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1. Dwelling on Substandard Housing : A multi-site contextualisation of housing deprivation among Romanian Roma

Author : Dominic Teodorescu ; Irene Molina ; David Jansson ; Michele Lancione ; Uppsala universitet ; [] Keywords : SOCIAL SCIENCES ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; Roma ; Romania ; Racialisation ; Postsocialism ; Housing ; Community-led strategies ; Geography ; Geografi ;

Abstract : This thesis explores the housing situation of Romanian Roma in recent times. Many Romanian Roma are relegated to inadequate living conditions, and this thesis seeks to further our knowledge of the spaces this group inhabits. READ MORE

2. Housing, poverty and the welfare state : Spatial distribution of tenure types and its effects on housing deprivation, unemployment and residualisation

Author : Ida Borg ; Eva Andersson ; Bo Malmberg ; Terje Wessel ; Stockholms universitet ; [] Keywords : SOCIAL SCIENCES ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; housing ; tenure types ; welfare state ; power resource theory ; housing deprivation ; unemployment ; residualisation ; Europe ; Sweden ; Geography with Emphasis on Human Geography ; geografi med kulturgeografisk inriktning ;

Abstract : An important question that has caused much academic debate is how to best organise the welfare state system to combat poverty and social exclusion. Much such research is focused on how to combat income poverty through core areas in the welfare state. READ MORE

3. Housing the Nation? : Post-Apartheid Public Housing Provision in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

Author : Erika Lind ; Roger Andersson ; Anssi Paasi ; Uppsala universitet ; [] Keywords : SOCIAL SCIENCES ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; Social and economic geography ; post-apartheid ; state space production ; public housing provision ; local government ; democratisation ; nation-building ; citizenship ; Eastern Cape ; South Africa ; Kulturgeografi ; Human geography ; Kulturgeografi ;

Abstract : The main objective of the thesis is to critically analyse local modes of post-apartheid public housing provision in the context of nation-building and democratisation in South Africa. The focus in the study is set on the new housing policy in South Africa, launched in 1994, and its implementation on local government level during the time period 1994-2003. READ MORE

4. Essays on risk and housing

Author : Han-Suck Song ; Hans Lind ; Peter Englund ; KTH ; [] Keywords : SOCIAL SCIENCES ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; housing risks ; risk management ; strategic alliances ; housing construction ; low-income housing ; real options ; tenure choice ; rent regulation ; housing cooperative conversion ; price index ; Economics ; Nationalekonomi ; Econometrics ; Ekonometri ; Economic geography ; Ekonomisk geografi ;

Abstract : There is a series of different types of risk on the housing market and related industries.  The six papers in this doctoral dissertation are about a number of the many dimensions of risk management on the housing market. READ MORE

5. Influence and Invisibility : Tenants in Housing Provision in Mwanza City, Tanzania

Author : Jenny Cadstedt ; Gunilla Andrae ; Kerstin Bodström ; Lusugga Kironde ; Stockholms universitet ; [] Keywords : SOCIAL SCIENCES ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; rental tenure ; tenants ; housing provision ; housing career ; housing strategy ; housing policy ; urban planning ; Sustainable Cities Programme ; unplanned settlements ; community participation ; citizenship ; secure tenure ; Mwanza ; Tanzania ; Human geography ; Kulturgeografi ;

Abstract : A high proportion of urban residents in Tanzanian cities are tenants who rent rooms in privately owned houses in unplanned settlements. However, in housing policy and in urban planning rental tenure gets very little attention. This study focuses on the reasons for and consequences of this discrepancy between policy and practice. READ MORE

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Sianga, Busisiwe Elizabeth. "An approach to sustainable, energy efficient design for low-cost housing in Botswana." Pretoria : [s.n.], 2007.

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Lacroix, Carol Josephine. "The politics of need : accounting for (dis)advantage : public housing co-operatives in Western Australia /." Access via Murdoch University Digital Theses Project, 2006.

Nutter, Katherine S. "Defining success in low income housing| Why does it matter?" Thesis, California State University, Long Beach, 2016.

The US Census Bureau reveals the number of families in poverty in the United States in 2014 was 9.5 million, at a rate of 11.6 percent. In the current economic climate, many more families are facing the possibility of eviction, foreclosure and homelessness. Low income families may be able to secure a residence through low-income housing organizations. Orange County Community Housing Corporation is an organization that offers a program in addition to long-term housing in areas such as financial literacy, education, and health. In this setting, tenants may begin to think about more future oriented prospects rather than daily/weekly survival issues. As families become more stable, their perceptions of success and how the program may help them will reveal how services can be tailored more effectively.

The purpose of this ethnographic study is to discover how participants within Orange County Community Housing Corporation define success. As tenants are involved in the program, program definitions may play a part not only in shaping tenants’ immediate goals (i.e., finding employment, returning to school), but also their overall perception of success. Tenants’ definitions of success may also contribute to how the program is shaped. This qualitative study will utilize participant-observation and semi-structured interviews with the overall aim to explore the intersection of tenant and program definitions of success and their convergence towards sustainable outcomes for tenants, which includes averting homelessness and working towards greater “self-sufficiency.”

Odetunde, Joshua Omoniyi. "Engaging the Nonprofits in Louisville Housing Market for Low-Income Households." ScholarWorks, 2015.

Harper, Caleb Benjamin. "Vertical Village : towards a new typology of high-density low-income urban housing." Thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2014.

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QC 20100909

Johnson, Stuart Clark. "Section 103(b) (4) (A) of the internal revenue code: can the tax code provide an efficient and effective low income "housing program"? ; (an economic analysis)." Thesis, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1986.

Alexander, Jason Philip. "Conflict in Adair Park: preserving neighborhood architecture and history and building affordable housing." Thesis, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010.

Bekker, Jakobus Petrus. "Improving the supply of subsidised housing in South Africa." Thesis, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, 2017. no longer supports Internet Explorer.

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Social and Affordable Housing in the UK: Overcoming the Housing Shortage with Better-Quality Houses and Healthier Environments

Profile image of Mariana Boughaba

The United Kingdom has been facing a housing crisis since 2008, contributing to the record levels of working families living in debt. In spite of this, the number of affordable houses being constructed has dropped to its minimum level for nearly 25 years (RTPI, 2017). Housing prices continue to rise whilst demand for social and affordable housing far exceeds supply, the typical response to this by developers is to focus on quantity at the expense of design quality. This dissertation has the objective of addressing the housing shortage by finding ways to simultaneously increase the quantity but also the quality of social and affordable housing by taking the inhabitants and their environment into consideration. The methodology is to first identify the main limitations on the supply of both social and affordable housing, and then to determine possible solutions based on successful case studies that have been analysed to demonstrate how they have achieved the goal of producing quantity and quality. The investigation reveals that the housing crisis is a complicated matter and involves many actors including landowners, local authorities, planners, architects, developers, housebuilders, buyers, etc. Therefore, the solutions are multifaceted and consider economics, planning, design, and policy. The outcome of the study provides a comprehensive understanding of the housing crisis and offers recommendations to everyone involved in the housing sector to help them achieve better living places and thus better communities.

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Are individuality and character to be found in the detail of places and spaces unconstrained by universal models? Does a global problem need a universally global answer and could it be boring? I would have liked to have heard more of Pedro Ortiz’ views on these dilemmas.

Georgina Andrea


Steffen Lehmann

Aditya Kumar

Fiona Gray , Matt Novacevski

Deakin University was commissioned in March 2016 by the Victorian Government Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) to develop a research report that would support DELWP’s work on the Moolap Coastal Strategic Framework Plan (Moolap Plan). The Moolap Plan examines possibilities for future land uses for the study area which includes the site of Alcoa’s former operations at Point Henry and the former Cheetham Saltworks sites in Moolap, a suburb on the Eastern outskirts of the Geelong CBD, Australia. The study area includes more than 1,200 hectares of largely industrial and coastal land. It is a complex site that presents a host of challenges and opportunities for Geelong and the State. The brief was to identify a range of brownfield redevelopment case studies that demonstrate attributes that may inform future land use options for the subject site of the Moolap Plan. The case studies consider a range of environmental, economic and social issues related to the redevelopment of saltpans, low-lying land and/or contaminated brownfield sites, and include examples of alternative land uses ranging from exemplary low-impact ecological scenarios through to progressive or iconic urban renewal and regeneration schemes. The primary purpose of these case studies is to develop a high-level, conceptual understanding of a broad range of potential land use options applicable to the subject site, as opposed to providing a deep analysis of each individual scenario. Each case study provides an outline of the particular project’s context, drivers, assets, issues, constraints, opportunities and outcomes. This research aims to learn from the experience of international brownfield redevelopments to better understand the risks and opportunities associated with various land use scenarios to inform the development of a strategic framework for the subject site in Moolap.

Paul Augustine

nicholas Boys Smith

London and the South East has a housing crisis. France has overtaken Britain as a home-owning democracy. So far, so anodyne. But why? “NIMBYs” incant frustrated developers. “Greenbelts” invoke irate LSE professors. “Timid politicians refusing to reform the planning system” shout furious lobby groups. But they are all wrong. Or at any rate they are insufficiently right. They are dealing with symptoms not maladies. One of the key reasons we have a housing crisis is because new housing, new neighbourhoods and new multi-storey blocks are consistently, unambiguously and predictably unpopular most people most of the time. This is (very nearly) as true of London as it is the rest of the country. And looked at through this prism, the London housing crisis is a problem of lack of sufficient political consent for new development. Politicians trying to ‘fix’ the problem have been consistently asking the wrong question. They have been asking; ‘how do we build more homes?’ They should have been asking; ‘how do we make new homes more popular?’ If you could make Londoners not just accept but love new buildings and neighbourhoods, argue for them, lobby for them, then most other problems would, over time, fade away like ghosts at cockcrow. If this seems overly-simplistic then consider the evidence. And, if you dare, consider what you could do about it by turning the entire planning system on its head and using the planning system to help the market deliver the homes people actually want to see built in their communities rather than continuously frustrating it.

Spatio-temporal imbalances in the pace of globalized competition and development have resulted in a demanding requirement for affordable housing in Australia’s undersupplied and entrenched communities further segregated from their more able neighbors. Neoliberal governance and planning policies exerts an even higher burden on non-governmental actors in remediating the discord in supply and demand with developers commanding a dominant position to negotiate more lucrative arrangements, reducing or negating their requirements in delivering target ratios of affordable housing in new developments. Through an examination of the spatial extents of the Barangaroo precinct development in its privileged position on the waterfront in Sydney and its submitted documentation, this paper finds an increasing chasm for the urban poor attempting to integrate into Sydney Global City, arguing for a re-evaluation of housing policy to shift the local condition from exclusive enclaves to cohesive social landscapes in an increasingly image-driven cosmopolitan machine.

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Alessandra Gola, Ashika Singh and Anamica Singh (eds.), Displacement & Domesticity since 1945: Refugees, Migrants and Expats Making Homes, Working Paper Series, Leuven: KU Leuven pp. 331-342

Maier Yagod

Azmah Arzmi , Filip Zamiatnin

International Graduate Conference of Built Environment and Surveying

A. A. Yakub , Hishamuddin Mohd Ali

WIT Transactions on the Built Environment

Magdalena Denham , Natalie D Baker

Urban Science

Jeffrey Kenworthy , Franco Jauregui-Fung

Book of Proceedings of CIRRE 2019 4th Conference of Interdisciplinary Research on Real Estate, at Trondheim, September 12-13, 2019

Danielle Denny , Jan Veuger

Mara Ferreri


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Dissertations on Housing

Housing is a term used for houses and other forms of living spaces that are constructed for the purpose of providing homes to people. Housing can be assigned to vulnerable people and families, to help to improve or maintain their well-being.

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Is Passive Housing Viable in Ireland?

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The intention of this dissertation is to provide an insight into the challenges that private landlords face with adherence to the continued rise in standards enforced through HMO legislation....

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Reusing Empty Properties as a Solution to Scotland’s Social Housing Shortfall

This dissertation researches the problem of long term empty homes within Scotland, investigating regeneration for social housing and exploring the solutions available to local authorities in tackling the issue....

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Effect of Prefabrication Methods on Housing in the UK

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Pressure on Development Land in the South East of England

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Environmental Noise Data from Dublin City Council Designated ‘Quiet’ Areas to Establish Compliance with the Target Noise Levels

Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1 Environmental noise Environmental noise is any unwanted outdoor sound created by human activities that is detrimental to the quality of life of individuals. For people livi...

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Technical and Economical Evaluation of Grid-connected Renewable Power Generation System for a Residential Urban Area

Technical and economical evaluation of grid-connected renewable power generation system for a residential urban area Abstract In this present study, the feasibility, economic and technical evaluatio...

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Impact of Social Housing: A Case Study of Wolverhampton

Impact of Social Housing: A case study of Wolverhampton Executive Summary The importance of social housing cannot be overemphasized as it is necessary that a nation provides quality and affordable...

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Since 1970, racial residential segregation has declined, but in recent years socioeconomic residential segregation has increased. Write an essay in which you trace these trends and the factors involve...

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Alternative Housing Strategies for Asylum Seekers in Greece

Here to stay:Finding a sustainable alternative housing strategy for asylum seekers and refugees in Greece 1. Introduction Over 60,000 refugees and asylum seekers are currently stranded in Greec...

Impact of Recession on Banking and Housing Industries

In late 2000s financial market collapse and the resulting, global recession have left an urgent need for knowledge and research about unemployment-financial markets, poverty and much more. It will be...

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Analysis of Affordable Housing in London

1.1 Arguments and Discussions A report published recently by the Greater London Authority on the problem of affordable housing in London in June 2005, revealed that the issue of “affordable housing...

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Is Anyone Home? An Investigation Into Occupancy Detection for Home Automation and Why Capacitive Sensing Could be the Solution. Abstract With conclusive evidence indicating buildings account for 4...

Lean Implementation in the Residential Sector

1.0 Chapter One – Introduction This chapter begins with an introduction into the study background and the current housing situation that the U.K is facing. It will follow with the consideration fo...

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23 housing dissertation topics ideas & examples.

social housing dissertation

Land Law centers upon the use and supply of land. It hopes to encourage how a proprietor of housing may utilize it or moderate how others do as such; this relationship can form into ‘interests’ in said land. Housing and Land law impact numerous aspects of our everyday living, and it decides the distinction between what the property is and what area is. We will list down a few housing dissertation topics for you that can be convenient for your to design and compose your housing dissertation.

Table of Contents

Some Housing Dissertation Topics along with its brief

1. housing dissertation topics for what is precisely degree antagonistic a significant option to forestall the development of empty properties.

This exposition subject will consider unfriendly belonging in the pre and post Land Registration Act 2002. What’s more, the Act has not restricted all rights, particularly those that have gathered before its consolidation. In any case, there is a fascinating human rights difficulty because there is the privilege of one’s property, though should this imply the property ought to be left empty?

Consequently, the Housing Act 2004 has permitted gatherings to authorize Empty Dwelling Management Orders and, in the long run, upheld deals of property. The inquiry is whether the commonness given to land possession in the Land Registration Act 2002 has made the vacant property issues ten years after the fact? This is one of the best housing dissertation topics out of the rest.

2. Is the Perpetuities and Accumulations Act 2009 massive to the cutting edge system of Land Law?

This thesis point will investigate the effect of the Perpetuities and Accumulations Act 2009, in contrast with the Perpetuities and Accumulations Act 1964. Accordingly, it will examine the progressions to the “sit back and watch” approach, just as the rejection of business premiums to decide whether this makes an excellent way to deal with family-type premiums. This is an intriguing point that numerous awards have attempted to offset and modernize with the privileges of the deceased benefactor; along these lines, an assessment of the Irish and English methodologies will give a complete audit and can help you form a dissertation on some of the best housing dissertation topics.

3. Has the instance of Jones v Kernott [2011] ALL ER (D) 64 (Nov) explained the idea of “Normal Intentions” in the Family Home Trust?

This assessment will investigate the advanced improvements of the family home trust, as recognized by Oxley v Hiscock [2004] EWCA Civ 546, Stack v Dowden [2007] UKHL 17, and Jones v Kernott. The differentiation among attributed and construed goals has made a lot of discussions; in this manner, the accompanying assessment will investigate the methodologies and decide whether decency has a task to carry out. This is particularly significant because in persona rights ought to be dealt with circumspectly to forestall unnecessary obstruction within rights.

4. Is the situation law encompassing the idea of “knowing receipt” and “knowing help” adequate to give the hurt petitioner to have successful impartial cures?

The custom-based law ways to deal with even-handed cases against outsiders who have gained or helped another to obtain property unjustly are confounded. The fundamental issue is the thing that establishes as information because the instance of Twinsectra v. Yardley [2002] 2 AC 164 held the most diminutive information is adequate. English law has construed an abstract component in the test, as affirmed in Royal Brunei Airlines Sdn Bhd v. Tan [1995] 2 AC 378. The instance of Abou-Rahmah v. Abacha itself [2006] EWCA Civ 1492 recognized a constrained deduction of valuable information, but is this enough? The Singapore instance of George Raymond Zage III v. Ho Chi Kwong [2010] 2 SLR 589 (CA) held a target test ought to apply. Accordingly, this assessment will investigate diverse housing dissertation topics precedent-based law locales to this issue, to recognize whether the target approach ought to use.

5. Housing dissertation topics: Is the Homelessness Act 2002 adequate to manage the developing vagrancy in the UK?

This exposition subject will investigate the obligations of Local Authorities under the Act, which altered the Housing Act 1996. A significant inquiry that is recognizable from the instance of Ellis v Angus Council [2011] CSOH 44 is the lawful reason for Guidance set by the degenerated governments because the court held there was no commitment as the strategies are not part of the resolution. Therefore, the dispute between the codes and the statutory obligations gather that the Homelessness Act 2002 isn’t fit for a reason and can be the best housing dissertation topic.

6. Are the Prevention from Harassment and Eviction arrangements viably ensuring inhabitants?

This exposition theme will investigate the different securities that are accessible to occupants to forestall Harassment and unlawful removal; anyway, the principal question will be whether the group of law is durably and successfully authorized. Accordingly, the human rights edge will be investigated, and when the neighborhood position must act because there can be over-pompousness over such debates.

7. An investigation of the degree to which scholarly capital is a shrouded incentive in organization budget reports regarding Nokia, Samsung, and Microsoft.

The Scholarly Capital of an association is viewed as an elusive resource. An association must be comparable to the abilities, information, and ability its representatives have. It is hard to measure it and speak to it on the asset report in financial terms. Right now, we will do a contextual analysis where we will contemplate the money-related records of Nokia, Microsoft, and Samsung over a time of four years to perceive how they monetize their scholarly capital.

8. Government policies regarding the redesign of homes

Subject Description: This bookkeeping thesis will contemplate the TUI’s fiscal reports and yearly reports utilizing various investigation procedures. It will consider papers over a time of four years and use Pestel and SWOT examination models. It will likewise look at its market position against perhaps the greatest adversary: Thomas Cook. The paper will expect to evaluate the present market position and condition of TUI, foresee the future economic situations it might face.

9. Green deal and Housing a missed deal?

Point Description: The examination will investigate how review panels work in Saudi Arabia and India. These advisory groups are characterized as the sub-boards of trustees where non-official executives deal with authoritative issues, for example, evaluating, interior controlling and the board, and money-related. The thesis will contemplate the procedures the two creating nations utilize, and will likewise endeavor to consider. How it has realized changes in the corporate administration in both the countries and how much their internal examining systems have now adjusted toward the western arrangement of inside reviewing. Along these lines, the paper not just thinks about the frameworks in the two nations under examination yet, also makes the discoveries relevant to worldwide organizations.

10. Some of the challenges faced by skyscrapers

The thesis will analyze the two stores on British high road, which speak to the center to very good quality chocolates. One of these organizations is set up in the market for a considerable length of time, while the other is generally a newcomer. The investigation will apply Z score examination on its business reports and yearly reports, and offer their costs. It will talk about the present marketplaces of the two organizations and foresee their development in the coming two years. The exposition will give a unique examination of the sectored enthusiasm just as the real monetary factors it faces inside the UK utilizing budgetary reasonable models and insights.

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