, WV

Students at the American Public University are offered an online coaching master's degree that helps prepare professionals for advanced concepts and theories that make up the field. This 100 percent online degree comes with three concentrations: Exercise Science and Human Performance, General, and Health and Wellness Management. This degree delivers its asynchronous and synchronous courses online in a ten-week term format and the requirements can be completed in as little as two years. Students can expect to complete 36 credit hours of coursework, a capstone project, and a comprehensive written exam. Sample courses include Current Topics in Exercise Science and Human Performance, Essentials of Human Performance and Exercise Science, and Optimal Sports Performance.

Statesboro, GA

Georgia Southern University offers students a 100 percent coaching master's online degree that will provide them with a curriculum that follows the National Coaching Standards for Level 5 Coaching Status. This degree is a cohort program that delivers its courses synchronously so that all students learn the same concepts at the same time and can collaborate on team projects. Most students complete this degree in one year with full-time study. This program is built to discuss the various aspects of becoming a coach as well as sports science. A practicum is required and is completed during the summer and in a student's community. Students can expect to complete 36 credit hours of coursework, a practicum, and a comprehensive exam. Sample courses include Issues in Coaching, Injury Prevention and Research Methods for Coaches, and Teaching Analysis and Psychology of Peak Performance.

Terre Haute, IN

Students at Indiana State University will be interested to learn that an online Master's in Coaching is available at this school. This is a 100 percent online program that offers coaching professionals both the classroom knowledge and field experience they need in order to become exceptional leaders in the field. This curriculum is aligned with the guidelines of the National Standards for Sport Coaches. Students must have previous educational experience in the realm of coaching; those who do not meet this requirement must take non-credit prerequisite courses prior to entering the program. All courses are delivered asynchronously and are taken in the eight-week format, making it possible to complete this degree in as little as one year. Students can expect to complete 36 credit hours of coursework, a final project of their choosing, and a comprehensive exam. Sample courses include Women and Sport, Administration and Management for Coaches, and Motor Learning and Human Performance.

Greenville, IL

Greenville University confers a Master's in Coaching online degree that is perfect for working professionals who have other commitments. This is a 100 percent online degree that is delivered asynchronously and in an eight-week term schedule. Students will find that the program was built to be as flexible as possible; the only courses that must be taken at certain times are the ones that begin and end the curriculum plan. Students who study full-time can complete this degree in as little as one year; part-time students most often complete the plan in two years. Students will be expected to take 33 credit hours of coursework, a research capstone project, and a comprehensive exam. Sample courses include Advanced Sport Coaching Methodology, Trends and Issues in Education, and Equity in School and Society.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the career options for an online master's in coaching degree.

The most common career option for a professional with a graduate degree in coaching is that of a coach. This can be in a variety of different sports and at all levels of that sport, including professional teams.

Because coaching can be a competitive industry in terms of employment, many professionals may be interested to learn that there are other options that are available to them. Keep in mind that many of these options may require additional schooling, certification, and in some cases, licensure. They include:

Another career option is to head into doctoral studies. While this is uncommon, many professionals mover straight into doctoral studies right after finishing their degree, enabling them to move towards a terminal degree in the field.

Additionally, many coaching graduates move into freelance work, which can include sports broadcasting, writing, and consulting. The possibilities are endless and only requires a professional's imagination to find a career that fits their needs.

How Much Can You Earn in this Field?

Professionals in the coaching field can make as little as $20,000 to $6 million a year. This drastic range reflects coaches at various levels of the field, current salaries, region, and work experience. It also accounts for head coaches in professional sports leagues, which is often the dream of those who enter the field.

Most professionals, however, can stand to make between $70,000 to $85,000 when coaching a major sport. This can be coaching at a college or university or a smaller professional sports team. These positions are quite competitive but also lucrative as salaries go up with the amount of games and championships a coach and their team wins during the season.

What are the Various Disciplines of Coaching?

Coaching is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on medicine, sports, psychology, sociology, kinesiology, and physical education. The combination of the fields provides all professionals with a firm understanding of performance psychology and athletic performance, two key aspects of coaching that can make all the difference in a game. Professionals will find that most programs will focus on all of these disciplines in one form or another.

An important note to add is that the disciplines that affect coaching depends on the level at which a coach is working in. High school coaches focus both on sports and education because they are often responsible for physical education courses at their school. Those that work at the professional level, or even the university level, work with biomechanics and performance psychology to ensure their athletes are in top shape. There are more examples, but it's crucial to encourage students to take a hard look at curriculum plans prior to entering a program; the dream school may not provide the education they require.

Is a Teaching License Necessary for an Online Master's in Coaching?

Yes, many coaching graduate degrees do require licensure. These are often degrees with a specialization in coaching that fall under the umbrella of graduate education programs. There are some degrees that do not require licensure; these often fall under sports science, kinesiology, and sports management.

Coaching professionals who wish to teach as well as coach must have a valid teaching license in their state of residence prior to applying for most of the programs on this ranking. This is because they combine educational concepts with coaching skills; many also require practicums that must take place on a school campus, something that is not possible without such a license.

For professionals who wish to work in other areas of the field, teaching licensure is not necessary. Practicums will also be required for these programs, but often will take place in community or healthcare settings. These vary from school to school, so interested students should consult with that school's graduate admissions office.

What Kind of Jobs Can a Professional Expect From an Online Coaching Program?

Jobs vary quite a lot in graduate coaching programs. This is because coaching can be done in different settings, including in schools and in the professional sports world. The placements also represent whatever concentrations that a school might have, enabling students to take on placements that make sense for their career path.

For instance, a professional who wishes to coach at a high school will take a work placement in that setting, working with teen athletes and sports managers. Professionals who wish to work in community and nonprofit recreational programs will be paired with organizations that deliver physical education and coaching to people of all ages. Even professionals wishing to coach at the professional level will be paired with adequate placements, enabling every student to experience their career prior to graduation.

Is Accreditation of an Online Program Necessary for Employment Purposes?

It depends on a student's chosen career goal. Many coaching professionals want to coach in schools, at universities, or for professional teams while others may want to design and implement recreation programs for communities. It's even possible to use this degree to move onto postgraduate education. All of these goals have different needs for accreditation.

Regional accreditation is always necessary for any type of degree that a person earns. Unaccredited degrees are not as welcome as accredited degrees, especially when it comes to regional distinction because so many online programs have proven themselves worthy. Accreditation also leads to licensure, which for many coaches who work in schools, may be a requirement.

Special accreditation, such as that which is conferred by the National Association of Sports and Physical Education, can be difficult to find for online programs, but not impossible. In fact, several schools on this list have such an accreditation or are currently in the application process to receive accreditation. This type of accreditation is critical for professionals who wish to coach at the high school or postsecondary levels.

Other professionals, such as those who work in big league sports, will find that their accreditation requirements actually take place after completing a graduate degree. This means that a specially accredited online program is not necessary. All students should consider their chosen career path and conduct research to see if accreditation at any level will be required.

Coaching, whether at a high school or for a major sports team, is a great passion for many professionals. They love the game and want to participate, which is why they chose the profession of coaching. These professionals can continue their career with the knowledge that they will be able to advance in their profession and meet their goals with an online Master's in Coaching.

GSH Staff July 2018

This concludes our ranking of the Top 10 Most Affordable Master's in Coaching Online.

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Master Thesis Ghostwriter

The cost of a master’s thesis varies from provider to provider. We guarantee you the best possible result at a fair price!

It is hardly possible to specify a general price for the preparation of a master’s thesis. Writing a master’s thesis is a highly individual matter and the price varies depending on the workload and the respective topic. In addition, of course, the academic training of the ghostwriter that is working on your master’s thesis also plays a role in the make-up of the price.

Why do the costs for a master’s thesis vary depending on the provider?

The prices of the various providers of services in the field of academic ghostwriting are sometimes significantly different. In recent years, there has been a development in some countries that is cause for concern: Because good academic ghostwriting is not cheap, some providers attract customers with extremely low flat rates. However, they usually do not keep the promise of producing high-quality, academically sound work for little money. As a result, students and other clients who commission an academic work receive inferior degree or seminar work, which of course is given a correspondingly lower rating by the lecturers at the respective faculties.

Even if a correspondingly favourable bargain price can be quite tempting, you should consider such an offer with caution. Some agencies work with authors who have not yet completed their studies and therefore work for a lower fee. When selecting the agency to which you would like to entrust your master’s thesis, pay attention not only to the price list, but also to the quality of the offer. Student writers generally cannot produce work at a higher quality as ghostwriters with a college degree can.

Services provided by a ghostwriting agency

Amongst other things, a professional ghostwriting agency distinguishes itself by the fact that it provides a free initial consultation and then creates a free and non-binding offer for your master’s thesis. Since every master’s thesis places highly individual demands on the ghostwriter, we calculate each order individually. Our prices are based on a variety of aspects that affect the preparation of your master’s thesis. A theoretical work is usually cheaper than an empirical master’s thesis, which requires a higher workload. The length of the work as well as the time frame available for creation also influence the price.

Another important point to keep in mind when hiring our ghostwriter is the state of your preparation at the time of handover. The more material you can provide to your author, the less time our experts will have to spend on narrowing down the question, structure, collection of empirical data or literature research. Not only does the extra time required drive up the price, our authors will then also find it much easier to adjust to your needs if they have more material to work with. The more specific the guidelines you give to our ghostwriters, the more detailed and comprehensive the final master’s thesis will usually be in meeting your expectations and the requirements of your supervisor at the college or university.

The material that our ghostwriters have at their disposal is coupled with the amount of research required for the master’s thesis. From many customers, we receive extensive material or one draft of the master’s thesis that has already been partially completed. Of course, such preliminary work requires an intensive revision, but this is much less time-consuming than if no material is available at all. If our ghostwriters have to work everything out for themselves, on the one hand the working time is extended and on the other, the price goes up. This is the case, for example, if you are still unsure which topic you want to work on. In both cases, we will gladly assist you with your master’s thesis. Talk to us and we’ll extend you an individual offer!

An academically grounded work written by experienced authors

Unlike many other agencies, we do not offer academic work at bargain prices. On the one hand, your master’s thesis goes through many different stages with us: Once the text has been written, it is checked again for correctness of the content and its logical structure, before being subjected to intensive editing by professional and experienced editors. Prior to delivery, your master’s thesis will be proofread several times with regard to formal, structural and content errors. In addition, our authors adhere very closely to the formal requirements of your faculty and ensure a consistent design of all directories, footnotes and annexes that are attached to the master’s thesis. Finally, our authors will conduct a plagiarism check so that you can submit a work that is both plagiarism-free and unique.

On the other hand, we work exclusively with authors who have a long academic career and at least one academic degree. Many of our ghostwriters not only have a bachelor’s or master’s, but also a doctorate. Some of our experts work in higher education and regularly publish their own research. Authors with long experience in academic ghostwriting require higher fees, but also provide higher quality work that meets both the academic and formal requirements of an academic thesis.

Why time plays an important role

Many students come to us only when they realise in the middle working on the master’s thesis that they are not up to work alone and need professional help for the last push to the end. In such a case, the short time available naturally means an increased fee, as our authors are subjected to high time pressure: Within a short time, they not only have to familiarise themselves with the topic, but also deliver a high-quality academic work. Due to the shortened working time, it may happen that the resulting work, even from an experienced author, is slightly less in terms of quality. We recommend that you think carefully about whether you need help writing your master’s thesis and contact us as soon as possible. In this way you not only get a higher quality work, but also save money and nerves.

Of course, we also handle short-term inquiries. Our authors are experienced enough to achieve academically, sound results in a short time and translate them professionally and efficiently into a linguistically high-quality text. However, the longer the timeframe that we have to work through your request, the higher the quality will generally be, and the cheaper the price for your master’s thesis will be. Naturally, this depends on the amount of material you provide us and the time you want to invest in collaboration with our ghostwriters.

Payment options and financing

Of course, you mustn’t worry about immediately paying for your master’s thesis in full. Depending on the timeframe and scope of the order, we are happy to offer you the option of instalment payments. On fixed dates, you will receive partial deliveries from our authors , allowing you to observe the progress of the work and propose changes or additions. The instalment payments are based on these partial deliveries and vary in their amount, depending on the scope of the master’s thesis and the number of appointments. We will be more than happy to advise you by phone or email about the various ways to finance your master’s thesis.


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Graduate degrees in coaching.

In a world where sports are broadcast internationally, and children begin to compete at a young age, coaches play an important role. Furthermore, learning the best practices for encouraging fitness, building teamwork skills, and utilizing strategy on the playing field prepares individuals to be better coaches. A graduate degree in coaching can embed these skills for coaches at all levels of experience. Many programs have a variety of focuses, including customization options and networking opportunities for coaches of individuals in all stages of education. Others encourage the physical education side of the field. Regardless, the job market for coaches across levels and sports is supposed to grow 13 percent from 2016 to 2026, which is faster than the average for all occupations, according to the Bureau for Labor Statistics.

Featured Online Masters Programs

Find a program that meets your affordability, flexibility, and education needs through an accredited, online school.





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Score: 79.88

At Xavier University, students can complete a Master of Education in Coaching Education and Athlete Development that uses a cohort model. Xavier utilizes a three-fold pedagogy centered around coaching techniques, long-term athlete development, and character development. All courses include these prongs, and some examples include the Psycho-social Aspects of Coaching, Sport Leadership and Team Building, and Coaching Analysis. The curriculum was designed in accordance with the National Association for Sport and Physical Education and follows the National Council for the Accreditation of Coaching Education’s National Standards for Sports Coaches. Cohorts start twice a year in January and in June with two built-in residency experiences.




Score: 81.46

Pittsburg State University offers a Master of Science in Health, Human Performance, and Recreation. Students can choose from the following three emphasis areas: Human Performance and Wellness, Sport and Leisure Service Management, and a General Emphasis. The course of study requires 32 credit hours of classes composed of a core of 15 to 18 credit hours in addition to emphasis course options. Students can also elect to complete a thesis and/or an internship. Typically, the degree takes one and half to two years to finish. Courses include Technology and Instrumentation in Human Performance, Leadership and Legal Issues in Leisure Services, and Advanced Exercise Physiology.




Score: 81.49

A Catholic, Jesuit institution, Canisius College offers a Master of Science in Physical Education. The program is designed so students earn their provisional certification. For those seeking to attain their professional certification in New York state, this degree also fulfills the master’s degree requirement. It is a 30-credit program and has been ranked #131 by U.S. News and World Report on its list of Best Online Graduate Education Programs. Courses include Health and Cultural Awareness, Leadership in Physical Education and Athletics, Recreational Activities for Individuals with Special Needs, and Coaching Theory and Techniques.




Score: 81.84

At Jacksonville State University, students can complete their studies to earn a Master of Sciencein Sport Management. Students can earn a teaching certification in sport management through the program, though there is also a non-certificate course of study. The program is composed of 30 to 33 credit hours of classes. Students can also do an internship in order to grow their professional experience for credit in the program. Jacksonville State University also offers a wide variety of courses. Some examples include a Survey Course in Special Education, Current Issues and Trends in Athletics, and Law & Ethics in Wellness in Sports Studies.




Score: 83.90

The University of Northern Colorado’s Master of Arts in Sports Coaching is a National Council for the Accreditation of Coaching Education accredited program. Its goals focus on areas such as sport pedagogy, injury prevention, sport psychology, training and conditional, international aspects of the field, and applied research. The program is 30-credits of coursework completed over five terms (18 months). Students can begin each fall. Courses offered include Psychology for Sports Coaches, international perspectives of sports coaching, Evaluation of Coaching using Technology, and Teacher and Coach Action in Research.




Score: 84.68

In Bellevue University’s Master of Science in Leadership and Coaching, students can also earn a certificate of completion in Executive Coaching and are able to take the steps needed to finish a credential with the International Coach Federation. Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, the degree is 36 credit hours and incorporates theories on leadership, organizational behavior, team dynamics, and strategic leadership. The M.S. blends together and stresses the complementary relationship between coaching and leadership. In addition to three internships, courses include Ethical and Professional Principles of Executive Coaching, Executive Coaching Communication Skills and Assessment, Strategic Leadership, and Leadership and Team Dynamics.

Featured Online Ph.D. Programs

#19 - university of central missouri.




Score: 84.82

Accredited by both the Teacher Education Accreditation Council and the Higher Learning Commission, the University of Central Missouri offers a Master of Education in Educational, School and Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Positive Coaching. The degree can be completed on a part-time basis that takes two and a half years or on a full-time basis for one year. Courses are semester-based, offered in 8- and 16-week sessions. The program requires 30 credits to be completed and considers a variety of relevant issues. These include administration of athletic programs, training and condition, character and ethics, and emotional health and wellness of the athlete. Students also learn about gender and multicultural issues in sports and about self-care for coaches themselves.




Score: 84.98

Greenville University’s Master of Arts Education with an emphasis in Coaching bring the institution’s Christian mission into the classroom, making the connection between faith and haracter develop in sports activities. Though the program is entirely online, renowned faculty members work to get to know students. The degree takes two years to complete and is best suited for those working in not-for-profit, community, and church settings. Courses include Sport Skill Analysis, Faith Development through Sports, Coaching Evaluation, and Advanced Sport Coaching Methodology.




Score: 86.05

One of the two colleges in the United States to have achieved the highest level of accreditation from the National Council for the Accreditation of Coaching Education-accredited program, Western Michigan University's Master of Arts in Coaching Sport Performance is very flexible. It is typically completed in four semesters and is accommodating to students who work full-time. There is no GRE required, and students can start in the fall, spring, or summer. Scholarships are also available to make the program more accessible for students. Courses include Principles and Practice of Effective Coaching, Psychological Preparation and Mental Training for Sport and Physical Activity, Sport Safety and Injury Management for Coaches, and Principles of Sport Nutrition and Energy Systems.





Score: 86.19

Northcentral University offers a master of Education with a Sport and Athletic Management concentration. Typically, students can finish the ten courses in 15 months. During the course of the 30 credit program, they have a wide variety of opportunities to interact with faculty members. Furthermore, faculty members all have doctorate degrees. Students take classes entirely online and on their schedules, allowing to cater to their own personal and professional needs. The program works to grow its students’ leadership capabilities and apply lessons to leading an athletic program. Courses include Leadership and Administration of Athletic Programs, Legal Aspects in Athletics, Sports Governance and Policy Development.




Score: 87.84

At American Public University, students can complete a Master of Science in Sports and Health heir schedules. Students can also choose from concentrations including, but not limited to, Exercise Science and Human Performance and Health and Wellness Management. They must also complete a capstone experience. Some examples of courses are Motor Learning, Advanced Exercise and Sport Physiology, Critical Thinking in the Sports and Health Industries, and Optimal Sports Performance.



Score: 88.73

Ranked #83 by U.S. News and World Report on its Best Graduate Education Online Programs list, Old Dominion University allows students to earn a Master of Science in Sport Management. The program is 36 credit hours with two options for a capstone. They are an internship with a comprehensive exam or a thesis option. Both are centered around offering students opportunities to add to their professional experience based on their long-term goals. For the internship, they have the ability to gain essential professional experience on the job in the sports industry while the thesis gives students the ability to pursue a research interest if they are looking to stay in academia and continue on for a terminal degree.



Score: 88.89

The University of Denver’s Master of Arts in Sport Coaching is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Its curriculum was also structured with the standards of the National Council for the Accreditation of Coaching Education in mind. It is a fully online with the option to complete a Strength and Conditioning certificate. The program is also recognized by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Students complete both a practicum in coaching and a capstone project of their own design over the course of the 36-credits needed for the degree. Courses include Psychology of Athletic Performance, Sociocultural Aspects of Sport Coaching, and Philosophy, Leadership, and Legal Issues of Sport.

Featured Online Education Programs

#12 - emporia state university.



Score: 89.19

Emporia State University offers a Master of Education in Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. The degree has a number of interest areas for its students, including the social, psychological, and coaching aspects of sport, the role of teaching health education, and teaching physical education. The 33-credits typically take two years to finish, but students are able to do it in one year if they so choose. At its end, the program offers students the ability to either complete a master’s project or a thesis. It is also accredited by the North Central Association Commission on Institutions of Higher Education and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.




Score: 89.62

Ranked 25th on U.S. News and World Report’s list of Best Online Graduate Education Programs, the University of Nebraska has a Master of Arts in Education in Physical Education Master Teacher. In order to be admitted to the program, students must have a teaching certificate. This is due to the heavy focus on education in the program, as students choose between either a pedagogy emphasis or a special education emphasis. The degree is 36 credits of coursework, with an option to do a thesis or take a comprehensive exam.



Score: 89.87

For students wishing to finish their graduate degree in a year, the University of Idaho has a Master of Education in Physical Education and Physical Activity Pedagogy. Students can begin the program either fall, spring, or summer. The program is structured with two options, one for certified teachers to grow their knowledge of physical activity pedagogy and one for those with an undergraduate degree to get their master’s and a teaching certification. The program is 30 credits plus those required to get that certification. Courses include: Foundations & Assessment in Physical Activity Pedagogy, and Health Teaching Methods.



Score: 90.12

With a curriculum built around the National Association for Sport and Physical Education, Ohio University has a Master of Coaching Education for those who want to pursue professional careers as coaches in a variety of settings. It typically takes students two years to complete the 36 credits of coursework required to earn the credential. Classes are 100 percent online, but there is a Coaching Symposium each summer that offers students access to keynote speakers, cross-sport coaching techniques, and other networking opportunities. Courses include Psychology of Sport Coaching, Finance for Athletic Coaches, Ethics & Diversity in Sport Coaching, and Management & Leadership in Sport.




Score: 91.04

Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, offers a Master of Science in Sport Coaching Leadership. The program has four, 10-week quarters, and there are customizable course deliveries depending on level and sports of interest, meaning that coaches of different types of team and experiences can grow their experience in the knowledge and practice areas most relevant to them. The program is 45-credits, and there is an option for a 7-10 day international residency. Concentrations are available in lacrosse and rowing, and, like the course deliveries, students can also opt for a custom concentration.




Score: 91.09

The University of Southern Mississippi offers a Master of Science in Sport Coaching Education that is 36-credit hours of classes. Students can elect to send a variety of different scores or

certifications for admission, including the GRE, the NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist credential, the Praxis II Area Subject Content Knowledge, or be a ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist. The curriculum is designed to be take part-time, and it can be finished in two years. Students can choose between a thesis or non-thesis option. Courses include Motor Learning, Foundations and Trends in Kinesiology, Organization Leadership and Management in Sport, and Sport Skill Analysis.




Score: 93.06

For all online programs, including its Master of Sport Coaching, West Virginia University students pay in-state tuition. The Master of Sport Coaching is centered on-long term athlete development and follows the International Council for Coaching Excellence Sport Coaching Framework. WVU has an issues-based approach to the curriculum, and so students are kept up to date with relevant discussions in the field. This program is 31-credits, and it takes six semesters to complete, which can be done in two years with summer coursework. Students cap off their experience with an internship to prepare them to enter or re-enter the profession with new practical experience.

Featured Online ED.D. Programs

#5 - ball state university.


Score: 93.31

Ball State University’s Master’s in Athletic Coaching Education allows for full-time professionals to complete an internship in their workplace for course credit. This program was the first athletic coaching education program in the United States, and its curriculum is built upon the National Association for Sport and Physical Education National Standards for Sports Coaches. It also offers an online license update in physical education with a coaching specialization for those who already have a teaching certification. The 30-credit program does not require a GRE score for admission and can be finished in five semesters.




Score: 94.17

Georgia Southern University offers a Master of Science in Kinesiology with a Coaching Education concentration. It consists of 12 classes leading to 36 credits. The program follows the National Coaching Standards for Level 5 Coaching Status. The program does not require the GRE for admission, and students must be coaching while enrolled, so that students can immediately apply lessons from their coursework to their real-life experiences. Students can earn their degree in four semesters, and U.S. News and World Report ranked it as #64 on their Best Online Graduate Education Programs list. Courses include Teaching Analysis, Psychology of Peak Performance, Sports Administration, Sports Biomechanics, and Injury Prevention.



Score: 94.53

The University of South Florida's Master of Science in Exercise Science is Accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Faculty members explore a variety of research areas, including, but not limited to, physique enhancement, physical activity behavior, psychobiology of exercise, sports nutrition and performance enhancement, and strength and conditioning. This program is 33 credit hours, and students can join faculty members in the above research areas if they choose to complete a thesis option. Otherwise, a comprehensive exam is available. Courses include Fitness Assessment and Prescription, Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, and Neuromuscular Aspects of Exercise Physiology, Lifespan Fitness, and Sport in Society.




Score: 94.76

Ranked #56 on U.S. News and World Report ’s Best Online Graduate Education Programs, the University of Arkansas allows students to complete their graduate studies to earn a Master of Education in Physical Education. This program exempts students from taking the GRE and takes two years to complete. As a capstone experience for the 33-credit hour program, students design and complete an in-depth research project. Leading up this experience, students can opt to take classes such as Professional Issues in Physical Education and Sport, Risk Management in Physical Education and Athletics, Scientific Principles of Movement and Performance, and Measurement and Assessment in Physical Education. These courses prepare students to do a comprehensive project as a professional development experience.




Score: 100.00

Topping this list is Michigan State University’s Master of Science in Kinesiology with a concentration in Coaching. The program requires 30 credits to complete, and students have a variety of options for capstone experiences. Students can complete a thesis, an internship, a project, or a certifying exam to prepare them for entrance into the next step of their professional life. U.S. News and World Report has ranked Michigan State University #31 on its list of Best Online Graduate Education Program. Courses include Psychosocial Bases of Coaching, Ethics in Athletics in Higher Education, Issues and Techniques in Student-Athlete Development, Sport Law for Administrators and Coaches.

Featured Online Management Programs

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