20 Strong Topics for a Smart Education Essay

If you’re reading this post, chances are you’re a student who has spent most of your life in school. Think about all those hours in the classroom combined with all those hours studying and all those hours in extracurricular activities.

You’ve probably spent the majority of your waking hours in some school-related task.

Apparently, it’s not enough to focus all your waking hours on school. Now , you have to write a paper about education.

For some of you, I’m sure it’s all a little too much talk of school and education, and sometimes being immersed in the subject means that it can be difficult to find your way to the perfect essay topic.

In need of a little education inspiration? Check out these 20 topics for your education essay.

education essay

When writing about education, a few topics always seem to resurface: school uniforms, prayer in school, and school lunches.

While these topics can result in a good paper, it’s always a smart idea to choose a more original topic.

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It’s more fun to write about something original, and your teacher will appreciate reading about a more unique topic.

Ready to impress your teacher? Here are 20 smart topics (divided into five education-related categories) for an education essay.

Essay Topics About Elementary Education

#1: should elementary students be allowed time for recess.

Some schools are focusing so much on academics that they’re sacrificing recess for additional classroom time. Others argue that play is an important part of development and that all elementary-age children deserve recess.

Thinking about writing an argument essay but not sure what a finished product might look like? Check out these two example essays (with annotations) .

#2: Homework in elementary schools

If you’re writing about homework in elementary schools, your discussion might focus on whether there should be homework at the elementary level, or you might discuss how much homework should be assigned.

This topic would make a great persuasive essay  as you could attempt to convince teachers not to assign homework.

#3: Technology in education

It’s pretty much accepted that technology is a part of education, but how much technology should be used in the elementary classroom? Should students use tablets in class? Should they complete homework and/or coursework online?

This topic also lends itself to a pros and cons essay because you can examine both the positive and negative effects of elementary students using technology in the classroom.

Interested in reading one writer’s thoughts on the topic? Read The Negative Effects of Technology on the Education of Students .

#4: Cursive writing

For years, the teaching of cursive writing has been on the decline, and many schools today don’t even teach handwriting. Consider whether handwriting is a lost art and whether children should be taught cursive writing.

This is another topic that would make an excellent argument essay .

If you want to broaden the scope of this topic, you might try researching the history of handwriting (and the teaching of cursive writing) and then explain the relevance (or irrelevance) of handwriting for today’s students.

Essay Topics About Secondary Education

education essay

#5: Dress codes in public schools

Writing about dress codes in public schools doesn’t mean you have to write about school uniforms. Even though many schools don’t require students to wear uniforms, they do have specific guidelines for what students may or may not wear to school.

A paper about dress codes might compare and contrast dress codes between schools. You might also compare and contrast the varying rules for males and females as some argue that school dress codes unfairly target females.

Not sure how to approach this topic? Read this example essay: The Issue of Dress Code Violations in Schools in the United States .

#6: Later start times in high schools

Ever struggle to get up before dawn just to sit in a classroom, still half-asleep, and try to learn chemistry or learn about personification in Romeo and Juliet ? It’s not an easy task, is it?

Teens need sleep, and some research indicates the pushing high school start times back will increase learning.

Not sure whether you believe that line of thinking? Why not complete your own research , learn what the experts say, and draw your own conclusions? If you need a little help with sources, check out 5 Best Resources to Help With Writing a Research Paper .

#7: Standardized testing for high school students

There are all sorts of standardized tests required of students. High school students might take placement tests for AP courses, state-mandated tests (tied to the school’s funding), or entrance exams for college.

If you’re writing about standardized testing, you’ll have a list of subtopics to choose from, so it’s important that you narrow your topic .

For instance, you might argue whether tests should be tied to funding, you might examine whether some tests are biased or discriminatory to certain groups, or you might examine the test anxiety that many students feel when taking standardized tests.

#8: Should American students be required to learn a second language?

Even though English is often used as a universal language in many parts of the world, some feel as though American students should learn another language as it improves their cognitive abilities and helps them appreciate diversity.

Looking for a way to get started on this topic? Try mapping, listing, or another form of prewriting to develop and organize your ideas.

Essay Topics About K-12 Education

education essay

#9: Traditional education vs. online education

If you want to write about traditional education vs. online education, you could certainly write a compare and contrast essay or a pros and cons essay.

But if you’re allowed to write a personal essay, consider writing an opinion essay on your thoughts about the two types of education. You might also write a narrative essay to share your story about traditional or online learning.

#10: Public vs. charter schools

Do you need to do some original research for a paper, or are you in need of an idea for an observation essay ?

If so, this topic might be just what you’re looking for. By spending some time in classrooms, talking to teachers and/or students, you can report your observations and highlight key similarities and differences between the two.

Or you could perhaps focus on one component (such as classroom management) and discuss how each school handles the situation.

#11: Armed security in schools

With reports of violence in high schools seemingly increasing, many have suggested that armed guards (or even police) should protect schools. Others, however, argue that this military-type environment isn’t appropriate for schools.

If your paper includes more than just a basic discussion of security in schools, you might want to include a little background information about gun control. (Consider one of these gun control articles .)

#12: Year-round education

Though proponents of year-round education claim that the schedule helps children retain information otherwise lost during a lengthy school break, others claim that the shorter break does not affect retention of learned material.

education essay

#13: Payment for college athletes

Not too many people would want to show up for work every day and not get paid, but some argue that’s exactly what’s expected of college athletes. The opposition, however, argues that athletes are paid through scholarships and thus fairly compensated.

If you’d like to see how one writer developed this argument, read How to Write a Research Paper: A Step-by-Step Guide.

#15: Student loan forgiveness

Imagine taking out a bunch of student loans then having most (or all) of those loans forgiven just for going to work. Pretty sweet deal, right?

That’s exactly what some public servants, such as teachers and some medical professionals, are allowed to do if they work in poor, under-served communities.

If you’re someone who is eligible for loan forgiveness, you’re likely all for it. However, if you’re working in another profession, it’s easy to see why you might not think such programs are fair.

Thus, if you chose to write about this topic, do so objectively. Don’t let your personal bias stand in the way of writing an effective essay.

#16: Free speech on college campuses

Traditionally, college campuses have been a place of varied opinions and freedom of speech. However, with modern political events and a polarized electorate, some have called these freedoms into question.

This is another topic that can quickly turn into a biased opinion, so choose your words carefully . You’re certainly allowed to express your opinion, but do so respectfully. Keep your audience in mind as you write as well.

Education Essay Topics for Prospective Teachers

education essay

#17: Classroom management

Any new teacher has to learn (usually the hard way) how to best manage a classroom full of students.

If you’re studying to be a teacher and want to have a few tricks up your sleeve before stepping foot into your own classroom, try a standard research paper to learn a few effective strategies.

Interested in seeing what an actual classroom management plan might look like? Read A Report on the Philosophies of Education and a Personal Classroom Management Plan .

#18: Educating special needs students

If you’re not specifically studying special education, you likely won’t get much training in techniques that will best serve your students with special needs, so a research paper will likely be a smart choice when writing about this topic.

Writing a longer, more formal research paper and need a few tips? Read How to Write an Abstract for a Research Paper and The Stress-Free Guide to MLA Essay Format (8th Edition)  (or  APA essay format , depending on your essay guidelines).

#19: Helicopter parenting

Let’s say you work in early childhood education, and Mom or Dad just won’t leave Taylor’s side when they drop her off in the morning. How do you explain to the parent that, while some involvement is a good thing, too much can definitely be harmful to the child?

Or let’s say you work in a high school and Mom or Dad insists that you allow Jordan to make up his missed homework, even though he was warned and had several chances to do so. How do you explain that Jordan must accept the consequences for such behavior?

This is another one of those topics that may lend itself to some heavy research, especially if you’re examining psychological impact or social skills.

Need help organizing all your sources? Read How to Write an Annotated Bibliography That Works .

#20: Identifying students’ learning styles

Understanding students’ learning styles takes more than just reading a few articles or listening to a few lectures.

Working with individual students and completing your own research is a smart strategy. You can put your own learning into practice while exploring your own hypothesis about how best to identify your students’ learning styles.

Continuing Education

education essay

Even though you’ve selected a strong topic for your education essay, your work isn’t quite done. There’s always more to learn about writing.

Here are a few additional resources to help you write an awesome education essay:

Have a finished essay but need some expert advice to help with the finishing touches? Revise the smart way by letting a Kibin editor review your writing.

Psst... 98% of Kibin users report better grades! Get inspiration from over 500,000 example essays .

essay theme education

About the Author

Susan M. Inez is a professor of English and writing goddess based out of the Northeast. In addition to a BA in English Education, an MA in Composition, and an MS in Education, Susan has 20 years of experience teaching courses on composition, writing in the professions, literature, and more. She also served as co-director of a campus writing center for 2 years.

100 Exciting Education Essay Topics for College Students

education essay topics

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The list of 100 interesting education essay topic examples is based on materials that I used for my students with education major during 2018. Finding an excellent argumentative education essay topic can be a tricky process with all the available ideas. Thus, it is no wonder to feel stuck at times! I updated the list for 2019 and decided to publish for your use — feel free to check!

Why do we need education topics?  When my students write an education essay, their professors tell them to be specific. How can they be specific when they don’t even know their topic? I decided to go an opposite way to get their minds free from the block — by composing a list of at least ten education topics that they wanted to explore. With more students to come, this list expanded to 100 good topics, each of which was tested for the ability to get A+, find sources on the Internet, and catch attention.

Today, I publish this list for you. Feel free to check my education essay topics below! 👇

Contents (Clickable)

   Check Out Some Education Essay Examples From Our Database!

In order to help you through the hunt for knowledge, I want to tell you of several education essay examples that you can look up in our vast essay database:

Before we start with a list of 100 education essay topics, let me tell you a little bit about what an education is and what may be included in an education essay writing. I have divided the topics by 20 examples each, so you can remember the titles without too much stress! Remember that one of the most important tricks that professionals in the field of education use when they have to choose a good essay topic is writing down a list of all the relevant social issues. Your essay has to make people engaged (see the actual examples we have provided), and I know how to help you reach success!

   General Education Topics

Do not be afraid to experience an information overload as the list of 100 topics will keep your mind work like a race car as the creative ideas will start flowing! Take your time as you read through the list because you may already have a good topic in mind, but just need to formulate it in a better way. It is exactly what the topic lists are for – to help a student or a prospective teacher to save time and keep focused when lots of good ideas are just around the corner!

So you have a topic idea, but still need help on how to start an essay? Stuck with the most basic writing challenges? Get some tips on how to start an essay of any type !

   Essay Topics Related to The Education System

An education system consists of several institutions, such as schools or the ministries of education. It also includes education policies, academic curriculum, teacher-training methods, challenges of education, and the learning progress among other topics. To help you get through the maze of education systems, check these topics:

Students discuss education essay topics.

   College Education Essay Topics

As a college student, you will definitely have to write an education essay starting from the English class to your primary chosen major in education. Since higher education is already a challenge by itself, I hope that this topics list will help you out:

Besides, we’ve created a complete overview of plagiarism & ethics in academics. Feel free to use it for your article!

   IELTS Essay Topics

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It is a standardized proficiency test for non-native speakers. Here are some interesting IELTS education essay topics:

   Education Topics for Prospective Teachers

A prospective teacher explores education essay topics to write about

Now the prospective teachers need a good education essay topic! Trust me, it can be even more challenging for educators because they already know a lot, yet do not know how to come up with a right topic. It is only natural! Here are few helpful ideas for you:

Yes, exactly, the writing anxiety! I know this problem very well myself, so I want to share a final tip to help you when you get stuck!

   The Help is There: Helping You to Teach

As a future educator with a part-time job or a student who has too much to get done before the deadlines, you are going through extreme levels of stress and writing anxiety. In this difficult time, when you need a bit of professional guidance and homework help to get things done, our skilled team of professionals in the field of education will happily help you get through any assignment by breaking down these awful mental barriers. It is perfectly fine to ask for help with your task and save your time, nerves, and the grades. Tell us of your task, fill in the simple form and let us help you do the rest!

Have an essay due? Need to write an education essay? Let Homework Lab help you with your task:

Help With My Essay

Now that you have finished reading through the list of 100 exciting education essay topics, you have already learned a lot and, I hope, got closer to the writing of a good paper! Keep your brain engaged and do not forget that education is a way how the future is shaped.

Writing an education essay is your chance to speak of what concerns you and research the ways how you can become a change you want to see in the society! I am sincerely hoping that my guide has given you some potential ideas for your education essay. If you’re going to write of a particular topic or share your suggestions for the guide, feel free to do so in the comments below! Take good care, my dear friend! May the light of knowledge be with you!

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38 Argumentative Essay Topics on Education You Will Enjoy Writing

Many students love to write essays about what schools and universities should be like: this is a unique opportunity to voice their opinions about what makes part of their lives without going to a rally. Unfortunately, having a lot to say might play against you this time, as you risk writing an essay that lacks focus and thus has doom chances for an A.  Here are some great essay topics on education that will help you choose your focus and write an excellent paper.

Essay topics on the organization of the educational process

1. Can online education be compatible with a traditional one?

2. Is homeschooling compatible with/better than traditional schooling?

3. Should parents have an active role in the education of their children?

4. Does the use of computers/technology benefit the educational process?

5. Should students be allowed to use computers and tablets in classes?

6. Should video games be used in education?

7. Should students be required to wear a uniform?

8. Are single-sex classes better than mixed ones?

9. Does the class size affect the effectiveness of a teacher?

10. Should students’ knowledge be assessed with the help of exams and tests?

11. Should students be sent to the next grade even if they have not passed the current one?

12. Should students get more or less homework than they currently do?

13. Should grades exist?

14. Is higher education worth its value?

Essay topics on the content of education

15. Should a foreign language be a compulsory subject at school?

16. How school promotes patriotism and if it should (see arguments and review of quality sources in the article on  patriotism essay )

17. Should students be taught typing instead of writing?

18. Should there be parenting classes at school or university?

19. Should physical education be a compulsory subject? Should the language of coding be a compulsory subject?

20. Should students have sex education classes?

21. Should students be taught the personal lives of the prominent people of the past or their accomplishments only? (Alternatively, Should teachers silence negative traits, deeds, or habits of national heroes?)

Essay topics on state policy in relation to education

22. Should there be compulsory education funded by the state?

23. Should higher education be funded by the state?

24. Should athletic scholarships exist?

25. Should homeschooling be controlled by the state?

26. Should teachers’ proficiency be regularly tested?

27. Should schools be accountable for poor achievements of students?

28. Should the state better invest in small classes or bonuses for the teachers working in large ones?

29. Should school menus be regulated?

Essay topics on school laws and policies

30. Should students’ free speech be restricted on campus?  Review of credible sources on the topic .

31. Should there be any regulation of cyberbullying?

32. Should guns be allowed at schools/on campus?

33. Should teachers or security personnel be armed?

34. Should schools be allowed to test students on drugs?

35. Should attendance/in-class performance record affect the course grade?

36. Should schools regulate what students bring for their lunches?

37. Should beauty contests be allowed at school?

38. Should public prayers or discussions of religion be banned at school?

Essay topics on education are the best choice in case you have to write an essay containing examples from your own experience or personal stories.

You may choose to write on the issue you have already formed an opinion about. This way, the essay will help you demonstrate your views on education  policies  or practices and make a stand for or against them.

However, do not skip the issues you have never thought of. When choosing a topic, consider not what you consider easy to write about, but what will be interesting to read about. Choosing an “easy” topic may turn out to be a wrong track as you may have difficulties finding credible sources to support your views.

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50 College-Level Compare and Contrast Topics for an Essay

Ideas for a Compare and Contrast Essay

20 Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet for an Internet Essay

Internet Essay Topics and Ideas

Essay Introduction Paragraph: Essential Elements and Examples

essay theme education

Get Better at Writing Essays with These 10 Tips from Professors

essay theme education

Easy Guide to Writing a Critical Reflection Paper on an Article or a Book

essay theme education

Challenging Topics for Abortion Essay With Tips and Sources

essay theme education

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Essays About Education: 20 Topic Ideas For Students

Is education important? These 20 essays about education indicate that it is, and they are a great place to start with crafting your essay. 

In America alone, over 50.7 million students attend public schools. The role of education in society impacts nearly every family in the country, and for that reason, it is a vital topic to discuss. 

An educated population can meet its challenges head-on with a greater ability to problem-solve. Yet sometimes, writing essays about education importance is challenging for writers.

This topic is one that most people can agree on, but few people can define and expound on. If you need to write an essay on the education system and is important to society but need an essay writing prompt, this list is a good place to start. Read on to discover 20 essays about education’s importance to spark your writing creativity.

For help with your essays, check out our round-up of the best essay checkers !

1. Education Helps Reduce Hunger

2. the importance of education on maternal health and child survival rate, 3. the importance of education for economic growth in a community, 4. how education empowers females in a community, 5. education reduces the risk of violent extremism, 6. the impact of education on the environment, 7. the importance of education for me, 8. educated people tend to be good citizens, 9. is education the key to success, 10. education is a key to improved mental health, 11. the importance of early childhood education, 12. education helps keep people out of prison, 13. education is good for the economy, 14. education is the key to independence, 15. what is an educated person, 16. eduction exposes students to diversity, 17. education teaches critical thinking skills, 18. the importance of earning a college degree, 19. the importance of education on social development, 20. how education builds character.

Essays About Education

Did you know there is a tie between having a good education and having enough to eat? In one study of children in Nairobi, researchers found that a mother’s education significantly impacted whether or not the child would have problems with hunger. The more educated the mother, the better fed the child.

This problem is a complex one. Parental education impacts a child’s nutritional status, but a child’s nutritional status impacts their ability to learn. Human beings need their basic needs met first before focusing on learning about the world, so hungry children will miss out on key learning components in their academic years. This essay topic has many directions you can take it. You can focus on the importance of education to reduce the risk of hunger and the importance of nutrition to improve education outcomes.

Statistics show that children who have educated mothers are two times as likely to survive to school age than those who have uneducated mothers. Children born to mothers with 12 years of education are 30% less likely to die before reaching kindergarten than those born to mothers who have no education. Your essay could focus on the importance of education, especially female education, in that it protects the next generation from an early death. In your essay, you can explore the many reasons behind this connection.

For example, educated mothers will know more about child development and appropriate interventions in early childhood than those who are less educated. They are also more likely to have their children vaccinated against childhood illnesses than mothers who lack a high school or college education.

If you want to see a community develop a better economic status, then you need to see an improvement in its education system. An educated population is a key component of steady economic growth within a community. Your importance of education essay can discuss why this is.

When someone is educated, their income earning potential increases; when the people have more money, society also does. You can expand on statistics like this as you build this essay topic.

Essays About Education: How education empowers females in a community

Diversity and gender inclusivity are important topics in modern society, and education may be a key component. When women learn to be independent financially, they can take control of their life. In addition, educated females reduce the risk of child mortality, as previously discussed, which benefits the community as a whole.

Women who are educated can better protect their health because they have more information about nutrition and healthcare. They also tend to receive better prenatal care when pregnant, which reduces maternal fatalities. This financial independence and improved overall healthcare make education vital for the modern woman, and you can write about this in your essay.

Violent extremism, especially among religious groups, can catalyst everything from riots to wars. Poor education or no education can limit a student’s worldview to a very defined area, making them prime candidates for extremist philosophies.

Education seems to reduce the rates of extremism and raise a generation across the globe that counters these extreme views. With improved education, rates of terrorism and radical extremism may go down. The population has become more economically stable and culturally tolerant. Your essay can expound on these facts and suggest ways to improve education in challenged countries to reduce global terrorism problems.

As you look at why education matters, one surprising point to consider is the impact of education on the environment. In traditional education, teachers can educate students about environmental concerns and how they can take steps to protect the environment for future generations. In addition, people who hold degrees are statistically more likely to adopt pro-environment behaviors in their lives and business as adults.

This essay prompt can be an interesting idea for someone passionate about the environment. You can explore the idea of environmental education in the classroom and that degree-holders are more environmentally responsible than those who do not hold degrees. Both avenues will show the importance of education in building an eco-friendly community.

Many essays on the importance of education focus on the importance to society, but you can take a more personal approach to the benefits of education. This essay can discuss why education is important to you as an individual. What do you hope to accomplish with a proper education that you could not do without one?

For this topic, go beyond simply saying something broad like you want to “change the world” or focus on the “betterment of society.” Instead, make it personal. Dig into why education is the key to success for you, personally. This self-awareness will be something the reader will appreciate.

If you want a peaceful, helpful society, you need to focus on education. People with higher education are more politically active than those with minimal education. They are also more likely to file a complaint if they notice something unsafe or undesirable in their community.

In this essay, you could explore some of these statistics. Then, you could consider why educated citizens are good citizens. Finally, you could discuss how communities can continue to support education to create young people who contribute positively to the greater society.

This essay question is a good starting point because the idiom is common. To answer the question, you must first define what you mean by education and success, then show whether or not someone can be a success without education.

For many, this is a complex question. Education can play a key role in a person’s life, but is it the only key to success, or does the person need tenacity, grit, and ingenuity? This essay is an opinion piece, so decide what your opinion is and then start writing.

The modern world puts quite a bit of stress on people. Interestingly, researchers have found that higher levels of education lead to improved mental health . In your essay, you can discuss why this might be, but keep in mind that this can be a difficult relationship to pin down. The actual reason why it is true may not be something you can find.

Education is closely related to life outcomes, and improved employment and income status often lead to improved mental health. Educated people have more choices about their life paths than uneducated people, and these choices lead to better overall control over their livelihoods. As you consider this connection, you can discuss all of these in your essay.

Many education essays focus on the over-arching idea of the value of education. This essay topic will look a little more closely at an important segment of education. Children with a solid foundation of early education are better equipped to start their school journeys. These years are when children learn social and emotional skills that will help them in later classroom experiences.

The early childhood classroom also lays the groundwork for teaching children that they can learn from someone other than mom or dad. The early childhood classroom adds a layer of intervention to screen children for developmental delays and disorders that may require treatment to make education successful in later years.

While educated and uneducated people alike can end up in jail, statistics show that a good education reduces that risk significantly. The Bureau of Justice Studies found that 41% of people in jail have only some high school education or even less. These statistics show a clear correlation between education and serving jail time.

In your essay, you can discuss why this is. What is it about education that helps keep people operating within the bounds of the law? You can then tie in the importance of education as a safeguard against both unlawful behavior and incarceration.

As already mentioned in previous essay topics, educated people are more likely to be able to get a job that they enjoy.  Community-wide education reduces the number of poor people in most communities. When people have an education, they can get a good-paying job more quickly. These jobs benefit the economy in two ways. First, good-paying jobs put more money into the community to spend. Fewer people in low-income brackets mean fewer people depending on government support, which costs the government money. Discuss this for an interesting essay topic.

For people to grow into independent adults with a good quality of life, they likely need some education. While you will find rags to riches stories of people who made it big without school, most people who have a good job start with a good education. A good job is a starting point to independence because it cares for the financial aspects of life, and thus education seems to be a key to independence as an adult.

This essay topic requires some development, but you can take it quite far if you make an effort. By showing how education is the key to economic stability on an individual level, you can show that it is the key to independence.

Does all education take place in the classroom? Can someone become an educated person without stepping foot in one? If you want to discuss the importance of education, this is a key starting point.

Defining an educated person can help you determine how powerful education is. It can also allow you to discover different avenues of education possible for the modern student. Remember, education is important, but it may not look the same for every person.

Essays About Education: Education exposes students to diversity

One of the benefits of education is the chance that the right school and curriculum have to teach students about other people groups and cultures. This, in turn, creates adults who are more tolerant of people who think or behave differently than them. Of course, this benefit is only possible if the student attends a diverse school or uses a culturally sensitive curriculum, but it is possible.

You could write a lengthy essay on diversity in the classroom and its importance in helping children succeed as adults. You could also discuss how teachers and schools can improve diversity, even if they can’t add more diverse students to their student bodies. With some creativity, most teachers and parents can find ways to incorporate diversity within the classroom and add this important component to their educational goals.

Education, especially higher education, doesn’t just teach facts. It teaches students how to think for themselves. These critical thinking skills can be hard to learn in real life without some training, so education is so important.

Your essay can point out some critical thinking skills school students pick up on in their schooling. You can also take about how to add critical thinking in an age-appropriate manner. Finally, you can discuss what critical thinking skills are most important to add to the curriculum.

Many of these essays on the importance of education focus primarily on high school education and below, but a college education is also important to many individuals. You can craft an interesting essay on the benefits of or importance of earning a college degree. Since some people argue that college is no longer important, this essay topic gives you a platform to explore a more controversial topic and exhibit your persuasive essay skills.

Be open to different perspectives as you write this one. While a college degree is often vital to a career, there are careers you can pursue without one. Explain the importance of education at the college level, but don’t be afraid to mention that some people won’t need to take their education that far.

Education today goes beyond simply teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic. It also teaches children how to work with one another in social environments. It teaches them to be good citizens, both local and global communities.

All of these are vital to the social development of young children. Your essay can explore the different ways school and the school environment help teach children how to be social creatures, share with others, work with others, handle conflict, and deal with big emotions.

Can you think of a time in your education when things didn’t go as planned? Maybe you had a teacher who was harder on you than was necessary. Perhaps there was a concept that you could not seem to grasp, no matter how hard you tried. These experiences build character, which is why education is so important.

This essay topic can be personal if you wish it to be. You can look at how education built your character by teaching you to persevere when the going got tough. Or, you could keep it broad and discuss ways education teaches character development. Either way, you can build a solid case for the importance of education to help develop and mold a child’s character.  

If you are interested in learning more, check out our essay writing tips !

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215 Great Education Essay Topics To Get Best Grades

education essay topics

Education is an enlightening and thrilling process of acquiring knowledge. The learning can be through a facilitator or solely done by an individual.

At some point, teachers will ask their students to discuss a topic by writing. Essay writing should be informative, persuasive, and fulfilling. However, some students find it a bit challenging to identify and argue an excellent education essay.

They get frustrated when instructors insist that they should be more specific when composing their essays when in a real sense they have no idea what topic to write about. And that is why students get stuck in the process.

Moving forward, this article will give you that essay help you need, and let you express your ideas fully. Below is a list of education topics that should earn you a good grade if you argue them well.

How to Outline Your Essay

Before we can look at the list, here is a pro guide to writing that great essay.

Introduction. When introducing your essay, you need to capture the readers’ attention. Include the hook; could be an anecdote or statistics based on proven research. Also, the thesis statement is a must. Divide the introduction part into two paragraphs of 150 words. Body. The body is the second part of the essay and the most important. It’s critical as it carries the most weight. Here you get a chance to argue your ideas. Arrange them neatly in paragraphs so that the topic begins. The next sentence should entail the facts as you support them with evidence. Give examples too so that the reader can get a clear picture of what you’re trying to say. The body should have at least 3 paragraphs, each following the same pattern. Conclusion. Last but not least is the conclusion. Restate your thesis and summarise some of the points you highlighted in the course of the essay. Then, you can give a call to action.

It’s just as simple as that!

Fulfilling Education Essay Topics

Do you want an ideal education essay topic? Finding an ideal topic is hectic, but with the right guidelines, you will be well equipped.

Best Argumentative Essay Topics about Education

Argumentative essay topics can make you think thoroughly about a specific subject. However, you need to look at things based on various principles to succeed fully.

Relatable Education Essay

Education is the backbone of prosperity. However, it’s not the only route to prosperity, but it plays a major role. Yes, you can still succeed using your talents, but getting an education is vital.

Essay Topics about School

School is an institution that is highly valued. A lot goes on in a school setting. Here are some essay topics about school that you can use in your research project.

Realistic Topics about Education

Finding an ideal topic is a bit hectic when you aren’t sure where to start. Here are some of the best topics about education that you can use.

Fantastic Education Topics to Write About

These are some of the most ideal education topics to write about. However, before writing, ensure you plan and do thorough research. This will prevent you from not being thorough in your essay.

Easy Essay Topic on Education

Do you know how to write an ideal essay? If yes, then you can use any of these topics to write an essay. Your professor will enjoy reading it. However, if you are not too confident, consider doing thorough research.

Simple Education Argument Topics

Argument topics require you to have real facts. If you want to argue a topic well, you will need to properly research, plan, and create a draft. This will help you to get top grades.

Topics Related To Education

These are some of the topics related to education. They are all vital in the scaling up of Education. You may even do research that will help you to meet with various Education stakeholders in your country. How would it feel when a policy is made from your research?

Argumentative Essay Topics Education

Do you love debates? Do they make your adrenaline rise? Well, if it doesn’t have an impact on you, consider choosing any of these topics for your essay, project, or proposal.

Higher Education Essay Topics

When choosing a topic, you should also consider your professor or teacher. They need to approve your topic before you can take any other step. This is to prevent being told to repeat.

Interesting Topics About Education

Who said education topics had to be boring? Here are some of the most interesting topics about education. They are easy to research.

Fascinating Education Topics

There are different languages out there. Each day, people become more knowledgeable. This triggers the need for more research to get to the bottom of various phenomena.

Education Essay Topics To Talk About

If you are looking for an ideal education essay topic, you stumbled upon the best. These topics are ideal, straightforward, and simple.

Is Your Essay on Education Too Challenging?

Education topics are a great option especially when you’re writing from personal experiences. However, you may argue your points based on what you believe can help impact change. When choosing a topic on education, don’t just settle for the easiest one. Instead, choose a topic that interests you and make it look fantastic for your reader.

When you are asked to write about education, some obvious ideas will reveal themselves to you. They may comprise, curricular activities, homework, school uniforms, academic tests, teachers among others. Out of such keywords, you must come up with a good and exciting topic that is original. If you need help, we have amazing customer support that you can reach out to.

Hopefully, you’ll find a great topic for your education topics from the ones listed above. And if you don’t, we’d be happy to hear some of the amazing topics you come up with in the comments. Good luck!

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As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

Education Topics for Essay


Education Essay Topics

When students get education essay topics to write an essay about, they are normally told about school uniforms, discipline in the classroom, school lunches, prayers before lessons, and others. So, appears a need to come up with  education essay topics that will attract the audience's attention and make your readers engaged in what you write about.


Moreover, you are more likely to impress your teacher with more unique and interesting education topics  for essays . To help you come up with fresh ideas for essay writing, our company’s professionals have composed a list of topics split into five categories. They may well suit a successful education essay.

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Argumentative Essay Topics about Education

When starting to search for interesting topics, it is essential to find out what kind of essay you need to provide, i.e. If you are required to write an argumentative paper, you should find argumentative essay topics on education. Look at  school topics to write about our writers offers to you.

Argumentative Essay Topics Related to the Organization of the Educational Process

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Argumentative Essay Topics on the Educational Content

Argumentative Essay Topics on State Policy in the Educational Sector

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Argumentative Policy Essay Topics

Elementary School Essay Topics

If you would like to focus on the features of education on different academic levels, check out the list of essay topics on education provided below.

Essays on Elementary Education

Get the highly skilled writer in the chosen discipline for $10.95 only!

Essays on Secondary Education

Essays on K-12 Education

Essay Topics for Teachers

Essay Topics on Education

If you do not want to delve into the specifics but would merely like to focus on some broad topics, look through the following essay topics on education:

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Physical Education Essay Topics

Even though many students undermine the role of physical education, it is worth considering, so check out the PE essay topics for your essay writing on education provided below.

Physical education is a significant constituent of education since movement and physical activity are a must for the healthy development of a person. Sports can help us get the necessary hormones that are vital for healthy well-being. Moreover, physical activities and sports are usually helpful for transforming the knowledge and experience we have gained over the day or a specific period. Another benefit is that sports are a kind of interaction, so it becomes possible to learn something new about others and even delve deeper into our inner world. Some people use sports as a kind of meditation, so you can claim that physical activity enables us to function effectively.

It is an undeniable fact that physical training is an essential constituent of proper education. Students should not only focus on broadening their outlook and developing their personality in terms of acquiring new knowledge. They should also focus on their physical health and strive for body perfection.

PE Essay Topics

Education Research Paper Topics

If you are assigned a research paper, please consider these education research topics that will enable you to carry out extensive research:

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List of Research Topics in Education

In the list of research topics in education presented below, you will find some fresh ideas about what to write about, especially concerning the variety of college subjects.

Special Education Essay Topics

If you are interested in some unusual aspects of education, explore the following special education research topics:

essay theme education

Research Topics on Education

Among the other research topics on education, you can find the following:

Research Paper Topics about Education

If you have been assigned a research paper, browse the following research paper topics about education grouped into a few interesting categories.

Adult Education Topics

Alternative Types of Education

Planning and Organization of Curriculum

Educational Theory

More Examples of Education Essay Topics

More educational topics to write about.

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Ideas, Inspiration, and Giveaways for Teachers

We Are Teachers

The Big List of Essay Topics for High School (100+ Ideas!)

Ideas to inspire every young writer!

Jill Staake

Writing essays is a big part of high school education, and for good reason. Learning to write clearly, concisely, and persuasively provides big benefits throughout your life. Sometimes, though, the hardest part is just deciding what to write about. If you’re looking for ideas, check out this huge round-up of essay topics for high school. There’s something here for every type of essay, so choose one and start writing!

Argumentative Essay Topics for High School

When writing an argumentative essay, remember to do the research and lay out the facts clearly. Your goal is not necessarily to persuade someone to agree with you, but to encourage your reader to accept your point of view as valid. Here are some possible argumentative topics to try.

Should physical education be part of the standard high school curriculum?

Cause-Effect Essay Topics for High School

A cause-and-effect essay is a type of argumentative essay. Your goal is to show how one specific thing directly influences another specific thing. You’ll likely need to do some research to make your point. Here are some ideas for cause-and-effect essays.

Describe the effects social media has on young adults.

Compare-Contrast Essay Topics for High School

As the name indicates, in compare-and-contrast essays, writers show the similarities and differences between two things. They combine descriptive writing with analysis, making connections and showing dissimilarities. The following ideas work well for compare-contrast essays.

Dogs vs. cats as pets

Descriptive Essay Topics for High School

Bring on the adjectives! Descriptive writing is all about creating a rich picture for the reader. Take readers on a journey to far-off places, help them understand an experience, or introduce them to a new person. Remember: Show, don’t tell. These topics make excellent descriptive essays.

What is your earliest memory?

Expository Essay Topics for High School

Expository essays set out clear explanations of a particular topic. You might be defining a word or phrase or explaining how something works. Expository essays are based on facts, and while you might explore different points of view, you won’t necessarily say which one is “better” or “right.” Remember: Expository essays educate the reader. Here are some expository essay topics to explore.

What does it mean to be a good teacher?

Humorous Essay Topics for High School

Humorous essays can take on any form, like narrative, persuasive, or expository. You might employ sarcasm or satire, or simply tell a story about a funny person or event. Even though these essay topics are lighthearted, they still take some skill to tackle well. Give these ideas a try.

Explain why it's important to eat dessert first.

Narrative Essay Topics for High School

Think of a narrative essay like telling a story. Use some of the same techniques that you would for a descriptive essay, but be sure you have a beginning, middle, and end. Remember that you don’t necessarily need to write narrative essays from your own point of view. Take inspiration from these narrative topics.

Write about a time when you or someone you know displayed courage.

Persuasive Essay Topics for High School

Persuasive essays are similar to argumentative , but they rely less on facts and more on emotion to sway the reader. It’s important to know your audience, so you can anticipate any counterarguments they might make and try to overcome them. Try these topics to persuade someone to come around to your point of view.

What is one book that everyone should be required to read?

What are some of your favorite essay topics for high school? Come share your prompts on the WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook .

Plus, check out the ultimate guide to student writing contests .

' src=

Jill Staake is a Contributing Editor with WeAreTeachers. She has a degree in Secondary English Education and has taught in middle and high school classrooms. She's also done training and curriculum design for a financial institution and been a science museum educator. She currently lives in Tampa, Florida where she often works on her back porch while taking frequent breaks for bird-watching and gardening.

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essay theme education

69 College Education Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 best college education topic ideas & essay examples, 🥇 interesting topics to write about college education, 🎓 good research topics about college education, 💯 free college education essay topic generator.

IvyPanda. (2023, January 20). 69 College Education Essay Topic Ideas & Examples. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/college-education-essay-topics/

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"69 College Education Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." IvyPanda , 20 Jan. 2023, ivypanda.com/essays/topic/college-education-essay-topics/.

1. IvyPanda . "69 College Education Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." January 20, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/college-education-essay-topics/.


IvyPanda . "69 College Education Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." January 20, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/college-education-essay-topics/.

IvyPanda . 2023. "69 College Education Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." January 20, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/college-education-essay-topics/.

IvyPanda . (2023) '69 College Education Essay Topic Ideas & Examples'. 20 January.

Education Free Essay Examples

1855 samples of this type

We study about one-third of our lives unless one counts the lifelong professional development. Discussing education is a rewarding activity as you learn to learn. This article will give you valuable prompts and outline ideas for an education essay. It also contains many links to outstanding education essay examples.

Education Essay: How to Write?

An education essay is a piece of writing that discovers the trends in the current educational system. As a rule, such papers are required for language-learning purposes, but psychology and sociology may also have such tasks. You should always start with a thorough selection of a topic.

Philosophy of Education Essay

Philosophy of education essays are usually intended for the higher education of future teachers at a university. There are seven philosophies of education:

Here are some possible topics:

Purpose of Education Essay

We often do things without thinking. Still, successful education requires much motivation and mindfulness. Schools and colleges ask their students to think about the purpose of education to make them aware of the cause-and-effect relationship. If you need a unique topic for this subject field, see some below.

Benefits of College Education Essay

While attending a college, you develop your social, technical, and intellectual skills, gain confidence in your abilities, and get good career opportunities. Schools do their best to motivate pupils to proceed with their education. This assignment makes you think about why it is reasonable to study at college. Here is what you could discuss in this respect:

Education System Essay

An education system essay is a piece of writing that analyzes the governmental regulation of this sphere. You can discuss the efficiency of the education system in your country, outline its flaws, or compare it to the other existing variants. Here are the good topic wordings:

Early Childhood Education Essay

At some point, children become the most critical issue in our lives. In the course of studies, people often think about how they will share their knowledge with their kids. As Albert Einstein said, “if you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.” So, what can you tackle in an early childhood education essay?

Physical Education Essay

Physical education makes you more agile, flexible, confident, healthy, and fit. It also prevents some diseases that show up in more advanced age. This type of essay focuses on your body and its abilities. There are many debatable topics to be discussed here:

Sex Education Essay

Sex education explains the structure of our bodies, the reasons for our sexuality, and the development of sexual behavior. A comprehensive sex education makes the students’ choices safer and prevents them from many physical and mental diseases. Here are some good topics to analyze:

Education Essay Outline

We hope that the above topics will guarantee you an exciting writing session. For more inspiration, please refer to the education essay samples below.

“Are Public School Teachers Overpaid?” by Burke

Burke, Lindsey. Are Public School Teachers Overpaid? The Heritage Foundation, 2011. Lindsay Burke’s question of whether public school teachers are overpaid is a valid one. The author states that, on average, public school teachers are earning less than credentialed non-teachers. As opposed to university education years, the wage difference becomes...

Aspects of Developing One’s Career

Introduction Developing one’s career involves a series of programs to match the requirements, abilities, and professional objectives of a person with the company’s present and emerging career options. Since professional development is concerned with preparing for the future, this has a long-term goal. Programs like these help employees become better...

Content Subject-Linguistic Integrated Learning Background

The term CLIL was first proposed by David Marsh in 1994. At first, this term referred to the process in which academic disciplines or their individual parts were taught in a foreign language. To achieve the ultimate goals of the educational process, a two-pronged goal was set: the study of...

Statement of Purpose Example

In this personal statement, I would like to explain why I qualify to be accepted into the Slavic languages and literature program at Stanford University. To begin with, I understand that there are several factors that impact an applicant’s chances of being admitted to the M.A. program, including their skills,...

Problem Scenario: Workplace Bullying in Teaching

When the word “bullying” is used in the context of education, one often presumes the situation in which one student systematically mistreats another. Unfortunately, harassment, offense, and social exclusion can happen in professional relationships between teachers. For example, teachers can force their peers to utilize educational approaches which they find...

Discussion of Essay Development

Essay development pattern refers to different techniques writers employ in developing ideas. It assists the writers in categorizing information to shape paragraphs that make up an essay. Patterns of essay development are also used in outline organization based on the purpose of writing to determine the form of the paper...

Reading Interventions and Cognitive Development in Early Childhood Education

Introduction Reading entails the use of touch or sight to take in symbols, signs, or letters and derive meaning from the signs and symbols. The act of reading engages early learners and helps them to make use of the conventional signs and symbols posted at different locations, and in the...

Research in Teacher Decision Making

Work as a teacher involves a wide range of knowledge in various fields. Teachers should be professionals in their area of specialization and be able to give students reliable information. First, they will be authoritative among students, which will positively affect the educational process. Second, this will allow them to...

Skills a Candidate Being Interviewed Should Have

Introduction Whoever said nothing is impossible is a liar; you will attend interviews at an instance in your life. Today we will talk about a very relevant topic at a point in our lifetime. It is about the skills a candidate being interviewed should have. Interview Skills Have you ever...

Injuries in the Early Childhood Classroom

In their 2019 article “Preventing unintentional injuries in US early care and education: Are state regulations sufficient?” in issue 124 of Preventive Medicine, Grossman, McDonald, Gielen, and Benjamin-Neelon discuss the effectiveness of US state regulations for preventing injuries in the classroom. Among the most common methods of administrative regulation of...

African-American Student Loans and Performance at Housing Market

For a correct interpretation of sociological research, understanding philosophy is essential. It presents principles and approaches to thinking and acquiring knowledge about the world (Moon & Blackman, 2017). Any study begins with selecting an area of interest, determining its philosophical orientation, and choosing a research approach. This paper examines the...

Professional Boundaries in Early Childhood Education

Preschool age is the time of the most active cognition of the world that surrounds the child. The kid begins to make discoveries every day and gets acquainted with various objects that are around. Early childhood is characterized by peculiarities of psychophysiological development, and each child has individual characteristics of...

Professional Development of Teachers’ Skills

Introduction If designed and integrated into school workflow appropriately, professional development promotes the improvement of teachers’ skills and their awareness of contemporary instructional techniques and approaches, which results in better education outcomes and students’ performance overall. Thus, this paper aims at discussing the causes of teachers’ negative perceptions of professional...

Low Teacher Retention: How to Alleviate This Issue

Introduction Education is one of the essential sectors in America, which should make the teaching profession an incredibly respected and desirable job. Nevertheless, in the U.S., there is a severe teacher shortage due to low rates of teacher retention. A number of various factors contribute to this problem, including the...

The Principles of Inclusive Education

Inclusion is an educational concept denoting that all children should be involved in the same classrooms irrespective of their health peculiarities. It denies the idea of organizing separate education for children with special needs. This approach can generate positive outcomes if essential elements are preserved. According to Grove et al....

Mathematics Lesson on Geometric and Number Patterns

To get an idea of the students’ knowledge about geometric patterns, the teacher will assign several heterogeneous groups and offer each group to discuss different patterns. The teacher will ask students to imagine that they are communicating with each other on the phone or Skype and describing to each other...

Diversity and Inclusion in Educational Leadership

Introduction In today’s organizations and institutions, there are employees with diverse backgrounds and socio- is a process to influence, guide, and motivate groups of people in an institution towards cultural features. Differences in employees into advantages are an essential issue for leaders. Although managing diversity and leading are interrelated, it...

College Advising and Registration Processes

College advising and registration are two important processes in the early stages of enrolment. In this stage, a professor guides a student in preparation for the upcoming semester. Advising gives the student a clearer view of what subjects to take and what subjects he or she is going to deal...

Evaluation Focus and Question

Introduction Team Read, being a program aimed at assisting schoolers from the second to the fifth grade in terms of enhancing reading skills through high school students’ mentorship, encompasses the interaction with various stakeholders, including both students and mentors. For this reason, the major focus of the evaluation conducted by...

The Concept of Autobiography Thread

The path of a teacher is continuous improvement, spiritual and creative development. In addition, teachers constantly have to cultivate such qualities as diligence, purposefulness, courage, perseverance. In the teaching profession, the most important thing is a constant search. After all, without professional progress, it is challenging to attract children. It...

Education and Its Value in Student Life

Education gives pupils certain skills and helps to manage their lives properly. This term received a broader concept in the last few years. It is about increasing brain activity or being developed in all educational aspects and internal improvements, such as emotional stability, motivation, and fairness. Education is a huge...

Online Learning vs. In-Person Learning

With the rapid evolution of technology observed over the past couple of decades, the realm of education has been changed drastically, with innovative techniques, approaches, and tools being incorporated into the process. However, of all changes that the realm of education has experienced, the creation of online learning spaces is,...

Blended Learning Method Overview

Education is a necessary process that every modern person goes through in the course of their life, acquiring the essential knowledge and skills. However, in addition to what a person studies, the form of education itself is fundamental. The final result may depend on how this process is built and...

The Traditional School Model and Professional Learning Community Model

The traditional school model (TSM) and professional learning community model (PLC1) are the two common learning methods. TSM is a teacher-centered delivery of giving instructions to students in a class. Mastery of academic learning in the taught subjects such as writing, reading, math, and social studies is required. PLC1 entails...

Is a College Education Necessary?

Porter Stansberry, an American author and monetary publisher, believes that a college education is not essential. According to him, the system has been tailored to produce employees, not employers and entrepreneurs. He believes that the things people do about money and other issues result from their experiences, not what they...

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Website

The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) is a non-profit organization that has 125,000 members from more than 128 countries. The site of the organization includes various sections devoted to different topics, including books and publications, educational leadership, and professional learning. It provides both free-of-charge content, for example, in...

Aspects of the Oral Health Care Course

Oral health care is a vast area which needs to be taught carefully and the right methodology. The course of The Oral health Care gives an outline of dental medication to draw in, teach, inspire, and help a student in working on the teeth of future patients and advising individuals...

Applying Technology in the Classroom

The past decades have depicted an incredible change in the landscape of education that was more rapid and extensive than ever before. The factor that was and is the strongest driver for this change, is the involvement of technology in the classroom. In current classrooms, such implementations range from hardware...

Application of Interdisciplinarity

The contemporary world has become more interconnected, and this unification has led to the emerging concept of interdisciplinarity. Multidisciplinary refers to the disintegration of old disciplines to create room for emerging items that would otherwise not have room in the field of sciences (Okamura, 2019). The interconnectedness across various subjects...

Students’ Motivation in Present Grading System

The problem of a drop in students’ motivation remains a contentious concern in most schools nowadays. Educators and scholars have provided and tested a variety of strategies for increasing students’ motivation, yet the effects of the said strategies have not been consistent enough to consider the issue resolved (Svennberg, Meckbach,...

Anti-Bias Curriculum in Early Childhood Classroom

The bias in the early childhood classroom affects the formation of undesirable attitudes towards different social groups, which impacts their general dysfunctional integration into modern society. Adequate socialization in the current realities presupposes the celebration of society’s multicultural nature and the realization of everyone’s equal status. If children are exposed...

““Remote Learning” Is Often an Oxymoron”: Article Analysis

Introduction and Summary The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated the institution of extraordinary measures to limit the spread of the disease. Key among them is the closure of schools to protect children and teachers from infection. The United States has instructed its learning institutions to suspend in-person learning as it responds...

Theory Core Nursing Courses, Description, and Sample Syllabus

Abstract Nurse Practitioners (NPs) possess consummate decision-making, leadership, health promotion, and critical thinking skills. However, it is necessary for such nurses to have completed their bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) programmes. This essay identifies and describes the core courses for the BSN programme. The paper goes further to give...

Formative Assessment in Education

Formative assessment is a form of evaluation that is done periodically within the classroom set up by the teacher to expose and improve the learners’ abilities. A teacher’s decision on whether to maintain the learning approach, materials, and environment depends on the nature of the classroom as depicted in the...

Collaboration in Special Educational Process

Collaboration is an integral part of an effective educational process. Collaborative processes help teachers improve students’ outcomes and arouse their interest in learning. According to Friend and Cook (2017), “interpersonal collaboration is a style for direct interaction between at least two coequal parties voluntarily engaged in shared decision making as...

Ethical Dilemma of Reporting Teacher Misconduct

Ms. Lore is a high-school drama teacher who is generally well-liked, especially by her beloved students from the school’s drama club. As both a teacher and a leader of the club, she is particularly close with some of her students. One day, during rehearsals for the end of the year...

Why the Common Core Should Not Be Adopted by the State of Missouri

Broadly, there has been much controversy over the involvement of the federal government in the public education system since the institution of the Department of Education in the U.S. This problem arises from the establishment of the Common Core standards. By definition, Common Core refers to a public education initiative...

The Eureka Effect Description and Its Application

What is the Eureka Effect Most of the greatest scientific ideas that have transcended history appeared to the investors unexpectedly. A perfect example is that of Isaac Newton, who, while resting under a tree in the cool of the day, was abruptly hit by a falling fruit, and it is...

A Skill Acquisition Plan for Children with Autism

The skill acquisition plan is targeted at teaching a child to ask when he or she wants something. It is a crucial independence skill for kids to learn based on the ability to articulate their needs and desires in a clear, respectful, and appropriate manner. Prepare for the learning environment...

Creating a Plan for Five Learning Centers

Introduction A learning center is a space that makes early childhood learning easy and exciting. The primary objective of setting up a learning center is to enhance the learning experience and explore talent amongst learners. Learning centers also help children to learn the qualities of social life and improve communication...

Operant Conditioning. Education

The upbringing of a child often requires significant efforts; however, it is also important to understand various aspects of rewards and punishments. Operant conditioning is one of the learning methods described by Skinner, who identifies four consequences of reinforcement that can be applied in different situations. Further, this framework is...

A Counseling Theory for Child with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

Attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) is usually spread among children and adolescents. The disorder is associated with lack of concentration and impulsive, hyperactive behavior, disturbing the child’s learning process. Proper educational counseling can help students with ADHD to cope with the problem. There are three major counseling theories. The first...

Mind Mapping for Adult Learning

Today, I would like to discuss mind mapping and how helpful it can be for adult learning. Adult education is more complicated than many people may think because it occurs at a time when individuals have already had some educational and professional experience, and adjusting to new knowledge can be...

Characteristics of Effective Trainer of Adult Learners

Teaching is a complex process of enabling learners to gain new knowledge, understand it, and be able to apply it in the classroom and beyond it. Although the primary goals of educating children, teenagers, and adults might be similar, instructors need to adjust to students of varying ages, as they...

Andrew Brown and Deborah Frye: Case Study

Case Review The case presents a number of issues regarding the development of a web-based training course on mission analysis by the U.S. military’s Office of Online Learning (OOL). The program has been developed within a tight time frame, which is why converting lectures and practice tasks into an online...

Historically Black Colleges and Universities: Payment of Scholarships

Historically black colleges and universities are a particular category of higher education institutions in the United States of America created for the education of the African-American population. This type of educational institution was associated with the abolition of slavery in order for black people to have the opportunity to receive...

Accessibility For Students With Autism in Education in K-12

For most children and teenagers, K-12 education is the most valuable and influential part of their lives, providing them with many experiences, new knowledge, close friends, and basic social skills. Unfortunately, this sometimes may not be the case for schoolers with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Even though the overall situation...

Misconceptions and Constructivism

As the students begin to attend new classes, the teachers hope they perceive new concepts and receive understandings of the subject. In other words, the process can be explained as “learning as a result of teaching.” However, when children go to school for the first time, they already have a...

The Asperger’s Syndrome: Managing Children with Disability

Working with a student with special needs in a classroom requires special preparation and awareness from an educational professional. Children with Asperger’s Syndrome have significant developmental, emotional, social, and behavioral particularities that must be considered when working with them in a group of other students. Since children with Asperger’s Syndrome...

Targeted Teaching Intervention

Introduction The level of child engagement in the learning environment will dictate the nature of strategies that might either support or discourage the delivery of the intended instructions. The conference with my student revealed that his engagement level was medium. Some of the identified primary sources of motivation included the...

Developmentally Driven Grade Levels

The level of cognitive perception of the information among the school students has now become a subject for a continuous discussion over the past years due to the rapid development of sociological studies and views on education in general. Previously, the children groupings at schools were unanimously formed according to...

Aspects of Career Development: Personal Branding and Networking

Introduction Building a successful career in 2021 seems to be harder than climbing Everest. Management science has evolved over the years and now spans a variety of sectors, including communication, marketing, psychology, sociology, and many others. Such concepts as personal branding and networking become more important to every professional trying...

A Study Schedule as a Success Strategy

Introduction Success strategy for a student involves effective learning skills, which require the ongoing practice in order to see the improvement. Developing a schedule is essential strategy to consider before you think of starting the process of studying. If you miss the importance of having a detailed plan for managing...

“Teaching Strategies for Preschool Educators” Summary

Teaching strategies for preschool educators, Editorial Team of Resilient Educator (No concrete author), Resilient Educator, 2021. From the very beginning of the children’s formal education process, they face many challenges related to the basic principles of some fundamental sciences. Consequently, this situation creates supply and demand for preschool educational entities...

Why Does Schoolboy Tim Choose to Study the Theory of Evolution?

In this post, I argue that Tim is studying the theory of evolution. The deductive method of the disjunctive syllogism is used in this text as a tool to support the thesis mentioned above that a schoolboy named Tim chose not to study Creationism theory but the theory of evolution...

Observing Children: Teaching Practice

Undoubtedly, teachers need to carry out pre-assessments to create different learning activities and determine students’ progress. Pre-assessments can help teachers increase classroom productivity and make the process of learning more engaging. Moreover, observing children interacting and gaining knowledge contributes to a better understanding of useful teaching approaches. Therefore, teachers should...

The Planned Happenstance Theory Application

Psychology suggests multiple theories on determining persons’ career predispositions, considering various factors, including upbringing, hobbies, character, etc. Job advisers often push their clients to make judgements they might not be ready for, which can frequently lead to impulsive decisions. Planned happenstance philosophy has changed traditional occupation counselling, suggesting that it...

Mental Health Nursing Class: Anxiety-Related Disorders

Teaching Topic. Mental Health Nursing: Anxiety-Related Disorders The following class is devoted to anxiety and anxiety-related disorders as one of the significant mental health concerns nowadays. The high level of stress, multiple factors causing additional pressure, and the high speed of life might affect individuals and precondition alterations in their...

Developing Personal Writing Skills: Present and Future

Introduction Refining individual writing capabilities is an essential task for any person interested in developing their career. Excellent proficiencies in writing often aid the employee in their professional growth, chartering a path for a successful future. Of exceptional importance is observing the advancements made during the educational endeavors, which allow...

Literacy Skills in Struggling Students: Team Read Program

Many students have difficulty in literacy skills, particularly comprehension, vocabulary, and spelling skills. Therefore, research in improving literacy skills is essential in finding strategies that may enable students to perform better in reading and writing. Struggling students need different teaching approaches to improve their literacy skills, particularly students from minority...

Educational and Career Goals Analysis

Introduction The author’s current career goal is to become a nurse via the nursing program. From there, they will decide how they want to continue the career, though the current idea is to proceed to obtain a master’s degree in nursing and seek out an advanced practice nursing certification. They...

Scaffolding and Collaboration as a Basis of Instruction

Introduction Scaffolding can form a strong basis for instruction and enhance students’ understanding of classroom concepts. When introducing new concepts to students, teachers are concerned with the level of comprehension developed by the students. As a result, teachers endeavor to divide the lesson into multiple sections and provide instructions for...

Amundson and Poehnell’s Career Development Model

Introduction Career concerns start early in life as children try to imitate their parents, teachers and doctors. Accordingly, Sharf (2016) states that satisfaction with one’s job is one of the most significant aspects for personal happiness. Yet, many people are still not satisfied with their employment although they cling to...

Discussing the Plan Language Act and Six C’s of Communication

Thoughtful evaluation of words utilized is a crucial factor of any author’s success. Plain Language Action and Information Network (PLAIN) states that it is vital to “Choose your words carefully” to avoid overly complex structures when writing a governmental document (The Plain Language Action and Information Network, n.d.). PLAIN’s suggestion...

Evaluation of Concept of Learning Organization

Introduction The environment in an organization that is skilled to facilitate organizational goals is referred to as a learning organization. The learning environment is instrumental in the competitive commercial world. Learning organizations shift from typical worker training to instilling problem-solving, learning, and professional skills among worker. This paper shall evaluate...

Robert Gagne’s Conditions of Learning Theory

Introduction Robert Gagne’s conditions of learning theory state that several existing learning levels require different instruction types. According to this theorist, there are five primary knowledge categories, including verbal information, cognitive strategies, attitudes, and motor and intellectual skills (Illeris, 2018). The philosophy mentioned above also contains nine instruction events: enhancing...

The Learning Process: E-Learning: Academic Achievement

It is of major importance to take advantage of children’s natural desire to study, their learning capability, curiosity, and creativity. Thus, teachers should enhance the tools that are used to encourage students to actively participate in the learning process, search for new information, and organize it in an efficient way....

Channeling Adolescent Energy into Learning

The period of transitioning from a child to an adult is characterized by a passionate desire for activities. At this point, the inner drives of adolescents are so strong, that they require an adequate release of energy. The traditional solution is to meet this need with education. However, it is...

Five Major Models of Education

In section 38 of the chapter, Ibn Khaldûn emphasizes the existence of five major models of education: the methods of Maghribî, Spaniards, Infrîqiyah, Eastern world, and the instructions from Judge Abû Bakr b. al-‘Arabî. Considering each approach, the author gives preference to the latter, as it encompasses the idea of...

Academic Integrity Analysis

Timothy Sunny, a student, is supposedly involved in the academic violation of the UTA Honor Code. Mr. Sunny hands in his assignment on SafeAssign, and a similarity report generated indicates a 20% match. This means that almost the entire work submitted by the student is like existing sources and documents....

How to Improve Student Learning

In accordance with the dictates of the twenty-first century, the traditional approach towards education and teaching, the so-called “education through anesthetizing,” as Robinson (n.d.) identifies it, becomes irrelevant and gives place to a new concept, active learning: instead of the passive perception of information and boring facts, a student is...

Learner Isolation in Distance Education

Background Research demonstrates that distance education is the “magic bullet” in addressing nursing shortage issues and ensuring that nurses have the opportunity to advance their skills and competencies (Mutea & Cullen, 2012). In nursing contexts, some of the advantages of distance education include: Time flexibility Convenience Lack of transportation worries...

English Language Arts Standards Category

Grade Level: Third grade State Standard: The selected standard falls under the English Language Arts Standards category. The specific standard is the demonstration of effective use of standard English grammar in writing. Objective Formative Assessment 1 Formative Assessment 2 Summative Assessment 1 Students should be able to identify, form, and...

Virginia Department of Education Website

The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) website is the national education authority that serves as the most beneficial information tool to assist teachers and students in the state of Virginia. As the Music Education teacher for K-5 grade, I find this educational platform a highly relevant and supplementary source for...

Genetic and Environmental Impacts on Teaching Work

Effective interaction with schoolchildren requires not only teachers’ devotion to their profession but also evaluating a number of aspects that can affect educational activities and involve the target audience in a continuous learning process. In particular, genetic and environmental factors are important criteria that are to be considered when promoting...

Concept of Educational Inequality

Responding to another post, I can state that when a post draws attention, it usually includes statistics, visual materials, such as videos, photos, and links to external websites that give more information on the issue. In the case of the educational inequality that we discuss, most people will agree with...

The Importance of Llu’s Spiritual Values

The choice of an educational institution is a responsible and crucial decision that entails an array of short- and long-term implications for students. Enrollment in a university opens a set of opportunities not only for the obtaining of professional knowledge and skills but also for enriching interpersonal, communicational, and spiritual...

Flipped Classroom: Benefits and Limitations

Introduction The flipped classroom, or inverted classroom, is a novel teaching methodology that uses modern technology and online resources to facilitate better learning outcomes. The methodology involves moving traditional lectures and other learning materials out of the class and delivering them through online means such as recordings and similar content,...

Psychosocial Keys to African American Achievement

The scholarly work answers the problem by using quantitative methods for assessing if psychological variables affect the achievement of high-performing African American students. The researchers utilized rigorous methods for data collection and Pearson’s correlation analysis, explanatory factor analysis, and multiple regression analysis to assess the correlations between the variables. Additionally,...

Career: Interviewing the Professional

Introduction Choosing a career after graduation is one of the most important life choices since this decision can affect not only career prospects and personal well-being but also the general perception of the world. In this regard, the assessment of the desired position should be comprehensive and objective, and as...

Multicultural Education in the United States

Despite the United States being a melting pot of various races and ethnicities, its education did not always address it. Rather, those responsible for educational programs insisted on retaining the Anglo-American angle. It caused other cultural groups to seek solutions, which led to the emergence of schools centered on a...

Curriculum Change to Improve Academic Achievement

Purpose Statement The purpose of the present research applied is to develop recommendations for changing the curriculum to address the achievement gap in K-12 students in Virginia. The implementation of the recommendations is expected to reduce the difference between the SOL scores of White and African American students. The research...

Evaluating Instructional Technology Resources for 21st Century Teaching Instructional Software

The instructional software Joe Rock and Friends Book 2 is selected for third-grade students studying English as a second language for reading and practicing new vocabulary. This program is free and corresponds to instructional needs regarding the essential criteria (“Joe Rock and Friends Book 2,” n.d.). Thus, it is suitable...

Contextual Teaching and Learning

The educational process in modern pedagogical practice is usually constructed out through either learning through information, or based on learning through activity. “The traditional didactic system sees its global task in introducing students to the generalized and systematized experience of humanity” (Schwanenflugel & Knapp, 2015). As such, theory, particularly in...

Professional Standards: InTASC and NPBEA

InTASC and NPBEA Comparison The updated Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC) standards have about 15 cross-cutting themes, which are sometimes explicitly stated or infrared in the document. In many instances, the InTASC standards’ themes are similar to those in the National Policy Board for Educational Administration (NPBEA) standards...

The Offer to Expand the Curriculum With New Topics

The initiative to update the curriculum with specific topics related to credibility and bias in the news is relevant. Your proposal is relevant because false facts and difficulties with validity do appear. We appreciate your objective to promote literacy on this topic. At the same time, updating the curriculum is...

African American Students’ Perceptions of Higher Education Barriers

Davidson, J., Clark, T., Ijames, A., Cahill, R., & Johnson, T. (2020). African American students’ perceptions of higher education barriers. Educational Research Quarterly, 43(4), 59-69. The research by Davidson et al. (2020) explored the perceptions of African American college students regarding the barriers associated with enrolling in higher education institutions....

Educational Opportunities for Illegal Immigrants

The right to education is often seen as something unshakable and accessible to everyone. However, there may be situations when it becomes not so easy to implement it. In particular, this applies to illegal migrants. The importance of providing them with access to education is obvious because it is not...

“Against All Odds”: Course Overview

The course is called Against All Odds and is located on URL. Curriculum was produced and written by Maggie Villiger and edited by Seth Bender, Brian Truglio, Jared Morris, David Berenson and Bret Upham with a list of other contributors. The topic of Against All Odds is related to statistics,...

Behavioral Intervention Plan (BIP) For Anxious Students

Introduction A behavioral intervention plan (BIP) is the most critical part of the planning process, aiming to undertake a student’s behavior that impedes education. BPI provides many benefits for the learners and simplifies the teacher’s work in various forms. Additionally, such planning offers more scope for monitoring behavioral patterns, subsequently...

Online Teaching as the Major Concern in the Field of Instructional Technology

Introduction Instructional technology has gained an immense prevalence in a modern, challenging educational climate shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic. The wide-spreading disease has substantially altered the current teaching process with an increased shift to online education (Darby and Lang, 2019). With the high numbers of schools shut, the e-learning approach...

Giving Students Voice: A Position Statement

Giving students a range of tasks to choose from is one of the most effective approaches to education. Such an approach seems to be radically different from another just as popular framework, which is challenging students. A person being challenged to find a solution often finds themselves struggling and continues...

STEM Education: Resources and Teaching Reflection

Born to teach migrant children more effectively and optimally, STEM education technology is capturing more and more educators around the world every year. The abbreviation STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and denotes a practice — oriented approach to the construction of the content of education and the educational...

Culminating Project for Last-Year Students

Purpose of Culminating Project The purpose of the culminating project is to evaluate the level of understanding of the information provided during the last year for the students. The aim of this idea is not to blame someone because of the difficulties with any discipline but to improve the system...

The Importance of Psychological Terms of Behavior

Learning is a process that unites environmental and personal experiences in order to acquire, modify, or enrich one’s knowledge, values, skills, behavior, and world views. Learning theories engage in developing hypotheses that could describe the mechanics of these processes. The principal theories and concepts of learning comprise behaviorist theory, social...

Role of the Teacher in Student Moral Development

Creating a healthy and safe classroom environment is a prerequisite for student learning success. An atmosphere of safety and morality can be achieved with the established rules and consequences of decisions, actions, and misbehavior. Depending on the age of the students and their moral development level, the teacher can either...

“What Is “Good” Education Research?” by Hostetler

Introduction Hostetler’s argument states that education must improve the general quality of education and at the same time provide acts of service to society at large. The scholar’s position rests on three pillars: the emphasis on whether a human better the current situation of people’s lives. His second argument is...

Aspects of Transfer in Education

Transfer in education allows children to apply acquired knowledge in understanding other concepts in different contexts. The main goal of education is to make children be able to use learned information in future situations (Matthews, 2018). Examples of transfer include applying knowledge in solving case problems or in using learning...

An Ideal Public School: An Exemplary Institution

There is no doubt that every child deserves the right to have access not only to quality health care but also to quality education that paves the way for a productive and happy future. Our nation is proud of the US school system, and other countries take an example from...

History and Evolution of Online Education

Introduction The 21st century is characterized by significant changes in the area of education, when the confines of classrooms were significantly extended. Even though the majority of changes occurred in the first decades of the current century, some shifts in the learning paradigm can be noted in the 19th century...

Topics Base

Everything begins with an idea!

Education Essay Topics

Education is the procurement of knowledge, values, habits, and beliefs. You can write an essay on the most extensive and popular subject because of the multiplicity of topics and a vast collection of research materials for reference. It makes us smart and prepares us to face life challenges efficiently. Nevertheless, education is still a luxury and not a necessity in most developing countries. Educational ideas and awareness should reach governments and citizens to make it accessible. There are many advantages of education to both individuals and society at large. When citizenry understands the fruits of education, then they can consider it a necessity for life. There are many ways of acquiring knowledge, but challenges can arise in the process, and this is how we generate education essay topics. Education is the best tool for eliminating unemployment and poverty.

Furthermore, the school has commercial benefits to a country. The higher the education level in a country, the better the development rate. Education also benefits individuals in the following ways: it increases the success rate of an individual in life, and help make informed decisions on daily challenges. School also provides an enhanced lifestyle and gives career opportunities that can improve the quality of life. Coming up with what to write about in an education essay isn’t easy. First, you have to consider a topic that is interesting to you, and two consider the needs of your target audience. The following list is the theme proposal examples for education essay topic ideas.

Education essay writing is comprehensive, yet its topics are directly beneficial to society at large.

Have top experts do your papers.

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