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How text and data mining enables digital literacy in the classroom.

Read about the University of Sydney’s journey to integrate text and data mining (TDM) into its undergraduate courses and incorporate it across disciplines

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EBSCO Open Dissertations makes electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) more accessible to researchers worldwide. The free portal is designed to benefit universities and their students and make ETDs more discoverable. 

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EBSCO Open Dissertations is a collaboration between EBSCO and BiblioLabs to increase traffic and discoverability of ETD research. You can join the movement and add your theses and dissertations to the database, making them freely available to researchers everywhere while increasing traffic to your institutional repository. 

EBSCO Open Dissertations extends the work started in 2014, when EBSCO and the H.W. Wilson Foundation created American Doctoral Dissertations which contained indexing from the H.W. Wilson print publication, Doctoral Dissertations Accepted by American Universities, 1933-1955. In 2015, the H.W. Wilson Foundation agreed to support the expansion of the scope of the American Doctoral Dissertations database to include records for dissertations and theses from 1955 to the present.

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EBSCO integrates this data into their current subscriber environments and makes the data available on the open web via opendissertations.org .

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USF Scholarship: a digital repository @ Gleeson Library | Geschke Center

Home > ETDs > Doctoral Dissertations

Doctoral Dissertations

Dissertations from 2024 2024.


Dissertations from 2023 2023

The Association between Psychotic Symptoms and Romantic Relationship Quality among Young Adult Ethnic Minorites , Tashagaye T. McKenzie

The Effects of Acculturation, Marianismo, and Religiosity on Pregnancy Related Anxiety in Latina Women , Jennifer M. Zanoli

Dissertations from 2022 2022

Fifty Years of Underrepresented Student Advocacy at One Jesuit Secondary School , Sonya Cotero Arriola

Voces of Little Michoacan: A Collective Narrative of Resistance and Preservation of Home , Ana Angel Avendaño


The Use of Simulation with the School of Nursing and Health Professions (SONHP) Prelicensure Students to Support Affirming Practice with Transgender Communities , Genevieve Charbonneau

Understanding the perspectives, practices, and expectations of Korean American parents toward the heritage language education of their children , Yunhee Choi

The Association between Physical Pain, Depression, Anxiety, and Nervios among Latinx Agricultural Workers , Iveth Cuellar Celallos

Incorporating Andragogy and Cognitive Theory Of Multimedia Learning Into Self-Paced Training and Development Programs , Shanshan Gao

An Exploration of Learning-At-Home Experiences Among Families and Children of Color Labeled with Disabilities During COVID-19: A Narrative Inquiry , Nam Ju Han

Teaching Solidarity: Popular Education in Grassroots U.S. Social Movements , Tenaya Summers Lafore

The Effects of Curriculum-Integrated Explicit Learning Strategy Instruction on Reading Comprehension for English as a Second Language (ESL) Learners at the Community College , Sylvia Chaiyeon Lee

Genocide in East Turkestan: Exploring the Perspectives of Uyghurs in the Diaspora and their Resistance to Chinese State Violence , Lina Semyonovna Lenberg

Mediating Language Fluency Development: An Action Research Study In A High-School AP Chinese Second-or-Foreign-Language Task-Based Language Teaching Classroom , Jing Liang

Impact of COVID-19 on New Teacher Retention and Perceived Supports in a Northern California Public School District , Rebecka Maxkenzie

African American Female Identified Therapists' Experiences Working Culturally Similar and Dissimilar Populations , Kimiko J. May


Feminist Catholic Organizational Identity: A Phenomenological Study of Charism in the Lay Educator of a Notre Dame de Namur Learning Community , Kathleen Barrera Quiazon

Effects of Teaching Argument to First-Year Community-College Students Using a Structural and Dialectical Approach , Sharon Radcliff

Cuentos Criollos: Colombian Internally Displaced Families as Knowledge Producers , Liliana Salazar de Deck

The Relationship Between Metacognitive Strategies and Listening Comprehension Proficiency in Intensive-Korean-Foreign-Language Setting , Gumok Seo

The Collegiate Black Space: Black College Students’ Use of New Counter-Spaces for Support, Knowledge Production, and Organizing for Activism , Heather Marian Streets

The Impact of #MeToo on Reasons for Sexual Assault Disclosure , Cheryl H. Tien

Developing Queer Faith: Exploring Experiences of Cognitive Dissonance and Identity Integration For LGBQ Catholics Individuals , Kendal M. Vaarwerk

Using Peer Review to Improve English as a Second Language College Students' Writing Scores , Mengjie Wei

Dissertations from 2021 2021

The Effect of Teaching and Learning Vocabulary in Lexical Chunks on the Listening Comprehension of Adult Learners of Arabic , Bassam Al-Maqtari

Exploring Student Engagement for Diverse Student Populations: A Case Study Examining Institutional Logics of Student Affairs Middle Management Leaders , Frangelo Rominque Ayran

Employment Discrimination: An Efficacy Study of African American Inequities in the California Utility Sector , Victor Baker

Mental Health Outcomes of Various Types of Fear Among University Students who have an Undocumented Legal Status During the Donald Trump Presidency , Liliana Campos

Experiences of UC Santa Barbara female alumni exposed to a gender-based mass shooting , Erin G. Carpenter

Majority to Minority Shift: Experiences for American Born Chinese College Students from Predominant Chinese American Communities to Predominantly White Institutions , Joseph C. Chung

The Role of Community Building in Second Language Acquisition in the Mainstream Classroom , Alejandro Clemente Fernandez

The Effectiveness of Using Multimedia for Teaching Phrasal Verbs in Community-College ESL Classes , Guohua Fu

Replanting a Wild Seed: Black Women School Leaders Subverting Ideological Lynching , Whitneé Louise Garrett-Walker

The Significance of Jesuit Educational Institution in the Reconstruction of Postcolonial and Post-Conflict East Timor , Plinio do Rosario Gusmao dosReis Martins

Effects of Static and Dynamic Visuals on the Learning of Science Concepts in the Secondary-School Classroom , Theodore Johnson

Impact of Moral Injury for Ethnic/Racial Minority Male Veterans , Kristopher Kern

Dysconscious Racism and Racial Microaggressions in the Public School System , Ryan Lee

Stigma and Social-Emotional Health in Youth with Learning Differences , Kelsey Maki

Provider Perspectives: Working with the Male Lifer Reentry Population , Laura R. Marker Dr.

Women Who Lead: A Feminist Phenomenology of Crisis Leadership in Higher Education , Ingrid Helene McVanner

The Use of Mindfulness Meditation to Increase the Efficacy of Mirror Visual Feedback for Reducing Phantom Limb Pain in Amputees , Nicolas Sebastian Mills

A Minority Within a Minority: Exploring Identity Development in Relation to Mental Health Outcomes Within the Black Deaf Community , Nekolas Milton

Community Based Participatory Research Informed Manualization and Piloting of E-Training of a Modified Dialectical Behavior Therapy Intervention , Annika M. Miyamoto

Early Childhood Special Education Teachers’ Attitudes Toward Inclusion: A Qualitative Study on a School’s Transition From Segregated Classrooms to More Inclusion Classrooms , Shally Moua

The Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm as a Critical Theoretical Framework to Enhance Teachers' Professional Identity in Diverse Context , Lourdu Sunder Reddy Mummadi

Patient Reported Outcomes in Sickle Cell Disease Examined Within a Conceptual Model , Swapandeep Mushiana; Marsha Treadwell PhD; Sherif M. Badawy MD, MS; Liliana Preiss PhD; Allison King MD MPH PhD; Barbara Kroner PhD; Yumie Chen BS; Jeffrey Glassberg; Victor Gordeuk MD; Nirmish Shah MD; Angie Snyder Phd MPH; and Theodore Wun MD

Incorporating Critical Perspectives in Nonprofit Management Education Programs: How Critical Scholars of Color Navigate Pressures in Higher Education , Khanh H. Nguyen

Understanding the African American Male Student Experience of Being Diagnosed with Emotional Disturbance Through the Use of Counter-Storytelling , Sara Ordaz

Sex or Sexual Assault? Critical Media Literacy as a Tool for Consent Education , Riana S. Pella

Higher Education Discourses of India’s National Education Policy 2020: Analysis and Teacher Counterspaces in Jesuit Institutions , Vincent Pereppadan Poulose

Effect of Transcendental Meditation on the Social Emotional Well-being of Bilingual Teacher Leaders , Margaret Peterson

Engaging Feminism, Transforming Institutions: How Community Engagement Professionals Employ Critical Feminist Praxis to Re-Imagine and Re-Shape the Public Purpose of Higher Education , Patricia Star Plaxton-Moore

Effect of Prenatal Yoga on Depression, Anxiety, and Maternal-fetal Attachment Among Pregnant Black, Indigenous and People of Color , Alicia Ranucci

The Effectiveness Of A Transaffirmative Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Group-Based Intervention To Help Transgender Individuals Suffering From Depression , Joy Riach

Investigating the Self-Efficacy Awareness of Black Female Technology Leaders , Marie Roberts De La Parra

Parental Involvement in Support of African American Families , September Rose

Pilipinx Radical Imagination: Healing and Visioning in our Process of Becoming , Anthony Abulencia Santa Ana

Interests Served and Interests Converged: A Mixed-Methods Critical Policy Analysis of the California Math Placement Act , Chalesea Schuler

Exploring the lived experiences of Middle-Eastern and North African (Mena) Jews through narrative inquiry using a digital storytelling approach , Brandy B. Shufutinsky

Understanding the Healthcare Experiences of LGBTQ+ People: An Adaptation of the Daily Heterosexist Experiences Questionnaire , Conor Smith

Indigenous assessment developers on elements of the disjuncture-response dialectic: A critical comparative case study , David A. Sul

Indigenous Assessment Developers on Elements of the Disjuncture-Response Dialectic: A Critical Comparative Case Study , David A. Sul

A Study of Students’ and Teachers’ Beliefs about Learning English as a Second Language in Hindi Medium Schools in India , Samir Toppo

The Ambivalence of Participation in Transitional Justice: The Promises and Failures of Peace in Colombia , Alejandro Urruzmendi

Narratives of Disability and Displacement: Oral Histories of the Lived Experiences of Disabled Refugees , Jennifer Lynn Ward

Equity in language programs: Revitalizing indigenous languages in secondary school in Anchorage, Alaska , Betsy Watson (Paskvan)

The Ignatian Leadership Model for Catholic Schools: Critical Spirituality Theory on Leadership Practices , Leonardus Evert Bambang Winandoko

Teaching Critical Thinking Skills in a Chinese Immersion School , Pui Hung Helen Wong

Voices of Chinese International Students: A critical understanding of their experiences in the United States , Shudao Zhang

Perceived Obstacles by ESL Instructors and Required Support for the Integration of Educational Technology , Xiaotian Zhang

Dissertations from 2020 2020

Life After the EL Label: Conversations About Identity, Language, and Race , Veronica Arizaga Aguayo


Choices: An Evaluation of a Program Aimed at Reducing Criminogenic Thinking Among Incarcerated Women , Alexa Carbajal

Critical Followership: Faculty and Leader Relations Impact on Leadership Turnover at a California Community College , Erik William Christianson

Uncovering Examples of Humanizing Praxis and Pathological Violence in Special Education: District, Parent, and Researcher Perspectives , Andy W. Chung

Exploring the Experiences of Teachers in a Bilingual Immersion Environment , Paloma Cordova

An Analysis of the Yearly Dynamic Change Relationship Between Working Memory Ability and Mathematics Achievement of K-5 Students Using the Grimm et al. (2012) Extensions of the Multivariate Latent Difference Score Models , Wenyan (Emma) Jiang Erzincanli

A Convergence of Conceptual Frameworks: Neurocognitive, Metacognitive and Social Cultural Techniques in Vocabulary Teaching and Learning , Malihe Eshghavi

A Reanalyses of Intercorrelational Matrices of Visual and Verbal Learners' Abilities, Cognitive Styles, and Learning Preferences , Jeanette Marie Fox

Moving from "Me" to "We" to "All of Us": A Community-Engaged Learning Case Study , Monika Lynne Hudson Bowens

Minority Stress, Social Support, and Mental Health Among LGBQP+ Religious Disaffiliates , Kate Jablonski

Self-Efficacy in the Transition to Parenthood , Nicole Marsden

Teachers' Perceptions of the Nine Defining Characteristics of Catholic Identity in Ursuline Secondary Schools of the USA , Barbara Ann Middendorf

A Qualitative Evaluation of the Phoenix Project: A Strengths-based, Trauma-Informed Care Intervention for African American, Transitional Age, Young Adults Living in San Francisco’s Public Housing Community , Lena Miller

Sowing the Seeds of Love: Dialogic and Collaborative Literacies For Social Change , Liz Murray

Experiences of Latinx's Adult Transition to the U.S. and the Clinical Implications that Arise in Acclimating into the Dominant Culture: An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis , Gabriela Olavarrieta

An Investigation of California Classroom Teachers' Beliefs and Ratings of Creativity in Dance , Patricia R. Reedy

"Made of Queer Magic": Understanding the experiences of pregnancy for queer women , Lindsey Rogers

Clinical Work with Adult Male Incest Survivors: Therapeutic Themes and Perspectives , Kathryn B. Rosenberg

Philippine Jesuit Schools of Education: Heroic Institutions of Learning and Leadership in Mission , Joaquin Jose Mari Casimiro Sumpaico


An Exploration of Social Networking Use and Mental Health in Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming, Gender Non-Binary, and Gender Fluid Persons , Jennifer Trimpey

Identity Development in Transgender Women of Color: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis , Angel Tseng

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Thompson’s (2105) Survey of Language Usage and Spanish of Heritage Learners Placement Program Exam at the High-School Level , Elizabeth Villanueva

Decolonizing Education: Using Mother Tongue and English Side by Side in Nigeria , Omobola Wusu

A Meta-Analysis of Gender Gap on the FCI in High School and College Introductory Physics Courses in the US and International Countries. , Polin Yadak

The Effectiveness of the Preventive System Approach through the Lens of Character Education: An Exploratory Case Study of a Youth Delinquency Camp in South Korea , Mankeun Yoon

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