Procurement Research Proposal

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Research Proposal 2013

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In performing public procurement of Non -Consultancy Service (NCS) the organization uses framework agreements. The research to be performed has an attempt to study on whether the procurement of NCS using framework agreements is effectively and efficiently at TEMESA. This will be achieved after assess the effectiveness in the procurement of NCS using framework agreements by TEMESA, with the objectives assess the extent to which the procurement of NCS using framework agreements comply with the PPA No.

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The TRA, Morogoro region in Tanzania was found to be on course for phasing out the repealed Public Procurement Act, 2004 and adopting the new Public Procurement Act, 2011. 'Sound procurement principles' to 'value for money' for buyers and 'profitable compensation' for suppliers were well on board. Limitations of the defunct law in relation to long procurement process, late supplier payment, noncompetitive prices and fragmented procurement organizing were being reigned in. It was a case study. Top management and government support policies influenced the performance of the TRA, Morogoro region.

Mordecai Matto

This paper provides an overview of public procurement reforms in Tanzania. The main objective was to conduct a critical analysis on the public procurement reforms, compliance, challenges and prospects of Tanzania public sector procurement. The author used published data and documentary review in order to present findings, conclusion and recommendations. Based on the research findings, the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania has clearly made great steps in reforming the public procurement sector. The enactments of Public Procurement Acts and Regulations have been to some extent helpful in attaining transparency, economy, efficiency, accountability, fair and value for money procurement. The findings revealed that compliance has been reduced from-41% in financial year 2006/2007 (first procurement audit) to-7% in 2015/2016. The study recommended that: successful implementation of the public procurement reform will depend on the people involved, both elected and employees at all levels and the capacity of the oversight and regulatory bodies to lead, regulate, control and monitor the various procurement procedures. The need of public procurement reforms should be originated from the citizens, practitioners, suppliers, service providers, contractors, regulatory & professional bodies, and the like. Politician's views and comments should not be taken as a prime catalyst for review.

In Tanzania like any other developing countries, local governments are regarded as key providers of public services to the people in various aspects such as education, health, water, infrastructure, financial transactions. The main objective of this study was to assess the factors that contribute to the poor performance of procurement functions in local government authorities. The specific objectives of this study were: to analyze the effect of internal control, staff capacity, and corruption on procurement performance of the local governments in Tanzania. Through a review of existing scholarly works, documents, records and reports, a conceptual frame work was developed. The findings and recommendations of this paper were made based on audit reports for the period of four consecutive years conducted by the National Audit Office (NAOT) and the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA). This study revealed that, Local Government Authorities (LGAs) procurement performance faces serious challenges pertaining to weak internal control, lack of staff capacity, and lack of integrity. The study recommended that the public procurement body (PSPTB) and regulatory body (PPRA) should put more efforts on capacity building and monitoring to the LGAs with inadequate compliance level in order to strengthen and improve their procurement performance. It was further recommended that the LGAs managements should continue strengthening their Procurement Management Units, Tender Boards, User Departments as well as Internal Audit Units in order to obtain value for money on the procurements made.

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Research Proposal E-Procurement

Ariba implementation at med x: managing earned value.

MED-X, a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Houston, Texas with 54 plants and more than 40,000 employees world-wide, has undertaken a $2 million Ariba e-procurement project implementation. MED-X was spending $3 billion annually on indirect goods and services. It is estimated that implementation of the Ariba e-procurement system will save the company $200 million annually and also reduce spending, streamline the procurement process and expedite user adoption. An additional benefit of the project is going to be nationwide

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Electronic commerce technology and practice has been sought after since the development of the World Wide Web, and many business institutes and corporations have turned to electronic commerce technologies with hopes to develop the efficiency and effectiveness of their business models through e-commerce. A very prominent form of e-commerce is e-procurement which is mainly for B2B transactions occurring between businesses.

The Impact Of E-Commerce

The widespread application of internet and prevalence of globalization give rise to various influential trends in business context, one of which is e-Commerce. According to (Browne et al., 2004), e-Commerce refers to a commercial platform that allow transactions to happen via electronic devices and digital environment that requires no face-to-face or human interaction as opposed to traditional mode of purchase. E-Commerce is revolutionizing the landscape of modern business environment by offering a convenient, rapid, borderless and timely mechanism for commercial transactions. Moreover, e-Commerce provides an alternative to traditional value chain in which manufactured products need to move through multiple layer of distribution to reach the end-users. In other words, via electronic platforms, suppliers can now access their end customers directly via web-based ordering system without the needs for wholesalers

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The introduction of the intranet-based Ariba enterprise resource planning systems cut the Philips annual purchasing costs by tens of millions of dollars. Philips rolled-out an e-procurement system in 2000, to more than 100 sites worldwide, in a project which aimed to cut 8% from its $5 billion global supply bill (Goodwin, 2000).

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Procurement is a central service provided by a zealous team of executives. It functions at the interface between the organizations, the external supplier, marketplace and also the organizations’ operational processes (Knudsen D, 2003). This implies that the procurement processes and data have to be on the market for one or all actors within the supply chain to optimize the advantages of e-procurement. The applications that inform the e-procurement landscape are designed to alter the buying cycle, optimize pay, improve methods and progress, support bidding and tendering and facilitate more practical

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Electronic business, or e-business or "electronic commerce"(55) has increased exponentially because so many businesses are on digital networks. Major business transactions are completed on the enterprise. Digital networking is transforming businesses relationships with the companies customer, their employees and relationships with suppliers and partners in business. E business technology is also improving the way business is done in the government. The government uses the Internet to enable and increase business

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E-procurement is a form of e-commerce which relates to B2B (business to business) relationships end to end in sales (from supply side) and acquisition (from buyers side) of goods and services.

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E-procurement has had an increasingly important role in business-to-business(B2B) commerce. Web-enabled B2B e-commerce enhances inter-organizational coordination resulting in transaction cost savings and competitive sourcing opportunities for the buyer organization. E-business has radically altered the ways in which firms interact with their suppliers(Phillips 2003). Continued improvements in Internet technology connectivity provide an opportunity to make procurement for goods and services more transparent and efficient. Six forms of e-procurement applications

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Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is often thought simply to refer to buying and selling using the Internet; people immediately think of consumer retail purchases from companies such as Amazon. But e-commerce involves much more than electronically mediated financial transactions between organizations and customers. E-commerce should be considered as all electronically mediated transactions between an organization and any third-party it deals with.

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The continued advances in procurement and information technologies, have presented BAL an opportunity to build on initiatives put in place since 1999. The P-Card initiative has produced cost savings through the shortening of procurement process for non traceable generic goods, but new e-based initiatives must be sought to further stream line the bidding and contracting process.

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The E-ecommerce organizations are arrangements that change the client adventure and help everybody comprehend client purchasing conduct and its powerless markets. Understanding the purchasing and offering practices inside of a huge number of exchanges crosswise over worldwide territories in one single stage is the most intense and fruitful commercial centers.

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The non-commercial website has been an enormous success providing Lego with a strong presence on the Internet. However, implementing a website capable of handling sales transactions requires a great deal more than a non-commercial site. The firm has implemented an ERP system which may provide some technical support for the website. The details of the ERP system are unknown at this time; however, the goal of implementing the system was to optimize the supply chain from production to distribution, which will be a significant opportunity for the E-Commerce project. Another important consideration is incorporating the ERP system into the E-Commerce transactions so that separate systems and

Impact Of Digital Media On E-Commerce

Electronic commerce has been there for a long time now, and it is a practice that is practiced by peoples from Germany, France, and the US on a daily basis. Since its inception around 40 years ago, e-commerce has continued to grow as innovations, technologies and a lot of business reverting to the use of the e-commerce. The aspect of buying and selling of goods in the early 1960s was sluggish with the traditional way of mailing of documents being replaced with the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), which would later pave a way to the electronic commerce. After the e-commerce, however, the practice was not more reliable as it still had many challenges (Tsolis, 2009). For instance, it was not easy for buyers to see products from the comfort of their homes and more so, the methods of accessing the information were limited.

E-Commerce Literature Review

Many organizations industriously look for the opportunity to gain the competitive advantages in their industries. One of the opportunities that frequently used by the organization is the implementation of e-commerce. Thus, the e-commerce and the online sale transaction become popular in each industry. E-commerce provides many benefits, such as the saving of shopping time, the cost savings, convenience, and free from geographical constraints.

The Role Of E-Business

Electronic business (e-business), the use of Internet-based computing and communications to execute both front-end and back-end business processes – has emerge as a key enabler to drive supply chain integration. As an overarching business concept, e-business has received increasing attention from academics and practitioners alike. E-business solutions in general are seeking to enhance supply chain effectiveness and efficiency through the automation of business processes. The adoption of e-business can result in benefits such as higher transparency, reduced transaction, manufacturing and other cost, reduced

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