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Applications of boronic acids in organic synthesis

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This thesis describes progress on the application of boronic acids and borate esters as catalysts and reagents in synthetic organic chemistry, focusing on two areas: one-pot enolate formation/aldol reactions and amide bond formation. Chapter 1 introduces the reader to boronic acids and derivatives thereof, their methods of preparation and their use in synthetic organic chemistry as reactants, reagents and catalysts. Chapter 2 covers current chemical methods and cellular alternatives for amide bond formation. Here, we also discuss our use of boron reagents for the activation of carboxylic acids as well as amides. Chapter 3 introduces a new concept in catalytic aldol reactions, i.e. an alternative strategy to access boron enolates in situ. The work covers successful demonstration of the feasibility of such an approach on an intramolecular system. A novel variation of aerobic Chan–Evans– Lam coupling, an intramolecular coupling of an aliphatic alcohol with a boronic acid using catalytic copper, is also introduced Chapter 4 builds on our observations on gold catalysis and especially that in relation to electrophilic halogenations. Chapter 5 contains full details of the experimental procedures.

phd thesis in organic chemistry pdf

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An Investigation into the Heterogeneity of Insect Arylalkylamine N -Acyltransferases , Brian G. O'Flynn

Evaluating the Evidence Base for Evidence-Based Instructional Practices in Chemistry through Meta-Analysis , Md Tawabur Rahman

Role of Oncogenic Protein Kinase C-iota in Melanoma Progression; A Study Based on Atypical Protein Kinase-C Inhibitors , Wishrawana Sarathi Bandara Ratnayake

Formulation to Application: Thermomechanical Characterization of Flexible Polyimides and The Improvement of Their Properties Via Chain Interaction , Alejandro Rivera Nicholls

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Interrogation of Protein Function with Peptidomimetics , Olapeju Bolarinwa

Characterization of Nylon-12 in a Novel Additive Manufacturing Technology, and the Rheological and Spectroscopic Analysis of PEG-Starch Matrix Interactions , Garrett Michael Craft

Synthesis of Novel Agents for the treatment of Infectious and Neurodegenerative diseases , Benjamin Joe Eduful

Survey research in postsecondary chemistry education: Measurements of faculty members’ instructional practice and students’ affect , Rebecca E. Gibbons

Design, Synthesis, Application of Biodegradable Polymers , Mussie Gide

Conformational Fluctuations of Biomolecules Studied Using Molecular Dynamics and Enhanced Sampling , Geoffrey M. Gray

Analysis and New Applications of Metal Organic Frameworks (MOF): Thermal Conductivity of a Perovskite-type MOF and Incorporation of a Lewis Pair into a MOF. , Wilarachchige D C B Gunatilleke

Chemical Investigation of Bioactive Marine Extracts , Selam Hagos

Optimizing Peptide Fractionation to Maximize Content in Cancer Proteomics , Victoria Izumi

Germania-based Sol-gel Coatings and Core-shell Particles in Chromatographic Separations , Chengliang Jiang

Synthesis, Modification, Characterization and Processing of Molded and Electrospun Thermoplastic Polymer Composites and Nanocomposites , Tamalia Julien

Studies Aimed at the Synthesis of Anti-Infective Agents , Ankush Kanwar

From Florida to Antarctica: Dereplication Strategies and Chemical Investigations of Marine Organisms , Matthew A. Knestrick

Sorbent Enrichment Performance of Aromatic Compounds from Diluted Liquid Solution , Le Meng

Development of Bioactive Peptidomimetics , Fengyu She

Azamacrocyclic-based Frameworks: Syntheses and Characterizations , Chavis Andrew Stackhouse

Structure-based Design, Synthesis and Applications of a New Class of Peptidomimetics: 'Y -AA Peptides and Their Derivatives , Ma Su

Theses/Dissertations from 2017 2017

Chemical Investigations of Fungal Natural Products for Drug Discovery , Danielle H. Demers

Formation of Carbon-Carbon and Carbon-Hetero Bonds through Gold Catalysis , Boliang Dong

Understanding Gas Sorption Mechanisms in Metal–Organic Materials via Computational Experimentation , Katherine A. Forrest

New Reaction Discoveries in Gold Catalysis , Seyedmorteza Hosseyni

Toward the Synthesis of Naphthalene-Bridged Bis-Triazole Bimetallic Complexes , Sean M. Johnson

Sol-gel Niobia-based Sorbents for the Enrichment of Organophosphorus Compounds by Capillary Microextraction Online Coupled to High Performance Liquid Chromatography , Sheshanka Kesani

Investigating Students’ Basic Needs and Motivation in College Chemistry Courses with the Lens of Self-Determination Theory , Yujuan Liu

Studies of Polyacrylate Based Nanoparticle Emulsions , Faeez Mahzamani

On the Conformational Dynamics of DNA: A Perspective from Molecular Dynamics Simulations , Ning Ma

Diversifying Homogenous Au(I)-Catalysis through New Reaction Discovery , Stephen Motika

Design, Synthesis, Applications of Polymers and Dendrimers , Alekhya Nimmagadda

Germania- and silica-based perfluorinated and non-fluorinated sol-gel sorbents for capillary microextraction in chromatographic analysis , Emre Seyyal

Hydroalkynylation of Oxocarbenium Intermediates via Au(I) Catalysis , Courtney Smith Smith

Magnetic Nanostructure Application in SERS Detection of Melatonin and Resonance Raman Characterization of Binding of Catechol Moieties with Antibiotic , Siqi Sun

Structure and Activity of Metallo-Peptides , Christian C. Tang

Investigations into the Non-Mevalonate Isoprenoid Biosynthesis Pathway's First Two Enzymes utilizing Hybrid QM/MM Techniques , Justin K. White

Metal-Organic Frameworks and MOF-derived Carbon Materials for Fuel Cell Applications , Kia Williams

Design and Synthesis of CpG-Lytic Peptide Conjugate, Brachytherapy Beads and a Combinatorial Library of Primary Amines used as Potential Therapeutics in the Treatment of Cancers , Josanne-Dee Woodroffe

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