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School of Public Health

Georgia State University

  • Georgia State
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Doctor of Public Health

Preparing the next generation, of public health leaders.

public health phd georgia

November 2, 2022

In an increasingly complicated world, solving complex public health problems requires collaborative leaders prepared to develop innovative strategies and solutions that engage communities and cross-sector partners.

The Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) program at Georgia State University’s School of Public Health is designed to provide the knowledge, skills, and experiences to prepare the next generation of public health leaders and chief health strategists to advance public health and health equity.

Located in downtown Atlanta, our program leverages relationships across local, state, and federal public health agencies and organizations to support outstanding training opportunities.  Our DrPH program is a generalist program grounded in the School of Public Health’s urban-global focus together with our overarching commitment to health equity, diversity, and inclusion. Designed for professionals with a  minimum  of five years of applied public health experience, the program allows students to complete their degree while maintaining full-time employment.

The need for highly-trained and prepared public health leaders committed to making a difference has never been greater. Are you ready to take the next step?

public health phd georgia

The Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) degree program at the University of Georgia College of Public Health is designed to prepare graduates for senior level public health practice careers.

Options are also available for students with interests in academia or applied research careers in public health. The program, administrated by the College’s Department of Health Policy and Management , is based on the UGA Gwinnett Campus.

The degree is designed for students with either a Master of Public Health or equivalent degree, or a professional doctorate in areas such as medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy or law.  A minimum of three years (post master’s or professional degree)  of relevant public health practice experience is required.  Our enrollment is diverse, and students include current and former employees of state and local health agencies, non-profit organizations, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

More Information


All applicants to the Doctor of Public Health degree must have:

DrPH Prerequisite Courses (15 hours) BIOS 7010 – Introduction to Biostatistics I (3 hours) EHSC 7010 – Fundamentals of Environmental Health (3 hours) EPID 7010 – Introduction to Epidemiology I (3 hours) HPAM 7010 – Introduction to Health Policy and Management (3 hours) HPRB 7010 – Social and Behavioral Foundations of Public Health (3 hours)

*Students with only a bachelor’s degree will NOT be accepted into the program. No exceptions will be given.*

The curricular focus of the DrPH program at the UGA College of Public Health is management, leadership and health policy and development.  The degree requires 57 credit hours beyond master’s level. The program operates in an executive-style format requiring two courses per semester and operate on a Fall, Spring and Summer schedule that allows for completion in four years.  A minimum letter grade of “B” is required in all course work.

Year One FALL SEMESTER HPAM 8840- Managerial Epidemiology (3 hours) HPAM 8760 – Public Health Law and Ethics for Public Health Practitioners (3 hours)

SPRING SEMESTER HPAM 8850 – Economic Evaluation Methods (3 hours) HPAM 8700 – Management of Healthcare Organizations (3 hours)

SUMMER SEMESTER HPAM 9100 – Doctor of Public Health Seminar I (3 hours)

Year Two FALL SEMESTER HPAM 8450 – Policy Evaluation (3 hours) HPAM 8410 – Informatics and Analytics in Health (3 hours)

SPRING SEMESTER HPAM 9200 – Doctor of Public Health Seminar II (3 hours) HPAM 8300 – Research Methods (3 hours)

SUMMER SEMESTER HPAM 8800 – Leadership in Public Health (3 hours)

Year Three FALL SEMESTER PBHL 9560– Public Health Applied Learning Experience (3 hours) Elective 1 (3 hours) Doctoral Comprehensive Examination

SPRING SEMESTER Elective 2 (3 hours) Elective 3 (3 hours)

SUMMER SEMESTER Elective 4 (3 hours) or HPAM 9300- Doctoral Dissertation (1-12 hrs)

Year Four FALL SEMESTER Elective 4 (3 hours) or HPAM 9300 – Doctoral Dissertation (1-12 hrs)

SPRING SEMESTER HPAM 9300 – Doctoral Dissertation (1-12 hrs)

Core Competencies

DrPH Foundational Competencies

The DrPH is the professional doctoral degree in public health, designed to produce transformative academic and practice leaders with expertise in evidence-based public health practice and research. These individuals are able to convene diverse partners; communicate to effect change across a range of sectors and settings; synthesize and translate findings; and generate practice-based evidence that advance programs, policies, services and/or systems addressing population health. The DrPH competencies defined by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) are:

Data & Analysis

Leadership, Management & Governance

Policy & Programs

Education & Workforce Development

Applied Practice Experience

As a DrPH student, you will be required to complete an Applied Practice Experience. The office of the Practice Coordinator at the College of Public Health has agreements with many exciting sites.  These sites reflect the current Public Health job market and include agencies such as the Georgia Department of Public Health and District Health offices, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, American Red Cross, local hospitals, and non-profits. New agreements can be coordinated upon request.

The following is a timeline and checklist for field placement along with links to all of the forms you will need. For more detailed information on the Applied Practice Experience (APE) process, please refer to your DrPH Applied Practice Experience Manual . Read everything carefully; you are responsible for all submissions and deadlines.  If you have any questions, please contact CPH Field Placement & Practice Coordinator at [email protected] .

Pre-Field Experience (Begins 2 Semester Before)

Field Experience Mid-Term (By Mid-Term Date)

End of Semester (Due Last Day of Class)

NOTE: Instructions for steps 1-4 are located in the DrPH Applied Practice Experience Manual .

Fall Admission Deadline:  January 31

The DrPH application opens mid-August on SOPHAS and closes January 31. Applicants who submit all applications and supporting materials by this deadline will be notified in February of their status in the program. *This notification will follow scheduled interviews to occur late February and the month of March.  An invitation and completion of an interview is mandatory for continued consideration of admission.

*Prior to the deadlines, you must have both applications completed, VERIFIED, and all supporting materials must be received by the College.  

**Admissions offices recommend submitting all materials as soon as possible since applications can take 3 to 4 weeks to be processed.

Application Requirements

International Applicants only – additional information needed by the UGA Graduate School (please click here  for more detailed information)

Applicant Interviews

Invitations are extended to selected applicants to an in-person Interview Day following initial review of applications. This series of Interview Days are scheduled in late February and the month of March.

NOTE: In order to proceed with admissions consideration for the Doctor of Public Health, an invitation MUST be extended by the program and the invited candidate must fully participate in the events during Interview Day.  Appropriate accommodations can be made when the selected candidate has extenuating circumstances which may prevent their attendance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a DrPH different from a Ph.D.?

It is important to differentiate a Ph.D. from a DrPH program.

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) is an advanced degree in research training, theory, and methodology. The program stresses knowledge and competency in statistical methods and research design. Recipients of this degree have a comprehensive understanding of research methods and the application of these methods. Usually, Ph.D. programs emphasize the utilization of experimental and quasi-experimental research designs. Such training prepares Ph.D. graduates for academic and related professions that involve teaching and research. Universities, other academic institutions, or organizations conducting research generally employ these graduates.

This program focuses on a “professional” DrPH degree targeted toward administrators and practitioners who have three or more years of professional experience beyond the MPH degree. As an advanced professional degree emphasizing methods, applications, and applied research, the DrPH links theory to practice. Its graduates solve significant public health issues using innovative methods and new knowledge. Prospective careers include high-level administration, teaching, policy-making, applied research, or program evaluation positions in which graduates will utilize the advanced analysis, critical evaluation, and problem-solving skills at the core of the DrPH program.

Where are courses taught?

All required courses are taught on the University of Georgia Gwinnett Campus in Lawrenceville, Ga.

How long will it take to complete the program?

The Dr.P.H. program operates on a Fall, Spring, and Summer schedule that allows for completion of the degree in four years. The program may be accelerated with the addition of one elective to Fall and Spring semester schedules of Year 1 and 2, but electives will be limited.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the program, you can contact the DrPH Program office at [email protected] or by calling 678-377-3656.

2022-23 DrPH Student Handbook

2022-23 drph dissertation guide.

College of Public Health University of Georgia Health Sciences Campus Athens, GA 30602

General Information / Academic Affairs: 706.542.2300

MPH Admissions: 706.583.0885 [email protected]

DrPH Admissions: 678.377.3656 [email protected]


Georgia Southern University

You are already committed to improving public health— now it’s time to level-up! Our doctoral graduates are leaders in public health, healthcare, and research. They are university professors, hospital CEOs, health department directors, andworld class practitioners and scientists. They shape health policy, they prevent disease, they make the world healthier.

Whether you’re a full-time student or an employed public health professional, our doctoral program will give you the knowledge, skills and values you’ll need to be a leader in public health.

Doctoral student at graduation

Our doctorate degree in public health will prepare you for broad-based public health practice through advanced courses in: biostatistics , environmental health , epidemiology , health services administration and social and behavioral sciences . Because public health is an interdisciplinary field with several career options, graduates can pursue several careers, such as: healthcare administrator, university or college professor, health policy analyst, biostatistician and epidemiologist.

More Information!

Why choose the drph program at georgia southern.

Our doctoral graduates have found jobs at:

CDC, FDA, National Cancer Institute, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Companies, Health Departments and Districts, and Universities across the country, to name just a few.

Three or Four year program of study

The DrPH is a 60-credit hour degree program and is designed to be completed in three or four years. See the DrPH Plans of Study . In addition to coursework, students complete a 300-hour preceptorship and are required to prepare, complete and successfully defend an integrative learning experience.


The DrPH program offers students the opportunity to specialize their training in five program concentration areas on our Statesboro campus :


The DrPH Biostatistics program prepares students to function as advanced biostatisticians in public health and biomedical related fields. Students completing a DrPH in Biostatistics will be able to develop and apply statistical reasoning and methods to address, analyze and solve problems in public health, healthcare, biomedical, clinical and population-based research.

Course requirements and descriptions are in the Georgia Southern University Graduate Catalog .

Community Health Behavior and Education

The DrPH Community Health Behavior and Education program prepares students to assume leadership positions within community health programs. With a solid grounding in social and behavioral sciences theory, the graduate will be well-equipped to provide leadership in a variety of community/public health programs, conduct community-based participatory programs, seek funding through grant writing, and develop and disseminate research-based evidence.

Course requirements and descriptions are in the  Georgia Southern University Graduate Catalog .


The DrPH Epidemiology program prepares individuals to function as applied epidemiologists in public health fields. Students will be able to serve the community, region, state and nation working through government, private and academic sectors by using their gained epidemiological skills in order to help solve public health problems in rural and urban environments.

Health Policy

Health Policy and Management focuses on integrating and applying knowledge and skills in leadership, practice, policy analysis, program and budget management, and communication, with an emphasis on the applications of policy, practice and management perspectives to contemporary health problems. Students will be trained to provide leadership in public health and health organizations in a variety of settings.

Public Health Leadership Online

The DrPH Public Health Leadership (online) program focuses on providing leadership training and experiences in the public health community. Students will become leaders adept at complex problem-solving for the efficient utilization of resources, analysis of health needs in the community, policy development and implementation.

Course requirements and course descriptions are in the  Georgia Southern University Graduate Catalog .

public health phd georgia

“I feel fulfilled through the training and mentorship, and the networking opportunities I’ve had, — I feel like that built me into a researcher and will prepare me for whatever challenges that I face in the future. And through my experience here, I know people to connect with when I have challenges, and I know how to identify resources to make me a better researcher.” — Sylvia Ofori, DrPH

Important Links for DrPH Program DrPH Admissions Information JPHCOPH Graduate Application FAQs Application Deadlines DrPH Graduation Requirements Doctorate Non-Degree Requirements DrPH Competencies and Outcomes Plans of Study Disclosures

CEPH accreditation logo

Our program is accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health.

Undergraduate programs are available on both the Armstrong and Statesboro Campuses. Graduate programs are available on the Statesboro campus or online.

Do You Have Questions? Contact Us!

Jiann-ping hsu college of public health.

Email: Graduate Advisor

Armstrong Campus

Solms Hall, Suite 109 11935 Abercorn Street Savannah, GA 31419 Phone: 912-478-2674

Statesboro Campus

Hendricks Hall 501 Forest Dr. Statesboro, GA 30458 Phone: 912-478-2674

Last updated: 2/24/2023

Connect with us!

Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health  •   [email protected]

Armstrong Campus : Solms Hall Suite 109, Savannah, GA • 912-478-2674

Statesboro Campus : Hendricks Hall, Statesboro, GA • 912-478-2674

Georgia Southern University

Jack N. Averitt College of Graduate Studies

Doctor of Public Health, Dr.P.H.

About the program.

The Doctor of Public Health (Dr.P.H.) program at Georgia Southern University will prepare you to be an effective public health professional. Whether you’re a full-time student or an employed public health professional, our program will give you the knowledge, skills and values you’ll need to join the workforce or to upgrade your skills and your career path.

The Dr.P.H. Program offers students the opportunity to specialize their training in four program concentration areas:

Program Contact Information

General Admissions Questions, Post Admissions Advisement Monica Brister Coordinator of Student Services [email protected] 912-478-2674

SOPHAS Application Questions SOPHAS Coordinator [email protected] 912-478-2674

SOPHAS Technical Info [email protected] 617-612-2090 Website:  help.liaisonedu.com/SOPHAS_Applicant_Help_Center

Admission Requirements

*Some students may be required to take prerequisite coursework prior to beginning the program of study. Conditions of admission will be presented at the student’s first advisement appointment.

Applications for the JPHCOPH graduate programs are accepted for  FALL  admission only.  Applications and ALL supporting documents must be in SOPHAS no later than the  JPHCOPH Application Deadline  to be considered for admission .   Per the application timeline below, it is highly recommended that your application and all supporting documents be received by SOPHAS  at  least four (4) weeks  prior to the JPHCOPH application deadline date.   (NOTE:  If ALL supporting documents are not in SOPHAS by the deadline date, your application will be marked as Incomplete and will not be considered for admission.)

Application Timeline

Please allow enough time for processing when submitting an application and supporting documents.   The entire admissions application process can take approximately ten (12) weeks .   (Note: Processing times vary throughout the cycle, therefore this timeline may not apply to every applicant’s situation.)

NOTE:  It is highly recommended that you request official transcripts/foreign evaluations, test scores, and reference letters  at least eight (8) weeks  prior to the JPHCOPH application deadline date.

Last updated: 7/27/2022

Contact Information

Office of Graduate Admissions Physical Address: 261 Forest Drive PO Box 8113 Statesboro, GA 30460 Georgia Southern University Phone: 912-478-5384 Fax: 912-478-0740 gradadmissions @georgiasouthern.edu

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Georgia Southern University College of Graduate Studies

Office of Graduate Admissions • P.O. Box 8113 Statesboro, GA 30460 • 912-478-5384 • [email protected]

Privacy Overview

DrPH Public Health Doctoral Programs in Georgia

Are you seeking advanced leadership roles in public health and healthcare? If so, the two main doctoral degrees awarded are: the DrPH and PHD in Public Health . Do you have the Master of Public Health or its equivalent? Are you intending to pursue or advance a professional practice career in the field? Or. are you seeking to lead a team or initiative? If so, Either the Doctor of Philosophy or the Doctor of Public Health degree (DrPH Programs) warrants consideration.

DrPH Programs and PhD Programs in Public Health in Georgia: Basics

Applicants to both the DrPH and PhD in Public Health often aspire to work in top leadership positions, either locally or internationally. They frequently work in groups such as:

Admission requirements vary between universities and programs. However, to be eligible to apply into a doctoral program, a prospective candidate usually needs a bachelor’s degree. Also they may need some type of public health and/or service experience. Often required is a master’s or doctoral degree (e.g. MD) in a relevant field plus experience. Universities may look for a candidate with an undergraduate or graduate degree background in the health sciences. Universities may also look for candidates with a background in other applicable fields (e.g. biology, medicine, psychology, economics, business, health care, epidemiology).

DID YOU KNOW? Some health educator positions require a doctoral degree. Graduate programs are commonly in community health education, school health education, public health education, or health promotion (BLS) [ii].

DrPH vs. PhD in Public Health: Which one is best for you?

In the field of public health, the highest scholarly awards include the Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) and the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.). [iii] Ascertaining which one is best for you comes down to identifying your goals as well as the differences between the two degrees. Essentially, the DrPH is regarded as a professional leadership degree. The Ph.D. as more of an academic degree [iv].

DrPH Programs in Georgia

The Doctor of Public Health degree is designed for students who aspire to pursue or advance a professional practice career in public health. Are you interested in a high-level administration or a research and analytical position? If so, DrPH Programs may be a good fit. Examples of potential job titles could include:

The usual requirement for entry into this program is a Master’s degree in Public Health (MPH). A DrPH program ideally develops in its graduates all the skill sets included in MPH programs. There is often an increased emphasis on high level skills in problem-solving. Also, there is a focus on the application of public health concepts to real-world issues. Students working towards a doctor of public health might take generalist classes across a range of topics that might include:

Additionally, there may be some applied case-based classes. Also there may be the ability to customize a curriculum based on particular ambitions or interests. DrPh programs typically involve a dissertation. The programs may be completed in 4 years(although this varies).

The PhD in Public Health in Georgia

The Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health may be a good fit for you if your passion lies with public health research. Are you someone who is interested in contributing to the field as a scholar-practitioner? If so, PhD Public Health Programs call for students to make an impact via an original dissertation on the public health topic of their choosing.

As an academic degree, the PhD in Public Health is oriented to candidates with interests in the scientific basis of public health and preventive medicine. This may be the next step for someone who has earned a Master of Science in Public Health. It also may be the next step for an individual who aspires to pursue a potential career in research, university teaching, policy analysis and development, and other high-level public healt positions. Examples of potential job titles could include:

Some of the topics that doctoral students might find in the core study topics could include:

Doctorate Public Health Program in GeorgiaOptions

By the time you are ready to contemplate either PhD or a DrPh programs, likely you have a specific interest in mind. GradSchools.com site is structured so that you can search for a doctoral program by subject. This can help narrow your search down so that you have a focused set of programs to consider. You can browse our sponsored listings in:

Online or On Campus?

Have you decided which doctorate in public health you’re seeking to earn? If so, begin a search for a program format that meets your needs. Many students enrolled in a doctorate in public health program find that an accredited online university provides the freedom they need to balance work and family commitments. And at the same time they discover they can still engage in rigorous academic coursework. However, because of the interactive nature of some public health programs, you may find more options for campus programs. Or, you may just feel drawn to the social learning environment of traditional study. If that is the case, you can look for accredited graduate schools by location. Choose the city, state or country and search results are generated. You can then request info from the university to see what is involved.

Some of the sponsored programs you might find could include:


Currently in the United States, the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) accredits schools of public health. The CEPH is an independent agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. They can accredit schools of public health and public health programs outside schools of public health. [xiii]

Take the Next Step

What is the emphasis on both the academic and professional doctoral degrees in public health? The emphasis is to reach for a high level of practitioner or scholarly knowledge and competency across a variety of areas. Are you seeking advanced education in public health? Are you seeking a mastery of skills in management, leadership, communications, and innovative thinking? Or, are you interested more in epidemiology, biostatistics and health services? With the rising interest in public health, [xiv] why not take the next step? Research DrPh Programs and PhD in Public Health programs to find the one that resonates with you!

sources: [i ] en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_health[ii] bls.gov/OOH/community-and-social-service/health-educators.htm |[iii] en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_health | [iv] en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_health | [v] onetonline.org/link/summary/21-1094.00 | [vi] onetonline.org/link/summary/19-3041.00 | [vii] onetonline.org/link/summary/19-3041.00 |[viii] onetonline.org/link/summary/19-1041.00 |[ix] onetonline.org/link/summary/19-1041.00 |[x] onetonline.org/link/summary/19-1041.00 |[xi] onetonline.org/link/summary/19-2041.00 | [xii] bls.gov/OOH/community-and-social-service/health-educators.htm [xiii] http://ceph.org/ [xiv] bls.gov/ooh/life-physical-and-social-science/epidemiologists.htm

Bureau of Labor Statistics

PhD Degrees in Public Health  in  Georgia

Schools with Public Health Doctoral Programs in Georgia

Gradschools.com offers 4 public health doctoral programs in georgia.

Capella University Graduate Programs

Northcentral University

Capella university, emory university, georgia southern university, university of georgia, georgia state university.



Specialty Selection

Program Level

By Location:

Popular City

Sponsored meaning explained.

EducationDynamics receives compensation for the featured schools on our website (see "Sponsored Schools" or "Sponsored Listings" or "Sponsored Results" or "Featured Schools'). So what does this mean for you?

Compensation may impact where the Sponsored Schools appear on our websites, including whether they appear as a match through our education matching services tool, the order in which they appear in a listing, and/or their ranking. Our websites do not provide, nor are they intended to provide, a comprehensive list of all schools (a) in the United States, (b) located in a specific geographic area or (c) that offer a particular program of study. By providing information or agreeing to be contacted by a Sponsored School, you are in no way obligated to apply to or enroll with the school.

Your trust is our priority. We at EducationDynamics believe you should make decisions about your education with confidence. That's why EducationDynamics is also proud to offer free information on its websites, which has been used by millions of prospective students to explore their education goals and interests.

public health phd georgia

Georgia State University

public health phd georgia

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Learn about our faculty.

Rollins News

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Events at Rollins

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Ben Lopman AAAS

Online Masters In Public Health

MPH Degrees

The 5 Best Public Health Degree Programs in Georgia

Find a school.

Best Public Health Degree Programs in Georgia

According to the Georgia Department of Public Health, the leading killer of state residents aged 45 and older is ischemic heart and vascular disease. Major public health problems that impact Georgia residents include:

Georgia ranks 38th on U.S. News & World Report’s public health rankings by state. It ranked extremely low in infant mortality (47th), mortality (38th), obesity (31st) and mental health (31st). All of these are areas in which Georgia needs some serious help.

Georgia Public Health Degree Program Methodology

In building the ranking for The 5 Best Public Health Degree Programs in Georgia, we here at OnlineMastersinPublicHealth scoured Georgia to find all of the Public Health degree programs available throughout the state. We then followed a standard methodology which we explain below. In some cases, incomplete data from our sources may cause an institution to be excluded from the ranking.

Methodology for Public Health Degrees

1. University of Georgia

Athens, Georgia

public health phd georgia

UGA’s College of Public Health offers students a 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio, a strong research focus, and a 92% completion rate. It offers a number of Public Health degrees. They include:

If you like UGA and want to request more information, go to their prospective students page .

You can visit the program wepage for more details. Also, if you’re interested in UGA’s MPH program you can email [email protected] to request more info.

2. Emory University

Atlanta, Georgia

Emory School of Public Health Logo

Emory offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral public health programs in a whopping 19 different specializations. They include:

You can visit the program webpage to learn more about it. Prospective students should be sure to request more information from Emory if you’re interested in their programs.

3. Agnes Scott College

Decatur, Georgia

Agnes Scott College Logo undergraduate degree in public health

In 2017-18, undergraduate tuition at Agnes Scott is:

Agnes Scott offers a major and minor in public health. Students will:

Students will be prepared to enter a wide range of graduate and professional programs in medicine, human rights, public policy, and the natural and social sciences, while also receiving a solid Liberal Arts Education.

You can visit the program webpage here for more details or to request more info about Agnes Scott’s public health program.

4. Georgia College and State University

Milledgeville, Georgia

Georgia College Logo Millledgeville Georgia Public Health Programs

In 2017-18, undergraduate tuition and fees at Georgia College are:

Georgia College offers a Public Health B.S. that rose out of its previous B.S. in Community Health. The program began in 2016. Students will learn to:

In topics covered include:

You’ll also have opportunities for internships, research, scholarships and to join campus organizations.

You can find the program webpage here. Remember to request more information about Georgia College and you can email Dr. Barbara Funke [email protected] to contact Georgia College’s public health staff directly.

5. Mercer University

Macon, Georgia

public health phd georgia

In 2017-18, graduate tuition and fees at Mercer are:

Mercer offers a BSPH and MPH program. The BSPH:

The MPH at Mercer:

You can check out the program webpage here for more details or request more information about Mercer’s public health programs.

Georgia Public Health Degree Programs – In Conclusion

Before confining yourself to public health degree programs in Georgia, take a look at some of the top MPH programs in the country. We’ve ranked them here, on our Top 25 Online MPH Programs ranking.

You might also consider some of the other terrific options in Georgia for higher education in public health. These include:

Don’t forget to check out our rankings on online Biostatistics MPH degree programs . We’ve also ranked the online Bachelor’s in Public Health Degree Programs , and Online Master’s Degree in Health Administration programs . Prospective students should request more info for any program you’re interested in.

Doctor of Public Health (DrPH)

Online and Onsite | Part-Time | 4 – 9 Years

Tuition and Funding

Custom Track

About the Doctor of Public Health Program

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As the most advanced, professional qualification in public health, the DrPH prepares early- to mid-career domestic and international public health professionals to assume leadership roles in public health policy and practice positions as well as in health services delivery settings.

The Schoolwide DrPH program is a flexible, part-time program delivered through online and intensive, week-long on-site courses in summer and winter institutes (in June and January respectively). Students are expected to remain in relevant public health employment throughout their studies.

The DrPH program is built around foundational competencies that focus on leadership, analytical skills, communication, policy, management, and program design and evaluation. Instruction is delivered through an integrated sequence of problem-based learning classes that address current public health challenges and provide students with opportunities to apply skills in a close to real-life setting.

The DrPH allows professionals to continue improving health and saving lives while pursuing their studies wherever they are in the world.

Doctor of Public Health Program Highlights

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What Can You Do With a DrPH?

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Where Can You Work With a DrPH?

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Curriculum for the Doctor of Public Health

Students in the DrPH Program complete a minimum of 29 credits of foundational course work taken by all DrPH students to meet the CEPH foundational DrPH competencies, which include a minimum of 6 credits of data analysis course work. Students also take an additional 28 credits of course work related to their concentration or track, and a minimum of 7 proposal and thesis credits. Overall, the DrPH requires a minimum total of 64 credits for graduation.

concentrations & tracks

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Concentrations & Tracks

Environmental Health Concentration (2 tracks available)

Global Health: Policy & Evaluation Concentration

Health Equity & Social Justice Concentration

Health Policy & Management Concentration (4 tracks available)

Implementation Science Concentration

Women's & Reproductive Health Concentration

Admissions Requirements

For the general admissions requirements see our How to Apply page. The specific program also requires:

Prior Graduate Degree

MPH or other health-related master's degree; students who have not completed an MPH may need to take additional core coursework concurrent with the 57 didactic credits required for the DrPH.

Prior Work Experience

Minimum 3 years of professional, full-time public health experience in the applicant's area of interest by the Dec. 1st application deadline.

Standardized Test Scores

Standardized test scores are  not required and not reviewed  for this program. If you have taken a standardized test such as the GRE, GMAT, or MCAT and want to submit your scores, please note that they will not be used as a metric during the application review.  Applications will be reviewed holistically based on all required application components.

Mark J. Bittle, DrPH, MBA

Mark Bittle is the Chair of the schoolwide Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) program and a senior scientist in the Department of Health Policy and Management. He currently serves as director for the School's Master of Health Administration and the Master of Applied Science in Population Health Management. His work focuses on the organizational and management factors that influence physician alignment and managing change in complex organizations.

Mark J. Bittle, DrPH, MBA

Renee M. Johnson, PhD, MPH

Renee M. Johnson is Deputy Chair of the schoolwide Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) program. She is also Associate Professor & Vice Chair for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in Mental Health. She co-directs NIH-funded Drug Dependence Epidemiology Training Program and previously served on the MPH Executive Board. Her work addresses substance use, injury and violence, overdose prevention, and adolescent health.

Part-time DrPH students pay by the credit and finance their graduate studies through a variety of funding options ranging from paying out of pocket, to utilizing employer tuition remission benefits, financial aid , external scholarships, and military funding.

Bloomberg American Health Initiative DrPH Fellowships

The Bloomberg American Health Initiative offers 8-10 highly competitive fellowships for incoming DrPH students currently working with U.S. organizations on the front lines of one of the Bloomberg American Health Initiative’s five focus areas: addiction and overdose, environmental challenges, obesity and the food system, risks to adolescent health, and violence. A separate application process is required for consideration. Please note that only about 12% of fellowship applicants receive an award. It is important that applicants consider additional funding means prior to applying for the DrPH Program.

For further details regarding eligibility and the application process, please visit the Bloomberg American Health Initiative website.

Questions about the program? We're happy to help.

Brenda K. Hedrick, PhD, MA

Academic Program Manager

Sheryl Flythe, BS

Senior Academic Adviser

[email protected]

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