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Our PhD programmes

ULB is a comprehensive university. As such, it covers all areas of research. No fewer than 22 scientific disciplines are studied at ULB. You may complete your PhD in any of the University’s three main areas of research: human and social sciences, science and technology, and life and health sciences.

Starting a PhD programme

Ulb research centers, picking a thesis topic.

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Interested in doing doctoral research at Ghent University?

All applications need the explicit commitment of a Ghent University professor who will act as your PhD supervisor.

There are two possibilities to start a PhD:

Topic, supervision, funding

Admission, fees

Specific options

Start the application

Life @ Ghent University

Includes housing facilities, restaurants, s port facilities, bicycle rent and repair

Already a Ghent University PhD candidate?

Read more about guidance and support, further administration, doctoral training programmes, ...

Lecture 'Role of brain-resident T cells as novel therapeutic tool for neuroinflammation'

UGent-VIB-onderzoeksgebouw, Technologiepark 71, 9052 Zwijnaarde

Workshop 'DO! Innovation Bootcamp '

Various locations

Academic session 'Optimizing of waste water treatment processes with a focus on advanced oxidation processes'

Ghent University - Campus Kortrijk, Room A.0.104, Raadzaal., Sint-Martens- Latemlaan 2B , 8500 Kortrijk

Lecture 'Eszter Szép: Comics and Graphic Design'

Campus Boekentoren, Blandijnberg 2, 9000 Gent

PhD Study in Belgium - A Guide for 2023

Written by Chris Banyard

A PhD in Belgium gives you the chance to study in the political heart of modern Europe. You’ll have easy access to neighbouring countries and benefit from a liberal and welcoming host nation as you get the quintessential European postgraduate experience during a Belgian doctorate .

This guide explains everything you’ll need to know PhD study in Belgium. It includes information about the two Belgian university systems (don’t worry, we’ve made it simple), their PhD structure, fees and funding, PhD applications and visa requirements.

PhD opportunities in Belgium – what’s on offer for 2023?

Few countries are more cosmopolitan than Belgium. As the administrative centre of Europe, you can expect to experience the best of Western Europe during a Belgian PhD.

Belgium is also famous for its art and literature – from the Flemish Masters to Tintin and The Smurfs – as well as its medieval towns and cities, with their plentiful cafés, restaurants, bars and museums.

Here are some of the best reasons to consider a PhD in Belgium in 2023:

Plus, the traditional Belgian chocolate, waffles, chips and beer make great study snacks (actually, probably best to leave the beer for later).

*More detail can be found in the section on fees and funding, below .

Coronavirus updates for international students at Belgian universities

For the latest information on the impact of coronavirus on studying a PhD in Belgium, please check the study in Flanders and Wallonia websites. Here you can find updates regarding distance learning measures and travel restrictions.

PhD life in Belgium

Want to know more about what it's like to live and study abroad in Belgium during a PhD? Our detailed guide covers everything from accommodation and living costs to culture and entertainment.

Belgian universities

There are two distinct regions in Belgium: Flanders, in the north, is home to the Dutch-speaking Flemish people; Wallonia, in the south, is home to the French-speaking Walloon people. The Brussels-capital region is geographically part of Flanders, but is administratively separate.

Flanders and Wallonia administer their own university systems and there are some slight differences between the two. We’ve covered them where relevant in this guide.

University types

Universities Flanders and Wallonia are structured in several different ways and can be public or private.

In general, most Belgian PhDs will be undertaken at standard research universities, but you may find interesting research options at more specialised institutions.

Belgian university cities

There are several cities in Belgium with one or more universities and large numbers of students:

Belgian university rankings

Despite only having a small number of universities, Belgian higher education institutions are consistently recognised for their world-leading teaching and research.

Do rankings matter for PhD study?

University rankings can help you choose a PhD project or programme, provided you know what to look at. Our guide explains how to use rankings as a prospective postgraduate.

PhD structure

The content and organisation of Belgian PhD programmes can vary slightly depending on whether you are studying at a Flanders or Wallonia institution.

However, all research institutions in Belgium follow the guidelines set by the Bologna process , and therefore all Belgian PhDs are third-cycle degrees adhering to the same standards and receiving the same international recognition.

At Belgian universities, PhD programmes usually last around 4 years . However, there is a slight distinction between Flemish and Walloon doctoral programmes; in Flanders the maximum length of a PhD is usually 4 years, in Wallonia students often register for 4-6 years.


The supervision of Belgian PhD students is usually the same regardless of which region you are based in.

You will have at least one supervisor, or thesis director , responsible for overseeing your research, guiding your professional development, and approving your final thesis. You may also have additional supervisory figures to guide your doctoral development.

Belgian PhD programmes and students are often organised by doctoral colleges or schools belonging to the university. These determine the content of your PhD, including any doctoral teaching and training, and help support you during and after your studies.

Employed assistant status

As a PhD student in Belgium, you will often be recognised as a research or teaching assistent rather than a standard student. This is equivalent to being an employee of the university. As such you may receive a salary and employment rights but will also have certain teaching and administrative responsibilities.

Assessment and examination

As with most PhD programmes, in Belgium you will be assessed based on your written thesis . Additionally, you will be examined in a public défense . This will be conducted by experts in your research field and may include your supervisor and academics external to your research institution.

Fees and funding

PhD degrees in Belgium are generally affordable with low tuition fees. However, this can increase substantially for some international students and for some areas of research. Thankfully, there are many sources of funding for your PhD in Belgium.

Belgian PhD fees

Most Belgian universities do not charge typical annual PhD tuition fees.

Flemish universities charge two tuition fee payments of around €490 for the first year (the enrolment fee) and the final year (the défense fee).

Walloon universities usually charge an initial registration fee ( minerval ) of €835 , followed by annual registration fees of around €30 for subsequent years.

In both cases, fees increase for non-EU / EEA students . These international fees can be as much as double those for EU / EEA citizens, but the exact amount varies between individual Belgian universities and their PhD programmes.

Belgian PhD funding

There are several sources of funding available for your Belgian PhD. Some examples include:

There may also be funding opportunities available from your home country (e.g. Fulbright Scholarships for US students).

Funding from Belgian universities

Most universities in Belgium offer their own doctoral scholarships, grants and fee reductions / waivers for their PhD students. More information about these are available from your prospective university.

Applying for a PhD in Belgium

Applications for PhD programmes in Belgium are typically similar to the process in the UK. Each individual university sets their own admission requirements and may have their own application process. You can find more information by browsing PhDs in Belgium or visiting your prospective university’s website.

Application process

In Belgium, you will be expected to contact your potential thesis supervisor before starting the registration process. You must have formed a well-defined research project and discussed the feasibility and finances with your potential supervisor. This will then be set out in a research proposal , which is assessed by your supervisor, other members of the support committee, and the doctoral college.

As part of the application process, you may also be required to submit additional documents such as your personal statement , CV and references . You may also need to attend a PhD interview .

You should find your potential supervisor by browsing current PhD opportunities or searching individual university websites. Here, you will also find the doctoral application regulations specific to each institution.

Applying for a PhD

PhD applications in Belgium will require additional application documents and processes. These are similar to those in the UK. Our guides explain typical PhD application materials and requirements.

Admission requirements

In order to enrol on a Belgian PhD programme, you will need a relevant Masters degree. Most European Masters that follow the Bologna process are accepted. The equivalency of other degrees must be authenticated in order to be recognised.

Additionally, some institutions may require you to take a preliminary examination, but this depends on the individual institution and the research field.

More specific admission requirements can be found on your prospective university’s website.

PhD entry requirements

The general eligibility criteria for PhD applications in Belgium is similar to most other countries in the Europe. Our guide explains entry requirements for a prospective PhD student.

Language requirements

In general, English is well-spoken at many Belgian universities and many PhD programmes will use English as the language of instruction. If this is the case, non-native English speakers may need to submit a score from an English language test .

However, most doctoral programmes are taught in either French or Dutch, depending on your university’s location within Belgium:

Student visas

Visa information for uk students in belgium.

UK students will no longer be EU citizens from the 2021-22 academic year onwards. This means you may be considered as an international student when studying in Belgium. You may be subject to different visa requirements and fee rates, unless otherwise stated.

As an EU member state, the immigration procedures required to study in Belgium are fairly straightforward. The process will vary depending on your country of origin.

Applying for a study visa

EU, EEA, UK and Swiss students do not require a visa to enter and study in Belgium.

Other international students will require a long-stay Type-D visa. This should be applied for in person at a Belgian embassy or consulate in your home country before travelling to Belgium. Visa applications usually require the following:

This process should be started with sufficient time before moving to Belgium. Your university's international office and the Belgian embassy you apply to should be able to provide advice.

Residence registration

All PhD students must register at the local town hall (a gemeente in Flanders or a commune in Wallonia) within eight days of arriving in Belgium. You will usually require:

The local police will then visit your address to verify your residence and complete your registration. After this, you can obtain a foreigner’s identity card ( carte d’identité d’étranger ) from your local office des étrangers .

Health insurance

All PhD students in Belgium require a form of health insurance during their studies. This will allow you to access a mutuelle health insurance company to cover medical expenses.

EU, EEA and Swiss students will usually be covered by holding the European Healthcare Insurance Card (EHIC).

Other international students must have private medical insurance. This can be set up in your home country or secured through your university for a fee.

Work permits

If you are a non-EU / EEA / Swiss student and have the status of an employed research or teaching assistant during your PhD, you may also need to obtain a work permit. See our guide to living in Belgium during a PhD for more information.

The renowned quality of teaching and research and the multi-national environment of the Belgian university systems make both Flanders and Wallonia strong choices for your PhD studies. Needless to say, Belgium is also an excellent place to learn a foreign language.

As the centre of European government and administration, Belgium (and more specifically Brussels) hosts many international organisations and industries that could provide post-PhD employment opportunities.

Can I work in Belgium after my PhD?

EU, EEA and Swiss students do not require a permit to work in Belgium after your PhD. A valid passport or ID card and an updated residence registration is sufficient.

Other international students will need a valid work permit – this is granted by your regional Department of Economic Migration, and applications should be made in person or by telephone. Applications are free and required a completed application form, information sheet and a valid residence permit. the work permit is valid for a fixed amount of time and may need to be renewed later.

You may also be able to apply for a European Blue Card and receive full EU employment and residence rights for a specified period of time.

Your university will also provide employment services to assist with your job search and any employment procedures.

Find a PhD in Belgium

Ready to start browsing some current PhD opportunities in Belgium ? Alternatively, you can look at our other guides to PhD study abroad .

phd philosophy belgium

Interested in studying your PhD in Belgium? In this guide we've collected some of the global university rankings to help you decide the best university to study at in Belgium.

phd philosophy belgium

Europe is home to historic universities and excellent international PhD opportunities. Our guides explain fees, funding and applications with additional information on the Bologna Process, ECTS credits and visa requirements.

phd philosophy belgium

Read about the language requirements and recognised tests for PhD study at Dutch-speaking universities in the Netherlands and elsewhere..

An Erasmus+ PhD placement or traineeship could be perfect if you'd like to spend part of your doctorate abroad. Our guide explains how the system works - and what funding is available.

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PhD in Philosophy (PhD) Catholic University of Leuven Leuven

Program details, minimum cost of living, requirements.


About Catholic University of Leuven:

Founded in 1425, KU Leuven has been a centre of learning for nearly six centuries. Today, it is Belgium's highest-ranked university as well as one of the oldest and most renowned research universities in Europe. Although  Catholic  in heritage,  KU Leuven  operates independently from the Church.  KU Leuven  is open to students from different faiths or life-stances.

About Belgium:

Belgium is renowned for making the best wrist watches, the most delicious chocolate, and the some of the best beer in the world. It is a free for all celebration of culture and one of the best educational destinations Europe has to offer.

About the city:

Leuven is the capital and largest city of the  province  of  Flemish Brabant  in the  Flemish Region  of  Belgium . It  is conveniently located and well connected, making it easy for your friends and family to come and visit. A lot of students continue to live here after graduation because they fell in love with the city or a fellow student.

Doctoral Programme

Admission to the doctoral programme.

Admission requirements

When to apply?

In principle, applications to the doctoral program can be submitted all throughout the year. A candidate doesn’t need to take into account the dates of the meetings of the doctoral committee when submitting an application.

Please note that international students who reside in Belgium with a student visa are strongly advised to submit their application to the doctoral program immediately after finishing the Research Master of Philosophy program as the renewal of the student visa depends on their registration as a student.

How to apply?

In order to apply for admission to the doctoral program of the Institute of Philosophy, please ask your supervisor to contact the secretary of the doctoral committee ([email protected]) to request that the application process be initiated. If you meet the criteria for applying to the doctoral program, the application process will be initiated and you will receive an email inviting you to fill out the details of your application.


Result of the application

The doctoral committee can approve an application or reject it. The committee can also postpone its decision. In that case the candidate will be given the chance to revise his/her research proposal according to the doctoral committee’s suggestions and to re-submit the application. The doctoral committee’s decision with regard to the second application is final. The application procedure is also compulsory for doctoral candidates whose doctoral research project is financially supported (by the FWO for example).

Admission to the doctoral program is valid for four years. This means that the committee expects a doctoral student to conclude his/her research within this period. If this is not the case, the committee will evaluate the situation and propose a solution that is acceptable to both the student and the supervisor.

Registration as a Doctoral Student

Once the research project is approved by the doctoral commission, the student will receive a letter of admission and s/he should immediately register for the doctoral programme. For the first registration a fee needs to be paid. The annual renewal of this registration is free of charge. In order to register for the doctoral program for the first time, the student needs to go to the Registrar's Office . The registration has to be renewed every academic year via KU Loket.

Doctoral Programme Requirements

A doctoral student conducts research under the supervision of a professor of one of the Institute’s five research centres . The student is not only expected to prepare a doctoral dissertation, but also to actively participate in the research at the Institute and to fulfill all the requirements of the doctoral program. The doctoral program aims to structure the doctoral research and to validate it. The program consists of 8 compulsory components and an optional supplementary part, it must be completed before a doctoral student can be given permission to defend the doctoral dissertation. In the second and in the last year of the doctoral program the student registers the activities performed in the context of the doctoral program. Based on the final registration of activities the doctoral committee decides whether a doctoral student has completed the doctoral program.

The compulsory part of the doctoral program comprises 8 components :

The supplementary section of the doctoral program involves additional activities in function of doctoral research and/or as preparation for functioning professionally within or outside of the university. Although these supplementary activities are not obligatory, they are registered on your transcript after completion of the doctoral program and can become part of your CV. The supplementary activities fall under four domains:

The Institute offers an array of seminars in the Research Master of Philosophy program.

Progress Reports

Every academic year the doctoral student has to submit a progress report via the KU Loket application ‘PhD progress’. An overview of the deadlines for submitting these progress reports can also be found in this KU Loket application. It is the doctoral student’s responsibility to make sure that each member of the supervisory committee has added his/her evaluation and signature to the progress report before the report is submitted via KU Loket.

The doctoral student has to fill out the forms regarding the PhD progress, has to make sure that each member of his/her supervisory committee adds his/her evaluation and signature to the forms, and then has to submit the forms on time. Forms regarding the registration of activities also need to have the necessary signatures on them before being submitted. Incomplete forms will not be approved. The doctoral student will be reminded of upcoming deadlines for submitting documents two weeks in advance. In case of a missed due date a reminder will be sent one day after the deadline. All reminders will be sent to the doctoral student’s KU Leuven student e-mail address. Please check it frequently.

The option is provided of dealing with the progress reports in a fully electronic manner. In that case the procedure is as follows:

Please note that after the second and in the final year of the doctoral program an actual meeting with the supervisory committee is still required. In those years the progress report can therefore not be dealt with merely electronically. (See below.)

The following progress reports have to be submitted.

Start a PhD

Are you passionate about science? Do you want to develop new knowledge while working in an inspiring environment? Doing a PhD may be the right thing for you!

Why start a PhD at KU Leuven ?

KU Leuven profiles as a research-intensive university that belongs amongst the best in Europe. The emphasis is on excellence, internationalisation, interdisciplinarity, impact and integrity. Each of these objectives are realised according to three basic factors: researchers, their resources and their surroundings. In this way, research policy aims to create an optimal climate for achieving these objectives. The total research expenditure of KU Leuven in 2020 amounted to 532 million euros.

Doctoral Schools

Arenberg doctoral school.

Enabling young researchers to acquire scientific & technological knowledge within all fields of Science, Engineering & Technology, ranging from curiosity-driven fundamental research to applied technological solutions, and social & industrial problems.

More on Arenberg Doctoral School

Doctoral School of Biomedical Sciences

Supporting biomedical researchers in their exploration of the fundamental elements of living systems at all levels – from gene to cell, body and mind – and to translate that knowledge into improved healthcare.

More on Doctoral School of Biomedical Sciences

Doctoral School for Humanities & Social Sciences

Investing in young scholars to achieve an open, inquisitive and critical worldview, and encouraging them to play a meaningful role in society, both within and outside the academic world.

More on Doctoral School for Humanities & Social Sciences

Find an open position

Open PhD positions

Propose your own idea

Find a supervisor

Visiting PhD?

Visiting for study or research

Every year, KU Leuven initiates about 130 PhDs in cooperation with a partner institution in Belgium or abroad. Overall, 10% of all doctoral degrees awarded at KU Leuven are joint PhDs.

Joint PhD is defined as any collaboration in the framework of a PhD, whereby both institutions award their own PhD title. This is irrespective of whether these PhD titles are mentioned on one joint diploma, or on the original diploma of each institution with reference to the diploma which is awarded simultaneously by the partner institution. 

Read more​​​​​

Interdisciplinary degrees

The PhD researcher conducts interdisciplinary research, regardless of whether the research takes place in one or more faculties, this can be recognised by the awarding of an ‘interdisciplinary doctoral degree’, consisting of combinations of existing doctoral degrees.

Practical guidelines concerning Interdisciplinary Degrees at KU Leuven

Doctoral process

Starting a career after your PhD

Life at KU Leuven

From the outset of their visit to Leuven, students and academics can participate in various welcome and leisure activities. Whenever they need assistance, they can count on the support of Student Services or HR staff.

More about life at KU Leuven

PhD Philosophy programs in Belgium

Deadline information, best universities with philosophy in belgium.

best universities with philosophy programs

Bachelor Philosophy programs in Belgium

bachelor philosophy programs

Master Philosophy programs in Belgium

master philosophy programs

Most Popular Philosophy programs in Belgium

most popular philosophy programs

PhD Philosophy programs in Belgium

phd philosophy programs

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PhDs offered at UCLouvain

phd philosophy belgium

UCLouvain offers the possibility of earning a PhD in each of the fields below. With rare exceptions, every PhD can be pursued in French or English.

Each field of study is managed by a PhD Committee, which will be your point of contact throughout your PhD programme.

Below you will find administrative manager names and additional information specific to each committee.

Human and Social Sciences

PhD in Philosophy

Philosophy PhD Committee ( CDP )

PhD Programme Manager: Valérie MARTIN

Website (in FR)

PhD in Theology

Theology PhD Committee ( CDT )

PhD Programme Manager: Pascale HOFFMANN

PhD in Religion Studies

Religion Studies PhD Committee ( CDSR )

PhD in Languages, Letters and Translation

Languages, Letters and Translation PhD Committee ( CDL )

PhD in History, Art History and Archaeology

History, Art History and Archaeology PhD Committee ( CDHA )

PhD in Information and Communication

Information and Communication PhD Committee ( CDCO )

PhD Programme Manager: Isabelle PORTZENHEIM

PhD in Political and Social Sciences

Political and Social Sciences PhD Committee ( CDPO )

PhD in Legal Studies

Legal Studies PhD Committee ( CDJ )

PhD Programme Manager: Catherine BRAMS

PhD in Criminology

Criminology PhD Committee ( CDCR )

PhD Programme Manager: Magali PREVOT

PhD in Economics and Management

Economics and Management PhD Committee ( CDE )

PhD Programme Managers: Economics: Isabelle PORTZENHEIM Management: Sandrine DELHAYE

Website: Economics Management

PhD in Psychology and Education (including speech therapy and sexology)

Psychology and Education PhD Committee ( CDPE )

PhD Programme Manager:  Martine JANSSENS

PhD in Art and Art Sciences

Art and Art Sciences PhD Committee ( CDAR )

PhD Programme Manager:  Valérie MARTIN

PhD in Cinema and Performance Arts

Cinema and Performance Arts PhD Committee (CDCA)

Science and Technology

PhD in Science (including mathematics, statistics, geography)

Science and Veterinary Science PhD Committee ( CDSC )

PhD Programme Manager:  Laurence BERTRAND

PhD in Agricultural Sciences and Bioengineering

Agricultural Sciences and Bioengineering PhD Committee ( CDA )

PhD in Engineering and Technology

Engineering, Technology, Architecture and Urban Planning PhD Committee ( CDI )

PhD in Engineering, Technology, Architecture and Urban Planning

PhD in Veterinary Sciences

Health Sciences

PhD in Medicine

Medicine, Public Health, Dentistry, Biomedicine and Pharmaceutics, and Motor Skills Sciences PhD Committee ( CDSS )

PhD Programme Manager:  Sandrine WOLLANDERS

PhD in Dentistry

PhD in Biomedicine and Pharmaceutics

PhD in Public Health

PhD in Motor Skills Science

Research Master in Philosophy

We've combined the expertise of three departments to allow you to develop a philosophical research project and career through research seminars that cover a wide range of philosophical domains. Ready to kick off your research career in philosophy? So are we!

Join our info sessions

Online, on our open days, on our open course days, ...

Download the brochure

And discover all details of this study programme.

Convinced? Apply!

Study at the VUB and help building tomorrow's world.

What do you learn on the programme? 

This full time English/Dutch research master is jointly organised by the Department of Philosophy of the University of Antwerp, the Department of Philosophy and Moral Sciences of Ghent University and the Department of Philosophy and Moral Sciences of Vrije Universiteit Brussel. 

Graduates of this programme are capable of developing a philosophical research project and draw up a funding application that can be filed with local, national or international funding institutions. They are able, within their areas of specialisation, to formulate original and innovative research problems based on a duly founded insight into the internationally recognised state-of-the-art in that domain. Graduates of this programme are able to work out original solutions to the selected research problems, and argue their cases clearly and convincingly. They are trained in academic writing, which enables them to act as lead authors of academic articles.

Find out more about this programme  

The strenghts of our Philosophy programme

Discover all our general strenghts as a university

The programme prepares students for a research career in philosophy. Students are encouraged to apply for pre-doctoral fellowships — e.g. with the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) or the research councils of the participating universities — with their own research proposal. Students may also apply for doctoral positions with a predetermined research project that falls within their area of expertise. Such positions are regularly advertised in academic newsletters and email-lists.

Between 2018 and 2020, 11 students graduated in our research master programme. 10 of them now are employed by a university or funding agency as predoctoral researcher. In September 2021, 5 students graduated in our programme. 2 of them are now employed as predoctoral researchers. The other students continue to apply for such positions. We hope that they will succeed in 2022.

Discover the many opportunities

Is this programme for you?

Admission requirements, study guidance, chat with one of our students.

2022_Infopunt studenten tijdens infodag_24 april_Etterbeek_VUB

A better idea of the programme?

Would you like to know more about this VUB programme? Take part in our (online) study choice activities . Leaf through our brochure, chat with other students, put questions to our professors in an online info session, read our alumni testimonials or attend an open lecture or info day.

More programmes of interest to you

School of thinking.

Refresh your approach to complex, wicked problems of the outside world starting from what happens inside your head! Challenge assumptions, reach beyond predefined schemas and create a more critical, creative, and practical way of thinking.

Wijsbegeerte en Moraalwetenschappen

Ben je geboeid door het 'waarom' van de dingen of door complexe maatschappelijke en ethische problemen waarvoor je oplossingen wil bedenken? Studeer dan Wijsbegeerte en Moraalwetenschappen aan de VUB en lever een bijdrage aan eeuwenoude én hedendaagse debatten.

Brussels Business School (UIBS)

Postgraduate Programs / PhD - Doctor of Philosophy in Management

Campus programs.

Student Interviews

Professor interviews.

Apply Online

Starting dates

Our academic calendar is based on a quarter system (1 quarter = 10 weeks). Because of the program's flexible structure and modular design , multiple starting dates are available at the start of every Quarter and of every Term, in October, November, January, February, April, May, July, and August. All campuses follow the same academic calendar.

Program duration

Part-time students can earn a Doctoral degree in 2 to 4 academic years, depending on the number of courses attempted per quarter, the course selection and the course planning; earning half the typical number of courses equals twice the duration of the part-time program. The more flexible the working hours, the more courses will be available to finish faster. All Postgraduate students are considered part-time. Part-time studies are available only for students with a national passport or residence permit.

Teaching schedule

Courses are scheduled across main and satellite campuses from Monday to Saturday between 8:30 and 18:30, typically in sessions of 3 hours each and in an intensive seminar format with visiting professors , providing students the flexibility to combine work and studies, and fostering inter-campus exchanges and global networking. Refer to the course planning for further details on the availability of seminar courses. Additional courses may be available online; additional academic policies and conditions will apply.

Program language

All courses are taught entirely in English across the campus network. Students should have a certain proficiency in English when they start. Refer to the Admissions Catalog for further details. Typically, non-native speakers who studied in English before or those who had advanced English lessons during previous studies, and with sufficient confidence, perform well. Because of the multi-cultural environment, only a relatively small percentage of students are native speakers.

Campus locations

Study programs are offered at several campus locations . All campus locations offer an identical study program and follow the same program structure. Students are encouraged to transfer between campus locations.

Global study trip

Each academic year, students from all campuses in Europe, as well as students from our academic partners can join our Global Study Trip to Tokyo, Japan . The weeklong trip is packed with cultural excursions, company visits, social activities and an Asian Management seminar.

Application deadlines

Our Admissions Department applies a rolling admissions process and does not set deadlines to submit applications because of the multiple starting dates available. Applications are reviewed continuously troughout the year . Only in case a student visa is required do we recommend to apply 1-3 months prior to the intended starting date.

Admission requirements

Students should be fluent in English , and have obtained a Master degree (or equivalent). Refer to the application process for further details on the recommended English language levels.

Degrees with 240 European credits or 160 American semester credits are considered equivalent . Other degrees can be submitted along with your application for review by our Admissions Department. No distinction is made between academic or professional Master degrees.

Students who do not hold a business-related Master degree or equivalent may be required to complete an inbound assessment test prior to starting the program, and, depending on the results, earn an additional number of credits in leveling courses from the Master program in order to be fully prepared for our postgraduate programs.

All courses are taught by academically qualified faculty members who have earned a doctoral degree in their field of expertise and also draw from extensive professional experience. Faculty members teaching in the postgraduate courses specific to higher education also hold an adult teaching certificate.

Admissions catalog

The Admissions Catalog is the most comprehensive overview of all programs and courses offered by the school, and also includes all information regarding the admission process. This document is considered the most up-to-date in case of inconsistencies with the website.

Program fees

Program fees are calculated pro-rata per campus where the student completed courses and earned credits. The total fees are due payable on a quarterly basis on a fixed payment schedule. Program fees cover matriculation and tuition fees but do not include the cost of living, housing, travel, transport, health insurance, study materials and other expenses. For more details, refer to the document attached.

Credit system

Doctoral programs consist of 60 European credits , equivalent to 40 American semester credits. Courses are assigned a number of credits, indicating the estimated workload. Each credit equals up to 30 learning hours, including contact hours, research hours, self-study hours and group-study hours. Contact hours vary depending on total student enrollments per course. The workload of a typical part-time postgraduate student amounts to 10 credits and 300 learning hours per quarter, for a total of 60 credits and 1800 learning hours.

Grading system

Students are assessed on a combination of attendance, participation, individual assignments, group assignments and exams. Assignments may include reading materials, term papers, reports, presentations, and others. The combination of these assessments provides students with an equal opportunity to demonstrate their skills and knowledge . The minimum passing grade is D (60%). In case of an FX grade, students have the option to request a second exam in order to obtain the minimum passing grade of 60%.

Honor system

Students who achieve a certain GPA ( Grade Point Average , or the weighted average of all grades earned, calculated on a 4.0 scale), will have their academic honors listed on the academic transcript issued together with the diploma.


The comprehensive dissertation work consists of a dissertation proposal and the actual dissertation. Proposals for its title and contents are submitted by the student and are approved by the school’s academic council, the Global Council for Management Education (GCME). Dissertation work can be directly related to the student’s professional activities.

Academic degree

Upon successful completion of the study program students receive an international private Doctor of Philosophy in Management (PhD) degree awarded by the school's headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, based on the recommendation of the faculty of the local campuses where credits were earned. Learn more about the school's academic degrees and accreditation .

Program content

Postgraduate and Doctorate courses in Tokyo, Japan

Join Courses in Tokyo, Japan

Join one or more courses at our satellite campus in Tokyo, Japan and experience all the city and country have to offer.

Dual MBA/MS + DBA/PhD program at UIBS

Dual MBA/MS + DBA/PhD program

Earn an MBA/MS and a DBA/PhD degree at UIBS and develop your leadership potential among like-minded professionals across our campus network.

Doctoral Research and Publications

Doctoral Research and Publications

Check out some of the research topics and publications overview of our Postgraduate students.

Flexible Liberal and Global Studies at European College for Liberal Studies (ECLS)

Flexible Liberal and Global Studies

Consider alternative programs from our sister institution, European College for Liberal Studies (ECLS), including International Relations.

The one-minute animated introduction to UIBS

One-minute Introduction

Watch our animated one-minute introduction video to learn more!

UIBS Student Interviews

Check out several interviews with students from our various campuses!

UIBS Professor Interviews

Check out several interviews with professors from our various campuses!

UIBS Graduation Ceremony in Barcelona, Spain

2017 Graduation Ceremony

Watch the video of our most recent Graduation Ceremony in Barcelona!

"The school had an incredible nurturing environment that I felt comfortable growing in. It was very challenging as well; I felt very open talking to my professors and fellow students about pushing myself forward academically and as a person." Scarlett, Bachelor Student

"I’ve been able to create long-lasting friendships with international people from all over the world. UIBS has given me all the professional skills and tools I needed to develop in my career." Elvitz, Master Student

"The school is so diverse; you have the possibility to travel the world and change campuses. During the global study trip, so many campuses came together, and even if you don’t know the students, you have something in common and everybody is just one big family." Philip, Bachelor Student

International Business University in Europe

Dedicated to cross-cultural education with a global perspective, the United International Business Schools organization ( UIBS ) is an independent private higher education institution with campuses in Europe and Asia. UIBS offers flexible business and management studies at the Undergraduate/Bachelor/BBA , Graduate/Master/MBA and Postgraduate/Doctor/DBA level leading to private programmatically-accredited degrees, and to American regionally-accredited and European state-recognized degrees in cooperation with our academic partners.

Campus Brussels

Learn more about our sister institution, the European College for Liberal Studies ( ECLS ), offering flexible liberal and global studies at the Undergraduate and (Post) Graduate level in Europe and Asia.

2002 - 2017: 15 years of dedication to cross-cultural education


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PhD fellowships

PhD Fellowship fundamental research

Phd fellowship strategic basic research, special phd fellowship, eui fellowship.

A PhD Fellowship fundamental research allows young researchers to prepare a PhD, and to develop into independent scientists with a critical mindset.

A PhD Fellowship strategic basic research (SB) allows young researchers to prepare a PhD, and to develop into strategically thinking and innovation-oriented scientists.

The special PhD fellowship enables persons not employed within scientific research to complete a PhD within one year. Applicants must be in possession of a "temporary leave" certificate issued by their current employer.

The European University Institute (EUI) in Florence is a renowned institute that offers young researchers the unique opportunity to carry out their doctoral research in an international and outstanding scientific context with a European focus on Social Sciences: History and Civilization, Law, Economics, Political and Social Sciences.

World’s Largest University Catalog

PhD programs in Belgium

We found 18 universities with 132 programs in Belgium.

About the PhD in Belgium


Years of study

Tuition fees

A PhD candidate must submit a project, thesis or dissertation consisting of original academic research, which is worthy of publication in a peer-reviewed journal. A candidate must defend this work before a panel of expert examiners appointed by the university this process is called a viva. Universities award other types of doctorate besides the PhD; these include Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.) for music performers and Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) for professional educators. In the context of the Doctor of Philosophy and other similarly titled degrees, the term "philosophy" does not refer to the field or academic discipline of philosophy, but is used in a broader sense in accordance with its original Greek meaning, which is "love of wisdom"

Where to obtain a PhD program in Belgium

The most popular student cities in Belgium.

Reasons to study in Belgium

No 13 in the world education ranking.

No 19 in the world ease of doing business ranking

No 24 in the world economy ranking

No 30 in the world safety ranking

Belgium – PhD programs statistics

Free-Apply.com provides information about 132 programs at 18 universities in Belgium. Furthermore, you can choose one of 581 Bachelor programs at 61 universities, 433 Master programs at 53 universities, and 132 PhD programs at 18 universities.

Belgium – What PhD program to study?

The most popular PhD disciplines in Belgium.

The largest cities offering PhD programs in Belgium

Higher education statistics of the largest cities in Belgium.

Belgium – Average monthly personal finance statistics

100% discount for the 1st year

100% discount for the 1st year

Apply now and get a 100% tuition fee discount for the first year of studies

Universities offering the most popular PhD programs in Belgium.

Ghent University photo

Ghent University

Belgium, Gent

Ghent University (Dutch: Universiteit Gent, abbreviated as UGent) is a public research university located in Ghent, Belgium. It was established in 1817 by King William I of the Net...

Catholic University of Louvain photo

Catholic University of Louvain

Belgium, Louvain-la-Neuve

For the history of the university prior to 1968, see Catholic University of Leuven (1834–1968) The Catholic University of Leuven, based in Leuven ("Louvain" in French), 30 km east...

University of Antwerp photo

University of Antwerp

Belgium, Antwerpen

The university's roots go back to Sint-Ignatius Handelshogeschool (Saint-Ignatius School for Higher Education in Commerce) founded by the Jesuit (Society of Jesus) in Antwerp in 18...

Higher National Institute of Performing Arts and Broadcasting Techniques photo

Higher National Institute of Performing Arts and Broadcasting Techniques

Belgium, Ixelles

L’Institut national supérieur des arts du spectacle et des techniques de diffusion, généralement appelé sous la forme abrégée Institut national supérieur des arts du spectacle (ou...

Haute Ecole Provinciale of Hainaut CONDORCET photo

Haute Ecole Provinciale of Hainaut CONDORCET

Belgium, Tournai

HEPH - Condorcet Belgium has had international relations with many countries in Europe and in the World for a few years. For a long time, it has established close collaboration li...

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  1. Philosophy

    At l'Institut supérieur de philosophie, various philosophical methods are employed: analytic philosophy, critical philosophy, phenomenology, etc. and all philosophical disciplines are practiced: history of philosophy (from antiquity to the contemporary period), theoretical philosophy (epistemology, metaphysiology, ontology) et practical (moral, …

  2. Faculty of Arts and Philosophy

    Mar 8. Lecture 'Dutch Literature and the Visual Arts since 1600'. Auditorium 3 Suzanne Lilar, Blandijnberg 2, 9000 Gent. Mar 8. Lecture 'Referentiality, homilies and preachers in early Buddhist narrative kāvya'. Livestream. Mar 14. Lecture 'Buddhist Studies: Monastic and Daily Life'. Campus Boekentoren, lokaal 0.4, Blandijnberg 2, 9000 Gent.

  3. Study Programmes

    Bachelor of Philosophy (180 credits), with minor system. Bachelor of Philosophy (abridged) (60 credits) Bachelor of Philosophy (abridged) (99 credits) Graduate Studies. Master of Philosophy (60 credits) Research Master of Philosophy (120 credits) Research Master of Philosophy (abridged) (60 credits) Doctoral Studies

  4. Our PhD programmes

    Our PhD programmes ULB is a comprehensive university. As such, it covers all areas of research. No fewer than 22 scientific disciplines are studied at ULB. You may complete your PhD in any of the University's three main areas of research: human and social sciences, science and technology, and life and health sciences. Updated on October 28, 2022

  5. Doctoral study programme

    At VUB, you have the opportunity to do full-time research in an academic context for at least 4 years. Doing a PhD is a long-term endeavour, but the experience you gain and the skills you learn are decisive for the rest of your career. Joint PhD The VUB can award so-called joint PhDs.

  6. For incoming PhD candidates

    There are two possibilities to start a PhD: Apply for an open PhD position Approach a specific professor Topic, supervision, funding Research topic PhD supervisor Doctoral advisory committee Funding opportunities Recommended financial means Admission, fees Diploma requirements Language requirements Tuition fee Bench fee Specific options Joint PhD

  7. PhD programmes

    PhD programmes Admission requirements UAntwerp Study Admission and enrolment How to apply You need an academic master degree to apply for a PhD. There is no deadline to submit an admission application for a PhD. You can find more information about the admission procedure for PhD students on the Antwerp Doctoral School website.

  8. PhD Study in Belgium

    A PhD in Belgium gives you the chance to study in the political heart of modern Europe. You'll have easy access to neighbouring countries and benefit from a liberal and welcoming host nation as you get the quintessential European postgraduate experience during a Belgian doctorate.

  9. PhD in Philosophy (PhD)

    PhD in Philosophy (PhD) Program Language: English : Admission Semester: Fall (October)Spring (February) Start Date: January 2023: Program Duration: 8 semesters: Fees. Semester Tuition Fees: 237 Euro: ... Belgium is renowned for making the best wrist watches, the most delicious chocolate, and the some of the best beer in the world. ...

  10. hiw.kuleuven.be


  11. PhD studies at KU Leuven

    The Doctoral school for the Humanities and Social Sciences offers a high-quality PhD programme in all research areas of Humanities. The PhD programmes are designed to stimulate and nurture young talent, fully preparing PhD graduates for a career in both academia and beyond. Read more Doctoral School of Biomedical Sciences

  12. StudyQA

    PhD Philosophy programs in Belgium. Deadline information. Ok. See all the results . Best Universities with Philosophy in Belgium . University of Copenhagen Bangor University Heythrop College Central European University University of Bucharest Warsaw University of Life Sciences Rutgers University-Camden University of Leeds University of Tartu ...

  13. PhDs offered at UCLouvain

    PhD in Economics and Management PhD in Psychology and Education (including speech therapy and sexology) PhD in Art and Art Sciences PhD in Cinema and Performance Arts Science and Technology PhD in Science (including mathematics, statistics, geography) PhD in Agricultural Sciences and Bioengineering PhD in Engineering and Technology

  14. Research Master in Philosophy

    Between 2018 and 2020, 11 students graduated in our research master programme. 10 of them now are employed by a university or funding agency as predoctoral researcher. In September 2021, 5 students graduated in our programme. 2 of them are now employed as predoctoral researchers. The other students continue to apply for such positions.

  15. Study in Belgium: the ultimate guide for a PhD in 2023

    Belgium has over 40 higher education institutions divided as follows: Universities - award Bachelor's, Master's, and Ph.D. degrees University of Applied Sciences - provide only Bachelor's and Master's degrees without doctoral degrees Arts colleges - degrees specialised in art and design fields

  16. List of doctoral programs in bioethics

    Duquesne University - PhD and DHCE in Healthcare Ethics [27] Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai & Clarkson University - PhD in Philosophy/Master in Bioethics [28] Johns Hopkins University - PhD in Health Policy & Management, concentration in Bioethics & Health Policy [29] Loyola University Chicago - Doctor of Bioethics [30]

  17. Postgraduate Programs / PhD

    Doctor of Philosophy in Management (PhD) - Brussels Business School (UIBS) Postgraduate Programs / PhD - Doctor of Philosophy in Management Campus Programs Postgraduate.60 (Doctor) Postgraduate.15 (Certificate) Admission Application Process Transfer Students Exchange Students Student Visa Guidelines Program Fees Learn More Reasons to Join UIBS

  18. Research Foundation

    The European University Institute (EUI) in Florence is a renowned institute that offers young researchers the unique opportunity to carry out their doctoral research in an international and outstanding scientific context with a European focus on Social Sciences: History and Civilization, Law, Economics, Political and Social Sciences. » Read more

  19. PhD programs in Belgium

    In the context of the Doctor of Philosophy and other similarly titled degrees, the term "philosophy" does not refer to the field or academic discipline of philosophy, but is used in a broader sense in accordance with its original Greek meaning, which is "love of wisdom" ... Belgium - PhD programs statistics Free-Apply.com provides information ...

  20. 0 PhD programmes from all around the world

    PhD programmes from all around the world 0 PhDs Sort No results. But we've got a lot more! Modify your filters or make a fresh start. Other interesting programmes for you Robotics and Autonomy Drexel University Philadelphia, United States Artificial Intelligence for Leaders University of Texas at Austin Austin, United States Online Education