67 Kindergarten Research Topics & Essay Examples

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  • Online Education and Classroom Learning Comparison This presentation targets to show that classroom education is a better option for effective learning as opposed to online education. The demand for online education has risen rapidly.
  • Positive Learning Environment in the Classroom This article discusses approaches for establishing antecedent classroom plans intended to avert awkward behaviour and consequently augment classroom management plans.
  • Efficient Interaction in Distance Learning Classroom Recent trends indicate that learners and instructors have regarded distance-learning classrooms as efficient methods of learning, where technology supports active learning.
  • Classroom, System-Level and Leadership Assessments Due to the effect of assessment, teachers have been able to alter their teaching structure to ensure that student achievement improves.
  • The Success of Math Majors as Classroom Teachers Mathematics is one of the subjects which most students find fairly challenging. This study is aimed at investigating the success of teachers who major in mathematics.
  • Creating a Metacognitive Classroom Environment Metacognition means reflecting on reflection or learning how to learn if one talks about its implementation in the learning environment.
  • Teaching at Elementary School Classroom The lessons need to be designed as discovery time when the pupils learn concepts from working with materials rather than by the teacher’s direct explanation.
  • English Language Learners and Kindergarten Entry Age: Achievement and Social-emotional Effects
  • Preschool and Kindergarten Best Practice Curriculum
  • Language Acquisition and Expected Developmental Differences for Children of Preschool, Kindergarten, and Primary Ages
  • The Lesson Plan Created for Kindergarten Students Based on Next Generation
  • The Need for Universal All Day Pre Kindergarten
  • Intervention and Theoretical Paper Kindergarten Age
  • The Literacy Improvement Program for Pre Kindergarten
  • Teacher Quality and Learning Outcomes in Kindergarten
  • Kindergarten Children’s Attachment Security, Inhibitory Control, and the Internalization of Rules of Conduct
  • Getting Mom Ready for Kindergarten
  • Developmental Differences That Can Be Expected in Language Acquisition for Preschool, Kindergarten and Primary Aged Children
  • The Challenges Facing Kindergarten Teachers for Deal With Children Whom English Is an Additional Language
  • Team Work, Connection and Cooperation Among Two Institutions – School and Kindergarten
  • Shared Book Reading Promotes Not Only Language Development, but Also Grapheme Awareness in German Kindergarten Children
  • Factors Affecting the School Readiness of Public Kindergarten Pupils in Lanao Del Sur I–B
  • High-Quality Pre Kindergarten Classroom Look Like
  • The Kindergarten Attendance Allowance in Hungary
  • Using Kindergarten Number Sense To Predict Calculation Fluency in Second Grade
  • The Full Day Kindergarten Program
  • Kindergarten Enrollment and the Intergenerational Transmission of Education
  • Procedures for Sampling Texts and Tasks in Kindergarten Through Eighth Grade
  • Relationship Between Kindergarten Organizational Climate and Teacher Burnout
  • Parents and Kindergarten Decisions To Be Made
  • Kindergarten and Education Expansion Programme Analysis
  • Kindergarten for All: Long-run Effects of a Universal Intervention
  • Teacher Interview and Observation of a Kindergarten Math
  • Learning Activity That Has Been Designed for the Kindergarten
  • Investigation Into Developed Sabis Curriculum in Kindergarten
  • Teaching Young Children and Becoming a Kindergarten Teacher
  • Residential Mobility Across Early Childhood and Children’s Kindergarten Readiness
  • Young Children’s Developmental Ecologies and Kindergarten Readiness
  • Kindergarten and Child Primary Education
  • Technology and the Classroom Starting With Kindergarten
  • Kindergarten Through Sixth Grade Writing Effectiveness Instruction
  • Children and Home Reading Before Kindergarten
  • Early Kindergarten, Maternal Labor Supply, and Children’s Outcomes: Evidence From Italy
  • Physical and Technological Resources in Kindergarten
  • Full-Day Kindergarten Versus Half Day Kindergarten Reading Achievement
  • Efficiency and Fair Access in Kindergarten Allocation Policy Design
  • Student Engagement and Student Motivation in a Reading Classroom for the Kindergarten Level
  • Why Is Partnership Between Parents and Kindergarten Teachers Necessary?
  • What Is the Relationship Between Kindergarten and Primary School Teacher?
  • How Does the Developed Sabis Curriculum Affect Children in Kindergarten?
  • Why Should Foreign Language Teaching Begin in Kindergarten?
  • How Non-native Speaking Children Learn the Chinese Language in Kindergarten
  • Does Delaying Kindergarten Entrance Give Children a Head Start?
  • What Is the Difference Between Elementary School and Kindergarten?
  • Can Universal Pre-kindergarten Programs Improve Population Health and Longevity?
  • What Are Free Kindergarten Educational Programs?
  • Sharing Responsibility: What They Didn’t Teach You in Kindergarten?
  • Why Do Kindergarten Teachers Need To Have at Least a Basic Degree?
  • What Is the Relationship of Environmental Instability and the Behavior of Children in the Classroom in Kindergarten?
  • What Do Kindergarten Teachers and University Professors Have in Common?
  • Do Kindergarten Students Need Computer Science Classes?
  • Why Does the Montana School System Require Sex Education for Kindergarten?
  • How Do Preschool Programs Improve Literacy and Achievement?
  • What Are the Duties of Kindergarten Teachers?
  • How and Why Does Age at Kindergarten Entry Matter?
  • What Is the Importance of Full-Day Kindergarten?
  • How Do Kindergarten Prep Skills Contribute to Academic Achievement?

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ChalkyPapers . "67 Kindergarten Research Topics & Essay Examples." July 7, 2022. https://chalkypapers.com/topics/kindergarten-research-topics/.

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research topics kindergarten

Research Projects In Kindergarten

When common core standards were introduced several years ago and one of those standards was research and writing. The standards said students should participate in shared research and writing.  I found this standard to be terrifying.  I mean, what could possibly go wrong with kindergartners researching something on Google?!  That’s where our research projects were born. While the standards might have changed, these research projects still meet state standards and thus, are still applicable in all classrooms!

Research Projects In The Classroom

As a teacher, I believe in doing what’s best for my students but I also do what my district asks of me.  This means providing tools and scaffolding so my students can be successful.   So if research and writing is a standards, I want to find a way to make that goal accessible to my students in ways that that they can be successful.   I decided that research projects should be a fun, engaging way to do research and writing in kindergarten.   So here’s how it works in our classroom!

The research projects are completed during our ELA time or literacy block.  This allows us to integrate science and social studies standards while meeting ELA standards such as research and writing.   The actual research is done through read alouds and videos.  The information is discussed and recorded on graphic organizers.  Students then use the graphic organizers to do their writing.  Our ELA block is designed for a 30 minute whole group lesson.  Our research projects use that time to be completed.  The read aloud/video and graphic organizers are done in 15-20 minutes and the students then work on their research journal independently.   We do one activity or graphic organizer each day.

Research Journals

Each research project induces research journals.  The research journals are where students record their learning.  They write, do labeling, sorting, etc.  The journals give students ownership of their learning and is a source of pride.

research topics kindergarten

Schema Maps

Each research project begins with a schema map.  Students share their schema or what they already know about the topic.  Every piece of schema they share is recorded on a post it note and placed on the schema map.  The post it notes allow us to organizer our thinking much like our brains organize information.

research topics kindergarten

When creating our schema map I always draw a fun picture.  This helps introduce the topic and makes the learning fun!

As we progress through our research projects, we add our new learning to the schema map.  At the end of the research project, we re-visit our schema and address misconceptions.  Misconceptions might be wrong, or they might be something where our thinking needs to be adjusted.  We move misconceptions to the misconceptions area of the schema map while discussing why it’s a misconception.

research topics kindergarten

Graphic Organizers/Class Charts

The research portion of our research projects is done using read alouds and videos.  As we read we record our learning on graphic organizers. We use turn and talk strategies as well as questioning to access the information.  The students also have to share the information in complete sentences.  Our research projects include tree maps, t-charts, brace maps, and more.  We record the information DURING the read aloud.  We do not wait until the end of the read aloud because doing it after the read aloud makes it an assessment and we don’t want it to be that.

research topics kindergarten

The students take the information from our graphic organizers and use that to write in their research journals.  Differentiated journals use sentence frames for student writing.  Students copy information from the charts and they are encouraged to write on their own.  As the year goes on and they build their writing skills, the independent writing becomes much more natural for them.

research topics kindergarten

We also use the writing to work on mechanics of writing.  I use one on one conferences to help them improve their writing.  Students are encourage to use inventive/phonetic spelling when writing.

Vocabulary And Higher Order Thinking

We use labeling as part of our research projects as a way to work on vocabulary.  We label a class chart and then students label their own picture in their research journal.  The labels allow for conversations about adaptations, how each part helps or works.

research topics kindergarten

For higher order thinking we use a true false sort.  This higher order thinking activity allows students to discuss wha they’ve learned.  For false statements we discuss why it’s false and we change it into a truth statement.  Students then use the true statements to write about their topic.

research topics kindergarten

Additional Activities 

Each research project also contains activities specific to that topic.  Their might be clothing sorts for seasons.  A lesson the water cycle.  For push and pull we drew things we could push and pull.  The students make a forecast for our weather research project.  These additional activities allow us target specific science and social studies standards.

research topics kindergarten

For additional information on research projects, visit these posts:

research topics kindergarten

Research Projects:  What’s Included

Our research projects are all inclusive.  They contain everything you need for your graphic organizers and research journals.  The journal pages allow for differentiation.  Also included in many of the research projects are book and video suggestions and art project ideas.  Most of the research projects also include math and literacy centers.

Each one can be purchased individually OR you can purchase them as a bundle and save 50%!!

research topics kindergarten

If you’re looking to save even MORE, we have two bundles of research projects available.

Click Below:

research topics kindergarten

Check out more our more than 40 research projects here and remember in the TKS Store , they are always Buy One Get One 50% off using the code RPBOGO50. Shop TKS Research Projects by clicking the image below. 

research topics kindergarten

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research topics kindergarten

research topics kindergarten

research topics kindergarten


research topics kindergarten

The Ultimate List of Interesting Research Topics for Kids

Inside: A list of interesting research topics for kids in elementary school or homeschool!

Teaching research skills is so important in elementary school. We can help our students navigate the “how-tos” of research. Learning how to navigate text features in nonfiction books, finding credible sources online, and taking notes are all skills we’ve mastered and can pass on to our knowledge-thirsty students.

One of the tricky things is taking the time to come up with interesting research topics for kids and coordinating research units for each topic. Our students still need some scaffolding and guidance, and there are so many things they study in school. How can we possibly decide what topics they should research and have time to put together comprehensive units?

Save 20% on Wife Teacher Mommy’s Research Units

My Black History Research Journal- the Ultimate List of Interesting Research Topics for Kids

I’ve got you covered with a list of engaging research topics for kids!

A ready-to-go research unit, that follows my 5-step research process ,  is also available for many of these topics for your convenience! These unit studies will allow you to expand on content taught in class or start fresh with science and social studies research units complete with everything from unit outlines, parent letters, and internet research lessons to help students find credible sources, projects, reports, journaling pages, and more.

Students will also build their research skills during the process, so these units are a great way to make time for science and social studies with an integrated curriculum since you will still teach the necessary language arts curriculum at the same time.

Learn how to skyrocket your students’ research skills by listening to this episode of Wife Teacher Mommy: The Podcast.

What are some good research topics for kids?

From the solar system to dinosaurs, scientists & inventors, and holidays around the world, below are good research topics for kids, possible research questions for kids to answer, and other interesting research topics for kids related to the topic.

Table of Contents

The solar system.

It’s hard to meet a child that doesn’t have some interest in outer space. That’s why this is #1 on our list of research topics that kids will love. This Solar System Research Unit has students research a planet of choice (yours or theirs), create a model, and write a report. Research should be more than just taking notes and writing a report, and this unit really brings art into STEM!

Questions for your students to research the solar system:

Other interesting research topics for kids related to the solar system:

This solar system research unit includes pages that will help your students find and cite credible sources using the internet or other informational text. Great for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th grades and upper elementary! Perfect for learning about outer space. It is a fun solar system activity.

Next to outer space, dinosaurs also top the curiosity list for elementary scientists. With our Dinosaur Research Unit, you can assign your student or let them choose a specific dinosaur to research. Besides the usual report, students will have a blast creating salt dough fossils of their dino. Dinosaurs are a very fun and engaging research topic that kids will love!

Question for your students to research about dinosaurs:

Other interesting research topics for kids related to dinosaurs:

research topics kindergarten

Landforms are cool! They are one of the best physical science or geography topics for kids to research. I like to learn all about different landforms together and then assign your students one specific landform to research.

Your students will research and write a report/presentation about their specific landform and create a salt dough model. Everything is ready to go for you in our Landforms Research Unit!

Question for your students to research landforms:

research topics kindergarten

Animals and Habitats

Animals and habitats are one of my favorite research topics for kids! The unit starts with students being assigned a habitat to explore and an animal that resides in that habitat to study. Accompanying the report/presentation about their animal is a creation of a terrarium of their habitat and animal. Check out this picture of a terrarium that one of my 3rd-grade students made when I used my Animals and Habitats Research Unit!

Question for your students to research animals and habitats:

research topics kindergarten

Kids love penguins, so why not use them as your next research topic? Your students may not know that there are various types of penguins. After learning about the types of penguins, they’ll have one of their own to study. On butcher paper, they’ll create a life-size penguin to share and integrate math and science measurement standards. This Penguin Research Unit shows us why penguins are such a fun research topic for kids!

Question for your students to research about penguins:

Other interesting research topics for kids related to penguins:

What is a comprehensive research topic list without volcanoes? Kids love learning about these miraculous marvels. Of course, students will make their own volcano model after researching in our Volcano Research Unit.

Question for your students to research volcanoes:

Other interesting research topics for kids related to volcanoes:

research topics kindergarten

Extreme Weather and Natural Disasters

Tornadoes, blizzards, earthquakes, hurricanes, and more! Extreme weather and natural disasters are very fun and engaging research topics for kids in your classroom or homeschool. The students will create a poster and research paper about a specific weather phenomenon or natural disaster in our Extreme Weather and Natural Disasters Research Unit.

Question for your students to research extreme weather and natural disasters:

research topics kindergarten

United States Presidents

The presidents of the United States make a great research topic. With 45 presidents to choose from, each student is bound to bring something unique to the research. With our United States President’s Research Unit, students will write a report and create a paper plate mask of their chosen president.

Question for your students to research about United States Presidents:

Other interesting research topics for kids related to US presidents:

United States

The United States can be such a great research topic for kids in your classroom or homeschool group because each student can study a different state! Each student will research and write about one of the 50 states before creating a salt dough model to include landforms, bodies of water, and landmarks. This United States Research Unit is perfect for your state reports.

Question for your students to research about the United States of America:

research topics kindergarten

Black History

Black history is a great research topic for kids, especially during the month of February for Black History Month. Through studying black history and the civil rights movements, students will be assigned a black history leader to research and write about. Their final project will be a hand-drawn poster of their person complete with character traits. Be sure to check out our Black History Research Unit!

Question for your students to research Black History:

Other interesting research topics for kids related to Black History:

research topics kindergarten

Holidays Around the World

There are so many holidays celebrated around the globe. Even the way Christmas is celebrated in different countries is unique. The unit requires students to be assigned a holiday to research and write about, ultimately creating a holiday decoration to share. This unit even includes special info pages about each of the included holidays. The Holidays Around the World Research unit is a true gem, and it makes a really fun research topic for kids around the holidays.

Question for your students to research holidays around the world:

research topics kindergarten

Women in History

Women in history is a very important research topic for kids. It is important for students to see the accomplishments that so many women have made, from the past and into the present. By having children research the accomplishments of women in history, our young girls will know that they, too, can do great things.

Students will either choose or be assigned an inspirational woman from history. Similar to the Black History unit, they’ll research and write, ultimately creating a hand-drawn poster. The Women In History Research Unit is perfect for Women’s History Month in March or any time of year.

Question for your students to research women’s history:

research topics kindergarten

Scientists and Inventors

Looking at different innovators and their creations can be fascinating, so of course, it made the cut on our list of research topics for kids. Your students will have a specific person to explore before creating a model of their invention or discovery. You can find everything you need in the Scientists and Inventors Research Unit.

Question for your students to research scientists and inventors:

Other interesting research topics for kids related to scientists and inventors:

Author Study

A perfect pair with language arts, students will study particular authors. They’ll write their own biography of the author and create a bibliography of the author’s own books. You can get this biography template inside the Author Study Research Unit!

Question for your students to research an author:

This author study unit is perfect for writing author biography reports! It is a great social studies unit for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th grades and upper elementary. Your kids will love this author study activity and how it helps them find credible sources to research about their author. It is a great research template for students to use for an author study project.

Ancient Civilizations

Greece, China, Egypt, and more! Ancient civilizations are the perfect research topic for kids, and you can find everything you need in the Ancient Civilizations Research Unit. There are so many ancient civilizations for your students to study and research. They’ll also make a model of an important structure in their civilization.

Question for your students to research Ancient Civilizations:

Other interesting research topics for kids related to Ancient Civilizations:

AAPI Heritage 

Learn more about Asian American-Pacific Islander History! Research AAPI Heritage during AAPI Heritage Month in May or any time of the year. Have your students research AAPI History and an AAPI leader such as Anna May Wong, Chien-Shiung Wu, Connie Chung, Daniel Inouye, Duke Kahanamoku, Sal Khan, and Yuri Kochiyama, plus more included in our AAPI Research Unit!

Questions for your students about AAPI History

Other interesting research topics related to AAPI History

Hispanic Heritage and Latino History

Encourage your students to learn more about Hispanic Heritage and Latino History! Ask them to research historical events or important Latinx leaders and their impacts. After researching, you can have your students create a poster about their Latinx leader. Find out more in our Hispanic Heritage and Latino History Research Unit. 

Questions for your students about Hispanic Heritage and Latino History

Other interesting research topics related to Hispanic Heritage and Latino History

What to do with these research topics for kids?

After each research unit, your students will have a fair to present their models, posters, or other creations. Sharing their research with parents, teachers, other students, and even the community is an important part of taking pride and ownership in their own research.

Don’t stress about creating research units from scratch. Our science and social studies research bundles have you covered!

Lower and Upper Grades Social Studies Research Unit Bundle (Digital & Print Versions)

Try out a few topics with your class! In addition, you can also find all of these research units in my Teachers pay Teachers store!

Want a FREE sample of the research units to use with these research topics?

If so, you can grab a free sample of the units below. This freebie includes pages that will help your student understand how to use text features during their research such as:

Be sure to share this list of interesting research topics for kids with your friends on Pinterest or Facebook!

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research topics kindergarten

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research topics kindergarten

72 Kindergarten Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 best kindergarten topic ideas & essay examples, 🎓 simple & easy kindergarten essay titles, 📝 good essay topics on kindergarten, 💯 free kindergarten essay topic generator.

IvyPanda. (2023, January 23). 72 Kindergarten Essay Topic Ideas & Examples. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/kindergarten-essay-topics/

IvyPanda. (2023, January 23). 72 Kindergarten Essay Topic Ideas & Examples. Retrieved from https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/kindergarten-essay-topics/

"72 Kindergarten Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." IvyPanda , 23 Jan. 2023, ivypanda.com/essays/topic/kindergarten-essay-topics/.

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IvyPanda . 2023. "72 Kindergarten Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." January 23, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/kindergarten-essay-topics/.

IvyPanda . (2023) '72 Kindergarten Essay Topic Ideas & Examples'. 23 January.

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Research Projects

research topics kindergarten

The Trapped Librarian

Make your library the center of your school

February 19, 2021 by: Laura

Research Skills for Kindergarten and First Grade

Last Updated on February 19, 2021 by Laura

Research Skills for Kindergarten and First Grade

Is it possible to teach research skills in the primary grades? Of course the answer is a resounding “YES!” The key is looking at the big picture – what will your students need as they progress though school? Research skills for kindergarten and first grade students lay the groundwork for future learning and success. Think of these skills in the primary grades as building a strong foundation.

Scaffold Research Skills

As with so many important skills, we need to start small when approaching research skills for kindergarten and first grade students. But, don’t just think about your students’ needs right now – look to the future. If you begin with the end in mind (5h grade? 8th grade? 12th grade?), you will be helping your young students understand concepts that will serve them well in later learning. It is important to teach skills each year that build upon one another .

Use Research Vocabulary

Using the proper vocabulary while teaching research skills to primary students is one way to build that strong foundation for future learning. Make sure you use the same words that you use with your older students, taking time to explain their meanings and give examples as you go. These words will be familiar each year as you do more research lessons. Some important words to consider:

Do a Project Together

Animal Research Skills for Kindergarten and First Grade

One strategy for teaching research skills to kindergarten and first grade students is to do a project together. As the teacher, you can choose the topic – perhaps George Washington or Abraham Lincol n in February, or your school’s mascot animal any time of year. You might even want to try a holiday research activity in December. Using a simple notetaking outline or booklet, you can model taking notes and writing down interesting facts as you go.

Give Choices

Of course, it’s always nice to give choices when you can. You want your students to know that they can use library resources to explore topics of personal interest any time! Now, I know I just suggested that you do a guided project together, but can you offer choice within your guided project? Giving your kindergarten and first grade students the choice between George Washington or Abraham Lincoln is still manageable for you as a librarian or teacher. You could also let them choose an animal to researc h . Give a list of 5 to choose from, if you’re concerned about this lesson getting out of control.

Use Kid-Friendly Resources

Does your school library subscribe to any online databases for primary students? The Abdo Zoom Animals and Biography databases are excellent for kindergarten and first grade students. When you guide them through a joint research project and model searching and navigating your databases, you’re definitely setting your young learners up for future success. After the project is over, give them time to explore topics of their own choosing using the database.

President Research Skills for Kindergarten and First Grade

Choose a couple of strong print resources to use during your research project. Blastoff Readers and Bullfrog Books are excellent choices for their text features, clear photos, and kid-friendly layout. Create a display of related nonfiction titles for your kindergarten and first grade students to explore after the research is complete.

Encourage Sharing

One of the biggest joys of learning is sharing new information with others! Students can create a poster to display on a bulletin board, or a booklet to read to a big buddy. And of course you’ll want to encourage your primary students to bring home their projects to share their learning with their families!

Make it Easy on Yourself!

Animal Research Kindergarten and First Grade

If you’re looking for made-for-you activities to help you teach research skills to your kindergarten and first grade students, I can help! These popular resources have been used as whole group activities, centers, and collaborative projects.

Research Skills for Elementary Students

Ultimate Library Research Bundle

Research skills for kindergarten and first grade students lay the foundation for future learning. If you’re looking for scaffolded lessons to take the learning from kindergarten to fifth grade, check out the resources in this Ultimate Research Bundle . You’ll get lessons and activities for animal research projects and president research projects. Each grade builds upon skills taught the previous year. Help your students progress in their mastery of research skills throughout their elementary school years!

Teaching kids research skills in the primary grades can be daunting.  With the right approach, you can do kindergarten research projects and first grade research projects effortlessly in your elementary school library.  Whether you’re looking for animal research projects or president research activities, your students will have fun with these tips for research skills activities for kids! #thetrappedlibrarian #elementarylibrary

Be the light!

research topics kindergarten

February 19, 2021 at 6:49 PM

Great tips for easing our littles into research! Thanks!

' src=

February 28, 2021 at 10:55 AM

First of all, I would like to mention that I really enjoyed reading your post and appreciate all the tips you are sharing. Second of all, you mentioned to “do a project together”. I have been a Kindergarten and Grade one teacher in the past and I remember how hectic things could get when I was trying to get every student connected at once. I don’t have any teacher librarian experience, I am currently enrolled in a Teacher Librarian program. So what suggestions do you have to run this experience smoothly? I was thinking in asking the help of the classroom teacher for that purpose but maybe there are other ways to do this. Thank you.

' src=

March 23, 2021 at 9:42 AM

Hi Carla – Thanks for stopping by! With these littles, you could project your source on the big screen and read through it with them, modeling your thinking and even taking very simple notes (using your document camera – toggle between the computer display and the doc cam). In “normal” years, I would pair up these students as a follow up to the lesson and allow them to explore the source (for example, Abdo Zoom – Animals or World Book Early World of Learning Animals category). Yes, you could get a volunteer or two or some older kids to come in and help. I would set up my computers before class and then rotate around and help students as needed. It is chaotic at first, but they get comfortable with the navigation pretty quickly, especially when you’ve modeled it first the week before. Best wishes to you!!

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January 2, 2022 at 10:11 AM

You mentioned a winter sports research project. Is that one available for purchase? That would be fantastic for the Winter Olympics in February. Thank you for sharing all your fabulous lessons.

January 2, 2022 at 10:55 AM

Hi Kayla! I do have a resource for Winter Olympics/Winter Sports. It’s a bulletin board and mini research project and you can find it here: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Winter-Sports-Bulletin-Board-and-Mini-Research-Kit-3653324?utm_source=trapppedlibrarian.org&utm_campaign=TL%20Winter%20Sports%20Blog

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March 28, 2022 at 5:52 PM

I was doing research just today with my pre-k and 1st grade classes. We started with a KWL chart, listing things students know about birds, then developed questions for the want to know column. When we had 3 questions, I divided the students into small groups and gave them non-fiction picture books about many kinds of birds to look through and find answers. My TA, the pre-k TA, and I helped guide the students’ research and helped with reading as necessary.

Questions were: are all birds born from eggs? why do birds lay eggs in nests? are all nests built in trees?

Students were very engaged and excited about researching “like the big kids”.

April 15, 2022 at 10:22 AM

Sounds like a great lesson, Denise! Thanks for sharing!


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