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That's great news. vs That's a great news.

That's great news..

This is correct

these a great news

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That's a great news.

This is not correct. Don't use this phrase.

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these a great news

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WordReference Forums

Those are great news!

Those are great news! <-----Sentence added to post by moderator (Florentia52)-----> Is the sentence in the title of this thread correct? Google seems to show many hits for that, but I'm not sure whether it is an appropriate usage. Could anyone help me? Thanks in advance!  


Senior Member

I've only ever heard the singular. 'That's great news' or 'This is good news.'  


"News" is a collective noun which is never plural, and which has no plural. So "Those are great news" is definitely incorrect.  


As we continually advise learners, Google is not an authority on English or anything else. It faithfully indexes what others have written, regardless of whether they are knowledgeable, stupid or completely out of their depth. Often, it's just the writing of uninformed non-native speakers. Not all English words ending in 's' are plural. "News," like "stress," "bus," "fuss," etc. is one that is not.  

These are great news vs this is great news

Check any text for mistakes in above text box. Grammar Check your text.

Looking on the internet deeply has found these results:

These are great news  is the most popular phrase on the web. 

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Please wait.... ESL Forum

Is 'this great news' correct?

"I thank God for this great news . I am finally vindicated." As 'news' is uncountable, is the part in bold correct? Should it be 'this piece of great news'? Thanks.  


It's fine as is.  


Junior member.

'News' can be used with or without partitives...this news...this piece/item of news etc The partitives are more effective in plural forms...these pieces of good news  

Cambridge Dictionary

We use the uncountable noun news to mean ‘information or reports about recent events’. It takes a singular verb:

The news is good about Mary. The doctors are very happy about her progress.
Not: The news are good about Mary .
Do you have any news of your sister? How is she these days?
I’ve got some news for you – I’m getting married!
Not: I’ve got a news for you …

If we want to talk about news as an individual thing, we can use bit of, piece of or item of (more formal):

I heard a couple of interesting pieces of news the other day about the company’s plans for expansion.
An item of news caught her eye in the newspaper. It was about a child who was missing.

We say the news when we refer to the television or radio programme that gives reports of recent events:

I always watch the news on CNN before I go to bed.

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“News is” or “news are” – singular or plural?

these a great news

Several English words end with an “s” in their singular form. Most of these don’t pose any problem; few people would say “the kiss were beautiful” instead of “the kiss was beautiful”. However, there are a few that commonly cause problems:

Although the equivalent expression in many languages would be in the plural, “news” is a singular noun, so you should say:

Oddly enough, “news” is uncountable, which means that not only is it followed by a singular verb, but you also cannot say “a news”:

Unlike “news”, “lens” is countable, so you can try to remember that if there can be “two lenses”, there must also be “one lens”:

To make things even more confusing, the plural of “series” is also series. You should therefore use a singular verb if you speak about one particular series, e.g. “my favourite TV series has been cancelled”, and a plural verb if you speak about several series at a time, e.g. “all the series of the Unknown Channel are good”.

A “bellows” is an instrument used for blowing air. Like “series”, the plural of “bellows” is also “bellows”, so you have to use a singular verb when speaking about one bellows and a plural verb when speaking about more than one.

Measles is a disease, and as you have probably noticed from the previous sentence, the word is in the singular:

Quite naturally, it is uncountable, i.e. you cannot have “two measles”.

Plural nouns that learners think are singular

In addition to the words above, there are a few words which only have a plural form and might be confusing for some learners if the equivalent expression in their mother tongue is in the singular:

jeans, tights, trousers, pants

All this hosiery is used only in the plural (usually because they come in pairs — for both legs — and the singular form has died out):

Not to be confused with “thongs”, the plural of “thong” which is a type of underwear, “tongs” are the same case as above:

This article was based on my guide to the most common mistakes in English , which explains many similar topics. Why don’t you check it out?

these a great news

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  1. These are great news or this is great news?

    Our highly qualified editors are all native English speakers, and they are ready to correct your texts so that you can write the perfect English email, essay

  2. That's a great news. or That's great news.?

    The word "news" is plural, so you wouldn't use the phrase "a great news." You could say "a great piece of news," but in this particular example, "That's great

  3. Those are great news!

    "News" is a collective noun which is never plural, and which has no plural. So "Those are great news" is definitely incorrect.

  4. These are great news vs this is great news

    These are great news. 17,810,000,000 results on the web. More popular! Some examples and use cases from the internet: Some examples

  5. Which one is correct, “This is a good news.” or “This is good news.”?

    “News” is treated as a singular concept even though it appears plural, so “the good news is…” will be correct, and never “the good news are….”.

  6. Great news definition and meaning

    Example sentences. great news. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content that does not reflect the opinions or policies

  7. Is 'this great news' correct?

    Should it be 'this piece of great news'... ... The partitives are more effective in plural forms...these pieces of good news.

  8. these are great news

    Many translated example sentences containing "these are great news" – Spanish-English dictionary and search engine for Spanish translations.

  9. this is really great news

    Amazon and other stores (both online and brick and mortar) as we find them".

  10. News

    News - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English ... Not: The news are good about Mary. ... How is she these days?

  11. “News is” or “news are”

    correct I've got good news.