Quantitative Research Topics & Ideas 2023

Published 1 May 2019

Quantitative Research Paper Ideas

Before Discussing About list of Quantitative Research Ideas, First Of All, We need to know about Quantitative Research.

Quantitative research refers to the systematic experimental study of the conspicuous phenomenon. Quantitative research can be either of these three types : Mathematical Statistical Computational technique

Looking For Custom Research Topics & Ideas

The quantitative research paper aims at collecting data from a particular group of data. The next step is to generalize the collected data to a wide range of people to describe the process. Quantitative research is necessary to attain a particular objective.

Organizing a survey is the best approach to attain quantitative research. Opting to write a quantitative research paper is easy but going for the right topic selection for research is difficult. So here we are giving you the list of essential quantitative research topic ideas prepared by our essay helpers for the nursing, stem, ABM, gas, hums & senior high school students that need to be focused on.

Quantitative Research Topic List

Here, we are providing a list of Quantitative Research Topics.

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Ideas for Quantitative Research Project

Good Quantitative Research Topics

Quantitative Project Ideas

Quantitative Research Topics for Nursing Students

Read Also: Nursing Research Ideas For College Students

Other Topics Ideas

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research topic quantitative example

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Research Topics & Ideas

Research Guide

Disclaimer: The Reference papers provided by the Myresearchtopics.com serve as model and sample papers for students and are not to be submitted as it is. These papers are intended to be used for reference and research purposes only.

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Can’t find a perfect paper?

100 Unique Quantitative Research Paper Topics

Every month, a group of terrified students starts looking for good quantitative research paper topics. Some of them want to be done with this annoying college task as soon as possible while others are genuinely hopeful to investigate something relevant. In both cases, the question is, where to find great topics? First of all, let’s make sure you understand what quantitative research is. It’s an essay where you analyze numerical data to find meaningful patterns, prove some point, and present results to your readers.

Assignments like this teach students how to analyze information and understand what numbers are telling you. It’s a useful skill to have, especially if you plan on continuing your education for years to come. Choosing topics is one of the central problems, but we have a few tips that could help you out.

Ways of Looking for Quantitative Research Ideas

How to make sure you don’t make a mistake when selecting research topics for your paper? As it was mentioned, there are several strategies that usually assist students regardless of what subject they study. Here are four major ones.

Your List of Quantitative Research Topics

Students can always benefit from extra help. To let you have a variety of quantitative paper topics, we’ve prepared this list with 100 diverse ideas. Try them out! Use them right the way you see them or edit them until they meet your demands.

Nursing Quantitative Research Papers Topics

Healthcare is always relevant, especially these days when COVID is sowing panic among populations from all countries. These examples of quantitative research titles will allow exploring some of these issues.

Quantitative Research Paper Education Topics

All students have something to say about education. If you have strong feelings about it, check quantitative research questions below.

Technology and Engineering Research Topics

If you love technologies and would like to answer some questions populations have about them, look at the following quantitative research topics ideas.

Psychology Quantitative Research Paper Topic Ideas

How about psychological quantitative topics? This sector has some outstanding ideas.

Business and Finance

Business is always important because it is one of the biggest ways in which we earn money. So, why don’t you check examples of quantitative research topics about it? They could help you write a great paper.

Economics Research Paper Topics

What do you think about economics? Quantitative research projects in this sphere are complex, but they are also extremely exciting.

Social Work Quantitative Paper Topics

Social work can be a curse and a blessing, depending on how effective it is. Take a look at these easy quantitative research topics if this area interests you.


Those who like Math are interested in difficult but logical tasks others might be wary of. If you’re one of them, the ideas for research paper topics below might fit your bill.

Suffer from writer’s block?

Your unique essay is just a few clicks away!

Tourism Quantitative Paper Ideas

Travelling and journeys are always exciting. Not surprising that there are various good quantitative research paper topics about them.

Linguistics Quantitative Research Paper Prompts

Foreign languages fascinate and make them learn more. Complex or not, researching them with the purpose to create a research paper topic is certainly interesting!

Enjoy What You Write and Write What You Enjoy

After all examples of quantitative research questions above, chances are, you’ve already selected a paper topic to your liking. If not, continue looking until you settle on the best possible option. When you have a passion for a subject, writing a paper about it is exciting. But of course, some other problems might be waiting for you, such as lack of time or personal issues that don’t let you concentrate on your work properly. This is where you can count on us!

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Quantitative Research Topics

51 best quantitative research topics to help you in the next semester.

To get the grade from your tutor or your money back!

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Please upload all relevant files for quick & complete assistance.

research topic quantitative example

Higher degrees are hard to achieve if you don’t conduct independent research. The process involves understanding, observing, analysis, and writing with a new dimension. But first of all, you need impressive quantitative research paper topics. If you are performing research on quantitative research ideas, here are some unique   quantitative research topics for students.

However, the question is, which quantitative research topics for students should you consider as good statistical research topics? The answer depends on the way you conduct the research.

Searching for High-Quality Quantitative Research Topics?

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4 Primary Methods of Data Collection for Quantitative Research

Here are the 4 common methods to collect quantitative project ideas:


If you are searching for the easiest method to collect statistical research topic examples, this is the one you should choose. The method includes a series of questions related to the statistics research topics for quantitative research. Here people must choose between 4-5 options for the close-ended questions set according to the research objectives.

The collected numerical data are represented in graphical forms for easy comprehension of the findings, and the results can be interpreted in the selected hypothesis.

Conducting Online & Offline Surveys

If you need examples of quantitative research topics in education through a time-saving and cost-effective process, you can vouch for conducting online and offline surveys. Moreover, this method is helpful if your research does not mandate an in-depth response or limited response does not impact your writing.

When you prefer collecting good statistical research topics in a structured yet informal and less time-consuming way, an interview could be the best research method. You can get contentious information with flexible and good statistics research questions and get appropriate answers through a cost-effective approach.

Observation & Sampling

Observing people in natural settings can be another good method of gathering information for quantitative research examples for students. The advantage of using this method is that the data can be equally helpful for applying in qualitative research.

For example, the number of cars that have passed through an intersection in one hour or the count of students who attend morning lectures; simple observations like these are excellent ways of collecting   statistical research topics examples. The results, thus, are more accurate with this method.

Need Help with Quantitative Research Topics?

51 Quantitative Research Topics

Below are some of the trending examples of quantitative research topics in education. Select from the list of quantitative research topics, or get inspired and develop new quantitative project ideas. We have segregated the list according to subjects for better understanding. Here we go!

Psychology Research Topics

Here are some quantitative research ideas on psychology :

Technology and Social Media Research Topics

Here are some quantitative research topics for students on technology and social media:

Criminology Quantitative Research Topics

Here are some of the trending quantitative research examples for students in criminology:

Medical and Nursing Quantitative Research Topics

If you are studying healthcare , consider these examples of quantitative research topics in education on medical nursing and health:

Looking for High-Quality Quantitative Research Topics?

Still cannot decide the best quantitative research topic, trust our professional experts to find the best solution for you.

Our experts who help with academic papers know that even though you can develop immaculate documents, finding the best quantitative research topic for your essay still gives you goosebumps.

So, when given a choice to collect quantitative project ideas, you are confused and seek help to find good statistical research topics out of desperation.

The experts of Assignmenthelp.us have nearly a decade of experience in doing the task with all quantitative research topics.

Therefore, they know the fine lines of how the research subject and methods depict the quantitative project ideas you choose, and thus when you seek research paper writing assistance , they take the best care of the student all assignment writing requirements.

Here is a sneak peek of our unique features:

So, what are you waiting for? Call us, drop an email or ping a text to state your requirements with our experts now.


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Posted by Diana B.

Interesting Quantitative Research Paper Topics

It’s not always easy to find good quantitative research paper topics. They can be various, but which one will be best for you? Our experts know how to pick top quantitative topics for essays. Quantitative papers focus on numerical data that you gathered, so if your topic is faulty, your research may turn out dull and uninteresting. Read the best topics and tips for quantitative research below.

Choosing Great Quantitative Research Ideas

Choosing a quantitative research topic might be hard. Follow advice below to pick the best themes for your paper.

Look for Inspiration

There are many topic sources that you might not know about. These sources are obvious but not many use them. First of all, if you have encyclopedias and handbooks on the subject, be sure to use them. They can provide background information and key terms that might help you write up a topic list. Also, your class textbook is a great source of inspiration. You might browse through it or look at its table of contents. If that doesn’t work for you, try reading scientific news of the recent period. Such news is thought-provoking and can make an outstanding paper. Also, Wikipedia is a good way to get quantitative research topics examples. Its articles might contain a lot of valuable information and hints.

Speak to People

If you are a people person, speaking to others might be more effective for you than reading news. You may speak to your professor to help you pick an idea for a paper. They have seen your work, so they can recommend a good paper topic for you. Also, talk to your friends who study the same subject, brainstorm, and produce great ideas for papers. 

Select an Appropriate Theme

Of course, not all paper topics you find are good for you. First of all, you should be interested in what you write. The more interest you have, the better you research. Choose a topic that is appropriate for the given length. Consider your grade, course, and significance of this paper in your curriculum. Choose quantitative research questions that aren’t too broad. Such topics would be dull and you might get lost in the sea of information. Still, too narrow paper topics are also bad. It might be too hard to conduct such research. 

Frame Your Question

This is one of the most important stages when you choose a topic. Focus on your paper theme and form it as a question. Consider following ones:

What is your voice in a dialogue around your topic?

What do you want your reader to find out?

Who is involved in your research?

What impacts results of your research?

Think about the most appropriate questions and form your topic on their basis. This way, you will crystallize the essence of your paper and develop a great topic.

Tips on Writing Quantitative Research Paper

Quantitative research is different from other types of papers. Its key point is to show objective measurement, numerical data, or statistical evaluation that you gathered. This gathering might be different, from surveys to polls to questionnaires. After you gather data, you need to generalize and present it well. Here are some tips to write these papers:

Choose a Good Topic

Choosing great quantitative research topics is half a success. Remember this is the very first step you need to make before you start anything else. Use our advice above, read lists, and estimate what you can and cannot do for your project. This will simplify your task.

Choose Research Type

Quantitative research is either descriptive or experimental. These types of research are different in terms of how you evaluate, collect, and interpret results. In descriptive ones, you describe a phenomenon in a group under study. It best fits social sciences. For experimental research, you need to manipulate variables to draw a conclusion, i.e. to conduct an experiment. This paper type best fits exact sciences.

Trust Experts

We understand that conducting quantitative research isn’t easy. If you have trouble writing such a paper, find essay writing services review and pick the best writers. Experienced specialists at best writing services help you conduct research on any topic and provide you with an error-free paper.

Don’t Forget About Structure

Remember how to write a research paper. Your research should contain an introduction, body, and conclusion. For the introduction, state research problems, review literature, and present theory. For the body, analyze your data like population, sampling, collection method, and analysis. After this, deliver your findings and results, as well as limitations. Draw a compelling conclusion and present what you have found.

Our Best List of Quantitative Research Topics

Our writing experts have vast experience doing research. They have picked the best topics that will help you write good, meaningful research on any topic.

Nursing Reasearch Paper Ideas

Nursing is full of interesting topics for those who study medicine. Feel free to use the following examples of quantitative research titles in Nursing:

Analyze why strategies against child obesity aren’t working

Discuss how effective is cognitive therapy in pain management

Analyze triggers and causes of osteoporosis in women

Analyze effectiveness of stomach cancer screening process

Conduct quantitative research of neonatal treatment and care

Take a close look at data collection ethics in healthcare of adults

Evaluate mortality rates in relation to heart attack and sex of the individual

Analyze effective treatments of cardiovascular issues

Study development of telehealth in modern times

Compare effectiveness of home care to care in nursing homes

Education Quantitative Prompts

Education is a great topic to write about. Students are a part of education system, so they use quantitative research topics ideas and give insider views on education:

Discuss how effective is the method of flipped classroom learning

Analyze STEM education in relation to gender diversity

Strategies to manage the dissemination of information to modern students

Analyze study habits in STEM undergraduate courses

Educational discrimination and its influence on the future of students

Provide a quantitative analysis of a teacher’s impact in establishing a STEM-inclusive school

Analyze impact of unhealthy classroom environment and bullying on the individual

Discuss implementation of STEM education to K-12 students

Study how to develop critical thinking during the educational process

Give an evaluation to STEM education development in any developing nation

Technology and Engineering

If you are a tech person, consider these examples of quantitative research topics. They are engaging, interesting, and guarantee you a good mark.

Study telemedicine influence in healthcare using a quantitative research model

Elaborate on any scientific innovation that relate to defense or military system

Study a learning method fueled by technology and estimate it

Technology’s responsibility in worsening people’s mental health

Analyze impact of introducing the education with elements of augmented reality in the classroom 

Discuss semantics impact on web technology

Conduct quantitative research on solutions to complex magnetic field issues

Analyze biological systems and their effectiveness for unconventional computing in the engineering sphere

Study how engineers promote green technology

How engineers raise sustainability in buildings and infrastructures

Psychology Quantitative Research Topic Ideas

Psychology is interesting for many. If you like this science, pick these easy quantitative research topics in Psychology:

Analyze how people’s decision-making processes depend on sub-consciousness

Conduct quantitative research on the influence of memories on people’s behavior

Study ADHD and its impact on learning process and capabilities in students 

Analyze how racism affects people’s mental health

Triggers of social anxiety in people

Prejudice and discrimination relating to a certain social group

Analyze persuasion, marketing, and propaganda impact on individual

Study prevalence of nonverbal communication in people Study cults, social control, and their interrelations

Stress effects on the individuals’ behavior in society

Business and Finance

If you study for a business degree, these quantitative research paper topics might come useful when you pick your theme:

Analyze how capital structure connects to corporate strategy

Do a quantitative analysis about brand evaluation for financial investment sphere

Study importance of measuring and creating a shareholder value in business

Study how changes in credit ratings impact the equity returns

Conduct a quantitative analysis about impact of bond rating changes on stock prices

Analyze data privacy laws importance in business operations

Conduct quantitative analysis of challenges for small business during COVID pandemics crisis

Analyze organizational culture in businesses and its importance

Explain how reducing e-waste and carbon footprint benefit businesses

Study how effective brand strategies gain a competitive advantage for businesses

Quantitative Topics On Economics

Economics is a good discipline to research. These quantitative topics were designed by our Economics experts:

COVID-19 effects on the GDP within your country

Does dominant-firm model apply to Australia’s retail industry

Study the application of institutional economics methodologies in relation to the property market

Write a paper about macroeconomic effects of monetary & fiscal policies on your country’s economy

Study income inequality relating to economic growth

Do a quantitative paper on XXI century economic methodology & its efficacy

Analyze Marxian & institutional industrial relationships in US

Estimated target market, competitive risk assessment, and their correlation

Conduct a report on demographic structure about neighborhood you live in

Study dissemination of price information for growers & analyze its impact on consumers

Social Work

Social work topics are very good for a quantitative paper. Consider topics below to write high-quality paper. And don’t forget to give your work to research paper editors who will correct mistakes, fix formatting, and put your work to perfection.

Analyze the juvenile delinquents’ treatment in your country

Write a quantitative paper on malnutrition effects on children in the under-developed countries

Study how black-owned businesses suffer from racism through quantitative analysis methods

Do a quantitative paper on the efficient measures against gender disparity in workplaces through quantitative analysis

Analyze the rehabilitation process of drug abuse victims who recovered

Relationship between immigration & crime statistics

Analyze addressing homelessness & poverty in your country

Study ways to solve overpopulation 

Effective ways to fight cultural biases in modern society

Influence of technologies on the life level in poor neighborhoods

Mathematics Reseach Ideas

Mathematics is a rich field for quantitative research projects. Read the paper themes below and pick one that fits you best:

Study how mathematics knowledge helps while implementing data safety for businesses

Challenges that students are facing while solving geometry

How arts are interdependent with math

Analyze math anxiety phenomenon among college students

Ways to maintain the core standards in teaching mathematics

Homotopy theory & its interrelation with algebraic topology

Analyze efficacy of applications of stochastic orders and aging theory

Complete a quantitative paper on homological algebra application in the modern world

Conduct quantitative research on modern electromagnetics applications and computational acoustics

Analyze scientific computing and its impact on numerical analysis in the modern realia

Quantitative Research Paper Ideas On Tourism

Good quantitative research paper topics in Tourism might be hard to find. But our experts did their best to deliver fun and comprehensive topics for your papers:

Study eco-friendly practices in the hospitality industry

How the growth of tourism industry lead to more environmental concerns in your country

Development of Australia’s educational tourism

Write quantitative paper on the influence of government regulations, rules, and policies on the post-COVID tourism development

Assess the influence of social media platforms on the people’s selection of tourism destinations

Analyze the attitude towards eco-tourism in your country

Do quantitative paper on factors that influence the customers buying behavior concerning dark tourism 

Correlation between religion and hospitality

Study the globalization effects on the worldwide tourist industry

Analyze the reasons for the decline in the hospitality industry 


Linguistics is a complicated sphere, and examples of quantitative research questions might help you to make your work a bit easier:

Write a quantitative research paper on how language create bonds between cross-cultural communities

How effective is non-verbal communication in displaying emotion

Use of different linguistic patterns in determining migration paths

Show how world leaders use language to change the emotional climate in their countries

Conduct quantitative research on how linguistics cultivate buzzwords in politics

Critically approach theories of origin and development of languages

Examine the similarity reasons among English and French vocabulary

Study the way to solve problems of ambiguity in language translation

Persuasive language strategies for political speeches

Complete quantitative paper on the interrelations between popular culture and translation

Pick Best Quantitative Research Writers from Top Academic Help Services

Education is very important for every student. Still, many have trouble handling their academic routines. There are too many tasks and too little time. Many students have jobs, families, and things to do besides writing a paper. If you have a demanding professor or tough deadlines, use our cheap research paper writing service for your essays. Our professional writers handle any research topic and any deadline. Place an order now to get unique, well-written papers with a money-back guarantee.

Posted by Diana B., June 24, 2021

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156 Best Quantitative Research Topics and Project Ideas To Deal With

If you are a student, then during your scholarly life, you will be often asked to submit different types of essays and research papers. That too especially, when it comes to doing research projects or writing research papers, you should first analyze and identify whether your research is qualitative or quantitative. For conducting research and analysis, there are plenty of quantitative research topics and qualitative research topics available on various themes.

Currently, would you have to write a quantitative research paper? Are you looking for the best quantitative research topics for your academic work? Well, here, in this blog post, we have presented a simple overview of quantitative research and have explained how to choose a good quantitative research topic for academic writing. In addition to that, for your convenience, we have also composed a list of unique quantitative research topic ideas on various subjects.

Keep on reading this blog post and grab ideas for quantitative research paper writing.

What is a Quantitative Research?

Quantitative research is an empirical study that deals with numbers and statistics when collecting and analyzing data. Mainly, it is used to test theories and assumptions. Also, it is used to establish generalizable facts about a particular topic. The results of the quantitative research will be mostly expressed in the form of numbers, tables, and graphs.

Quantitative Research Topics

Generally, in order to collect and analyze data, quantitative research uses different data collection methods. Some common quantitative data collection methods include observations, experiments, and surveys with closed or multiple-choice questions.

Till now we saw, what quantitative research means. Next, let us look at how to choose an ideal topic for a quantitative research paper.

Quantitative Research Topic Selection

An academic paper that provides valid explanations or answers for any quantitative questions or good research essay topics is referred to as a quantitative research paper. When it comes to writing a quantitative research paper, first you should have a good quantitative research topic. Usually, while assigning tasks, your supervisors will suggest some quantitative research ideas for you to work on. But at certain times, they will give you the freedom to choose a quantitative research topic on your own.

In general, you can search and find numerous quantitative research topics on different subjects. However, when you have multiple topics, it might be difficult for you to pull one perfect topic from it. So, to help you in finding the right quantitative research topic, below we have shared some important steps. During topic selection, make sure to execute them in order.

In case, you have any doubt about whether the topic you have selected is perfect or not, discuss it with your supervisor and get approval.

List of Quantitative Research Topics and Ideas

To make your research paper or best essay topic selection easier, here we have listed some excellent quantitative research topics and project ideas on various themes. If you are running short of ideas or unsure of what topic to choose for your quantitative research paper, feel free to access the list below.

In the list, you can find 100+ quantitative research topic ideas on various subjects such as nursing, technology, psychology, and so on.

Explore them all and choose one topic that suits you perfectly.

Quantitative Research Topics on Nursing

Nursing is a broad field with numerous quantitative research topics. Here are a few impressive nursing quantitative research ideas you can consider for writing your academic paper.

Quantitative Research Topics on Education

Education is one of the interesting areas to explore and write about. If you are more interested in presenting the different aspects of education, then for your academic work you can take into account any of the following education-based quantitative research topics.

Quantitative Research Topics on Psychology

Are you a psychology student? If yes, then for your assignment, you can consider writing a quantitative research paper on any of the following topics related to Psychology.

Quantitative Research Topics on Technology

In case, you are a technology lover, you can very well consider any of the below-suggested quantitative research topics on technology for preparing your academic paper.

Quantitative Research Topics on Business

Do you have to prepare a top-rated quantitative research paper on business topics? Well, have a look at the list of business quantitative research topic ideas recommended below and from it choose the one that matches your interest.

Quantitative Research Topics on Finance and Economics

Listed below are a few quantitative research paper topic ideas on finance and economics that will help you in preparing an outstanding academic paper.

Read more: Best Linguistics Research Topics That Will Help You Score an A+ Grade

Linguistics Quantitative Research Topics

If you are more interested in analyzing languages, then for your quantitative analysis assignment, you can take into consideration any of the following linguistics quantitative research project ideas.

Quantitative Research Ideas on Mathematics

Are you a mathematics student? Well, then the below-suggested list of quantitative research ideas on mathematics will be helpful to you.

Quantitative Research Topics on Social Work

Listed below are a few engaging quantitative research topic ideas on social work that will be helpful to you in preparing a brilliant academic paper.

Quantitative Research Topics on Tourism

If you belong to the department of tourism and hospitality, then for your final assignments, you can conduct quantitative analysis on any of the following tourism topics.

Other Interesting Quantitative Research Ideas

The following are a few more interesting quantitative research ideas that will help you in scoring an A+ grade.

Read more: Fantastic Marketing Research Topics for You to Consider

Amazing Quantitative Research Topics and Ideas

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, the list of quantitative research topic ideas suggested in this blog post will help you to prepare a top-notch academic paper. In case, you need any other unique quantitative topic, or if you want assistance with academic paper writing and editing, reach out to us immediately. We have skilled essay writers in our team for writing plagiarism-free essays and research papers on any subject topics including qualitative and quantitative research topics.

Basically, in the online world, we are well-known for our reliable and cheap assignment writing services. Exclusively, through our services, you can get high-quality assignment help for writing academic papers such as essays, thesis, research papers, and dissertations.

If you want to make use of our online essay writing services , simply share your requirements with us through the order form. Based on what you have shared with us, an essay helper from our team will prepare and send you an original academic paper on time. Also, as a part of our services, you can get extraordinary 24/7 customer chat support and infinite paper edits from us.

Instead of spending too much time on your assignment, just book your order and earn extraordinary academic benefits by hiring our talented assignment helpers at a fair price.

research topic quantitative example

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Quantitative research questions can be tricky at times. Student needs to choose the type of question he/she would like to answer or work on. Even though one may find picking a quantitative research paper topic easy, things might turn out to be overly complicated for an individual who isn’t aware of the technicalities.

 Now that you too are grappling with the intricacy of choosing an ideal quantitative research paper topic, consider reading through this blog. I will be discussing the various technicalities that can be implemented in order to choose and structure a quantitative research question. What’s more?  I will be sharing a list of 50+ unique quantitative research topics for you.


Brought in one of its academic journals by the British Library, quantitative research questions are generally used in order to set the scene for industry reports or an entire study. There are basically three common types of quantitative research questions you will come across. Let’s take a look at them.

research topic quantitative example

Types of Quantitative Research Questions

Now that you are aware of the 3 crucial types of quantitative research questions, it’s time to know how to select an ideal topic or a question in different situations. Here’s a smart chart illustrating the same. Take a look.

research topic quantitative example

 How to Choose a Quantitative Research Question

I am going to share further details with an explicitly discussed theoretical insight into the context of choosing an ideal quantitative research question. Take note:

Step 1: Choose the research topic 

Remember, your research question will represent the type of quantitative research you will use in your dissertation.  So, you should always consider choosing the type of research question quite carefully. It can be descriptive, comparative or relationship-based. If you already have a couple of plants and unique ideas in your head, figure out if they are rational and relevant in nature.

 Once you are done deciding the same, figure out the type of research question you can form using that particular idea. It goes without saying; you are required to come up with different perspectives and styles for each of the aforementioned research question types.

Step 2: Identify the variables 

It doesn’t matter whether you are working on a relationship-based, comparative or descriptive research question.  You should consider identifying the different aspects you will try to control, manipulate or measure.

There are primarily two types of variables; categorical variables and continuous variables. In addition, you need to develop an understanding of the fundamentals of dependent variables and independent variables. In case you are planning to structure a research paper based on descriptive questions, then you need to measure a number of dependent variables. On the other hand, working on a comparative or relationship-based research question will require you to deal with independent and dependent variables as well. Once you are done indentifying the individual variables associated with different types of research questions, you need to plan a perfect structure.

Step 3: Choose the appropriate structure for different types of questions 

The structure is different for each of the three types of research questions. Take a look.

research topic quantitative example

Structure of Descriptive Research Questions

research topic quantitative example

Structure of Comparative Research Questions

research topic quantitative example

Structure of Relationship-based Research Questions

Step 4:  Jot down the issues you would address 

Now that you are done structuring the questions for the individual research types, it’s time to jot down the issues you would like to address. You have to be more attentive and flawless. Remember, you should consider highlighting each of the issues and addressing the same in simple languages.

The idea is to frame readable quantitative research papers. It should not appear to be convoluted in nature and must solve the purpose of establishing rational perspectives. In addition, it should also maintain a unified structure throughout the paper.

Moving on to the next section, here is a set of 50+ unique and crucial quantitative research questions for you to explore.

Take some time out to evaluate each of the topics and select the one that appears to be interesting. Refer to the suggestions as well, and I hope you will be able to come up with a well-knit quantitative research paper this semester.

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Quantitative research topics for high school students

06 dec quantitative research topics for high school students.

Research is an important part of the coursework of the school students and it helps the students to understand the things in a practical manner. Even for getting admission in college after the school, research work is an important criterion on the basis of which admissions are given to the students. Generally, students have to make a choice between qualitative and quantitative research. Exploration of ideas is done under the qualitative research and nonnumerical data is involved. Quantitative research is based on the data and number. Students often find difficulties in selecting an appropriate topic for the research. This article will discuss about some of the quantitative research topics which can be used by the school students for conducting the research successfully.

Procedure involved in quantitative research

A systematic investigation sis required about the given issue or problem by the research for the quantitative research. Routine events can be analyzed by the students as part of the quantitative research. The quantitative research is based on the following steps:

A researcher has to make use of ethical practices while collecting data from respondents and while working on the research.

Quantitative research titles examples for student

As the success of any quantitative research depends on the quality of the topic selected, it is important that students give proper importance to the first step of the quantitative researcher. Following are some quantitative research titles examples for students which can be considered by them before conducting quantitative research:

These are some of the ideas for successfully complete the quantitative research. If still, you are facing any kind of issues in topic selection or in conducting the research work, feel free contact AWH team experts at any time.

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research topic quantitative example

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Role of women in Renewable Energy Sector

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research topic quantitative example

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