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Babajide Osatuyi

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AbdulRahman AlKaabi

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Joseph K Mwanzo

This research project was conducted through descriptive method of questionnaire and Interview schedule to gather information on access and utilization of Web 2.0 tools and Social networking sites at Jomo Kenyatta Memorial Library the main library for the university of Nairobi.The researcher established that university of Nairobi Library staff uses Web 2.0 tools and social networking sites such as Youtube, Facebook and twitter to create online visibility,connect with students,publish library events, provision of information literacy and also networking among Library staff.However despite the fact that university of Nairobi students are technosavvy, among the 35 students who participated in the study only 6 students (3Female and 3 Male) were able to identify the types of web 2.0 tools and social networking sites such as Youtube and Facebook with twitter which are linked to the university of Nairobi Library website.Facebook was widely used at the rate of 80% by students in connecting with the library staff and ask questions on use of electronic resources and other information resources. The researcher established that the university of Nairobi Library has not marketed these Web 2.0 and social networking sites to enhance their access and utilization in addition challenges such as in-adequate time for the library staff to facilitate the use of these library 2.0 tools, Unstable wifi in the library and regular power-outage were some of the reasons why these Web 2.0 tools and Social networking sites have not been accessed and utilized by many students.

Dr. James Webb


rama prasad

This paper is aimed at determining whether the social networking site affect the academic performance of student.Social network have indeed created a great impact on academic performance of student, basically this study was conducted to examine the impact of social networking site. Questionnaire was the main instrument for gathering data and chi-square was used as a mathematical tool to test the hypothesis, all in order to find out if social networking affects students performance academically

International Journal of Information Management

Since an ever-increasing part of the population makes use of social media in their day-today lives, social media data is being analysed in many different disciplines. The social media analytics process involves four distinct steps, data discovery, collection, preparation, and analysis. While there is a great deal of literature on the challenges and difficulties involving specific data analysis methods, there hardly exists research on the stages of data discovery, collection, and preparation. To address this gap, we conducted an extended and structured literature analysis through which we identified challenges addressed and solutions proposed. The literature search revealed that the volume of data was most often cited as a challenge by researchers. In contrast, other categories have received less attention. Based on the results of the literature search, we discuss the most important challenges for researchers and present potential solutions. The findings are used to extend an existing framework on social media analytics. The article provides benefits for researchers and practitioners who wish to collect and analyse social media data.

IJAR Indexing

Social networking via the internet has brought forth changes in the lives of the youth, including gaining an unlimited number of friends. Social networking websites are experiencing rapid growth which allows the Internet community, new and old friends, to get in touch. Social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and Multiply boast with millions of members using their networks on a regular basis to communicate, share, create, and collaborate with others in the virtual world. Alongside the virtual world is the school which educates students to succeed in life depending on intelligence and control of emotions. Aside from IQ alone, the measure of success includes emotional intelligence, social intelligence, and luck (Goleman, 2005). Other qualities such as trust, integrity, authenticity, creativity, honesty, presence and resilience are as important. These different bits of intelligence are collectively described as Emotional Intelligence.This study was conducted to determine the social networking preferences and the emotional intelligence level of the college students and found out the relationship of social networking preferences and the emotional intelligence level of the college students, as well as, the connection of the profile between the relationship of the social networking preferences and emotional intelligence level of students.

BRAIN. Broad Research in Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience ISSN 2067-3957

Academia EduSoft

Nowadays, there is a serious anxiety on the existence of dangerous intelligent systems and it is not just a science-fiction idea of evil machines like the ones in well-known Terminator movie or any other movies including intelligent robots – machines threatening the existence of humankind. So, there is a great interest in some alternative research works under the topics of Machine Ethics, Artificial Intelligence Safety and the associated research topics like Future of Artificial Intelligence and Existential Risks. The objective of this study is to provide a general discussion about the expressed research topics and try to find some answers to the question of 'Are we safe enough in the future of Artificial Intelligence?'. In detail, the discussion includes a comprehensive focus on 'dystopic' scenarios, enables interested researchers to think about some 'moral dilemmas' and finally have some ethical outputs that are considerable for developing good intelligent systems. From a general perspective, the discussion taken here is a good opportunity to improve awareness on the mentioned, remarkable research topics associated with not only Artificial Intelligence but also many other natural and social sciences taking role in the humankind.

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Aquababe Seventytwo

Scientific Research Publishing: Creative Education.

Dr. Qais Faryadi

May B . Cermino


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