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Best thesis topics for Urban Planning and Design

Best thesis topics for Urban Planning

Once you enter the final year of your postgraduate study in urban design. Each student’s postgraduate architecture thesis project is a chance to demonstrate their creativity and ability. We’ve compiled a list of Best thesis topics for Urban Planning and design to assist you in choosing a topic for your research project. This section contains the best and most relevant topics related to urban design projects for your knowledge and understanding of new trends in urban design.

Urban design thesis topics list:

Best thesis topics for Urban Planning

Source:  Architecture renewal in relationship to public space as a catalyst for urban regeneration :: Future Architecture (futurearchitectureplatform.org)

Best thesis topics for Urban Planning and Design 2

Source: Studio Wessendorf – Urban Development – Hannover City 2020+ (studio-wessendorf.de)

Urban design and health.

Spatial changes in big cities.

Design of infrastructure as a reflection of public policy.

Coding the urban form

Designing density: increasing functionality through flexibility in family neighborhoods.

Resurgent Networks of cities.

Suburban Revisions.

Urban design in the wake of deindustrialization.

Urban Mobility: Transference and Public Transit.

The role of technology in changing how a city works.

Open exhibitions.

Modern Marketplace.

When is a design labeled as intrusive?

Is architecture about creativity or economy?

Should heights correspond with surrounding buildings?

Are there natural alternatives to lighting signage?

How to identify utility facilities in an eco-friendly manner.

Urban Street Design.

Best thesis topics for Urban Planning and Design 4

Source: Gallery of ‘Shenyang International Automobile City’ Winning Proposal / SBA International – 6 (archdaily.com)

Vestiges of urban spirit Isfahan’s urban fabric through socio-spatial transformations.

Critical Soviet Design: Senezh studio and the utopian imagination in late socialism.

A marketing design approach to destination development.

Separations in Multi vocality: Reconfiguring Dialogue through Design.

Suburban Navigation Structural Coherence and Visual Appearance in Urban Design.

URBAN SEGREGATION AND URBAN FORM From residential segregation to segregation in public space.

Evolving Urban Culture in Transforming Cities Architectural and Urban Design in a Fluid Context.

Light Design: Outdoor Urban Public Places – Urban Lighting: Design and Technologies.

Best thesis topics for Urban Planning and Design 6

Source: Gallery of Vancouver to Buy Old Rail Corridor for Future Public Greenway – 1 (archdaily.com)

Port and Port City Development in an Economically Emerging Coastal Region.

Best thesis topics for Urban Planning and Design 8

Source: Postareal Kiel — CROSS Architecture | Architekturbüro | Aachen & Amsterdam (cross-architecture.net)

Impact of government policies and initiatives (most recent) on urban land use

Impact of urban sprawl on provision of public services

Implications of airport expansion on the surrounding areas

Assessing linkage between the parent city and satellite town

Planning for sustainable neighbourhood

Assessing the liveability in the residential areas of IT parks

Changes in building bye-laws and its implications on urban development

Planning implications of highway corridor on settlement pattern

Socio-economic impact assessment of metro rail

Impact of urban expansion on small towns

Role of International aid in urban poverty alleviation

Impact of urbanization on land use in the rural-urban fringe

Evolving a mechanism for public participation in urban planning and implementation

Role of urban local bodies (ULBs) in urban governance

Quality of life assessment in residential areas

Best thesis topics for Urban Planning and Design 10

Source: Fountain City (archi.ru)

Tourism Potentiality of pilgrim centres

Impact of Tourism on Rural Livelihood

Water tourism: An Exploration of the Role of Inland Water Transport in Tourism Development

Strategies for Heritage Tourism Development

Strategies for Ecotourism Development

Potential of Community based Ecotourism

Tourism Development Plan for Inter State Border Conflict areas

Spatiotemporal movement patterns of international tourists

Potential of Urban Wetlands for Ecotourism Development

Impact of Religious Tourism in Regional Development

Planning for tourism circuit

Impact of tourism on the development of Local Areas

Eco-Tourism development strategies for Coastal Town

Impact of Ecotourism on Local Community

Impact of tourism on district development

Best thesis topics for Urban Planning and Design 12

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Urban Studies and Planning Dissertations and Theses

Theses/dissertations from 2022 2022.

Heat, Wildfire and Energy Demand: An Examination of Residential Buildings and Community Equity , Chrissi Argyro Antonopoulos (Dissertation)

The Connections Between Innovation, Culture, and Expertise in Water Infrastructure Organizations , Alice Brawley-Chesworth (Dissertation)

The New Shiny Penny? Regenerative Agriculture Beliefs and Practices Among Portland's Urban Agriculturalists , Melia Ann Chase (Thesis)

Fortunate People in a Fortunate Land: Dwelling and Residential Alienation in Santa Monica's Rent-Controlled Housing , Lauren E.M. Everett (Dissertation)

In Favor of Bringing Game Theory into Urban Studies and Planning Curriculum: Reintroducing an Underused Method for the Next Generation of Urban Scholars , Brian McDonald Gardner (Thesis)

Transportation Mode Choice Behavior in the Era of Autonomous Vehicles: The Application of Discrete Choice Modeling and Machine Learning , Sangwan Lee (Dissertation)

An Analysis of the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Tulsa Remote Program, As an Effective Economic Development Strategy , Kristen J. Padilla (Thesis)

Geographies of Urban Unsafety: Homeless Women, Mental Maps, and Isolation , Jan Radle Roberson (Dissertation)

The Impact of New Light Rail Service on Employment Growth in Portland, Oregon , Lahar Santra (Thesis)

Examining Emergency Citizen Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Emergent Groups Addressing Food Insecurity in Portland, Oregon , Aliza Ruth Tuttle (Thesis)

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021

Nature-Based Solutions in Environmental Planning: Ecosystem-Based Adaptations, Green Infrastructures, and Ecosystem Services to Promote Diversity in Urban Landscapes , Lorena Alves Carvalho Nascimento (Dissertation)

Gas Stations and the Wealth Divide: Analyzing Spatial Correlations Between Wealth and Fuel Branding , Jean-Carl Ende (Thesis)

'There are No Bathrooms Available!': How Older Adults Experiencing Houselessness Manage their Daily Activities , Ellis Jourdan Hews (Thesis)

The Mode Less Traveled: Exploring Bicyclist Identity in Portland, OR , Christopher Johnson (Thesis)

The Soniferous Experience of Public Space: A Soundscape Approach , Kenya DuBois Williams (Dissertation)

Short-term and Long-term Effects of New Light Rail Transit Service on Transit Ridership and Traffic Congestion at Two Geographical Levels , Huajie Yang (Dissertation)

Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020

Waste Management in the Global South: an Inquiry on the Patterns of Plastic and Waste Material Flows in Colombo, Sri Lanka , Katie Ann Conlon (Dissertation)

Unpacking the Process and Outcomes of Ethical Markets: a Focus on Certified B Corporations , Renée Bogin Curtis (Dissertation)

The Persistence of Indigenous Markets in Mexico's 'Supermarket Revolution' , Diana Christina Denham (Dissertation)

The Electronic Hardware Music Subculture in Portland, Oregon , James Andrew Hickey (Thesis)

"I Should Have Moved Somewhere Else": the Impacts of Gentrification on Transportation and Social Support for Black Working-Poor Families in Portland, Oregon , Steven Anthony Howland (Dissertation)

The Impacts of the Bicycle Network on Bicycling Activity: a Longitudinal Multi-City Approach , Wei Shi (Dissertation)

Theses/Dissertations from 2019 2019

"Poverty Wages Are Not Fresh, Local, or Sustainable": Building Worker Power by Organizing Around (Re)production in Portland's "Sustainable" Food Industry , Amy Katherine Rose Coplen (Dissertation)

Manufacturing in Place: Industrial Preservation in the US , Jamaal William Green (Dissertation)

Can Churches Change a Neighborhood? A Census Tract, Multilevel Analysis of Churches and Neighborhood Change , David E. Kresta (Dissertation)

An Examination of Non-waged Labor and Local Food Movement Growth in the Southern Appalachians , Amy Kathryn Marion (Thesis)

Making Imaginaries: Identity, Value, and Place in the Maker Movement in Detroit and Portland , Stephen Joseph Marotta (Dissertation)

Recognizing and Addressing Risk Ambiguity in Sea Level Rise Adaptation Planning: a Case Study of Miami-Dade County, Florida , Mary Ann Rozance (Dissertation)

The Impact of Implementing Different Cordon Size Designs on Land Use Patterns in Portland, OR , Asia Spilotros (Dissertation)

Gentrification and Student Achievement: a Quantitative Analysis of Student Performance on Standardized Tests in Portland's Gentrifying Neighborhoods , Justin Joseph Ward (Thesis)

Theses/Dissertations from 2018 2018

Environmental Justice in Natural Disaster Mitigation Policy and Planning: a Case Study of Flood Risk Management in Johnson Creek, Portland, Oregon , Seong Yun Cho (Dissertation)

Our Town: Articulating Place Meanings and Attachments in St. Johns Using Resident-Employed Photography , Lauren Elizabeth Morrow Everett (Thesis)

Millennial Perceptions on Homeownership and Financial Planning Decisions , Margaret Ann Greenfield (Thesis)

Utilitarian Skateboarding: Insight into an Emergent Mode of Mobility , Michael Joseph Harpool (Thesis)

Consciousness Against Commodifcation: the Potential for a Radical Housing Movement in the Cully Neighborhood , Cameron Hart Herrington (Thesis)

News Work: the Impact of Corporate Newsroom Culture on News Workers & Community Reporting , Carey Lynne Higgins-Dobney (Dissertation)

Recent Advances in Activity-Based Travel Demand Models for Greater Flexibility , Kihong Kim (Dissertation)

An Analysis of the BizX Commercial Trade Exchange: the Attitudes and Motivations Behind Its Use , Ján André Montoya (Thesis)

Between a Rock and a Hot Place: Economic Development and Climate Change Adaptation in Vietnam , Khanh Katherine Pham (Thesis)

Neighborhood Economic Impacts of Contemporary Art Centers , Steve Van Eck (Closed Thesis)

Urban Geocomputation: Two Studies on Urban Form and its Role in Altering Climate , Jackson Lee Voelkel (Thesis)

Theses/Dissertations from 2017 2017

Explaining Unequal Transportation Outcomes in a Gentrifying City: the Example of Portland, Oregon , Eugenio Arriaga Cordero (Dissertation)

Identifying Clusters of Non-Farm Activity within Exclusive Farm Use Zones in the Northern Willamette Valley , Nicholas Chun (Thesis)

Drivers' Attitudes and Behaviors Toward Bicyclists: Intermodal Interactions and Implications for Road Safety , Tara Beth Goddard (Dissertation)

Grassroots Resistance in the Sustainable City: Portland Harbor Superfund Site Contamination, Cleanup, and Collective Action , Erin Katherine Goodling (Dissertation)

Responsible Pet Ownership: Dog Parks and Demographic Change in Portland, Oregon , Matthew Harris (Thesis)

The Tension between Technocratic and Social Values in Environmental Decision-making: An'Yang Stream Restoration in South Korea , Chang-Yu Hong (Dissertation)

Regulating Pavement Dwellers: the Politics of the Visibly Poor in Public Space , Lauren Marie Larin (Dissertation)

Making Software, Making Regions: Labor Market Dualization, Segmentation, and Feminization in Austin, Portland and Seattle , Dillon Mahmoudi (Dissertation)

Knowing Nature in the City: Comparative Analysis of Knowledge Systems Challenges Along the 'Eco-Techno' Spectrum of Green Infrastructure in Portland & Baltimore , Annie Marissa Matsler (Dissertation)

Assessing the Impact of Land Use and Travel on Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Portland, Oregon , Zakari Mumuni (Thesis)

Trade-offs: the Production of Sustainability in Households , Kirstin Marie Elizabeth Munro (Dissertation)

Theses/Dissertations from 2016 2016

The Kazaks of Istanbul: A Case of Social Cohesion, Economic Breakdown and the Search for a Moral Economy , Daniel Marc Auger (Thesis)

Citizen-led Urban Agriculture and the Politics of Spatial Reappropriation in Montreal, Quebec , Claire Emmanuelle Bach (Thesis)

Travel Mode Choice Framework Incorporating Realistic Bike and Walk Routes , Joseph Broach (Dissertation)

Cyclist Path Choices Through Shared Space Intersections in England , Allison Boyce Duncan (Dissertation)

Star Academics: Do They Garner Increasing Returns? , James Jeffrey Kline (Dissertation)

Configuring the Urban Smart Grid: Transitions, Experimentation, and Governance , Anthony Michael Levenda (Dissertation)

The Effects of Frequency of Social Interaction, Social Cohesion, Age, and the Built Environment on Walking , Gretchen Allison Luhr (Dissertation)

The Village Market: New Columbia Goes Shopping for Food Justice , Jane Therese Waddell (Dissertation)

Theses/Dissertations from 2015 2015

Developing Key Sustainability Competencies through Real-World Learning Experiences: Evaluating Community Environmental Services , Erin Lorene Anderson (Thesis)

Beyond Fruit: Examining Community in a Community Orchard , Emily Jane Becker (Thesis)

Challenges, Experiences, and Future Directions of Senior Centers Serving the Portland Metropolitan Area , Melissa Lynn Cannon (Dissertation)

Building Social Sustainability from the Ground Up: The Contested Social Dimension of Sustainability in Neighborhood-Scale Urban Regeneration in Portland, Copenhagen, and Nagoya , Jacklyn Nicole Kohon (Dissertation)

The Effects of Urban Containment Policies on Commuting Patterns , Sung Moon Kwon (Dissertation)

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Attitudes: An Exploration of a Landscape of Choices , Mersiha Spahic McClaren (Dissertation)

The Impact of Communication Impairments on the Social Relationships of Older Adults , Andrew Demetrius Palmer (Dissertation)

The Scales and Shapes of Queer Women's Geographies: Mapping Private, Public and Cyber Spaces in Portland, OR , Paola Renata Saldaña (Thesis)

Caring for the Land, Serving People: Creating a Multicultural Forest Service in the Civil Rights Era , Donna Lynn Sinclair (Dissertation)

Theses/Dissertations from 2014 2014

Determinants of Recent Mover Non-work Travel Mode Choice , Arlie Steven Adkins (Dissertation)

Changing the Face of the Earth: The Morrison-­Knudsen Corporation as Partner to the U.S. Federal Government , Christopher S. Blanchard (Dissertation)

Participation, Information, Values, and Community Interests Within Health Impact Assessments , Nicole Iroz-Elardo (Dissertation)

The Objective vs. the Perceived Environment: What Matters for Active Travel , Liang Ma (Dissertation)

Implications of Local and Regional Food Systems: Toward a New Food Economy in Portland, Oregon , Michael Mercer Mertens (Dissertation)

Spirituality and Religion in Women's Leadership for Sustainable Development in Crisis Conditions: The Case of Burma , Phyusin Myo Kyaw Myint (Dissertation)

Street Level Food Networks: Understanding Ethnic Food Cart Supply Chains in Eastern Portland, OR , Alexander G. Novie (Thesis)

Theses/Dissertations from 2013 2013

Diffusion of Energy Efficient Technology in Commercial Buildings: An Analysis of the Commercial Building Partnerships Program , Chrissi Argyro Antonopoulos (Thesis)

Faulty Measurements and Shaky Tools: An Exploration into Hazus and the Seismic Vulnerabilities of Portland, OR , Brittany Ann Brannon (Thesis)

Sustainable, Affordable Housing for Older Adults: A Case Study of Factors that Affect Development in Portland, Oregon , Alan Kenneth DeLaTorre (Dissertation)

The Historical, Political, Social, and Individual Factors That Have Influenced the Development of Aging and Disability Resource Centers and Options Counseling , Sheryl DeJoy Elliott (Thesis)

Neighborhood Identity and Sustainability: A Comparison Study of Two Neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon , Zachary Lawrence Hathaway (Thesis)

Neighborhood Commercial Corridor Change: Portland, Oregon 1990-2010 , Kelly Ann Howsley-Glover (Dissertation)

Public Space and Urban Life: A Spatial Ethnography of a Portland Plaza , Katrina Leigh Johnston (Thesis)

Green Mind Gray Yard: Micro Scale Assessment of Ecosystem Services , Erin Jolene Kirkpatrick (Thesis)

The Impacts of Urban Renewal: The Residents' Experiences in Qianmen, Beijing, China , Yongxia Kou (Dissertation)

The Dynamics of Creating Strong Democracy in Portland, Oregon : 1974 to 2013 , Paul Roland Leistner (Dissertation)

Neighboring in Strip City: A Situational Analysis of Strip Clubs, Land Use Conflict, and Occupational Health in Portland, Oregon , Moriah McSharry McGrath (Dissertation)

Bicycle Traffic Count Factoring: An Examination of National, State and Locally Derived Daily Extrapolation Factors , Josh Frank Roll (Thesis)

Forming a New Art in the Pacific Northwest: Studio Glass in the Puget Sound Region, 1970-2003 , Marianne Ryder (Dissertation)

Peak of the Day or the Daily Grind: Commuting and Subjective Well-Being , Oliver Blair Smith (Dissertation)

The Metropolitan Dimensions of United States Immigration Policy: A Theoretical and Comparative Analysis , Nicole G. Toussaint (Dissertation)

The View from the Table: An Analysis of Participant Reactions to Community-Based Dialogues on Food and Justice , Jennifer Turner (Thesis)

Beyond the Yellow Brick Road: Queer Localization in the Age of Anita Bryant, 1974-1980 , Stewart John Van Cleve (Thesis)

Skateboarding as Transportation: Findings from an Exploratory Study , Tessa Walker (Thesis)

Rooftop PV Impacts on Fossil Fuel Electricity Generation and CO2 Emissions in the Pacific Northwest , Daniel Albert Weiland (Thesis)

Measuring the Effects of Environmental Certification on Residential Property Values - Evidence from Green Condominiums in Portland, U.S. , Xi Yang (Thesis)

Theses/Dissertations from 2012 2012

Engaging Global Service: Organizational Motivations for and Perceived Benefits of Hosting International Volunteers , Erin Leslie Barnhart (Dissertation)

Sustainable Operations at Portland State University: Relevant Organizational Issues and a Path Forward , Molly Mae Bressers (Thesis)

Street Art, Ideology, and Public Space , Tiffany Renée Conklin (Thesis)

Feasible Models of Universal Health Insurance in Oregon According to Stakeholder Views , Terry Richard Hammond (Dissertation)

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Master’s Theses in Urban and Regional Planning

A chronological checklist.

The following are links to pages with basic details about Masters’ theses  from the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Please see Find Dissertations for more details about locating Masters’ theses in general.   Check the online catalog of IDEALS for Masters’ theses not listed here.

Most call numbers and locations are given after each entry and linked to the online catalog; if not available, search the online catalog under author or title.

Kim, Junghwan. Developing a new job accessibility measurement based on crowdsourced traffic data and GTFS / by Junghwan Kim. Found in IDEALS

Martinez, Susan.

Qayyum, Faizann. Group violence and planning: State and grassroots processes, politics, & outcomes for the Hazara in Quetta / By Faizann Qayum. Found in IDEALS

Roldan, Aline Mazeto. Imagination in the public domain: The case of the homeless workers movement (MTST) in São Paulo, Brazil / by Aline Mazeto Roldan. Found in IDEALS

Sharma, Sukanya. Impact of short term rentals on the rental affordability in San Francisco – the case of Airbnb / by Sukanya Sharma. Found in IDEALS

Wang, Yiyuan. Residential location choices of millennials: Evidence from the urbanized area of Chicago / by Yiyuan Wang. Found in IDEALS

Zaghloul, Tooma. Reflecting on urban resilience based on analyses of al-Zaa’tari Camp for Syrian refugees in al-Mafraq, Jordan / by Tooma Zaghloul. Found in IDEALS

Chistyakov, Ilya Konstantinovich. Development of an alternative approach to transit demand modeling/ by Ilya Konstantinovich Chistyakov. Found in IDEALS

Hsu, Janice A. Globalization, land expropriation, and community resistance: a case study in Wanbao community, Miaoli County, Taiwan/ by Janice Hsu. Found in IDEALS

Kaur, Gurdeep. Increasing social equity in transport planning: a case study in Fortaleza, Brazil / by Gurdeep Kaur. Found in IDEALS

Martins Da Costa, Marcus Vinicius. Merging walkability into tax increment financing: Champaign-IL downtown fringe TIF district case demonstration / by Marcus Vinicius Martins Da Costa. Found in IDEALS

Pan, Haozhi. Advancing PSS with complex urban systems sciences and scalable spatio-temporal models / by Haozhi Pan. Found in IDEALS

Yamano, Norihiko. Development of global inter-country inter-industry system for various policy perspectives / by Norihiko Yamano. Found in IDEALS

Yu, Chenxi. Three papers in urban and regional economic and development / by Chenxi Yu. Found in IDEALS

Gilbert, Dominique Synove. Can the urban forest be managed got lumber values without compromising ecosystem values?/ by Dominique Synove Gilbert. Found in IDEALS

Urban, Angela Bernadette. Wasted treasure in the trash: evaluating the diversion and reduction systems of food waste in an institutional setting based on environmental, economic, and social implications/ by Angela Bernadette Urban. Found in IDEALS

Chantrill, Carolina. Grand Calumet: the linkages between environmental justice, vulnerability and environmental governance/ by Carolina Chantrill. Found in IDEALS

Contractor, Annie. Greenwashing? the global rise of sustainability and forced housing displacement in Fortaleza, Brazil/ by Annie Contractor. Found in IDEALS

Kim, Woo-Lack.  How do Low-Income Housing Tax Credit projects trigger revitalization in shrinking cities? A case of St. Louis, MO.   Found in IDEALS

Prochaska, Natalie. Bristol Place Neighborhood Plan: urban renewal in post-Kelo fiscal policy space/ by Natalie Prochaska. Found in IDEALS

Chintamaneni, Vaneeta. Water supply development amidst growing scarcity: a case study of the Monterey Peninsula Water Supply Project/ by Vaneeta Chintamaneni. Found in IDEALS

Jiang, Wenjing. Towns Undergoing Changes: a case study on the recovery after the Wenchuan earthquake, China/ by Wenjing Jiang.  Found in IDEALS

Lee, Christina. Risky Business: the foreclosure crisis, Asian Americans, and Asian American-serving community-based organizations/ by Christina Lee.  Found in IDEALS

Lee, Yongsung. Are land use planning and gasoline price increase mutually supportive in getting more transit riders in the US urbanized areas? / by Yongsung Lee.  Found in IDEALS

Dong, Xin. Post-disaster recovery planning and sustainable development – a lesson from the Wenchuan earthquake, China, 2008  /  by Xin Dong  .  Found in IDEALS

Gomez, Janel. Vertical Equity in property taxation : a spatial analysis of Proposition 13 in San Diego County, California / by Janel Gomez.  Found in IDEALS

Mattos, Luciana M. Spatial segregation in medium cities during the 1990s: the case of Ribeirão Preto, SP – Brazil / by Luciana M. Mattos.  Found in IDEALS

Pritchett, Regina K. Land titling as women’s empowerment: critical observations from Recife Brazil / by Regina K. Pritchett.  Found in IDEALS

Sherman, Stephen A. The effects of elite-led power sharing on postconflict urban reconstruction: consociationalism and the Mostar case / by Stephen A. Sherman.  Found in IDEALS

Yu, Chenxi. Does the business cycle matter for convergence testing? Evidence from U.S. commuting zone level data, 1973-2007 / by Chenxi Yu.   Found in IDEALS

Drigo, Marina V. Why Use Agent-Based Models To Explore Social Issues? The Case Of Intimate Partner Violence and Social Support Systems / by Marina V. Drigo.  Found in IDEALS

Gamal, Ahmad. Appropriating decentralization: how urban poverty project triggers advocacy / by Ahmad Gamal.  Found in IDEALS

Vaishnav, Maulik P. Opportunities and obstacles in obtaining air connectivity for the residents of federally designated essential air service communities / by Maulik P. Vaishnav.  Found in IDEALS

Bjerkaas, Todd Philip. Walking Euclid, greening seaside : incorporating pedestrians and stormwater into today’s city planning / by Todd Philip Bjerkaas. 2008. v, 41 leaves, bound ill., maps (some col.) ; 29 cm. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 28-30).  Q. 711.40977389 B555w

Rahe, Mallory L. Real eutopia : can we learn from persistently prosperous places? / by Mallory L. Rahe. iii, 107 leaves, bound ill. ; 29 cm. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 104-107). Thesis (M.S.)–University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2008.  Q. 338.1 Tbm08r

Cornillie, Thomas. Costs and control in a half-century of commuter rail policy / by Thomas Cornillie. 2007. iii, 42 leaves, bound ; 29 cm. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 40-42). Q. 388.4 C815c

Kim, Jae Hong. Site redevelopment and recovery from the shock of a base closure / by Jae Hong Kim.  Thesis (M.U.P.)– University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2006.  vii, 76 leaves, bound ill. ; 29 cm. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 64-67) Theses –UIUC –2006 –Urban Planning. Printout.  Q. 355.7 K571s

Sampaio, Clarissa Figueiredo. Urban development and increased socio-spatial inequalities in Fortaleza, Brazil : the role of planning / by Clarissa Figueiredo Sampaio. Thesis (M.S.)–University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2003. vi, 99 leaves, bound : ill. (some col.) maps ; 29 cm. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 91-99). Theses–UIUC–2003–Urban Planning. Printout. /  Q. 307.12098131 Sa472u

Feng, Lei. A virtual-world tool for testing urban design decisions / by Lei Feng. Thesis (M.U.P.)–University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2002. iv, 87 leaves, bound : ill. ; 29 cm. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 44-46). Theses–UIUC–2002–Urban and Regional Planning. Printout. /  Q. 006.7 F356v

Brooks, Joi. Habitat conservation plans as a means of land use planning for endangered species in northeastern Illinois / by Joi Brooks. 2001. iv, 83 leaves, bound : ill. ; 29 cm. Theses–UIUC–2001–Urban Planning. Printout. Thesis (MUP)–University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2001. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 80-81). /  Q. 333.95416 B791h

Shah, Swasti. Geographic information systems : a tool for community participation in planning / by Swasti Shah. 2001. v, 57 leaves, bound : ill. ; 29 cm. Theses–UIUC–2001–Urban Planning. Printout. Thesis (MUP)–University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2001. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 54-57). /  Q. 711 Sh133g

Bavikatte, Ramya Shivakumar. Fusing the best elements of centrally and collectively managed irrigation institutions : a study of irrigation management in the indigenous community of Cuzalapa, Sierra de Manantlan Biosphere Reserve, Mexico / by Ramya Shivakumar Bavikatte. 2000. 97 p. : ill., maps ; 28 cm. Printout. Thesis (MUP)–University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2000. Includes bibliographical references. (p. 95-97). 1. Irrigation–Mexico–Management. 2. Reserva de la Biosfera Sierra de Manantlán (Mexico) Other: 1. Theses–UIUC–2000–Urban Planning.  333.9130972 B329f

Haddad, Monica Amaral. Metropolitan governance and the response to the low-income housing problem : a comparative analysis / by Monica Amaral Haddad. 2000. vi, 77 leaves, bound : ill. ; 29 cm. Printout. Theses–UIUC–2000–Urban Planning. Metropolitan governance and the response to the low income housing problem. Thesis (MUP)–University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2000. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 72-76).  Q. 363.510981 H117m

Carvajal N., Ana Maria. Evaluating the impact of rail-trail conversion projects on property values : empirical evidence from the Illinois Prairie Path / by Ana Maria Carvajal N. 1999. vi, 37 leaves : ill. ; 28 cm. Printout. Thesis (MUP)–University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1999. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 34-37). 1. Rail-trails–Illinois–Economic aspects. 2. Real property–Valuation–Illinois. 3. Illinois Prairie Path (Ill.) Other: 1. Theses–UIUC–1999–Urban Planning.  796.509773 C253e ;   Found in IDEALS

Saylor, William F. Implementation of the S02 emission allowance trading program of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 / by William F. Saylor III. 1999. vi, 82 leaves : ill. ; 28 cm. On t.p. “2” is subscript. Printout. Thesis (MUP)–University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1999. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 65-69). 1. United States. Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990. 2. Air–Pollution–Law and legislation–United States. 3. Air quality management–United States. Other: 1. Theses–UIUC–1999–Urban Planning.  Q.344.046342 Sa99i

Shankar, Raja. Modeling urban systems on the World Wide Web : public decision-making through informed citizen participation / by Raja Shankar. 1999. vii, 94 leaves, bound : ill. ; 29 cm. Thesis (MUP)–University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1999. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 37-39). Other: 1. Theses–UIUC–1999–Urban Planning.  Q. 712 Sh18m

Townsend, Melissa Sharon. Politics, participation, and neighborhood planning : a case study of a public-private neighborhood planning intiative / by Melissa Sharon Townsend. 1999. viii, 165 leaves, bound ; 29 cm. Printout. Thesis (M.U.P.)–University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1999. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 163-165). Other: 1. Theses–UIUC–1999–Urban Planning. Q. 307.12162 T665p

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Urban Planning Thesis/ Research Topic Suggestions (Part 1)

Introduction, urban planning.

Cities and tourist movement have both historical and dynamic relationship. Urban places often act as major attractions and serve as gateways to or staging areas for tourism. Tourism is at the heart of many cities’ development projects. Tourism is a major driving force in the development and stimulator of a new urbanity in metropolises and cities.

Urban Finance

Cities are growing at a remarkable rate and will continue to expand more. Planning urbanization in advance in conjunction with urban finance for implementation will help cities avoid unplanned and informal growth. When investment in cities is guided by good planning principles, it unlocks the potential for growth making sustainable development attainable.

Environment Planning

Informal sector.

Cities with rapid urbanization usually face a problem with the informal sector. Businesses that the informal sector comprises of generally operate on the streets and public places and are often seen as eye-sores. So, conflicts arise between urban authorities who try to keep their cities clean and the urban informal sector operators who need space for their activities.

Slum/ Informal settlements

Housing and real estate, inclusive planning, transport planning, about the author, nancy grover.

Past Theses & Dissertations

2016 Graduates Mario Duron: The Effectiveness of Enterprise Zones as a Tool for Community Redevelopment in Florida: An Analysis of the Impact of Zone Designation on Socioeconomic Indicators

Lauren Mecke: Built-Out City, Underused Mall: Urban Metabolism in Plano, Texas

Jessica Leonard: Historic Bike Tour: Rediscovering the Value of Chert Rock Structures through the Use of ArcGIS

Zheng Liu: Measuring Mixed-Use Features & Accessibility Impact on Single-Family Housing Price – A Case Study of Gainesville, FL

Ryan Howser: Examining a Framework for Age-Friendly Neighborhood Plans

Karlin Warkentin: Brownfield Redevelopment in Florida: Opportunities for Smart Growth in the Eight Counties of The Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Southwest District

Steve Shams: Adaptation Strategies to the Treats of Development and the Dangers of Sea Level Ruse for Miami’s Little Havana Historic District

Yi Zhang: The Spatiotemporal Form of Urban Land Use Change: Analysis and Modeling in the City of Shanghi, 2006-2011

Shichao Rong: Using Gap Analysis to Study Access Disparity of Recreation Resources: A Case Study of Alachua County, FL

Natalia Neira: An Evaluation of Public Space Redevelopment Strategies to Promote Access and Resiliency: The South Street Seaport, New York

2014 Graduates Changjie Chen: Parallelizing the Execution of ArcGIS Geoprocessing Tools to Improve the Performance of Computing and Processing Massive Geographic Datasets: A Heuristic Research on Big Data Processing in the Planning Field Yingfei Huang: Impact of Accessibility to Rail Transit on Commercial Property Values: A Case Study of the Miami Metrorail Yehan Xu: Adaptation Strategies for Sea Level Rise: Case Studies and Application to Coastal Town of Cedar Key, Florida Jingru Zhang: A Parcel-Level Analysis of Coastal Hazard Impact on Manatee County’s Residential Lands: An Integrated Application of GIS, Hazus-MH and Land Use Plan Scott Rothberg: Evaluating Community Design for the Conservation of Fire Dependent Ecosystems and Regional Processes Kevin Szatmary: The Impact of Bicycle Facilities on Single Family Residential Property Values: Evidence from Alachua County, Florida David Wasserman: Evaluating Carsharing Potential: Developing Transportation Options for the Future Ruoying Xu: How the Built Environment Affects Elderly Travel Behavior: An Activity-Based Approach for Southeast Florida Rong Zeng: Integrated Natural and Built Environment Strategies for Adapting to Sea Level Rise: Case Studies, Evaluation Framework, and Application to Coastal Small Towns in Florida Leilei Duan: Exploring the Use of Three-Dimensional Urban Simulation to Model Form-Based Codes Regulations Benjamin Lytle: The Anticipatory Effects of Commuter Rail on Economic Development in Orange County, Florida Sean Reiss: Using the Landscape to Identify Tipping Points and Thresholds to Assess Vulnerability to Sea Level Rise for Informing Adaptation Planning in Levy County, Florida

2013 Graduates Briana Ozor: Playing Games: Building Capacity for Coastal Adaptation through Role-Play Amy Cavaretta: Examining the Viability of Transportation Development to Reduce Urban Poverty in the Developing World through Accessibility: The Case of Kibera – Nairobi, Kenya Caitlin Cerame: Agriculture of the Middle: A Feasibility Assessment for A Local Food Distributor in North Central Florida Angela Coullias: Barriers and Facilitators of Walkability: Analysis of Street Networks and Urban Design Characteristics Around Central Florida Elementary Schools Taehoon Ha: Comparative CPTED Analysis of Residential Communities in Pangyo and Yatap Towns in South Korea Ashley McGehee: A Case Study of Redevelopment Strategies: Creative Revitalization of the South 8 th Street Corridor in Fernandina Beach, Florida Elizabeth Nocheck: Connecting Site Safety, Design, and Management: Exploring and Applying CPTED Principles in Planning Policies and Practices for Green Township, Ohio Brittaney Ross: The Role of Community Schools in Family Friendly Communities: Case Study of the Qutzkyallee Educational Mile in Berlin, Germany Josette Severyn: Accessing Transit in the Tower Road Triangle: An Evaluation of the Built Environment and Bus Stop Accessibility Caitlin White: Creating Bicycle Friendly Universities: An Analysis with Recommendations for the University of Florida Amanda Douglas: Evaluating Transportation Access to Healthy Food Sources: A Rapid Health Impact Assessment in Alachua County, Florida Shayna Gershman: An Evaluation of Public Participation Techniques Using Arnstein’s Ladder: The Portland Plan Russell Provost: A Statewide Analysis of the Interaction between the Built Environment and Travel Behavior Using Geographically Weighted Regression

2012 Graduates Kenwyn Harrilal: Using Hazus-MH and ArcGIS for A Parcel-Based Case Study of the Effects of Sea Level Rise In the Tampa Bay Region With A Detailed Analysis of Residential Parcels In Pinellas County, Florida Douglas McDuffie: Evaluating the Factors of Developing Gainesville’s Innovation Economy Hannah Rogers: Bo Diddley Community Plaza: An Evaluation and Suggestions for Redesign Hongtao Xie: An Indicator System to Evaluate Built Environment Performance for Waterfront Regeneration Sarah Benton: (Un)safe and (In)secure at Home: Variations in Residential Security in Brazil Brian Caper: Big Changes in A small County: A Case Study of Economic Development in Wyandotte County, Kansas Forrest Eddleton: Communication of Past Adaptation: Using Local History in Rural Planning for Sea Level Rise Daniel Greenberg: Corridor Revitalization in Sarasota: A CPTED Catalyst Proposal Gareth Hanley: Local Economic Impacts of Airport Operations: An Economic Impact Assessment for the West Orange Airport Authority Lara Holimon: Did School Concurrency Affect the Location of Residential Development?: An Analysis of School Concurrency in Alachua County, Florida Kevin Ice: Vampire Analysis of Hillsborough County: A Spatial Representation of Oil and Mortgage Vulnerability Angeline Jacobs: Regulatory Barriers and Opportunities in Developing Cohousing: An Investigation Into Small, Medium and Large Counties in Florida Ivelisse Justiniano: Downtown Revitalization in Caguas, Puerto Rico Case Studies, Best Practices and Recommendations Robert Narvaez: Continuous Productive Urban Landscapes: Integrating Agricultural Urbanism into Communities Allison Schutes: Green Space: A Catalyst for Economic Development? Max Shmaltsuyev: Cruising for Parking in Downtown Miami Nicole Anderson: Creating Efficiency: An Examination of the Allocation of School Facilities Resources in the Chicago Public Schools Shivani Aserkar: Use of GIS Modeling for Creating Alternate Future Scenario Focusing on Integrating Urban and Transportation Decisions for Polk and Highlands County, Florida Brenden Baitch: Assessing the Power of Sunshine: A Multicase Qualitative Study of Solar Energy Michele Janiszewski: Industry Cluster Analysis in Order to Promote Productive Business Development in Western Orange County, Florida Brett Lackey: Brain Drain to Brain Gain: A Comparative Local Economic Development Analysis of the Creative Class in Gainesville, Florida Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

2011 Graduates James Beeler: Security Planning for Public Spaces: Testing a Proposed CPTED Rating Instrument in Berlin, Germany Lidiane Behlau: Construction Waste and Self-Help as an Alternative to Enhance Housing Affordability: a Case Study of a Housing Project Implemented in Ibipora, State of Parana, Brazil Kevin Biegler: Examining Successful Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Implementation Models to Develop a Pre-Implementation Criterion (PIEC): An Application to Ft. Collins, Colorado and Gainesville, Florida Christina D’Auria: A Sustainable Approach to the Urban Design and Development of Innovation Square, Gainesville, Florida Curtis Dubberly: Determining the Effects of Jacksonville’s Enterprise Zone Laura Erdely: Suburban Retrofit: Simulated Application of Sprawl Repair on Orlando’s Most Promising Edge City Charles Gibbons: Sub-Prime to Suboptimal: Realized Effects of the Foreclosure Crisis on Neighborhood Quality in Hillsborough County, Florida Blake Harvey: Modeling Infill and Urban Growth to Evaluate Agricultural Conversion in Lake County, Florida Joshua Hoffman: Public Perceptions of Rail Transit in the Community of Winter Park, Florida: Sunrail Comes to Town Christen Hutton: Transit-Oriented Development Case Study Policy Analysis: A Comparative Study of Programs and Policies across the United States Taehwan Hyeon: A Study on the Characters of the New Town Project in the Context of the Compact City: The Case Study of Wangsimni New Town Project in Seoul Jacob Kain: Light Rail Transit in a Shrinking City: Defining Success for Detroit’s Woodward Avenue Light Rail Shane Laakso: A Comparison of Sustainability in Greenfield Development under Form-Based Codes and Euclidean Zoning Regulations: A Case Study of St. Lucie County, Florida Dixue Li: Effects of Street Pattern on Frequency of Traffic Crash: A Case Study of Gainesville, Florida William Lisska: The Effectiveness of Psychological Traffic Calming: A Comparative Case Study of Two Neighborhoods in Alachua County, Florida Amy Long: Life Cycle Assessment Analysis of Coal versus Nuclear Power in Levy County, Florida Xing Ma: The Implementation of Urban Growth Boundary and its Effects on Local Housing Affordability: Portland, Oregon, As a Case Study Jessica Mackey: A Comparison of Parking Policies: A Cast Study of Fort Lauderdale, Florida Tanner Martin: Economic Growth in Pensacola, FL – A GIS Based Assessment of Redevelopment Policy, 1996 – 2010 Jay McLeod: Residential Future Land Use Planning in South Florida: Regional Analysis of Nine Counties Brittany McMullen: The Economic Impact of Parks on Residential Property Values: Evidence from Gainesville, Florida Robert Murphy: Virtues Unfulfilled: The Effects of Land Value Taxation in Three Pennsylvania Cities Myles O’Keefe: Affordable Housing and Transit-Oriented Development: A Comparison of Observed Policy Findings with Those of the City of Tampa Sarah Perch: Community Garden Barriers: A Grounded Theory Study of Gainesville, Florida Reginald Pierre-Jean: A Methodology for Exploring the Relationship between Intersection Form Factors and Traffic Crashes using Geographically Weighted Regression Tamashbeen Rahman: Bus Rapid Transit and Heavy Rail: A Comparison for Transit-Oriented Developments in South Florida Lindsay Rizzo: Urban Design and Marketing: How Cities Can Use Spatial Qualities to Attract Baby Boomers Anelkis Royce: Urban Legalization: The Effects of Legalization on Land Value in Southern Areas of Bogota, Colombia Crystal Torres: Evaluating the Potential Effectiveness of Community Redevelopment Agencies to Improve Socio-Economic Conditions within the Redevelopment Area: A Cast Study in Gainesville, Florida Justin Willits: Bus Rapid Transit in Montgomery, County, Maryland: Determining Stop and Station Locations in Specified Corridors Kristina Wright Bowen: Participation and Predictability: A Comparative Analysis of Processes and Outcomes of the Form-Based Codes and Previous Conventional Zoning Codes of Miami, Florida and Denver, Colorado Wencui Yang: Analysis on Correlation between Urban Form Factors and Children’s Walkability to School Sulhee Yoon: Finding Food Deserts Based on Food Access Index and Transportation Modes: Case Study of Sarasota County, FL Yuyang Zou: GIS-Based Future Land Use Hurricane Storm Surge Hazard Analysis: A Case Study for Volusia County, Florida

2015 Graduates Soowoong Noh: Examining the Relationships between Fbcs and Active Built Environment Ruoniu Wang: Tracking Choice in the Housing Choice Voucher Program The Role of Residential Preference in Locational Outcome Seungil Yum: The Effect of Creativity on Urban Economy in the U.S. a New Creativity Index: 3Ci (Creative Class, Creative Infrastructure, and Culture) Dan Zhu: Policy on River Pollution Management: an Analysis of China’s Huai River Pollution Reduction

2014 Graduates Iris Patten: Measuring Regional and Local Innovative Opportunities Shanty Yulianti Rachmat: The Relationship of Time-of-Day Travel and Built Environment in Southeast Florida: Incorporating Parking Characteristics in Downtown Miami and Fort Lauderdale Laurel Harbin: The Etawah Pilot Project: a Case Study of Albert Mayer’s Normative Regionalism in Post-Independent India Yiqiang Ouyang: Examining the Influence of Built Environment on Traffic Crashes: A Spatio-Temporal Data Mining Approach Suwan Shen: An Integrated Approach to Coastal Community’s Vulnerability Analysis: Case Study in Tampa Bay Region Fei Yang: Employ Cost-Benefit Analysis to Evaluate the Cost Efficiency of Major Sea Level Rise Adaptation Strategies

2013 Graduates Hee Deok Cho: The Factors That Affect Long Distance Travel Model Choice Decisions and Their Implications for Transportation Policy Juna Papajorgji: Exploring the Benefits of an Open Systems Paradigm for Building Permit Technologies in Local Governments of Florida Hyung-Chul Chung: Stain or sustain? Equitable Neighborhood Revitalization of Distressed Communities through the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program, and the Housing Choice Voucher Program Young Sun Kwon : The effects of Residential Mortgage Foreclosure on Residential Income Segregation

2012 Graduates Yong Hong Guo: Using Remote Sensing and GIS to Monitor and Predict Urban Growth- Case Study in Alachua County, Florida Jeongseob Kim: Promoting Sustainable Communities through Infill: the Effect of Infill Housing on Neighborhood Income Diversity

2011 Graduates Abdulnaser Amin Arafat: Evaluating Accessibility and Travel Cost as Suitability Components in the Allocation of Land Use, a Case Study of Identifying Land for Affordable Housing in Three Counties in Florida Ridwan Sutriadi: Mobile Technology and the Challenge to Promote a Communicative City in Indonesia. Case Study Bandung Metropolitan Area, Indonesia Jun Zhao: Zoning Variance Administration in Practice: Influencing Factors and Trends   UF Library Archive of Dissertations and Theses

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The guide aims to bring the most-useful resources for planning research together. However, given the interdisciplinary nature of research in Urban Planning, it is often necessary to seek resources from other fields. Below are links to other subject guides that may be useful. 

The thesis is a requirement of the Masters of Science in Urban Planning Program. In its simplest description, a thesis is an individually-researched and analyzed answer to a planning question. The goal of a thesis is to teach students to carry out independent research – whether using interviews, statistical analysis, literature review, or other types of fieldwork (or some combination of all of these) – and to hone their professional writing skills in presenting their research.

Starting in Fall 2019, a new parallel option is offered. Professional Capstone, also a 6-point, two-semester requirement, will be supervised closely by a UP faculty member. It requires students to apply knowledge and skills gained from the curriculum to address important planning issue(s). It provides an opportunity to demonstrate understanding of the dynamics of the issue(s), constrains, and potential solution(s). It should focus on an applied, real-world project for an actual client; the only exception is a project conducted under close faculty supervision in a research setting.

Theses produced in recent years by graduates of the Urban Planning Program are listed below. Theses produced prior to 2012 include the title and abstract for each thesis; these titles are housed in Special Collections, Avery Library, and may be requested through the library. Theses produced since 2012 are available digitally through Academic Commons, the University’s digital research repository, and can be accessed by clicking on the titles below. Graduating students have the option of deferring the publication of their thesis on Academic Commons for up to two years and therefore theses from the past 2 years may not yet be available.

*denotes a thesis awarded a prize at graduation

Shreya Arora

Urban Politics of Death: Memorabilia and Mutual Aid Amid COVID-19 Pandemic In New York City

Derek Brennan

Crisis Management: Bureaucracy, Austerity, and Managing Homelessness in the Temporal Camp

Leila Collins

Hidden Alpha - A Path Towards More Rental Assistance Housing

An Interactive Dashboard: Building Energy Efficiency Justice Analysis In New York City (Capstone)

Evaluation of Local Zoning Regulation and Policy On Housing Affordability Crisis in New York City

Wake Up All the Builders: Fatigue and Utopia In Washington Heights and Inwood

Jackson Fordham

Modeling Toll Price Impacts on Traffic Volume in New York City (Capstone)

Developing a New York City Open Streets Economic Impact Study Plan

Gizem Karagoz

Beyond The Flood Maps: Post Hurricane Ida Flood Risk, Housing Informality and Community Based Recovery To Adaptation Narratives

The New York City Subway: Invisibility, Crisis, Materiality, Fantasy

Are Parks Equitable For New Yorkers? Examining the Equity of Acreage and Safety of Parks

Moses Narayan Levich

Prioritizing Streets for Multipurpose Green Infrastructure: A Spatial Framework for New York City (Capstone)

Evaluating the Street Greenery Equity In New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles

Flood-Related Climate Risk Resilience In New York City: The Adaptation of Climate Justice After Sandy

Jonathan Marty

The Transfer of the Commons

Sarah Mawdsley

Planning for Whom? How The Bias of Urban Planners Impacts Street Improvements

David McNamara

Managed Retreat In New York City: An Avenue for Climate Justice?

Brady Meixell

Predicting the Point: New York City’s De Blasio Era Neighborhood Rezonings, Points of Agreement, and How Neighborhoods Navigated These Complex Negotiations

Yixuan Ouyang

The Relationship Between Urban Density and COVID Spreading: A Case Study of Wuhan

Eve Passman

Investigating Data-sharing In Hudson County, New Jersey (Capstone)

Mauricio Enrique Rada Orellana

Urban Morphology: A Study of Local Dependencies on Well-Being Metrics In Bogota, New York, and San Francisco

Danielle Roberts

That’s Rad? Nuance, Complexity, and the Future of US Public Housing

Al-Tariq Shabazz

Free The Land: Radical Creative Placemaking In the Time of Black Power

Yining Shen

New York’s Attractiveness to Chinese Home Buyers

Yuanyuan Shen

Informing New York City Subway Flooding Solutions Through Sociotechnical Infrastructure

Katherin Sibel

Deconstructing the Puerto Rican Reconstruction from the Global North and South Perspective

Erik Strand

Subsidizing Gentrification?: Neighborhood Change and the Expansion of the 421a Geographic Exclusion Area

How Environment Colors Shape Neighborhoods: The Case of New York City

Tiffany Vien

Evaluating the Built Environment of Innovation Districts

Evaluating Bikers’ Experience In Guangzhou, China

Modeling Containerized Waste Pattern for New York City Housing Authority (Capstone)

The Role of Stakeholders and Their Participation Network in Urban Regeneration Decision-Making In China: A Case Study of Yongqing Area, Guangzhou

The Challenges of Deploying Battery Energy Storage Infrastructure in New York State

Myles Agudelo

Luring Investment through Higher Taxes: Evaluating the Impact of New York City Business Improvement Districts on Property Development

Regina Alcazar

Sandbox: Evaluating Smart City Technologies

Sebastian Andersson

Preserving Modernism in Post-Explosion Beirut

Natalie Baldacci

Examining Affordable Housing Policy Impacts on Local Development Trends in California

Justin Barton

Municipal Annexation, Race, and Local Power: Evidence from Four U.S. Cities

Tihana Bulut

Resilience Planning as a Means for Disaster Risk Reduction, Recovery, and Preparedness in the Rockaways: Insights from Hurricane Sandy & COVID-19

Riley Burchell

Between Essentialisms: An Exploration of Non-binary Racial Identity and Placemaking

How NGO Benefits their Local Communities: a Stakeholder Analysis and Evaluation of Dayu’s Role in the Regeneration Process of Old Residential Compound in Shanghai

Exploring Private Capital’s Approach in the Renovation of Old Urban Residential Areas in China: A Case Study of Jinsongbei Community

Ashley Esparza

Housing Freedom: Navigating Access and Affordability in Search of Home: A Survey of Housing Policy in New York City, 1934 - present

Camille Esquivel

Responsibly Powering the Philippine Islands with Geothermal Energy

Lanier Hagerty

Small Town, Global City: The Changing Landscape in Muscatine, Iowa from 2010 to 2020

Colin Hancock

Enchanting Practices: the Mescalero Apache Nation’s Story of Planning in the State of New Mexico

Sanjukta Hazarika

‘On Reclaiming the Streets for the People’: Understanding Equity in Public Space Planning Strategies Through an Analysis of the Open Streets Program in New York City

Elaine Hsieh

EnhanCE: Assessing the structure and efficacy of public-sector community engagement in New York City

Market Analysis of Rural Tourism in China’s Urbanizing Suburbs: A Case Study of Chengdu SanSheng Hua Village

Jin Hong Kim

Public Private Partnership in Equitable Urban Tech Delivery: LinkNYC

Geon Woo Lee

Crossing Borders: Policy Transfer of Slum Upgrading Practices in Southeast Asia

Hongseog Lee

Implementation of smart mobility policy for metropolitan and medium-sized cities in South Korea

A Framework for Sustainability Assessment of Urban Regeneration: The Case of Battery Park City

Qingyuan Li

How Population Size and Density Affect the Spread of COVID-19 A Quantitative Study of the United States at the County Level

Urban Building Energy Prediction at Community Scale: A Case Study Using Data-Driven Methods in Jianhu City, China (Capstone)

The Collaboration Models of Practices of Aging in Place in Different Contexts

Priska Marianne

The Land-Water Nexus in a Sinking City: The Case of Jakarta

Jason Mencher

Renter Protections against Eviction: Identifying and Analyzing Laws, Policies, and Procedures in Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, and New York City

Juan Moreno

The Urban, Social, and Environmental Impact of Centralized Waste Systems: A Study on Segregation and Local Alternatives for the Doña Juana Landfill in Bogotá, Colombia

Madeline Pena

Investing in the Inner City Through Urban Public Schools: Evaluating California’s Equitable Education Finance Policy

Nicholas Perry

Retrofitting “Edge City”: Lessons From Perimeter Center, Georgia

Zeineb Sellami

Youth-driven action, participatory planning, and the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals in Tunisian cities

Earlier-built Danwei (Unit) Communities: Are They Working Well for the Elderly?

The Two Tales of a New Retail Ecosystem: Analyzing How E-commerce Reshapes the Urban Retail Landscape through a Case Study in Shanghai, China

Hanzhang Yang

Outdoor Dining during COVID? Analyzing the Impact of New York City’s Open Restaurants Program

Envision Spring Creek: Resilience Assessment and Recommendations for Addressing Layered Risks (Capstone)

Shinichi Yoshihara

Rebuilding a Historic City: Post-Disaster Housing Reconstruction in Bhaktapur, Nepal

Haochen Zhang

ESG Disclosure and Sustainability Performance of Residential REITs: Empirical Study on Development Projects in New York City

Haoran Zhang

The Child-Friendly City, Planning Analysis in Beijing: The Case Study of Beijing Shuangjing Community

Conor McKay Allerton

Shared Land in High Demand: Community Land Trusts In New York City

Dare Brawley

Tracing Speculation: Real Estate Geographies in Pre- and Post-Crisis Philadelphia

Alanna Browdy

Creating a Cultural Innovation District at Lincoln Center (Capstone)

Mariya Martha Chekmarova

The Role of Civic Technology In Facilitating Citizen-Government Engagement: A Study Of NYC311

Planning For The Next Generation: Composting In New York City

Rebecca Cook

Protest & Public Space: Challenging Notions of Sociospatial Distance in New York City

Grace Dickinson

Mapping Maternal Mortality: Resilient Journeys in the Face of Disparities (Capstone)

Maya Ephrem “Addis Ababa bete (Home)”: Contesting Socio-Spatial Exclusion and/in Suburban Futures

Aline faiwichow estefam.

The Fallacy of Consensus: How Conflicts Can Be Essential To Determine Community Participation

Emilio Flamenco Slamming Shut That Golden Gate: The Role of New Media & The Unlikely Coalitions Against Regional Planning In The San Francisco Bay Area

Kate galbo san francisco sustainable neighborhood dashboard (capstone), yuan gao thermal comfort design in public outdoor space: the influence of spatial configuration and implications in urban design, shreya ghoshal.

Urban Juxtaposition: Balancing Heritage and Development through Transfer of Development Rights in New York City Special Districts

Christine Ghossoub Associations of ‘Eyes On The Street’ With The Perception Of Safety In New York City

Jake mayer golvin what is the range of impacts federally mandated special economic zones impose on the socioeconomic conditions of low-income new yorkers, luis argelis gonzalez.

Stop Filling the World with Trash: A Study of Circular Waste Management Strategies in NYC

Yue Han How to Integrate Traditional Urban Planning Model and Big Data To Conduct Land-Use Survey? -Take Shanghai City For Example

Yingwen he determinants of housing prices: evidence from thirty-five cities in china, joy huang on fractured grounds: the economic viability of planning as a local regulatory tool for hydraulic fracturing, zhengzhe jia evaluate the impact of disruptions on new york city subway system, ju hwa jung the comparative cross-sectional study on the affordable housing finance policy for low-income households: lessons from nyc and seoul, emily junker preservation through the self-help housing movement, kevin kim enhancing new york city’s online service capacity: citizen-centric service experience, raissah kouame build operate transfer: a model for maintaining abidjan’s markets as places of urban vitality, yining lei the impact of open spaces on residential property values in new york city, richard “ri” le “things that quicken the heart”: analyzing the affective footprint of urban ambient media, lorraine liao assessing the publicness of pedestrian plazas built under the 2007 nyc plaza program, lingyu (simon) li technologies and urban traffic - how new technologies impact a conventional intersection, xinyu liu stakeholder analysis of community planning in shanghai: a case study of caoyang new village, zheyu liu spatial pattern of street vendors: a case study of central manhattan, shiyu ma residential planning at neighborhood scale: global precedents and china’s neighborhood life-circle planning, sean nelsen testing durability: property restitution and refugee return in post conflict bosnia, tola oniyangi.

Beyond the Blue Dot: A Storytelling Platform for Humanizing Urban Data (Capstone)

Andrea Partenio Retrofitting Resilience in Red Hook: A Roadmap for Neighborhood-Scale Integration of Green Infrastructure (Capstone)

Anish pendharkar exploring correlations between groundwater level change and settlement planning in national capital territory of delhi, james piacentini interactive web mapping as a tool for planning advocacy: modeling 21st century climate migration in west africa (capstone), helen pierson equity-driven outreach for bicycle planning and beyond: let’s bike oakland as a case study, garrett riha heat vulnerability and cooling opportunities: recommendations for the city of san diego (capstone), luyun shao social production of public space: a resettlement neighborhood in shaanxi, china, kirthana sudhakar food and farming in hawaii: a study of the obstacles to establishing resilient systems of local food production in hawaii, caroline thompson renewing renewal: community involvement in redevelopment after the expiration of urban renewal plans, chongyuan wang is parking essential to transit-oriented development, jade watkins air quality monitoring along the 14th street busway: public health impacts in an urban planning context (capstone), savannah wu enablers of circular economy at the urban scale: a case study of the circular fashion ecosystem in new york city, zheng xin design methods and planning strategies to enhance street safety in new york city, claire liu yang.

Curb Value Capture: Tech Enabled Infrastructure on Sidewalks for Community Equity Goals

Rawnak N. Zaman Around the World in 40 Blocks: Small Business Perspectives On The Effects of Diversity On The Retail Corridor In Jackson Heights, Queens

Xuantong zhang comparison of affordable housing financing policies between china and the us, eddy almonte.

Queer Nightlife as Social Infrastructure: Nightlife Regulation Initiatives in New York and London

Madeline Berry

U.S. Route 1: Catalyst of Maine Corridor Community Planning & Preservation

Suprima Bhele

Solid Waste Management in Kathmandu

Srujana Bhoopanam

Alternative modes of transportation and BART A proposal to integrate competing transportation systems in the San Francisco Bay Area, California

Caitlin Bone

Fragmented + Unequal: A Study on Municipal Incorporation and Spatial Exclusion in St. Louis County, Missouri

Kevin Borja

Planning for Urban Resilience through Biomimicry in the Design of Public Waterfront Spaces

Julie Burros

Exploring Creative Community Engagement

Tyrene Calvesbert Rivera

Municipal Services and Urban Planning in the Context of Puerto Rico Addressing the Impact of Austerity Measures at a Local Level

Studying on Settlement Patterns and Networking of Low-Skilled Chinese Immigrants in the United States

Visitors’ Perception Based Authenticity in Tourism Development Project: A Case Study of Xietang Old Street in Suzhou, China

Pauline Claramunt Torche

Resource-extraction, urban infrastructure, and resilient planning: Addressing the impact of the LNG industry in Soyo, Angola

Nengjing Deng

Exploring Links Between Transit Hubs and Built Environment in Asian Cities

Exploring the Driving Forces of Urban Expansion in Beijing, 1999-2013

Chaouki El Rassi

Tripoli’s Sustainable Development Strategy

Madeline Entrikin

Bordered: Land Use Development in El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juárez, Mexico

Guilherme Rocha Formicki

Upgrading Favelas: Funding Schemes and Their Effects on Economic Opportunities, Infrastructure Provision, and Safety

Walkability in an Aging-Friendly Neighborhood: making of aging-supportive streets in East Harlem

Shuyang Huang

A policy evaluation of green infrastructure plans in the context of reducing stormwater overflow: A case study of Gowanus, Brooklyn

Ethan Hudgins

Urban Planning in Remote, Extreme Environments

Yaxin Jiang

Land Use Control in Beijing and New York City: The Role of Community Level Institutions

Nicholas Kunz

Unsupervised Learning for Submarket Modeling: A Proxy for Neighborhood Change

Exploring the Impacts of Railway Station Accessibility on Property Value: A Case Study of Beijing

Zoning for Wind Energy in New York City

Examining the Extent to which Talent Housing Policy Acts as a Catalyst for Innovation Development in China

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP): An analysis of changing political climates, welfare policies, and their subsequent impacts on immigrants and their families in San Diego, California

Transit-Induced Urban Transformation: A Comparative Study of Tokyo and Hong Kong

Danting Luo

Changing Roles of Planners in Smart Neighborhood Practice: A Case Study of Sidewalk Toronto Project

Michael Montilla

Observations from Autonomous Vehicle Testing in Phoenix, Noteworthy Ways Existing Political Practices and Commuting Behaviors Will Affect Planning for Self-Driving Vehicles

Timothy O'Grady

Community Planning in 21st Century Los Angeles: Assessing the Effectiveness of LA’s Neighborhood Council System

Shiori Osakata

How has New York City developed as a smart city? Evaluating smart city contributors in New York City

Yichen Ouyang

Fiscal Decentralization and its Influence on Housing Price–A Case Study in China

Laura Postarini

Identifying strategies for multi sectoral partnerships in public space projects for young vulnerable communities

Yufi Priadi

Evaluating Community Advocacy in Response to Mayor de Blasio’s Homeless Shelter Development

Stakeholders and Partnership in Urban Regeneration: The Case of Shanghai West Bund

William Reis

Eminent Domain and Land Disposition: Urban Renewal in Upstate New York

Glòria Serra Coch

Neighborhood Mapping and Neighborhood Planning: Revealing the Relationship in New York City, 1970-2015

Shelby Smith

Going the Extra Mile: An Analysis of energy efficiency City-State Partnerships through the Massachusetts Stretch Energy Code Program

Analyzing Vulnerability of Low-income Population to Extreme Heat in New York City, 2013

Anna Stokes

Governance and Transportation in Nairobi, Kenya: Understanding How Policy, Planning, and Levels of Governance Alter Mobility through a Multi-Modal Network Analysis

Chengqi Tian

Challenges and Opportunities of Cultural Planning in China: A Case Study of Tianqiao Performing Arts District Planning in Beijing

Luis Sebastián Ugás

Lima: Planning Implementation Challenges for a Fragmented City

Kenneth Warner

Queerying Neighborhood Change: The Role of Displacement and Historical Narrative in the Urban Form of the West Village, Chelsea, and Hell’s Kitchen

Study on the Resource Curse in Lvliang City

Qianyu Xiang

Impacts of Organizational Structure on the Effectiveness of Emergency Response System

Dynamics of the Restaurant Industry in Chinatown, Manhattan: A Policy Analysis

Transforming Our Democracy: Participatory Budgeting and the Importance of Deliberation in Civic Engagement

Jialin Zhai

New Area As A Solution To Urban Congestion: An Assessment of Xiongan New Area Planning Outline Based on the Lessons Learned from London New Town

Liying Zhang

Impact of Policy Promoting Tenant-Owner Right Equality on the Housing Market in Guangzhou

Shulin Zhang

Putting Sharing Economy into Perspectives: An Assessment of Sharing Economy in Mainland China

Junteng Zhao

The Feasibility of the Rockefeller Foundation Engagement in the Chinese Healthy City Programs

Runpeng Zhao

Public Space in Beijing: A Comparative Case Study of Two Riparian Spaces, Beijing South Moat Park and Madrid Rio Park

Jiacheng Zhou

Shaping Urban Resilience: Whether Social Media Data Can Aid in Improving Disaster Management

Jingjing Zhou

Accessibility to Metro of Affordable and Commercial Housing Complexes in Shanghai

Mohammed Al Khalifa

Rethinking Transportation and Land Use in Bahrain

Resident Satisfaction of Affordable Housing: The Case of Qingdao, China

Stephanie Yee-Kay Chan

Innovation, Intention and Inequities: Addressing the Potential Social Impacts of Innovation Districts in Post-Industrial Waterfront Zones Upon Working Class and Minority Neighborhoods

Avery Dement

Community Land Trusts: Building Affordable Housing and Community

Jiaohong Du

A Policy-focused Comparative Study for Urban Rail PPP Development Between Japan and China

Emily Fesette

Planning for Humanity: An Urban Planning Perspective on Mental Illness, Deinstitutionalization and Supportive Housing in New York City

Eri Furusawa

Subsidizing the Resilience Commons: A Study on the Community Rating System and CRS Research

Alexander Gallo

Public Private Partnerships: A look inside using private sector expertise to build public sector needs

Maria Garces

Lessons Learned from Chile, Evaluating Strategic Reconstruction Master Plans in Post-Disaster Scenarios

Parcel Delivery and Urban Form: A Case Study of Greater London

Augustus Haney

Flood Influence & Real Estate Development: How Risk & Incentives Shape the Urban Fabric

Tara Heidger

The Land of One Thousand Villages; Examining Rural Resettlement Planning as a Driver for Poverty Reduction in Post-Conflict Rwanda

Geographic Distribution of Urban Retail and its Spatial Relationship with Subway Network: A Case Study of Retail POI Data in Shanghai

Exploring Real Estate Financing in China and the U.S.: A Comparison Case Study Approach

Faisha Namira Indrakesuma

Maneuvering Mobility: Measuring Multimodality in New York City’s Selected Transit Hubs

Signs in Urban Spaces in Ethnic Enclaves: A Case Study of Manhattan Chinatown

Nicholas Johannes

Libertarian-Endorsed Urban Planning Tool: Exploring the Use of Performance-Based Zoning for Addressing the Affordable Housing Crisis

Film directors as hubs: how do the social networks of film crews interact with the spatial networks of physical locations?

Tatiana Marie Kopelman Martin

Viajemos Seguras and Mejoramiento Barrial: Institutionalizing the fight against gender-based violence in Mexico City’s public realm

Affordable Housing and Its Impact on Economic Diversity of New York City Neighborhoods

Sense of Community in Mixed-income Housing Project in China–Learning from a Case Study in Beijing

Distribution, Benefits, Challenges, and Recommendations of Urban Agriculture in New York City

Place Attachment in rapid urbanization areas-a case study of Zhu Village

Ángel Felix López Zamora

Picturing Poverty: Developing Best Practices in Poverty Research and Map Making

Explore the Complaint Towards Street Vendors in Manhattan: Discussion About Distribution and Influential Factors

Melinda Martinus

Politics and Urban Development Focus on Jakarta’s Shopping Center Trajectory

Lingran Meng

Planning for Improving High-Tech New Towns’ Attraction to Talents - Case Study of Changsha, China

Rebecca Noble

Revitalizing Cemeteries: Interventions for America’s Aging Urban Burial Places

Yashesh Panchal

Developing housing for a changing demography: Analyzing the implications of the regulations governing the development of small-housing unitsy

Eric Pietraszkiewicz

Predictive mapping and its applications for urban planning

Ramya Ramanathan

Repurposing Abandoned Residential Infrastructure in New York City to Curb Homelessness

Wesley Thomas Rhodes

Moving Forward by Retreating: Lessons Learned From the Post-sandy Buyouts on the East Shore of Staten Island for Future Flood Resilience Strategies

Rachel Rizzo

Engaging Anchor Institutions in the 21st Century: An Analysis of Strategies for Sustainable Economic Growth and Health Equity

Carsten Rodin

Broadcasting Exclusion: The Representation of “Illegal Housing” in Rockland County, NY

Charles Romanow

Improving Bus Service in New York

Justin Romeo

A Spatial Equity Survey of Houston’s’ Bus Network

Savannah Ryder

The Effects of Silicon Valley Companies on the Bay Area Housing Crisis

Laura Semeraro

Approaches to Transit Oriented Development: How Existing Infrastructure can lend itself to implementation of Transit Oriented Development Techniques

Shruti Shubham

WATCH THEM SEGREGATE-Analyzing patterns of economic segregation and STEM jobs in commuter zones

Associations between Sense of Community and Perceived Recovery from the Deepwater Horizon Explosion

Bikeshare Paradigms, User Perceptions, and the Urban Experience: A Comparative Analysis of Mobike Shanghai & Citi Bike NYC

Sheng-Yi Xu

Displacement Within the City: Perceiving Shanghai’s Historic Alley Communities Through Residents’ Perspective

Retail Revolution in the Digital Era: Examining the Changes in the Retail Landscape of New York City

Kaiqi Zhang

The Limitation of Multi-criteria Feasibility Evaluations in High-Speed Rail Projects in the US

Junhong Zhou The Effects of Sharing Economy: Does Airbnb Exacerbate The Rental Housing Market In New York Neighborhoods?

Shaochun Zhou

Are Public Housing Projects More Dangerous Than Their Neighborhood? A study on public housing crime and causative factors with New York as study area

Jahnavi Aluri

Shifting from Driving to Riding: a study of the impacts of on-demand cab services on public transit ridership and vehicle ownership in Hyderabad, India

Vicente Arellano

Is There a Municipal Role in Immigration Policy? Examining Case Studies in Four Cities in the United States To Build A Typology of ‘Immigration Localism’

Rebecca Book

The Geography of Resettlement: Housing and Employment Trajectories in Diverse Urban Destinations

Mingda Chen

Impact of Zhengzhou Subway System on Adjacent Migrant Neighborhoods

Elizabeth Cohn-Martin

Situating Urban Agriculture: What, Where, and Why in New York City

Jessica Cruz

Impact of Gang Violence on “Transporte Colectivo Público Urbano” in Guatemala City

Ubaldo Escalante

There Goes the Barrio: Measuring Gentefication in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles

Yixiao Fang

An Empirical Study on the Relationship between Fiscal Autonomy and Economic Growth - The Case of China

James Gerken

Getting the Wheels Turning: Assessing Strategies for Financing & Advancing Mass Transit Infrastructure in the 21st-Century

Steven Getz

Examining the Extent to which Affordable Housing Development Acts as a Catalyst for Neighborhood Economic Development

Christopher Giamarino

Spatial Ethno-geographies of ‘Sub-cultures’ in Urban Space: Skateboarders, Appropriative Performance, and Spatial Exclusion in Los Angeles

Shahneez Haseeb

Satellite Cities of the Twentieth Century: A Sustainability Analysis of Milton Keynes and Reston

Evaluating Public Housing for Migrants in China: A Case Study of Public Rental Housing in Dongguan

Jon Tristan Jackson

Cool Roofs as a Municipal Strategy in Zone 5 Climate Cities

Effect of Local Context on Flood Vulnerability Identification: A comparison between New Orleans’ flood vulnerability assessment tools and globally applicable vulnerability indices

Neha Krishnan

Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction into Urban Planning - Mumbai’s Disaster Management Plan In A Global Context

Androniki Lagos

Planning to Grow: Progress & Challenges to Implementing Baltimore’s Grow Local Urban Agriculture Plan

Hyun Seung Lee

Creative Small Businesses and Their Economic Imapct on New York City’s Neighborhoods

Jose Lemaitre

Assessing Inclusionary Housing Policy in Santiago, Chile: Residential Segregation by Income, 2006-2016

Residential Development and Its Impact on School Access in New York City

Melissa Loomis

The Politics and Policies of New York City’s Manufacturing Industry

Dorothy MacAusland

Exporting Expertise? Rotterdam’s Planners and the Flood Adaptation Industry

Richard Martoglio

Uncovering the Effectiveness of Post-Sandy Housing Recovery Efforts in New York City

Madeleine McGrory

Riot: Community Organizations and Public Communication Following Crown Heights and Tompkins Square

Joseph McKenzie

Resilience Planning in a Coastal Urban Environment: An Analysis of climate change planning policy and procedure in Charleston, South Carolina

Sahra Mirbabaee

Vying for Fiber: A Comparative Analysis on Local Government Decision-Making for Fiber Internet

Matthias Neill

Cutting Back the Car - Lessons on Reducing Suburban Automobile Dependence from the US & Germany

Lauren Ossey

Policy Approaches to Energy Use Reduction in Tenant Spaces

Krithika Prabhakaran

Five Years Later: Are We Learning from the Storm? The Importance of Institutional Learning and Community-Centric Approaches to Building Local Resilience

Cameron Robertson

Arts & Cultural Districts and Preservation Policy: A Neighborhood Analysis of the River North (RiNo) Art District

Brandon Robinson

Green Jobs, Green Skills, and the Green Economy: A Survey of New York, with Broader Implications

Lia Soorenian

Land Use and Sea level Rise Vulnerability in New York City: Addressing Environmental Justice Through Zoning

Charles Stewart

Operationalizing the SoHo Effect: An Analysis of Affordable Artist Housing in Bridgeport, Connecticut

Jacquelyne Sunwoo

Aging Population and Slum Resettlement in Guryong Village, Seoul, South Korea

Evaluating State Based Economic Development Policy: Learning from Atlantic City

Mengyao Wang

Urban Conservation in China: The reasons and conflicts of historical neighborhood preservation

Mingze Wang

Spatiotemporal Relationships between the Change of Urban Residential Prices and its Driving Factors – A Case Study of Wuhan, China

Maryam Yaghoubi

Policies and Innovation Hubs: Evaluating Policies that Support and Sustain the Tech Industry in New York City

Analysis of urban expansion and transportation characteristics

Taylor Young

Effect of Complete Streets Infrastructure and Design on Street Life

Impacts of Public Art Projects on Underutilized Urban Spaces in NYC

Huitian Zhou

Superblocks in Beijing: a Survey Centric Study for the Feasibility of Opening Up Superblocks and Other Potential Solutions to Alleviate Their Problems

Tyler Atwood

The Good City Sidewalk: Assessing the Impact of Greenmarkets on Food Inequity in NYC

Jorge Casar Rodriguez

Freeing the Invisible Hand: The Unexpected Consequences of Land Deregulation in Queretaro, Mexico

Catherine Chao

Planning for the Unplanned Aging Community

Jiangyu Chen

Regulating Affordable Senior Services - It Shapes Assisted Living Programs in New York State

Veronica Chuah

Beyond the Core: The Role of Co­working Spaces in Local Economic Development

Jay Logan Clark

If You Build It They Will Come: New Bus Ridership Patterns in Connecticut’s Capitol Region Following the Introduction of Bus Rapid Transit

John Robert Darcey

At Home in the City: Refugee Lives in New York - A Case Study of the Park Hill Liberians

Alexandra Paty Diaz

Tweet-Sourcing Caracas: Using E-Participation for Urban Planning in Global South Cities

Prospect of Using Rail-Plus-Property Model for Transit Financing in China: Based on Comparative Case Studies of Shenzhen and Hong Kong

Timothy Douglas

Exclusion Resolved? A Case Study of Zoning Reform in Pound Ridge, NY

Evelyn Ellis

Optimizing Multifunctional Green Infrastructure as a Societal Co-Benefit Catalyst in New York City Policies for Coastal and Stormwater Management

Aaron Febuary

Tent City: An Analysis of Honolulu’s Homeless Communities

Andrea Forsberg

The Impact of Growth on Urban Form in the Oslo Region

Valentina Gaido

Creating Business Improvement Districts in Chile: Commercial District Strengthening Pilot Program

Shengye Guo

Historic Preservation and Open Space: Mutual Reinforcement of the Dual Characteristics - A Case Study of Yuan Dynasty City Wall Relics Park in Beijing, China

Zhiyuan Han

Integration of Bicycle Commuting to Public Transit in New York City

Privatization of NYCHA Public Housing

Patrick Kazyak

Planning for Oppression: Israeli Policies and Palestinian Access to Housing in East Jerusalem

Water Always Flows Downhill: The Strategy of Low Impact Development Practices for Urban Waterlogging Control in Shenzhen, China

Andrew Lassiter

Congestion Pricing: A Step Toward Safer Streets? Examining the Relationship Between Urban Core Congestion Pricing and Safety on City Streets

The Effects of Gentrification on Subsidized-Housing Programs in New York City

Seung Whan Lee

The Statistical Relationship Between the Elderly Population and Allocation of Welfare Facilities in Seoul, South Korea

When is Leaving Preferable to Staying? Exploring the Factors Essential to A Successful Residential Relocation

Impacts of Environmental Mass Incidents: A Comparative Analysis of Three Cases in China

The Implementation of Financing Strategies in Urban Rapid Transit Infrastructure: How Could Chinese Cities Do Better?

Juan Maquilon

Yachay, Knowledge City: An Analysis of Planning, Politics and Citizen Involvement

Mark Meiklejohn

“Residential Segregation and Interracial Economic Disparities” Revisited

Emily Kerns Minogou

Spatial Networks & Housing: An Analysis of Foreign Born West African and Chinese Populations in NYC and LA

Kaylee Moon

North Korean Defectors in South Korea: A Study of the Relationship between Levels and Desirability of Spatial Assimilation and of Other Assimilation Indicators

Hacking as Adaptation: A New Agenda for Planning Through the Lens of Copenhagen’s Sharing Economy

Briana Peppers

Rising While Black: A Qualitative Study on Black-Led Gentrification and Socioeconomic Mobility in Central Harlem

Michael Perles

The Production of Just Space: Climate Change and the Future of the New York City Housing Authority

Michael Andrew Phillips

The Repercussions of Minimum Parking Requirements on the Economic Viability and Historic Character of Traditional Downtowns

Mehak Sachdeva

Urban Resilience and Urban Sustainability

Jeongwon Seo

Impact of a Home Sharing Platform on the Rental Housing Market in New York City

Anjali Singhvi

Social Mobility through Rural-Urban Migration: A case of ‘Manganiyar’ and ‘Langa’ desert tribes of Rajasthan, India

George Todorovic

Commingled Recycling Policies: Can the Introduction of Single Stream Recycling Co-exist with the New York State Bottle Bill and the Operation of New York City’s Redemption Centers?

Frances Irene Uy

Energy Pricing in the Philippines and its Effect on Economic Growth

Is “Rail plus Property” in Hong Kong a Scalable Strategy for Funding Public Transit? Based on Case Studies of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and New York City

The Role of Neighborhood Space in Fostering Sense of Community In Affordable Housing Communities In Shanghai

Zhipeng Zeng

An Analysis of Power Relations in the Redevelopment of Urban Villages – Three Case Studies in Guangzhou, China

Yuting Zhang

Employment Policy and Sustainable Livelihoods of Landless Peasants in China: A Study in Zhengdong New Area

How Uneven Elementary School Education Quality Leads to Social Stratification in Beijing, China

Meagan Aaron

Public Private Partnerships: An Off Balance Experience

Jawaher Al Sudairy

Implications of Religious Tourism Planning on Makkah Residents: A Critical Analysis of the Land Expropriation Process

Alexander Altskan

Public Housing Redevelopment and Crime Displacement: The New Communities Initiative, Washington, DC

Philip Betheil

Community Involvement and the Reuse of Rail Rights-Of-Way

Eric Blair-Joannou

Designing for Disconnection: Changing Intentions and Uses of the Waterfront in Post-Erie Canal New York City

Ariana Branchini

Tourism and its Economic Impact in Italy: A Study of Industry Concentration and Quality of Life

Redevelopment of Industrial Land: Interaction Between Policy and Private Development

Quality or Quantity? Factory Outlet Center Planning and Development as a Retail Innovation in Beijing

Shuran Chen

Ekibiru (Station Building) and its Relation with Surrounding Land Value

Olga Chernomorets

Walkability: Implementation Challenges in the Suburbs of North Central Texas

Gentrification of New York City after Hurricane Sandy

Making Room for Change: Community School Space and Shifting the Educational Paradigm

Bingruo Duan

Impact of Social Media Marketing on the Popularity of Museum Programs in China

Ola El Hariri

The Role of Institutions in Responding to the Syrian Refugees Crisis in Lebanon: The Humanitarian Aid Framework of Saida

Sarah Ellmore

Transforming Long Island City: Examining the Impacts of Rezoning

Peter Erwin

Visualizing Affordability: Testing Whether Low-Income Housing Tax Credits Produce the Housing Architecture that Planners Desire, and Envisioning a Better Future

Alexandria Fiorini

Accommodating Airbnb: Managing the Presence of Peer-to-Peer Accommodations Companies in New York City

Hannah Fleisher

Spreading the ‘Wealth’ in the Far North of Ontario, at What Cost?

Jessica George

The Cost of Global Competitiveness: Assessing the Impacts of Special Economic Zone Policy on the Working Class in Bangalore

Franziska Grimm

Peak Car and the Future of Urban Mobility. Exploring 21st Century Urban Trends and their Implications for the Automotive Industry

Laura Groves

Is There a Role for Preservation Planning in a Favela?

What Affects Theme Park Performance: A Comparative Case Study of Disney Theme Parks in East Asia

Mengxun Han

Localization of Transit-Oriented Development Concept around China’s High-Speed Rail Stations: The Case of Jinan

Daniel Hewes

Community Led Disaster Planning: Lessons Learned in Red Hook, Brooklyn Post Superstorm Sandy

Maxwell Holdhusen

Good Governance and Equity: Analyzing Saint Paul, Minnesota’s Capital Improvement Budget Process

Delocalization of Expenditures: The Role of Foreign Actors in Infrastructural Public Private Partnerships

Patrick Jalasco

The Importance of Political Empowerment in Urban Planning: A Case Study Analysis on the Passage of Urban Development and Housing Act of 1992 in the Philippines

Ji-Hyeon Jeong

Mayoral Political Ideology and Affordable Housing: A Comparative Analysis of the Koch and Bloomberg Administrations in the City of New York

Olivia Maria Jovine

Improving Recycling: An Analysis of Formal and Informal Recycling in New York City

Jordanna Lacoste

Energy Efficiency in Residential Buildings and Transferable Development Rights: An Exploratory Analysis

Rachel Levy

Contextual Zoning as a Preservation Planning Tool in New York City

Design and Planning of Commercial Streets in Beijing with Cultural Attraction Theme

Beneficiaries of New York City’s 421a Tax Exemption Program

Impacts of High Speed Railway Station on Small Cities in China: A Case Study of Wuhan-Guangzhou Line

Collaborative Planning in Environmental Policy in China: A Case Study of the New Jiangwan Wetland Redevelopment Project

Houston: Planning for Urban Life without Zoning

Aleksey Martynyuk

Measuring Impact of Increase in High-Skilled Workers on the Livelihoods of Medium- and Low-Skilled Workers

Erica Mollon

Measuring the Social Impacts of Preservation on Disadvantaged Communities

Sharon Moskovits

Ferry Service in New York City: Analyzing the East River Ferry as a Model for Ferry Expansion

Anna Oursler

Mining Urban Heat

David Perlmutter

Privatizing the Metro Card: Transportation Equity in an Open-Loop Smartcard Fare Payment System

Xiaomin Qian

Planning Senior Living Homes for the Satisfaction of Active Elderly

Kellie Radnis

Chicago’s Lakefront Park System: A Study of the Burnham Plan and Its Implementation

Jet Richardson

Toward Regional Urban Planning Support in Post-Conflict Environments West Africa

Houman Saberi

Urban Digital Divides and Community WiFi: A Case Study of Red Hook, Brooklyn

Xiaotian Sun

Chinese FDI: A Study of the Impact of Chinese Infrastructure Investments in Kenya, Africa

A Study of Mixed Income Housing Projects in New York City: The Effects of Inclusionary Housing Program on Residents Living in Affordable Units and Neighbors’ Interaction

Ushma Thakrar

Back to the City, the Kitchen and the Suburbs: Trends in Residential Settlement, Food Culture, and Domestic Labor Practices since WWII

How New Yorkers Prefer to Take Public Transport: A Comprehensive Analysis Based on 2010-2011 Regional Household Travel Survey

Yesmín Vega

Service Provisions in the Slums: The Case of La Perla in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Crystal Wang

Does the Great Streets Initiative in Los Angeles Serve the Goals of Urban Planning from the Implementation Side?

Does Government Favor High End Housing Development around a Representative TOD Project Instead of Improving Transit Access for Residents Nearby? An Exploration of Transit Equity, Institutional Issues and TOD in Shenzhen, China

Xuzheng Wang

Electronic Commerce Platform, Logistics and Local Economic Development: A Case Study of Global Innovation Center in Qingdao City

Chunxiao Xu

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and Urban Land Use Evolution: Did the 2008 Olympics Benefit Local Communities?

Rural Migrant Workers’ Integration into City under the Reform of Household Registration (Hukou) System in China–A Case Study of Zhenjiang City

Under What Circumstances Will Land Value Capture Work to Finance Public Transit? Based on Case Studies of Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York City

Sarah Almukhtar

The Effects of Urban Conflict and the Role of Community-Based Initiatives in Baghdad

*Fatema Alzeera

The Implications of Planning Failure: Evaluating the Impacts of Land Reclamation Policies on Fishermen Communities in Bahrain

Lissa Barrows

Planning with Character: Gotouchi Kyara and Place Branding in Japan

The Impact of the Congestion Charging Scheme on Greenhouse Gas and Air Pollutants Emissions in London

Tiancheng Cai

Exploring the Impact Factors on Frequency of Applications for Zoning Amendment in the City of New York

Ellis Calvin

Small Scale/Global Ambition: Strategies of Architectural Production and Global Urban Competitiveness in Medellín, Colombia

Beijing Parking Issue – A Case Study in Lama Temple Area

Real-name Registration System as a Way to Improve Social Service Security: A Case Study of Migrant Construction Workers in Nanjing

*Peter Chung

Living Globally: Exploring the Need for Foreign Enclaves in Shanghai

Sustaining Art Ecosystem: Social Diversity and NGO-­‐Government Cooperation in Song Zhuang Art Village

Benjamin Engle

The Changing Values of Planning: Comprehensive Planning in White Plains and Westchester County, NY

Aleena Farishta

The Impact of Syrian Refugees on Jordan’s Water Resources and Water Management Planning

Emily Gordon

Pittsburgh School Closures: The Impact on Physical and Social Neighborhood Dynamics

Governance and Gentrification in Creative Industry Clusters - A Case Study of Three Creative Clusters in Beijing

Emily Heard

Evaluating the Effect Urban Rail Expansion on Regional Density Distribution in Portland, OR

Demolition and the Shrinking City: Philadelphia and Camden

The Impact of Informal Network on Rural-Based Creative Sectors in China

Anne Krassner

Where do Political Will and Community Needs Meet? The case of the Aerial Cable Cars in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Taylor Miller

Vacant Space + Temporary Use: Understanding Development Cycles in Berlin’s Neighborhoods of Friedrichshain + Kreuzberg

Matthew Mueller

Equity of Transit in the Twin Cities: A Benefit-Based Study of the Racial Equity of Access to Transit

Planning for Resource-Rich Communities: Learning through Comparisons of Energy Booms and Busts in the American West

Wenting Pang

The Effects of Land Use Right Transaction Approaches on Residential Property Price – A Case Study of Beijing, China

Natalie Quinn

From Rhetoric to Reality: A Look at the Implementation of Transit-Oriented Development Plans Along the Gold Line in Los Angeles County

Shraddha Ramani

Investigating the Impact of Smart Growth Policies on Floodplain Development

Sarah Shannon

Are Resiliency Plans Addressing Climate Change in an Equitable Way?

Justine Shapiro-Kline

The Impact of the Public Process in Rebuild by Design

Heidi Smith

Changing Retail Composition in Greenwich, CT 2000-2013

Gillian Sollenberger

Patient Accessibility to Primary Healthcare in Brooklyn, New York

Julie Sophonpanich

Embracing Water: A Study on How Cities Have Planned for Floods in the Past

Business Composition Change in the 798 Art District of Beijing, and Reasons Behind It

Teens and Improvised Spaces: a Study of Appropriation of Outdoor Places

Sherrie Waller

Positive Youth and Community Development in Brownsville, Brooklyn

Christine Wen

State vs. Local Management of Groundwater: The cases of California and Nevada

Chuanxi Xiong

What Type of Neighborhoods into Which the Chinese Tend to Move: A Study of the Chinese Americans in the City of New York, 1970-2010

The 2009 Health Care Reform and Insurance Coverage for Migrant Construction Workers in Beijing, China

Neighborhood Conservation Districts: An Assessment of Typologies, Effectiveness, and Community Response

Carbon Finance Opportunities in Transportation and Clean Development Mechanism in Developing Countries– Examining The Interplay Of Investment, Emission Reduction, and Carbon Credit Revenue

*Xiaowan Zhang

The Making of Public Open Space Accessible to Underserved Populations in Urban Village

Social Capital, Entrepreneur Network and Small City Development in Central and Western China: A Case Study of Xixia City

Shichen Zhang

Location Analysis of 3D Printer Manufacturing Industry

Zhewu Zhuang

Correlation between Land Use and Metro Rail Ridership in Los Angeles

After Losing Land: Reemployment Opportunity for Landless Peasants in China, A Case Study of Yangguanzhai Village

Linghong Zou

Addressing Declining Bicycle Use in China: Factors Associated with Bicycle Ownership and Use

Sean Ansanelli

Development Beyond Growth: Exploring the Potential of Alternative Community Development Strategies in Detroit

Cassandra Bellew

Superfund Remediation: Ingredients for Improving Feasibility of Site Reuse

Danielle Berger

A GIS Suitability Analysis of The Potential for Rooftop Agriculture in New York City

Rosemary Bolich

Planning for Climate Change Adaptation: How Does the MTA Compare?

Nicole Buchholz

Low-Impact Development and Green Infrastructure Implementation: Creating a Replicable GIS Suitability Model for Stormwater Management and the Urban Heat Island Effect in Dallas, Texas

Francesca Camillo

Are Green Roofs an Answer to New York City’s Combined Sewer Overflow Problem?: Using Stormwater Utility Fees to Incentivize Green Roofs

Clara Chung

Rural Educational NGOs and Urban Aspirations: Lessons on Skill Planning in Cambodia

Leslie Deacon

Planning Sidewalks: Implications of Regulating Sidewalk Space in the East Village

Naomi Delphin

The Role that Off-Street Parking and Curb Cuts play in the Urban Environment

Danielle Dowler

Local Booze and Brews: An Examination of the Microbrewery and Craft Distillery Industries in New York City

Violeta Duncan

ICT, Lost in Translation: How Western Development Epistemoplogy Constrains the Growth of the Kenyan knowledge Society

Daniel Dykema

Land Value and the Financing of Urban Rapid Transit Infrastructure

Lola Feiger

New York Hearts Tech: Tech in the City Under Bloomberg

Katherine Gilmore

A Process Evaluation of New York City’s Zoning Resolution (ZR) § 74-79: Why Is It Being Used So Infrequently?

*Norabelle Greenberger

Changing Retail Dynamics in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Simone Greenbaum Gross

Legal Constraints on Neighbors’ Use of Community Benefits Agreements in New York City

Peter Harrison

Alone, Together: An Examination of the Organizational Capacity of the Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association

Isabelle Hazlewood

Barriers to Utility-­‐Scale Wind Development in New York State

Lauren Hoogkamer

Assessing and Managing Cruise Ship Tourism in Historic Port Cities: Case Study Charleston, South Carolina

Jinny Khanduja

Shared Tastes: Economic Development, Local Food, and Kitchen Incubators in New York City

Millay Kogan

Planning for Social-Mix Housing Policies in Paris, France and its Implications on Community Cohesion

A Renaissance City: Analyzing the Role of Arts and Cultural Infrastructure in the Revitalization of Cleveland

Steven Loehr

Mixed-Use, Mixed Impact: Re-Examining the Relationship between Non-Residential Land Uses and Residential Property Values

The Geographic Distribution of Pedestrian Safety Projects In New York City: What Social Equity Implications?

Alley Lyles

In Case of Emergency, Tweet This: A Case Study of Emergency Response Methods During Hurricane Sandy

Meg MacIver

The Logic of Place Promotion: Constituting the Unique in the City of Lancaster, PA

Luke McGeehan

Throwing Out the Trash: Waste to Energy in New York City an Analysis of Environmental Justice and NIMBY Concerns

*Sara Elisa Miller

Policy and Politics: The Effects of Facility Regulation on Abortion Access in Virginia

Greg Mirza-Avakyan

Adaptive Reuse of Historic Churches in New York City: The Opportunities and Challenges for Community Development

Lucrecia Montemayor

Shifting power and Institutional Relationships: The role of Stakeholders in Shaping Cananea, Mexico

Dianne O'Brien

Measuring the Full Economic Impacts of Local Historic District Designations

Cuthbert A. Onikute

Low-Tech Approaches to Infrastructure Development: Anaerobic Digestion and Waste Management in Sub-Saharan West Africa

Max Podemski

The New-New York: Upzoning Neighborhoods in the Era of Bloomberg

Lucy Robson

Gold Without the Games: Analyzing Unsuccessful Olympic Bids as Policy Windows

Daleen Saah

Surreal Estate: A Historical Case Study of Manhattan’s East Village + Lower East Side Squatter History, 1970-2000

Joshua Saal

The Changing Dynamics of Non-Primary Housing in New York City and its Implications on Housing and Planning Policy

Kazuki Sakamoto

Participatory Planning: Gaining a Voice in The Digital Divide

Jordan Salinger

Economic Development Policies Through Business Incubation and Co-working: A Study of San Francisco and New York City

Ranjani Sarode

The Housing Landscape in Los Angeles: Studying Financial Resiliency of Neighborhoods in the Aftermath of the Foreclosure Crisis

Abby Scattergood

La Marqueta: Examining the Retail Landscape of East Harlem

Amewusika Sedzro

Harnessing Indigenous Institutions in Decentralized Governance of Public Services: An Examination of Household Solid Waste Collection in Accra

*Stephanie Shellooe

Wheels When Who Wants Them: Assessing Social Equity and Access Implications of Carsharing in NYC

*Rajlaxmi Teli

Welfare through Skills Development : A Case of Tradtional and Modern Construction Workers in Pune, India

Baiyue Tian

Rental Price Adjustment, Volatility and Clustering

Christopher Velasco

From Rural to Urban: The Creation of Water Markets, Agriculture and Farmworkers in California’s Imperial Valley

Brownfield Remediation and Redevelopment in China: Legal and Regulatory Frameworks, Processes, and Actions

Marla Weinstein

From Waste to Plate: Examining the Role of Urban Biosolids in Recycling Phosphorus

Sarah Welton

Over-Leveraged: An Analysis of the Impact of Fringe Banking Establishments on Suicide Rates in New York City

John Benjamin Woodward

“Last-Mile” Deliveries in High-Density Urban Residential Areas of Manhattan

Chongqing’s Technology Assets and Opportunities in the Context of National Industrial Reconstruction

Why Chinatown has Gentrified Later than Other Communities in Downtown Manhattan: A Planning History

Protecting Local Livelihoods in Urban Sustainable Development: Environment - Employment Tradeoffs of Jardim Gramacho in Rio de Janierio, Brazil

Bhyar Abdullah

Foreclosure Crisis and Its Socio-Economic Impacts on Evicted Renters Who Have Been Helped by Legal Aids and Legal Services in New York City

Heather Anderson

The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round: Transportation for Homeless Students in Los Angeles County

Caroline H. Bauer

Gypsum Recycling in PlaNYC 2030: Spaces for Government Intervention

Institutionalizing Citizenship Participation: The Role of NGOs in Democratizing Land Security in Phnom Penh

Yasmin Bijani

Putting the Citizen at the Heart of Water Management: A Study of Water in Bangalore

The Effectiveness of Using Incentives in Spatial Zones to Promote Renewable Energy: A Case Study: New York City’s Solar Empowerment Zone Program

Examining the Completeness of Six Los Angeles Cities

Varying Significance of Influencing Factors in Development High-Tech Clusters – Using Cities of the U.S. and China as an Example

Michael Curley

Response of Residential Property Values to the Replacement of Limited-Stop Bus Service with Bus Rapid Transit: An Analysis of New York City’s Bx12 Select Bus Service

Alioune B. Dia

African Immigrants’ Views of Gentrification in Central Harlem

Julian L. Ferraldo

Zoning For Exchange: Creative-Industrial Incubators In North Brooklyn And The Formalization Of Innovation

Caitlin Laura Fitzpatrick

Do Public Private Partnerships Create Sustainable Economic Development in the State of Connecticut?

Caitlin Hackett

Coordinating Planners’ Perceptions of Neighborhood in De-Industrialized Detroit

Patrick Timothy Hoffman

Brick by Brick: Self-Interest and Real Estate Investment at Four Universities

Claudia Huerta

Transit Funding; Why the Politics? A Comparative Study of Public Transportation Infrastructure Funding in New York City and Los Angeles

Benjamin Huff

Analyzing the Effects of Industrial Retention Policy on New York City Neighborhoods

Priyanka Jain

Limited Right to City: The Changing Meaning of Public Space

Eminent Domain Abuse: A Look at How to Address Eminent Domain Reform through Urban Planning Processes

Doneliza Joaquin

Olympic Transportation Planning: The Legacies of Barcelona and Beijing

Jacqueline Louise Keliiaa

AlterNATIVE Economic Development Models For Native American Tribes: A Case Study on the Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California

*Kyle M. Kirschling

An economic analysis of rapid transit in New York, 1870-2010

Tsz Kiu Liu

San Francisco’s Sit/Lie Ordinance: Perceptions, Realities, and Desires

Erin Lavelle

A Local Approach to Emergency Management: Knowledge Dissemination and Household Preparedness in Central Massachusetts

*Megan Marini

Building Adaptive Capacity: An Analysis of Innovations in Information and Communication Technology in Post-Earthquake Haiti

Devin J. McDowall

Planning on Noise: The Implementation of Noise Compatibility Zoning in the Northeast United States

Alexander McQuilkin

Building Economies: Real Estate Investment and the Fnance Sector in Shanghai’s Pudong Special Economic Zone

Arvind Murthy

Protecting New York City from Homegrown Terrorism: The City’s Role in Radicalization and Counter-Radicalization

Jae Young Paek

Planning for Resettled Communities: A Study of International Regulations in the Extractive Industries in Ghana

Edgar Pedroza

Provincial Reconstruction Teams | Iraq: Effective Review, Planning and Standards of Practice

Charles-Antoine Perrault

Assessing Urban Density: a Multidimensional Model

Lauren A. Racusin

Locked in: The Silent Siege of Dubrovnik by the Tourism Industry

Jacob Schabas

Transit-Oriented Governance: A Comparison of the Impact of Regional Government Structures on Public Transit Use in Toronto and Vancouver

Stephanie Servetz

Improving Disaster Preparedness in NYC through Widespread Education

The Urban Political Ecologies of Vancouver: Sustainable Development and Affordability

Trevor Shanklin

The Balance of Affordable Housing in New York City: A Spatial Analysis of the City’s Assisted Affordable Housing Landscape and Whether the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program Compromises the Potential to Achieve a Balance

Susana T. Siman

Bridging the Communication Gap; Real Estate Developers and the Local Community: A Look at Online Platforms used for Community Engagement in Real Estate Development

Vanessa Monique Smith

Social Networks Matter: A new Approach to Assess Clusters, Cultural Vitality, and Their Implications for Planning Processes in Rio de Janeiro’s Historic District, Praça Tiradentes

*Michael Snidal

Suburbs of their Own: African-American Outmigration and Persistent Segregation in Chicago

Maxwell L. Sokol

Theorizing Planning Practice: Collaborative Planning for Smart Growth on Long Island, New York

Diana Switaj

An Examination of Neighborhood Retail and Small Businesses in Post- 9/11 Lower Manhattan

Alternative Transportation Modes: How to Create More Options in Los Angeles

Victor S. Teglasi

Why Transportation Mega-Projects (Often) Fail? Case Studies of Selected Transportation Mega-Projects in the New York City Metropolitan Area

Alex J. Wallach

Understanding Park Usership: An Examination of the Role of User Studies in Park Planning

Dispersal Consistency of Subsidized Affordable Housing and Low-income Households in Santa Clara County, California

Jeffrey Yuen

Hybrid Vigor: An Analysis of Land Tenure Arrangements in Addressing Land Security for Urban Community Gardens

Michelle Young

Community-based Approaches to the Implementation of the New York State Electronic Waste Recycling Law in New York City

Public Space Use in New York City, its Relationship to Space Design Character, Surrounding Context and User’s Perception of Publicness through Space Management and Control

Youngji Bae

Shelter from the Storm: Questioning the State’s Role in Embracing Informal Residents in East Berlin

Georgia Bullen

Communicating through the Cloud: Civic involvement in planning via New Media & Technology

Jennifer Shin-Yi Chung

Are Cities in Los Angeles County Planning for Sustainable Development? An Evaluation of City Comprehensive Plans

Jorge U. Colin Pescina

Neighborhood Characteristics’ Effects On Academic Performance And Potential Policy Implications: The Case Of Mexico City’s High Schools

Planning for Coming Land Changes: From the First Generation to the Second Generation Biofuel

Emilie C. Evans

Historic Preservation in Shrinking Cities: Neighborhood Strategies for Buffalo and Cleveland

James Finegan

Turning Value into Revenue: New York’s MTA

Tanya Fonseca

Increasing Food Sovereignty: Opportunities and Barriers in New York City for Regional Farmers

Christina Ghan

The Role of Climate Change Adaptation in Municipal Coastal Planning in New York City

Benjamin Hedrick

The Girard Avenue-Route 15 Streetcar Project: An Analysis of the Relationship between Public Transit and Economic Development in Philadelphia

Susana Isabel Mira

City marketing: A state tool for planning within the market rules

*Heidi M. Gen Kuong

The Community Benefits Agreement Movement and its Implications for Development Practices in California

Milagros Lecuona

Effects of a national policy on local communities: The Westchester Affordable Housing Pact

Kye Joon Lee

Housing Bubble: A Risk to The Korean Economy

Eugenia Manwelyan

Good Food for All: Understanding Nutritional Insecurity and the Potential Role of Food Cooperatives in the ‘Food Deserts’ of New York City

Julia Melzer

Examining New York City’s Inclusionary Housing Program: Part and Parcel of the Rezoning Process

Dynamic Tug of War between State and Market planning: Investigating South and North Korean Industrial Development Strategies and the Consequent Urban and Regional Planning

*Amelia Pears

Holding Back the Sustainable City: NYC’s Minimum Parking Requirements vs. PlaNYC2030

Francis Tan

Evaluating the Unified New Orleans Planning process in light of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program 2

Nathan Tinclair

Should Cities Fund Public Art? An Analysis of Percent for Art Funding Mechanisms

Pixie Ann Alexander

Quinnipiac Terrace: Networked Financing Streams And New Urbanist Planning Ideals Pitch A Dream On An Old Public Housing Site

Christopher R. Bauman

LEED as a Sustainability Regulatory Mechanism: The Promises and Pitfalls of the Green Building Rating System

Audra Brecher

Spaces for Art: Appropriation and Bricolage in Brooklyn, New York

Lindsay Casper

Negotiating Community: Assisted Living in the Aging Experience

Gillian Connell

Preserving Early 20th Century Lakefront Communities: Impetus and Strategy

Caitlin R. Dourmashkin

Interactive Mapmaking and Public Participation in Planning: Engaging Citizens Through Web-Based Communication

Renata Dermengi Dragland

Green Line. Bus Rapid Transit System Toward a Sustainable Future, Curitiba, Brazil

Louise Dreier

Urban Onanists, Flashers, Gropers and Other Perverts: Street Harassment and the Built Environment in New York City

*John M. Dulac

The Road to Sustainable Urban Transportation: Understanding the relationship between urban transport sector emissions, household travel behavior and land use development

The Ontario Municipal Board in the 21st Century: Still a Tribunal out of Time?

Vikram Gill

Investigating the Impact of Densification Zoning on Residential Affordability: The Vancouver Case

Michal Gross

Shifting Public Housing Demographics: A Statistical Analysis of the Hispanic Population in Public Housing

Christina Huan

Rebuilding Bushwick, Brooklyn After Foreclosure

Margaret Hudson

Planning for a Healthy and Sustainable Food System: Supplying New York City Bodegas Through Urban Agriculture

Sanggyun Kang

Deregulation of Urban Bus Transit and its Impact on Transportation Accessibility and Urban Structure: A Case Study of Bus Transit Deregulation in Gran Santiago de Chile

Airport Access to John F. Kennedy International Airport

David Krulewitch

A Portrait of Neighborhood Change: Analysis of Demographic Trends in 20 Manhattan Neighborhoods from 1950 to 2000

Sophia Lalani

Setting a Sustainable Agenda: Economic Development, the Built Environment and Water Resource Management in Amman, Jordan

Kevin Leichner

Public-Private Development and New Markets Tax Credits: Balancing Investor Returns and Community Benefits

Is Bus Rapid Transit Serving Existing Bus Riders Well? A Passenger Study of New York City’s BX 12 Select Bus Service

Chinese Land Banking in Urban Development: Long-Term Planning or Short-Term Expedient?

Alison Mayer

Rewarding High Performers? A Look at the Relationship Between Tenant Satisfaction and Funding Allocation for English Social Housing Providers

Leah Mosall

Institutionalized Intolerance: Understanding New York City’s Graffiti Policies

Victoria Okoye

Bringing the Community In: Expanding the Space for Community Planning in Water Provision in Lagos, Nigeria

The Impact of Business Improvement Districts on Retail Establishments in New York City

Kristian Ongoco

Residential Locations of Asian Immigrants in Three Metropolitan Areas

Jennifer L. Pehr

Running the Risk: The co-location of urban planning and public health and the barriers created to high-risk, pregnant, and parenting teens’ ability to access educational and support services in New York City

Brendan Shera

Cyclist Preference for Bicycle Facilities and Parking in New York City

James Simmons

Urban Poverty and New Markets Tax Credits: Implications for the Planning Profession

Yihong Song

Connectivity between Local Transit Systems and Intercity Rail Terminals: Assessing the Potential for Increasing Railway Mode Share

Itir Sonuparlak

The Impacts of Socio-Economic Factors on Recycling Diversion Rates in New York City

Gita Subramony

Community Food Assessment for Recipients of Nutritional Assistance in Brooklyn

Josef Szende

Improving Walking and Transit Use for Senior Citizens

*Kevin Thurman

The Zoning and Rezoning of Dutch Kills, Queens: Narratives From Local Residents and Business Property Owners and Lesson in New York City Land Use Policy

Matthew Viggiano

Development and the Planner’s Role in Real Estate Development Negotiations

The Creative City Strategy: An Analysis of the Michigan Cool Cities Initiative

Andrew Watanabe

The Social and Spatial Imperatives of Contextual Zoning during in New York during the Bloomberg Administration

Demographic, Travel and Spatial Patterns of Carpool Behaviors in Beijing, China

Hun-Hwoi Yoo

Impact of Baby Boomers on the Housing Market in South Korea: Was the Baby Boom Generation a Critical Factor to Housing Market?

Can Retrofitting Suburban Shopping Centers Realize Smart Growth Objectives

Catherine Barnes-Dömötör

Water Ways: The Politics of Planning the Anacostia Waterfront Initiative in Washington, D.C.

Thomas Bassett

Globalized Space: Creating New Centralities in São Paulo, Brazil

*James Cocks

Preserving Racism

Kyle Daniels

Funding Sources for Fixed Guideway Transit Projects: A Comparison of Federal New Starts Funding to Local Funding

Therese Diede

Modal shift to VÉLIB’: A Cognitive Mapping Approach

Tyler Fairbairn

Rethinking Public Investment: Professional Sports Stadiums and Arenas as Drivers for Downtown Revitalization

Stefannie Lynn Garry

How Can Information Communication Technologies Address Socioeconomic Inequalities?

Chelsea Gleis

The Decentralization of Passenger Train Stations in the United States

Karolina Grebowiec-Hall

Contextual Zoning in New York City: Measuring the Effects on Adjacent Neighborhoods

Jessica Van Houten

Barriers to Green Building: The Perspective of the Contractor in the Hudson Valley

Catherine Kim

Customer Relationship Management in the Public Sector: A Study of New York City’s 311 Service and Its Implications for Shaping the Urban Landscape

Inbar Kishoni

New Urbanism: Remedy or Malady? An Investigation into the Reality of the Goals of New Urbanism

Stakeholders Involvement and Public Input on the Park 101 Project: A Highway Cap in Los Angeles California

Stephanie Lim

How can information communication technologies (ICT) address socioeconomic inequalities? Closing the Digital Divide in The Bronx

Kathryn Lipiecki

Achieving Sustainability through Community Sustainability Plans: Two New Jersey Case Studies

Access Fee and Reform Options for Chinese Railways

*Andrea Marpillero-Colomina

Planning for Chain Retail: Case Studies from New York

Matthew E. Schwartz

Do Transit Oriented Developments Change Travel Behavior? A Case Study of the Rahway and South Orange New Jersey Transit Villages

*Qianqi Shen

Guanxi and the ‘Non-Miracle’ in China: Tacit Relationships and Impacts on Local Economic Development

Preeti Sodhi

The City is a Skatepark: How can planning best respond to skateboarding in New York City?

Patrick Streeter

Thinking Inside the Box: An Assessment of the Multimodal Waste Containerization and its Effects on New York’s Environmental Landscape

Exploring Politics of Government Action: An Evaluation of Plan NYC 2030

Do Empowerment Zones Really Work? A Case Study of the Harlem Empowerment Zone in New York City

Leslie Alba

Community Group Effect on Neighborhood Based Commercial Corridor Revitalization

Rimma Ashkinadze

Wireless Broadband Networks for Municipal Use

Marc Bleyer

Implementation Barriers for Energy Efficiency Policy in New York City Buildings

Does President Bush’s Mortgage Foreclosure Mitigation Plan Meet the Needs of America’s Cities?

*Devanne Brookins

Integrated Development Planning: Creating Housing Sustainability for the Urban Poor in Johannesburg

Gavin Browning

Defense and Dispersal: Highlighting Anti-Urban Federal City Planning Recommendations in New York City in the 1950s

Basha S. Estroff

Section 74-711’s Effect on Landmarks: Ladies’ Mile Historic District Applications

Jennifer Ewing

Green Public Procurement and Intercity Collaboration: Assessing the Impacts of the European Local Environmental Management Systems and Procurement (LEAP) Project on Organizational and Policy Co-Evolution

Municipal Environmental Sustainability Planning: Motivations, Implementations, Documents, and Impacts in Highland Park, New Jersey

*Marguerite Grady

The FreshDirect Effect: How Does Food Choice Affect a Neighborhood’s Appeal?

Julie Greenwalt

Community Participation in Post-disaster Recovery: The Cases of New Orleans and Sri Lanka

*Yoav Hagler

Back on Track: An Examination of Current Transportation Networks and Potential High-Speed Rail Systems in Three U.S. Megaregions

Christopher S Hayner

Escaping the Dutch Disease: A Comparison of Diversification Strategies for the Oil Economies of Houston and Edmonton

Nasozi Kakembo

Fortifying Institutional Gaps in Rural Participation: The Role of the Citizen in Uganda’s Industrial Development

*Alison Laichter

Reentry and the Roles of Bridge Programming: Reconnecting Former Prisoners and Their Communities

Sara Levenson

The Disposition of Public Property: Firehouses in New York City

Alex Maisuradze

Equitable Financing Options for the Revitalization of Old Tbilisi

Shane Muchow

Paying For Parks: An Analysis of Alternative Park Financing Mechanisms in New York City

Minna V. Ninova

Urban Development and Manipulation of Cultural Infrastructure: Vienna’s Museums Quartier Project

Hye Jung Park

Public Participation and the State in South Korean Democracy and Development

Matthew J. Roe

Naked Streets for the Naked City: Planning and Design of Shared Space on Commercial Streets in New York City

Seth Ruggiero

Synthetic Landscapes and Artificial Nature in New York City Parks and Public Spaces: An Analysis of Environmental Justice and Risk Assessment Related to Synthetic Turf

Humberto René Salinas

Habitat Program in Ciudad Victoria: Opportunities for Improvement by Community Participation

Public Space and Planning for Informal Workers: The Case of Street Vendors in Mumbai, India

Robert J. Viola Jr.

Construction and Demolition Waste in New York City: Overcoming the Barriers to Increased Recycling

The Rehabilitation of Public Facilities and Spaces in New Orleans through the Application of a Civic Works Program

Caitlin Warbelow

Air Pollution, Health, and Environmental Justice in Harlem: Particulate Matter Monitoring, GIS, and Spatial Data Analysis for Policy and Planning

William Pepper Watkins

Are Historic Access Corridors an Effective Tool for Promoting Historic Preservation in Virginia


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