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5 Research Topics for an MBA in Finance Project

Research projects for those pursuing an mba in finance, risk assessment in business, impact of interest rates on the stock market, empowering women through microfinance, determinants of corporate dividend payouts, impacts of corporate social responsibility on the firm’s profitability.

Every student pursuing an MBA in Finance degree will research, compile, and write a final research project. The project should reflect the area of finance in which the student is interested. Nothing drives a student toward a successful career like a passion for the area in which they choose to participate. These five proposed topics are viable projects that, when correctly presented, will satisfy any faculty board reviewing the paper.

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A risk assessment project is a safe bet for any MBA in Finance student. The project has no limitations as to the makeup of the corporate example. Some students create a business in virtual reality that faces a real business scenario. Others use information or scenarios available in their current or former work environment. Regardless of where the information comes from, the paper must address the perceived weaknesses of the business in the market and allot resources to combat those weaknesses. Areas such as market risk, insurance risk, strategic risk, and operational risk must be covered in the risk assessment.

Researching the impact of interest rates on the stock market is an excellent topic for MBA in Finance graduates entering the stock market as brokers, analysts, or as corporate officials. A research paper delving into the mysteries of the connection between interest rates and stock market fluctuations involves some of the most bizarre aspects of economic growth, decline, and stability. A complete analysis of this relationship involves an explanation of stock market jitters, as well as business outlook and a comparison of market conditions during low, medium, and high-interest rate calibrations. Any prospective stock market employer will be interested in a student’s analysis in this field.

The student who wishes to take on the world with a controversial subject can venture into the area of microfinance and its effect on women, families, the communities, and the world in general. Organizations like  FINCA , who specialize in microfinance, provide a good start for MBA students looking to make changes in the world business environment. Such a topic would begin with a definition of microfinance and work into the need for its implementation around the world. An analytical study on a subject like this delves into the financial benefits of investing in the bottom layer of the economic world. This project can ignite a smoldering passion about the state of poverty.

Market forces, stockholder expectations, risk management, product costs, and many other factors go into a paper along these lines. As shown in the International Journal of Financial Studies , this project involves multiple layers of study that embrace nearly every factor that affects business. A student taking on this subject walks the edge of a pitfall. Dividend determinants affect much more than the business as stockholders demand an explanation of the factors involved and the business demands enough income to continue to grow.

Researching a paper on the impacts of corporate social responsibility in the firm’s profitability is the most difficult subject any MBA student will tackle. The question of business ethics involves an incredible number of intangibles—abstract concepts that are judgment calls. Putting together a paper on this subject involves the definition of those abstract concepts and the implementation of them in the real world. Following the implementation of abstract ideas into the business world to discover the financial impact they create is a walk along a winding road that leads to difficult decision making on paper and in reality.

A student pursuing an MBA in Finance degree must complete a research project that demonstrates their proficiency in every section of the curriculum. Any of these subjects will fill that requirement if researched and appropriately written.

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Financial Research Paper Topics - The Complete List to Choose From

A search for the right financial research paper topic is constant. Indeed, we can understand this because knowing the reasonable topics in finance puts us ahead of the game. Students majoring in business are obliged to make presentations and submit essays, projects, and research papers on banking and accounting at one point in their career.

The challenges of picking the best finance topics are, however, always within. For this reason, we’ve done extensive research and have composed a great list of financial research paper topics and divided them into groups for you to choose from.

If you’re in doubt about how to choose your topic, we’ve got that covered too. Read our easy guide on which steps to take to ensure your paper topic is appropriate, along with our vital tips on what to pay attention to when choosing them.

Financial Research Paper Topics

How to choose Financial Research topics?

To choose the proper topic and get prepared for the process of research paper writing , you should first explore something that nobody has explored so far. Other than that step of selecting a unique topic, here are some other helpful tips we recommend in selecting the best and most appropriate financial research topic:

List of finance topics to write about

We offer you a list of exciting finance topics you can write about divided into groups. This way, you can choose the best topic from your target group and make sure you can cover it to a T. Have fun researching.

Interesting finance topics

Perhaps you want to write an interesting business paper. You’ll need to choose among some of the most recurring finance paper topics and write a persuasive paper. Here’s our list of the ten options we find most engaging.

Research topics for finance students

Finance students have to write research papers throughout their years of study. Sometimes, it may be hard to find the most engaging financial topics to write about, which is why our list should help.

Finance research topics for MBA

The following list of research topics in finance would help you intrigue your professors and look at the discipline from a new perspective.

Public finance topics

Public finance topics are a type of finance research paper topics that covers taxation, government borrowing, and other aspects.

International research topics in Finance

Since business transactions are happening worldwide, and local trade is no longer the only option, we must study international business.

Healthcare finance research topics

Here are some of the most relevant topics for healthcare finance:

Corporate finance topics

Corporate finance deals with structuring capital, financing, and making decisions for each investment. The following list of research topics in finance covers ways to make minimal mistakes in this field.

Business finance topics

Each decision we make in business has some financial implications. Therefore, we must understand the fundamentals to write finance topics that require management, analysis, valuation, etc.

Personal finance topics

Personal finance is a susceptible area, as we all like to tend to our finances appropriately. Here are some of the most exciting burning issues in this field:

Yes, choosing among numerous financial research paper topics can sometimes be overwhelming. Still, we’ve laid out all the inspirational ideas for them in categories so that you can find your best pick fast and easily. If you feel like you can’t write that paper yourself, that’s okay too.

Contact our services at Study Clerk for some first-class research writing. On the other hand, if you feel like you are a professional in this field, we have you covered for that too. You can write research papers for money through our service and make extra cash from your writing skills.

If you have any additional questions about finance research topics, please contact our college paper help . Our team of experts will tend to all of your questions promptly.

Order your paper now!

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research topics for mba finance

Top 140 Finance Research Paper Topics

finance topics

Why finance topics? The search for interesting finance topics is a constant one. Of course, this is understandable because knowledge of hot topics in finance puts you ahead of the game. Students or researchers who major in business will, at one point or the other in their careers, make presentations, and submit research papers, essays, or projects. With the headache of writing these papers aside, the challenge of picking finance topics always looms around. We have, therefore, carried out extensive research to present you with these 30 finance topics that will make your paper worth reading! When in doubt, this list of finance topics will surely come in handy to shed some light on that darkness!

Finding Excellent Topics in Finance

We offer you 30 researchable topics in finance. But why should we only catch fish for you if we can teach you how to fish too? The need to find unique topics in finance is on the increase. Here are some excellent tips that will help you choose appropriate finance topics:

Research Topics In Finance

In financial research, unique topics are pivotal to the overall success of the study. The reason for this is simple. Now put yourself in the shoes of professors who have read hundreds of theses and essays. They already know common topics that students like to write or work on. A hot research topic in finance will surely catch the attention of your professor and will likely earn you better grades. Writing finance research papers becomes much easier when you have superb finance research topics.

Here is a finance research topics list that will spark people’s interest in your research work and make your finance research paper worth reading! Ready for these research topics in finance? Read on!

Finance Research Topics For MBA

Here are some great finance research topics you can use toward your MBA. It’s sure to intrigue your professor and get you to look at finance from a different perspective.

Corporate Risk Management Topics

These are some key topics you can use relating to corporate risk management.

Healthcare Finance Research Topics

These are some key topics you can use relating to healthcare finance research.

Corporate Finance Topics

Corporate finance deals with processes such as financing, structuring of capital, and making investment decisions. It seeks to maximize shareholder value by implementing diverse strategies in long and short-term financial planning.

Corporate finance research topics broadly cover areas like tools for risk management, trend research in advanced finance, physical and electronic techniques in securities markets, research trends in advance finance, investment analysis, and management of government debt. The following corporate finance topics will surely minimize any risk of mistakes!

Business Finance Topics

Every decision made in a business has financial implications. It is, therefore, essential that business people have a fundamental understanding of finance. To show your knowledge, you must be able to write articles on finance topics in areas such as financial analysis, valuation, management, etc. Here are some juicy business finance topics!

International Finance Topics

As the world is now a global village, business transactions occur all around the world. No more are we limited to local trade, and this is why the study of international is essential and relevant. Here are some international finance topics that will suit your research purpose!

Finance Research Paper Ideas

Writing a research paper requires an independent investigation of a chosen subject and the analysis of the remarkable outcomes of that research. A finance researcher will, therefore, need to have enough finance research paper topics from which to choose at his fingertip. Carefully selecting a finance thesis topic out of the many finance research papers topics will require some skill. Here are some exciting finance paper topics!

Personal Finance Topics

Personal finance covers the aspects of managing your money, including saving and investing. It comprises aspects such as investments, retirement planning, budgeting, estate planning, mortgages, banking, tax, and insurance. Researching in this area will surely be of direct impact on the quality of living. Here are some great personal finance topics that are eager to have you work on them!

Finance Topics For Presentation

Sometimes, you may need to present a topic in a seminar. The idea is that you can whet the appetite of your audience with the highlights of your subject matter. Choosing these finance seminar topics requires a slightly different approach in that you must be thoroughly familiar with that topic before giving the presentation. Interesting and easy-to-grasp finance topics are, therefore, necessary for presentations. Here are some topic examples that fit perfectly into this category.

So here we are! Surely, with this essay on finance topics that you have read, you’ll need only a few minutes to decide your topic and plunge into proper research! If you need professional help, don’t hesitate to contact our economics thesis writers .

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research topics for mba finance

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research topics for mba finance

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research topics for mba finance

Dissertation Topic in Finance

' src=

Dissertation Topics in Finance- MBA, Banking, Accounting Projects-04 (1)

Also known as the study of investments, Finance is a combination of two interrelated subjects – how money is handled and the process of obtaining money. One of the reasons why postgraduate students struggle with their Finance dissertation topics is that they do not spend enough time planning it. It is important for students to be extremely careful while writing a finance dissertation as it contributes a lot to their respective degrees. This blog provides you with the best topics, a dissertation structure, and more. 

This Blog Includes:

What is a finance dissertation, why finance dissertation topics are important, tips to find excellent dissertation topics on finance, writing tips for finance dissertation, how to plan your work on a finance dissertation, how to structure a finance dissertation, finance dissertation general topics , topics related to india, mba dissertation topics, banking dissertation topics , accounting dissertation topics, research project example, final consideration and conclusion.

Finance dissertations, as the name implies, are pieces of writing that study a certain finance topic chosen by the student. The subjects covered include anything from the stock market to banking and risk management to healthcare finance. This dissertation gives the student academic self-assurance and personal happiness in the subject of finance. Finance writing necessitates substantial research in order to produce a compelling report.

The majority of students have no idea why finance dissertation themes are so crucial. However, put yourself in the shoes of your lecturer. You’ve already read hundreds of theses. The majority of them covered the same ground — issues that you’re already tired of hearing about. Then there’s a topic with a distinct, intriguing theme. Something that piques your interest and entices you to read more. Wouldn’t you give those pupils some extra credit? You’d do it! This is why there are so many fantastic finance dissertation topics. You can get extra points for your efforts. The topic of your paper might mean the difference between a good and a terrific grade.

It’s difficult to come up with anything unique and interesting. There are, nevertheless, ways to come up with interesting ideas. Here are a few pointers on how to locate them:

Dissertation submission is very important to obtain a PG Degree. You are supposed to submit the work by the end of your study course, so by the last year of your degree, you may have got enough ideas and problems dealing with finance. While starting with a finance dissertation topic you should always remember that the purpose of a Finance Dissertation is to demonstrate your research ability, how you analyze specific data and come up with a conclusion. Mentioned below is a step to step guide for you to start working with:

Step 1 : Choose a relevant and interesting topic for your research

Step 2 : Discuss and receive feedback from your supervisor

Step 3 : Finalise the research methods to prove the significance of the selected topic

Step 4 : Gather the required data from relevant sources

Step 5 : Conduct the research and analyse the acquired results

Step 6 : Work on the outline of your dissertation

Step 7 : Make a draft and proofread it. Discuss with your advisors if any changes are to be made

Step 8 : Make the required corrections. 

Step 9 : Draft the final dissertation

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There are so many different ways you can structure your dissertation. But the most common and universally accepted way is as follows:

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Finance Dissertation Topics

Finance is an extensive field, you can explore a lot of areas related to finance to choose a dissertation topic. Here we’ve mentioned the best finance dissertation topics to make it easier for you:

Mentioned below are some of the topics related to the recent issues in the world:

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Best MBA Dissertation Topics

Be careful while choosing an MBA Dissertation Topic as it involves more intense study. Make sure the topic you’ve chosen remains within your field of study. We’ve listed some of the best topics you can choose for an MBA Dissertation:

Also Read: Best Finance Universities in the USA

Also Read: All you need to know about  a Banking Course 

Also Read: Accounting courses

We’ve included a Finance Dissertation Research Example with reference to a Finance Dissertation Structure:

           3.1 Background (background of the study) 

           3.2 Problem Statement (significance of the problem in context)

           3.3 Purpose/Research Questions (What caused the Crisis, how was the crisis revived etc.)

*Please note that the above-mentioned structure is only for your reference to get an idea of writing a Finance Dissertation.

Choosing the right topic for your Finance dissertation to plan the work, all the above-mentioned aspects must be given equal importance. This blog has included the best dissertation topic in finance in MBA, accounting, and banking you can choose while writing a dissertation.

Finance research papers and dissertations should be prepared in a way that answers the core question while also being relevant to the remainder of the study. For example, if the dissertation’s major question is “what is the link between foreign exchange rates and the interest rates of a specific country,” the dissertation should provide suitable illustrations to help illustrate the topic. It should also go through the major and minor concerns that are relevant to this topic. Furthermore, utilise proper language to ensure that the article is readily understood by readers. The overall purpose of the project is to produce a well-written, well-researched, and well-supported dissertation.

It takes around 2 years to complete an MBA in India while 1 year to complete a full-time MBA in other countries.

A finance dissertation must be 100-300 pages long.

It takes around 5 years to obtain a Doctorate in Finance.

Hopefully, this blog assisted you in finding out your finance dissertation topics and structure for your course. If you require any assistance regarding your application process while enrolling for your further studies, our experts at Leverage Edu are just one click away. Call us anytime at 1800 572 000 for a free counselling session!

' src=

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Daman is a creative and enthusiastic writer who loves to create well researched and impactful content for students willing to pursue higher studies abroad, from universities, courses and exams to writing fun blogs for students abroad. When she is not working, you can find her discussing why Lana Del Rey is the iconic popstar of her generation.

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research topics for mba finance

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27 Fun Finance Project Ideas & Topics [For Freshers & Experienced]

' src=

He is a Growth Hacker, Digital Marketer & Blogger. He loves solving problems of scale and long term digital strategy.

One of the best ways to increase your knowledge on a subject is to put it to a practical test. This is why working on real-world projects is an excellent means to hone your skills. If you’re a finance student looking for finance projects to work on , then look no further because we’ve listed 27 finance projects to inspire you to take a hands-on approach! Check out our free courses  to get an edge over the competition.

We have added remarks on certain projects to explain their premises and benefits. You can pick a project depending on your interests and expertise.

Table of Contents

Interesting Finance Project Ideas

Here are some of the most interesting and helpful finance related project ideas you can use:

1. ICICI Prudential Life Insurance – The Importance of a Strong Brand Image

Remarks – Branding can have a huge impact on a company’s success. Understanding how you create a brand and promote it is vital for the growth and marketing of a business. This project will help you study the same.

The sub-topics could include-

All of this should make the project stronger backed by facts and statistics.

research topics for mba finance

You can also consider doing our  Management Essentials Bootcamp  if you are interested.

2. What are Non-Performing Assets and How to Deal With Them

Remarks – Non-performing assets put banks at serious financial risk. It is a loan or advance for which the interest or principal payment is overdue. And there aren’t many solutions to this problem. You’ll get to explore all the aspects of this issue.

This is among the best finance project topics for you if you’re interested in the banking sector .

The sub-topics could include- 

Learn Online MBA Programs from the World’s top Universities. Earn Masters, Executive PGP, or Advanced Certificate Programs to fast-track your career.

3. Evaluating Portfolio and Making Investment Decisions

Remarks – This project will help you understand what a portfolio is and how you should work with it. You’ll study the different strategies for growing a portfolio, making it a great project for those who want to get into portfolio management. It is a great finance research topic for those who want to get into portfolio management. 

The sub-topics could include:

4. Studying the Home Loans Indian Banks Offer

Remarks – Indian Banking Sector is very unique and dynamic. This project will help you study its effect on the Indian housing sector through its offered loans and how these loans differ from other lending instruments.

This project will study the effect of the Indian Banking Sector on the Indian housing sector. A house is an appreciating asset and it is one of the highest sectors where lending happens in the country.

Featured Program for you:   Business Analytics Certification Programme

5. Mutual Funds – What are They and Their Future

Remarks- Mutual funds are becoming more and more popular every day and if you’re interested in them, this is among the best finance projects for you. Mutual funds are getting attention with each passing day. If they interest you then this is going to be a relatable finance research topic for you. A mutual fund refers to an open-end investment fund managed by a dedicated fund manager.

It pools money from many clients including individuals and companies. This is one of the best finance project topics .

What are mutual funds?

Explore our Popular MBA Courses

6. a study on mergers and acquisitions in the indian banking sector.

Remarks – Indian banking sector has seen plenty of mergers and acquisitions. You’ll discover the different M&As that have taken place in this field while doing this project. This project is suitable for students who want to pursue a career in banking .

7. The Effect of Different Leadership Styles

Remarks – Leadership is among the most valuable aspects of management. In this project, you’ll study how different leadership styles impact the operations of a company and its revenue. While working on this finance project you will learn about different styles of leadership such as; autocratic, coaching, authoritative, etc.

8. Evaluating the Capital at South Central Railway

Remarks – Indian railways are an integral component of the Indian economy. This project will make you familiar with capital management in Indian railways. It’s an excellent way to understand how the public sector manages its funds and resources. This makes for one of the best finance related project topics.

9. Evaluating the Performance of Private and Public Mutual Funds

Remarks – Analysing the performance of private and public mutual funds can help you test your analysis skills. Having strong analytical skills is necessary for many finance roles such as investment bankers, financial analysts, advisors, etc. So this project would be suitable for you if you want a career in one of those fields.

Analysis is one of those skills which is applicable in any field. It not only does make one technically sound but it has a bigger role in effective decision-making. It creates an impact in effective business decision-making as well as helps one in progressing towards their career goals.

10. BSE and NASDAQ – A Comparison of the Two Stock Exchanges

Remarks – If you want to pursue a career in wealth management then this is the most relatable finance project topics for you. This project will make you familiar with both of these stock exchanges. You can use their websites to gather most of the required data.

The stock market is volatile and demands one to be mindful yet take risks. It is an art to invest in stocks which need to be learned and practised to get better at it. Also, to read and understanding the two stock exchanges is another skill to have.

11. The Impact of Demonetization on Tourism in Goa

Remarks – Goa is a tourism-focused state and demonetization had a huge impact on every industry, including tourism. With this project, you’d get to study the relation between demonetization and Goa’s tourism sector. You’d understand whether the tourism sector grew or crumbled under the pressures of demonetization.

Demonetisation had a good intention behind it but every citizen perceived it in their own way depending on their situation at that time.

On 8th November 2016, the GOI announce that all the 500 and 1000 banknotes would be demonetised. It basically took away the legal status of these bank notes. They became nothing but a piece of paper, the people were asked to exchange those with the new legal tender issued by GOI.

12. Bharti Teletech Limited Profitability Analysis and Documentation (Financial Reporting Project)

Remarks – This is among the best finance project topics for beginners. It will make you acquainted with financial reporting, a necessary aspect of financial management. You’ll also get to know how to read financial reports and documentation.

13. What is Portfolio Management and How to Perform Portfolio Management

Remarks – Portfolio Management refers to handling investments. It involves the selection, prioritization, and management of a client, individual, or company. In this project, you’d explore what portfolio management is and what you do in this field. You’d learn about financial analysis, decision-making, and financial management through this project.

14. Financial Performance Analysis of Indian Private Banks – A Detailed Study

Remarks – Indian private banking sector has evolved a lot since 1947. This finance project will help you study their growth. This finance research topic is the best for you if you’re interested in pursuing a career in the banking sector. 

Also visit upGrad’s Degree Counselling page for all undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

15. Comparative Analysis of Regional Rural Banks in India

Remarks – In a comparative analysis, you get to analyse the different aspects of the given subject and find out the differences and similarities. In this project, you’d be performing a comparative analysis on different regional rural banks in India. You can choose several banks according to the amount of information you find on them.

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16. The Importance of Micro Insurance and The Low Income Group

Remarks – Microinsurance has become popular with the expansion of consumerism in the nation. This project will make you familiar with this concept and its advantages. You’ll study how the low-income group is capitalizing on this opportunity.

17. Financial Project on Management and it’s Importance in an Organisation

Remarks – This project covers the fundamentals and importance of management for an organization. It is a good finance project for beginners familiar with management and who want to enhance their knowledge.

18. The Reverse Mortgage System in India

Remarks – A reverse mortgage is a form of a loan that allows the property owners to borrow money using their property as a security for the loan. This is a project for those who have worked on finance projects in the past. It is suitable for experienced students. 

19. Wealth Management and the Public – A Study On the Awareness and Knowledge about Wealth Management in the Common Man

Remarks – This is a Study On the Awareness and Knowledge of Wealth Management in the Common Man. Wealth management can do wonders for a person’s financial well-being . However, how much does the common man know about wealth management? This project will help you understand the financial literacy level in India.

20. Investment Management at Uber

Remarks – Uber is among the most successful startups in the world. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in startups and using your financial expertise there, this is one of the best finance project ideas for you. It will help you understand how successful startups manage their investments and how it helps them succeed more.

If you want to use your financial expertise in startups, then this is one of the best finance topics for you. It will help you to understand how investment management helps startups to succeed and stay in the market. This makes for one of the good MBA finance project topics .

21. The Decision Making Process of Indian Consumers for Life Insurance and The Impact of Technology On It

Remarks – This project will help you test your research skills. You will understand the Indian consumer’s decision-making process for buying insurance. Online insurance comparison sites (such as policybazaar) have affected this industry considerably. You’ll get to study their impact as well.  This makes for one of a good finance research topics.

22. What are Dividends and Dividend Policies?

Remarks – This is one of the best finance project ideas for beginners. You’ll get to study dividends, how they work, and what are their policies. It is a small project that will help you get started. This makes for one of the best MBA finance project topics .

23. What is Capital Budgeting? – A Finance Project

Remarks – Capital budgeting is an essential aspect of a business’s financial management. It allows the business to plan future endeavours, restrict expenditures, and generate more revenue. Working on this project will certainly help you in understanding capital budgeting. This makes for one of the best finance related topics.

24. Studying the Capital Budgeting of Maruti Suzuki

Remarks – Maruti Suzuki is among the most successful automobile companies in India. With this project, you’ll get to study the capital budgeting strategies of this major corporation and if you’re interested in the automobile field, This is one of the good finance related project topics .

25. Risk and Return Analysis of Aviva Life Insurance Company

Remarks – This is an excellent project for students who want to pursue a career in the insurance sector. You’ll get to test your analysis skills and understand the inner workings of insurance companies in India.

26. The Level of Financial Literacy in India According to Different Economic Classes

Remarks – Financial literacy refers to the knowledge of investment and personal finance. You would get to test out your data analysis skills in this detailed project. You’ll learn how different economic classes of India perceive financial literacy.

27. Perception of People on Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana

Remarks – Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana the government plan for increasing financial inclusion. You will get to study how this implementation has affected financial inclusion, and what is the perception of the people toward it . It will help you understand how the public sector can impact the personal finances of an individual.

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We hope that you found this article on finance projects useful. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this topic, please let us know through the comment section. We’d love to hear from you.

With upGrad, aspirants can choose to pursue  MBA in Finance specialization from Liverpool Business School  or MBA in Digital Finance and Banking from O.P. Jindal Global University.

Ranked among the top B-schools of the UK, Liverpool Business School provides a 20-month MBA Finance course online, including a one-week immersion program at the university campus. The course comprises simulations and case studies from Harvard Business Publishing. During this program, the students get a chance to be mentored one-on-one by the industry leaders.

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What are npas.

NPA is the credit (loan or advance) on which the interest or the principal is overdue. The banks are supposed to classify the NPAs as Substandard, Doubtful, and Loss assets.

A mutual fund is a company that pools money from different people and invests in stocks, bonds, or other assets.

What are mergers and acquisitions?

Although both of them are used interchangeably mergers signify two or more companies coming together to form one legal entity. Acquisition denotes taking over/ purchasing another company.

Why is a leadership style important?

It helps one to assess their strengths, weaknesses, and suitability for a situation. Having the ability to balance communication and lead is critical for good leadership.

What is BSE?

BSE stands for Bombay Stock Exchange, it is one of the oldest stock exchanges situated in Bombay. It was established in the year 1875 as the Native Share & Stock Brokers' Association.BSE share market uses Sensex to monitor the performance of the companies to determine whether the capital market of India would rise or fall, depending upon the movement of share prices of these companies.

What is NASDAQ?

It stands for National Association of Securities Dealers Automated QuotationsThe NASDAQ is the second-largest stock exchange in the world. It became the first electronic stock exchange in 1971. NASDAQ is an online global marketplace for buying and trading securities—the world's first electronic exchange. Big tech companies are listed on NASDAQ.

What is Demonetisation?

It is the act of taking away the legal status of a currency. The current currency is pulled from circulation and retired, to be replaced with new notes or coins.

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research topics for mba finance

Latest MBA Finance Project Topics [2023]

Are you a Finance Student and looking for MBA Finance Project Topics? Then here in this post, we have provided a list of MBA Project Topics in Finance 2023. These project topics will definitely make your job easier to select the right project topic.

research topics for mba finance

With this list of MBA finance projects, you can easily select the best finance project topics for your project as per your area of interest in the subject.

Table of Contents

List of MBA Finance Project Topics [2023]

Banking project topics for mba finance students.

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Mutual Funds Project Topics for MBA Finance Students

Stock market project topics for mba finance students.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ans: Below we have listed some best finance project topics for MBA:

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Finance Research Paper Topics

80 finance research paper topics.

Get a writing assignment for a finance research paper? Still, weigh what topic to choose? The list of 80 top topics on finance will save you from an ongoing headache! Because you should no longer look for a stellar finance topic, you can choose it from the list below! A team of skilled writers has prepared it to help you with research paper writing!

3 Tips on How to Select the Best Finance Research Paper Topic?

Need help on how to choose an appropriate topic for a finance research paper? Professional tips from experts will assist you with that! If you should take just three essential points into account, you will increase your chances to get an A+ grade for your paper a few times! Continue reading and find out what they are!

Try to find an aspect that is very relevant to your study. It may be an ongoing issue or a topic that reflects the reasons for some processes, trends, etc. It is not the primary requirement that the topic can not cover historical aspects. It can do, but it should have a relation to the modern world. It is always a reasonable decision to choose some events that are milestones in the finance sphere. Don’t miss checking current trends and decide on this basis. So, the only demand, in this case, is the relevance of the topic.

Your finance research paper should not be fantasy. This point is not about that. It implies that your topic should be thrilling, fascinating, and always consist of understatement and even ambiguity on some scale. The person who sees the heading of your paper should feel interested in reading it but not missing it. Formulate the topic correctly. Make sure that you can convey the main message in your topic.

Your topic should be clear and concise. Avoid complex word combinations and sentences. Try to make it as simple as possible. It does not imply, however, that you should not use professional terminology. It is more about construction and how you formulate your topic. The maximum number of words in the topic should not exceed 15. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule.

List of Finance Research Paper Topics

20 Finance Related Topics for Research Paper

20 Corporate Finance Research Paper Topics

20 Great Finance Research Paper Ideas

Need Help w/ Research Paper Topics About Finance?

If finance is not your major or you do not feel confident about what appropriate topic for a finance research paper to choose, do not weigh anymore and apply to professional paper writers . Every expert has competence in a large number of fields. So, it will not be a problem for them to handle your finance research paper at a high level.

Leave your request on one of the trustworthy services and buy a top-quality research paper on finance in a few minutes. You should not choose a topic if you can not make a final decision. You can entrust all that to specialists with vast expertise. Don’t hesitate to place an order and get an A+ paper in advance of your deadline! Logo

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Top 170 Finance Dissertation Topics For Students

Table of Contents

Do you want to write a brilliant finance research paper? Are you looking for the top finance dissertation topics? If yes, then this blog post is for you. Continue reading this blog post and get exclusive finance dissertation topic ideas for writing your academic paper.

Finance Dissertation Topics

What is a Finance Dissertation?

A finance dissertation is a type of writing that mainly investigates a wide range of financial topics that includes healthcare, banking, risk management, stock market, etc. In general, finance writing requires extensive research, and most importantly, you should know how to persuade your readers with your arguments or points.

Remember, by submitting an amazing finance dissertation, along with the top grades, you will also receive a high degree of academic knowledge in the finance field.

Finance Dissertation Writing Tips

Are you confused about how to write an informative finance dissertation? Cool! Here we have listed some important finance dissertation writing tips and steps. Go through it and get a clear idea of how to write a strong finance dissertation.

Identify a topic

First, to write a finance dissertation, you must have a good finance topic. As there are plenty of finance dissertation topics available, make sure to narrow down your search to a specific niche and identify the best topic that is appealing to you.For testing the hypotheses, it is essential to have datasets. So, have it readily available before you finalize your finance dissertation topic.

Sketch an outline

After you have identified the topic, do deep research and sketch an outline of what you are going to discuss in your finance research paper. During this process, make sure to identify a problemof discussion or thesis statement and also verify the facts and figures associated with the problem by checking them with any reliable sources.

Write the dissertation

Have the outline you have prepared as your guide and begin writing your finance dissertation concisely by covering all the points discussed in the outline. When writing, remember to use the associated data at the appropriate places in your paper.

If you wish to write an excellent finance dissertation and score top grades, then be sure to organize your points coherently as per the general structure of a finance dissertation that includes the following essential sections.

When writing your finance dissertation, avoid using jargon that will confuse your readers and present your final draft in a simple and understandable manner with the necessary key points.

Proofread and Edit

After you have completed writing the financial dissertation in the best possible way, proofread the entire content and edit the errors, if there are any.

Till now, we saw how to write a finance dissertation. Next, let us move forward and have a look at outstanding topics and ideas for writing a great finance dissertation.

Best Finance Dissertation Topic Ideas

When it comes to writing a finance dissertation, there are thousands of finance research topics available for you on the internet and finance books. But to choose the best topic, you need to spend a lot of time browsing. So, in order to save your time and help you, we have compiled a list of the best finance research topic ideas below.

List of Finance Dissertation Topics Ideas

Check the complete list and pick the best finance topic that matches your interest and the academic writing requirements shared by your instructor.

Public Finance Research Topics

Finance Research Topics for MBA students

Finance Dissertation Topics

International Finance Dissertation Topics

Read more: Interesting Dissertation Topics to Consider for Academic Writing

Business Finance Dissertation Topics

Corporate Finance Dissertation Topics

Finance Management Research Topics

Healthcare Finance Research Topics

Read more: Amazing Criminology Dissertation Ideas for You to Get Started

Interesting Finance Dissertation Topics

Finance dissertation topics:

The Bottom Line

Keep in mind, choosing the best topic from the finance dissertation topics suggested in this blog post alone will not help you score an A+ grade. To boost your grades, your research and writing should be of top quality and relevant to the topic you have selected. In case you find it difficult to write a quality finance dissertation, then immediately place your order by writing your requirements to us and get instant finance assignment help .

We have a team of professional writers who are experts in the field of finance to assist you in completing a plagiarism-free, high-quality finance dissertation as per your requirements on time at an affordable rate.

research topics for mba finance

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