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PhD in Engineering

More information about the last stage of your PhD

PhD thesis and defence

Applying for thesis evaluation.

When it is time to deliver your thesis you must fill out the application for assessment of the thesis. You have to send the application via the Department to the Faculty. If the thesis consists of joint work, the you must get a statement from the co-authors and her/his/their eventual consent that the work may be used as a part of the doctoral thesis. One preliminary copy of the thesis must be included along with the application. As soon as your thesis has been printed, you must send two copies to the Faculty. You find the application for assessment form and the co-authors' statement here: English / Norwegian

Thesis requirements at IV

A paper-based thesis should consist of a minimum of 3 journal articles sent to an internationally recognized journal with a referee scheme. The PhD candidate must be the main author of at least two of the journal articles. At least one of the journal articles, with the PhD candidate as the main author, must be accepted for publishing when the thesis is delivered for assessment.

If the thesis is a monograph, 3 articles should be published based on the content of the thesis. At least one being in an internationally recognized journal with a referee scheme. The articles can be published after the thesis and disputation have been approved. 

Printing the thesis

A thesis template, available for both English and Norwegian theses, must be used. The template ensures that the theses have a standardized cover and title sheet and that NTNU is visible in a standardized manner. The template will contain an ISSN serial number with the serial title "Doctoral thesis at NTNU" or possibly "Doktoravhandling ved NTNU", followed by the appropriate sequential numbering for that calendar year. Each thesis must have an ISBN. To obtain an ISBN and serial number, candidates must log in to ISBN-provider and follow the instructions:

If the candidate does not have an NTNU network username, he/she can contact  [email protected] .

Relevant print shops

For information on print shops, how to order and to find a template for the cover of your thesis, please click here .

Electronic version of the thesis

According to NTNU’s policy, all doctoral thesis must be filed and published in NTNU's institutional archive NTNU Open .

The library automatically receive the files from the print shop for filing in NTNU's digital filing system. It is possible to reserve yourself against electronic publishing, if you have any questions about this please contact the NTNU Library (UBiT) .

Public trial lecture and public defence of thesis

After the thesis has been submitted for evaluation and has been approved for defence by the assessment committee, the candidate must hold a trial lecture on an assigned topic. This is an independent part of the doctoral examination. The trial lecture must be approved before the defence can be held. The defence of the thesis must be public. No restrictions can be made on making the defence public. The topic of the trial lecture and the public defence is announced on the  faculty webpage and on NTNU's intranett .

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Activities, deadlines, exhibits, dissertation defence.   See also  Academic calender

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Ntnu events.

The university calendar and activities listing below includes many events published in Norwegian only. The majority of activities under PhD defense and Conferences are in English.

To submit new events, contact your local NTNU web editor or the Communications Department .


Graduate Program

5. Serving as a teaching assistant in the department for at least one semester or having equivalent teaching experience.


Thesis Defense


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