72 Business Intelligence Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  • Business Intelligence Approaches Business intelligence is a term used to refer to a collection of applications that aim at keeping and making available a data bank in a certain industry or organization; the bank is referred to when […]
  • The Distinction Between Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management, Sales Forecasting, Market Research, and Common Sense in Business In addition to this, businesses and companies tend to use business intelligence to bring about consistency in decision making, emphasize on incorporation of business information and analytical technique into tactical decisions and strategic processes and […]
  • Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing System The name business intelligence is a name that was formed in the mid 1950s to describe the act of changing un-grouped data from a company’s or an organization’s contrasting functional data into a common data […]
  • Business Intelligence Solutions in UAE Companies An organization seeking the best intelligence vendors in the market should evaluate other business intelligence organizations on the bases of their BI vendors and should also seek the opinion of other successful BI enabled companies […]
  • Current and Emerging Technology in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence To help address this need, business have developed a desire for data warehousing tools that designed to offer flexibility in terms of decision making by the management and chief information officers.
  • Business Intelligence and Decision Making As can be deduced from the preceding discussion, both the IBM and SAS Business Intelligence solutions have a variety of benefits to offer to business enterprises.
  • Cloud Business Intelligence in SMEs Cloud business Intelligence allows SMEs to enjoy the benefits of the process in a short amount of time. In the past, this involved all the expenses entailed in the purchase of the license for the […]
  • The Importance of Business Intelligence Intelligent decisions needs to be made to drive business forward thus the importance of business intelligence which is the computer based applications and technologies for gathering, storing and analyzing business data such as sales revenue […]
  • E-Commerce: Mining Data for Better Business Intelligence The method allowed the use of Intel and an example to build the study and the literature on data mining for business intelligence to analyze the findings.
  • The UAE Traffic Department’s Business Intelligence The primary purpose of the paper is to evaluate the effectiveness of the business intelligence for the Traffic Department of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Business Intelligence Systems and Data Organization The hypothesis of the study is the following: the integration of the BI systems in the police working process impacts the data organization in a positive way; as a result, it may increase the working […]
  • Mobile Business Intelligence Trends The use of foresight theory and practices to identify future trends in business processes has allowed firms to adjust their business activities.
  • Decision Support System and Business Intelligence The inability of an organisation to prepare users adequately for the system change is the major cause of DSS/BI failures in many organisations.
  • The Use of Competitive Intelligence in Business The process directed at the acquisition and collection of the data concerning the advantages and disadvantages of a business and its competitors is referred to as competitive intelligence.
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics The obvious benefit that the utilization of business intelligence and analytics can bring to an establishment is, as said, the improvement of decision-making.
  • Business Intelligence: Create, Implement, Use The position taken on business intelligence is that BI is a process that is created, implemented and practiced using business analytic tools to analyze past and present data and enable effective decision making at all […]
  • Business Intelligence Strategy and Framework Most importantly, the BI strategy framework monitors the alignment of the corporate mission to the current business strategy that leads to resilience.
  • Business Intelligence in Healthcare The given essay discusses the current benefits of BI and possible breakthroughs in preventative health, which may come about because of the use of such technologies. This may lead to the betterment of health management […]
  • Google Analytics as a Business Intelligence Tool Google Analytics is considered a powerful freemium tool for Web site and mobile app analysis, making it one of the most successful BI tools with superior return on investment.
  • Saudi Arabian Companies: Business Intelligence System These people must be able to make recommendations about the functionality of the BI system and its design. They can rely on the experience of other companies, which tried to implement BI system, and avoid […]
  • Intelligence and Communication in Business Settings Consequently, in an attempt to retain efficient and effective communication, the communicator’s substantial knowledge of the language, as learning styles, largely aid in creating awareness of the need to select words precisely during communication.
  • Business Intelligence Strategy: Online Music Store Every day I had to get up in the early hours of the night to log on to http://www.billboard.com/charts/hot-100 to be able to see which new songs have come into the chart and know how […]
  • Building Business Intelligence Using SAS The respondents were chosen to provide an answer on the questionnaire; the results of the answers are the following: It is evident that the system used by Traffic Department should keep pace with the progress […]
  • Application of Artificial Intelligence in Business The connection of AI and the business strategy of an organization is displayed through the ability to use its algorithm for achieving competitive advantage and maintaining it.
  • Significance of Business Intelligence This use of the term BI reached its height of popularity, as measured in a number of publications and studies, during the 1970s when it was viewed as an effective new way for organizations to […]
  • The Importance of Business Intelligence Industry Creative agility on the part of Procter and Gamble will be critical to the launch of the new product and this includes creativity in promotion and advertising, reaching the target consumers, packaging, outwitting the competitors, […]
  • WidgetSupplies Business Intelligence Requirements WidgetSupplies’ business needed a simple system to easily record sales and to compare the projected sales and the actual which the system could not provide. In a nutshell, it is important to acknowledge that as […]
  • Business Intelligence System in the Jefferson Medical Centre The increase in competition in the business environment has mandated business organizations many business organizations to initiate a policy of Business Intelligence system into their business strategic decision to enhance business competitive advantages.
  • Business Intelligence Systems: Coronavirus Disease The findings reveal that the coronavirus stimulates individuals and businesses to mobilize their efforts to overcome the existing challenges in the spheres of business innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • CGR Company: Business Intelligence Business intelligence is a notion that is used by the software vendors and IT consultants to describe the infrastructure for warehousing.
  • Business Intelligence Project: Using Predictive Analytics to Improve a Business Overall, the study aims to investigate the impact of predictive analytics by assessing inventory, sales, and customer data of a small business.
  • Decision Support System, Business Intelligence and Examples of Analytics It serves to gather and analyze large amounts of data to expand the capabilities but not to replace the course of the initial decision.
  • Strategic Management Using Business Intelligence Tools in Metallurgical Plants
  • Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management Differences
  • Customer Data Analysis Model Using Business Intelligence Tools in Telecommunication Companies
  • Supply Chain Issues and Business Intelligence Technologies
  • Business Intelligence and Data Science
  • Sustainable Knowledge Capability Through Business Intelligence Design
  • Improving Business Intelligence Traceability and Accountability: An Integrated Framework of Product and Meta Content Map
  • Business Intelligence Tools for Improve Sales and Profitability
  • Applying Business Intelligence Techniques to Businesses Using Google
  • Business Intelligence Management and Leadership
  • Increasing the Business Performances Using Business Intelligence
  • Mobile Business Intelligence: Allocation of Mobile Workers for Competitive Information Gathering
  • Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence in Industry
  • Business Intelligence Support for Project Management
  • Decision Trees: Business Intelligence, Data Latency, and Data Mining
  • Business Intelligence and Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Knowledge Management, Business Intelligence, and Analytics
  • Optimizing Business Intelligence Results Through the Strategic Application of Software Process Model
  • Predictive Analytics: The Future of Business Intelligence
  • Big Data Mining and Business Intelligence Trends
  • Improving Customer Relationship Management Through Business Intelligence
  • Intelligent Analytics: Integrating Business Intelligence and Web Analytics
  • The Border Between Business Intelligence and Psychology: Segmentation Based on Customer Behavior
  • Business Intelligence, Accountant, and Marketing Intelligence
  • Managing Sustainability With Eco-Business Intelligence Instruments
  • Systems in Business Intelligence and Information Systems
  • Business Intelligence: Applications, Trends, and Strategies
  • Agile Development for Service-Oriented Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Success Factors for Business Intelligence System Implementation in Public Sector Organization
  • Business Intelligence, Retail Industry, and Multi-Market Competition
  • Best Practices When Offshoring Business Intelligence
  • Natural Intelligence Applications for Business Intelligence in Online and Catalog Retailing Firms
  • Methodological Aspects and Case Studies of Business Intelligence Application Tools in Knowledge Management as Corporation’s Strategy Development
  • Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms
  • Open Information Enterprise Transactions: Business Intelligence and Wash and Spoof Transactions in Blockchain and Social Commerce
  • Real-Time Business Intelligence in Agent-Oriented Supply Chain
  • Multidimensional Modeling for Social Business Intelligence
  • Organization Effectiveness and Business Intelligence Systems
  • Rationalizing Business Intelligence Systems and Explicit Knowledge Objects: Improving Evidence-Based Management in Government Programs
  • Enterprise Business Intelligence: Data Mining & Machine Learning
  • Chicago (N-B)
  • Chicago (A-D)

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research topics in business intelligence

30 Business Intelligence Dissertation Topics To Choose For Research

By Liam Sep 15, 2018 in Business , Business Intelligence | No Comments

Business intelligence deals with high tech applications and devices for business analysis and decision making and this is configured within business intelligence dissertation topics. It is technically a different area as compared to business reporting and requires specialist skills application to resolve business issues. The skills are related to a thorough analysis of available data […]

business intelligence dissertation topics

Business intelligence deals with high tech applications and devices for business analysis and decision making and this is configured within business intelligence dissertation topics. It is technically a different area as compared to business reporting and requires specialist skills application to resolve business issues. The skills are related to a thorough analysis of available data to solve technical problems through application of specialist industry knowledge

Business intelligence research topics comprise of issues ranging from inter-personal communication skills to acknowledgement, recognition and critical analysis f problems so that viable solutions can be proffered.

A list of Business Intelligence topics:

The following is a list of business intelligence research paper topics to help choose a good topic.

Big data and metafraud—using business intelligence concepts to establish theoretical links.

How do accounting firms utilize business intelligence? An investigation from the UK.

Business intelligence for data mining and influence on decision making in the UK.

An extended literature review of business intelligence- parameters, models and implications.

Blogs as collectors of consumer preferences for business intelligence.

Bridging the gap between theory and practice for business intelligence models- a systematic literature review.

The impact of business intelligence in network security systems- an overview.

Assessing the performance and efficacy of business intelligence to SMEs in the UK.

A comparative analysis of business intelligence usage in developed and developing countries.

Do managers require formal training to use business intelligence? Perspectives from the UK.

Developing an understanding for the business intelligence competency center- role and responsibilities.

A historical perspective of business intelligence, current practice and future developments.

How does business intelligence aid project lifecycle management?

The use of self-service business intelligence for small businesses- an exploration.

Business intelligence critical success factors- an understanding.

Organizational culture and business intelligence- tracing a relationship.

Procurement and logistics and use of business intelligence- exploring the degree of efficacy achieved.

Business intelligence and data mining and the creation and applicability of the Web Business Intelligence- developing an understanding.

Valuing business intelligence within the context of multinationals, SMEs, and family owned enterprises.

The impact of business intelligence on profit generation in the US.

Exploring and evaluating the future of business intelligence.

The needs assessment and application of business intelligence systems in the hotel and tourism industry.

Does the hotel and tourism industry require business intelligence systems apart of social media applications it is currently exploiting? An analysis.

Espionage, hacking and business intelligence- what is happening?

An analysis of agile analytics as an extension of the rapidly growing business intelligence systems- applications and barriers.

How relevant is mobile business intelligence to multinationals in implementing disaster management programs in emerging economies?

Assessing the critical success factors of application of business intelligence systems in SMEs in the UK.

The role of organizational culture in adoption of business intelligence systems in emerging economies: the role of national culture and critical success factors in adoption.

Research on consumer behaviour through mobile business intelligence systems- ethical considerations.

The future of mobile commerce in Africa- an assessment of physical infrastructure and software compatibility.

There you go. Use the list well and let us know if you have any comments or suggestions for our topics related blog posts for the future or looking to get help with dissertation writing , send us an email at [email protected] .

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research topics in business intelligence

Business Intelligence Dissertation Topics

    Business Intelligence Dissertation Topics is an ultramodern skillful playground to creating a new knowledge to accomplish your ultimate goal. We are established our Business Intelligence Dissertation Topics service for budding of students and research scholars who comes from various graduation including BE, BTech, ME, MTech, MSC, MCA, MPhil, MS and PhD. We help and support scholars to gain much practical sources of advice and knowledge which help them to victoriously accomplish their business intelligence, research, thesis or dissertation. We primary hope is to guide you to successfully chosen your Business Intelligence Dissertation Topics corresponding to your interested domain. If you require our help and support, you can move towards quickly. Success made from Teamwork, Teach, Motivation, Inspiration, Vision, and Mentor. 

   Business Intelligence Dissertation Topics offer massive collections of state-of-the-art research ideas for scholars to select top-notch topics for accomplish their intellectual research. We are recently working in business intelligence concept for master students and research colleagues to upgrade their knowledge. This is an excellent area which we working for students and research scholars. Till now, we are nearly completed 1000+ business intelligence projects in various business intelligence concept such as workflow management, ontology & business rules, business process automation, rule based business intelligence, business computational intelligence, web intelligence and so on.    Here our key insights in Business Intelligence,

  …”Business Intelligence (BI) refers to set of data analytics applications and practices for the data collection, transformation, analysis and decision making. The main purpose of BI is to make the decisions while using cloud BI, mobile BI, real-time BI, open source BI, location BI, collaborative BI”.

Upcoming Trends in Business Intelligence:

New meta-trends in Business Intelligence:

     We provide a wide range of development solutions proven in emerging technologies. Our world class experts are so strong and confident to do projects on Business Intelligence. Other than business intelligence dissertation topics , we focus on the following, see our other assistance in below:

Recent Research Business Intelligence Dissertation Topics:

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Bi management.

Emerging concepts such as operational, self-service and collaborative BI are driving modern business intelligence strategy. With so much complexity, project management can determine the success or failure of business intelligence initiatives. Learn about the key aspects of business intelligence process management, with advice on managing BI teams and selecting vendors. More about BI Management

BI Technology

Technical requirements needed to analyze huge amounts of corporate data are increasingly complex. Business intelligence technologies such as data discovery processes, data warehouses and data visualization have become essential for enterprises to tap into the business value of information. Learn about the latest BI technologies designed to help create value from big data. More about BI Technology

Data Science & Analytics

As businesses' data volumes continue to expand, data science has become vital for to inform decision making, strategic planning and marketing techniques. Learn about the latest data science and analytics techniques businesses are incorporating to help identify opportunities to streamline processes, identify potential business ventures and improve customer service. More about Data Science & Analytics

Data Visualization

Companies often use machine learning to gather massive amounts of data that can be difficult to sort through, comprehend and explain. Data visualization can speed these processes up and present information to business owners and stakeholders in ways they can understand. Learn data visualization strategies to help identify patterns, trends and outliers in large data sets. More about Data Visualization

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As data governance gets increasingly complicated, data stewards are stepping in to manage security and quality. Without one, ...

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With its Cerner acquisition, Oracle sets its sights on creating a national, anonymized patient database -- a road filled with ...

Oracle plans to acquire Cerner in a deal valued at about $30B. The second-largest EHR vendor in the U.S. could inject new life ...

The Supreme Court ruled 6-2 that Java APIs used in Android phones are not subject to American copyright law, ending a ...

A new service on SAP Business Technology Platform is aimed at helping companies get value from SAP and non-SAP data by keeping ...

When its ERP system became outdated, Pandora chose S/4HANA Cloud for its business process transformation. The new system is ...

Florida Crystals' consolidation of its SAP landscape to a managed services SaaS deployment on AWS has enabled the company to ...

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Business Intelligence Dissertation Topics

Published by Owen Ingram at January 4th, 2023 , Revised On January 6, 2023

Choosing a unique and a trending topic for academic research enables students to succeed in their dissertation projects. This article list several interesting and specific business intelligence dissertation topics to help students get started with their thesis paper,

Our business dissertation writers have completed thousands of dissertation papers including several on business intelligence. Some of the issues that could be addressed through your research in business intelligence include the management of workflow, development of business ontology and policies, business automation, web intelligence, etc.

Working on the latest business intelligence dissertation topics that investigate and address industry issues will help you achieve the highest possible academic standard.

At Research Prospect, we assist students in selecting appropriate business intelligence dissertation topics based on their interests. We have an expert panel of writers who provide full dissertation writing services regardless of how urgent or complex your requirements might be.

Here are a few interesting and appealing topics for a dissertation on business intelligence.

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Final Words

Students often find it difficult to write a flawless dissertation on a business intelligence topic due to their inadequate research and writing skills. The topic concept you choose must be engaging and useful to make your study worthwhile. Do not wait until the last minute to start working on the dissertation . Consider writing prompts that interest you, and choose a topic where you feel comfortable and confident. Follow your professor’s instructions and decide on your topic after discussing your ideas with him or her.

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The effect of business intelligence, organizational learning and innovation on the financial performance of innovative companies located in Science Park

Modelling maintainability of healthcare facilities services systems using bim and business intelligence, the impact of business intelligence on the marketing with emphasis on cooperative learning: case-study on the insurance companies, democratizing business intelligence and machine learning for air traffic management safety, development of technical and statistical algorithm using business intelligence tools for energy yield assessment of large rooftop photovoltaic system ensembles, thriving information system through business intelligence knowledge management excellence framework.

In the current digitalization dilemma of an organization, there is a need for the business intelligence and knowledge management element for enhancing a perspective of learning and strategic management. These elements will comprise a significant evolution of learning, insight gained, experiences and knowledge through compelling theoretical impact for practitioners, academicians, and scholars in the pertinent field of interest. This phenomenon occurs due to digitalization transformation towards industry revolution 5.0 and organizational excellence in the information system area. This research focuses on the characteristic of a comprehensive performance measure perspective in an organization that conceives information assessment and key challenges of Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management in perceiving a relevant organizational excellence framework. The dynamic research focusing on the decision-making process and leveraging better knowledge creation. The future of organization excellence seemed to be convergent in determining the holistic performance measure perspective and its factors towards industry revolution 5.0. The research ends up with a typical basic excellence framework that will mash up some characteristics in designing an organizational strategic performance framework. The output is a conceptual performance measure framework for a typical decision-making application for organizational strategic performance management dashboarding.

Building Business Analytic Tool using Dark Data and Big Data

Abstract: The data is turning into the fundamental resource in the present science and innovation. Tragically, a lot of accessible and put away information isn't utilized today. This information is known as dull information. Big data is said to offer not just phenomenal degrees of business knowledge concerning the propensities for buyers and opponents, yet in addition to proclaim an upset in the manner by which business are coordinated and run. Organizations strive to achieve a competitive edge through, big data and business analytics tool. In this paper we have discussed about how dark data is used in organizations and the technologies evolved in business model. We have explored awareness in dark data and how we can implement them in business model. Keywords: Big Data, Dark Data, Business Intelligence (BI), etc.

determinant of business intelligence systems quality on Indonesian higher education information center

PDDIKTI Feeder as a business intelligence application is used as an information center in higher education, containing master data of each student and lecturer, learning process data, reporting graduate data and lecturer activities in teaching for decision making. Paradoxically, through the empirical data there are many problems in implementing business intelligence systems in private universities, related to the maturity of information technology, data quality and information culture. Addressing this gap, we present a descriptive verification analysis research on 40 private universities in Bandung city, Indonesia, using the Partial Least Square Model. We conclude there is a positive influence of information technology maturity, data quality and information culture on the quality of the business intelligence system.


Ditengah merebaknya kasus pandemi Covid-19 pada tahun 2020 di Indonesia, terjadi perubahan kecenderungan perilaku pelanggan dalam melakukan proses transaksi belanja khususnya pada gerai minimarket. Dengan diberlakukannya pysical distancing, pelanggan dituntut untuk berbelanja seefektif mungkin untuk menghindari penumpukan di dalam gerai. Manajemen perusahaan harus membuat setrategi untuk menyikapi perubahan perilaku dari pelanggan. Pada penelitian ini dikembangkan Business Intelligence dan metode Market Basket Analysis yaitu Apriori untuk menganalisa perilaku pelanggan dengan cara menganalisa riwayat transaksi penjualan. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan dashboard Business Intelligence dapat menampilkan data dalam bentuk grafik dan tabel sehingga memudahkan pengguna dalam proses analisa. Selain itu Association Rule menggunakan metode Apriori menghasilkan nilai support dan confidence sebagai gambaran produk-produk yang saling terkait, sehingga pihak merchendaising dapat dengan  mudah membuat keputusan. Hasil pengujian blackbox menunjukkan aplikasi yang dikembangkan dapat diterima oleh pengguna karena semua kebutuhan pengguna dapat diselesaikan oleh aplikasi.

Determination of Business Intelligence and Analytics-Based Healthcare Facility Management Key Performance Indicators

The use of digital technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and smart meters induces a huge data stack in facility management (FM). However, the use of data analysis techniques has remained limited to converting available data into information within activities performed in FM. In this context, business intelligence and analytics (BI&A) techniques can provide a promising opportunity to elaborate facility performance and discover measurable new FM key performance indicators (KPIs) since existing KPIs are too crude to discover actual performance of facilities. Beside this, there is no comprehensive study that covers BI&A activities and their importance level for healthcare FM. Therefore, this study aims to identify healthcare FM KPIs and their importance levels for the Turkish healthcare FM industry with the use of the AHP integrated PROMETHEE method. As a result of the study, ninety-eight healthcare FM KPIs, which are categorized under six categories, were found. The comparison of the findings with the literature review showed that there are some similarities and differences between countries’ FM healthcare ranks. Within this context, differences between countries can be related to the consideration of limited FM KPIs in the existing studies. Therefore, the proposed FM KPIs under this study are very comprehensive and detailed to measure and discover healthcare FM performance. This study can help professionals perform more detailed building performance analyses in FM. Additionally, findings from this study will pave the way for new developments in FM software and effective use of available data to enable lean FM processes in healthcare facilities.

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MBA Dissertation Topics On Business Intelligence: 20 Best Ideas

Writing a dissertation on business intelligence is a major challenge for many MBA students. You need to choose a decent topic idea to make your research interesting and valuable. So, get started as soon as you get the assignment. The following guidelines and examples are designed to make this difficult task a bit easier for you.

Hints for Finding a Good Dissertation Topic for MBA Level

Top MBA Dissertation Prompts on Business Intelligence

Start Your First Project

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10 Unique Business Intelligence Projects with Source Code 2023

Check out this list of unique business intelligence projects with source code ideas to get started with the exciting domain of business intelligence. Last Updated: 27 Feb 2023

Chilly December is here! And we do want our curious readers to feel warm in their blankets and conserve their energy when searching for projects on business intelligence. Read this blog if you are interested in exploring business intelligence projects examples that highlight different strategies for increasing business growth.

ProjectPro Free Projects on Big Data and Data Science

Business Intelligence refers to the toolkit of techniques that leverage a firm’s data to understand the overall architecture of the business. This understanding is achieved by using data visualization , data mining, data analytics, data science, etc. methodologies. And, as data is one of the most prized possessions for any business in the twenty-first century, the demand for business intelligence (BI) experts is rising. In fact, as per a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the jobs for BI analysts are expected to rise by 14% between the years 2020 and 2030. And one can easily comprehend the statistics if one considers the various industries (law enforcement, healthcare, education, finance, and technology) that can benefit from Business Intelligence tools.

Table of Contents

Business intelligence examples highlighting the value of a bi expert, business intelligence projects for students and beginners, business intelligence and analytics projects for intermediate professionals.

With so many industries showing interest in leveraging the skills of a BI expert, let us explore a few examples that illustrate how those skills are significant in improving business strategies.

Business Intelligence in Healthcare: It has become common to use patients’ data to better diagnose diseases. Along with that, deep learning algorithms and image processing methods are also used over medical reports to support a patient’s treatment better.

Business Intelligence in Education: Ed-tech firms often use various statistical tools and methods to help students match with the teacher who makes them understand various topics at their own pace.

Business Intelligence in Finance: Banks have started using data science to fasten their loan application process. Additionally, many facilities, like passbook filling that can be complete without human intervention, have been automated.

Now that you have a fair idea of how BI methods can assist a business in making quicker and better decisions, why not check out real-world applications of business intelligence described in the next section?


Build a predictive model for Otto Group Product Classification

Last Updated : 2021-10-12 12:31:44

Downloadable solution code | Explanatory videos | Tech Support

10 Unique Business Intelligence Projects with Source Code for 2023

For the convenience of our curious readers, we have divided the projects on business intelligence into three categories so that they can easily pick a project on the basis of their previous experience with BI techniques.

business intelligence projects github

1) Predicting Sales of a Supermarket Chain

Imagine running 1,000 stores across a country like Germany! Sounds like a huge responsibility, doesn’t it? Well, it indeed is but if you know how to utilise various BI tools, the whole process of running so many stores can be easily simplified. Project Idea: Rossmann Stores is a supermarket chain in Germany and has about 1,115 stores spread across the country. One can use their dataset to understand how they work out the whole process of the supply chain of various products and their approach towards inventory management. An analysis of their dataset will also reveal how they use data science tools and techniques to estimate their daily sales and maximise their profit.

Industry: Food and Beverages

Source Code: Rossmann Store Sales Business Intelligence Project

2) Predicting Land Prices

Most of us believe that investing in real estate firms involves high risks. That is primarily because so many external factors like robbery, natural disasters, nearby infrastructure, etc., influence the land prices. Fortunately, with the help of relevant data visualisation tools, one can have a fair idea of such risks.

Project Idea: Use the Zillow Zestimate dataset to understand what kind of features play a crucial role in determining the prices of different houses. Additionally, use different machine learning algorithms like linear regression, decision trees, random forests, etc. to estimate the costs. You may also use principal component analysis to determine which factors are more prominent in affecting house prices.

Industry: Real Estate

Source Code: House Price Prediction Business Intelligence Project

Get FREE Access to   Data Analytics Example Codes for Data Cleaning, Data Munging, and Data Visualization

3) Classification of Loan Applications

Have you ever applied for a loan? If not you, at least someone close to you must-have. Recall that whenever a person applies for a loan at a bank, the bank staff collects a lot of information about the applicant. This information helps them understand whether the applicant can repay the loan or not. And, gone are the days when banks make such decisions manually, and they now rely on BI experts for that.

Classification of Loan Applications

Project Idea: Use the German Credit Dataset available on Kaggle and apply statistical analysis like univariate, bivariate and multivariate analysis over it to understand the distribution of different variables. After that, use classification machine learning algorithms like decision trees, random forests, and logistic regression to predict the probability that an applicant will successfully repay the loan.

Industry: Banking Source Code: Business Intelligence Project-Work on German Credit Dataset (projectpro.io)

4) Estimating Retail Prices

For community-driven businesses that rely on them for products, it becomes essential to regulate their prices. The best way for such companies is to figure out a method of recommending prices to the sellers to help them with deciding the appropriate product prices.

Project Idea: Work on the dataset of one of famous Japan’s online shopping marketplace for electronics and perform Data Preprocessing techniques over it. After that, perform Exploratory Data Analysis and use machine learning models to estimate the product prices based on the information provided by the user for the product.

Industry: Retail Source Code: Machine learning for Retail Price Recommendation with R (projectpro.io)

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For this section, we have presented those business intelligence projects with source code that will guide you through upgrading your business intelligence skills by making you work on challenging problems.

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5) Time Series Forecasting

Time Series is a type of data with the distribution of variables depending on time. Such data can be used to make predictions for the future. For example, predicting the sales for a retail store can help them plan their inventory efficiently.

Project Idea: Explore one of the most popular algorithms for making predictions using time series data, the Auto-Regressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA) model. Use the model over the dataset of a call centre to understand various features that affect the traffic prediction for calls. Additionally, you can use ARIMAX (Auto-Regressive Integrated Moving Average Exogenous) and SARIMAX (Seasonal Auto-Regressive Integrated Moving Average with Exogenous factors) models.

Industry: Telemarketing

Source Code: Business Intelligence Project-Building ARIMA Model in Python

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6) Evaluating Recommendations for Users

While shopping online, we often see a list of products recommended to us by the websites to smoothen our browsing experience. You must have noticed this for entertainment apps like Netflix too. For evaluating appropriate recommendations, they leverage users’ data to increase engagement and traffic on their platforms.

Project Idea: Analyse the customer behaviour dataset of Expedia (a hotel booking website) and perform various feature engineering methods over it to visualise the patterns in the dataset. After cleaning the dataset, use machine learning algorithms like Naive Bayes, Random Forests, KNN to cluster similar hotels together. This clustering will help recommend a user with hotels they are likely to show interest in.

Industry: Hospitality Source Code: Data Science Project - Build Recommender Systems (projectpro.io)

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7) Building a Face Recognition System

Now, this business intelligence project idea may sound a bit off-track for this list. But, if you consider applying a face recognition system in automating attendance systems at workplaces, you will find it easy for managers to track the attendance, work hours, etc., of all the employees. We have listed this project mainly to widen your knowledge about interesting applications of data science, which will hopefully help you create an efficient business intelligence project plan for your company.

Building a Face Recognition System

Project Idea: Create a dataset for your own company by clicking images of all the employees from different angles. Apply machine learning and deep learning algorithms over the dataset to make the system learn the facial features of all the employees. Next, incorporate a few advanced features to build an entire attendance system.

Industry: Technology Source Code: Build a Face Recognition System in Python using FaceNet

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8) Exploring MS Excel as a BI Tool

Microsoft’s Excel is a powerful business intelligence tool that most learners neglect initially. However, professionals understand its value and are often found using it to solve complicated business problems through this easy-to-use software. As an intermediate professional, we highly recommend that you work on solving a challenging problem using MS Excel.

Project Idea: Analyse the dataset of AssureNext, a company that is placing machines at specific book stores and restaurants, to help the customers pick the best insurance plan for them. Create data connections, scorecards, status lists, dashboards, status indicators, etc. in Excel to help the company understand their customers better and possible amendments that will help them increase their revenue.

Industry: Financial Services

Source Code: Business Intelligence Project on Insurance Domain using Excel

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9) Implementing the FEAST Operational System

FEAST is an operational data system for handling and providing machine learning features to models in production. It solves the following problems that are encountered by companies every day:

Continuous access to data in modelling

Implementing new features into production

Point-in-time correct data for models

Makes it easy to use the features across the project again and again.

Implementing the FEAST Operational System

Project Idea: Use the customer churn dataset to understand the FEAST architecture and benefit from its features. Analyse different features and perform Model training in FEAST. Additionally, explore the full interactive deployment through this interesting operational data system.

Source Code: FEAST Feature Store Example for Scaling Machine Learning

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10) Product Classification

Adding more products to one’s catalogue is one way of attracting more customers. But, with the addition of new products comes the responsibility of categorising them well so the customers can find them easily. Project Idea: Work on the dataset of Otto Group and analyse the various product categories. Furthermore, label the 144,000 unclassified products with one of the possible product categories using multi-class classification algorithms.

Source Code: Otto Group Product Classification Business Intelligence Project

There are chances that the projects mentioned in this blog are a bit difficult for you, and you want to explore more basic projects. You don’t need to worry at all if that is the case. We have more Data Science projects , and Big Data projects in our library that you can check out.

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