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phd thesis submission letter

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phd thesis submission letter

Official Letter - Thesis and Completion Research Degrees Only

Send to friend

Official letters are printed on University letterhead, and can be requested for:

1. Confirmation of Thesis Submission

2. Confirmation Of Completion date (if you require details of your graduation ceremony please indicate this in the comments)

Please indicate which campus GGRS Office  you would prefer to pick up your letter from.

Alternatively, you can have this mailed (shipped) to your student mailing address and/or emailed to you.

Please allow five (5) working days for processing this request.

"This product can be used to request an official letter relating to a research degree only. If you require a letter relating to an undergraduate or postgraduate degree please refer to the  Student Administration  page."

phd thesis submission letter

Preparing to Graduate

The slides from the January 25th  Winter 2023 dissertation/thesis formatting webinar can be found  here .  They provide an overview of the dissertation/thesis submission process and formatting guidelines. Please refer to the full formatting manual for detailed information.

Dissertation/Thesis Appointments

Request preliminary and final dissertation/thesis appointments via the online calendar. Appointments should be scheduled during the planned graduation quarter.

Schedule Now

phd thesis submission letter

The Graduate School

Formal Submissions

Formal submissions must be completed by 5:00 p.m. on the date of the submission deadline (see the Academic Year Deadlines for dates). See the appropriate document-type checklist below ( Doctoral Dissertations or Master's Theses ) for the list of required submission components.

The Graduate School editor will review all submission components in the order in which they are received, and will contact the student at their Notre Dame email address if the editor has questions or identifies problems with any submitted materials. Depending on the number of submissions received and proximity to the deadline, final reviews may take up to three weeks. If outstanding issues are not resolved as communicated by the editor, the Graduate School reserves the right to request a dean's hold on the student's diploma or reject a submission and remove the student from the graduation list. 

If there are no issues with the components of the formal submission, the student will receive an email stating that the dissertation or thesis has been approved by the Graduate School.

If you have questions about any component of the formal submission checklist, please contact the dissertation editor:

Laura Patzschke The Graduate School 117 Bond Hall Notre Dame, Indiana 46556 E-mail:  [email protected]

Formal Submission Components

These checklists apply to formal submissions only. Do not submit  formatting checks  to the CurateND intake site. If the formatting of your formal submission does not match the requirements set by UMI/ProQuest and the Graduate School, your dissertation or thesis may be rejected. It is the student's responsibility to ensure compliance with formatting guidelines.

All checklist items for the listed submission type are required unless specified as “optional.”

Doctoral Dissertation Checklist

Note: This checklist assumes you have already defended the dissertation and received the results of a preliminary formatting check.

Master's Thesis Checklist

Note: This checklist assumes you have received the results of a preliminary formatting check.

The formal review, approval, cataloging, and microfilming processes take time, so it may be several weeks before the dissertation or thesis becomes available in the University library system or on the  UMI/ProQuest  website.

After the Submission

Students who submit early in the semester and plan to begin a new job shortly after submission can request a Letter of Completion for their employer. Refer to the Active Student Registration & Student Records page for details. 

All requests concerning extending or lifting embargoes, or updates to dissertation and thesis records on CurateND or ProQuest should be directed to [email protected] .

Once a work is published to the ProQuest catalog, a $47 Vault Repair Fee is required to update the ProQuest record or PDF. Please contact  [email protected]  to initiate this process if an amendment is needed. The Acknowledgments page is the most commonly corrected page; be sure to double check it for accuracy and inclusion of all required acknowledgments, especially if your work was sponsored by an external grant or governmental office.

Alumni are encouraged to contact the Graduate School editors at [email protected] with any book publication information.  This information will be included on their CurateND record and will direct patrons to their published work.


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