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Where Can I Get Help Writing My Thesis Online?

thesis about school management

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The good news is that you’re not alone. While you certainly don’t want to hire someone to write your thesis for you, which goes against most institution policies and puts your academic integrity at risk, you can get plenty of help with certain aspects of your thesis online. Whether you’re looking for a little guidance or extensive assistance, various services can make writing or editing your thesis go smoothly.

Dissertation Editor

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thesis about school management

Dissertation Editor’s primary function is to guide you along in the writing process and provide a helping hand in understanding everything you need to take care of. It places you with a writer who specializes in your area of study, and this individual can help you organize and analyze your research while making sure that your thesis fits your writing style and personality. This company also specializes in helping with any statistical analysis that you use in your thesis.

Thesis Helpers

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thesis about school management

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Best Dissertation

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thesis about school management

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thesis about school management

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thesis about school management

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thesis about school management



Educational Administration, Leadership, and Research Theses

Theses and specialist projects from 2022 2022.

Anxiety Patterns in Gifted Adolescents from Parents' Perspectives , Felicia Moreschi

The Impact of Teacher Perception of Gifted Individuals on the Instruction of Gifted Students , Justin Moreschi

Theses and Specialist projects from 2010 2010

Characteristics of Local Dual Credit Programs That Promote Sustained Enrollment and High School Achievement , Karl William Olive

Theses and Specialist projects from 2009 2009

How Do Teachers Learn New Skills for Reading Instruction and Transfer Their Learning into the Classroom? , Patricia Ann Sharp

Theses and Specialist projects from 2008 2008

Principals and Teacher Leaders Co-Constructing Theories in Practice: Empowerment and Accountability Exchanged Through School Leadership , Janet Hurt

Theses and Specialist projects from 2007 2007

The Long-Term Effects of a Preschool Program , Kerry Holloman

Theses and Specialist projects from 2005 2005

The Residual Effect of Novice Primary Teachers on Reading Achievement Scores , Connie Mayo

Principal and Teacher Flow of Influence in High-Achieving, High Poverty Schools , Lisa Murley

Reading Achievement: The Impact of America's Choice in Kentucky's Schools , Brent VanMeter

Theses and Specialist projects from 1999 1999

A Comparison of the Transition of Special Needs Students to Regular Education Students , Anita Burnette

Theses and Specialist projects from 1998 1998

Assessment of the Academic Needs of Students Enrolled by the Bowling Green Community College & the Development of a Learning Assistance Model Which Will Maximize Their Probability of Success , Elizabeth Riggs

Theses and Specialist projects from 1996 1996

Assessing Variables Related to Participant Knowledge Retention at General Project Management Training for New Trio Personnel , Charlene Manco

Assessing the Persistence to Graduation of Students Joining Fraternities at Western Kentucky University , Charles Pride

Theses and Specialist projects from 1994 1994

A Comparison of the Tests of Adult Basic Education and the Health Occupations Basic Entrance Test in Predicting Academic Success in Practical Nursing Programs , Sally Crenshaw

Assessing the Efficacy of the Training Opportunities Program for Undiscovered Potential (TOP UP) Dropout Prevention Program at Western Kentucky University for At-Risk High School Students , Kaye Foust

Theses and Specialist projects from 1993 1993

Attendance at a University Residential Summer Camp & Students’ Subsequent Enrollment at that University , Mae Guinn

Theses and Specialist projects from 1992 1992

A Study of an Academic Enrichment Program at Western Kentucky University , Huda Melky

Effect of a Summer Camp on the Self-Concept & Wilderness Anxiety of Fifth & Sixth Grade Campers , Mazen Melky

The Relationship Between Meaning in Life & the Occurrence of Drug Abuse: An Epidemiological Retrospective Study , Thomas Nicholson

Teacher Influence in Site-Based Decision Making: A Descriptive Study , Keith Restine

Theses and Specialist projects from 1991 1991

An Analysis of Kentucky’s Principals: Perceptions and Preparedness to Assume the Role of School Based Management , Byron D. Jeffries

Theses and Specialist projects from 1990 1990

Public Relations: Its Importance in the Public School System , Lawrence Crittenden Hunter

A Comparison of the Frequencies of Selected Teaching Behaviors of Trained and Untrained Teachers , Raymonde Antonia Frances Joseph

Stress Indicators of Kentucky Elementary Principals , Helen Kirby

Site-Based Management, Knowledge Base of Kentucky Superintendents , Alan Reed

An Analysis of Attitudes of Administrators Towards Higher-Level Thinking Skills , Janet Zipprich

Theses and Specialist projects from 1989 1989

Peer Coaching & Change Implementation , Jolene Black

Premenstrual Syndrome-Related Personality & Cognitive Processing Alterations as Indicated by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator , Linda Scariot

An Analysis of Selected Demographic Variables Concerning Kentucky School Supervisors , Margaret Sims

An Analysis of Administrative Computer Use by Secondary Principals in Kentucky , Darrell Witten

Using Collegial Leadership in a Design to Improve Instruction: The Curriculum & Instructional Leader Program , Cora Wood

Theses and Specialist projects from 1988 1988

Special Ideas , Marlene Ashby

Management Guide for Early Childhood Programs , Cathy S. Jording

A Survey of Factors Affecting Enrollment in Mathematics Teacher Education Programs , Rebecca Miller

Theses and Specialist projects from 1987 1987

Comparative Instructor Attitudes Toward College Level English and Mathematics Experiences for Gifted High School Students , Bruce Vickers

A Study of the Educational Needs of Business & Industrial Employees & a Proposed Industrial Education Degree , Palisa Williams

Theses and Specialist projects from 1985 1985

Factors Affecting Successful Use of Amplification in the Elderly Population , Joseph Etienne

The Effects of Various Kinds of Background Music on the I.Q. Scores of Ninth-Grade Students , L.C. Bud Johnston

Impact of the Educational & Life Planning Course on Undecided Students: An Evaluation Model , Diana Shores

Theses and Specialist projects from 1983 1983

An Evaluation of the Guidance & Counseling Program of the Bishop David Memorial High School , Richard Staples

Theses and Specialist projects from 1982 1982

The Development & Study of a Competency-Based Vocational Education Drafting Program , Kenneth Mussnug

Theses and Specialist projects from 1981 1981

A Model for Use in Planning an In-Service Training Program at Naval Air Technical Training Center, Lakehurst, New Jersey , Martha Gantt

The Effect of Summer Recess on the Reading Achievement of Title I Students at L.C. Curry School, Bowling Green, Kentucky , Virginia Scheider

A Survey to Assess the Awareness of the Bowling Green Community in Regard to the International Student Community at Western Kentucky University , Susan Tesseneer

A Study of the Holding Power and Follow-Up of North Bullitt High School Students (Classes of 1978, 1979 and 1980) , Robert Wagoner

Theses and Specialist projects from 1980 1980

A Study of Grade Retention & Social Promotion in the McLean County, Kentucky School District , John Settle Jr.

A Descriptive Study of the Problems Reported by Selected Students on Academic Probation at Western Kentucky University , James Somers Jr.

A Comparison of the Admission Criteria of Kentucky's Junior Colleges , Janet Walters

A Study of Factors Related to Low General Technical Scores on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery as Identified by Members of the Second Squadron, Seventeenth Cavalry, Fort Campbell, Kentucky , David Yates

Theses and Specialist projects from 1979 1979

A Comparison of Traditional Grass-Twist Backstops to One of Corrugated Cardboard Design Use on Indoor Ranges , Charles T. Crume Jr.

The Relationship of Sex-role Classifications, Measured Vocational Interests and Expressed Vocational Interests of Selected College Women , SallyAnn McLeod Koenig

A Comparison of Role Performance & Role Expectation of Supervisors in Selected Public School Districts in Kentucky , Mae Mefford

Alienation and the Associate Degree Student within the College of Business and Public Affairs of Western Kentucky University , Leonard Schira

Theses and Specialist projects from 1978 1978

The Perceived Role of the University Residence Hall Director , Jan Akers

A Survey of the Work-Study Programs in the State Universities of Kentucky , Glen Knight

A Comparative Study of the Expenditures of the Robertson County, Tennessee, Pupil Transportation System , James Talley Sr.

Theses and Specialist projects from 1977 1977

ocial Factors & Perceived Problems as Predictions of Success in Basic Combat Training , James Georgoulakis

Theses and Specialist projects from 1975 1975

A Descriptive Study of Ninth Grade Reading Programs in Schools of the Second Education District of Kentucky , Eloyse Jean Groves

Theses and Specialist projects from 1974 1974

A Position Paper of Environmental Education for Nelson County , Geneva B. Hunt

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Theses and Dissertations (Educational Management and Leadership)

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Education Administration/ Leadership Dissertations

About this collection.

The works in this student research collection have been approved by the Graduate Faculty of Georgia Southern University as partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Ed.D. in Education Administration/ Leadership from the College of Education.

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The Readership Activity Map feature further down the page presents a real time interactive world map with pins indicating where documents from our collection have been downloaded recently. Begin reading after the Zoom buttons to find additional real time statistics.

Theses/Dissertations from 2022 2022

Perceived Student Gains Associated with Peer Tutor and Supplemental Instruction Leader Experiences , Rebecca Cofer

Educational Transformational Leadership and Teacher Organizational Citizenship Behavior Motives , Jeremy T. Davis

Leadership Self-efficacy of Students Participating in On-Campus Leadership Programming , Benjamin S. Phillips

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021

An Examination of Faculty and Staff Collaboration and Relationships in Higher Education , Jennifer Syno

Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020

A Phenomenological Exploration of Principals' Influence on Teacher Attrition , Kellie E. Gebhardt

The Relationship Between Servant Leadership and Teacher Retention and Student Achievement , David Earl Murphy

The Impact of an Intensive Blended Learning Reading Intervention on Standardized Assessment Scores , Ashley M. Snyder

Theses/Dissertations from 2019 2019

The Relationship between Instructional Leadership Practices and Leadership Self-Efficacy of School Leaders , Carter B. Akins

Predictors of Community College Students’ Academic Success in the Corequisite Model , Damon Andrews

Leadership Behavior Development of First-Year Students Within a Leadership Development Program , John N. Banter

A Phenomologial Study of the Lived Experience of College Students Participating in a Multi-faith Education Program , Atawanna R. Baxter

Qualitative Content Analysis of Policy as an Expression of Educational Theory on Special Education Preschool Placement Options , Jennifer M. Dineen

Exploring Alumni Valuation of an Undergraduate Leadership Program , John D. Egan

Nontraditional Student Veterans' Experience with Campus Support Services Designed to Assist with Degree Completion , Tamela Evans

Elementary School Leaders' Practices to Provide Equitable Discipline: Disproportionality on the Rise , Beverly L. Ford

Stakeholder Attitudes Toward Student Drug Testing , John Jordan

Evaluation of I-Ready Elementary Reading Program , John A. McAfee Jr.

The Multicultural Center's Role In Black Male Success At A Predominantly White Institution , Stephan Tramaine Moore

Theses/Dissertations from 2018 2018

The Lived Experiences of First-Generation College Students of Color: A Phenomenological Study , Talisha L. Adams

A Georgia's School Districts Grades 3-5 Teachers' and Principals' Perceptions Regarding On-Line Georgia Milestones Testing , Doriastino Cheely Brown

Institutional Conditions That Matter to Community College Students' Success: A Multiple-Case Study , Crystal L. Edenfield

Examining Work-related Factors that May Predict Teacher Retention Intention in Rural Georgia , Katrina M. Evans-Dobbs

A Meta-Assessment of an Institution's Administrative Assessment Processes , Cynthia Groover

The Manifestation of Principal Training: Preparing Assistant Principals for Assuming the Role of Building Leader , April S. Hodges

School Size and Its Effect on Pathway Completion and End-of-Pathway Pass Rates in Georgia , Kierstin Johnson

The Relationship Between Middle School Lexile Growth and School Nutrition , Lori A. Joiner

Systemic Family Engagement in Georgia Schools , Mia Lakes

Examining the Collegiate Experiences of African American Males with Same Race Mentors , Crystal L. Locke

Emotionally Connected: The Role of Emotional Intelligence in the Work of School Leaders , Tanzy Lewis Mason

Collegiate Recreation Participation and Student Retention, Progression, and Graduation , Gabriela McCollum

Deciding on Classroom Composition: Factors Related to Principals' Grouping Practices , Brigid M. Nesmith

The Relationship Between Teachers' Perception of Data-Driven Instructional Leadership and Their Sense of Efficacy and Anxiety for Data-Driven Decision-Making , Jarvis J. Price

How School Superintendents Make Decisions: The Influence of Politics , LaTanya Reeves

Assessing a Study Skills Freshman Academy Program in a Rural Georgia School District: A CIPP Program Evaluation , Cheryl D. Rowe

Novice Teachers' Perception of Mentoring and Teacher Retention , Alissa Sasser

Intrinsic, Future-oriented Goal Awareness and Two-year College Graduation , Brent A. Stubbs

The Formation and Promulgation of Institutional Ethos by New University Presidents , Charles F. Ziglar

Theses/Dissertations from 2017 2017

Pass/Fail Grading in Medical School and Impact on Residency Placement , Brittany L. Ange

Impact of Purposeful Professional Learning on Instructional Technology Integration in Daily Classroom Practices , Julie Chance

Leading Ladies: A mixed-method study of the influence of gender bias on leadership styles for women who lead secondary schools , Angela S. Coaxum-Young

Bahamian Elementary School Principals' and Teachers' Perceptions of Inclusive Education , Tracy Colebrooke

Graduate Student Perceptions of Support Services in Online Degree Programs , Lydia Karakolidis Cross

An Interactionist View of African American Males In Educational Leadership , Samuel D. Dasher Jr

Relationship Between School Climate and Student Achievement , Gail H. Greenway

Producing a College Graduate Using Retention, Progression, and Graduation (RPG) Initiatives: A University Systems’ Approach , Deborah N. Kittrell-Mikell

Academic Engagement, Motivation, Self-Regulation, and Achievement of Georgia Southern University Sophomore Students , John O. LeMay IV

Principals' Perceptions of Their Impact on School Reform in South Georgia , Lisa B. Linton

Speaking Out Despite White Noise: Examining the Leadership of African American Female Technical College Presidents and Vice Presidents , Ashley Morris

The Difference in Academic Achievement for Students in the Healthy Fitness Zone Compared to the High Risk Zone for BMI and Aerobic Capacity , Nathan C. Pennington

A Correlational Study of the Georgia School Board Association's Board Recognition Program and Student Achievement , Holly E. Rutledge

An Analysis of Campus Civility: Best Practices from Student Affairs Professionals , Amy Zieziula

Theses/Dissertations from 2016 2016

A Study of Black Teachers’ Perceptions of the Academic Achievement of Black Male Students in Elementary Schools in Rural Georgia , Marshall F. Aker

In Search of Financial Literacy: A Qualitative Analysis of Student Money Management Centers in the U.S. , Jenny E. Cotton

Student Motivation and Intent to Take Online Courses , Ashley W. Cullum

Surviving at the Top: A Critical Case Study of Female Administrators in Higher Education , Renanda Wood Dear

Charter School Governance: An Exploration of Autonomy and Board Effectiveness , June A. Erskine

Principals' Perceptions of Differentiated Instruction and Leadership Practices for Successful Implementation in Elementary School Settings , Allison Foles

The Complex Dichotomies of Student Affairs Practitioners' Perceived Competencies: A Quantitative Evaluation of Self-Awareness , Jami K. Hall

Deans of Students’ Responsibilities in Campus Crisis Management , Patrice B. Jackson

Dystopian Identities: Exhuming the World of Zombies through the Camera's Eye: A Documentary , Julie Kimble

Perceptions of the Effectiveness of the Communities in Schools Model at One Rural Georgia Performance Learning Center , Roschelle D. Miles

Analysis of Cases on Ethics in Educational Leadership , Angela J. Moton

An Exploration of the Impostor Phenomenon and its Impact on Black Women Administrators in Higher Education in the South , Marian Muldrow

Characteristics of Effective Alternative Schools in Georgia: Leaders’ Perceptions , Janet L. Poole

Exploring the Connection between Christian Colleges' Mission and Finance , Farrah Rachele Senn

Remedial Education Programs and Student Success: Perceptions of Faculty and Administrators at HBCUs , Tenora J. Simonez

The Experiences of High School Principals Implementing One-to-One Technology , George B. Skipper

The Relationship between Secondary Schools' PLC Characteristics and Literacy Achievement , Jennifer C. Topper

The Influence of Middle School Teacher-Student Relationships on Future Academic Decisions of African American Males , Andrea R. Williams-Baugh

Theses/Dissertations from 2015 2015

Principals’ Perceptions on Bullying Interventions and Strategies in Georgia High Schools , Jacqueline M. Brown

African-American Males, African-American Female Principals, & The Opportunity Gap , Jennifer N. Dunbar

A Test Score Comparison between Block and Traditional Scheduling , Yancy J. Ford

Army Rotc, Student Engagement, and Graduation , George L. Fredrick

An Evaluation of a Secondary Student Advisement Program , Barbara A. Jordan

Elementary Principals’ Perceptions of the Co-Taught Classroom , Michael Todd Langley

A Phenomenological Study of Instructional Coaches and Critical Friends Groups , Ethelstine Lett

The Road Less Traveled: Alumni Perceptions of the Georgia Early College High School Experience , Tequila Tranise Morgan

The Effectiveness of a Mentoring Program on Teacher Retention at an Urban High School , Tamaine S. Prince

Teacher Perceptions of Bring Your Own Technology Classrooms , Steven C. Puckett

The Influence of Leadership Styles on Teacher Job Satisfaction , Patricia M. Saxon

Principal Instructional Leadership in Ga High Poverty Elementary Schools , Ginger W. Spires

The LandWarNet School, The Army Learning Model, and Appreciative Inquiry: How is a Centralized Training Organization Improved by Introducing Decentralization? , Lisa Jayne Stamper

The Obama Effect on African American High School Males , Aundra Simmons Vaughn

An Evaluation of Principals’ Perceptions of Georgia’s Teacher Keys Effectiveness System , Denise B. Warnock

The Effect of Principal Leadership and Professional Development on Classroom Practices in Southeast Georgia. , Yvette P. Wells

Fighting on the Frontline: An Examination of Teacher Retention Practices in Urban Elementary Schools , Kelley J. Young

Theses/Dissertations from 2014 2014

The Relationship between Financial Aid Type and Academic Success in a Public Two-Year College in Georgia , Donald D. Avery

IT Staff Turnover Intentions, Job Modification, and the Effects of Work Recognition at Large Public Higher Education Institutions , Steven C. Burrell

Faculty Motivation & Intent to Teach Online , Michael S. Casdorph

Development and Support of Dual Language Policies , Hollis Derek Cone

Achieving Work-Life Balance: Perspectives of Female Principals , Brandy Bray Corbett

Stakeholders' Perceptions of Dropout Prevention Strategies in a Rural Ninth Grade Academy , Shawn A. Davidson

Teachers' Perceptions of Merit Pay in Georgia , Jessica Edenfield

An Exploration of the Relationship between Teachers' Perceptions of Principals' Instructional Leadership and Transformational Leadership Behaviors , Michael J. Finley

An Examination of the Correlation between the Seven Critical Leadership Functions and Middle School African-American and Hispanic Student Achievement , Shannon A. Flounnory

Use of Strategic Intentionality in Becoming Military Friendly , Allison V. Gorman

Faculty and Staff Perspectives of a Behavior Assessment Team: A Case Study Evaluation , Kerry Greenstein

Embracing A Diverse Curriculum In University Teacher Preparation Programs , Stascia R. Hardy

Special Education Teachers' Experiences and Perceptions of the Georgia Alternate Assessment , Veronica V. Harris

Co-Teaching and Student Achievement: Where Are the Data? , Ronda J. Hightower

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Home > CEHS > Educational Administration > Theses, Dissertations, and Student Research

Educational Administration, Department of

Educational administration: theses, dissertations, and student research.

Authentic Truth at Work: A Case Study of the Lived Professional Experiences of a Transgender Educational Leader Through the Lens of the Synergistic Leadership Theory , Rachel Bruce



Engagement is Everything: Principals' Perceptions of their Role in Teacher Engagement , Jennifer Hellbusch

Discrimination in the Employment Search: Narratives from International Students of Color , Yi Xuen Tay

Spaces and Societal Interactions: Foundations of the Critical Disabled Cultural Lens of a Child of Disabled Adults , Amelia-Marie Altstadt

Career Progression and the Imposter Phenomenon: Experiences of Female Student Affairs Leaders , Molly Belieu

Yātrā: A Phenomenology of Acculturation and Sojourner Experience of Indian International Students in the U.S. , Pankaj Amrut Desai

The Complicated Road from Academic Dismissal to Degree Completion: A Phenomenological Exploration of the Student Experience , AnnMarie Gottner

Technology Leadership Qualities in Secondary School Principals in Nebraska Who Support Student-led Social Media Teams , Jill M. Johnson

Deliberate Indifference: An Exploration of the Student Survivor Activism Group Movement , Shyla Kallhoff

Raw and Pure Education in the Society , Iwasan D. Kejawa Ed.D

The Impact of Elementary School Counseling Programs on Student Behavioral Outcomes in the First Year of Middle School , Brenda Chaney Leggiadro

Predicting Teacher Job Satisfaction and Propensity to Leave in the Bering Strait School District in Rural Alaska Through the Application of Herzberg's Motivation-Hygiene Theory , Matthew Palmer

“I Always Felt Like I Belonged:” A Case Study on a First-Generation Focused Student Success Program and Sense of Belonging , Stephanie Zobac

What Influences Itinerant Teacher Job Satisfaction and Intent to Stay? , Laura Barrett

Engagement Requires The Institution Too: A Case Study of a California Community College Using Assessment Data to Improve Student Success Practices , Duane Brooks


The Influence of Principal Leadership on Teacher Collaboration: Does Effective Professional Development Mediate this Effect? , David Evertson


Counternarratives of Success: A Narrative Inquiry into the Life Experiences of Prior-enlisted Reserve Officers Navigating Higher Education , Adam B. Fullerton

Perceptions of Stress and Coping in Traditional Age First-year College Students , Bridgett Grant

Curating the Campus Nightlife Experience: Documenting a Program Model for Late Night and Weekend Programming. , Derrick Gulley Jr

Structural, Organizational, Cultural Processes and Mechanisms: A Case Study of Writing Center Marginalization and Untapped Potential , Diana Hernandez

Keeping the Faith: The Organizational Saga of Anderson University from 1995-2015 , Mark Hughes

Going the Distance: A Case Study of One Community College's Journey Across the Digital Divide , Michael Robert Jolley


Pay No Attention to the Regulation Behind the Curtain: The Implications of the Return to Title IV (R2T4) Federal Aid Policy on Time to Degree , Apri Medina

The Role of Undergraduate Student Affairs Coursework in Aspiring Student Affairs Professionals’ Career Development , Matthew J. Nelson


Defying the Odds, Stories of Success: A case study of Foster Care Alumni in the Community College Environment , Julia Philyaw

First-Generation College Student Experience in the Financial Aid Process , Kristy Saunders

Effects of Career Courses on Career Self-Efficacy and Outcome Expectations , Celeste Spier

Toward Supporting NPHC Students and Organizations: An Autoethnographic Critical Race Theory Story of What Fraternity and Sorority Life can Learn from the Multicultural Center at one Predominantly White Institution , Ashley Swift


Intercultural Leadership Development of Undergraduate Students Using the Transformative Intercultural Learning Model , Mac Benavides


The Perceived Role of Online STEM Dual Credit in Rural Nebraska High Schools , Trentee Bush

Perspectives of Campus Safety: Viewpoints of Community College Faculty and Staff Members , David E. Dibelka Jr.

Financial Aid Director: Educator, Leader, or Manager , Jessica Mohon Flogaites

Addressing the Needs of High School English Learners Through Inclusion in General Education Classrooms: A Descriptive Case Study of a Midwestern Metropolitan Public School District , Amanda Levos

Employer Reports of Skills Gaps in the Workforce , Samantha K. Mosier and Samantha Kristine Kaiser

Experiences of Women Department Chairs in Engineering: A Narrative Study , Kayla Person

Latinidad in the College Union: Perspectives of Latinx Staff Members , Naomi Rodriguez

Addressing the Needs of Middle School English Learners Through Inclusion in General Education Classrooms: A Case Study of a Midwestern Metropolitan Public School District , Mary Krista Schneider

Building a Positive School Climate: What Principals Have Done to Effect Change, an Ethnographic Case Study , Suzanne C. Showers

Responding to the College Completion Crisis in New Mexico: A Case Study of the University of New Mexico , Kalith Smith

Exemplar Advisors Fostering a Sense of Mattering within Undergraduate Students in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources , Nicole Michelle Smith


Emergency Management in Community Colleges: Why Colleges Need to be Prepared , Dave Dibelka

Rural Students’ Sense of Belonging at a Large Public University , Benjamin P. Heinisch

Women's Gender Identities and NCAA Policy , Lauren E. Kelba

Promoting and Establishing an Effective Campus-Wide Academic Advising System , Katie Kerr

A Resource-Oriented Investigation into the Community College Matriculation and Persistence of U.S.-Educated English Language Learners , Naomi Mardock Uman

The Principal Evaluation: Connecting Principals’ Evaluation to the Growth and Development Process: A Case Study , Jackie Nielsen

Examining the Lived Experiences of Native American Students at Predominantly White Institutions , Zachary Palmer

The Cost Effectiveness and Instructional Value of One-to-One Technology Investments Among Nebraska School Districts , William Robert Robinson Jr.

Perspectives of Rural Nebraska Community Leaders on Pre-Kindergarten in Public Schools , Bradley G. Stauffer

Career Building Among Asian American Immigrant Community College Students in Nebraska: A Phenomenological Study , Minerva D. Tuliao

Factors Associated to Teacher Longevity in a Title I Elementary School: A Qualitative Narrative Inquiry Study , Richard Devney

Latinx College Student Sense of Belonging: The Role of Campus Subcultures , Crystal E. Garcia

Factors That Influence Accreditation in Nebraska Public Districts and Schools , David Gibbons

An Instrumental Case Study of Administrative Smart Practices for Fully Online Programs and Degrees , Charles V. Gregory

Latinx Students in STEM Education Research: A CRT and LatCrit Analysis of NSF Funded Projects , Hortencia Lara

The Road Taken That Has Made All The Difference: A Narrative Inquiry of Student Engagement and Success in Butler Community College's Accelerated Learning Program in English , Troy Nordman


Unknown Identities: How Transracial International Adoptees Racially and Culturally Identify in College , Amy Williamson


Leadership Perspectives of Chief Student Affairs Officers , Jeff Beavers

Implementation of State Developmental Education Policy: A Multiple Case Study of Community College Faculty Perceptions of Involvement , Shirley Davenport

Turnaround Elementary Principals in Rural Missouri , Julie C. Delaney

Teacher + Technology = Blended Learning: How Important is the Teacher in this Equation? , Catherine A. Doom

Comparison of Nebraska Accreditation Options and Effect on Student Achievement: A Mixed Methods Study , Tami Sue Eshleman

Social Media: How a University's Student Organizations Communicate with Students , Becky R. Freeman


A Professional Development Certification Program for Instructors Teaching in the Online Environment and Student Completion and Success Rates at a Midwestern Community College: An Ex Post Facto Study , Marie L. Gardner

Recognizing Earned Credit: Student Motivations for Reverse Transfer Programs and Concurrently Earning Two Post-Secondary Degrees , Matthew S. Geyer

Paths to Leadership of Native Hawaiian Women Administrators in Hawaii's Higher Education System: A Qualitative Study , Farrah-Marie Gomes

Critical college experiences of the middle third of the high school graduating class , Nathan Kaoru Keikiokamakua Hanamaikai

Navigating the Labyrinth of Leadership: The Experience of Female Presidents in Arkansas Community Colleges , Amanda Doyle Herwatic

College-Going Experiences of Male Foster Youth Alumni Who Have Stopped-Out of College , Felipe D. Longoria

Sense of belonging in Greek lettered organizations, is it different for first-generation students? , Samantha A. Martens

Exploring the Nexus of Students' Academic and Employment Experiences , Ryan M. Patterson


English Language Learners and Special Education: One District's Journey Through the Collaborative Problem Solving Process , Laura S. Salem

Community Partnerships in Urban, Title 1 Elementary Schools: A Mixed-Methods Study , Jae L. Strickland

Transgressing Gender Normativity through Gender Identity Development: Exploring Transgender, Non-Conforming, and Non-Binary Identities of College Students , Enrique Tejada III

Refugee Women, HRD, and Transitions to Employment: A Summary of Methodological Approaches , Minerva Tuliao

The Culture of a (Multi)Culture Center: A Quantitative Analysis of the Use of a Multicultural Center at a PWI , Jessica E. Weed

Assessing the Relationship Between Student and Faculty Perceptions of Student Engagement at Central Mountain College , Brandi R.K. Atnip



Overlooked and Overshadowed: Exploring the Multiple Dimensions of Identity in Traditionally-Aged Undergraduate Student-Parents , Paula A. Caldwell

MBA Academic Teams Training and Measuring Team Skills Development and Team Satisfaction in the First Semester of a Full-time MBA Program , Crystal Clayton

Principal Leadership in High-Performing, High-Poverty Elementary Schools , Marc J. Cohen

Saying No to College: First Generation, Low-Income Students and the Decision to Not Attend College , Deena M. Curtis


Navigating Spaces: Exploring the Impact of Study Abroad for U.S. Students of Color , Virginia R. Downing

Getting to the Heart of Our Students: First-Year Students and Their Wellness , Shannon Ford

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Educational Leadership and Policies Theses and Dissertations

Theses/dissertations from 2022 2022.

Influencing the School Leadership Pipeline: The Attributes and Readiness of Principals to Mentor Their Assistant Principals , Megan C. Carrero

The Influence of Perceived Leadership on Teachers’ Job Satisfaction: A Comparative Study Between the United States and China , Jingtong Dou

A Case Study of Rural Southern Desegregation: How Black Students in a South Carolina Community Experienced Segregated Schooling and the Integration Process , Margo McDowell Gore

“Forward—Upward—On!”: Black Student and Educator Experiences in the Early Years of School District Five of Lexington and Richland Counties , Charles A. Holden

Higher Calling: A Qualitative Study of the Lived Experiences of Black Women Presidents of 4-Year Colleges and Universities , Rushondra Janeé James

For Colored Girls Who Have Experienced Institutional Racism Because the Discipline Code Is Not Enuf: Principals and Assistant Principals, School Discipline Policies, and Discipline Disparities Faced by Black Girls , LeCinda R. Jennings

Middle School Transition: The Influence of an Academy Approach and the Role of Leadership , Kimberly Calhoun Odom

Perceptions of Gifted Male Underperformance , Laura Bryant Palmer

Examining the Relationship Between School Policing Behaviors and the Depressive Symptoms Experienced by Black Students , Collin Perryman

Examining the Effects of a Well-Being Therapy Protocol on Sexual Minority Individuals’ Psychological Well-Being , Thomas M. Toomey

Uniquely Persistent: Examining the Experiences of Undergraduate Students Who Attend Multiple Institutions , Susannah Waldrop

Inlet: Counter-Storytelling, Arts-Based Research, and the Disruption of Popular Culture’s Portrayals of Two-Year Colleges , Erin H. York

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021

Experiences of Five Women Presidents in Higher Education: A Narrative Study , Mary Alexander

Applying the Comprehensive Evaluation of Return-On-Talent-Investment Model (CERTi) In Higher Education , Mazen Aziz

A Study of Prosocial Behavior, Workplace Civility, and Work Engagement Among Employees in Higher Education , Shelley Haddock Dempsey

A Historical Analysis of U.S.-Based Study Abroad Program Providers , Chrissie Faupel

Investigating the Influence of Mentors With National Board Certification on Mentees’ Perceptions of Their Own Teaching Practice and Attitudes of Remaining a Teacher , Joshua Michael McGoun

Exploring Neurocognitive Processes That Underlie Reading Performance in Children: A Foundational Study , Ayan Mitra

The Relationship Between Enabling District Structure And Principal Self-Efficacy in South Carolina , Justin Lee Nutter

How Do Literacy Coaches Function as Policy Actors? , Angela Vaughan

Administrative Support: What Teachers Say They Need , Jennifer Harris Watson

Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020

The Cultural Relevance of Music Education as it relates to African American Students in South Carolina , Felicia Denise Denise Myers Bulgozdy

Digital Learning Environment Development: Action Research Using a Situated Coaching Model With Elementary Classroom Teachers Integrating Technology , Robert Burggraaf

I Want My Middle School Students to Read: Does Using Culturally Relevant Texts Increase Student-Participants’ Engagement Levels Toward Reading Particular Texts? , Elliott O. Chisholm

The Impact of Culturally Relevant Coaching on the Retention of First and Second Year Teachers , Fraronda D. Green

Pathways to Degree Completion of Female Nontraditional Students: the Role of Institutional Intervention at a Public Four-Year Research Institution , Mary Hutto Hahn

Bridging the Transition to School: an Action Research Study , Susan Bates Hill

Experiences of College Students in Addiction Recovery: A Critical Case Study , Dory E. Hoffman

I’ll Never Have to Do This After High School: Exploring Students' Perceptions of College and Career Readiness and the Effects of Eportfolios With Reflection on Transferable Skills , Julie Beatrice Kristin

Exploring the Experiences and Needs of Faculty When Implementing Active Learning at a Public Southeastern Regional University: A Mixed-Methods Approach , Michael Lampe

Motivating Critical Thinkers in Fourth Grade Science: Action Research Promoting 21st Century Skills Through Technology Integrated Project-Based Learning. , Diane Lawson

Examining Teachers’ Readiness to Partner With Immigrant Latinx Parents: A Comparative Case Study , Sarah Coleman Longshore

Silent Sam and Saunders Hall: Protests and Reactions at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill , Brienne McDaniel

Collegiate and Post-Undergraduate Experiences Among African American STEM Alumni at the University of South Carolina , Baindu Nallo

Identifying the Unique Characteristics of First-Generation College Students Whose Parents Never Attended College , Reena Patel

Helping Future Teachers Do History: The Effectiveness of the National Archives Docsteach Program on the Historical Thinking and Perception of History of Preservice Teachers , Jeremy Alan Rinder

Task Focused in the Age of Distraction: High School Avid Students Use of Digital Learning Logs to Support Self-Regulated Learning in a One-To-One Chromebook Setting , Era Roberts

The Impact of a District Supported Mentoring Initiative on Reading Achievement of African American Male Students , Brooke Wray-Fisher Rowe

Strategies and Methods Used to Improve Engagement: Mixed Methods Action Research in an Online Computer Applications Course , Yvette Newton Sands

Digital Distractions: Using Action Research to Explore Students’ Behaviors, Motivations, and Perceptions of Cyberslacking in a Suburban High School , Kristy Self Rykard

Reorienting Writing in the 21st-Century Classroom: A Mixed Methods Study of High School Students' Experiences Using Digital Writing Tools to Support the Writing Process , Kay Sellers

Swept Away Before Learning to Swim: Social Studies Subject Area Literacy for High School Students , Aaron K. Shaw

The Impact of Personalized Learning Strategies on Educational Growth and Achievement of Low Socioeconomic Elementary Students , Michele L. Trevino

Program Evaluation of a Middle School Stem/Steam Program , Warren Richard Wintrode

African American Teachers’ Perspectives on Principals’ Leadership Styles and the Influence on Teacher Morale , Ernestine Young

Theses/Dissertations from 2019 2019

Secondary School Administrators' Preparation as an LEA Representative in South Carolina , Chastity B. Evans

How Exemplary Elementary School Principals Sustain High Achievement in High-Poverty Contexts of the Rural South , Sharon Jefferies

Soldier to Student: Understanding the Transition Experiences of Veterans From the Military to Community College , Alexander T. Jordan

Getting to Graduation: The Journey of Low-Income Black Females in the Community College , Rosline M. Sumpter

Theses/Dissertations from 2018 2018

Making Cents Of It: How The Focus On Financial Aid By Selective Universities May Not Be Enough To Attract More Low-Income, High-Achieving Students , Troy A. Mothkovich

Theses/Dissertations from 2017 2017

The Effects of Sex and Professional Experience on Superintendent Selection Decisions by School Board Chairpersons , Patrick Jarrett

Theses/Dissertations from 2016 2016

Teaching Distance Education In Library Science: A Comparative Study Of Faculty Satisfaction, Teaching Effectiveness, And Support Services , David S. Adams

Straight Outta K-1: An Authoethnographic Analysis of a Black Male Teacher's Experience Employing Hip Hop in a Kindergarten-First Grade Classroom , Anthony Broughton

Principal And Teacher Perceptions Of Principal Leadership Behaviors As It Relates To Teacher Evaluative Feedback And Recognition , Tammy Joy Burnham

Thorn in the Side of Segregation: The Short Life, Long Odds, and Legacy of the Law School at South Carolina State College , Alfred D. Moore III

Theses/Dissertations from 2015 2015

Reflective Judgment: Can Problem-Based Learning Approach Make a Difference? , Nicole Marie Cavanagh

Rethinking the Achievement Gap: A Wholistic Humanistic View of Student Academic Performance and Lack of Performance , Immaculata Anayo Chukwunyere

The Essence of Alternative Education: A Phenomenological STudy of the Lived Experiences of At-Risk Secondary Alternative School Students , LaTunya Glenn Means

The Influence of Academic and Social Self-Concept on College Student Withdrawal , Elizabeth Orehovec

Academic/Success Coaching: A Description of an Emerging Field in Higher Education , Claire E. Robinson

The Relationship Between the Faculty's Perception of the Principal's Instructional Leadership Behavior and Principal Personality Characteristic , W. Burke Royster Jr.

Theses/Dissertations from 2014 2014

BIBIMBAP: Identity Construction in Korean Third Culture Kids During Higher Education , Megan I. Beard

Pioneering Women of Southern Education: A Comparative Study of Northern and Southern School Founders , Sharon Ferguson Beasley

How School Leadership Develops Parental Involvement Strategies with Social Capital in Four South Carolina Middle Schools , Anthony Neil Boatwright

Leadership Perspectives on International Education For Public School Students in South Carolina: Two Case Studies , Frederick Eugene Brown

Sea Island Cascades: An Analysis of Principals' and Teachers' Perceptions of Factors Related to The Overrepresentation of African American Males Identified as Having an Emotional Disability , Jacinta Maria Bryant

Transforming the Culture of the Stem Disciplines: A Multiple Case Study of Successful Strategies for Inclusive Excellence , Telesia Evon Davis

Gender-Specific Instructional Strategies and Student Achievement in 5th Grade Classrooms , Millicent Whitener Dickey

Leadership Practice Differences in Positive Climate Schools , Latoya Nicole Dixon

The Ugliest Part of the Job: Faculty Perceptions on Addressing Graduate Student Academic Misconduct , Kelly Ann Imbert Eifert

The Efficacy of Dual Enrollment Programs Influencing the Post-secondary Motivations and Commitments of Rural Secondary School Students , Patricia A. Ferguson

The African American Male Achievement Dilemma Through the Eyes of the African American Male Superintendent , J.R. Falor Green

An Analysis of Erickson's Concept of School Legitimacy In Relationship to School Success and Failure , Michael Griggs

Determining the Change Styles Preferences of Principals in South Carolina's Secondary Schools with a Background in the Fine Arts , Sterling Bernard Harris

Intensive Dual Enrollment: Early Credits or Empty Promises , Brian J. Modarelli

Virtual High Schools Versus Brick and Mortar High Schools: An Analysis of Graduation Rates for Low Socio-Economic Students in South Carolina , Alice Denise Montgomery

High School Core-Subject Instructors’ Perceptions of General Education Track Courses and the Associated Achievement Gap , Hope Reed

A Legal Analysis of Court Cases and Administrative Investigations Related to Violations of the Clery Act: Getting Good from the Bad and the Ugly , Tiffany Nichole Richardson

A Study of the Preparation and Retention of Work-Based Certified Career and Technical Education Teachers in South Carolina , Sherry Rivers

Principal Longevity, Leadership Behaviors, and Student Academic Achievement , Jennifer McLeod Swearingen


A Correlation Study of Leadership Indicators and Literacy Outcomes: Examining a State Adopted Leadership Assessment Model , Abigail DeAnn Woods

A Study of the Relationship Between Public K-8 and Middle Schools and Student Achievement in One South Carolina School District , Marc Gardner Zachary

Theses/Dissertations from 2013 2013

Principal Leadership and School Culture with a School-Wide Implementation of Professional Crisis Management: A Redemptive vs. Punitive Model , Mark Thomas Adams

Perceptions of Elementary School Principals: Turning High Poverty Elementary Schools In South Carolina Into High-Performing Elementary Schools , Katie Wall Barber

The Relationship of Principal Conflict Management Style and School Climate , Miriam Miley Boucher

The Glass Cliff: An Examination of the Female Superintendency In South Carolina , Blanche Boyd Bowles

The Financial Nexus of College Choice and Persistence At For-Profit Institutions , Benjamin James Bryan

Generational Differences In Motivation to Attend College , John Michael Cote

Teacher Silence In South Carolina Public Schools , Daniel Crockett

An Examination of Significant Factors Distinguishing Successful, On-Time High School Graduation Rates Among Black Males at a Large South Carolina High School , Sherry Mitchell Eppelsheimer

An Analysis of the Current Use and Future Intentions to Use Mobile Learning Strategies Among Full-Time Community College Faculty , Stephanie Denise Frazier

Investigating Relationships Between Academic Achievement and After School Programs in a High School Environment , Aaron Duke Fulmer

An Analysis of Achievement Between Single Gender Education and Coeducational Models in Select Middle Schools in South Carolina , Roy Lee Givins Jr

An Assessment of Instructional Coaching: Results of a Survey of Selected School Districts in South Carolina , Heather Clayton Gordon

Major Adjustment: Students' Transition Experiences Leaving Selective Undergraduate Degree Programs , Helen Mulhern Halasz

Successful Title One Schools: What Works and Why? An Exploratory Case Study of a Distinguished Title One School in South Carolina , Dawn Hooker

The Impact of Poverty, School Enrollment, and Ninth-Grade Transition Programs on Promotion to Tenth Grade in Thirty South Carolina High Schools , Mark Shannon Hopkins

Relationship between Principal Change and Influence Styles: Is There an Impact on Teacher Retention? , Leslie J. Howder

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Educational Leadership and Policy Dissertations and Theses

Theses/dissertations from 2023 2023.

Understanding the Experiences of Latino Medical Students in a Learning Medical Environment , Leslie García (Dissertation)

Theses/Dissertations from 2022 2022

Transformative Ecoliteracy Development in Postsecondary Education: Cultivating Intentional Relationships Through Garden-Based Learning , Shevawn Armstrong (Thesis)

Perspectives of Students with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disability in College Inclusion Programs on their Preparation for Working in Competitive Integrated Employment , Eva R. Blixseth (Dissertation)

Improvement Science: Improving Employee Engagement , Ryan S. Carpenter (Dissertation)

Must Be Present to Win: Principals' Perspectives on Exclusionary Discipline , William Jeremy Cohen (Dissertation)

Culture of Care and Prosocial Leadership: Autoethnography of an Elementary School Principal Navigating Covid-19 , Ashley Marie Davis (Dissertation)

Radical (Re)Positioning of Students as Cocreators of Curriculum: A Participatory Action Research Study of Undergraduate Student-Instructor Partnerships in Online Learning Environments , Kari Eleana Goin (Dissertation)

Amplifying Arab American Heritage Language Students' Voices: A Multiple Case Study on Translanguaging Practices and Identity Negotiation in University Arabic Classrooms , Lina Gomaa (Dissertation)

Silos in Higher Education Institutions: Shifting from Organizational Phenomena to a Practical Framework for Equitable Decision-making , Mandi Sue Mizuta (Dissertation)

Higher Education Futures: The Transformative Potential of Using Critical Foresights Practices & Arts Based Research in Our Brittle, Anxious, Non-Linear, and Incomprehensible (BANI) World , Sheila Christine Mullooly (Dissertation)

Professional Development for Special Education Paraeducators: How to Effectively Train Classroom Staff to Support Students with Complex Instructional and Behavioral Needs , Cara Olson-Sawyer (Dissertation)

Keeping in Touch While Sheltering in Place: A Comparative Case Study on the Complex Emotions Experienced by Older Adults When Introduced to ICTs and Video Conferencing Services , Marisa Susan Soltz (Dissertation)

Increasing Collaboration to Improve Student Outcomes: Improvement Science , Cassandra Diane Thonstad (Dissertation)

In Their Own Words: Examining the Educational Experiences, Expectations, and Values of Oregon Low-Income, Single Black Mothers , Reiko Mia Williams (Dissertation)

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021

Walking as a Way of Knowing: An Autoethnography of Embodied Inquiry , Lauriel-Arwen Amoroso (Dissertation)

Creativity in Science, Engineering, and the Arts: A Study of Undergraduate Students' Perceptions , Dildora F. Beaulieu (Dissertation)

Creating Systems of Shared Accountability for Early Leaver Students: Perspectives of Principals , Lorna Kay Fast Buffalo Horse (Dissertation)

Developing Social Work Skills in Online Environments: What Online MSW Graduates Tell Us , Samuel W. Gioia (Dissertation)

Emotional Intelligence and Resonant Leadership: Investigating School Principals' Preparation and Professional Development in Response to Covid-19 and Other Challenges , Ashlie Kaye Miller (Dissertation)

Diffusion of Innovation: Investigations of Technology Advances on a University Campus , Melissa Shaquid Pirie (Dissertation)

An Exploratory Study of Adjunct Faculty Professional Growth Experiences , Bethany Ann Potts (Dissertation)

Women's Work: a Feminist Standpoint Theory Study of Scholarship, Voice, and Resistance in the Academic Generation of Knowledge , Linnea Angelica Spitzer (Dissertation)

Impacts of Nontraditional Admissions Criteria on the Admittance and Retention of Academically At-Risk Student Populations , Kristen Marie Winter (Dissertation)

Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020

An Inquiry into Developing College Student Socially-Responsible Leadership: Ethics of Justice and Care in the Midst of Conflict and Controversy , Jill Frances Childress (Dissertation)

Where's the Learning in On-Campus Student Employment? An Inquiry into the Experiences of Undergraduate Student Employees , Patricia Ann Dorman (Dissertation)

Residence Life as Learning Organizations: an Inquiry Into Organizational Elements that Support Integration of the Residential Curriculum , Heather Kropf (Dissertation)

#AdultingWhileBlack: Encountering in the Campus Climate and the Formation of Racialized Adult Identity Among Traditional-Age Black College Students , Sarah Nana Kutten (Dissertation)

Faculty Use of Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) for Internationalization at Home , Sally Strand Mudiamu (Dissertation)

Sense of Belonging from a Distance: How Online Students Describe, Perceive, and Experience Belonging to the Institution , Marleigh Luster Perez (Dissertation)

Cultural Wealth and the Racialized Experiences of Persisting Latinx Business Students in a Predominantly White Institution: a Study on Sense of Belonging , Rebecca Sue Sanchez (Dissertation)

Untangling the Factors that Affect Student Retention: a Quantitative Study of the Relationships among First-Year Seminar Program Characteristics and Instructor Type (Full-Time and Part-Time) , Christina Marie Shafer (Dissertation)

In Search of a Third Place on Campus: an Exploration of the Effects of Built Space on Students' Sense of Belonging , Kimberly S. Stave (Dissertation)

Medical Faculty Engagement in Curricular Revisions: an Inquiry into Individual and Organizational Factors that Support Participation , Tomoko Tanikawa (Dissertation)

The Experiences of Teachers Successfully Teaching Reading to Black Students , Kevin Michael Walker (Dissertation)

Theses/Dissertations from 2019 2019

Student Sustainability Leadership Development at Portland State University: Developing Holistic Sustainability Leaders , Megan Suzanne Schneider (Thesis)

Theses/Dissertations from 2018 2018

Dual Immersion Leadership: a Case Study of Three K-5 Principals Who Show Success with Emergent Bilinguals , Ivonne Karina Dibblee (Dissertation)

Online Learners: a Study of their Advising Attitudes, Experiences, and Learning , Stephen Philip Jenkins (Dissertation)

Campus Sexual Assault and (In)Justice: an Inquiry into Campus Grievance Professionals' Roles, Responsibilities, and Perspectives of Justice , Liane Kehaulani O'Banion (Dissertation)

Does AVID Higher Education (AVID HE) Increase Student Term-to-Term Progression, Persistence Toward Credited Classes and Social Capital for First-Generation College Students Placing Into Developmental Education: a Mixed Methods Study , Christie M. Plinski (Dissertation)

Principal and Teacher Beliefs About the Impact of CBAs on School Performance: Five High Performing High Schools in Oregon , Kevin Jon Ricker (Dissertation)

A Million Piece Jigsaw Puzzle: Transition Experiences of Foster Youth Accessing Higher Education through Community College , Karen A. Sullivan-Vance (Dissertation)

Perception of the Online Degree by Accounting Hiring Gatekeepers of Mid-Size Firms in the Northwestern U.S. , Domanic Thomas (Dissertation)

Theses/Dissertations from 2017 2017

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Preparing Historically Underserved Students for STEM Careers: the Role of an Inquiry-based High School Science Sequence Beginning with Physics , Jon P. Bridges (Dissertation)

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Principal Leadership Practices in High Poverty K-5 Model Schools in Oregon , Janice Marie Adams (Dissertation)

The Effects of an Overnight Environmental Science Education Program on Students' Attendance Rate Change for Middle School Years , Jennifer Elizabeth Basham (Thesis)

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Theses/Dissertations from 2010 2010

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Education as Sustainability : an Action Research Study of the Burns Model of Sustainability Pedagogy , Heather L. Burns (Dissertation)

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thesis about school management

17 Dissertation Topics In Educational Management Worth Writing

By Liam Jan 8, 2018 in Educational Management , Management | No Comments

Educational management is a collation of the different elements of education under one umbrella term. Dissertation topics in educational management can relate to myriad concepts that form the basis of the education system. Research topics in educational management and administration also relate to financial and administrative scope of education, pricing, policies and budget references. The […]

dissertation topics in educational management

Educational management is a collation of the different elements of education under one umbrella term. Dissertation topics in educational management can relate to myriad concepts that form the basis of the education system. Research topics in educational management and administration also relate to financial and administrative scope of education, pricing, policies and budget references.

List of dissertation topics in educational management:

The following is a substantial list of project topics on education management to help you choose one that interests you.

A review of qualification requisites of higher educational leadership in developed countries.

How do private schools in emerging economies manage professionally qualified staff? A review.

The relevance of educational leadership and management in the Middle East- implications for the Knowledge Village.

Management models in higher education in the UK- a primary investigation.

Key Performance Indicators of academic leadership in higher education in the UK- a primary investigation.

Performance assessment and appraisals of principals in elementary schools- primary investigation from the UK.

The impact of educational leadership on student excellence in professional educational programs in the UK- a primary evaluation.

A comparative review of gendered leadership in Asian lower secondary schools.

Awards and their impact on student motivation in lower secondary schools in the UK- a primary study.

Parent expectations, student performance and mediating role of educational institutions in the UK.

Can leadership and management be taught? Review of educational curriculum and quality of leadership and management students.

Efficacy of standard testing educational programs- a critical debate.

What is the alternative to standardized testing and evaluation? Challenges in designing education frameworks.

Standardized evaluation- designed to test school accountability or student performance?

A comparative review of different educational models in terms of scope, sustainability and outcomes.

An exploration of bias in educational management.

Educational management in the age of social media- review of literature.

There you go. Use the list well and let us know if you have any comments or suggestions for our topics related blog posts for the future or looking to get help with dissertation writing , send us an email at [email protected] .

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