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Education and Development

Kay Standing

mphil thesis sample

Caroline Manion

Dakmara Georgescu

Acknowledged contributor

Education Inquiry 4 (1): 827-848

Chalank Yahya

Abstract: This paper examines tensions in implementing human rights education (HRE) in schools in Kurdistan-Iraq, both for teachers and for policy-makers, juggling nation-building and its application through schooling and child rights. We draw on documentary sources and fieldwork in two governorates, including classroom observations and interviews with education professionals. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child confirms the right to HRE, including learning to live together, stressing gender equity. In practice, rights operate in tension and may be denied in societal contexts where conservative, patriarchal values prevail. We report on teachers’ attempts to reconcile tensions, while facing limited resources. HRE is often perceived as low-status and taught without adequate consideration of everyday rights denials. Nevertheless, HRE is fundamental to democratic development and social justice and can equip citizens with skills and attitudes for a cosmopolitan worldview and peaceful development. Potentially, HRE can contribute to learners’ self-empowerment and gender equity.

Tribhuvan University, CERID

Madhusudan Subedi

Mwiine Amon

William Smith

Collaborative policy report focusing on the state of girls' education globally. Primary responsibility was for chapter 9 "The role of the International Financial Institutions: economic orthodoxy and gender"

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Thea Soriano

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Technical paper presented at the UNGEI Global …

Mairead Dunne

Budeba Mlyakado

Internationalisation and Globalisation in Mathematics and Science Education

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Nathan Gold

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Sheila Aikman , Nitya Rao

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Aaron Benavot

Samwel Marijani

Sarwech Saryo

Monash University Press

Raqib Chowdhury , Ram Ashish Giri

EQUALS Newsletter for Beyond Access: Gender, Education and Development

Ivette Hernandez

getasew nigussie

Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education


International Journal of Educational Development

Marufa Khan

How to write a fantastic thesis introduction (+15 examples)

Featured blog post image for How to write a fantastic thesis introduction (+15 examples)

Elements of a fantastic thesis introduction

Ways to capture the reader’s attention, open with a (personal) story.

An established way to capture the reader’s attention in a thesis introduction is by starting with a story. Regardless of how abstract and ‘scientific’ the actual thesis content is, it can be useful to ease the reader into the topic with a short story.

Start by providing data or statistics

Data and statistics are another established way to immediately draw in your reader. Especially surprising or shocking numbers can highlight the importance of a thesis topic in the first few sentences!

Begin with a problem

Emphasising the thesis’ relevance.

A good thesis is a relevant thesis. No one wants to read about a concept that has already been explored hundreds of times, or that no one cares about.

Define a clear research gap

Describe the scientific relevance of the thesis, describe the societal relevance of the thesis, formulating a compelling argument.

Arguments are sets of reasons supporting an idea, which – in academia – often integrate theoretical and empirical insights. Think of an argument as an umbrella statement, or core claim. It should be no longer than one or two sentences.

Write down the thesis’ core claim in 1-2 sentences

Support your argument with sufficient evidence.

The core claim of your thesis should be accompanied by sufficient evidence. This does not mean that you have to write 10 pages about your results at this point.

Consider possible objections

Think about reasons or opposing positions that people can come up with to disagree with your claim. Then, try to address them head-on.

Providing a captivating preview of findings

Similar to presenting a compelling argument, a fantastic thesis introduction also previews some of the findings. When reading an introduction, the reader wants to learn a bit more about the research context. Furthermore, a reader should get a taste of the type of analysis that will be conducted. And lastly, a hint at the practical implications of the findings encourages the reader to read until the end.

Address the empirical research context

Give a taste of the thesis’ empirical analysis, hint at the practical implications of the research, presenting a crystal clear thesis structure, provide a reading guide, briefly summarise all chapters to come, design a figure illustrating the thesis structure.

Especially for longer theses, it tends to be a good idea to design a simple figure that illustrates the structure of your thesis. It helps the reader to better grasp the logic of your thesis.

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The most useful academic social networking sites for phd students, 10 reasons not to do a master's degree, related articles, phd thesis types: monograph and collection of articles, better thesis writing with the pomodoro® technique, how to prepare your viva opening speech, first meeting with your dissertation supervisor: what to expect.

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Synopsis of my M.phil thesis

Padma Lalitha

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Opinions of Teachers about Renewed 3rd and 4th Grade Science Curriculum in Tu...

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mphil thesis sample

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Under guidance of Prof. Sri. M. Shiva Ratnam Reddy. S.V. University


mphil thesis sample

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mphil thesis sample

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mphil thesis sample

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mphil thesis sample

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Research Writing & Editing Services

phd writer pakistan

How to write M.Phil degree thesis

Thesis may be defined as a long piece of writing on a particular subject, it’s mainly written for higher college or university degree.In Pakistan and India, thesis writing is mostly the final year bachelor or Master degree program with 6 credit hours assigned in two semesters. Three credit hours are assigned for Synopsis or proposal writing phase and remaining 3 credit hours for final write up and defense of the thesis. This usually cover the overall degree program with focus on main subject.  Candidates write their thesis on it’s own with supervisor assistance in order to pass their degree program with final review and defense in front of the internal and external reviewers.

Students of M.Phil degree are required to submit their thesis before the end of academic period or any prescribed deadline by university.

Before Writing a thesis?

You must consider following factors before writing a thesis.

First of all you need to find a topic for doing research and writing on it. You may find the topic from any recent news headline or journal. If you feel that you have any topic of your interest for which you have something new to explore then you can work on that topic.You can google your topic and further narrow down to your specific interest and limitations. Your supervisor can help you as well in your topic selection but if he is not supportive then open access journals may be your best option where you can read the paper abstract and decide one specific topic.

You need to do a lot of research before giving any final views about that topic. You can take the help from literature or you can search over web for more details. There are a lots of free web platform who is especially dedicated for this purpose only. And as you read something catchy or new so just note down that in your notebook.

How to find a research gap for your Research Paper?

This is the final stage of your draft where you actually start writing your draft as learned or observed. This is the most important step of the thesis writing that you present to your university for a review.

10 Steps of writing a thesis

Do You want us to Help you in Your thesis? Contact us and get it done as per your instructions and University rubric.

Why would the thesis for an MPhil Degree need to be proofread?

Proofreading can give you chance to revise your thesis and make a coherent content to impress your supervisors.

Want a topic to work on ,m.phi.sci/bio education

We regret to inform you that we do not provide free topics as we are a professional writing service that offers paid services. However, we would be happy to assist you in finding suitable writing services that cater to your needs. Please feel free to chat with us at for further assistance.

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Quaid-i-Azam University

Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, 45320, Pakistan. Tel : +92-51 9064 0000, Email: [email protected]

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Written by Mark Bennett

Looking to carry out your own independent research as a postgraduate? If your project isn’t extensive enough for a PhD (or if you wish to study a shorter course) you might want to consider a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) .

The MPhil is a fairly unique qualification that looks much more like a PhD than another Masters degree. That’s why we’ve put together this overview of the Master of Philosophy, including information on the structure, content and assessment of an MPhil – and the difference between an MPhil and a PhD, as well as an MPhil and an MSc or MA.

Or, to read about other types of Masters degree, start with our main postgraduate qualifications guide .

What does an MPhil stand for?

MPhil stands for ‘Master of Philosophy’. It is a postgraduate research Masters. Instead of completing taught units and assessments, an MPhil consists entirely of your own independent project .

An MPhil can be part of a (or a step towards PhD registration) but you can also study it as a standalone qualification .

Unlike most other Masters qualifications, the MPhil is a pure research degree. Whereas an MRes will include some taught units, an MPhil is based entirely on the completion of an independent thesis.

You’ll undertake this work under the guidance of an academic supervisor, but won’t normally have any other timetabled classes or assessments.

What are the entry requirements for an MPhil?

As an advanced research qualification, an MPhil will usually have extra admissions requirements.

Some of these will be academic. You’ll need an appropriate Bachelors degree, as normal. But you may also need to hold another Masters degree (such as an MA or MSc ).

This will depend on your subject, your university and the specific project you wish to tackle. If your MPhil is intended to lead to a PhD , your university may expect you to have existing experience at taught postgraduate level. If your project is smaller and self-contained, this may not be necessary.

Most MPhil programmes will also require you to put forward a research proposal . This will define your intended project and / or state how you intend to tackle it.

Is an MPhil actually a ‘Masters’ degree?

Though its full title identifies it as a Masters degree, the MPhil actually sits somewhere between other Masters qualifications and more advanced postgraduate research training.

In most higher education systems, the MPhil is considered to be a ‘Masters-level’ qualification.

Both systems place the MPhil ‘beneath’ the PhD, which is a level 8, or ‘third cycle’ qualification.

In practice, however, the MPhil is much more like a PhD than other Masters degrees.

This isn’t just due to its research focus. Like a PhD, an MPhil is often studied after a taught Masters degree.

In some cases the MPhil can also lead into a PhD. Which brings us to…

MPhil vs PhD

It’s helpful (and quite accurate) to think of an MPhil (‘Master of Philosophy’) as a smaller scale PhD (Doctor of Philosophy). Some PhD degrees are actually titled ‘DPhil’, which makes the relationship between these two qualification levels clearer (in Latin at least!).

The two qualifications are also related in other ways. It’s quite common to ‘ transfer ’ between MPhil and PhD registration, depending on the progress of your research.

There are various ways in which this can happen, depending on your circumstances:

MPhil or MRes?

While the MPhil and the MRes both have a focus on independent research, an MRes is primarily a research training qualification, whereas an MPhil is a single research project. An MRes will still have some taught components, while an MPhil is a pure research degree. If you're not sure which is right for you, there's more detailed information about the MRes in our full guide .

MPhil vs MSc / MA

The main difference between an MPhil and an MSc / MA is the way in which they’re delivered. An MSc or MA is primarily a taught Masters degree, with lecturer-led lessons, seminars and laboratory work. An MPhil, on the other hand, doesn’t involve any teaching – the entire qualification is made up of an independent research project.

Both MSc / MA and MPhil programmes are excellent preparation for a PhD. However, an MPhil is much closer to a PhD than a typical MSc or MA degree. Indeed, most PhDs involve an MPhil upgrade one year in.

MPhil or MSc / MA – which is better?

In terms of academic progression, an MPhil is above an MSc or MA. It’s the highest level of Masters qualification that you can achieve, involving an even more substantial research project than would be required by a taught Masters degree.

However, this doesn’t mean that an MPhil is necessarily the best qualification for everyone. If you don’t plan on doing a PhD or embarking on a career in research, the MPhil might not be the best choice for you. Even if you’re thinking about a PhD, you may not yet have a research topic in mind that would meet the requirements for an MPhil thesis.

MPhil or PhD?

Not sure if an MPhil or PhD is right for you? Want to know more about the differences between the two qualifications? You can read more about the MPhil and its relationship to the PhD over at

Which countries award MPhil degrees?

The MPhil is a well-recognised qualification. But its availability and format varies across different higher education systems.

MPhil degrees in the UK

MPhil degrees are most common in countries like the UK , where doctoral study is purely research-based. In such systems, the MPhil is available as a pathway within a PhD programme or as a shorter standalone qualification.

Countries like Australia and New Zealand also offer the MPhil in this way.

MPhil degrees at older universities

Some of the UK’s oldest universities award the MPhil in place of a more conventional Master of Arts degree, with taught and / or research components. This usually occurs when a university automatically confers an MA to its graduates (as happens at Oxford and Cambridge) or when it awards the MA as a four-year integrated Masters (as still happens at some Scottish universities).

MPhil degrees in the USA

The MPhil is less common in countries like the USA . This is because the first part of an American-style PhD programme is focussed on taught units rather than research.

Instead of upgrading from (or being awarded) an MPhil, most US PhD students transfer to the final ABD (‘all but dissertation’) stage of their programmes.

MPhil degrees in Europe

European universities do not commonly award MPhils.

The MPhil is recognised within the Bologna Process (which organises qualification cycles across Europe and the UK). However, the divide between Masters level (‘second cycle’) and PhD level (‘third cycle’) courses is much more distinct in European higher education systems.

Degrees that sit between Masters level and full research qualifications (such as the MPhil and MRes) are less common.

International recognition of the MPhil

Most higher education systems should recognise an MPhil, even if the degree isn’t commonly awarded by their own universities. Within the European Higher Education Area , for example, the MPhil is recognised as a ‘second cycle’, Masters level degree.

Which subjects award MPhil degrees?

The MPhil can be awarded in all subject areas . This is a common feature of postgraduate research programmes, which don’t normally reflect academic disciplines in their degree titles.

Variant forms of the MPhil are sometimes offered in Arts and Humanities subjects. This happens when a university offers a more specialised research programme in the form of an MPhil. It also occurs when the MPhil title is used to distinguish a postgraduate Masters from automatically conferred or integrated MA courses.

In the vast majority of cases, however, the MPhil is a ‘generic’ degree, available in any academic discipline that can support a sufficiently in-depth research project.

Don’t be confused by the name

Despite appearances, the MPhil isn’t a Philosophy degree. Here the term ‘philosophy’ refers much more generally to intellectual inquiry. You can study a ‘Master of Philosophy’ in any subject .

Who should study an MPhil?

The MPhil is often overshadowed by the PhD, or incorrectly viewed as the outcome of a failed PhD (or failed PhD upgrade). In fact there are plenty of good reasons for studying a standalone MPhil.

You might have identified a smaller research topic that interests you, but which doesn’t have the scope for a full PhD. If so, an MPhil project could be ideal: allowing you to undertake your research without needing to alter or extend it.

Alternatively, you may choose the MPhil over the PhD for career-based reasons. An MPhil provides advanced research skills and experience which are valued by a range of employers.

A PhD also demonstrates these, of course. But the added benefit of a doctorate may not be as significant outside the academic profession.

An MPhil doesn’t always have to be upgraded

Worried that you’ll register for a PhD, but discover that doctoral research isn’t for you? You may be able to choose not to upgrade and write up your research for an MPhil instead. In this way you’ll still graduate with a respectable research qualification.

What’s it like to study an MPhil?

There are effectively two ways of studying an MPhil: You may register for the degree as part of a PhD pathway. Or you may register for a standalone MPhil qualification.

The nature of your registration will determine the length and assessment of your course, but its content will be the same.

Both ‘types’ of MPhil registration are pure research degrees. This distinguishes the MPhil from other research Masters (such as the MRes) which still include some taught units.

Like a PhD student, you’ll be assigned an expert supervisor. They’ll be responsible for guiding your project and providing mentoring for your development as a researcher.

You’ll have regular meetings with your supervisor at which you can discuss your ideas and receive feedback on work in progress. But most of your time will be spent working on your own initiative and taking responsibility for setting and meeting targets.

How long is an MPhil?

A standalone MPhil is normally two years long when studied as a full-time degree. Alternatively, you can study for four to five years part-time.

MPhil registration within a PhD programme normally lasts for one year . You will then transfer to full PhD registration after passing an upgrade exam .

What’s the difference between studying an MPhil and a PhD?

Studying an MPhil is a lot like studying a PhD. In fact, for many students, studying an MPhil is the first part of studying a PhD.

Both degrees are awarded based entirely on the strength of a candidate’s independent research. Instead of attending classes and completing assessments you’ll work on a single extended project.

MPhil and PhD projects are therefore distinguished by scope, not content. The key principle for this is the extent of a project’s original contribution to knowledge :

One criteria that is often used to clarify this is the potential for publication of a thesis.

These differences are why MPhil projects are shorter (both in length of study and word-count) and don’t face the same strict examination standards as a PhD.

How is an MPhil assessed?

As a research degree, your MPhil won’t normally include any taught units or coursework assignments. Instead you will be assessed entirely on the strength of your thesis.

This will involve an oral examination, similar to the formal viva voce that concludes a PhD. You’ll discuss and defend your work in front of a panel of examiners.

A slightly different process applies to MPhil upgrades.

What happens at an MPhil viva?

An MPhil viva will not normally be as long or intensive as a PhD viva.

It will primarily assess the accuracy of your findings and understanding, rather than the significance of your original contribution to knowledge. During your MPhil viva, you’ll probably be asked to summarise your thesis in a few minutes. You’ll also be asked questions on your methodology, theoretical framework and literature review.

What happens at an MPhil upgrade?

If you’re registered for an MPhil as the first part of a PhD programme, you will eventually sit an ‘ upgrade exam ’ in order to transfer your enrolment to that of a PhD student.

This will be similar to the viva that concludes an MPhil or PhD, but on a smaller and more informal scale.

You’ll normally submit a partial draft of your thesis (such as a first chapter, or literature review) or prepare some initial results. These will form the basis for a discussion with your supervisor and at least one other ‘examiner’ from within your university.

The ‘exam’ itself will focus as much on your future plans as on your work so far. You’ll need to demonstrate that your project has the potential required of PhD work and that you are making sufficient progress to complete it in a suitable timeframe.

If successful, your registration will be upgraded and you will eventually submit for the PhD degree, rather than the MPhil.

How many credits is an MPhil worth?

Like PhDs, most MPhil degrees don't have a credit value . This is because they aren’t made up of individually assessed modules or units.

It’s possible that your MPhil may include some initial training in research methods and that these will be given a nominal credit value. However, this won’t contribute to an overall credit value for your degree.

Despite not having a credit value, the MPhil is internationally recognised as a Masters-level degree.

Search for an MPhil now

The simplest way to find a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in your subject is to search our course database. Why not start looking now ?

mphil thesis sample

Graduate Entry Medicine (GEM) is an alternative route into the medical profession for university graduates. This guide will cover everything you need to know, including entry requirements, applications and funding.

mphil thesis sample

The MA and the MSc are two of the most widely-offered postgraduate qualifications in the world, but how to they compare?

mphil thesis sample

The Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) is part of a new route to become a solicitor. This page will explain what you need to know about the SQE, with information on assessments, costs, qualifying work experience and preparation courses.

mphil thesis sample

Some professional Masters degrees are designed to prepare students to work in specific jobs, such as Social Work, Engineering and Architecture qualifications.

mphil thesis sample

Solicitors Qualification Exam (SQE), Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) or Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) allow you to train as a solicitor or legal professional.

mphil thesis sample

Masters conversion courses let you gain a postgrad qualification in a different subject to your undergraduate studies. Options include Psychology and Law programmes.

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mphil thesis sample

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mphil thesis sample

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology PhD/MPhil thesis latex template based on the latest official sample ( )


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This template can also be used in MPhil thesis after changing all "PhD" to "MPhil".

This is a HKUST PhD/MPhil thesis latex template based on the latest official sample ( )

I know there are other latex templates for PhD/MPhil students of HKUST. But they are old and difficult to modify. I create this one based on the latest official sample which is different from the older one. This one is designed to be as easy/straightforward as I can. Almost every page can be modified directly. Suitable for beginners.

Please report issues if there is any questions or requirements.

mphil thesis sample

What Is an MPhil?

‘MPhil’ stands for ‘ Master of Philosophy ’ and is an advance postgraduate research degree.

Although the degree is technically classed as a Masters, in reality, it sits close to a Doctorate. This is because an MPhil goes beyond the traditional taught Master’s degree by placing emphasis on independent research and a more-targeted topic.

There are usually two reasons you would undertake an MPhil. First, you may wish to learn new research skills to open up new career opportunities. Second, you may want to do a PhD and so first enrol onto an MPhil, either as a compulsory requirement or under your own free choice, to first gain some research experience and doctoral training.

As these two decisions have different end-goals, an MPhil can either be carried out in one of two ways. It can either be undertaken as a stand-alone research degree or one integrated with a PhD .

What Does an MPhil Involve?

What you do as an MPhil student will be similar to that of a PhD student, but to a limited extent and in a shorter time period.

For example, you’ll be required to undertake an investigation around a subject area you have a research interest in. As part of this, you will have to evaluate concepts, understand suitable research methods, use published research and demonstrate an understanding of theoretical and analytical studies.

As part of your degree, you will also be expected to produce a thesis. The length of the thesis differs between universities but is typically around 50,000 words. Although your thesis isn’t expected to provide original research, it will need to provide an original insight or evaluation. It must show you understand the core activities of research work such as the ability to appraise literature, evaluate methods and identify potential limitations.

Besides a thesis, you’ll also be required to defend your work in an oral examination. Like a PhD, this examination is known as a viva voce and is conducted with an interview panel.

As MPhils are research degrees, there are no taught components such as classes, coursework or assessments. The exception to this is for MPhils offered by the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

MPhils at Oxford and Cambridge

The key difference with the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge is that their MPhils can be a research degree, a taught degree or a mixture of the two.

The MPhils offered at the University of Oxford comprise two parts, each lasting a year. The first part is a taught component while the second is researched-based. Besides this, you will need to sit several assessments for the taught component.

The University of Cambridge offers two types of MPhils . The first is an ‘MPhil by Advanced Study’, and the second is an ‘MPhil by Thesis’. The MPhil by Advanced Study comprises taught components similar to that of the University of Oxford. The MPhil by Thesis is a research-only degree and is therefore similar to the traditional MPhils offered by other universities.

Transferring from an MPhil to a PhD

In the UK, if you’re accepted into a PhD programme, it’s common for you to first be registered for an MPhil. At the end of your first year, your academic supervisor will evaluate whether you have made adequate progress and shown the traits of a competent researcher. This is assessed through a write-up of your study and an oral examination. In some cases, you’ll also be required to produce a detailed action plan detailing how you intend to tackle the rest of your project.

Should you succeed, your registration will be upgraded to a PhD.

The reason a research student is first registered for an MPhil is for screening their suitability and introducing them to the type of work they will undertake in their PhD. This is because an MPhil provides a foundation for developing an individual’s research skills and providing them with specialist knowledge in their research topic.

Transferring from a PhD to an MPhil

Similar to how an MPhil can be upgraded to a PhD, the reverse is also true – a PhD can be ‘downgraded’ to an MPhil.

This usually occurs under one of the following circumstances:

In all of the above cases, you would still need to prove that the work you have carried out to date meets the requirements of an MPhil. Should you not have much work to show, or should it be of unsatisfactory quality, you will not be considered for an MPhil either.

How Long Does an MPhil Take?

An MPhil can be undertaken either full-time or part-time.

If studying full time, a stand-alone MPhil degree will usually take two years. This extends to four years if studying part-time.

If you’re undertaking an MPhil as an initial registration for a PhD, these durations typically halve. However, remember that if you pass your initial registration period, your course will be upgraded to a PhD rather than you being awarded an MPhil.

How Much Does an MPhil Cost?

Your course fees will depend on your subject field, your mode of study, i.e. part-time or full-time and where you’re from.

For home and EU students, the average tuition fee for an MPhil is approximately:

For international students, the average tuition fee for an MPhil can vary between:

What Funding Opportunities Exist for an MPhil?

A government loan can be used to fund your studies. If you are undertaking a stand-alone MPhil, you will need to apply to a Postgraduate Master’s Loan . On the other hand, if you are applying to a PhD degree but first have to register as an MPhil student, you will need to apply for a Doctoral Loan . Both loans will cover your tuition fees, living costs and travelling expenses.

Additionally, you can also apply to scholarships offered by your department or university. Competition for these are fierce as, unlike government loans, they do not need to be repaid. Therefore, this is a popular source of funding.

Finding a PhD has never been this easy – search for a PhD by keyword, location or academic area of interest.

What Are the Typical Entry Requirements for an MPhil?

The typical requirement for an MPhil is a Bachelor’s degree with first-class honours (1st) or upper second class honours (2:1).

Although most universities won’t require a Masters for a stand-alone MPhil, they may if your MPhil registration is for a PhD programme.

Besides suitable qualifications, most MPhils also require a research proposal with your application. This is to show your potential supervisor that you understand the field and have thought about the aims and expected outcomes of your research project.

English Language Requirement

If you are an international student and from a country whose primary language isn’t English, you’re likely to need to sit an English language proficiency test.

You will need to check the requirements for each project you are interested in as the requirements will differ for each university. However, as a guide, the typical requirement for MPhils is a minimum overall IELTS score of 6.5 with at least 6.0 in each category.

Remember that although IELTS is the most common English language test, it is only one of several which are accepted by UK universities.

Life After an MPhil

Having successfully completed a Master of Philosophy, you will no doubt have developed specialised and highly marketable skills . Some of these skills include problem-solving, critical thinking and the ability to form, evaluate and defend ideas.

This will make you favourable amongst employers in analytical and research-based fields. It will also give you a competitive edge over those who don’t have an advanced postgraduate qualification.

Although with suitable experience it’s possible to pursue a career in higher education or advance research, most employers will prioritise applicants who have a PhD and relevant experience. Therefore, if you aspire to a career in academia or complex research, consider whether a PhD would be more beneficial for you.

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Chris Fraser 方克濤

Lee Chair in Chinese Thought and Culture, University of Toronto

Writing the M.Phil. Thesis

(August 2009)

The following are a series of observations and bits of advice I compiled for a brief talk in a seminar on research methods for M.Phil. students in 2008. I thought it would be more helpful to post them here. These points were originally intended primarily for masters-level students in Hong Kong who are working in philosophy. Some of them will not be relevant to doctoral students, to students from other places, or to those in other fields.

Postgraduate Study

Postgraduate study is different from undergraduate study. It is not “school” anymore. It is your job. Unlike all your previous years of education, from primary school to university, you are now a professional student. So you should devote the same amount of time and effort to studying and research that you would devote to a new career in any other field.

Accordingly, you should do everything you can to improve your philosophical knowledge and ability. Even if you plan to finish your studies after the MPhil and not continue on with the PhD, you will benefit greatly as a person if you work very hard. Make a habit of seeking out professors and other students for regular discussion. Put your full effort into each course paper and presentation. The skills you develop in critical thinking, data gathering and analysis, writing, and oral presentation will be useful in almost anything you do later.

Undertaking Research

Many students go through university without learning to skim a paper or book to find the main ideas and arguments. Learn to skim. Then you can judge whether you need to reread more carefully, because the material is directly relevant to what you are working on, or whether you can set the material aside for later or just consider it background reading.

On the other hand, you should reread sources most relevant to your research several times to be sure you fully understand all the details of the arguments.

Be attentive to different writers’ basic assumptions, how they frame the issues they discuss, what they emphasize and what they overlook, and other “implicit” aspects of their work. You may discover problems not just in their reasoning, but in how they formulate the issues and problems they discuss.

When working with original sources, as you will be in doing Chinese philosophy, do not assume that someone else’s interpretation of the source material is reliable. Read the original sources carefully, formulate your own interpretation, and identify and critically examine the reasons for your interpretation. Then see if you agree with others.

In working on Chinese philosophy, be cautious about hypotheses concerning similarities and differences between the Chinese discourse and, for example, Greek philosophy or contemporary Western philosophy. There are many fundamental differences between Chinese philosophy and Western philosophy; there are also many subtle similarities. A correct account of the similarities and differences will be nuanced and piecemeal.

Preparing for the Thesis

You need to strike a balance in your background reading. You don’t want to read too much, or you’ll spend all your time reading and never get around to writing your own paper. On the other hand, you don’t want to read too little, or you may overlook important research relevant to your project. The amount of background reading appropriate for MPhil students is different from that expected of PhD students, who should try to read just about everything in their immediate field. Consult your supervisor early to draw up a reading list together, and be sure to ask other professors and students if they know of interesting new books or articles related to your research area.

One especially helpful approach is to find recent anthologies of articles focused on specific fields or issues, in which different scholars present a range of contrasting views. Such sources often will introduce most or all of the current views in some subfield, allowing you to quickly identify what views you need to take account of and whether you tend to agree or disagree with them. The footnotes in such anthologies will often lead you to most of the key recent works in a subfield.

To get started with your reading, try one or two general introductions, one or two anthologies of wide scope, an anthology or two of narrower scope, and selected important papers that the writers of the anthologies cite or your supervisor recommends.

Philosophy is such a vast field that you cannot and do not need to read everything about your topic. You must be selective, concentrating on works of high quality and high relevance to your research. (Again, expectations on this point are different for MPhil and PhD students. PhD students should read much more.)

If you are as yet unsure of your topic, start by doing some reading in a general field that interests you. Then pick out a topic in that field that catches your interest. Next, pick out a specific question or problem. Then try formulate a view of your own about it.

Do not fall victim to “scholasticism,” an epidemic among academics in some fields. A postgrad student with a bad case of scholasticism is one who thinks that 95% of her work should be devoted to explaining what other people have said about some issue. The point of philosophical research is to make an original contribution to your field, not just to repeat what others have said.

Choosing a Thesis Topic

Don’t be too ambitious. A thesis with a fairly narrow scope will make your work easier. On the other hand, don’t set your goals too low, either. An MPhil thesis should cover more material and defend broader, deeper claims than a term paper does. The appropriate scope of your thesis and its central claims is among the important issues that you should discuss with your supervisor.

Select a topic relevant to interesting work in your subfield over the past ten years or so. This may be a topic others have treated or a novel topic that you can show is relevant.

If you are working in a department of philosophy, choose a topic that will be philosophically interesting according to standards recognized by mainstream philosophers. A basic requirement for a philosophy thesis is that it explain how the topic and the writer’s claims about it are philosophically significant, in a way that most philosophers can understand even if they themselves don’t work on that topic. This point is particularly important if you are working on Chinese philosophy, where there is an unfortunate tendency to work exclusively on interpretive, historical, or philological issues instead of philosophical ones.

Two common approaches to a thesis topic are a “figure-oriented” approach, in which the thesis is devoted mainly to studying the thought of some important thinker, and an “issue-oriented” approach, in which the thesis is devoted to examining one or more philosophical issues and defending a claim about them. (Often the two approaches will overlap.) Both approaches are acceptable, but I strongly recommend the issue-oriented approach. That is, instead of writing a thesis about Philosopher X’s view of Y, write a thesis about what you think might be the correct view of Y, with chapters about the views of Philosopher X and others.

Writing the Thesis

The two most important bits of advice for writing a good thesis are: start early and revise your writing repeatedly.

Set up a work schedule and try to stick to it. Inevitably, you will fall behind after a while. When you do, revise your schedule and continue with the new schedule.

Use your schedule and your outline (see next item) to divide your project into small, manageable parts. Writing a thesis can be intimidating. By breaking it down into parts, you increase your sense of control over the project. You will obtain a feeling of step-by-step achievement and progress as you complete each of the parts.

Plan your thesis in detail using an outline. Clearly state all arguments, all premises in the arguments, and all subarguments for the premises. (Some students are unclear what exactly an outline is. Here is an example of an outline for a short philosophy essay. An outline presents the content of the paper according to a hierarchical structure. It is not just a list of points.)

Don’t assume that you know what you’re going to say in your thesis until you have actually written an outline or even a first draft. Many philosophers modify aspects of their position during the process of writing a paper, thesis, or book. It is often difficult to evaluate your own view until you have it all written out in some detail, and the writing process often helps you discover problems in your view. So give yourself plenty of time to write, evaluate what you’ve written, and revise.

Writing a paper or thesis typically takes three or four times as much time as you think it will. If you think you can write your thesis in two months, then to be safe you should plan to take six months or more.

The first several drafts of almost anything you write will be typically be 25% longer than needed to support the points you need to make. During the revision process, try to cut 25% of the words in your original draft. Concise writing makes your work easier to read. As a result, others will read your work more carefully and give you more insightful comments.

An important exception to the above rule: Sometimes your supervisor or other readers will point out that you’ve neglected to explain a point or support some claim adequately. In such cases, you will need to expand, rather than reduce, the length of your original draft.

Write "preventively." By that, I mean write in such a way that your points will be clear to and cannot be misunderstood even by readers who have no time to think about what you say, are too ignorant to see the implications of your arguments, and so unsympathetic that they will interpret what you say in the least plausible way.

Learn the proper use of punctuation in English, the standard way to format a paper, and the proper format for citing sources.

For further advice on philosophical writing, see this page .

Evaluating Theses

When I evaluate an MPhil thesis, I look for the following points. Make sure your work satisfies these requirements.

You must identify and formulate a philosophically significant issue. The first few pages of the thesis should clearly state what specific issue or subject the thesis is about and explain why it is important. In other words, tell readers what are you going to talk about and why we should care about it.

The main claim or thesis of the work should be stated clearly in the Introduction, preferably within the first three pages or so. The thesis is the main point of the whole work—the central claim that you will argue for. 

The thesis must demonstrate a grasp of relevant primary and secondary literature.

You must explain what original contribution your work makes to philosophical discourse. For an MPhil thesis, the contribution can be minor, but the work must offer something original. A brief version of this explanation should appear in your Introduction, with a more detailed version in the body of the thesis and a review in the Conclusion.

Give good arguments to support your main claims and show why they are more persuasive than alternative views.

Identify weaknesses in your own claims and arguments and explain why these are not so serious that the claims and arguments are unsupportable.

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Writing a Honors Level MPhil Thesis

Mphil thesis shall be of publishable quality.

MPhil Thesis is a requirement for obtaining a Master of Philosophy Degree in any field of study. M. Phil. Degree is a postgraduate research degree lower than Ph.D. It can take two years of fulltime research work, though a few universities offer one year M.Phil. Degrees. M. Phil. Thesis is written to present the findings of the research done for the M.Phil. Degree. Therefore, this thesis has to be of publishable quality. The students have to show their specialist knowledge in the subject area in addition to their research skills and the mastery of research techniques.

Thesis Requirements for MPhil Degree

When writing the thesis the students have to select and follow an accepted style of writing, which is in line with the requirements laid by the particular department of study. The students have to consult their supervisors and closely follow the thesis guideline to identify the writing style applicable. At this level of studies, it is expected that the students understand, follow and demonstrate the academic and the research ethics and the accepted norms in empirical research process. Although there can be variations across different universities, most of the time, it is necessary for the students to defend their MPhil thesis. This is done with a presentation to the thesis committee and facing question and answer session. An oral examination could also follow.

Thesis Plan and the Thesis Proposal

Students planning to write an MPhil Thesis must understand that it is not much different to writing a Doctoral Thesis. Therefore the students have to meticulously plan the research process and writing of the thesis. The lengthy process of research and writing has to be broken down to smaller tasks and each part can be handled separately. The time can be saved and the thesis can be completed in time or earlier by carrying out tasks parallelly and multiple tasks being grouped together when possible.

Many universities require the students to prepare a detailed thesis proposal and get that approved by the thesis committee. Devoting time and effort for the thesis proposal and the thesis plan saves time and improves the standard of the thesis. The time spent in planning and the proposal will not be a waste because, such preliminary research will be useful for the final thesis writing as well.

Research methods

Finding solutions to the research problem or the evidences to prove the thesis are the aims of research. The research for the MPhil thesis may involve one or more of the following depending on the discipline and the type of research problem or the thesis.

• Reading different sources to collect data, information and knowledge

• Interviewing people

• Administering Questionnaire surveys

• Laboratory experiments

• Field observations

Accuracy of the data should be as accurate as possible and the students have to reveal the limits of accuracies honestly.

Can Students get Thesis Help?

Students can get thesis help and this helps to ensure the quality of the thesis as a whole. When considering that the MPhil thesis needs to be of publishable quality, students can get help to proofread, edit, format and check grammar of the written thesis. They can also get help from a good professional thesis writing company like to write sections such as the data analysis, since many students do not know how to use statistical analysis software or interpret the results. can help students in all aspects of thesis writing and also provide thesis sample or custom written thesis as well.

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mphil thesis sample


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    MPHIL THESIS PRINT COPY Shanta Shrestha and practices" and highlight the importance of its exploration and the purpose of the study. I also present the research questions for which I need to seek answers in contributing to make gender equality a reality in education. I state the rationale and structure of my study.

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