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No matter how old you are, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to studying. Whether you’re taking the biggest exam of your life or you know your teacher or professor is going to give a pop quiz soon, efficient studying is a great way to be prepared.

Create a Routine

One of the best things you can do for yourself, whether you’re in fifth grade or college, is to make studying a habit. One helpful way to do that is to find a way to incorporate it into your daily routine at the same time every day. Perhaps it’s after dinner or right when you get home from school. Find the time that works for you, and make yourself sit down to study and handle any homework you have at that time every day or on as many days as possible.

Break It Up

Everyone’s been there. You wait until the very last minute to study, and you do it all in one sitting. Not only is it exhausting, but you probably also don’t even remember half of what you study. This is why it can be better to break it up and do a little bit each day. If you have a big project coming up in a few weeks, break it down into steps, and take on one of the steps every other day until everything is complete. If you have plenty of reading to do, break it down into chapters or pages, and read one section each day.

Get Some Sleep

While it can be tempting to stay up all night studying before a big exam, you’re better off getting sleep. Your brain and memory function better when you’re rested, so you can retain more of the information and do better on your test. If you didn’t get a full night of sleep, consider napping briefly during the day to help catch yourself up on sleep.

Clear Your Mind

Before you sit down to study, make sure you have a clear mind and that you’re not focused on something else. Take a walk, listen to some music, read a book or do some stretches. Try meditation. Do whatever it takes to get your mind in the right mood for study time. Be sure to take breaks while you study too. Resting for five minutes every 30 to 60 minutes may help you retain the information.

Create the Right Environment

Finally, create a good study environment. It can be hard to pay attention when the TV is on or when you’re constantly receiving texts from friends. Turn off your devices. If you don’t do well with quiet, use a fan for background noise, or turn on a radio. You may find it more effective to study to music that doesn’t have lyrics. Make sure you’re comfortable and organized. You’ll also want to make sure you have plenty of water and a few healthy snacks on hand if you’ll be studying for a while.


phd thesis on translation studies

phd thesis on translation studies

Theses and dissertations

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phd thesis on translation studies

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1. Translation, Teamwork, and Technology : The Use of Social and Material Scaffolds in the Translation Process

Author : Raphael Sannholm ; Yvonne Lindqvist ; Hanna Risku ; Mona Blåsjö ; Maureen Ehrensberger-Dow ; Stockholms universitet ; [] Keywords : HUMANITIES ; HUMANIORA ; cognitive translation studies ; socio-cognitive approaches ; ethnography ; translation workplace ; translation process ; scaffolding ; extended translation ; social interaction ; translation technology ; Translation Studies ; översättningsvetenskap ;

Abstract : This dissertation explores translators’ interactions with social and material resources in the translation process. The general aim of the study is to contribute to the knowledge about cognitive translation processes in naturalistic settings, with a specific focus on the ways in which translators interact with social actors and technological resources. READ MORE

2. Reassembling Local E-Government : A study of actors’ translations of digitalisation in public administration

Author : Mariana S. Gustafsson ; Elin Wihlborg ; Bo Persson ; Antonio Cordella ; Linköpings universitet ; [] Keywords : SOCIAL SCIENCES ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; Local e-Government ; digitalisation ; network governance ; translation ; tensions ; Kommunal förvaltning ; digitalisering ; nätverksstyrning ; översättning ; spänningar ;

Abstract : The digitalisation of society decidedly affects public administration. Swedish public administration has long worked with information technologies for an effective and improved management of public services. But new and increased use of information technologies in society poses new challenges. READ MORE

3. Experience and Expertise in Conference Interpreting : An investigation of Swedish conference interpreters

Author : Elisabet Tiselius ; Birgitta Englund Dimitrova ; Kenneth Hyltenstam ; Åse Johnsen ; Gun-Viol Vik ; Ricardo Muñoz Martín ; Norge Universitetet i Bergen Institutt for Fremmedspråk ; [] Keywords : HUMANITIES ; HUMANIORA ; HUMANIORA ; HUMANITIES ; interpreting ; translation ; interpreting studies ; translation studies ; expertise ; cognitive processes ; tolkning ; översättning ; översättningsvetenskap ; expertkunnande ; kognitiva processer ; Translation Studies ; översättningsvetenskap ;

Abstract : Avhandlingen undersöker tolkningsprocessen och tolkprodukten hos konferenstolkar med olika lång tolkerfarenhet. Detta görs utifrån expertteorin (jmf Ericsson, Charness och Hoffman 2007) tillämpad på tolkning. READ MORE

4. The Taming of a Viking : August Strindberg, Translation and Post-Victorian Censorship

Author : Lars Liljegren ; Carin Franzén ; Lars-Håkan Svensson ; Cecilia Alvstad ; Dirk Delabastita ; Linköpings universitet ; [] Keywords : HUMANITIES ; HUMANIORA ; HUMANIORA ; HUMANITIES ; August Strindberg ; translation studies ; descriptive translation studies ; imagology ; multiple translatorship ; reception theory ; polysystem theory ; post-Victorian censorship ; habitus ; panopticon. ; August Strindberg ; translation studies ; descriptive translation studies ; imagologi ; multiple translatorship ; receptionsteori ; polysystemteori ; post-victoriansk censur ; habitus ; panopticon. ;

Abstract : This dissertation studies August Strindberg’s two-volume collection of short stories, Giftas (1884, 1886) and its first English translation, Ellie Schleussner’s Married (1913). The purpose is to demonstrate that Married deviates from the original in many ways, primarily on the very aspects that were generally associated with the work. READ MORE

5. Shakespeare's sonnets in Russian : the challenge of translation

Author : Elena Rassokhina ; Per Ambrosiani ; Berit Åström ; Andrei Rogatchevski ; Umeå universitet ; [] Keywords : HUMANITIES ; HUMANIORA ; HUMANIORA ; HUMANITIES ; Shakespeare ; translation ; sonnets ; Russian ; Literature ; litteraturvetenskap ;

Abstract : Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets have become the interest of several generations of Russian translators. Overall, after their first appearance in the middle of the nineteenth century, at least thirty-five Russian translations of the complete sonnet collection have been produced so far, though mostly during the last three decades. READ MORE

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Wang, Xiulu (2010) Bridging the political and the personal : a descriptive study of literary translation in contemporary China. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Tsai, Claire Yi-Ping (2009) Chasing deadlines and crossing borders: translation in Taiwan television news production. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Gramaglia, Letizia (2008) Representations of madness in Indo-Caribbean literature. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Sitompul, Jojor Ria (2008) Visual and textual images of women : 1930s representations of colonial Bali as produced by men and women travellers. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Dick, Devon (2008) The origin and development of the Native Baptists in Jamaica and the influence of their biblical hermeneutic on the 1865 Native Baptist War. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Foiera, Manuela (2007) The translation and domestication of an oriental religion into a western Catholic country: the case of Soka Gakkai in Italy. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Sivagurunathan, Shivani (2007) Coolie cartography: crossing frontiers through coolitude. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Pierre, Hazel A. (2007) Auto-biographing Caribbeanness: re-imagining diasporic nation and identity. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Lin, Wei-Cheng (2007) Seeing beauty in a face: a framework for poetry translation & its criticism. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Chen, Chia-Hwan (2007) Images of the other, images of the self : reciprocal representations of the British and the Chinese from the 1750s to the 1840s. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Marinetti, Cristina (2007) Beyond the playtext: the relationship between text and performance in the translation of Il servitore di due padroni. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Dal Brun, Ilaria (2006) Oral sources in translation: 19th century and contemporary perspectives on translating orality. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Butzbach, Lazaretta (2006) Classical Greek tragedy and the city culture of Athens. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Gould, Terence (2006) A historical study of the political and religious influences on the Alsatian language theatre. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Niblett, Michael (2006) Relocating the body : memory, ritual, and form in Caribbean liteature. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Pathak, Pathik (2005) Breaking majority rules: the politics of communities and citizens in Britain and India. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Bailach, Teresa (2005) West Indian theatre : Derek Walcott and the infinite rehearsal. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Campbell, Christopher Michael (2004) Visions of interconnection : ecocritical perspectives on the writings of Wilson Harris and Derek Walcott. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Donoso, María Elena (2004) The Chilean national identity and the indigenous peoples of Chile. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Toninato, Paola (2004) The rise of written literature among the Roma: a study of the role of writing in the current re-definition of Romani identity with specific reference to the Italian case. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Tuna, Sandra de Jesus Mendes Gonçalves (2004) Advertising in translation: the translation of cosmetics and perfume advertisements into Portuguese. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Giorgia, Alù (2003) Beyond the observation of the 'traveller' : the other and the self in the writings of Anglo-Sicilian women (1848-1910). PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Chotiudompant, Suradech (2003) Representing the human condition: a comparative study of the works of Jorge Luis Borges and Italo Calvino. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Ḥajarī, Hilāl (2003) Oman through British eyes: British travel writing on Oman from 1800 to 1970. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Chan, Elsie Kit-ying (2003) Translation as metaphor: Yan Fu and his translation principles. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Sievers, Wiebke (2003) Otherness in translation : contemporary German prose in Britain and France. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Bayer, Penny (2003) Women's alchemical literature 1560-1616 in Italy, France, the Swiss Cantons and England, and its diffusion to 1660. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Staikou, Elina Theodorou (2002) Metaphors of travel and writing: deconstruction of the "at-home" and the promise of the other. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Lee-Loy, Anne-Marie Michelle (2002) A question of belonging : imagining the Chinese in the British West Indies. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Hammond, Andrew (2002) The debated lands: British travel writing and the construction of the Balkans. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Hardy, Stephen Paul (2001) Place and its relations in late twentieth century cultural theory and British fiction. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Mollanazar, Hussein (2001) Naturalness in the translation of novels from English to Persian. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Sahiner, Mustafa (2001) Reflections of contemporary socio-political and religious controversies in William Shakespeare's Henry IV parts 1 and 2, Henry V and Henry VI parts 1, 2 and 3. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Wong, Sui Fai (2001) The politics of representation in contemporary ethnic Chinese writing. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Haroon, Haslina (2001) The publication of Malay literary works in English translation: problems of translating from a language of limited diffusion (LLD). PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Holmes, Rachel Amanda (2001) Red, white and blue highways: British travel writing and the American road trip in the late twentieth century. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Lianeri, Alexandra (2001) Translation as a socially symbolic act : translations of the ancient Greek concept of 'democracy' in nineteenth-century Britain. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Sisley, Joy (2000) Translating from one medium to another : explorations in the referential power of translation. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Kirca, Süheyla (2000) Popularizing feminism : a comparative case study of British and Turkish women's magazines. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Bethell Bennett, Ian Anthony (2000) Transcultural rhythms : the Caribbean grandmother repeating across time and space. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Burrowes, Marcia P. A. (2000) History and cultural identity : Barbadian space and the legacy of empire. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Yakin, Orhun (1999) Translation of humour with special reference to the cartoons in 'Leman' and other popular weekly humour magazines of Turkey. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Lee Wai-sum, Amy (1999) Chinese mothers - Western daughters? : cross-cultural representations of mother-daughter relationships in contemporary Chinese and Western women's writing. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Linnemann, Martina E. (1999) From page to screen : placing hypertext fiction in an historical and contemporary context of print and electronic literary experiments. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Berk, Özlem (1999) Translation and westernisation in Turkey (from the 1840s to the 1980s). PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Polezzi, Loredana (1998) Resiting genre : a study of contemporary Italian travel writing in English translation. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Makarová, Viera (1998) The interpreter as intercultural mediator. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Yung, Lawrence Kwan-chee (1998) The China which is here : translating classical Chinese poetry. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Jobling, Paul (1998) Fashion figures : word and image in contemporary fashion photography. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Arcara, Stefania (1998) Constructing the south : Sicily, Southern Italy and the Mediterranean in British culture, 1773-1926. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Mok, Olivia Wai Han (1998) Martial arts fiction : translational migrations east and west. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

McDonagh, John (1998) Narrating the nation? : post-colonial perspectives on Patrick Kavanagh's 'The great hunger' (1942) and Brendan Kennelly's 'Cromwell' (1983). PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Chang, Nam Fung (1997) Yes prime manipulator : a descriptive study of a Chinese translation of British political humour. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Bai, Rongning (1996) Brecht and China : a mutual response. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Rudvin, Mette (1996) The role of norms in text production : case study of a nineteenth-century Norwegian folktale collection and its role in the shaping of national identity. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Buonanno, Giovanna (1995) A stage under petticoat government : Italian international actresses in the age of Queen Victoria. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Long, Lynne (1995) Well and truly translated : an exploration of the processes at work in Englishing the Bible from the seventh to the seventeenth century. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Aydin, Kamil (1994) Western images of Turkey in the twentieth century. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Guillemot, Sabine (1994) Trans-lingual : a study of bilingualism with special reference to translation. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Fung, Mary M. Y. (1994) Translating poetic metaphor: explorations of the processes of translating. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Nintai, Moses Nunyi (1993) Mapping transference : problems of African literature and translation from French into English. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

Mehdid, Malika (1993) Tradition and subversion : gender and post-colonial feminism : the case of the Arab region (with particular reference to Algeria). PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

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phd thesis on translation studies

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Bolzan, therefore I want to thank him for his enlightening advice.

Related Papers

… Translation Scenarios: Proceedings of the Marie …

Stavroula Sokoli

This article aims to portray LvS (Learning via Subtitling), a tool developed by the Laboratory of Educational Material of the Hellenic Open University, which is based on the simulation of a professional activity, that of film subtitling. LvS has been designed for the creation of active learning task-based activities, where cultural elements are involved in an authentic and motivating way and which expose the FL learners to highly contextualized language input. Multimedia is used as the core of an activity - and not as a "nice" add-on - which even when presented as a learning exercise remains a valid real-world engaging task. The student is asked, after some introductory tasks, to create subtitles or complete unfinished ones for a film scene selected according to the teacher's specific pedagogical goals. The outcome of this activity (the subtitled clip), unlike most FL learning activities, provides a hands-on result: the student's work is tangible, viewable, and can be shared with other students and teachers.

phd thesis on translation studies

Are subtitling practices different in Greece and Spain? And if so, how and why? These are the questions that instigated this study in the first place. In the attempt to answer them, first a theoretical framework is established and conceptual tools are provided, including the notion of recoverability, categories of temporal relations between subtitles and utterances, as well as subtitle types, most notably the type termed “zero-liner”. This research is based on three general hypotheses: that the most suitable approach for such a query is a descriptive product-focused methodology based on norm theory; that there are regularities in the subtitling practice; and that subtitling norms are of a different nature in Spain, a dubbing country, and Greece, a subtitling country. Methods include the use of a questionnaire directed to subtitlers in both countries and a quantitative analysis of the Greek and Spanish subtitles aligned with the utterances from ten US blockbusters produced from 1993 to 2003. The quantitative study analyses differences in subtitle numbers, subtitle distribution and duration, number of characters per subtitle, number of subtitles consisting of full-sentences and temporal relationships between utterances and their respective subtitles. Regularities revealed by quantitative results point to norms whose operation is investigated through sample analysis. This qualitative analysis aims: to exemplify the recoverability hypothesis and how it seems to affect subtitlers’ decisions to use omissions; to illustrate how pauses and shot changes may influence the distribution of subtitles; and to answer some of the questions raised in the quantitative analysis. Combining textual (subtitled film analysis) with extratextual (questionnaire results and literature review) sources of norms enables arriving at safer conclusions. Overall, the number of subtitles is recurrently higher in Spanish but this does not necessarily mean that Greek versions translate less. This phenomenon is caused by differences both in subtitle distribution and in the use of omissions. The consistency of regularities in all ten of them seems to point that norms revealed in this study operate in most movies that have been subtitled in Greece and Spain at the turn of the millennium. The findings contribute to the advance of AVT studies by foregrounding two national subtitling practices. Besides, the theoretical results could have some bearing on general translation studies. The findings could be used in applied translation studies not only for the explanation and prediction of the way subtitles are manifested, but also in the training of subtitlers. What can be considered a further contribution of this study is the corpus itself which could be used in future qualitative or quantitative analyses.

Linguistica …

Maribel Tercedor

Jennifer Lertola

This paper reports on a quasi-experimental study carried out at the National University of Ireland to investigate the development of subtitlingin the foreign-language class. The study uses both qualitative and quantitative methods and focuses on the effects of the subtitling task onincidental vocabulary acquisition. The sixteen students (Level A2 of CEFR) of Italian as a foreign language were assigned either subtitling practice (Experimental Group) or oral comprehension tasks and writingtasks (Control Group). Both groups worked for a total of four hours (1hour per week). All participants sat a pre-test to ensure the target wordswere unknown; immediate and delayed post-tests were administered after the experiment. The results are presented and discussed.


Joselia Neves

The Didactics of Audiovisual Translation

Dionysios Kapsaskis

This paper argues that the pressures placed on translators working in a globalised context amount to a professional identity crisis which should also concern academic translator training programmes. Focusing on the example of subtitling, the paper first shows that the role of subtitlers within the subtitling workflow has been fragmented because of structural changes in the industry, such as outsourcing and the use of template files. The issue of translation quality is key in this context. An analysis of the French and Greek subtitles of an episode of the The Sopranos, which were based on a template file, will suggest that quality may suffer as result of the centralisation of the subtitling process, which has become less reliant on the specialist competence of subtitlers. Broadening the discussion, it will be argued that translators in general are often called to play an extremely flexible and less specialist role in the industry. A pertinent response by translator training courses would be to shift the emphasis from specialisation to the development of a core translation competence, as a means of redefining and empowering the professional identity of translators.

Topics in Audiovisual Translation

Carles Dorado Perea

Anglo-Saxónica 3:3 (special issue; Anthony Pym and Alexandra Assis Rosa (eds))

sara magro ramos pinto

Even though it has been with us since the origins of cinema, audiovisual translation (AVT) has only asserted itself as a research field since the 1990s. This is when a more professional perspective, mainly concerned with the stages and specificities of audiovisual translation, gave way to the discussion of the semiotic nature of the audiovisual product and the context in which translation choices are made. Together with its remarkable growth as a professional activity, mostly due to the developments of the digital era, AVT has also undergone a boom in its scope, both in terms of the different translation modes nowadays taken as audiovisual translation and the genres and media involved. In this article I present an overview of AVT as a discipline, the challenges it faces, and the research that has been developed, with particular attention to the situation in Portugal.

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Cláudia Martins

EU High Level Scientific …

Annalisa Sandrelli

Raffaella Panizzon

Łukasz Bogucki

Laura Incalcaterra Mclaughlin , Jennifer Lertola , Laura Mcloughlin


claudia borghetti

Jean-Marc Lavaur

claudia borghetti , Jennifer Lertola

ClipFlair Project Outcomes

Patrick Zabalbeascoa , Stavroula Sokoli , Olga Torres-Hostench

Agnieszka Szarkowska

Avanca - Cinema 2015

Soledad Zarate

Kristijan Nikolić

Anca Frumuselu , Sven Maeyer , Vincent Donche

Eszter Ernst-Kurdi

Kathrine Beuchert

Jorge Díaz-Cintas

The Routledge Handbook of Translation Studies

Audiovisual Translation: Language Transfer on Screen. Basingstoke

Stavroula Sokoli , Olga Torres-Hostench , Patrick Zabalbeascoa

Atbin Atbinus

Alvin Taufik

Jan-Louis Kruger

Anastasia Beltramello

Jennifer Lertola , NOA TALAVAN

Hamid Marashi

Thiago Wanderson

Alejandro Bolaños García-Escribano

Cristina Mariotti , Jennifer Lertola

Karla Marie Monaya

David Orrego-Carmona

International Journal of Multilingual Education

Georgia Dimopoulou

Francesco Vitucci


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ABDOU, SHAYMAA,HUSSEIN,SAMY,MOHA (2016) Narratives of Selfhood: A Study of the Arabic Biographical Novel, 1967- 2010. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

ABID, MUHAMMAD-AFZAL (2010) al-Misbāh fī al-Nahw By Nāsir al-Dīn al-Mutarrizī al-Nahwī (d. 610/1213) A Critical Edition of the Text with the Life History of the Author. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

ABU-TALAG, SALEM,ETAHER,MUSTAFA (2016) Libyan Secondary School EFL Teachers and Communicative Language Teaching: Attitudes, Beliefs and Constraints in Implementation. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

AHMED, ZHWAN,OTHMAN (2019) The Application of English Theories to Sorani Phonology. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

AL-QENAIE, SHAMLAN,DAWOUD (2011) Kuwaiti Arabic: A Socio-Phonological Perspective. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

ALAIYED, MAJEDAH,ABDULLAH,SALEH (2018) Diglossic Code-Switching between Standard Arabic and Najdi Arabic in Religious Discourse. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

ALARDAWE, RANIA,MOHAMDSHAREEF,S (2016) The Poetic Image of Water in Jāhilī and Andalusian Poetry; A Phenomenological Comparative Study. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

ALDERSON, MICHAEL,PETER (2014) Melanchthon’s Authorizing of Luther: An Examination of the Narrative Origins of Sixteenth-Century Historical Life-Writing. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.



ALLBESON, TOM,JAMES (2012) Ruins, Reconstruction and Representation: Photography and the City in Postwar Western Europe (1945-58). Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

ALLEN, JESSICA (2018) Family Ties: Women, their Friendships, and Intellectual Kinship in Early Modern France. Masters thesis, Durham University.

Almanna, Ali (2013) Quality in the Translation of Narrative Fictional Texts from Arabic into English for the Purposes of Publication: Towards a Systematic Approach to (Self)-assessing the Translation Process. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

ALNASER, MOHAMMAD (2010) Multi-word Items in Dictionaries from a Translator's Perspective. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

ALQUNAYIR, ASMA,ALI,M (2019) 'Transediting’ Saudi Arabia by the BBC: a corpus-driven critical discourse analysis study of representations and power negotiation, 2013–2015. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

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ANLEY, MAXWELL,LYDSTON (2011) An Aesthetics of Exclusion: Konstantin Vaginov's Kozlinaia pesn'. Masters thesis, Durham University.

ANLEY, MAXWELL,LYDSTON (2015) The Wisdom of Brainless Knights: Paradox, Dialectics and Literature's Conditions of Possibility. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

ARGEG, GARSA,MOUSBAH (2015) The Problems of Translating Medical Terms from English into Arabic. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

ARMENGOL, DAMIEN (2009) From Novel to Film: Claude Chabrol's adaptations of Ruth Rendell's A Judgement in Stone (La Ceremonie) And The Bridesmaid (La Demoiselle d'Honneur). Masters thesis, Durham University.

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BAI, GE (2019) The Paratexts of Erotic Translation: Lady Chatterley’s Lover and Lolita in China. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

BAILEY, SAMUEL,WILLIAM,JOHN (2022) Disability, Desire, and the Lyric in Seventeenth-Century France. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

BAKER, ROSEMARI,ELIZABETH (2010) Shklovsky in the Cinema, 1926-1932. Masters thesis, Durham University.

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BARTOSOVA, BARBORA (2017) Search for Tradition in Modern Art. Masters thesis, Durham University.

BELTRAMI, MARZIA (2017) The Spatial Dimension of Narrative Understanding. Exploring Plot Types in the Narratives of Alessandro Baricco, Andrea Camilleri and Italo Calvino. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

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Boalch, Nicholas (2005) Opening the theatre beneath the sand: Issues of translation and performance in Federico García Lorca's El publico. Unspecified thesis, Durham University.

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BUXTON, SARAH,VICTORIA (2010) Saints George, Sebastian, and Eustace in Medieval Castilian Prose Hagiography. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

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