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  1. (PDF) Leadership Skills: Fundamental in Leading to Effective

    The different types of leadership skills are, communication, motivation, creativity, positivity, feedback, delegating, trustworthiness, work ethics, conscientiousness and dispute settlement....

  2. Leadership Knowledge and Skills: The Essentials for Effectiveness

    This chapter summarizes the research on effective leadership and the knowl-edge and skills essential to persuading and influencing subordinates to be effective in performing their tasks. Included is an exploration of the practical applications of theories of leadership and sources of power. The Nature of Leadership Leadership is an enigma ...


    leadership skills as a function of experience. In the Mumford, Marks, Connelly, Zaccaro, and Reiter-Palmon (2000) study, the cross-sectional sample of Army lead-ers was used to test this proposition. Here, it was found that the knowledge and skills measured using the open-ended constructed response measures showed the

  4. (PDF) Characteristics of Effective Leadership

    The characteristics of effective leadership are, honesty and integrity, confidence, skills and abilities, commitment and passion, accountability, delegation and empowerment, creativity and...

  5. How Effective Leadership can Facilitate Change in

    with strong leadership skills are able to shape a positive culture in the organization (Ionescu, 2014), due to them being able to inspire trust from their employees. A positive organizational culture not only improves Global Journal of Management and Business Research Volume XV Issue IX Version I Y ear ( ) A 201 ©2015 Global Journal1s Inc. (US)

  6. Seven Steps for Effective Leadership Development

    Identifying the leadership style f or an organization by using this approach includes identification of the type of work, the complexity of the organization, and the qualifications of the followers. Additional leadership styles include pluralistic leadership that revolves around group decision-making, a style that values the opinions of others.