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Best thesis topics for Urban Planning and Design

Best thesis topics for Urban Planning

Once you enter the final year of your postgraduate study in urban design. Each student’s postgraduate architecture thesis project is a chance to demonstrate their creativity and ability. We’ve compiled a list of Best thesis topics for Urban Planning and design to assist you in choosing a topic for your research project. This section contains the best and most relevant topics related to urban design projects for your knowledge and understanding of new trends in urban design.

Urban design thesis topics list:

Best thesis topics for Urban Planning

Source:  Architecture renewal in relationship to public space as a catalyst for urban regeneration :: Future Architecture (futurearchitectureplatform.org)

Best thesis topics for Urban Planning and Design 2

Source: Studio Wessendorf – Urban Development – Hannover City 2020+ (studio-wessendorf.de)

Urban design and health.

Spatial changes in big cities.

Design of infrastructure as a reflection of public policy.

Coding the urban form

Designing density: increasing functionality through flexibility in family neighborhoods.

Resurgent Networks of cities.

Suburban Revisions.

Urban design in the wake of deindustrialization.

Urban Mobility: Transference and Public Transit.

The role of technology in changing how a city works.

Open exhibitions.

Modern Marketplace.

When is a design labeled as intrusive?

Is architecture about creativity or economy?

Should heights correspond with surrounding buildings?

Are there natural alternatives to lighting signage?

How to identify utility facilities in an eco-friendly manner.

Urban Street Design.

Best thesis topics for Urban Planning and Design 4

Source: Gallery of ‘Shenyang International Automobile City’ Winning Proposal / SBA International – 6 (archdaily.com)

Vestiges of urban spirit Isfahan’s urban fabric through socio-spatial transformations.

Critical Soviet Design: Senezh studio and the utopian imagination in late socialism.

A marketing design approach to destination development.

Separations in Multi vocality: Reconfiguring Dialogue through Design.

Suburban Navigation Structural Coherence and Visual Appearance in Urban Design.

URBAN SEGREGATION AND URBAN FORM From residential segregation to segregation in public space.

Evolving Urban Culture in Transforming Cities Architectural and Urban Design in a Fluid Context.

Light Design: Outdoor Urban Public Places – Urban Lighting: Design and Technologies.

Best thesis topics for Urban Planning and Design 6

Source: Gallery of Vancouver to Buy Old Rail Corridor for Future Public Greenway – 1 (archdaily.com)

Port and Port City Development in an Economically Emerging Coastal Region.

Best thesis topics for Urban Planning and Design 8

Source: Postareal Kiel — CROSS Architecture | Architekturbüro | Aachen & Amsterdam (cross-architecture.net)

Impact of government policies and initiatives (most recent) on urban land use

Impact of urban sprawl on provision of public services

Implications of airport expansion on the surrounding areas

Assessing linkage between the parent city and satellite town

Planning for sustainable neighbourhood

Assessing the liveability in the residential areas of IT parks

Changes in building bye-laws and its implications on urban development

Planning implications of highway corridor on settlement pattern

Socio-economic impact assessment of metro rail

Impact of urban expansion on small towns

Role of International aid in urban poverty alleviation

Impact of urbanization on land use in the rural-urban fringe

Evolving a mechanism for public participation in urban planning and implementation

Role of urban local bodies (ULBs) in urban governance

Quality of life assessment in residential areas

Best thesis topics for Urban Planning and Design 10

Source: Fountain City (archi.ru)

Tourism Potentiality of pilgrim centres

Impact of Tourism on Rural Livelihood

Water tourism: An Exploration of the Role of Inland Water Transport in Tourism Development

Strategies for Heritage Tourism Development

Strategies for Ecotourism Development

Potential of Community based Ecotourism

Tourism Development Plan for Inter State Border Conflict areas

Spatiotemporal movement patterns of international tourists

Potential of Urban Wetlands for Ecotourism Development

Impact of Religious Tourism in Regional Development

Planning for tourism circuit

Impact of tourism on the development of Local Areas

Eco-Tourism development strategies for Coastal Town

Impact of Ecotourism on Local Community

Impact of tourism on district development

Best thesis topics for Urban Planning and Design 12

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urban planning dissertation topics

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urban planning dissertation topics

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Urban Studies and Planning Dissertations and Theses

Theses/dissertations from 2022 2022.

Heat, Wildfire and Energy Demand: An Examination of Residential Buildings and Community Equity , Chrissi Argyro Antonopoulos (Dissertation)

The Connections Between Innovation, Culture, and Expertise in Water Infrastructure Organizations , Alice Brawley-Chesworth (Dissertation)

The New Shiny Penny? Regenerative Agriculture Beliefs and Practices Among Portland's Urban Agriculturalists , Melia Ann Chase (Thesis)

Fortunate People in a Fortunate Land: Dwelling and Residential Alienation in Santa Monica's Rent-Controlled Housing , Lauren E.M. Everett (Dissertation)

In Favor of Bringing Game Theory into Urban Studies and Planning Curriculum: Reintroducing an Underused Method for the Next Generation of Urban Scholars , Brian McDonald Gardner (Thesis)

Transportation Mode Choice Behavior in the Era of Autonomous Vehicles: The Application of Discrete Choice Modeling and Machine Learning , Sangwan Lee (Dissertation)

An Analysis of the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Tulsa Remote Program, As an Effective Economic Development Strategy , Kristen J. Padilla (Thesis)

Geographies of Urban Unsafety: Homeless Women, Mental Maps, and Isolation , Jan Radle Roberson (Dissertation)

The Impact of New Light Rail Service on Employment Growth in Portland, Oregon , Lahar Santra (Thesis)

Examining Emergency Citizen Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Emergent Groups Addressing Food Insecurity in Portland, Oregon , Aliza Ruth Tuttle (Thesis)

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021

Nature-Based Solutions in Environmental Planning: Ecosystem-Based Adaptations, Green Infrastructures, and Ecosystem Services to Promote Diversity in Urban Landscapes , Lorena Alves Carvalho Nascimento (Dissertation)

Gas Stations and the Wealth Divide: Analyzing Spatial Correlations Between Wealth and Fuel Branding , Jean-Carl Ende (Thesis)

'There are No Bathrooms Available!': How Older Adults Experiencing Houselessness Manage their Daily Activities , Ellis Jourdan Hews (Thesis)

The Mode Less Traveled: Exploring Bicyclist Identity in Portland, OR , Christopher Johnson (Thesis)

The Soniferous Experience of Public Space: A Soundscape Approach , Kenya DuBois Williams (Dissertation)

Short-term and Long-term Effects of New Light Rail Transit Service on Transit Ridership and Traffic Congestion at Two Geographical Levels , Huajie Yang (Dissertation)

Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020

Waste Management in the Global South: an Inquiry on the Patterns of Plastic and Waste Material Flows in Colombo, Sri Lanka , Katie Ann Conlon (Dissertation)

Unpacking the Process and Outcomes of Ethical Markets: a Focus on Certified B Corporations , Renée Bogin Curtis (Dissertation)

The Persistence of Indigenous Markets in Mexico's 'Supermarket Revolution' , Diana Christina Denham (Dissertation)

The Electronic Hardware Music Subculture in Portland, Oregon , James Andrew Hickey (Thesis)

"I Should Have Moved Somewhere Else": the Impacts of Gentrification on Transportation and Social Support for Black Working-Poor Families in Portland, Oregon , Steven Anthony Howland (Dissertation)

The Impacts of the Bicycle Network on Bicycling Activity: a Longitudinal Multi-City Approach , Wei Shi (Dissertation)

Theses/Dissertations from 2019 2019

"Poverty Wages Are Not Fresh, Local, or Sustainable": Building Worker Power by Organizing Around (Re)production in Portland's "Sustainable" Food Industry , Amy Katherine Rose Coplen (Dissertation)

Manufacturing in Place: Industrial Preservation in the US , Jamaal William Green (Dissertation)

Can Churches Change a Neighborhood? A Census Tract, Multilevel Analysis of Churches and Neighborhood Change , David E. Kresta (Dissertation)

An Examination of Non-waged Labor and Local Food Movement Growth in the Southern Appalachians , Amy Kathryn Marion (Thesis)

Making Imaginaries: Identity, Value, and Place in the Maker Movement in Detroit and Portland , Stephen Joseph Marotta (Dissertation)

Recognizing and Addressing Risk Ambiguity in Sea Level Rise Adaptation Planning: a Case Study of Miami-Dade County, Florida , Mary Ann Rozance (Dissertation)

The Impact of Implementing Different Cordon Size Designs on Land Use Patterns in Portland, OR , Asia Spilotros (Dissertation)

Gentrification and Student Achievement: a Quantitative Analysis of Student Performance on Standardized Tests in Portland's Gentrifying Neighborhoods , Justin Joseph Ward (Thesis)

Theses/Dissertations from 2018 2018

Environmental Justice in Natural Disaster Mitigation Policy and Planning: a Case Study of Flood Risk Management in Johnson Creek, Portland, Oregon , Seong Yun Cho (Dissertation)

Our Town: Articulating Place Meanings and Attachments in St. Johns Using Resident-Employed Photography , Lauren Elizabeth Morrow Everett (Thesis)

Millennial Perceptions on Homeownership and Financial Planning Decisions , Margaret Ann Greenfield (Thesis)

Utilitarian Skateboarding: Insight into an Emergent Mode of Mobility , Michael Joseph Harpool (Thesis)

Consciousness Against Commodifcation: the Potential for a Radical Housing Movement in the Cully Neighborhood , Cameron Hart Herrington (Thesis)

News Work: the Impact of Corporate Newsroom Culture on News Workers & Community Reporting , Carey Lynne Higgins-Dobney (Dissertation)

Recent Advances in Activity-Based Travel Demand Models for Greater Flexibility , Kihong Kim (Dissertation)

An Analysis of the BizX Commercial Trade Exchange: the Attitudes and Motivations Behind Its Use , Ján André Montoya (Thesis)

Between a Rock and a Hot Place: Economic Development and Climate Change Adaptation in Vietnam , Khanh Katherine Pham (Thesis)

Neighborhood Economic Impacts of Contemporary Art Centers , Steve Van Eck (Closed Thesis)

Urban Geocomputation: Two Studies on Urban Form and its Role in Altering Climate , Jackson Lee Voelkel (Thesis)

Theses/Dissertations from 2017 2017

Explaining Unequal Transportation Outcomes in a Gentrifying City: the Example of Portland, Oregon , Eugenio Arriaga Cordero (Dissertation)

Identifying Clusters of Non-Farm Activity within Exclusive Farm Use Zones in the Northern Willamette Valley , Nicholas Chun (Thesis)

Drivers' Attitudes and Behaviors Toward Bicyclists: Intermodal Interactions and Implications for Road Safety , Tara Beth Goddard (Dissertation)

Grassroots Resistance in the Sustainable City: Portland Harbor Superfund Site Contamination, Cleanup, and Collective Action , Erin Katherine Goodling (Dissertation)

Responsible Pet Ownership: Dog Parks and Demographic Change in Portland, Oregon , Matthew Harris (Thesis)

The Tension between Technocratic and Social Values in Environmental Decision-making: An'Yang Stream Restoration in South Korea , Chang-Yu Hong (Dissertation)

Regulating Pavement Dwellers: the Politics of the Visibly Poor in Public Space , Lauren Marie Larin (Dissertation)

Making Software, Making Regions: Labor Market Dualization, Segmentation, and Feminization in Austin, Portland and Seattle , Dillon Mahmoudi (Dissertation)

Knowing Nature in the City: Comparative Analysis of Knowledge Systems Challenges Along the 'Eco-Techno' Spectrum of Green Infrastructure in Portland & Baltimore , Annie Marissa Matsler (Dissertation)

Assessing the Impact of Land Use and Travel on Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Portland, Oregon , Zakari Mumuni (Thesis)

Trade-offs: the Production of Sustainability in Households , Kirstin Marie Elizabeth Munro (Dissertation)

Theses/Dissertations from 2016 2016

The Kazaks of Istanbul: A Case of Social Cohesion, Economic Breakdown and the Search for a Moral Economy , Daniel Marc Auger (Thesis)

Citizen-led Urban Agriculture and the Politics of Spatial Reappropriation in Montreal, Quebec , Claire Emmanuelle Bach (Thesis)

Travel Mode Choice Framework Incorporating Realistic Bike and Walk Routes , Joseph Broach (Dissertation)

Cyclist Path Choices Through Shared Space Intersections in England , Allison Boyce Duncan (Dissertation)

Star Academics: Do They Garner Increasing Returns? , James Jeffrey Kline (Dissertation)

Configuring the Urban Smart Grid: Transitions, Experimentation, and Governance , Anthony Michael Levenda (Dissertation)

The Effects of Frequency of Social Interaction, Social Cohesion, Age, and the Built Environment on Walking , Gretchen Allison Luhr (Dissertation)

The Village Market: New Columbia Goes Shopping for Food Justice , Jane Therese Waddell (Dissertation)

Theses/Dissertations from 2015 2015

Developing Key Sustainability Competencies through Real-World Learning Experiences: Evaluating Community Environmental Services , Erin Lorene Anderson (Thesis)

Beyond Fruit: Examining Community in a Community Orchard , Emily Jane Becker (Thesis)

Challenges, Experiences, and Future Directions of Senior Centers Serving the Portland Metropolitan Area , Melissa Lynn Cannon (Dissertation)

Building Social Sustainability from the Ground Up: The Contested Social Dimension of Sustainability in Neighborhood-Scale Urban Regeneration in Portland, Copenhagen, and Nagoya , Jacklyn Nicole Kohon (Dissertation)

The Effects of Urban Containment Policies on Commuting Patterns , Sung Moon Kwon (Dissertation)

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Attitudes: An Exploration of a Landscape of Choices , Mersiha Spahic McClaren (Dissertation)

The Impact of Communication Impairments on the Social Relationships of Older Adults , Andrew Demetrius Palmer (Dissertation)

The Scales and Shapes of Queer Women's Geographies: Mapping Private, Public and Cyber Spaces in Portland, OR , Paola Renata Saldaña (Thesis)

Caring for the Land, Serving People: Creating a Multicultural Forest Service in the Civil Rights Era , Donna Lynn Sinclair (Dissertation)

Theses/Dissertations from 2014 2014

Determinants of Recent Mover Non-work Travel Mode Choice , Arlie Steven Adkins (Dissertation)

Changing the Face of the Earth: The Morrison-­Knudsen Corporation as Partner to the U.S. Federal Government , Christopher S. Blanchard (Dissertation)

Participation, Information, Values, and Community Interests Within Health Impact Assessments , Nicole Iroz-Elardo (Dissertation)

The Objective vs. the Perceived Environment: What Matters for Active Travel , Liang Ma (Dissertation)

Implications of Local and Regional Food Systems: Toward a New Food Economy in Portland, Oregon , Michael Mercer Mertens (Dissertation)

Spirituality and Religion in Women's Leadership for Sustainable Development in Crisis Conditions: The Case of Burma , Phyusin Myo Kyaw Myint (Dissertation)

Street Level Food Networks: Understanding Ethnic Food Cart Supply Chains in Eastern Portland, OR , Alexander G. Novie (Thesis)

Theses/Dissertations from 2013 2013

Diffusion of Energy Efficient Technology in Commercial Buildings: An Analysis of the Commercial Building Partnerships Program , Chrissi Argyro Antonopoulos (Thesis)

Faulty Measurements and Shaky Tools: An Exploration into Hazus and the Seismic Vulnerabilities of Portland, OR , Brittany Ann Brannon (Thesis)

Sustainable, Affordable Housing for Older Adults: A Case Study of Factors that Affect Development in Portland, Oregon , Alan Kenneth DeLaTorre (Dissertation)

The Historical, Political, Social, and Individual Factors That Have Influenced the Development of Aging and Disability Resource Centers and Options Counseling , Sheryl DeJoy Elliott (Thesis)

Neighborhood Identity and Sustainability: A Comparison Study of Two Neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon , Zachary Lawrence Hathaway (Thesis)

Neighborhood Commercial Corridor Change: Portland, Oregon 1990-2010 , Kelly Ann Howsley-Glover (Dissertation)

Public Space and Urban Life: A Spatial Ethnography of a Portland Plaza , Katrina Leigh Johnston (Thesis)

Green Mind Gray Yard: Micro Scale Assessment of Ecosystem Services , Erin Jolene Kirkpatrick (Thesis)

The Impacts of Urban Renewal: The Residents' Experiences in Qianmen, Beijing, China , Yongxia Kou (Dissertation)

The Dynamics of Creating Strong Democracy in Portland, Oregon : 1974 to 2013 , Paul Roland Leistner (Dissertation)

Neighboring in Strip City: A Situational Analysis of Strip Clubs, Land Use Conflict, and Occupational Health in Portland, Oregon , Moriah McSharry McGrath (Dissertation)

Bicycle Traffic Count Factoring: An Examination of National, State and Locally Derived Daily Extrapolation Factors , Josh Frank Roll (Thesis)

Forming a New Art in the Pacific Northwest: Studio Glass in the Puget Sound Region, 1970-2003 , Marianne Ryder (Dissertation)

Peak of the Day or the Daily Grind: Commuting and Subjective Well-Being , Oliver Blair Smith (Dissertation)

The Metropolitan Dimensions of United States Immigration Policy: A Theoretical and Comparative Analysis , Nicole G. Toussaint (Dissertation)

The View from the Table: An Analysis of Participant Reactions to Community-Based Dialogues on Food and Justice , Jennifer Turner (Thesis)

Beyond the Yellow Brick Road: Queer Localization in the Age of Anita Bryant, 1974-1980 , Stewart John Van Cleve (Thesis)

Skateboarding as Transportation: Findings from an Exploratory Study , Tessa Walker (Thesis)

Rooftop PV Impacts on Fossil Fuel Electricity Generation and CO2 Emissions in the Pacific Northwest , Daniel Albert Weiland (Thesis)

Measuring the Effects of Environmental Certification on Residential Property Values - Evidence from Green Condominiums in Portland, U.S. , Xi Yang (Thesis)

Theses/Dissertations from 2012 2012

Engaging Global Service: Organizational Motivations for and Perceived Benefits of Hosting International Volunteers , Erin Leslie Barnhart (Dissertation)

Sustainable Operations at Portland State University: Relevant Organizational Issues and a Path Forward , Molly Mae Bressers (Thesis)

Street Art, Ideology, and Public Space , Tiffany Renée Conklin (Thesis)

Feasible Models of Universal Health Insurance in Oregon According to Stakeholder Views , Terry Richard Hammond (Dissertation)

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Urban Planning Thesis/ Research Topic Suggestions (Part 1)

Introduction, urban planning.

Cities and tourist movement have both historical and dynamic relationship. Urban places often act as major attractions and serve as gateways to or staging areas for tourism. Tourism is at the heart of many cities’ development projects. Tourism is a major driving force in the development and stimulator of a new urbanity in metropolises and cities.

Urban Finance

Cities are growing at a remarkable rate and will continue to expand more. Planning urbanization in advance in conjunction with urban finance for implementation will help cities avoid unplanned and informal growth. When investment in cities is guided by good planning principles, it unlocks the potential for growth making sustainable development attainable.

Environment Planning

Informal sector.

Cities with rapid urbanization usually face a problem with the informal sector. Businesses that the informal sector comprises of generally operate on the streets and public places and are often seen as eye-sores. So, conflicts arise between urban authorities who try to keep their cities clean and the urban informal sector operators who need space for their activities.

Slum/ Informal settlements

Housing and real estate, inclusive planning, transport planning, about the author, nancy grover.


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List Of The Most Impressive Town Planning Dissertation Ideas

Town planning, better known as “urban planning,” is a field of study and practice that involves using land and designing urban environments, including transportation, infrastructure, networks of distribution, and other parameter. It’s a multidisciplinary field incorporating architecture, public policy, and urban design. Many students pursue a PhD in this useful and potentially lucrative field, and the final step to obtaining a doctorate is your dissertation.

Creating a Town Planning Dissertation

When you plan your thesis paper, you will select a topic for intensive, concentrated study. You will then conduct independent research into this topic, synthesizing diverse data and information through your research to arrive at a thesis. Your thesis is the central argument or idea of your dissertation paper. Your topic should be relevant to your curriculum and study program, and should be relevant to a particular subfield within urban planning, like architectural design or social policy. You will then use your investigative and analytical skills to arrive at an original conclusion.

Here is the rough structure that your thesis will take:

You will nearly always have a thesis advisor to guide you through the long, exhaustive process of constructing your argument and conducting your research.

A List of Impressive Urban Planning Dissertation Ideas

Here are a few ideas for topic areas within the field of urban planning, which you can use as a basis to choose a research question for your graduate thesis.

These are just a few potential general topics, which you can take into consideration when forming your thesis and conducting research. The key to your dissertation is to create an original claim or statement, and conduct original research to support or refute a hypothesis.

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Past Theses & Dissertations

2016 Graduates Mario Duron: The Effectiveness of Enterprise Zones as a Tool for Community Redevelopment in Florida: An Analysis of the Impact of Zone Designation on Socioeconomic Indicators

Lauren Mecke: Built-Out City, Underused Mall: Urban Metabolism in Plano, Texas

Jessica Leonard: Historic Bike Tour: Rediscovering the Value of Chert Rock Structures through the Use of ArcGIS

Zheng Liu: Measuring Mixed-Use Features & Accessibility Impact on Single-Family Housing Price – A Case Study of Gainesville, FL

Ryan Howser: Examining a Framework for Age-Friendly Neighborhood Plans

Karlin Warkentin: Brownfield Redevelopment in Florida: Opportunities for Smart Growth in the Eight Counties of The Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Southwest District

Steve Shams: Adaptation Strategies to the Treats of Development and the Dangers of Sea Level Ruse for Miami’s Little Havana Historic District

Yi Zhang: The Spatiotemporal Form of Urban Land Use Change: Analysis and Modeling in the City of Shanghi, 2006-2011

Shichao Rong: Using Gap Analysis to Study Access Disparity of Recreation Resources: A Case Study of Alachua County, FL

Natalia Neira: An Evaluation of Public Space Redevelopment Strategies to Promote Access and Resiliency: The South Street Seaport, New York

2014 Graduates Changjie Chen: Parallelizing the Execution of ArcGIS Geoprocessing Tools to Improve the Performance of Computing and Processing Massive Geographic Datasets: A Heuristic Research on Big Data Processing in the Planning Field Yingfei Huang: Impact of Accessibility to Rail Transit on Commercial Property Values: A Case Study of the Miami Metrorail Yehan Xu: Adaptation Strategies for Sea Level Rise: Case Studies and Application to Coastal Town of Cedar Key, Florida Jingru Zhang: A Parcel-Level Analysis of Coastal Hazard Impact on Manatee County’s Residential Lands: An Integrated Application of GIS, Hazus-MH and Land Use Plan Scott Rothberg: Evaluating Community Design for the Conservation of Fire Dependent Ecosystems and Regional Processes Kevin Szatmary: The Impact of Bicycle Facilities on Single Family Residential Property Values: Evidence from Alachua County, Florida David Wasserman: Evaluating Carsharing Potential: Developing Transportation Options for the Future Ruoying Xu: How the Built Environment Affects Elderly Travel Behavior: An Activity-Based Approach for Southeast Florida Rong Zeng: Integrated Natural and Built Environment Strategies for Adapting to Sea Level Rise: Case Studies, Evaluation Framework, and Application to Coastal Small Towns in Florida Leilei Duan: Exploring the Use of Three-Dimensional Urban Simulation to Model Form-Based Codes Regulations Benjamin Lytle: The Anticipatory Effects of Commuter Rail on Economic Development in Orange County, Florida Sean Reiss: Using the Landscape to Identify Tipping Points and Thresholds to Assess Vulnerability to Sea Level Rise for Informing Adaptation Planning in Levy County, Florida

2013 Graduates Briana Ozor: Playing Games: Building Capacity for Coastal Adaptation through Role-Play Amy Cavaretta: Examining the Viability of Transportation Development to Reduce Urban Poverty in the Developing World through Accessibility: The Case of Kibera – Nairobi, Kenya Caitlin Cerame: Agriculture of the Middle: A Feasibility Assessment for A Local Food Distributor in North Central Florida Angela Coullias: Barriers and Facilitators of Walkability: Analysis of Street Networks and Urban Design Characteristics Around Central Florida Elementary Schools Taehoon Ha: Comparative CPTED Analysis of Residential Communities in Pangyo and Yatap Towns in South Korea Ashley McGehee: A Case Study of Redevelopment Strategies: Creative Revitalization of the South 8 th Street Corridor in Fernandina Beach, Florida Elizabeth Nocheck: Connecting Site Safety, Design, and Management: Exploring and Applying CPTED Principles in Planning Policies and Practices for Green Township, Ohio Brittaney Ross: The Role of Community Schools in Family Friendly Communities: Case Study of the Qutzkyallee Educational Mile in Berlin, Germany Josette Severyn: Accessing Transit in the Tower Road Triangle: An Evaluation of the Built Environment and Bus Stop Accessibility Caitlin White: Creating Bicycle Friendly Universities: An Analysis with Recommendations for the University of Florida Amanda Douglas: Evaluating Transportation Access to Healthy Food Sources: A Rapid Health Impact Assessment in Alachua County, Florida Shayna Gershman: An Evaluation of Public Participation Techniques Using Arnstein’s Ladder: The Portland Plan Russell Provost: A Statewide Analysis of the Interaction between the Built Environment and Travel Behavior Using Geographically Weighted Regression

2012 Graduates Kenwyn Harrilal: Using Hazus-MH and ArcGIS for A Parcel-Based Case Study of the Effects of Sea Level Rise In the Tampa Bay Region With A Detailed Analysis of Residential Parcels In Pinellas County, Florida Douglas McDuffie: Evaluating the Factors of Developing Gainesville’s Innovation Economy Hannah Rogers: Bo Diddley Community Plaza: An Evaluation and Suggestions for Redesign Hongtao Xie: An Indicator System to Evaluate Built Environment Performance for Waterfront Regeneration Sarah Benton: (Un)safe and (In)secure at Home: Variations in Residential Security in Brazil Brian Caper: Big Changes in A small County: A Case Study of Economic Development in Wyandotte County, Kansas Forrest Eddleton: Communication of Past Adaptation: Using Local History in Rural Planning for Sea Level Rise Daniel Greenberg: Corridor Revitalization in Sarasota: A CPTED Catalyst Proposal Gareth Hanley: Local Economic Impacts of Airport Operations: An Economic Impact Assessment for the West Orange Airport Authority Lara Holimon: Did School Concurrency Affect the Location of Residential Development?: An Analysis of School Concurrency in Alachua County, Florida Kevin Ice: Vampire Analysis of Hillsborough County: A Spatial Representation of Oil and Mortgage Vulnerability Angeline Jacobs: Regulatory Barriers and Opportunities in Developing Cohousing: An Investigation Into Small, Medium and Large Counties in Florida Ivelisse Justiniano: Downtown Revitalization in Caguas, Puerto Rico Case Studies, Best Practices and Recommendations Robert Narvaez: Continuous Productive Urban Landscapes: Integrating Agricultural Urbanism into Communities Allison Schutes: Green Space: A Catalyst for Economic Development? Max Shmaltsuyev: Cruising for Parking in Downtown Miami Nicole Anderson: Creating Efficiency: An Examination of the Allocation of School Facilities Resources in the Chicago Public Schools Shivani Aserkar: Use of GIS Modeling for Creating Alternate Future Scenario Focusing on Integrating Urban and Transportation Decisions for Polk and Highlands County, Florida Brenden Baitch: Assessing the Power of Sunshine: A Multicase Qualitative Study of Solar Energy Michele Janiszewski: Industry Cluster Analysis in Order to Promote Productive Business Development in Western Orange County, Florida Brett Lackey: Brain Drain to Brain Gain: A Comparative Local Economic Development Analysis of the Creative Class in Gainesville, Florida Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

2011 Graduates James Beeler: Security Planning for Public Spaces: Testing a Proposed CPTED Rating Instrument in Berlin, Germany Lidiane Behlau: Construction Waste and Self-Help as an Alternative to Enhance Housing Affordability: a Case Study of a Housing Project Implemented in Ibipora, State of Parana, Brazil Kevin Biegler: Examining Successful Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Implementation Models to Develop a Pre-Implementation Criterion (PIEC): An Application to Ft. Collins, Colorado and Gainesville, Florida Christina D’Auria: A Sustainable Approach to the Urban Design and Development of Innovation Square, Gainesville, Florida Curtis Dubberly: Determining the Effects of Jacksonville’s Enterprise Zone Laura Erdely: Suburban Retrofit: Simulated Application of Sprawl Repair on Orlando’s Most Promising Edge City Charles Gibbons: Sub-Prime to Suboptimal: Realized Effects of the Foreclosure Crisis on Neighborhood Quality in Hillsborough County, Florida Blake Harvey: Modeling Infill and Urban Growth to Evaluate Agricultural Conversion in Lake County, Florida Joshua Hoffman: Public Perceptions of Rail Transit in the Community of Winter Park, Florida: Sunrail Comes to Town Christen Hutton: Transit-Oriented Development Case Study Policy Analysis: A Comparative Study of Programs and Policies across the United States Taehwan Hyeon: A Study on the Characters of the New Town Project in the Context of the Compact City: The Case Study of Wangsimni New Town Project in Seoul Jacob Kain: Light Rail Transit in a Shrinking City: Defining Success for Detroit’s Woodward Avenue Light Rail Shane Laakso: A Comparison of Sustainability in Greenfield Development under Form-Based Codes and Euclidean Zoning Regulations: A Case Study of St. Lucie County, Florida Dixue Li: Effects of Street Pattern on Frequency of Traffic Crash: A Case Study of Gainesville, Florida William Lisska: The Effectiveness of Psychological Traffic Calming: A Comparative Case Study of Two Neighborhoods in Alachua County, Florida Amy Long: Life Cycle Assessment Analysis of Coal versus Nuclear Power in Levy County, Florida Xing Ma: The Implementation of Urban Growth Boundary and its Effects on Local Housing Affordability: Portland, Oregon, As a Case Study Jessica Mackey: A Comparison of Parking Policies: A Cast Study of Fort Lauderdale, Florida Tanner Martin: Economic Growth in Pensacola, FL – A GIS Based Assessment of Redevelopment Policy, 1996 – 2010 Jay McLeod: Residential Future Land Use Planning in South Florida: Regional Analysis of Nine Counties Brittany McMullen: The Economic Impact of Parks on Residential Property Values: Evidence from Gainesville, Florida Robert Murphy: Virtues Unfulfilled: The Effects of Land Value Taxation in Three Pennsylvania Cities Myles O’Keefe: Affordable Housing and Transit-Oriented Development: A Comparison of Observed Policy Findings with Those of the City of Tampa Sarah Perch: Community Garden Barriers: A Grounded Theory Study of Gainesville, Florida Reginald Pierre-Jean: A Methodology for Exploring the Relationship between Intersection Form Factors and Traffic Crashes using Geographically Weighted Regression Tamashbeen Rahman: Bus Rapid Transit and Heavy Rail: A Comparison for Transit-Oriented Developments in South Florida Lindsay Rizzo: Urban Design and Marketing: How Cities Can Use Spatial Qualities to Attract Baby Boomers Anelkis Royce: Urban Legalization: The Effects of Legalization on Land Value in Southern Areas of Bogota, Colombia Crystal Torres: Evaluating the Potential Effectiveness of Community Redevelopment Agencies to Improve Socio-Economic Conditions within the Redevelopment Area: A Cast Study in Gainesville, Florida Justin Willits: Bus Rapid Transit in Montgomery, County, Maryland: Determining Stop and Station Locations in Specified Corridors Kristina Wright Bowen: Participation and Predictability: A Comparative Analysis of Processes and Outcomes of the Form-Based Codes and Previous Conventional Zoning Codes of Miami, Florida and Denver, Colorado Wencui Yang: Analysis on Correlation between Urban Form Factors and Children’s Walkability to School Sulhee Yoon: Finding Food Deserts Based on Food Access Index and Transportation Modes: Case Study of Sarasota County, FL Yuyang Zou: GIS-Based Future Land Use Hurricane Storm Surge Hazard Analysis: A Case Study for Volusia County, Florida

2015 Graduates Soowoong Noh: Examining the Relationships between Fbcs and Active Built Environment Ruoniu Wang: Tracking Choice in the Housing Choice Voucher Program The Role of Residential Preference in Locational Outcome Seungil Yum: The Effect of Creativity on Urban Economy in the U.S. a New Creativity Index: 3Ci (Creative Class, Creative Infrastructure, and Culture) Dan Zhu: Policy on River Pollution Management: an Analysis of China’s Huai River Pollution Reduction

2014 Graduates Iris Patten: Measuring Regional and Local Innovative Opportunities Shanty Yulianti Rachmat: The Relationship of Time-of-Day Travel and Built Environment in Southeast Florida: Incorporating Parking Characteristics in Downtown Miami and Fort Lauderdale Laurel Harbin: The Etawah Pilot Project: a Case Study of Albert Mayer’s Normative Regionalism in Post-Independent India Yiqiang Ouyang: Examining the Influence of Built Environment on Traffic Crashes: A Spatio-Temporal Data Mining Approach Suwan Shen: An Integrated Approach to Coastal Community’s Vulnerability Analysis: Case Study in Tampa Bay Region Fei Yang: Employ Cost-Benefit Analysis to Evaluate the Cost Efficiency of Major Sea Level Rise Adaptation Strategies

2013 Graduates Hee Deok Cho: The Factors That Affect Long Distance Travel Model Choice Decisions and Their Implications for Transportation Policy Juna Papajorgji: Exploring the Benefits of an Open Systems Paradigm for Building Permit Technologies in Local Governments of Florida Hyung-Chul Chung: Stain or sustain? Equitable Neighborhood Revitalization of Distressed Communities through the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program, and the Housing Choice Voucher Program Young Sun Kwon : The effects of Residential Mortgage Foreclosure on Residential Income Segregation

2012 Graduates Yong Hong Guo: Using Remote Sensing and GIS to Monitor and Predict Urban Growth- Case Study in Alachua County, Florida Jeongseob Kim: Promoting Sustainable Communities through Infill: the Effect of Infill Housing on Neighborhood Income Diversity

2011 Graduates Abdulnaser Amin Arafat: Evaluating Accessibility and Travel Cost as Suitability Components in the Allocation of Land Use, a Case Study of Identifying Land for Affordable Housing in Three Counties in Florida Ridwan Sutriadi: Mobile Technology and the Challenge to Promote a Communicative City in Indonesia. Case Study Bandung Metropolitan Area, Indonesia Jun Zhao: Zoning Variance Administration in Practice: Influencing Factors and Trends   UF Library Archive of Dissertations and Theses

Dissertations / Theses on the topic 'Urban planning'

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Select a source type:

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The tag cloud allows you accessing even more related research topics and consulting the appropriate bibliographies.

Browse dissertations / theses on a wide variety of disciplines and organise your bibliography correctly.

Related research topics

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List of Urban and Regional Planning Project Topics and Materials PDF

List of Urban and Regional Planning Project Topics and Research Thesis Materials PDF and DOC File Download for Final Year Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students in the University and Polytechnic.

Approved Read-Made Urban and Regional Planning Research Topics with Seminar Works for the Degree of National Diploma (ND), Higher National Diploma (HND), (BSC) Bachelor of Sciences, (MSC) Master of Science, and Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy).

Thesis and Dissertation Topics, Proposal Topics, Journals, Presentations, Seminar Topics, Research Papers, and Project Reports can also be gotten from this page.

All Project Materials on this Department Listed on this Research Page have their Complete work from Chapters 1 to 5 which are: Title Page and the Case Study, Table Of Contents, Abstract, the Background of the Study, Statement of the Problem, Research Questions, Objectives of the Study, Research Hypothesis, Signification of the Study, the Scope of the Study, the Definition Of Terms, Organization of the Study, Literature Review (Theoretical Framework or Conceptual Framework), Research Methodology, Sources of Data Collection, the Population of the Study, Sampling and Sampling Distribution, Validation of Research Instrument, Method of Data Analysis, Data Analysis, Introduction, Summary, Conclusion, Recommendation, References/Bibliography/Citations and Questionnaire (Appendix).

The Topics below are for Nigerian Students, Ghanaian Students, and International Students. Countries like (Kenya, Liberia, Cameroon, United States, Uk, Canada, Germany, South Africa, Zambia, India e.t.c).

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Assessment of the Relationship of Higher Institution and Surrounding Communities in Slum Development

sold by Damian Chibueze

Analysis Of Intra Urban Traffic Problems In Rivers State: A Study Of Port Harcourt Metropolis

Comparative analysis of rent differential in selected residential areas in obio/akpor rivers state, assessment of impact of urbanization in uyo l.g.a, housing condition and affordability in urban areas: case study of mushin.

sold by ibitayo Damaris

Causes Of Excess Flood

Impact of environmental problems, consequences of incompatible land uses on the environment, evaluation of cost recovery for water supply, appraisal of the implementation of the kano comprehensive tourism masterplan, nigeria, an assessment of tourism potentials, analysis of the effects of socio-economic characteristics on tourism habits among residents, analysis of the patronage characteristics of tourism destinations, analysis of women’s participation and incorporation in waste picking and solid waste management, appraisal of the urban management challenge of informal land delivery, appraisal of tourism habits of academic staff, assessment of residents’attitudes towards recreation in bida-nigeria, assessment of urban bus services, appraisal of sanitary facilities in public areas, manpower planning and development as an effective tool for achieving organizational goals, determination of nutritional status of children within the ages of four (4) to ten (10) years using their body mass index (bmi), agricultural information sources and the production capacity of cassava farmers in akwa ibom north west senatorial district, evaluation of the pollution status in uyo dump site metropolis using african giant land snail; archachatina marginata, assessment of various housing programmes in akwa ibom state, implications of gully spread in etinan l.g.a, implications of air pollution on human health in uyo (a case study of uyo-urban), assessment of water quality of some private boreholes in housing estates in uyo urban, akwa ibom state, urbanization as an important determinant in spatial organization ( case study in oron l.g.a), effects of rural-urban migration on public utilities in uyo local government area of akwa ibom state, investigation of the topography of university of uyo permanent site as case study, an appraisal of rural development programmes in nigeria 1999-2009: akwa ibom state experience, self-help programmes and rural development in ibiono ibom local government area, tenement housing and induced domestic conflict, waste generation and management strategies, assessing the spatial distribution and locational impact of petrol service stations, the role of co-operative societies towards development of rural communities in nigeria, impact of slum on value of residential properties in nigeria, problems of town planning development in abakpa nike enugu nigeria, abuja land availability challenges and mismanagement: issues and solutions, impact of public pit toilet system and its associated problems, problems and prospects of land registration in nigeria, causes of construction project failures and abandonment in nigeria, infrastructural development, real estate agency rebranding and review of national housing policy, the impact of industrialization on rural development, impact of environmental planning on rural development, an assessment of cross ventilation in public buildings, flood generating structures in kubwa urban landscape, the role of private partnership in housing finance, delivery and maintenance in nigeria.

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Urban Planning Dissertation Topics Ideas and Examples

Published by Owen Ingram at January 5th, 2023 , Revised On January 6, 2023

Urban planning is an essential tool in creating vibrant and healthy communities. It is the practice of balancing the needs of a society with limited resources to ensure equitable development and long-term sustainability. Urban planners work at all scales, from local communities to global initiatives, helping to shape cities, regions and even entire countries.

At its core, urban planning focuses on improving the quality of life through efficient use of land, transportation networks and public services such as education and healthcare facilities.

Planning can be a powerful tool in tackling social issues like poverty, inequality and environmental degradation by finding smart solutions that meet people’s needs while preserving natural resources.

This can include everything from designing walkable neighbourhoods that promote physical activity to creating green spaces that clean air pollutants out of the atmosphere.

Conducting research on urban planning topics is essential for students writing dissertations because it allows them to understand the field better while developing critical thinking skills.

Researching urban planning topics gives students insight into life within various cities and towns worldwide. Knowing how different areas have developed over time can help inform future decisions shaping our society.

Research projects give students hands-on experience conducting surveys and collecting data, which can then be used to formulate opinions about current issues facing cities and regions today.

How to Choose the Best Urban Planning Dissertation Topic

Choosing a dissertation topic for urban planning can be one of the most challenging and rewarding. It’s essential for students to take the time to carefully research and assess different topics, as this will form the basis for their entire dissertation project.

The following tips will help students choose a dissertation topic that connects with their interests while also contributing something new and exciting to urban planning literature.

List of Urban Planning Dissertation Topics

What is the Importance of Choosing the Correct Urban Planning Research Topic

Urban planning is a very important topic for students to study, as it helps them understand the complexities of city life and its many related disciplines. When researching an urban planning dissertation topic, students should carefully consider their approach and the structure of their research project.

An excellent urban planning dissertation topic can help students better understand the issues, provide insight into potential solutions, and even develop new ideas for further investigation.

When selecting an urban planning dissertation topic, it is important for students to consider their interests in the subject matter. Choosing a topic that aligns with students’ interests will often result in more meaningful results and may lead to exciting discoveries.

Students should also be aware of current events or trends relevant to their chosen field, as these can provide invaluable insights into urban planning topics.

How Can Research Prospect Help?

Research Prospect writers can send several custom topic ideas to your email address. Once you have chosen a topic that suits your needs and interests, you can order for our dissertation outline service which will include a brief introduction to the topic, research questions , literature review , methodology , expected results , and conclusion . The dissertation outline will enable you to review the quality of our work before placing the order for our full dissertation writing service!

FAQ’s About Urban Planning Dissertation Ideas

When to choose the urban planning dissertation topic.

In terms of choosing a topic for the dissertation, students should take into account the time of their academic year. Having enough time for research is important. In case you do not have time to write your dissertation, visit our website and see our services .

How do I choose the most appropriate urban planning dissertation topic?

The best way to choose an appropriate topic is by doing research on various topics related to urban planning. Consider what research you want to do and how much time you have to write your dissertation.

Examining journals and publications that explore urban planning issues can give you ideas about potential topics for your dissertation. Additionally, attending conferences or seminars related to urban planning can provide insight into current research in this field.

Can I use these topics for my dissertation?

The topics listed here can be used for your dissertation. There are a variety of topics you can use depending on the type of research project you are doing.

Have other students used these topics already?

These dissertation topics may have already been used by other students. You can order unique dissertation topics on our website if you need topics that have never been used before.

Can Research Prospect provide unique and customised urban planning dissertation topics?

Yes, Research Prospect provide unique and customised Urban Planning dissertation topics.

Can you make a research proposal on my selected topic?

Yes, we can develop a research proposal for your chosen topic. On our website, you can order research proposal topics or learn more about our proposal writing services .

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  1. What are some research paper topics for an architecture college student?

    urban planning dissertation topics

  2. 😂 Urban design dissertation topics. Urban Planning Thesis Topics. 2019-01-19

    urban planning dissertation topics

  3. 😂 Urban planning dissertation ideas. Topics of Theses. 2019-01-29

    urban planning dissertation topics

  4. Read «Urban Planning» Essay Sample for Free at SupremeEssays.com

    urban planning dissertation topics

  5. 36 Poster Urban Planning ideas

    urban planning dissertation topics

  6. Architecture thesis proposal

    urban planning dissertation topics


  1. The Urban Planning Program


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  4. Architecture

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  6. Planning Your Social Science Dissertation


  1. Best Thesis Topics For Urban Planning & Design

    Urban design thesis topics list: · Urban design and health. · Spatial changes in big cities. · Design of infrastructure as a reflection of public

  2. Urban Studies and Planning Dissertations and Theses

    Urban Studies and Planning Dissertations and Theses ... State University: Relevant Organizational Issues and a Path Forward, Molly Mae Bressers (Thesis).

  3. Urban Planning Thesis/ Research Topic Suggestions (Part 1)

    Environment Planning · Environmental issues in the transformation of urban fringe · Environmental implications of Solid waste management in hilly

  4. Picking A Great Topic For A Dissertation On Town Planning

    A List of Impressive Urban Planning Dissertation Ideas · Environmental planning in modern cities · Impact of electrical infrastructure on city organization

  5. Past Theses & Dissertations

    2016 Graduates Mario Duron: The Effectiveness of Enterprise Zones as a Tool for Community Redevelopment in Florida: An Analysis of the Impact of Zone

  6. Dissertations / Theses: 'Urban planning'

    To see the other types of publications on this topic, follow the link: Urban planning. Author: Grafiati.

  7. Urban Design and Planning (UrDP): Research Topics

    Topics: · Bicycle Transportation · Governmental Organizations · Housing · Mass Transit · New Urbanism · Professional Development · Sprawl · Statistics

  8. What would be the best thesis topic for urban planning?

    "The Impact of Green Spaces on Urban Resilience" · "Transportation Planning for Low-Income Communities" · "Designing for Walkability in Urban Environments" · "The

  9. List of Urban and Regional Planning Project Topics and Materials PDF

    List of Urban and Regional Planning Project Topics and Materials PDF · Assessment of the Relationship of Higher Institution and Surrounding Communities in Slum

  10. Urban Planning Dissertation Topic Ideas

    List of Urban Planning Dissertation Topics · Chinese urban planning at fifty: an assessment of the planning theory literature · Shifting